Trimarian Regnum

Crown of Trimaris
HRM Joshua du Charmont
MKA: Joshua Coble
12241 picket fence ct
Orlando, FL 32828
407-432-9694 No calls 8pm unless an emergency
HRM Zephyrine De La Maige
MKA: Khristina Collins
12241 picket fence ct
Orlando, FL 32828
407-319-2436 No calls after 8pm unless an emergency
Their Majesties' Chatelaine
HL Lylie Dendelyoun
MKA: Lisa De Anda
321-698-7768 No calls after 9 PM please

Coronet of Trimaris
Ari and Sibilla Website

HRH Sir Ari Tyrbrandr
no calls after 11pm
HRH Sibilla Daine
no calls after 11pm

The Highness have choose two Chatelaine. You can reach them both by sending an email to, or use their individual email addresses bellow.

Their Highness's Chatelaine
Master Davius Saint Jacques
MKA: Michael S Smith
Their Highness's Chatelaine
Lady Aibhilin Inghean Ui Raghaillaigh
MKA: Aimee Steele
137 se 19th st
Cape Coral Fl 33990
Phone: 330-754-7857 no calls after 9pm unless emergency please