Local Groups

Canton of Amurgorod (An Crosaire)
Levy & Marion County

Contact: Baron Udvarhelyi Barar Aerych, OP called Barar
mka: Rick Allen
Email: seneschal@amurgorod.trimaris.org
Barony of An Crosaire
Gainesville / Alachua County

Contact: Baronness Gwennan ferch Gwydion O'Ddyved, O.L.
mka: Melanie Davis
Email: Seneschal@ancrosaire.org
Website: http://www.ancrosaire.org/
Shire of Bentonshire
Hernando County

Contact: Matthias
mka: Todd Griffin
Email: golenfeathergriffyn@hotmail.com
Barony of Castlemere
Jacksonville / Orange Park

Contact: HL Osric The Confused
mka: Glenn Murray
Email: Osrictheconfused@att.net
Website: http://www.castlemere.org/
Barony of Darkwater
Orange, Osceola, Seminole, and Lake County

Contact: HL Taran Saraev
mka: Charles Hill
Email: seneschal@baronyofdarkwater.org
Website: http://www.baronyofdarkwater.org/
Shire of Fiodh Ogain
Pasco County

Contact: HL Aeschwynne aet Bodanhamme
Email: the.red.ross@gmail.com
Canton of Loch Gryffyn (Darkwater)
Lake County

Contact: Lord Matteo de Palma
mka: Matthew Marsicano
Email: matteodepalma@rocketmail.com
Barony of Marcaster
Clearwater / Pinellas County

Contact: HLTristrum de Kerjean
mka: Jared Bluestein
Email: seneschal@marcaster.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/marcasterbarony/home
Canton of Mathom Trove (An Crosaire)
Palatka / Putnam County & Green Cove Springs

Contact: See Kingdom Hospitallier for contact information.
mka: Inactive
Email: hospitaller@trimaris.org
Stronghold of Nan Crioch Tuatha
Mayport Naval Base

Contact: Gillian du Bordeaux
mka: Jill Banta
Email: jillianne41@yahoo.com
Website: http://www.nancriochtuatha.org/
Barony of Oldenfeld
Tallahassee, Gadsden, Wakulla

Contact: HL Aurelia Cassia
mka: Holly Edmond
Email: aureliacassia@gmail.com
Website: http://www.oldenfeld.net/
Canton of Peregrine Springs (Darkwater)
Seminole County

Contact: See Baronial Hospitaller for contact information
mka: Inactive
Email: jacob.a.tessler@gmail.com
Canton of Puente de los Leones (Lions Bridge)(Incipient)
Flagler and St. Johns County

Contact: HL Deirdre Ui Mhaille
mka: Kathleen Duffy
Email: irishlibrarian722@att.net
Shire of Sangre del Sol
Ft. Lauderdale / Boca Raton

Contact: Lord Ristard mac lomhair
mka: Richard Keen Jr.
Email: ristard.mac.iomhair@gmail.com
Website: http://www.sangredelsol.org/
Shire of Sea March
Palm Beach County

Contact: Maximillion von Weald
mka: John Rundell
Email: Seamarch.Seneschal@gmail.com
Website: http://seamarch.org
Shire of Southkeep
Miami-Dade County / Florida Keys

Contact: Lord Augustine Von Kleve
Email: southkeepseneschal@gmail.com
Website: http://www.shireofsouthkeep.org
Shire of Stag Ridge
Highlands County

Contact: See Kingdom Hospitallier for contact information.
mka: Inactive
Email: hospitaller@trimaris.org
Shire of Starhaven
Brevard County

Contact: Lady Mor Ingen Ronain
mka: Laura Jirus
Email: starhaven.seneschal@gmail.com
Website: http://starhaven.trimaris.org/index.html
Canton of Stedborough (Marcaster)
Sarasota / Bradenton

Contact: Vaclav De Olomoc
mka: Straley David Gilkison
Email: strayleygilkison@yahoo.com
Shire of Sudrholt
Clay County

Contact: Alethea bint Fahd ibn Acktar called Elitha
mka: Gale M. Shultz
Email: zhaleh@prodigy.net
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/sudrholt/
Canton of Swampkeype (Darkwater)
Osceola County

Contact: Lord David Archer
mka: David Hofmann
Email: elmic11111@gmail.com
Website: http://swampkeype.trimaris.org/
Shire of The Ruins
Plant City / Polk County

Contact: Lady Mira dei Medici
mka: Jessica Mahmood
Email: renaissanceprincess2@yahoo.com
Website: http://ruins.trimaris.org/
Shire of Tri Os
Martin / St. Lucie Counties

Contact: Enise bint Öghüz
mka: Jo-Ann Lambert
Email: lambertjoann@gmail.com
Website: http://www.shireoftri-os.org
Shire of Trysel
Ft. Myers

Contact: Kevenard Llywarch
mka: Mark Blanchard
Email: 603knight@gmail.com
Website: http://www.Trysel.org
Shire of Vaca del Mar
Volusia County

Contact: HL Brandwyn Alston of the Rift
mka: Stella Brown
Email: BrandwynAlston@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/shireofvacadelmar/home
Barony of Wyvernwoode
Hillsborough Co.

Contact: Sebastian Dekler
mka: Scott McGee
Email: WyvernwoodeSeneschal@gmail.com
Website: http://www.wyvernwoode.org/