Welcome to the Kingdom of Trimaris

Hail and Greetings from Trimaris! If you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism, please look at the article called “New to the SCA” it will give you some great insight on what we do and who to contact within our Kingdom to welcome you. If you are already familiar with the SCA and are looking for a group, please look over the Listing of All Local Groups page, it will list each group by the county that it resides in. If you are still having trouble finding a group, please contact the Kingdom Chatelaine at chatelaine@trimaris.org

A letter from the Royal Family of Trimaris

Unto Our Strong Populace of Trimaris,

We the Royal Family wish to convey that we appreciate the sense of community, camaraderie and friendship the Society teaches, With that We would like to recognize Everyone that has been sharing their knowledge through classes, online events such as Trimaris Royal University and Starhaven’s Symposium. Along with that is the generosity of those that are sharing their gift of song and story…

We would like to share that there is now a concrete goal of when we will gather again, until then we hope to keep enriching each other with all of the positives that are the reason we fell in love with this amazing hobby.

Much Love To You All,
Kurn, King
Maisie, Queen
Martin, Prince
Islay, Princess