Trimarian Arts & Sciences Champions

Gulf Wars Champions

The Laurels, in consultation with the Empress, also chose our Trimarian Art/Sci Champions for Gulf Wars XXII. These brave and talented individuals will represent us at the Gulf Wars Champions Art/Sci Competition, which is worth a war point. Our Champions are:

Lord Dmitri Skomorochov - The Noblewoman's Portrait
Lady Milesenda de Bourges - Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards
Baroness Dianna Wyndalan of Kidwelly (Wolfmom) - A Baked Dish of Divers Meats
Honorable Lady Bres O'Seachnasaigh - Pomegranate, Worm & Peach
Dalr Gra Skegg - Norse Buckets
Mistress Alysoun Jeunterre - The Tudor Kirtle, c.1546
Honorable Lady Melissant Jacqueline la Chanteresse - My Love Has Gone - a Troubaritz Chanson
Lady Catherine Brown of Coventry - Oak Gall Ink
Mistress Jutte Haberlein- Pelican Circlet
Lady Perrine de Couer Joyeaux - Cremoneze Tart


Honorable Lady Vistillia Messaline Pulcharia- Persian Gold Sprinkling
Duke Duncan the Black- Scandinavian Center Seam Shoes

Arts and Sciences Faire 2013: Acclaims and Champions
The Patron of the Arts

The group with the highest average score across a number of entries, the Patron of the Arts, went to the Shire of Starhaven! Their artisans and entries were: Honorable Lady Bres O'Seachnasaigh - Calligraphy & Illumination: Pomegranate, Worm, and Peach (Masterwork); Mistress Jutte Haberlein - jewelry: Pelican Circlet (Artificer); and Lady Catherine Brown of Coventry - Illumination: Stammheim Missal Inhabited A, Calligraphy & Illumination: Pater Noster, and Misc. Studio Arts - Oak Gall Ink (all Artificer).

Champion of the Arts

Champion of the Arts for this year is Lady Catherine Brown of Coventry for her Stammheim Missal Inhabited A, Pater Noster, and Oak Gall Ink. The Calligraphy & Illumination Judging Group spent quite a long time at Lady Catherine's table and seemed to enjoy it immensely.

Populace Acclaim

The Populace Acclaim went to Lady Milesenda de Bourges for her Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards!

Order of the Rose Acclaim

The Order of the Rose Acclaim went to Dalr Gra Skegg for his wonderful Norse buckets! This is the award presented by the Ladies of the Rose for their favorite entry in the faire.

Laurels' Acclaim

The Laurels' Acclaim went to Jutte Haberlein for her incredible Pelican Circlet! This is the award presented by the Laurels for their favorite entry.

Crown's Acclaim

The Crown's Acclaim also went to Jutte Haberlein for the Pelican Circlet. This was Empress Brenna's favorite entry as well!

Non Pariels

The Laurels presented TWO Non Pariels at this Art/Sci Faire. As one of our members described it, a "Non Pariel" is an entry that is such a perfect example of a historical item that if you snuck it into a museum in your bag and then dropped it in front of a guard they would arrest you IMMEDIATELY for stealing their artifacts and only figure it out later. We had two such entries this weekend, though only one was an "artifact" as such!

Lady Milesenda de Bourges received a Non Pariel for her Visconti-Sforza Tarot Cards! There's a special secret regarding these cards - she make a full set of 12 cards, but there are only 11 extant cards from this deck. One original card has gone missing over time. Can YOU figure out which one is the one she created to complete the set

The second Non Pariel went to Lord Dmitri Skomorochov for his Chaucerian poem The Noblewoman's Portrait, which is a further installment in his recreation of a new epic story poem based on Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.