Trimaris History – 1987


St. Benet’s Feast
on 1-9-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held their annual 12th Night holiday feast at the Thomas Center. From Lady Carmenette’s seneschals report. “The feast was great. Every one had a wonderful time. Master Taly brought some new members from Mathom Trove to share in our feast and Their Highnesses Baldar and Ljudmilla were guests. The Barony shared in gift giving and afterwards there was dancing.”

Twelfth Night
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.1, January 1987 On 1-10-87, the Shire of Southkeype presents Twelfth Night to be held at Camp Corbitt, West Palm Beach, FL to celebrate the coming of the Maji and the New Year. This event will have twelve contests in all, covering three areas of interest: fighting, the Arts and questing. Each of these areas will have three contests and an overall winner of the category. All in all, there will be twelve prizes for Twelfth Night. On Saturday morning the fighting events will occur. There will be a three-fold arts contest (costuming, performing arts and visual arts) in the afternoon. In late afternoon there will be a quest. Autocrat Gillermo, Feastcrat Nara

Hero of the Chalice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.1, January 1987 On 1-10-87, the Barony of Wyvernwood held the Hero of the Chalice “Come one, come all, to the Hero of the Chalice Tourney to be held at Camp Keystone. There will be a baronial prize lyst to determine who will be the next Defender of Wyvernwood. Experience a period Celtic feast by Severin Mattazanni, called Mooky the Bogus, and Lord Gunnar Inn Danski, called the Wooly, the Bogus. Also see the Tudor Wedding of Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora and Tantor of the Tuchux (will this make them the first Tudorchux?) and, in honor of the groom, should the foolhardy be found amiable, the first Trimarian game of Chukball. Autocrat Lord Gareth Abelard.
At the Court of TRM Erin & Branwen
Order of the Pelican – Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora
Court Barony – Tantor Jonathan of Ivory
Order of the Silver Trident – Lord Raoul luc’ Benet

On 1-14-87, the College of Shadowsea held a revel. There were 12 people in attendance, some from the Barony of Wyvernwood.

Winter Art/Sci
Talewinds, vol.6 ,no.1, January AS XXI On 1-16/18-87 The Shire of Castlemere hosted the Winter Arts and Sciences Faire at Camp Chowenwa in Green Cove Springs. “something for everyone, classes by TRU, judging of arts and sciences, pages competition with prizes, grins and giggles competition. Autocrat Lady Aspesia Moonwind, Feastcrat Broshina E’Kterina
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Jason of Winchester, Sangre del Sol
Zaida bint Al-Gassal, Southkeype
Petahari Zubayda bint al Suffa, Castlemere
Argent Estoile – Lady Triste Catelina de la Mor
Grant of Arms – Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Lord Cedric Steinhauser, Peregrine Springs
Order of the Watchful Flame – William MacArt

Woodlands Elementary School Demo
On 1-22-87 the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Woodlands Elementary School in Longwood which was well received by the 45-50 5th graders who attended. This demo was a fighting demo with discussion on knighthood and chivalry

Winter Haven High School Demo
On 1-22-87, six members of the Shire of the Ruins held a demo for the Winter Haven High School

Swamp Stomp
1-31-87 The Barony of Darkwater held their anniversary event

On 1-31-87 the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel at a members home. There were 30 members in attendance.

Sea Raids IV – Trimaris/Atlantia War
Talewinds, vol.6, no.2, February AS XXI On 2-7-87 all gentles of Atlantia and Trimaris are invited to come and do battle once more at Sea War IV at Sweetwater Lake Campground near Orangeburg, SC. Since this is a winter event, plan for cold weather. This is a primitive campsite. This being WAR, no feast will be provided.
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Richard de Camville
Order of the Morning Star Trimaris – Countess Elspeth McNaughton
Order of the Black Widow – Countess Elspeth (principal)
Lady Erika Bjornsdottir
from the Gleann Dubh-ings newsletter, March/April AS XXI Trimaris was victorious in battle against the Kingdom of Atlantia at Sea Raids IV. It was the first time in the history of our annual war that the invading (visiting) army defeated the home hose, breaking the “home field advantage” Over 90 warriors took the filed for Trimaris, outnumbering the Atlantean army by a few. We were aided by a number of Tuchuks from the north, who traveled far to join our host. Trimaris won four of the five battles; the landing battle, field battle, field/flag battle with resurrections and the bridge battle, losing only the Ten Man Champion melee. Their Royal Majesties of Atlantia, Klaus and Cyffaith, rendered unto Trimaris the rights to “South of the Border – Pedro’s Place” as conquered territory, adding to Trimaris’ already large list of “curio shops” (tourist traps). AT the joint cout of TRM of Atlantia and TRM Erin and Branwen, Richard de Camville received an Award of Arms – Congratulation Richard!

On 2-8-87, the College of Shawdowsea held a revel at the Harp and Thistle Irish Pub with 10 members in attendance.

St. Valentines Massacre
Talewinds, vol.6, no.2, February AS XXI 2-13/15-87 An Crosaire held their anniversary event at Itchetucknee Springs Family Grocery and Campground. As is traditional, tenting only – bring you own everything. Activities will include the massacre (of course) a box lunch auction to raise funds for Talewinds, archery, baronial court, mandatory revelry and required silliness. Also featured will be the wedding of Ryuzo no Kami Tsuji and Utai no Kami Mitozake (Carmenette) and the wedding of Sir Bronislous of Vilnius and Lady Marie Genevieve the Piper. Autocrat, Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami.
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Order of the Argent Estoile – Majir the Blantant
Award of Arms – Llewellen ap Cadwallader
Victoria Swansea
Court Barony – Seamus McRyu Mchoo
At the Baronial Court
Order of the Serpents Torque – Genevieve von Fehrman
Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami
Roland Floydsson
Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Order of the Cross and Serpent – Carmenetta Diez de Rodriguez
Ishidoro no Tsuji
Ara Arisdottir

St. David’s Revel
Dragons Gambit, Vol.1, no.1, Spring AS XXI 2-28-87 St. David’s Eve Revel, join the Canton of Mathom Trove for archery, board games, feast of roast hare and other removes of beast and game. Please provide side removes. A helm will be passed. Held at Norman Wood. Autocrat Maynard de Valognes (seneschals report stated that 10 local members and 36 members from other groups attended).

On 2-28-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel at a members home, there were 35 members in attendance.

Brookside Middle School Demo
Sometime in February ’87, Lord Elemer Landshund, Lord Treve Morningstar and Lord Eric of Telemark of the Shire of Brineside Moor, took part in a medieval demonstration for the Brookside Middle School Demo for their 6th & 7th graders (about 150 in all). There was a fighting demonstration and historical discussions for the student.

Hoggetowne Fair
On 3-1-87, the Barony of An Crosaire assisted the City of Gainesville in the Hoggetowne Fair at the Thomas Center. The Barony added color, put on a small fighting demo and performed singing, dancing and a Court. Approximately 2,000 – 3,000 attended this event. The SCA made top billing. The City Commission was very impressed and wants us to participate next year and wants to have two days of activities.

Lakemont Elementary School Demo
3-4-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Lakemont Elementary School. Participants were Master Barar, Cassandra, Menachem and Lady Anna. The demo was given for one class period to 40 gifted 5th graders. Master Barar discussed warfare and the development of armor, then allowed the children to line up and strike him with his sword while he was in full armor (one little girl smacked him a great shot and killed him!). Cassandra discussed the necessities and techniques of making clothing and all household linens from planting the flax or sheering the sheep right on through spinning, weaving and dyeing. She then took those children interested in learning to weave off to the side and worked with them (2 boys and 3 girls) for the rest of the demo. Menachem discussed various domestic sciences showing the new leather and wood bellows Master Holtmar made as an example and explained the different crafts the bellows could be used to help create. Lady Anna give the welcome and introduction to the SCA nd the members present, then talked about what a child’s life would be like in the Middle Ages (all the different ranks), how a woman ran the household while the men were off warring (sometimes while they were at home too), showing handmade soap, candles, Irish hand wash (liquid pourri) and then Menachem assisted her in showing the display table with its calligraphy supplies, books, costumes and SCA photo album.

PBS Demo
On 3-7-87, the Shire of Storm and the Barony of Wyvernwood assisted Channel 3 WEDU, the PBS station, with their annual fund drive. There were approx. 10 people from Storm working the demo.

Greenwood Lake Elementary School Demo
3-13-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Greenwood Lake Elementary School which was attended by Mastger Barar, Menachem, Brighid, Seamus and Lady Ann. This demo was given for one class period to about 75 (three classes) 6th graders. They were interested in a demo on knighthood, chivalry and armor without any fighting. So Master Barar laid out all his armor pieces and put on each piece as he discussed its function and name. All the other assisted him. Armoring up piece by piece fascinated the children and lasted most of our time. We broke up the armoring with Lady Anna talking about what the women did to run the household, she and Brighid (when not assisting Master Barar) passed around handmade soap, beeswax candles, Irish Hand wash and books showing types of armor and combat (donated and discussed by Seamus). After the demo we were detained by many of the children who wished to ask further questions and to play with the displays and the armor.

Golden Keype
3-14-87, the petition to form the College of Golden Keype was granted. The campus of F.I.T. has a large golden tower which was the inspiration for the name of the group.
Seneschal & Arts Officer – Genevieve LeRousse (Jennifer Foulk)
Herald – Lord Geoffrey Maynard of York (Jeff Whiting)
Treasurer – Camber Mackinnon (Todd Fredrickson)
Science Officer – Ilaysaidh Sibeall Muireal Dughlass (Tracey Hutchinson)
Marshal – Trinculo (Tim Voss)
Historian – Johan Bjoerinson (Alan Boertjens)

Ciudad de las Fuentes
3-14-87, an application for an incipient shire was submitted by Ciudad de las Fuentes, located in St. Augustine Fl. Ciudad de las Fuentes means the City of the Fountains. Zip codes claimed by the incipient shire are 32084,032085, 32086, 32082, 32045, 32033. The founding officers are:
Seneschal – Juan Jose de Maestre y Solana – John Masters Jr.
Herald – Lord Lon Warbeck Mac Murray – Michael J. Murray
Minister of Arts – Cailin Etainnighean – Kathi B. Canepa
Master of Sciences – Miguel Pozos – Michale D. Wells
Marshal – Lord Lon Warbeck Mac Murray
Exchequer – Lady Alejandra Isabel Ingesias Domenech – Mirtha Murray
Historian – Angelica Kira Le Musard – Denise Larimore

Spring Coronation
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI on 3-13/15-87 the Shire of Blackthorne hosted Spring Coronation at Camp Chowenwa in Green Cove Springs. Tenative activities, Saturday morning will be left free for peers’ and officers’ meetings, TRM ERin and Branwen’s last court will be early Sat. Afternoon, followed by the wedding of the Hon. Glyn ni Owein and Lord Brewster Hartswood, both court and wedding are early Celtic; Evening candlelight Coronation ceremony of TRH Baldar and Ljudmilla, followed by their first court. Coronation theme will be 16th century Slavic (German & Italian Renaissance garb would be typical, as Slavic areas were about a century behind in fashion); competitions scheduled include the Trimaris Troubadoru Laureate and the Queen’s Champion Yeoman Archer. A fundraising raffle with the Grand Prize being free entrance to all Trimaris events for 6 months. Autocrat, Lady Eleanor Powe, feastcrat, Countess Elspeth McNauthton and Rosamonde
At the Last Court of King Erin and Queen Branwen
Order of the Chivalry – Raoul luc Benet
Order of the Laurel – Lord Morric Haast, Fiach Ogan
Order of the Argent Scale – Morgan Morcheartaigh
Adriene Crescentia de la Fere
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Mistress Cher de Bellevue, An Crosaire
Order of the Quiver – Darien Goldenhair
Order of the Watchful Flame – William MacLewis
Order of the Trefoil Argent – Lady Erika Bjornsdottir
Order of the Argent Palm – Lady Morgana ferch Morgan
Award of Arms – Genevieve La Russe
Guillian vonder Vald
Lassair of Waterford
Seigfried von Heydrich
Moria Mac Loughlin
Edward O’Donovan
Drake Ruthendale
Johannes Drachenburg
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Glyn ni Owen
Lord Erik Loren Elcara
Herald’s Pennant – Nakagawa Ienobu
Associates taken at Court
Master Jean-Phillipe Duvier has taken Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson as Apprentice
Master Barar Udvarhelyi has taken Rachel Kathleen Cundiff as Protege
Sir Erin Breck Gordon has taken Countess Branwen bean Erin as Squire
At the First Court of King Baldar and Queen Ljudmilla
Duchal Titles – Erin Breck Gordon and Branwen bean Erin
Order of the Rose – Duchess Branwen bean Erin
Order of the Laurel – Lady Eleanor Powe
Award of Arms – Magdelena de Valasco de Almeria
Lann of Brittany
Order of the Black Widow – Duchess Branwen bean Erin
Queens Yeoman – Damien Bloodstone
Associates taken in Court
Countess Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has taken Duchess Branwen bean Erin as apprentice
Viscount Sir Seosaidh has taken Lon Warbec MacMurray as squire
HRM Baldar Langstriter has taken Arlech Anthony as Squire
Master Barar took Lady Rachel as a protege
Petition for status as a shire – Cuidad de las Fuentes – St. Augustine
Petition for status as a guild – Masters of the Blade

The Barony of Darkwater presented a filled Chirurgeon’s kit to the Kingdom Chirurgeon at Coronation. They also reported that the Barony has 37 units of blood in its account with the Central Florida Blood Bank with the main donor being Lard Gradheil.

(Historian’s Note) there was a particularly dangerous sport that
swept Trimaris during the past year called “bottle jousting” in which combatants stood on empty champagne bottles and jousted the other i.e. tried to knock each other off the bottles. It had a brief and exciting life span until this event. Apparently the combatants were using pole arms and one, slightly inebriated, got hit on the head with a steel counterweight, causing a spectacularly bloody (but not too serious) head wound. The Chirurgeonate protested this sport until faded out of existence even though there was a minor try at non-glass bottles and padded rattan poles.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 3-20/22-87, The Barony of Darkwater presents the 7th annual Trident Tourney at Camp Wewa. Fight for the Trident, Table Tourneys, Auction, Chess, Backgammon, Pente, to be held after feast. The First Annual Paupers Auction to benefit the Pages Guild. Autocrat Adiva the Berber, Feastcrat Carron Astie.
Winner of the lyst – Syr Quentin Wrengaard ap Rhys
Order of the Argent Estoille – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Award of Arms – Eliseff Torvaldsdottir
Order of the Trident Keep – Eliseff Torvaldsdottir

on 3-28-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their anniversary revel at a members home. There were 35 members in attendance.

Florida State Museum Demo
3-29-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the Florida State Museum. It was a rainy day and attendance was low, but over all it was a good demo.

List of demos for January, February and March given with little or no information concerning the demos.
Shire of Castlemere: 3-4-87 Demo- St. Augustine with Cuidad de Fuentes
3-11-87 demo – Riverwalk, Jacksonville
Shire of Glymmerholde: 3-14-87, demo, story telling in local mall
3-?, demo special education students
3-? demo boy scouts
Shire of Oldenfeld: 3-3-87 demo, Robin & Marion, food sale and demo
3-3/5-87 demo, fighter practice at Union Grove
3-13-87, Largo Ren Faire

College of Golden Keep
On 3-25-87 six members of the College of Golden Keep entered the Melbourne Flamingo Fling Costume Contest at the Arts Festival, and took first prize of a trip for two to a holiday in Vero Beach. Serious recruiting was done during the evening.

On 4-3-87, members of the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the movie Robin and Marian at the Moore Auditorium. On 4-3/5-87, there was a fighter practice and demo held at the Student Union Green attended by Duke Sir Erin and entourage. This event was covered by photographers from both the Tallahassee Democrat and the Florida Flambeau (published 5-7-87 and 7-9-87 respectively).

On 4-4-87 several members of the shire did storytelling (St. George and the Dragon) for the Lee County Reading Council at the Edison Mall.

The Feast of Fools
4-4-87, the Shire of Southkeype

Newcomers Revel
4-4-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held a newcomers revel at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in the social hall. We had a lot of good food and a good turnout of interested visitors.

An Crosaire Officers as of April 1, 1987
Baron – Sakura Tetsuo
Baroness – Sakura Kimineko
Seneschal – Lady Carmenette Diez de Rodriguez (Ruthann Macheski)
Deputy Seneschal – Lord Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami (Deb Lansden)
Reeve – Gwennan ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Deputy Reeve – Donnchagh Ui Grada (Skip Grady)
Herald – Lord Andros Leonthalasias (Richard Katsaros)
Deputy Herald – Lord Jean-Louis Pepin de Namus (Donald Siegel)
Mistress of Arts – Lady Melistra Adrianne d’Ombre (Melanie Ogle)
Master of Science – Master Elom Eikenskjaldi (C.S. Marvin)
Knights Marshal – Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh (Joe Latta)
Archery Marshal – Lord Talfric Bluntswood (Lin Swindle)
Hospitaller – Gwenna ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Librarian – Lord Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami (Deb Lansden)
Scribe – Mistress Cher de Bellevue (Cheryl Feinstein)
Historian – Gwennan ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Chronicler – Lady Delilia Castillo de Luna Rosa (Delmarie Burr)

Leather and Lace War
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 4-3/5-87 The Shire of Brineside Moor presented Leather and Lace Wars at camp Honi Honta “This is the event you have been waiting for all your life -it must be seen to be believed. Fighting…SCA combat list and melees…swashbucking…a list and a clinic…real weapons…including IKAC archery…costumes…best use of leather, best use of lace, best use of leather and lace in an authentic costume…games…pente, chess backgammon, byzantine chess, goose…prizes galore…delicious food, 5 meals provided, served on time! Autocrats Lord Eric and Lady Bridit and House Telemark. There were approximately 50 persons in attendance, Korrum du Mere made and donated prizes for the contests. The Shire cleared $266 over costs and a great time was had by all.
Award of Arms – Laura Kyburg Fealach
Frederich Karl Kyburg
Order of the Argent Estoile – Treve Morningstar
Genevieve Le Rousse

Greenwood Lake Elementary School Demo
4-9-87 The Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Greenwood Lake Elementary School in Lake Mary

On 4-11-87, Lady Victoria Swansea, Lord Siegfried Heydrich, Rafe Ravenswood and Goldrake did a display of medieval art and costuming at Casa Ybel Resort.

Largo Renaissance Festival
Between 4-11/13-87 the Shire of Oldenfeld, along with the Shire of Storm participated in the Largo Renaissance Festival. Parts of the fighter and fencing demo were taped and aired on Public Access Channel 12 in Tampa.

The Spring Fighter Collegium/Norrey College of Arms
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI Sea March and Southkeype proudly present, live in person, Duke Sir Paul of Bellatrix, coming soon to a Fighter Collegium near you, Exclusive Engagement, on 4-10/13 at Camp Corbett. Feast is Duc-de-pot luck but there will be a smorgesborg sandwich lunch on Saturday (due to site problems we are unable to have a feast, for this event the site is primative and water will be brought in – their water station went down about 2-20 and will not be working for the event. Showers will consist of a swim in the lake and port-a-jons will be brought in – kinda like Pennsic. we realize the cost of this event is excessive for a BOYE event, however, this includes airfare for His Grace and we were unable to obtain a site cost reduction). Added Attractions: belly dance symposium, tacky garb competition. Autocrats Lord Rurik and Lady Vasilikee.
There were approximately 103 persons in attendance, with 65 fighters or prospective fighters attending. The Shire took a loss at this event but they expected to from the beginning. The Shire Seneschal, Count Verron stated “we can afford it and we figured it would be good for the kingdom.”

Milwe Middle School Demo
4-17-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Milwe Middle School in Longwood, FL.

And Now For Something Completely Different
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 4-24/26-87 Starhaven presents And Now For Something Completely Different at Christmas Airstream Park. Are you tired of fighting the same old people in the same old lysts with the same old weapons? We can’t do anything about your friends, but we can change the lysts. Starhaven presents a whole event of non-standard lysts. A non-sword lyst (all heavy weapons except the sword), a swashbuckling list (for light weapons only), an archery contest (real arrows at fake targets), a knife throwing contest, an axe throwing contest, bottle jousting.
The theme of something different seemed to work well. The feast was an Aztec feast and the feastcrats were excited over the fact they had a real kitchen to work in. The previous feasts had been done on camp stoves and open fires. The event went well, although not as many people showed up as we had hoped. Feast was prepared for about 70 and only about 40 showed up. We still broke even, however, because we held feast at 3:00pm and almost all the daytrippers stayed for feast.

Lakeview Middle School Demo
On 4-24-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Lakeview Middle School in Sanford, FL.

Eckerd College Demo
on 4-28-87, the College of Shadowsea held a demo on the campus of Eckerd College. A number of people stopped by and there were several people intersted in the SCA.

Surprise Event
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.4, April AS XXI, On 5-1/3-87 the Shire of Castlemere is joining the new tradition of Surprise events. These events don’t let you know where they will be until time to go, we will do it a little different. We will tell you where: Camp Seminole Springs. We will tell you when: May 1-3. We will event tell you how much – but we won’t tell you what. (hint..its a new beginning, day one AS XXII) bring armor for the list. Renaissance feast by Edmund Curran, Autocrats, Lady Cynthia Carter and Lord HRothgar Thorsson.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Grant of Arms – Aspasia Joanne Cartier Moonwind
Konrad Loraybeck
Order of the Fletcher – Alexander of the Golden Axe
Order of the Silver Trident – Delilia Castillo de luna Rosa

Brineside’s Mini-event
On 5-2-87, a mini-event and workshop was held with members from Brineside Moor, Narval Dorado and Glymmerholde – approx 22 people in attendance. Workshop subjects were: Fencing (Lord Elemer Landshund); Real Weapons (Lord Eric of Telemark); Armor (Sean of Carrigfergus); Glass Engraving by Hand (Lord Eric of Telemark); Basket weaving (Ariean); Archery (Dennis MacMannis); Silver Casting (Korrum du Mere); Pottery (Lady Sine Gillian Macdhomnuill); and Embroidery (Lady Victoria Swansea). The Ravioli main dish for the pot luc feast was provided by Lord Duncan Angus Machomnuill
this was the first of planned monthly one day mini-events held in conjunction with the surrounding groups. These events will consist of fighter practices, arts and sciences clinics and a feast. The host group will rotate between participating groups so that each group will host the event 3-4 times a year.

Gathering of the Clans
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.4, April AS XXI On 5-8/10-87 The Barony of Darkwater requests “Clansmen, and women, come join your Celtic (and non-Celtic) brothers and sisters in a weekend of Highland style games and revelry at Camp Thunderbird, just north of Apopka. This is only SCA so we aren’t going to have you throw a full cabor, just a small one (He! He!). In addition there will be a lyst for the “Order of the Grey Beards.” Armor inspection at 9 am Saturday. Feast will be a Celt’s delight presented by Seamus of Darkwater. After feast there will be Scottish dance class and reveling and dancing ’till the wee hours. Bardic competition and limerick contest also. Autocrat Eghan O’Naill.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Silver Trident – Delilia Castilla
Award of Arms – Seamus McEwan
Order of the Grey Beard – Branwen bean Erin
Udvarhelyi Barar Aeryck
Order of the Argent Estoile – Sine Gillian Macdhomnuill

Lion’s Tourney II
On 5-15/17-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held Lion’s Tourney II at the FSU Reservation, autocrated by Lord Drake Ruthendale, Feastcrated by Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau di Firenze and Katerina Isabella di Firenze. Queen Ljudmilla held court at the feast.
Champion of the Lion’s Tourney – Derek of the Bloody Fang.

Ravensfest IV
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI The Shire of Fiach Ogan presents The Revel just for the fun of it! The fourth annual Ravensfest will be held at the home of Lady Elina and Master Morric on 5-16-87. This will be a one day event with a Duc ‘d Potluc. The Shire will provide the main course. There will be archery, fighting, singing and general good time.


Trimaris Memorial Tournament
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 5-22/25-87, the Barony of Wyvernwood and friends present Trimaris Memorial Tourney/Crown Lyste at Camp Keystone. Come ye one and all to witness the deciding of the fifth King of Trimaris by tournament of combat. Festivities to include Middle Eastern feast by the Honorable Lady Seglinde von Truso, another feast by Lord Stromek and the Shire of the Ruins, breakfasts by the College of Shadowsea, Saturday night medieval dancing hosted by Lord Giovanni de Larenza, possible Middle Eastern wedding (stay tuned for details), Champion of Trimaris Lyste, and of court Trimaris Crown Lyste. Autocrat Lord Gareth Abelard, Feastcrat Hon. Lady Seglinde von Truso
The Shire of Glymmerhold gave a luncheon for the King and Queen, Crown Prince and Princess and attendants on Sunday. Glymmerhold also ran the tavern Saturday and Sunday nights.
Crown Prince – Sir Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys
Crown Princess – Lady Cara Marie of Carlysle
King’s Champion – Lord Brian McNaughton
Queen’s Champion – Lord Trinculo
Winner of the Champion of the Trimarian Sword – Solom Spite, called Spider
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Elspeth Trelawney of Lochwae
Order of the Argent Scales – Brian McNaughton
Shield of Chivalry – Brian McNaughton
Order of the Argent Estoille – Takara McLeod
Award of Arms – Carmella Donati
Llorcan ap ‘Harthur
Katherine Isabella di Firenze
Vilhelm von Zavich
Order of the Trefoil Argent Trimaris – Wolfstan Halfdansson
Order of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Masque – Erik von Kampf
Masque – Corwin ap Arawyn o Carreg Cennon
Masque – Rose O Shaughnessy
Poet – Lance Nystrom

Boy Scout Demo
On 5-26-87 the Shire of Glymmerhold held a fighter demo for the Boy Scout Blue and Gold banquet. Lord Godfried of Frisia and Torren Swansea did the fighting. There was singing by the Seneschal(Vyctorya Swansea) and juggling by the Art’s Officer (Ambrosia Swansea)

Orangewood Elementary School Demo
During the first week in June (no actual date given in report) the Shire of Glymmerhold held a demo at the Orangewood Elementary School – this was a non-fighting demo with music, juggling and lecture on medieval life.

On 6-4-87, a meeting/revel was held at a member’s home. All business was conducted in the swimming pool. The revel was a going away party for member Lyssandra Adriel Methwyn Westmorlan who is moving to the Kingdom of the East.

Arthur’s Quest
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On 6-6-87 the Shire of Glymmerholde held a one day event at a member’s home. Adventure to the land of Glymmers! The Glymmers are luring you to Arthur’s Quest- -the revel that turned into a quest and more! King Arthur has received fatal wounds in battle. As he lay dying, the Lady of the Lake spirited him to the enchanted isle where he lies deep in a sleep from which he may never awake. The only thing in all the world which can save his life is the eye fo the dragon. Come join the quest, alfter all you can’t save the life of a king every day. Fighters – try your skill against the Green Knight. If desired – melee after the quest. Brewers Welcome – there will be a Brewer’s sampling station (any and all Brewer’s invited to attend) try some period refreshment for a donaton. For those who wish to extend their stay–at no additional charge–Godfried “Spielberg” presents–Medieval film fest, all your favorite titles available, three VCR’s, no waiting. Another Godfried spectacular…Of course crash space is available, please bring your sleeping bag.
At the Court of TRM Ljudmilla
Award of Arms – Rafe Ravenswood
Order of the Emerald Sea – name withheld by gentle’s request
There were 40 people in attendance.

Midsummer’s Revel
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 6-13-87, in Celebration of the Founding of the Shire of Narval Dorado, to be held at Citrus Horse Trails. Calling all Pirates and Mercenaries !! The Shire of Narval Dorado invites you to Midsummer’s Eve Revel. We are planning for your enjoyment a list (in the morning so you don’t fry) a Pig’s Bladder (water balloon) battle and of course, A Narval Dorado Feast. Autocrat The Hon. Lord Michael Kennethson, Feastcrat Katie.

Arts and Sciences Faire
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 6-12/14-87 This year’s Arts and Sciences Faire will be held at Camp O’Leno, north of Gainesville hosted by The Shire of Fiach Ogan. There is ample tenting space and 150 bunks in the cabins. You may feed the deer but not the alligators. There is swimming for the brave and the promis of a bardic circle.
AT the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Silver Trident – Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez
Order of the Emerald Sea – Guillian Van der Wald
Order of the Argent Estoile – Oriana Goldenhair
Award of Arms – Ilaysaidh Sibeall Muireal Dughass
Caterine Mercedes de Menendez
Order of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Masque – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Masque – Erika Bjornsdottir
Named Protectors of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Poet – Jannara of Airea
Poet – Jed Silverstar
Poet – Alys de la Mer
Poet – Elaine of Valeria
Troubadour – Warjna Waleska Kaztimir
Poet – Knutkin ap Gryffydd
Troubadour – Jed Silverstar
Poet – Elom Eikenskjaldi
Troubadour – Davida Estrella de la Cruz
Masque – Elspeth Trelawney of Lochawe
Poet – Alinore d’Astralis
Troubadour – Alys de la Mer
Masque – Tsuji no Kami Ryuzo
Poet – Hiertha Aureiana
Poet – Warjna Waleska Kaztimir
Troubadour – Morric Haast (twice)
Poet – Alexander Mareschal
Troubadour – Erik von Kampf
Poet – Shantry
Troubadour – Sara Tegan Elizabeth Francis Holden
Masque – Knutkin ap Gryffydd
Poet – Mireann Deora-De of Ravencroft
Masque – Aidian Gerhardt de Lanwedoc
Arts Results from Summer Art-Sci Faire
Champion of the Arts – Chelsea of the Heights (24) Wyvernwood
Award of Singular Merit – Lady Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez
Top 20 scores in the arts (excluding Champion of the Arts)
1. Lady Aspasia Moonwind (13), Castlemere
2. Lord Loraybech (10) Castlemere
3. Talieson Conganan (9) Darkwater
4. Lady Marguerite Isadora de Riva (9) Wyvernwood
5. Fang Shih Min (8) Storm
6. Sine MacDonald (8) Brineside Moor
7. Lord Devlin MacLeod (8) Castlemere
8. Nebhiros (8) Arinol
9. Carrissa (8) Wyvernwood
10. Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn (8) Oldenfeld
11. Lady Ana Isabel (7) Southkeype
12. Guillermo Da Firenze (6) Storm
13. Sine Nic Immey (6) Southkeype
14. Lord Eric of Telemark (6) Brineside Moor
15. Hodmir (6) Vaca del Mar
16. Lady Katerina Tatinia (6) Castlemere
17. Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars (6) An Crosaire
18. Caterina Mercedes de Menendez y Chavez (5) Blackthorne
19. Amphelicia Ceridwen Llywelyn (5) Narval Dorado
20. Annick-Maryse Zoe Genevieve La Ferrique (5) Oldenfeld
Patron of the Arts and Sciences – Castlemere
Top 16 Groups in the Arts:
1. Castlemere (62)
2. Wyvernwood (5)
3. Oldenfeld (20)
4. Storm (18)
5. Southkeype (17)
6. Brinesdie Moor (14)
7. An Crosaire (10)
8. Darkwater (9)
9. Blackthorne (8)
10. Vaca del Mar (6)
11. Narval Dorado (5)
12. Golden Keep (4)
13. Starhaven (3)
14. Glymmerhold (2)
15. Fiach Ogan (2)
16. Sea March (1)
Socring was as follows: Extraordinary Merit = 3 points
Superior Merit = 2 points
Merit = 1 point
The Oldenfeld Players received the Masque Laureate for performing a play “The King’s Letter” written by Lord Drake Ruthendale.

Archery Shoot
On 6-28-87, the Shire of Brineside Moor’s Archery Team (Lord Eric of Telemark, Lady Brigit Olesdottir, Terrel and Korrum du Mere) have completed the creation of a medieval archery class (straight, partial wood bows and wood arrows with no sights) within the Sarasota County Archers Inc., a branch of the National Field Archery Association. This class was introduced at the last NFAA circuit shoot held in Sarasota. Terrel placed 1st in class with Korrum du Mere second and Lord Eric of Telemark third.

Herald’s Picnic
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII Come one, come all to the Herald’s Picnic on 7-3/5-87, hosted by the Shire of Gleann Dubh at the Christmas Airstream Park. This is tenting only
Activities include: Herald’s prize list, classes on many aspects of SCA heraldry, and hopefully a Royal Court for the benefit of training new Court Heralds. The feast is Duc d’Potluc with Glean Dubh providing the main meat course. Autocrat Lord Kalin Kolhann, Feastcrat, Lady Melbridga of Oak Glen and Lady Moira MacLochlainn.
Winner of the lyst – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Most Chivarous – Houst Heartwing
Award of Arms – Sergorious Falco
Wulfhilda deBond
Warlic (Papa) Duncan
Order of the Argent Estoile – Oliver of the Silver Hammer
Order of the Argent Scales – Eric of Telemark
approx. 56 gentles attended.

Demos for April, May and June
Shire of Oldenfeld: 4-8/10-87 with Arenal at Pensacola City Festival
4-18/19-87 Magna Carta demo, Lincoln Center
Shire of Storm: 4-11-87 Largo Ren Faire
Shire of Brineside Moor: 4-19-87 Demo for Girl Scouts
4-26-87, Demo at Sarasota Square Mall

House Tigh na Baothaire Memorial Revel and Charity Event
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII On 7-4-87, Remember Ye Goode Olde Dayes..when the bright Trimaris summer sun shone down upon the Barony of An Crosaire, and silliness reigned as the peasants, paeons, and general scum gather’d every Fourth of July for House Tigh na Baothaire’s annual revel? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but them days is back!!! (and just when you thought it was safe in Trimaris…) “What’s that,” you say? “House Tig na Baothaire is no more?” Why, details like that can’t stop fools like us. Wear your grubbies, and bring your own drinks plus something for Duc d’potluc (not to mention your own hedgepigge–for playing Boppe ye Hedgepigge. Autocrat, Mistress Cher de Bellevue

Swithinmas Herauldes Faire and Picnic
On Saturday 7-4-87, the Canton of Mathom Trove and the Norrey Academie of Armourie presents Swithinmas Heraulds Faire and Picnic. come join us in demonsrating the accomplishments of our society unto the folke of Palatka as they celebrate their independence. Planned Displays – Mail making, SCA combat, sundials, board games, knotting, tablet weaving and invitational bardic circle. Norrey Academie Courses – known world arms, notable arms of europe and a prize contest in identifying them, beyone Lions, Dragons and Vycornes, an out of the ordinary beastiary, the annual certification sitting for heralds. Coordinator – Baron Taliesynne; Combat – Lord Thorkil; Arts and sciences – Elspeth Estelle and Rolande; Displays – Lord Goffery; Board Games – Guillaume.
Order of the Argent Scales – Lord Eric of Telemark

On 7-6-87 Lord Oliver of the Silver Hammer, Lady Wulfhilda de Bond, Edmund Curran, Goueril Smyth of the Shire of Castlemere put on a demo for a summer school class. (school not listed in report). They did an impressive job and left them wanting more. They did this with only a couple of days warning.

Officers of the Shire of Castlemere as of June 1987
Seneschal – H.L. Loraybech
Herald – Lady Petahari al Saffah
Knight Marshal – Lord Devlin McLeod
Minister of Arts – Lady Katerina Tatiana
Minister of Sciences – Lord Arthur Broderick
Exchequer – H.L. Aspasia Moonwind
Chronicler – Lord Gregorius Falco
Historian – Lord Johannus von Drackenberg
Sheriff – Eldis Howe
Hospitallers – Loreli Mummer and Duncan
Librarian – Lady Cynthia Catherine Cartier

Search For Byrgangeld, The Vampire’s Revenge
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On 7-11-87, the Shire of Ac Scrin cordually invites you to join us once again at beautiful Camp Honi Honta. For the hardy spirit there will be a list and for those less strenuous inclined there will be chess, pente and lawn games for your amusement. For the pleasure of your plate there will be a delectable feast served under the stars in true medieval fashion. After the sun has set prepare your minds for the quest that follows will tax both thy skill and courtly grace – there will be a prize of gold. Autocrat
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Argent Estoile – Natalija Varvara Stoianova (Natasha)
Award of Arms – Andrew William Montgomery
Susan van Ham (Sham)

The First Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Event
Talewinds Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII Peregrine Springs presents The first Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Event on 7-11-87 at the Sanford Zoo, with the other animals. Featuring archery competition, weird weapon tourney, wet tunic and wet loincloth contest, nasty subltey competition, and a truly unique feast that you will never forget. Autocrat (Cedric will not admit responsibility) Feastcrat Lady Michelle. Warning, this event may be hazardous to those who are sensitive, squeamish, fainthearted or prudish.

Another Gleann Dubhing
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On Saturday 7-18-87, the Shire of Gleann Dubh requests “Come and relax Glenn Dubh style. Archery, Games, Fighter’s Lyste, Merchant’s Alley, bells & pillows lyste for the ladies, Food, Duc d ‘Pot luc feast, Fun, frolic and more. Held at the Central Florida Zoological Park in Sanford. Post revel-revel site to be announced, limited crash space.” Autocrat Lady Moira MacLochlainn.
Winner of the Lyst – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Bells & Pillow Lyst overall winner – Haran the Mad Dragon Rider
Womens lyst – Fara
approx 34 gentles attended

War Practice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII On 7-24/26-87, the Barony of Darkwater invites Noble Warriors, Greetings, the time of the Great War is almost upon us. So sharpen your swords and pick up your shields and come do battle. The site is wet, land is dry and hot, no shade so bring canopies. Site will have showers and lots of room for tenting (only) Autocrat Brendon MacAngus.
Award of Arms – Wulhilde Duncan
Duncan (of Castlemere)
Order of the Argent Scale – Victoria Swansea

Proclamation of Banishment:
Dimitri of Glymmerholde was banished for acts detrimental to Trimaris. He has been convicted (mundanely) of four counts of forgery against checks written from the account of the Shire of Glymmerholde and awaits sentencing on August 10, 1987 by Judge R. Wallace, Lee County Circuit Court.

Coco Public Library Demo
On 7-28-87, seven members of the College of Golden Keep held a demo at the Coco Public Library with the help of twelve members of the Shire of Starhaven. There newspapers attended and ran articles about the local SCA groups. Dispite of being in the middle of the week (Tuesday) we had 12 adults there, and a good mixture of people. We were able to show off caligraphy, stained glass, pottery, spinning and weaving, herbs and a bunch of other stuff. We taught the kids the Maltese Brawl. We had demonstrations of both heavy weapons fighting and swashbuckling. Although the library had planned on only an hour, the demo lasted three hours. The library was very pleased. One amusing note, the library staff wanted to give our heralds a megaphone. They could not believe that someone could speak to a crowd and be heard.

PBS Demo
On 8-1-87, the Shire of Storm assisted WEDU, channel 3, PBS station with their fund drive by answering telephones, there were about 15 people involved.

First Blood and First Sword of the Paladine Alliance
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII On 8-1-87 The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites one and all to attend the lists of “First Blood” and the “First Sword of the Paladine Alliance” at T-Y Park in Hollywood. Bring your own feast and provision or purchase whatever you need at the refreshment stand. There will be a revel at a local members home after the park closes. Challenge to Southkeype – The fighters of the House of the Red Leopard issued this challenge to the fighters of Southkeype and the four eyed fat man – Defend your honor in melee combat and individual challenges or be known as the shire of women and sheep in men’s clothes. Autocrat Lord Roland de Verona.

Hollywood Library Demo
On 8-15-87 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo at the Hollywood Library. Pictures of the demo were in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and the Shire received a thank you letter from the library. “You and your organization are to be commended on provideing Hollywood Library with another Society event. We appreciate so much that you came out even in this South Florida summer heat. We thank each fighter and lady who donned costumes and provided so much entertainment for our patrons. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.” Sincerely Judith Trutwin, Children’s Librarian

Pennsic War XVI
8-15-87 Augmentation of Arms – Duke Sir Aaron Breck Gordon
Acceptance of the charter for the Calligraphers’ Guild

Can’t Go To Pennsic Revel
on 8-15-87, the Shire of Gleann Dubh held a Can’t Go To Pennsic Revel at Hounton Island. 4 people from Gleann Dubh and 4 people from Vaca Del Mar attended.

Peasants’ Revel
Talewinds, Vol.6,no.8,August XXII On 8-15-87 The Allyance of the Bloodless Turnape, in cahoots with the Barony of An Crosaire present the An Crosaire Peasants Revel and Ryppe-offe Event. Join the lusty peasants as they celebrate the FEAST OF ST. AVARICE and the fact that all the nobles are off to Pennsic War). This is a day trip, potte-luc, bring your own everything extravangaza and is being held on August 15, from noonish until 6:oopm. We offer classes (no list), a watermelon-mangle with live steel (no list), a best/worst dressed peasant contest (no list), lunchtime (no list), and NO LIST (no list). Oh, all right, you can armor-up and pound each other if you want to. The site is a picnic area of Morningside Nature Park in loverly Gainesville. The prices, following recent custom (and to make a point) are a ryppe-offe
$50.00 – wknd, with feast (soggy veggies and forbidden pets)
$49.95 – wknd, no feast (a better deal)
$45.00 – day trip, with feast (unadvisable)
$1.00 – Day trip, no feast (what a deal)
NOTE: after Aug. 15, day trip, no feast $100.00
Autocrat Elom “cross my palm with silver” Eikinskjald and Ara “The Greedy Merchant” Arisdottir

Eckerd College Demo
On 8-17-87, the College of Shadowsea held a demo on the Eckerd College campus. There was an estimate of about 200 people who watched the demo.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII 9-4/6-87 The Barony of Darkwater invites you to participate in the passing of the Trimarian Crown from His Royal Majesty Baldar Langstriter to His Royal Highness Quentin ap Rhys. The Royal Occasion shall take place at Camp Keystone. Autocrat Carron Astre, Feastcrat Seamus MacEoghainn The Shire of Oldenfeld presented HRM Quentin a gift of a belly dancer and HRM Cara with an attendant (Walter). The Trimarian Masques Laureate, the Oldenfeld Players presented “The Voyage of the El Pollo Punto”
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Brian McNaughton
Order of the Morningstar Trimaris – Trinculo
Order of the Emerald Seas – Geoffrey Maynard
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Springbuck
Award of Arms – Edmund Curran (Castlemere)
General Smyth (Castlemere)
Sean of Carrickfergus (Brineside Moor)
Takamatsu Tadayoshi
Rhianna Dacia Valerius
Order of the Black Widow – Rhianna Dacia Valerius
Troubadour Laureate – Jhanos Al-Carin (Starhaven)

Village Faire
Talewinds Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII on 9-11/13-87 The Barony of Darkwater most cordially invites all its friends from all corners of the Kingdom to gather again for summer’s end and the Village Faire. To be held at Camp Thunderbird. Once again the craftsmen of the barony, joined by their fellows from about Trimaris offer the “how-tos” of their crafts in a series of hands-on workshops. Armoring equipment and armorers will be available all day to help in the beginning, completing or repairing of projects. There is a communal bathing pool to help beat the heat of the day. The following list of some of the classes to be offered at this event. Most are hands-on: Basic costuming, papermaking, liqueur making, basic embroidery, calligraphy, basic hand building with clay, weaving, needlelace, spinning, belly dancing, braiding, pole lath working, Russian punch, armoring. Autocrat Master Barar, Feastcrat, Lady Islay and Constancia
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Palm – Rachel Kathleen Cundif
Award of Arms – Menachen ben Elazar

Norrey College of Arms

Michaelmas Moot
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 9-18/20-87 The Barony of An Crosaire presents Michaelmas Moot. The theme of the event is Chivalry and Style (not just winning). Activities will consist of a Fighter’s Clinic (NOT a war practice), a Challenge Lyst, team melees and classes for non-combatants. Ladies of the Barony will assess the Chivalry and style (fighting and appearance) of all fighters and a cohort of the most chivalric fighters will be honored at Court. After court, bardic activities and revelin will be the order of the day. The site is Itchetucknee Springs Gampground. This is a tenting only event, no cabins. Pretend it is a war. The bare bones of a feast (a meaty stew) will be provided Saturday night. Be prepared to supplement the stew with any side dishes you might like, to provide all other food and drink throughout the event, and to prepare it yourself. Think of the event as St. Val’s in September.
Order of the Pelican – Erik Elcara
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Martha (Anonyma)
Kings Champion – Lord Trinculo

Herald’s Picnic
On 9-19-87, the shire of Castlemere hosted the fall herald’s meeting with 23 people attending. Master Tally taught a class in “Understanding Points of Difference” and a class in “Learning how to Blazon”. Lord Jean-Louis lead a discussion on points of differences, the Heraldic Symopsium and “Orders vs Awards”. 15 people stayed for feast, which cause the shire to lose a total of $57.00; $32.00 on the feast and $25.00 site fee for the use of Lord Devlins electricity, bathroom, and floor – Event report by Lady Petahari Zubayda bint al-saffah

The Feast
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII On 9-25/27-87 The Shire of Southkeype will hold the Feast at Corbett Youth Conservation Camp.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 9-25/27-87 the Canton of Loch Gryffyn will hold Eisteddffod at Camp Wewa. Bardic competition with 6 catigories: Song, poetry, acting, original and period. The winner of the list will be “immortalized” in song. Autocrat Lord Fredrich Lenzen

Edison Mall Demo
The Shire of Glymmerhold participated in an arts/crafts exhibit with demonstrations at the Edison Mall from 10-1 to 10-4-87. Coordinator Vyctorya Swansea

On 10-3-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the showing of “Legends” at the Moore Auditorium. The shire members fought on stage and played music. There were approximately 25 in attendance.

Falling Rice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII Formerly called Falling Mullets and Falling Stars, on 10-2/4-87 The Shire of Starhaven will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Starhaven at Christmas RV Park’s tenting area in Christmas Fl. There will be a “Well Rounded Anachronist Contest” with a goblet for the winner plus a $20.00 gift certificate for the most chivalrous list. There will be pente, throwing rice, heraldry contest and a calligraphy contest. Feast will be Russian. Bardic after feast. Are you uncomfortable at huge events? Are you bored at small ones? come to this one as it is just right. Last year 65 people enjoyed Christmas (Park) in October. Autocrat HL Erik Loren Elcara
AT the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Scale – Michelle du Roc Rouge
Award of Arms – Ivanthol Koriel
Golden Galleon – Ekaterina Salasia
Our anniversary event went well as far as organization went. Attendance was very low, and we lost over $100. We had less than half of the 68 people we had last year at the same time and place. This is probably due to the First Blood and Paludine lists held at a conflicting event less than 100 miles away. All in all, for a 10th anniversary, the turnout was disappointing.

First Sword of the Paludine
On 10-2/4-87 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held the “First Blood” and “First Sword of the Paludine” event at T-Y Park. Autocrat, Roland de Verona. The winner of the First Blood tourney was Hagen of Brunckburst with Gregory of Blackhart as runner up. The winner of the First Sword was Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh with Arlof O’Donovae as runner up.

For the Arts at Brevard Community College
On 10-9/10-87 the Shire of Starhaven participated in a demo at Brevard Community College. Their seneschal, Lance Nystrom, reported “The Brevard Arts Council is having a two-say demo called “Fall for the Arts”. Unlike their previous demos, this will be for all arts, not just medieval arts. Also, they are not taking volunteer groups; this years demo is by invitation only, and the SCA was at the top of their list. They consider us the most professional group in the area and always give us free reign. Last year they changed the date of the Ren-Fair for our convenience. The demo went well. We were, as usual, the main attraction in the middle of the complex. We got a feature article in the Florida Today paper, as well as a short appearance on channel 56 (WAYK) news. There was also a follow up interview in which I (Lance) was featured a a modern day herald working with coats of arms. This should appear in the Melbourne Times the first week in November. Definitely a lot of exposure.” There were 12 adults and 4 children from Starhaven in attendance along with 6 adults from Golden Keype. Also reported from Lance “The Brevard Arts Council has asked me to teach a heraldry class before the demo occurs for the benefit of some of the other groups who use heraldic displays but don’t know how to blazon them.

Battle of Hastings
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 10-9/11-87, at Camp Wewa, The Barony of An Crosaire will commemorate the Lapis Lazuli Anniversary (the 921st) of the Battle of Hastings with a scenario war- games event re-creating the historical situation surrounding the Norman Conquest of England. The year is 1066, YOU are Harold, Saxon King of England. Do you march north to meet the invading Vikings, hoping that William and his Norman knights won’t land? Or do you wait to engage William while Hardraada’s horde ravages Northumbria? It’s your move. Several war scenarios, as well as history classes, will be run on Saturday. Two breakfasts will be provided and there will be a war feast Saturday evening. Autocrat Lady Aislinn Columba of Carlisle
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Estoile – Darian Goldenhair
Heraulde’s Tressure – Morgan Morcheartaigh
Award of Arms – Cogadhfar Dunnace
Order of the Silver Trident – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Juan Carlos Perez
Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg

Autum Al-Thing
Talewinds Vol.6, no.8, August XXII On 10-16/18-87 the Shire of Southkeype presents Autumn Al-Thing at Corbett Youth Camp. Gather your crews and break out your roundshields – it’s Viking Time Again – the longboats sail again, naval combat with 6 person crews, archers included. Dry land boats – no armor in the lake please! bridge battles, combat and live archery, feast, revelling on the island, viking breakfast and more. autocrat Alion de Sake, Feastcrat, Vasilikee

Hey Landsknecht
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 10-15/17-87 The Shire of Castlemere presented “Hey Landsknecht!”, its war and mercenaries are needed. A Landsknect has kidnaped an English nobleman’s daughter. Come help rescue her. He says he wants to marry her, but does a Landsknect do that? If so, there will also have to be a Bride’s Lyst! There will also be a MOST OUTRAGEOUS CODPIECE CONTEST. The event will be at Semonile Springs. Autocrats are Myfanwy Bronwyn Rhys and Tristan Andrew Duncan. Jason Dubois will prepare a German feast.
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Award of Arms – Lorelie Mumler
Jason DuBoise

Pinellas Park Girls Club Demo
The Shire of Storm as well as all other Trimarians have been invited to take part in a Mini-Ren Fair for the benefit of the Pinellas Park Girls Club on 10-17/18-87. Storm did a small fighting demo and dancing for the fair

Lakeland Library Demo
announcement in the Ruins Record, the Shire of the Ruins. On 10-22-87, the City of Lakeland Library will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday October 22nd starting at 11:00am and ending at 6:00pm. We have been volunteered to be the sole entertainment. Please plan on attending and prepare yourself to be entertaining. Our contacts with the Library hope for a turnout of approximately 10,000.

Dragon Days
10-24-87 Gleann Dubh

Clan Ryu-nion
10-24-87 An Crosaire

Baronial Bash
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10 October AS XXII On 10-23/25-87 The Barony of Wyvernwood invites you to Baronial Bash 15, at Camp Keystone. Don’t miss the interesting lyst, the Italian feast, and the wedding of Lord John of Lithia and Lady Triste Cateline de la Mor. Autocrat Lord Fredrick Kyburg

On 10-30-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their 3rd Annual Continuing Hallow Mas’Masque Revel held at a member’s home. There were guests from Arenal attending. Featured events were a Ghostly Bardic Circle and a Jack o’Lantern Contest.

General Workshop
On Saturday, 10-31-87, the Shire of Brineside Moor held a Peer’s workshop at the Bradenton Main Library from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Mistress Enriqueta, Sir Eric von Kompf, Mistress Kathern Angelique, Sir Ropesle, Mistress Hollyn and Master Taliesynne attended as a panel and fielded questions from the floor. Later each peer led a class in his/her field of experience. In the evening all who were in attendance adjourned to the Old Heidelberg Castle where a good time was had by all. Members from several groups were in attendance at the workshop besides the members from Brineside Moor, which included Wyvernwood, Narval Dorado, Glymmerholde, Mathom Trove and Storm. All found the workshop highly beneficial and educational. The Shire of Glymmerholde is planning to use the same format with a different set of peers in a future workshop. Lord Eric and Lady Vyctorya are currently seeking six peers and an appropriate date for such a workshop.

Halloween Celebration
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October ASXXII, 10-31/11-1-87 at Adams’ Estate in Orange City, the Shire of Vaca del Mar presents a Halloween Celebration. Come join us, a lyste for the brave, archery for the skillful, games, quest, duc d’potluc feast (we will provide the main course). Tenting only, showers and pool provided, bardic circle, merchants welcome, dancing, and more. Autocrat, Eoywin.

The Shire of Brineside Moor reported that Lord Treve Morningstar and Korrum du Mere conducted a 16th century lifestyle demo at the annual FWSI Telemetry Halloween Party.

Bradenton Library Display
The Shire of Brineside Moor has set up a 60 day crafts of the Middle Ages display at the Bradenton Main Library which will run during the months of November and December, 1987. The shire is also planning a similar display at the Manatee Community college Library for January and February 1988. Lord Treve, Laird Duncan and Lord Elemer offered armor and weapons. Lady Sine, Lady Bridit offered needlepoint. Lady Sine offered illuminated scrolls and calligraphed signs and labels for the exhibit. Martin of the Moor offered baskets of his own making and Lord Eric offered glass works. Special thanks to Mistress Enriqueta for her offering of an original 1583 manuscript for the display.

Baron’s Champion Lyst
On 11-7-87 the Barony of Darkwater most cordially invites the worthy warriors of the barony to take up weapon and shield in sport to via to become the Third Baron’s Champion. The list shall take place at the hold of Lord Menachem’s mothers home in Longwood. There shall be no cost for this event, although there shall be Duc d’ potte lucke feast. The activities of the day shall begin about 11am with the lists to begin after armor inspection and opening court. Autocrat Rhiannon

Regency Square Mall Demo
11-7-87 the Shire of Castlemere and the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the Regency Square Mall

Sons of Norway Demo
on 11-7-87, the Shire of Glymmerhold held a Arts and Science display for the Sons of Norway at Cape Coral. Maati, Ambrosia and Kay participated.

BUC Week Demo
On 11-10-87, the Shire of Glymmerhold participated in BUC Week at Edison Community College. This was for PR only and was coordinated by Ambrosia and Gewneleth.

On 11-12-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the telephone switchboard for WFSU Arts and Antiques Auction, including an on-air performances

Martinmas Moot
Come one, come all to Martinmas Moot 11-13/15-87 at Camp Kitiri sponsored by the Barony of An Crosaire. Share the excitement and pageantry as Trimaris finds it heir. Feast Saturday will feature delicacies from the New World. There will be an art/sci display at the event – show your Kingdom your talents. In the evening there will be a tavern night dancing and revelry as well as a Bardic Circle. Autocrat, Andros Leonthalasios

From Lord Eric of Telemark to TRM Quentin and Cara Marie on 11-17-87 “I have the very pleasant job of reporting the successful operation of the first parent co-op at a Kingdom event. At our mornign meeting Saturday Serina Vigdis Ulfsdottir presented us with some guidelines which were started about one year ago with no success. Along with the guidelines was the proposed name of her former group of parents “House Hobbyhorse”. Everyone present was very enthusiastic about both the name and most of the guidelines. With nine members present at the meeting it was unanimously decided to use, with Serina’s permission, the name House Hobbyhorse for the parent co-op. The autocrats made their own cabin available throughout the day and a schedule was set up for the days activities…There were 5-6 children under the supervision most of the day with 8-9 children at peak times…I am happy to report that there were no incidents of unsupervised children which came to my attention all day.” Lord Eric went on to say that a special thanks should go to four members of the Shire of Narval Dorado who, with no children of their own in the co-op, assisted by freeing up several of the Kingdom staff to go about their duties without fearing for the care of their children. These were Cerydwyn Llywellyn, Baranriel of the Tribe Joyce, Susan Morrison, and Lady Susan van Hamm.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII On 11-20/22-87 The Shire of Storm. The caravan has bone amuck!!! who will save the caravan? Who will be their protector? Who can resist the thrill of the double daring chariot drag races? Who was that helmeted man who challenged that dark stranger to a – dare I say it- yes! a death defying combat chess match? Who will consume mass quantities at feast? Who will frolic with singing, dancing and such what-not? Who will inhale bounteous quantities of fresh air at Beautiful Camp Brorien? (tenting only) Who? Who? Who? You – that’s who…Be there. Autocrat and Feastcrat Guillermo Da Firenze and Hon. Lady Oriana Goldenhair

Tournament of the Sea Dragon
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII The Shire of Southkeype and the Barony of Darkwater present The Tournament of the Sea Dragon at Camp Wewa on 11-20/22-87. Tournament of Chivalry all events will be individual or group challenge matches, including an au chevalle style combat and portal battle courtesy of the artisans of Darkwater. Household livery encouraged. Garb between 12th & 14th century if possible. All ladies please bring 5 flowers (real or silk) to award for chivalry. Households and guilds are requested to bring items to award favorite fighters. Event will include a display-only arts and sciences exhibition. Autocrat Vasilikee, Feast, Lord Juan Carlos Perez

Ravensquest V
11-28-87 Fiach Ogan

Toys For Tots
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII On 12-4/6-87, The Shire of Brineside Moor announced its Third annual event to be held on at Camp Honi Honta. The event will feature an academy of fencing, a charity “Toys for Tots” lyst, and a traditional yule feast. Autocrat Sean of Carrigfergus, Feastcrat, Lady Brigit Olesdottir
event report- There were approx 43 gentles in attendance. Duke Baldar won the Toys for Tots lyst. Ian Corloc Hmyn won the real weapons contest. Although the Crown was present, no court was held.

On 12-5-87, the members of the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the WFSU General Auction by answering the telephone in costume and live television appearances.

Yule Revel
On 12-12-87 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a yule revel at a private home. The event was attended by 16 members of the shire. There were also four guests in attendance. Autocrat and feastcrat Lady Glynis ferch Llwellyn

On 12-12-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their annual Yule Revel at the YMCA Camp Indian Springs, Fighter practice was held on Sunday Afternoon with members from Arenal attending. Autocrat, Fiona de Uaine Suile

Winter Wassailing Revel
12-19-87, Darkwater

Domesday Report, Shire of Ac Scrin
As it stands for the year, I think that the Shire overall has prospered in most areas. In the mid’86 our shire lost the majority of its’ members due to mundane matters. When they left most skills and information went with them. We have replaced them with new members and those person have grown well in the society. We still have much to learn but we hope to do well.
During the year we did one event (Byrgengeld II, The Vampires Revenge) at camp Honi Honta, a demo for a local toy shop where we traded our services for toys to be donated to Toys for Tots, and a two day demo for a local high school, both educational and fighter orientated.
We have 7 fighters and a more active interest in armor construction. Archery and bow construction is growing also. Our work in the arts and sciences are improving especially in costuming.
We have tried to learn about and promote all the arts and sciences, and we hope to improve. We also hope to be more active in public and school demos during the upcoming year. All in all, we think that continuing education of ourselves and the well being of the shire are our primary concerns
Current listing of officers:
Seneschal – Lord Darius the Elder
Herald – Sherrock Morganne
Minister of Arts – Valdar
Minister of Science – Darius the Elder
Historian – Kanish of Cleveraxe
Knight Marshal – Damian Bloodstone
Reeve – Angelina De Orleans
Sheriff – Arthur De Forest
Hospitaller – Gala Gan Pafnir

Domesday Report, Shire of Castlemere
Castlemere’s Officers as of 12-31-87
Seneschal – Lord Devlin MacLeod
Knight Marshal – Lady Wulfhilda DeBond
Minister of Arts – Lady Lorelei Mumler Macleod
Minister of Sciences – Stanson Garrett
Exchequer – Jean Paul Demolay
Chronicler – Lady Cassandra
Historian – Lord Johannas von Drakensburg
Sheriff – Eldis Howe
Hospitallers – Wynter Sutton, Lord Angus Duncan
Librarian – H.L. Aspasia Moonwind

Domesday Report for the Shire of Glymmerhold
The year 1987 started out with multiple problems for the shire. There was political unrest within the shire to the point that the seneschal had to be removed by the Kingdom Seneschal, Ian of Bein Dubh. Lord Godfried of Frisia took over but the problems continued to escalate until it was impossible to conduct business. It became necessary for Lord Ian, and TRM Erin and Branwen to physically come to the shire and install Vyctorya as seneschal. The reeve refused to allow Lord Godfried access to the shire funds or to see any of the financial records. After Vyctorya Swansea was installed and with pressure from the Kingdom Seneschal and the King and Queen, she was finally able to obtain the financial records. It was found that a considerable amount of money was missing and unacounted for. This eventually resulted in criminal charges being brought against the reeve Demitri (mka Jeffrey Taylor). In March 1987 Jeffrey Taylor was arrested for forgery and in July was found guilty of 6 counts of forgery. He was banished by King Baldar and Queen Ljudmilla.
A number of officer changes were also necessary due to the current officers not being paid members. This added to the friction causing a number of shire members to leave the group. The remainder of the shire members strived to obtain new members and participated in numerous demos. Eventually toward the end of the year things were settling down and the shire began to work as a until again. At years end the average meeting attendance was 18 members, all reports were on time and correct. The shire was doing about 2 demos per month and the harmony of the group was evident.
Seneschal – Vyctorya Swansea
Herald – Lord Siegfried Heydrich
Sheriff – Klaus von Salzach
Reeve – Rafe Ravenswood
Historian – Robin Maclir
Knights Marshal – Toryn Swansea
Chronicler – Erris Linnet
Minister of Arts – Ambrosia Swansea
Minister of Science – Mynerva Swansea

Domesday Report Shire of Oldenfeld
Greetings from Oldenfeld. The past year has been a big one for this shire. A year rife with positive energy and massive growth. Our membership is constantly increasing, both in simple participants and in fully paid members. I am not sure as I write exactly how many paid members we have, but the range lies in 20 to 30, with a total membership of 50+ and growing on an almost weekly basis. This growth can be attributed to a number of factors, primarily the type and age of members we have. Most are young college students, not skilled in SCA activities as of yet, but blessed with sane minds. As more discover the SCA they bring in their friends and the progression becomes almost geometric. We have a number of older more experienced members who serve as teachers and instruct these neophytes.
Guild night, held at the home of Brian, Buther, Nicole and Robin each Tuesday, is the time when much constructive work takes place – costuming, armoring and related skills are discussed in an informal atmosphere. It is a slow night when 20 people show up. On Sundays, our marshal Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn and Deputy Archery Marshal, Skivval the Wanderer, instruct new folks in combat overseen by Brian. We do a number of unique things in this respect, primarily warmups and drills. Thursdays are Business Meetings alternating with fun meetings. These are held at FSU and almost always continue as members get together afterwards. Another factor influencing our growth is the return of older shire members to a participant status. Master Jed Silverstar and his apprentice Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau di Firenze are a constant help. Recently other older members, dropped out years ago due to bad politics, are expressing interest in returning.
We have a number of interest groups, chief among them are belly dancing, the Oldenfeld Players and multiple heraldry classes taught by Jed and Morgan. Frequent revels and attendance at Kingdom events have kept interest high.
There are only two problems I see at this time, but neither are that bad. The first is that we lack long term stability as a group with such a large percentage of our members being students. But the return of older, established members and new members from the community should give us the anchor to make this growth permanent. I also anticipate problems when the AOA’s start rolling in. A number of members are due in upcoming months and are very deserving. But the have-nots will not be happy. We intend to blunt this problem by promoting a good attitude (i.e. non-snobby) and teaching classes on Customs and Chivalry. All in all, things are looking good. We have two events on the calendar at this time and with the experience they give us, I hope tomake a kingdom bid come fall. In Service to the Society, Lord Drake Ruthendale, Seneschal of Oldenfeld.
Seneschal – Lord Drake Xanthus Ruthendale
Herald & Marshal – Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn
Treasurer – Umble the Mumbler
Minister of Sciences – Robin of Berkshire
Minister of Arts – Aileve ni Cuhain
Sheriff & Historian – Lord Llorcan ap ‘Harthur
Chronicler – Nicole de Chantar
Chirurgeon & Librarian – Lady Katherina Isabella di Firenze
Hospitaller – Annick-Maryse Zoe Genevieve La Fee

Domesday Report, Shire of the Ruins
It has been a relatively quiet year in the Shire, if you don’t count losing a small war with Wyvernwood and Darkwater. We hosted the war and the Ruins Revel, both of which were one day revels. I have revived our Shire newsletter, the Ruins Record, after several years hiatus. Our membership has slowly grown, and I think that we have somewhere around 20 sustaining members. For 1988, we have several things planned. We have started to have regularly scheduled officer meetings on a monthly basis. On February 20th we will be repairing a small castle at a city park in Bartow. On March 26th, Wulfwynn and I will be married at an event hosted by the Shire and Cote de Vert. We hope to bid on one or two of the fighter or war collegiums this fall or winter. We also plan to prepare to bid for TMT in 1989. I hope to continue the slow, steady growth of 1987 and to use our freshly revived Shire newsletter to maintain communication throughout our rather far-flung group. In Service to Society and Trimaris, Kragon
Seneschal & Chronicler – Lord Kragon Darkvale
Herald – Lord Takamatsu Tadayoshi
Marshal & Exchequer – Lord Aeduard O’Donubhain
Arts Officer – Aoife
Science Officer – Alberron
Historian – Lord Ulrich der Geschwind von Augsburg

Domesday Report from the Shire of Starhaven
In August it was proposed that we revive the archery unit. Our archery unit has not been seen sind Salt Wars. In October, Lord Geoffrey held an armoring workshop at which three of our members made armor for eight archers. In December the shire received 224 arrows and Mistress Atalaya held an arrow making workshop where we cut the tips off the arrows and produced SCA arrows from the purchased ones. A very major event was the formation of the College of Golden Keype. Starting in January, a small group of individuals (five) resigned their offices (three) and informed the shire they were going to petition for the formation of a college. With these resignations, this small clan of people severed their ties with the shire and started a completely independent group. This group was approved by the shire and was officially created in March. Relations between the Shire and College have just begun to improve in December and with the newer members of the College attending both groups and establishing communication lines. The Troubadour Laureate chain held by Triskele passed to Jhanos al-Carin. Both gentles are members of Starhaven. This means the Troubadour chain is spending the whole year within our shire. Lord Trinculo won the title of being King’s Champion for coming in second in Crown List both at TMT and Martinmas. This gentle is proving himself to be one of the best fighters in the Kingdom and we are very proud of him. Master Erik became a Pelican in November. This means that Starhaven has four peers, three of which are totally “home grown”, Master Holtmar, Mistress Strider, and Master Erik all received their award, grant, and patent of arms while living in Starhaven. We are also proud of our contribution towards the Kingdom Officers. During this past year, Master Erik has served as Triskele Herald, Lord Lance Nystrom has served as Sextant Herald, and Mistress Strider has served as Token Herald. All three of us have served as heralds for courts and lists, as well as wake up and announcements during the year. Lady Anonyma has served as the registrar for the Trimarian Royal University and Johan has served as the deputy Librarian of the Trimarian Royal University.

Domesday Report from the Shire of Storm
Mistress Katherine Angelique officially passed the keys of the seneschal’s office to Lord Corwin ap Arawyn o Carreg Cennen on May 1. The Shire traditionally held business meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday with the 1st and 3rd Wednesday devoted to classes. The 5th Wednesdays are for Shire pot luck revels. This system has served us well. The meetings are held at the Clearwater East Public Library. Attendance has been steady and the meetings have been productive. The last year has seen the institution of regular fighter practices through Syr Ropesle de Sylveastan. During the summer months, we generally practice Monday and Tuesday evening. During the winter months we practice Sunday afternoons. Recently we moved our fighter practices to Crest Lake Park. This has resulted in a two page photo spread in the St. Petersburg times (including a color photo). Shire Storm has grown considerably in the martial arts and we now have about ten armored and qualified fighters. Our membership has remained steady, new memberships offsetting those who have left. Now that the Shire has reached a level of stability both in its membership and in the roster of officers, we feel that the time has arrived for more active recruitment. We will be taking advantage of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival at Largo to begin a drive to reach this goal.

Domesday Report from the Shire of Southkeype
The membership of the shire has undergone great changes during the past year, as a number of new members have joined an a number of old ones moved away. Southkeype events continue to set records for variety, some highlights were a Quest for Twelfth night, assisting the rest of the Pauldine at the Fighters Collegium which brought Duke Paul of Bellatrix to Trimaris, and Autumn Althing with Viking boat battles in wooden boat hulls, and the Tournament of the Sea Dragon, an all-challenge single and melee combat event with a variety of prizes. If our population ever shows signs of stabilizing we will put in a baronial petition. We have a membership of approximately 30, with the average attendance at meetings of about 15. We have great plans for 1988 and are going to try to boost the Southern Paludine alliance.
Seneschal – Vasilikee
Exchequer – Zaida bint Al-Gassal
Herald – Rebecca the Goldenhaired
Marshal – Hagen Brunckhorst
Arts – Sine nic Immey
Sciences – Rolfe von Duerer
Sheriff – James the Tavernkeeper
Chronicler – Maynard of Brixen
Hospitaller – Sarre de la Terre de Leon

Trimaris History – 1986


Twelfth Night
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19861-4-86, Join the Shire of Southkeype as we celebrate Twelfth Night, come make merry with us at our holiday feast in grand style. We offer grand food, grand drink, and grand fun! at the site of beautiful Camp Owaissa Bauer, Homestead. There will be something for everyone, lists, costume contests, dancing, eating, and drinking. The Tudor Challenge, do you think your costumes are good? do you think you have real talent? well prove it! The Honorable Lady Asa Thorfinnsdottir and the talented Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez challenge you to out-Tudor them!! Create a creation from the years 1456 to 1603 in a W. European style (entries must have been completed since Jan. 1, 1985) Grand prizes will be awarded in the following categories: overall appearance on the body, undergarments-off the body, headgear and accessories (gloves, shoes, pouches, etc.) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Countess Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has graciously declined to compete and will be judging.
Also offered is the Tourney of the Southern Star – standard double-elimination list limited to sword and shield
The Grand Feast – an original creation of he meridian Grand Chef Lord Juan Carlos Perez, accompanying the bounteous quantity of food will be non-alcoholic drinks. A wondrous Wassail will be provided by the Southkeype Brewers Guild. Autocrat – H.L. Asa Thorfinnsdottir and Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
A Court Baronage was bestowed upon Lord Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh

Hero of the Chalice
1-11-86, The Barony of Wyvernwood held their annual event, the Hero of the Chalice.
At the Court of HE Alianore, Baroness Wyvernwood
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – Lady Damiana Barineau-Di Firenza
Lady Marguerite Isadore DeRiva
Order of the Wyvern’s Claw – Lady Marina Sabine
Winner of the Hero of the Chalice Lyst: – Solomon Spite, called Spyder
2nd place – Lancesmall
3rd place – Lord Eadric Hrothgaresun

Cooper Memorial Library Demo
On 1-12-86, the Canton of Loch Gryffyn held a demo at the Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont, FL.

Winter Arts & Sciences
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 1986 On 1-18-86, The Shire of Sea March is pleased to invite all to the Arts and Sciences Faire of the Kingdom of Trimaris at the Youth Camp at Corbett Wild Life Area, West Palm Beach. In keeping with the theme of the event, The Beggar’s Ball, we would like to encourage the populace to be creative with their beggarly garb and beggarly behavior. With this in mind the informal entertainment at the feast will be provided by those who wish to practice their beggarly arts on the populace by roaming the feast hall demonstrating their various arts. At some point in the evening the populace will decide form amongst the participants who has been the most convincing or creative in the following areas: groveling, original beggar con game, pick pocketing, most raggety, most elegant, best representative of institutionalized begging i.e. tax collecting, priests, etc? Autocrat Mistress Damara Narrissa, feastcrat Lady Caroline ferch Elwyn of the Far Hills.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Changes in Kingdom Officers:
Sciences – from Master Holtmar to Lord Cedric Steinhauser
Arts – from Viscountess Agrippina to Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Triskele Herald – from Master Taliesynne to Lord Eric Loren Elcara
Winner of the Troubadour Laureate Contest – Lady Sarah Tegan Elizabeth Holden
Shire of Castlemere’s Seneschal report “The shire made an outstanding showing at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences by placing second with 3 members in the top 10.”

Sea Raids III
Talewinds, Vol.5 ,no.1, January 19861-15-86, A war between Their Royal Majesties Baldar and Olaf and the fair Kingdoms of Trimaris and Atlantia. to be held at Camp Chowenwa, Green Cove Springs Fl. presented by the Shires of Crystal Keep and Blackthorne. The autocrats will provide soup and bread on Friday night and a main dish for the pot luck feast on Saturday. Tenting is encouraged as cabin space is sparse. Activities are to commence at 9:00am Saturday. Autocrat – Countess Elspeth MacNaughton.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Chivalry, Knight of the Society – Lord Ropesle de Sylveastan
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Triste Katerine More
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Lord John of Lithia
Award of Arms – Alisandra Francesca Trudetta di Firenza
HRM Sir Baldar Langstriter has taken as a squire Lancesmall of Wyvernwood

Cub Scout Demo
On 1-30-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs held a demo at St. Marks Church in Longwood for a cub scout pack of about 40 – 8 to 10 year old boys and their parents. We set up a display of costumes, weapons, illumination, armor. Lady Fara Steinhauser told them a story on chivalry. The group danced and had the scouts and their parents join in the dancing. They had a fighter demo. People attending were Fara, Cedric, Fugger, Ann, Neal, Lord Theo, Lady Michelle and Lord Eldryd.

Swamp Stomp/Baronial Anniversary
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 1986 2-1-86, the Barony of Darkwater proudly announces it has survived its first year as a barony and invites one and all to celebrate this auspicious time at Swamp Stomp, held at Camp Wewa. Featuring the investiture of Lady anna Alicia von Rheinhardt as Baroness Darkwater and the state SCA marriage of Lady Anna and Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Baron Darkwater. As part of the festivities, we introduce the tournament of the Top ‘O The Pile, a competition for both fighters and non-fighters. It features the Demolition Derby, a single-elimination, all-wounds retained lyste. Other tests of skill shall include gaming, heraldry, and court entertaining. Oh, better brush up on your Trimarian History. Autocrat – Lord Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin Pecot
Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi has been raised to the Peerage of the Order of the Pelican
HRM Verron Wolfgang von Groth has taken Raedwulf Hrothgareson as a squire
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Territorial Baronage – H.L. Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Baroness Darkwater
Order of the Argent Scales – Adalhaid of Oak Leah (Principal), Sea March
Grant of Arms – Eadric Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Award of Arms – Arnevit bat Gideon
Daffyd Dercanraith, Darkwater
At the Court of TE Barar and Anna, Baron and Baroness Darkwater
Order of the Trident Keype – Ann of Hendon
Daffyd Dercanraith

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19862-15-86, The Barony of An Crosaire – Please to listen, we announce 10th annual Santu Varentainu Day Masukuri hosted as always by Barony An Crosaire. Anniversary celebration will be at Itchetucknee Springs Family Grocery and Campground. Please excuse change of traditional site, we still liking old site but very expensive. As always, Santu Varentainu Bring Your Own Everything. Tenting only event. Schedule for day oh so strict – Traditional list sometime in morning, archery tournament sometime after, Baronial Court sometime evening, feasting, Daimyo-no- potu-ruck and all day assorted revelry and dancing. autocrat Genevieve Erkanberacht Verschiffons.
At the Court of TE Sakura Tetsuo and Sakura Kimineko,
Baron and Baroness An Crosaire
Order of the Cross and Serpent – Siena Severn

Milvel Elementary School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Milvel Elementary School on 2-18-86

Lakemont Elementary School
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Lakemont Elementary School on 2-20-86

Scots Are Revolting (Again)/OGB List
2-22-86, The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites one and all to yet another battle between the Valiant, Free Loving Scots and the Evil, Oppressive English! To be held at Topeekeegee Yugne Park in Hollywood Fl. In addition, there will be he Champion of the Grey Beards list, a Scottish list (scottish weapon styles and armor) and a general list. Prizes will be announced at the event. Volunteers to be or to lead the English, please state this upon arrival at the event. This is a tenting event only. Feast is duc de potluck with the main dish being presented by the shire. Autocrat – Hans Wilhelm, feastcrat Edwina of Wiltshire.

Wekiva Springs Youth Camp
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Wekiva Springs Youth Camp on 2-23-86

School Demos
In the March ’86 Seneschal’s report, Kelson Gryphus stated that the Shire of Glymmerholde put on three major middle school demonstrations during this quarter and have an elementary and high school demo planned for April, as well as a planned church youth group demo. Unfortunately, he did not give any dates or names of the schools for which the demonstrations were performed.

HRS Demo
In March, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the juvenile delinquent rehabilitation program

Florida State Museum Demo
In March The Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum

Trimaris Coronation
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19863-1-86, the Shires of Southkeype & Sea March invite you to witness the coronation of TRH Verron and Adriana. This momentous occasion will take place at Camp Keystone. Their Royal Highnesses will be holding a Tudor court and invite all attending to dress accordingly. If you wish to coordinate with their colors, hers are black and silver and his, black and gold. Also featured is the Champion of Trimaris list. The feast will be done by Asa Thorfinnsdottir with breakfast by Juan Carlos Perez. Autocrat Lady Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez.
225 persons attended
At the Last Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Pelican – Glyn ni Owein
Grant of Arms – Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Order of the Silver Trident – Morric Haast
John Urquhart called Shark
Alexander Mereschal

Award of Arms – Leopole of Loch Gryphon
Heinrich Guggenhelm
Warbeck MacMurray
Alejandra Isabel
Wulfwynn et Pinweald
Branwyn of Haven Isle
William d’Averc
Genevive Ercanheracht
Erika Bjornsdottir

Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Marguarite Isadora de Riva
Morric Haast
Order of the Emerald Sea – Marguarite Isadora de Riva
Order of the Golden Galleon – Juan Carlos Perez,(Principal)
Order of the Argent Estoile – Hrothgar Thorsson (Principal)
At the First Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of Chivalry (KSCA) – EAdric Hrothgareson
Order of the Laurel – Gwendolen Mary Douglas
County has been given to Baldar Langstriter and Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg
The Order of the Pelican has taken three proteges
Alasdir MacDhomhuill
Alianor d’Astralis
Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Viscount Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took Lord Gradheil as a squire
Winner of the Mask Laureate – Jason the Fletcher

St. Johns Country Day School Demo
on 3-18-86, the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the St. Johns Country Day School.

Lake Sumter Community College Demo
The Canton of Loch Gryffyn held a demo on 3-21-86 for approximately 50 students at the Lake Sumter Community College.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.3, March AS. XX 3-21/23-86, the Barony of Darkwater invites you to join us for Trident Tourney at Camp Wewa. See if Baldar Langstriter will remain as “Keeper of the Trident”, partake in a Greek Feast, be an olympic champion in our mini-olympics, enter your arts and crafts in the Baronial Art/Sci, bring your music for a Bardic Circle. Autocrat Carron Aster, Feastcrat Johan Gotz Kaussman von Ersuet.
At the court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Award of Arms – Genevra Picino, Darkwater
Tatiana Tamara, Storm
Geoffrey de Brionne, Darkwater
Order of the Silver Trident – Baroness Arianne des Jardins, Darkwater
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Baroness Arianne des Jardins, Darkwater
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo, An Crosaire
Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon, Fiach Ogan
Sir Eadric Hrothgareson and Baroness Arianne des Jardin have been named ambassadors of Trimaris to Drakenwald
Master Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi has taken Christopher of Hendon as a page.

Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh repudiated the augmentation of Arms given to him by Baldar and Ljudmilla during their reign as King and Queen
Winner of the Lyst – Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon, Fiach Ogan

Jaycees Demo
In April the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the Gainesville Jaycees

Herald’s Staff Meeting
On 4-4-86, the College of Heralds held a staff meeting in Titusville, “All local group and staff heralds are strongly urged to attend. Anyone simply interested in heraldry will be heartily welcome. Limited tenting and crash space, Anonyma’s good cooking.

Trimaris Fighting Collegium
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.3, March AS .XX 4-10/12-86, the Shire of Southkeype presents the Kingdom of Trimaris Fighting Collegium at the Corbett Youth Camp, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. There will be classes for the new fighter, courses in particular weapons forms, the making and breaking of shield walls, combat archery, IKAC archery, construction of combat arrows. For the Chirurgeons classes in field chirurgy including “where the buckles on the armor are”. An in-depth session with the Earl Marshal, a course in heraldic display – something for everyone. Autocrat – Lady Vasilikee of Southkeype

Orlando Arts Festival
On 4-11/13-86 the Barony of Darkwater assisted the City of Orlando in their Arts Festival. On the evening of 4-12-86, the members of the Barony held a revel.

Rock Lake Middle School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Rock Lake Middle School on 4-17-86

Orange Park Mall Demo
On 4-18/20-86, the Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Orange Park Mall movie theater for the opening of Legends. Wulfhilda and Duncan were the coordinators. The group set up a display table on Friday and Saturday nights, 4-18 & 4-19. On 4-20-86, with the Jacksonville Chess Club a series of live chess matches were held. The public was invited to participate in the chess match and those who participated enjoyed the experience.

Viking War Camp
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX On 4-18/20-86, Brineside Moor held The Real Viking War Camp at Camp Honi Honta for real weapons, real targets, real food, real women, real men too!, IKAC archery competition, axe throwing, spear targets, knife throwing. This event is a primitive event, bring your tents – bring your own everything. Autocrats Lady Brigit Olesdottir and Lord Eric of Telemark

Girl Scout Demo
On 4-19-86, the Shire of Brineside Moor reports they held a demo for the girl scouts

Twenty-Year Celebration
4-25-86, begins the SCA’s Twenty year celebration

Palm Beach County Library Demo
On 4-26-86, the Shire of Sea March assisted the Palm Beach County Library with a demo. Twelve members participated.

Sarasota Square Mall Demo
On 4-26-86, the Shire of Brineside Moor held a demo at the Sarasota Square Mall.

Lincoln High School Demo
On 5-6-86, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo for the World History Class at Lincoln High School, and on 5-20-86 they held a demo/class for the Drama Class at Lincoln High School.

Talewinds, Vol.5, no.5, May AS. XX Live Steel Demo
On 5-17-86, the Shire of Narval Dorado held a live steel demo at the Sons of Norway Longboat Races held at Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor. Lord Vassillaskas and Mirga Kate, Red William and Mentor participated. The demo came off well and the participants passed out SCA promos and cards. They also received cable TV coverage.

Raven’s Fest Revel
On 5-17-86 the Shire of Fiach Ogan held a one day revel at the home of Lady Ann. There were approximately 37 people in attendance.

Trimaris Crown Tourney
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX 5-23/26-86, the Shire of the Ruins presented the Trimaris Memorial Tourney XI and the Third Trimarian Crown List to be held at Camp Keystone. Feast, three breakfasts, bread and cheese at potluck feast on Sunday. Autocrat Ld. Kragon Darkvale, feastcrat Stromek Comatan.
Announcement that a closed bid auction will be held at TMT to benefit our Kingdom heraldic offices.

Winner of the Third Trimaris Crown List and Heirs to the Throne
Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon and consort, Countess Brawen bean Erin
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Laurel – Baroness Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Baroness Atalaya la Sanadora
Grant of Arms – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Order of the Chivalry, Knight of the SCA – Sir Erich von Kampf
Order of the Pelican – Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Order of the Argent Scales – Lady Marina Sabine
Hon. Lady Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Award of Arms – Stephen Donnchaidh Ferris
Katsuhashi no Takashita
Elmer Landshund
Jeannette Seurat d’Avignon
Order of the Rose – Countess Ljudmilla von Koenigsbert
Order of the Golden Galleon – Master Ragnarr Hardraada
Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso
Viscount Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon
Order of the Trefoil Argent – HRM Verron Wolfgang von Groth (Principal)
Kane Redfeather (of Meridies)
Lord Stephen Donnchaidh Ferris
Order of the Fletcher
Lord Jason the Fletcher, Guardian
Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris – Master Ragnarr Hardraada, (Principal)
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora,
Baron Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh
Countess Elspeth MacNaughton
Order of the Healer’s Lamp
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora (Principal)
Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Order of the Heraulde’s Tressure – Baron Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh (Principal)
Lady Morgan ferch Morgan
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora
Lady Martha Elcara

Mistress Gwendolen Mary Douglas took as apprentices Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora, Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn and Lady Sarah Tegan Elizabeth Frances Holden.
Viscount Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took as squires Roland Wolfram Floydsson and Jean Phillippe Duvier
Lady Sara Tegan Elizabeth Frances Holden named as deputy chronicler Lady Jeannette Seurat d’Avignon.
Hon Lady Katherine of Lightenheart named as deputy Trimaris Chancellor of the Exchequer and successor Al White took as a deputy Lady Cara Angiola di Bocacio
HRM Verron took as squire Lord Jason the Fletcher and Zigurth Tryggrason
At the Curia Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Trimarian Bard’s Laureate
Lord Alexander Mareschal, Principal Poet
Lady Esclairmonde Shantry, Principal Troubadour
Lady Majir the Blatant, Principal Masque
Tancred Albrecht, Poet
Winner of the Trimarian Sword – Godfried of Fresia
Most Chivalrous Fighter – Roland Wolfram Floydsson
Darien of the Golden Hair
King’s Champion – Solomon Spite called Spyder
Queen’s Champion – Trincullo
At the pleasure of TRM Orlando and Mikheila, Sovereign and Consort of the Kingdom of Meridies at their Coronation April 12, ASXX, did award a Court Barony for Mistress Atalaya from both Meridies and Trimaris.
Banns of Marriage for Lord Aidian Gerhardt de Languedoc and Lady Marina Sabine

At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana, William McGodwin was banished from the Kingdom of Trimaris due to unchivalrous acts detrimental to the good of Society

Midsummers Wedding Festival
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX 6-6/8-86 at Camp Borein in Tampa, the Barony of Wyvernwood sponsored the Union of the Honorable Lord John Urquhart called Shark and the reluctant Esmeraude Estoile. A weekend of Courtly love and Spring’s rebirth. This is the first time this site is being used by Trimarians. It is tenting only with bath houses, feast hall and kitchen. Lessons and contests in courtly love and Midsummer’s Eve customs will be highlighted. Come and be prepared for a time of merrymaking, romance, dreams and wishes come true. For the fighters, there will be a lyst to become the Bride’s Champion and for the honor to crown your Lady “Queen of Love and Beauty”. The lyst prize will be presented by the Groom from his own armory. Autocrats Lady Damiana Di-Firenza and Lady Sara Tegan Elizabeth Holden, Feastcrat – Lady Sara Tegan

Summer Arts & Sciences
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX On 6-13/15-86, the Shire of Fiach Ogan will present the first Summer Arts and Science Fayre at Camp O’leno. Unlike past years, there will be cabins for the first 150 to register. It will be hot, bring a sturdy drinking vessel to drag from class to class. The feast will be of large portions and warm weather recipes.

In addition to the Collegium, swimming is available and the first Summer Arts and Sciences Fayre will see the first Trimarian Trivia contest. There will be fighting if the foolhardy can be found in sufficient numbers. Autocrats – Lady Elina and Lord Morric

Hollywood Branch Library Demo
On 6-21-86, the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo to assist the Hollywood Branch Library start their summer reading program. The group did a fighting demo and enticed the attending patrons to dance with them. Lady Elizabeth entertained with storytelling.

Midsummer’s Revel
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.5, May AS XXI On 6-21-86, the Shire of Narval Dorado held their anniversary event, Midsummer’s Revel at the Suncoast Archery Range in St. Pete. The days fun and games included a quest, various games, archery competition in the woods, live weapons competition, combat archery demo, martial arts demo, music and dance. A feast was held at 4:00pm and a bardic at the seneschal’s home after dark. This event was also the forming of the Queen’s Archers. Autocrat Big John Edwards.

Sibling Rivalry
Talewinds Vol.5, no.6, June AS XXI On 6-28-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs and the Canton of Loch Griffin held a one day event called Sibling Rivalry. The event was held at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford. A battle between the two cantons was held, with mercenaries hired. Also held was a pre- pensic war practice, a wet tunic contest and a wet loin cloth contest. There were games for the children also. Autocrat Lady Fara Steinhauser.
(Natasha) I remember that this event was very, very hot and everyone eventually got involved in the “Wet Tunic” contest to the point that almost no one was dry. We never really got to the contests as everyone was having too much fun pouring and sprinkling everyone with water.

Heraldry Picnic
On 7-4/6-86 The Chateau du Faux Pas requests the pleasure of your company at the summer Heraldry Picnic at the Chateau du Faux Pas in An Crosaire.

The Complete Bardic Workshop
Talewinds Vol.5, no.6, June AS XXI The Barony of Darkwater presents the Complete Bardic Workshop on Saturday, July 12, 1986. This is a workshop for all those gentles who feel the need to write, sing, play and have never found who, or what to ask. Guest speakers from all over Trimaris will work with you to get you on the path to a successful entry in the next Laureate, or (Eisteddfod coming up in Sept.) or just something special for a loved one. A revel and pot luck feast will be served after class. Organizer – Islay Espeth McDonald.

Pennsic War
8-11-86 at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Pennsylvania. The war will officially open on Saturday the 9th and will begin on the 11th. War points will be fought on the weekend of the 16th.
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Lady Natasha Varvara Stoianova
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson
Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Order of the Rainbow Argent – Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson
HRH Countess Branwen Bean Erin
Order of the Silver Trident – Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Order of the Mermaids Pearl – Enriqueta Isabella de Reyes y Mones

Talewinds Vol.5, no.7, July AS XXI 8-29/Sept-2-86, the Coronation of Erin and Branwen, held at Camp Keystone, hosted by The Shire of Fiach Ogan, House Basilisk, House Scorpion, Claigh Dubh and House Dun Tir. Lists on Saturday, fund raising and meetings and revels, and Bardic Circle. Plenty of Pomp & Splendor and a Celtic Coronation. Autocrat Vasilikee
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Pelican – Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Order of the Silver Trident – Sarah Tegan EF Holden
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Award of Arms – Corwin ap Arawin o Carreg Cennen
Timgard Culbert
David of Freestone
Kalin Kolhan
Linnaeus Palojari
Frederic Georg Lenzon
Feywen of Hendon
Johann Gotz Kaufmann von Erfurt
Mirga Kate
Sean Dadraigh ur Neill
Ian Stuart
Ekaterina Salasia
Melistra Adriene d’Ombree
William De Warreme
Kelson Gryphus
Bryce Tachaz
Order of the Emerald Sea – Taliesynne Nychymwrh
Gweneth AtWater
Cathlin Emrys
Bridget Caileen of the Moors
Anna Alicia Rhinehart
Udvarhelyi Barar Aeryck
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude
Gunnar Dentonsson inn Danski
Ruper Ian MacDuff
Alistar the Wanderer
Jason the Fletcher
Leonard Leonharts
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris – Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Order of the Trefoil Argent – Cathlin Emrys
Order of the Heraulde’s Tressure – Erik Loren Elcara
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Islay Elspeth MacDonald
Order of the Mermaid’s Pearl – Gwendolyn Mary Douglas
Order of the Trimerian Rainbow Argent – Elina Thrymsfostra
Order of the Watchful Flame – Nakagawa Ienobu, Principal
Ulrick von Geschwind
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Ducal Title – Verron Wolfgang von Groth
County Title – Adriana von Groth
Order of Chivalry, Knight of the SCA – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Order of the Rose – Adrianna von Groth
Order of the Argent Scales – Fara Steinhauser
Award of Arms – Colin O’Lochlainn
Garvin MacNeillie
Order of the Quiver – Eogahn ap Cymra, Principal
Vasilasskas of the Amber Shores
Trimarian Bard’s Laureate – Jason the Fletcher
Order of the Grey Beards
Colin O’ Lochlainn – Principal
Ragnarr Hardraada
Ian the Bane
Roland de Verona
Warbec Mac Murray
Kim Kyong
Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo
Eric Rabenskald
Sir Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh took as squires Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov (his first squire) and Roland de Verona
Sir Baldar Langstrider took as squires Lord Godfried of Frisia and Lady Erika Bjornsdottir

Collegium Chirurgia
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.6, June AS XXI On 9-5/7-86 the Shire of Glymmerholde sponsored the Collegium Chirurgia at Camp Honi Honta. (flyer) “This seminar will be held for the purpose of furthering the aims of those pursuing the much coveted title of chirurgeon. Classes are CPR, Multimedia First Aid, Standard First Aid, Medieval and Modern Herbalism, Children’s First Aid, Infants at Events. Class fees will vary depending on text materials required for each course. Practicing Chirurgeons, this is the ideal occasion to update classes for which renewal is required.” Autocrats, Kelson Gryphus and Ian Stigweard, Feastcrat Siegfried Heydrich. The people who attended were given an unexpected treat of free classes as arranged by Lady Gwenelleth AtWater. The shire unfortunately lost $175.00 on the event.

Darkwater’s Village Faire
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.7, July AS XXI “Come Ye to the Faire, The Barony of Darkwater is proud to announce it’s first annual Village Faire, on 9-12/14-86, put on by the Village and Costumers guilds of Darkwater. This will be a learning event of an entirely different nature. Many classes are scheduled and there will be workshops. Topics covered are embroidery, weaving, dying, woodworking and armoring. A Hungarian feast by Master Barar is planned along with a bardic circle and dancing. Autocrat Islay Elspeth MacDonald, Feastcrat Master Barar.

Student Organization Day
On 9-17-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida’s Student Organization Day. There was a newcomers revel following the demo on 9-20-86 with approximately 30 to 40 persons attending.

Meeting of the College of Heralds
On 9-20-86, at a members home Jacksonville. Full weekend with all meals $6.50. There will be courses in heraldry, a meeting of the College of Heralds, and an opportunity to talk leisurely with Triskele and Lymphad and friends.

Wenches and Lechers Faire
Talewinds Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 9-20-86, The Shire of Sea March is celebrating our 7th anniversary. It may be September, but May is in the air, so get out your petticoats and gather some cloves and come to the Wenches and Lechers Faire, to be held at the PBA Clubhouse in Lake Worth Fl. There will be “taken lists” where the winner ransoms captured tokens off the fallen opponents. There will be other contests to befit the theme — you can just imagine what they might be!!! Autocrat, Ld. Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Feastcrat Lady Serina Vigdis Wulfsdotter.

Eisteddfod II
Talewinds Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI 9-27-86, Once again the Canton of Loch Gryffyn is hosting a bardic competition for all who like to sing, recite, compose or act. Here is your chance to show your works, hone your skills and have a good time doing it! The Bardic gathering will have three areas of competition: Poetry, Music and Acting. Non original works and acting groups are welcome. Judging will be by those knowledgeable in the Bardic Arts who do not have entries in that division. The prize in each category will be a cast Silver Medallion. This is a tenting only event on the banks of the scenic St. Johns River on the edge of the Ocala National Forest. A short list for those with a martial frame of mind will be fought with pick up melees afterward, until just before the bardic competition in the mid-afternoon. The winner of the Eisteddfod list will also receive a silver medallion. Autocrat Lord Alfred MacArt; Feastcrat, Johann Gotz Kaufmann von Erfurt.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Lancemall von Weisenkreig
Victor von Hildebrandt
Order of the Argent Palm – Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov (Principal)

Shire Feast II
The Seneschal’s report for September states that the Shire of Brineside Moor held Shire Feast II at Lord Elemer Landshund’s home with 25 people in attendance, including newcomers and visiting dignitaries. The event consisted of fighter’s practice, live weapons practice (knife and axe throwing), a German feast, and discussions on brewing, costuming, swashbuckling (fencing), and Elemer Landshund’s story corner. There was no date given for this event.

Falling Stars
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 10-3/5-86, The Shire of Starhaven presents the Falling Stars Tourney at Xmas RV Park. Prizes – for the list, a shield for the winner; a chess book, for the winner of the chess match; a calligraphy pen for the winner of the calligraphy contest; a heraldry book for the winner of the heraldry contest; a pillow for the winner of the mullet toss; and a set of matched goblets for the overall winner. Autocrat Anonyma, Feastcrat, Ekatarina Salasia.

Broward County Main Library Demo
On 10-11-86, the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo for the Broward County Main Library.

Dragon Days List and Picnic
On Saturday 10-11-86, the Shire of Gleann Dhubh presented Dragon Days List and Picnic at Riverfront Park in South Daytona, from 10 am to 11 pm. The list consisted of both a single elimination list and a melee. The prize was a free sustaining SCA membership. Arrow making class was taught by the Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora. Feast was pot luck with a main dish provided by the Cook’s Guild. Autocrat Lord Kalin Kolhann, feastcrat Lady Linnaeus Pavajari and the Cook’s Guild.

Autumn Allthing
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI Presented by The Shire of Southkeype on 10-17/19-86, at Corbet Youth Camp. “Good day Lords and Ladies of Trimaris. I wish to invite all gentles of our mighty Kingdom to Southkeype’s Autumn Allthing. There will be plenty of enjoyment for all with a one-on- one melee to determine the best and most chivalrous Viking attending. A great quest to test the wit and stamina of all, and prizes for all. In addition, there was a brewing and vinting competition sponsored by Southkeypes Brewers Guild. Autocrat Lord Sigurth Tryggvason.

A Wedding Feud
on 10-17/19-86, the Shire of Castlemere invited everyone to a Wedding Feud at Seminole Springs – the Gypsies of the House of Shining Scales vs. the Scots of Clan Duncan. There was a Champion of the Bride lyst, a chess match, a Gypsy feast, pun contest, leching contest, the wedding proceeded by the war, and revelry after. Autocrat Lord uriah Lightfood.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Devlin Macleod
Broshira Katerina
Arthur Broderick
Order of the Rainbow Argent – Lady Aspasia Moonwind
Grant of Arms – Lord Ian of Beinn Dhubh

Pinellas Park Girls Club Demo
On 10-18-86, the Pinellas Park Girls Club together with the Bay Area Rennies hosted a one day mini- Medieval Faire as a fund raising event for the Girls Club. The Shire Storm hosted a prize list for any and all SCA fighters as part of the days festivities. All craftsmen and merchants were also invited to attend. The SCA coordinator was Corwin ap Arawn.

Cypress Lake High School
The Shire of Glymmerholde held a demo at Cypress Lake High School on 10-23-86

Baronial Bash
10-25-86, the Barony of Wyvernwood held Baronial Bash 14 at Camp Keystone. Activities included the Unusual Bridge List, single combat; Green and Gold Masque Ball, Green and Gold Feast by Lady Sigliende and Chelsea; and the Renaissance Wedding of Lord Aidian and Lady Marina Sabine.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Carron Astre
Darrius the Elder
James Standish
Cassandra Colehan
Kennicus of Wyvernwood
Stromeck Gometon
Order of the Argent Palm – Kragon Darkvale
Order of the Morning Star – Lord Tancred Albrecht
Court Barony – Mistress Murieann Deora-De of Rivercroft
At the Baronial Court of Baroness Alianore
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – James Standish

Cape Coral High School
The Shire of Glymmerholde held a demo at Cape Coral High School world history class on 10-30-86.

Announcement Talewinds, Vol.6, No.2, November AS XXI A Court of Chivalry will be held at the Hero of the Ruins Lyst on the 15th of December AS XXI, to hear and pass judgement on the charges that have been made against William MacGodwin. A Court of Chivalry is a serious matter held for the express purpose of investigation of matters within the medieval framework of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and pertain only to conduct and subjects within the structure and definitions of the Society. All Courts of Chivalry are, by Kingdom Law, open to the Populace. Those attending should bear in mind the seriousness of the affair. The Court is held by the authority of the Crown and the Earl Marshal.

Casselberry Library Demo
On 11-1-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs held a demo at the Casselberry library in the Seminole Plaza, Casselberry. Planned was fighting on the hour, dancing on the half-hour, a real magician, singing, and talking to the public. Dinner provided after the demo at Cedric and Fara’s home. Coordinator Cedric & Fara Steinhauser. Event Report: There were 10 members attending and the event went very well. They had large displays, dancing and fighting. The library donated $25.00 to the group.

Martinmas Moot, Crown List
On 11-7/9-86 at Camp Keystone, will be chosen the fourth Crown of Trimaris. There will be other fighting for the non-regally minded and numerous other activities. The Champion of Trimaris Lyst will be held at Martinmas Moot. Autocrats Lord Morric and Lady Elina
At the Royal Court of THM Erin and Branwen
Crown Prince: Jarl Sir Baldar Langstriter and Crown Princess: Countess Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg
Champion of Trimaris – Lord Godfried of Frisia
Kings Champion for the Reign of TRH Baldar and Ljudmilla – Viscount Sir Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Queen’s Champion and Shield of Chivalry – Raoul Luc Benet
Award of Arms – Trionwy Ap Lorrelan
Corwyn Morgenstern
Adiva the Berber
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Lady Anne of Hendon
Order of the Herald’s Tressure – Lord Ardalan O’Brollachain
Order of the Golden Galleon – Lady Vassilikee
Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso
Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris – Lady Aspasia Moonwind
Lady Serina Vigdis Ulfsdottir
Order of the Argent Palm – Mistress Cher de Bellevue
Order of the Trimarian Bard’s Laureate – Lady Morgan Morcheartaith
New Kingdom Officers
Chancellor of the TRU – Lady Fara Steinhauser
Sheriff – William McLewis
Hospitaller – Mistress Warjna Kaztjmjr
Poet Laureate – Lord Lance Nystrom
Sir Eric von Kampf took as his first squire – Lord Arwyn Atwater
At the Court of Baron & Baroness Sakura
Order of the Serpents Torque – Ld Geoffrey de Torqueville

FSU Homecoming
On 11-9-86, the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the FSU Homecoming.

Hero of the Ruins, List
on 11-15-86, the Shire of the Ruins held their event

UF Campus Demo
On 11-17-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the UF Campus. Seneschal Lady Carmenette stated there was a very good turnout and a lot of interest in the SCA was generated.

Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 11-21/23-86 The Shire of Storm presented Caravanserai, a place where weary travelers can gather to rest, trade, relax and share good company. All gentles (and lot-so-gentles) of pre-1000 A.D. persona persuasion are invited to give this event a “Dark Age Migrations” flavor, so all you Norse, Angles, Saxons, Romans, Celts, Visigoths, Byzantines, Vandals, Jutes, Franks, Mongols, etc can feel free to dust off the bunny-furs and gaudy finery after the long “hot” summer. Activities to include chariot races, gaming, carousing, reveling. There will be a simple feast prepared by Mistress Hollyn and the Hon. Lady Orianna on Saturday night. Autocrates L. Tachianna Tamarr.
At the Court of THM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Alfred Postigson
Order of the Fletcher – Mihkail Eridson
HRM Erin took as King’s Champion – Lord Godfried of Frisia
Lord Brewster took as deputies – Lady Elina Thrymstrstra & Lord Godfried of Frisia

Royal Proclamation
Unto the folk of Trimaris do We, Erin and Branwen on this 22nd day of November, A.S. XXI, being 1986 of the Common Era, proclaim the following:
On the 15th of November, A.S. XXI, a Royal Court of Inquiry was held regarding charges against William MacGodwin, also known as William of Loch Bannoch. Having sought the advice of the Peers of the Realm, and the Earl Marshal, who conducted the proceedings, the following judgement has been made by the Crown:
It is hereby decreed that:
1. William MacGodwin be banished from the Realm for the duration of Our Reign and that a Request for Revocation and/or Refusal of Renewal of Membership be made of the Board of Directors by the Crown Trimaris.
2. Lady Kara Rowena Hawkwood be reprimanded for unchivalrous acts, unladylike behavior and actions contrary to the ideals of the Society.
3. Lord Corinius Kilwitch be declared Personna non Grata in Our Courts for the duration of our Reign for disruptive and discourteous behavior in Our Court, and that he further be declared Persona non Grata in Our Presence for discourtesy to the Crown.
by our hand and seal,
Erin Breck Gordon, Rex Trimaris and Branwen Bean Erin, Regina, Trimaris

Lake Howell High School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Lake Howell High School British Literature class on 11-25-86.

Florida State Museum Demo
11-29-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. There was an estimated 2,000+ persons visiting the museum that day and there was interest in the SCA and the Barony by a goodly number. After the demo the members of the Barony held a Thanksgiving Revel at a members home.

On 11-28/30-86, the Shire of Fiach Ogan presented Ravensquest. There will be a tournament, archery, games, bardic circle and the quest of the Rising Raven. Autocrats Lord Morric and Lady Elina
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Order of the Morningstar – Lord James Standish

Middle East Dance Show
The Barony of An Crosaire assisted Elitha of the Entwining Stars and attended the Middle East Dance show held at the Thomas Center on 11-30-86. Approximately 100 person attended the show.

Annual Event
12-1-86, Brineside Moor

Five Points Merchants Association Demo
On 12-13-86, the Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Five Points Merchants Association.

Trimarian War College
On 12-12/14-86 the Trimarian War College will be held at Camp Keystone sponsored by the Shire of Fiach Ogan. The event will include classes on the history of warfare, on waging Society warfare and all the fighting that you can stand. This will be the only chance to practice for Sea Raids in the spring. It is essential to the war effort that all of our Infantry, Archers, and Scouts (and those interested in becoming same) show up and take part. If you are interested in Medieval warfare, Society warfare, combat archery, or scouting – Trimaris needs you. Autocrat Lady Ann of Fiach Ogan, Feastcrat Lord Ealadhach the Harlot.

Wassailing Revel
12-20-86, The Barony of Darkwater

Domesday Report – Barony of Darkwater
We had, in the first half of the year a bumper season of demos for the Orange and Seminole County school system. From January to June we held 12 demos for the school system. Along with the school demos we held a very large demo for the Orlando Artsfest ’86. This is the second time we have attended this function and our part has gotten even bigger. For 1987 we are hoping to have a place set up for us on our own, and we intend to really show the city what we are about. We held five events in ’86; Swamp Stomp, Trident Tourney, The Village Faire, a Fighters Collegium, and the annual Wassailing Revel. All of these events were well attended.
To be honest however, life here is not all a bed of roses. Our fighters have for some unknown reason have faded into the woodwork. We boasted a company of 20 fighters at the war in February of ’86, and now at the end of the year we have a hard time finding more than 6. We still haven’t figured it out.
Darkwater has always had a strong core group who have remained active in the arts and sciences. Well, at the end of this year it seems that this group has gotten much busier in their mundane lives, and thus the time that they have had to devote to the society and projects therein, has been reduced. Unfortunately this can not be helped. However (I love that word) we seem to have a large number, which is growing rapidly, of people that do not really worry to much about reporting their activities. This group has been quite active in their endeavors, it is just that they refuse to commit this information to paper. This can not be helped either, but at least we know, although it can not be proven on paper, that the Barony is not as dead as our arts and science reports seem to show.
We have grown incredibly in one are that before I always found this barony quite distressingly deficient in. Through the efforts of some people who before ’86 had been quite apathetic (in appearance) and generally inactive, we now have a waiting list for people who want the chance to autocrat their own events. We are giving them their chances as fast as we are able, however this is not a fast process. But, we have gotten a number of them quite interested in doing kingdom level events and we are presently working up some bids for ’87.
Through the past year we have done quite well in our coffers, having a couple of profitable events, and only one real loss to speak of. In light of this (a standing balance of over $1,000.00) we are planning a couple of purchases/projects to make life a little easier in our barony. We are building a trailer in which to haul our baronial regalia (no more asking “Who’s got some extra room?”) and as a group project we are trying to put together an enclosure (rope and post fence with frame arch entranceways) for when we camp as a group at events. This is a project that I am hoping will get the group together at one time with essentially the same purpose in mind. This may help towards ending some of the factioning that we have had such a problem with as of late.
We have had a large amount of growth in the guilds this past year. The costumers have reorganized themselves and are trying to change the generally expected image of themselves. The music guild has been getting stronger in their capabilities. We added not a guild but a semi-organized group this past year with a goal of promoting the performing arts. They have had a little trouble getting organized, and even more really getting started, the ideas are spectacular and the effort is greatly appreciated. We started another new guild this year and unlike most new guilds (which seem to have a hard time getting off the drawing board) this one has taken off like a rocket. The village guild, which is based in the domestic sciences but includes every science which does not yet have a functioning guild within the barony, has proven to be an outstanding idea. Through the village guild, and the classes that they have given (more than 20 over the slow time in the summer) we have gotten many people interested in the things that otherwise are hardly ever demonstrated, seen, or taught outside of art/sci’s. This has help our people’s personal growth, and many people’s view of the society immensely. At the end of 1986, the Barony has 43 paid members, 37 sustaining, 5 family and 1 associate. This ends my domesday report for the Barony of Darkwater for the year 1986. Alasdair Francis MacDhomhnuill, Seneschal.

Domesday Report – Shire of the Ruins
Once again, I’m please to report that the shire is alive and reasonably well. Our current membership is approximately 12 sustaining members. Several of our people have lapsed, but swear that they will renew as soon as they can afford to. Also, we have several new prospects, so I’m hoping for an increase soon.
We have held only one school demo this year; however, we participated in several Wyvernwood and Shadowsea demos. We held one revel in March. Our best demo ever occurred on 12-22 when we appeared for about an hour on a talk show on V-32, the Lakeland music video station.
This year we hosted two events, TMT and the Ruins Revel. TMT had the largest turnout in Trimarian history, and also had the first banishment in Trimaris. The Ruins Revel and Hero of the Ruins List was the largest ever, had the first ever Trimiarian Court of Inquiry, and had the highest percent of people attending without paying that I have ever seen. My treasurer still hasn’t told me the total amount lost, but it doesn’t look good.
For next year, we are doing another Ruins Revel, and perhaps one or two larger events, possibly in conjunction with another group. We also plan to do more school demos and hopefully another TV demo with V-32. Lord Kragon Darkvale, Seneschal

Trimaris History – 1985


Twelfth Night Tourney and Celebration of the Feast of Epiphany
Talewinds, vol.3, no.12, December AS XIX 1-4/6-85 Join South Keype in its Celebration of the Feast of Epiphany. This year’s celebration will be held January 4-6 at the same site as last year; Camp Owaissa Bauer in south Miami. The Twelfth Nigh Tourney will be a double elimination list. We expect a bountiful feast from the cooks of South Keype. Bauer in Miami, Autocrats Lord Juan Carlos Perez and Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez.
seneschal’s report indicated 56 people attended, including 12 fighters.

Epiphany and Spongefest
Talewinds, vol.3, no.12, December AS XIX 1-5-85 Why visit Tarpon Springs when you can experience..Oldenfeld’s Epiphany & Spongefest Saturday, January 5, 5:00 pm until… All right…fess up! You weren’t even planning on Epiphany this year, but how can you pass up DIVING FOR THE CROSS (don’t bring a swimming suit!) SPONGE GUNGING (to be invented) SPONGE LEGEND CONTEST (explaining curious, little known, or downright unknown uses for sponges and the lives of the more famous sponges in history and the SCA) A GREEK FEAST by the fabulous Lady Constanza, & THE BEST ENTERTAINMENT this side of Drachenwald. Come ye hardy pilgrims to witness (even be a part of) this holy SPONGEFEST. Appropriate prizes for the divers and spongelorists among you. Good, clean fun (but come anyway) Suggested topics for SPONGELORE include spongellan, spongius pilate, the spongish armada, or you may spongficate on you own topic…spongerella, spongflox and the 2 squid, Raspongel…the list is endless. Autocrat-Jed Silverstar.

Boar’s Head Festival
On 1-6-85, the Shire of Ac’Scrin participated in St. Lukes Church, Ft. Myers, annual 12th Night festival. The festival has a Medieval theme and this year they asked the members of Ac’Scrin to participate to add more flavor to the event. They roasted a pig for a wonderful feast. The program is almost a theatrical production with some religious overtones. We all enjoyed it – normally they use Glymmerholde, but Glymmerholde turned them down this year. We expect to be invited back on an annual basis.

St. Benet’s Feast
1-8-85, An Crosaire held their annual Baronial Christmas feast. Approximately 40 people attended.

Hero of the Chalice
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 1, January AS XIX Hero of the Chalice, 1-11/13-85, Camp Keystone”Challenge restated: In case any of youse slimy spineless garden slugs didn’t catch last month’s the challenge by us to show that your mettle is more that the slime trail left behind when you run away, we remunerate our challenge to the knowne worlde to a Period Game of footsball Sunday January the 13th. Be there or all will know of our poltroon* cowardice. *note from editor: the editors apologize for the quaint, crude colloquialisms used by the authors, but they must be excused as neither is literate.”Treasure Chest – each fighter must provide an item of booty for the treasure chest. In addition, prizes will be furnished by the Autocrats; Wyvernwood Annual Pun-Off, Joseph MacJoseph will be defending his punning title; Melee teams with archers, all melee teams will be formed on site. listed autocrat Ld. Picot Pierre Cassier, Feastcrat, Ld Corineaus Kilwitch.
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX Awards and Announcements
At the Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Silver Trident: Viscountess Agrippina di Conti, Sea March
Award of Arms: Shea Alaric Tanner, Darkwater
AEdric Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Ines Cecilia de Marcy of Allerton, An Crosaire
Roland Wolfram Floydsson
Order of the Meridian Cross: Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglass, Wyvernwood

HRH Sir Erin Breck Gordon has taken as squire:
Brian MacNaughton, Oldenfeld
Tironwy ap Lorrelan, Fiach Ogan
Viscount Baron Sire Bronislaus has taken as squire:
Lord Picot Pierre Cassier
Hero of the Chalice List Winner: Lord Picot Pierre Cassier
runner up – Tancred Albrecht, called Kree the Butcher

Trimaris Arts & Sciences Faire
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 1, January AS XIX 1-18/20-85 Narval Dorado sponsored the Trimarian Arts and Science Faire competition and Collegium. “Be a contestant!, be a Judge!, see the Trimarian Best! The Collegium of Trimaris will be offering classes. The event to be held at Camp Keystone, autocrat Lady Jirel ni Cahil, Feastcrat Aislinn Columbo of Carlisle. (Approximately 225 persons attended)
Awards and Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX
At the Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Velvet Owl: Lady Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills, Sea March
Award of Arms: Islay Elspeth Maccintsacarit (MacDonald), Darkwater
Aspasia of Castlemere, Castlemere
Conrad Loraybech, Castlemere
Order of the Meridian Cross: Lady Andreana de Montfort, (Glyn ni Owein) Fiach Ogan

Viscountess Agrippina di Conti is the new Trimaris Minister of Arts
Rachel Kathleen Cundiff Jeanin Picot is the new Regents College Burser
Lord Cedric Steinhauser is the new Regents College Dean of Sciences
Winner Troubadour Laureate: Lord Morric Haast, Wyvernwood
Winner Masque Laureate: Aidian Gerhart de Lanwedoc, Wyvernwood
Individual Awards
Graphics for SCA Publications – Ljudmilla von Konigsberg, Merit
Illumination -Darkwater Baronial Petition Committee – superior merit
Individual Voice Music – Ines de Marcy – two superior merit
Group Voice Music -Sarah Tegan Holden, three ex. merit, one superior merit
Ines de Marcy & Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov – superior merit
Individual Instrumental Music – Erik Loren Elcara, merit
Poetry – Alianore d’Astralis, superior merit; Shantry, merit
Costuming, 300 to 1199 – Elizabeth FitzRandolph, ex. merit; Gwendolen Mary Douglas, ex. merit; John Urquehart, superior merit; Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart, merit.
Costuming, 1200 to 1349 – Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Ex. merit; Ragnar Hardraada, Ex. merit; Gwendolen Mary Douglas, ex. merit; Eleanor Powe, superior merit; Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, superior merit.
Costuming, 1350 to 1650 – Agrippina di Conti, ex. merit; Rachel Kathleen Cundiff , Jeanin Pecot, two ex. merit; Jean-Phillip Duvier, two ex. merit; Fara Marleene Steinhauser, two sup. merit, one merit; Eleanor Powe, merit; Carol Varnadoe, merit; Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart, merit.
Historical Costume – Gwendolen Mary Douglas, sup. merit
Costume Accessories, headdresses – Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, ex. merit
Costume Accessories, shoes – Cathlin Emryss, ex. merit; Gwendolen Mary Douglas, ex. merit
Costume Accessories, other – Elizabeth FitzRandolph, two ex. merit; Yness of Caer Brugh, ex. merit; Gwendolen Mary Douglas, sup. merit; Eleanor Powe, sup. merit; John Urquhart, two sup. merit; Jean-Phillip Duvier, sup. merit; Sabine Astraea, two merit.
Needlework – Eleanor Powe, ex. merit; Inez de Marcy, ex. merit & sup. merit; Elena Ragnarsfostra, sup. merit; Cherie Elaine Viau, merit.
Historical Performance – Sabine Astraea, sup. merit
Heraldic Trappings – Elena Ragnarsfostra, two sup. merit
Armor, helms – Erin Breck Gordon, merit; Dikeuald Cyn Arek, merit
Armor, Body – Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart, sup. merit & merit; Jeffrey Maynard, merit.
Armor, Extremities – John Urquhart, ex. merit
Metalwork, Jewelry – Sigurth Gryggvason, ex. merit; Jean-Phillip Duvier, sup. merit & merit
Leatherwork – Talison David Conngenan, ex. merit
Domestic Sciences, spinning & weaving – Alexander Mareschal, two merits; Muireann Deora-De of Rivercroft, merit
Domestic Sciences, Miscellaneous – Carol Varnadoe, ex.merit
Brewing, wine – Alexander Mareschal, sup. merit
Brewing, Beer or Mead – Bryce Pachaz, merit
Woodworking, decorative – Treve Morningstar, merit
Canopies – Fara Marleene Steinhauser, merit

Metcalf Elementary School Demo
On 1-24-85, An Crosaire, Elitha of the Entwining Stars and Lord Ardelian spoke to 5th graders at Metcalf Elementary School on the Elizabethan period, Christmas customs and Celtic History.

Newberry High School Demo
On 1-24-85, An Crosaire, Lady Ara, Lord Elom, Lord Jon and Allesandra attended a medieval dinner prepared by the students of Newberry High School. The students had attended a demo done by our group and became interested in doing something medieval. After the dinner the members judged the student’s costume contest. Everyone had a good time.

Boswall School Demo
1-27-85 The Shire of the Ruins held a demo at BoswallElementary School. Members participating were Jourin, EdwardO’Donovan and Sir Brytor.

Tourney del Sangre Primo
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 1, January AS XIX 1-27-85 Tourney del Sangre Primo, the Tourney of the First Blood will be held at one hour past noon in Sangre del Sol, at the Manor Pines Convalescent Center in Wilton Manors. This tourney will allow new fighters to qualify and to fight in a list where they will not have to face the battle hardened veterans of Trimaris. Any fighter who has not entered more than two previous lists is eligible to enter, There will be small prizes for the victors. All “grizzled veterans” are welcome to come and fight challenges and melees after the list. At five hours past noon “duc de pot Luc” will present a feast for your enjoyment and at seven we will retire to a shire members home for revel, dancing, singing and bardic circle. autocrat – Edwina of Wiltshire

Twelfth Night Revel
In January ’85 the Shire of Darkwater held their 12th Night Revel

Jewett Elementary School Demo
2-1-85 The Shire of the Ruins held a demo at the Jewett Elementary School. Members participating were Jourin and Elizabeth Pembrook.

Darkwater Baronial Investiture
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 1, January AS XIX 2-1/3-85, The folke of Darkwater joyfully and cordially invite one and all to join them for the elevation of their shire to a Barony and the Investiture of its Founding Baronial Nobles Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi and Lady Arianne des Jardin. This glad event shall transpire upon the 1st, 2nd & 3rd days of February AS XIX, at Camp Wewa in Plymouth Fl. Among the festivities of the day shall be a Human Chess Match, wherein a lady may tilt with an armored lord and still come away the best for it. Merchants far and wide are bidden to bring thy wares and make gay the public roadways and courtyards. Lords and ladies alike are asked to prepare a luncheon basket for auction, wit the proceeds to be split between the Trimaris Kingdom Regalia Fund and the Darkwater Baronial Regalia. Autocrat Rachel Kathleen Cundiff Jeanin Picot, Feastcrat Prince Baldar Longstrider & Lord Cornieous Kilwitch (courtesy of our very dear friends in the Barony of Wyvernwood)
At the court of TRM Lawrence and Ana
Invested as Founding Baron Darkwater – Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi
Invested as Founding Baroness Darkwater – Lady Arianne des Jardin
At the combined courts of TRM Lawrence and Ana, TH Baldar and Ljudmilla and TE Barar and Arianne
Order of the Laurel (with Patent of Arms) – H.L. Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
Order of the Velvet Owl – Lord Jean-Philippe Duvier, Blackthorne
Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglas, Wyvernwood
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Lord AEdric Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Order of the Trident Keype (Darkwater baronial service order with Award of Arms) –
Laird Gradhiel Macintsacarit, Darkwater
Lady Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Darkwater
Lord AEdric Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Rachel Kathleen Cundiff, Darkwater
Stephan Magnus, Darkwater
Lord Otto Boetticher von Spreebrucke
Award of Arms – Rachel Kathleen Cundiff, Darkwater
Ann of Hendon, Darkwater
Hrothgar Thorsson, Castlemere
Saranna Lyndh Tudinsdottir, Narval Dorado
Order of the Meridian Cross – H.L. Morgana ferch Morgan, Blackthorne
Rachel Kathleen Cundiff, Darkwater
Stephen Magnus, Darkwater
HH Ljudmilla von Konigsberg, Wyvernwood
Lady Cathlin Emryss, Wyvernwood
Lady Eglantine de Wolfe, An Crosaire
Lady Muireann Deora-Da (Strider) of Rivercroft, Starhaven

2-2-85 Trimaris Presented Kingdom Petition to King Lawrence of Ashana and Queen Ana
Announcements, Talewinds vol 4, No 2, February AS XIX
At the Principality Officers’ meeting at Trimaris Arts & Sciences Faire, the officers voted to approve the establishment of the office of Archivist. This office is responsible for maintaining and inventory of all Trimaris royal regalia. Furthermore, the archivist will keep the old, unneeded files of the royalty. Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon was appointed to this office, which is responsible to the Principality Exchequer’s Office.

HRH Erin Breck Gordon plans to begin publication of a Trimaris magazine primarily highlighting the martial arts in the Principality. The name of the magazine shall be White Belt Magazine. Anyone interested in contributing material or assisting with the publication of it is requested to contact either HRH Erin or Lord Edward of Effingham, Marshal of Trimaris.

UF Organization Day Demo
On 2-6-85 An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida Organization Day at the Reitz Union. Five members attended and four people have shown an interest in joining the Barony.

Academie of Armourie
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX Norrey Academie of Armourie, Joricmas Sitting, 2-9-85, will be held at the domicile of Lord Alexander Mareschal and Shantry in Silverthorne Tor in the city of Ocala. The sitting shall begin at 10:00 am. Wyvernwood’s Heralds report there were classes in Fabulous Beasties and the History and Philosophy of Heralds. The main activity was reviewing device submissions from all groups and doing device critique which was great fun. Lady Arianwyn merch Comyn

Pompano Beach Library Demo
2-9-85 Sangre del Sol held a demo at the Pompano Beach Library

Picnic in the Park
The Shire of Sea March held their Social Sunday and fighter practice in John Prince Park as an unofficial demo and a chance for exposure in a public park.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX 2-15/17-85, The Barony of An Crosaire invites the folk of Trimaris, Meridies, and elsewhere to attend St. Valentines Mid-Winter Gathering and Allthing, (The St. Valentines Massacre). “By the Hammer of Thor, bring your food, drink, weapons, and good spirits to Otter Springs Campground. This is a tenting event. The site has restrooms and hot showers. Due to the recent influx of Northmen in An Crosaire, the them this year will once again be that of a Scandinavian mid-winter festival and gathering. To help maintain this theme, the autocrats request that folk try to attend dressed in the clothing styles of northern Europe. Travelers from the Empires of the Turks and Byzantium are also welcome. In addition to the traditional list and massacre and games, a novice list for those qualified fighters who have never placed firs, second or third in a major fighting event. After the massacre there will be a special “war melee” to prepare for upcoming battles. Archers bring your bows, spearmen bring your spears and all others your blades, axes and maces. We are to be honored with a baronial court held by their Eastern Excellencies, Sir Tetsuo Sakura-sama and Mistress Kimineko Sakura-sama. A pot luck feast will be held Saturday night in the pavilion. Bring a heap of food that can feed you and five others. We are seeking to create a mead hall atmosphere. Entertainers will be most welcome at this time. Autocrat Thorkel Tryggsmason and Donnchagh MacRiada.
Winner of the Novice List and Most Chivalrous Fighter – Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov
Viscountess Agrippina was chosen as the most attentive consort at the list.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, No 4, April AS XIX
At the court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – H.L. Cher Bellevue, An Crosaire
H.L. Hollyn of Kestrelmere, Storm
Award of Arms – Ann of Fiach Ogan, Fiach Ogan
Jean-Claude Dominique Jeanin Picot, Darkwater
Geoffrey Marcus d’Alton, Blackthorne
Order of the Meridian Cross – Lady Ara Arisdottir, An Crosaire
At the court of TE Sakura Tetsuo and Sakura Kimineko
Order of the House of the Serpent’s Torc (non-armigerous Baronial Service Award)
Mistress Siobhan ni Filidheacht
H.L. Cher de Bellevue
H.L. Hollyn of Kestrelmere
H.L. Elom Eikinskjaldi
Lady Ara Arisdottir
H.L. Cedrin Etainnighean
Lady Elspeth-Jean of Lochmaree
Lord Seamus McCryu McHoo
Lady Eglantine de Wolfe
Lady Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Duke Sir Merowald de Sylveastan

F.I.T. Melbourne with Meade Society Demo
2-17-85 The Shire of Starhaven held a demo for the Meade Society

Seventh Trimaris Principality Investiture
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX Know ye all, that on the 1st, 2nd & 3rd days of March, AS XIX, (1985) the Barony of An Crosaire and the Shire of Fiach Ogan will present the first “rent-a-crat” production, Principality Investiture and the Second Champion of Trimaris List. You can attend a weekend of pomp, splendor, and also pigge-outte on a sumptuous feast by Lady Glyn ni Owein. In the morning there will be the formal final court of their Highnesses Baldar and Ljudmilla. There will be a 15 minute break and then the investiture of Seosaidh and Elitha will take place. Following this will be the Champion of Trimaris list, in a similar format as at Martinmas Moot. At 5:30, the first court, excruciatingly formal in dress, of Seosaidh and Elitha. Feast will begin promptly at 8:00. Crat-crat, Lord Edward of Effingham, Feastcrat, Lady Glyn ni Owein
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, No 4, April AS XIX
At the Final Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla
Award of Arms – Tristan Waer (Esclairmonde Shantry)
Ynesse of Caer Brugh
Marcus Vitruvius Britanicus
Alisdair MacDonald, Darkwater
Daen Fjalornssen, Oldenfeld
Raoul de Skytower, Oldenfeld
Roland de Verona, Sangre del Sol
Order of the Meridian Cross – Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph, Sangre del Sol
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Lady Cathlin Emryss, Wyvernwood
Order of the Emerald Seas – Lady Cathlin Emryss, Wyvernwood
Lady Sara Teagen E.F. Holden, Wyvernwood
At the First Court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Viscounty – Baldar Longstrider and Ljudmilla von Konigsberg
Order of the Silver Trident – Ishidoro no Tsuji, An Crosaire
Duke Sir Merowald de Sylveastan, An Crosaire
Order of the House of the Serpent’s Torc -Ishidoro no Tsuji, An Crosaire
Carmenette Rodriguez
Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has taken Viscountess Ljudmilla von Konigsberg as an apprentice
At Curia 3-3-85
Mistress Damara Narrissa has taken HH Elitha of the Entwining Stars as an apprentice
The title of Warlord of Trimaris has been honorably retired

Sarasota Medieval Faire
3-9-85 The Shire of Blackthorne participated in the Sarasota Medieval Faire

Pompano Arts Festival
3-9-85 approximately 2/3’s of the Shire of Sangre del Sol participated in the Pompano Arts Festival over the two days of the festival.

First Baronial Council
3-10-85 The Barony of Darkwater held their first Baronial Council

Jacksonville Country Day School Demo
3-15-85 Blackthorne held a demo at the Jacksonville Country Day School

The Scots are Revolting
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX The Shire of Sangre del Sol presents the Scots Revolt on 3-15/17- 85 at C.B. Smith Park. As an added attraction, the OGB List. There will be three lists preceded by the Battle of Louden. Participants in the Scots List must wear Highland garb over their armor and fight with one or more of the following: Claymore, basket-hilted Broadsword, axe, dirk, Broadsword or Targe. There will be a pair of steel mitten gauntlets awarded to the most Chivalrous Fighter of the day. The second prize of $200.00 gift certificate to the costumer of the recipient’s choice will be awarded. Autocrat Lon Warbeck Mac Murray and Alejandra; Feastcrat Edwina of Wiltshire.
with approximately 19 fighters entered in the list.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, No 4, April AS XIX
the Winners of the Lists
Scots List – Ian the Bane
OGB List – Lord Kim, Kyong-il
Open List – Count Verron Wolfgang von Groth
Viscount Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took William D’Averc as a squire

Howard Bishop Middle School Demo
3-20-85 13 members of the Barony of An Crosaire presented a demo for the Howard Bishop Middle School. There were 4 fighters who fought for the delight of numerous children. There were nine displays consisting of armor, heraldry, calligraphy, books, and feasting gear. We danced and showed off our costumes. Channel 20 filmed a brief portion for the news.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX 3-22/24-85 at Camp Wewa, come join Darkwater (and the fish) as we wait to find out: Who will take the title of Defender of the Trident? (our first Baronial Champion); Will mermaids once again grace our feast: (we wish); Will this year’s feast be as good as last years? (let your taste buds remember!); SEE – the beautiful arts (arts competition) WITNESS the amazing sciences (science completion; WATCH as archers hunt arrows (inter-kingdom archery). autocrat Alasdair MacDonald, Feastcrat Islay Elspeth.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, No 4, April AS XIX
At the court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Award of Arms – Duncan Angus MacDonald, Darkwater
Triste More, Wyvernwood
Winner of list, Champion of the Trident – Viscount Baldar Longstrider
runner-up – Lord AEdric Hrothgeson
HRH Sir Erin Breck Gordon took Lord AEdric Hrothgareson as a squire
TE Lord Dykeuald Cyn Arek an Lady Alianore d’Astralis presented Tancred Albrecht called Kree the Butcher, the order of the Wyvern’s Scale

USF Family Faire Demo
3-23-85, The Shire of Ac’Scrin assisted the Shire of Glymmerholde at Ft. Myer’s extension of USF Family Faire. The members of the shire presented medieval dances.

Largo Renaissance Faire Demo
3-23-85 The Shire of Blackthorne participated in the Largo Renaissance Faire

Channel 5, public TV fund raiser
On 3-24-85 20 members of the Barony of An Crosaire participated in Channel 5’s fund raiser by answering phones in garb. Channel 5 showed Camelot during the drive.

Trimarian Games
Talewinds vol.4, No 2, February AS XIX 3-29/31-85, Castlemere – Are you tired of events where only individuals are given praise? Do you wonder why the only events which require team work are wars? Well the Shire of Castlemere may have an event for you. We are sponsoring the only event in Trimaris where team work is the name of the game, the Trimarian Games. Period Dance – minimum of 3 people; Period Camp – the best period camp; Melee Fighting – 5 man team; Tournament Archery – real arrows; Period Cooking – must feed 10 people; Period Board games – chess, backgammon, nine man morse; Heraldry – blazon devices; Persona and Garb – 3 man teams. There will also be two events for the not so serious minded a 6 legged race and a 5 man bobbing for apples team. The event will be held at Seminole Springs and this is a tenting event. Autocrat Williams of Hustings

Florida State Museum
3-31-85 An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum. Approximately 25 SCA’ers attended 6 of which were fighters who demonstrated their art. There were 12 displays consisting of shoe making, Japanese swords, books, basketry, baked goods, armor, chain mail constructions, costuming, and heraldic banners. We showed our slide show and performed some dancing. A picture of two of our fighters was printed in the Gainesville Sun.

On 4-2-85, a combination feast and customs and courtesy class for several newcomers was held at Cherie Elaine Viau’s home. Everyone brought a medieval dish for the pot Luc feast.

Meridies Spring Coronation
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX 4-12/14-85 The Barony of the South Downs wishes to announce the hosting of the Coronation of Erin Breck Gordon and Bronwen Bean Erin at the Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park in Cordele, GA.
Awards & Announcements ,Talewinds, Vol.4, no 5, May AS XX,
At the Court of TRM Lawrence and Ana
Order of the Pelican – Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo, An Crosaire
Verified Grant of Arms in conjunction with
Investiture as Baron and Baroness Darkwater
Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Baron Darkwater
Lady Arianne des Jardin, Baroness Darkwater
Order of the Weapon masters, Meridies (non-armigerous recognition of fighting skills)
Vassilaskis of the Amber Shores, Narval Dorado
Mirgda, Narval Dorado
Order of the Argent Lily (non-armigerous recognition of outstanding courtliness)
Viscount Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
Viscountess Ljudmilla von Konigsberg, Wyvernwood
Award of Arms – Jenny Scarlet called Red Jenny, Wyvernwood
Winner of Troubadour Laureate, Meridies
Lord Morric Haast, Wyvernwood

Doomsday List
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX 4-13/14 Bay Area Ren Festival (Non-SCA event) “once again the Bay Area Renaissance Festival in Largo Fl is holding a Domesday List for all interested fighters from the Principality of Trimaris at the festival grounds on East Bay Drive. The prize is a merchandise credit of no less than $100 with the merchants and vendors participating in the festival. contact Hon. Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere.

Sea War I
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX 4-19/21-85, The time is upon us when we must once again raise our armies and prepare to do battle – for the sake of doing battle. The participants in this years conflict have been determined (after a long process of deduction) On one side of the battle field shall be the forces of the Principality of Trimaris and allies and on the other side shall be the forces of the Kingdom of Atlantia. These two great armies shall meet in this historic battle in the southern reaches of Atlantia at Sweetwater Lake (near Orangeburg SC). There will be a Bridge battle, Field battle and a Portal battle.
An Crosaire Heralds Report Duke Merowald organized and helped make 15 Baronial war tabards for the war with Atlantia. Gennavieve made a new Baronial Herald’s Tabard which was all embroidered.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds, Vol.4, no 5, May AS XX,
At the court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Order of the Velvet Owl – Lord Morric Haast, Wyvernwood
Order of the Argent Shield – Viscount Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
At the court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Award of Arms – Wihtgar Silfrhar, Sea March
Duke Sir Merowald Sylveastan took Kellen Slyvan as Squire

Seagate Elementary School Demo
on 4-25-85, the members of Ac’Scrin demonstrated basic heraldry with a history of the evolution of heraldry, medieval dance, costumes through the middle ages and the class structure of the middle ages and why it was this way and how it worked.

Ft. Myers Elementary School Demo
On 4-27-85, seven members of Ac’Scrin assisted Glymmerholde at the Ft. Myers Elementary School put on a fighting exhibition.

Tourney de Sol
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX 4-27-85 Where the Sun Vanquishes Winter – all ye Lords and Ladies who are friends and members of the Shire of Sangre del Sol, come and celebrate the 9th anniversary of the shire, come and enjoy the fun and pleasure of a medieval Spanish feast, challenges and melees, singing, dancing and a bardic circle, and not to be the least, the Tourney of the Sun. Autocrat Edwina of Wiltshire, Feastcrat Lady Margarithe del San Gimignano.
A one day celebration of our Shires’ anniversary held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Lauderdale. There were 9 fighters present, Wihtgar Silfrhar won the list and Erik Keveld Ulfir was recognized as the most chivalrous fighter. The winner of the list received a banner. Feast was a modified pot luck. Natasha from Sea March served as chirurgeon. We had 45 to 53 gentles attending, several stopped in on their way elsewhere. The only problem was the site was double-booked, and the second booking is permanent, which means we will no longer be able to use this marvelous site for small local revels and feasts. Seneschal’s report Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph

Deja Vu
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, No 3, March AS XIX The Shire of Sea March invites one and all to the “Deja Vu Collegium” on 5-3/5-85 at the Corbett Youth Conservation Camp. There will be classes, games, entertainment, feasting and for the hard-core fighters a Sunday Crunch. melee combat only, no list is planned. Autocrat Dymphna de Reynard, Feastcrat Brandwyn Faer.
The Shire of Sea March held the event, Deja Vu, on 5-3/5-85, at the Corbett Conservation Camp in West Palm Beach. Attendance was between 45 to 50 gentles. Arts & Science classes and Fighter classes were held. Dancing and other entertainment rounded out the weekend. the Autocrat and Feastcrat were first timers and allowed to work on their own. There were some errors but overall, the event was well planned and run. The feast was excellent, as were the two breakfasts and the impromptu lunch. There was quite a bit of food left over, which was donated to a charity organization through the head of the Camp site. Seneschal’s report, Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah
At the court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha (with permission of TRM Erin & Bronwen)
Award of Arms – Cara Angiola di Boccacio, Sea March
Natasha Varvara Stoianova, Sea March
Silvyn Macleish, Sangre del Sol
Jason the Fletcher, Sea March

Trimaris Memorial Tourney and Crown List
5-24/26-85, Hosted by the Barony of An Crosaire. This great event will be held in the town of Orange Springs at Camp Kateri. This will be mainly a tenting event with limited cabin space. There will be a grand feast on Saturday. There will be classes, games, swimming, bardic circle, dancing and a masked ball, principality picnic and of course The Lyst. Autocrat Carmenette Rodriguez
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.4, no 7, July AS XX
Winner first Trimaris Crown List –
Viscount Baldar Longstrider and consort Viscountess Ljudmilla von Koenigsbert.
King’s Champion – Viscount Master Sir Sakura Tetsuo

At the court of TRM Erin and Bronwen
Order of the Laurel – H.L. Holtmar Wyrhtenatun, Darkwater
H.L. Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire
Order of the Chivalry – Count Verron Wolfgang von Groth, Sea March
Order of the Velvet Owl – Duke Syr Merowald de Sylveastan, An Crosaire
Viscount Master Sir Sakura Tetsuo, An Crosaire
Lady Anne Embry, Blackthorne
Grant of Arms – Lord Erik Loren Elcara, Darkwater
At the Court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Award of Arms – Ann Ora
Delilia di Castillo Luna Rosa, An Crosaire
Treve Morningstar, Brineside Moor
Aislinn Columbia of Carlisle, An Crosaire
Bridget Caileen of the Moors, Sea March
Marguarite Isadora de Riva, Wyvernwood
Michaela of Heron’s Rest, Starhaven
Amber Skye Ravenbroke, Glymmerholde
Alain Picot de Boisfeuillet, Glymmerholde
Viscount Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took Lord Wihtgar Silfrhar of Sea March and Bryce Pachaz of Southkeype as squires
Sir Quentin ap Rhys took Lord John Olafson den Kristlig of Darkwater as squire.
Master Ragnar Hardraada took Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon of the Ruins, as apprentice.
H.L. Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi named Lady Sara Tegan E.F. Holden of Wyvernwood deputy Chronicler
Master Ragnar Hardraada named Adian the Nimble of Wyvernwood as deputy Minister of Sciences.
At the Curia Court of TRM Erin and Bronwen and TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Order of the Velvet Owl – Lady Glyn ni Owein, Fiach Ogan
Lady Anna Alicia Rheinhardt, Darkwater
Grant of Arms – Lady Muireann Deora-De of Rivercroft, Starhaven
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – H.L. Atalaya la Sandora
Award of Arms – Dirk Karlson, Ac’Scrin
Vassilaskis of the Amber Shores, Narval Dorado
Uriah Lightfoot, Castlemere
Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Darkwater
Order of the Cygnet – Lord Jason the Fletcher, Sea March
Order of the Meridian Cross – Lady Constanza di Firenze, Oldenfeld
Lady Suzanne Barineau, Oldenfeld
Order of the House of the Serpent’s Torque – Lord Treve Morningstar, Brineside Moor
Alanna Gilmore, An Crosaire
Lady Delilia di Castillo Luna Rosa, An Crosaire
Count Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth took Lord Gunnar Iain Danski, called the Wooly, of Wyvernwood as squire

Seneschal’s Report, Siena Severn – there were approximately 350 people on site. The crown list consisted of 10 fighters with 1 by-fighter. The novice list had 26 fighters participating. The only injury I am aware of was one of our local members, Helen, who fell and pulled her kneecap out of place. She is recovering well. All of our people who received awards well deserved them and the Barony is very proud of them. There are others who have contributed much to our Barony and to Trimaris. These people are the new members of An Crosaire and without their help TMT would not have been the same.

AS XIX (1984-1985)

Flyer, Talewinds vol 4, No 5, May AS XIX 5-31/6-2-85, The Shire of Glymmerholde proudly presents Revel- ution. Usually we host the Really a Revel about this time, but we admit we’ve grown tired of the name. This year, in honor of the impending independence of Trimaris, we have dubbed our spring event REVEL-ution. Wherein will be… the traditional Pixie Palace Competition with a prize to each contestant, the traditional NO free lunch,(bring your own) and the innovative and unusual and non- traditional, Round Robin, Sovereign of the Waves, Florentine Naval Joust. Also the traditional Pixie Dig will round out the festivities. Listed autocrat: Lord Aldrich AtWater and Feastcrat Sebastian Hunter, called the Mad.

Baronial Council
At the Baronial Council in the Barony of Darkwater on 6-2-85, the Hon Lady Arianne des Jardin, Baroness Darkwater, resigned her coronet and position due to a mundane relocation taking her outside the boundaries of the Barony.

6-1-85, The Shire of Southkeype held an event

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
6-14/16-85, The Shire of Narval Dorado held their anniversary event

Peasant’s Revel
On 6-15-85, a revel was held by the Barony of An Crosaire at the home of the “Trimarabears” Attendance was outstanding – 30+. There was a pot Luc dinner with games and revelry after. It was a wonderful change of pace.

Search for Byrgangeld
Flyer, Talewinds Vol.4, no.5. May AS XX On 6-21/23-85, The Shire of Ac’Scrin presented their event at Camp Honi Honta “Greetings to all good gentles of Trimaris. The Shire of Ac’Scrin is sending out a call to join us in a Quest. Thy skill and courtly grace will be put to the test. The prize will be a treasure of gold. There will also be a List for the hardy of spirit and Lawn Games for those less strenuously inclined. A delectable feast will be held under the stars in true summer medieval fashion. Autocrat: Cherie Elaine Viau, Feastcrat: Heindrik von Guggenheim.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds Vol.4, no.8. August AS XX At the Court of TH Seosaidh & Elitha
Award of Arms – Majir the Blatant, An Crosaire
Cherie Elaine Viau, Ac’Scrin
Annelise AtWater, Glymmerholde
Arvon AtWater, Glymmerholde
Seneschal’s Report, Lord Dirk Karlson – The event was attended by about 25 people. There were 8 fighters in the list, no injuries, no problems, no profit.

The Last Triad
7-5/7-85 The Last Triad will be held at the YMCA camp in Land ‘O Lakes Fl. as with last year, the even will be camping only under the blazing sun of Trimaris. As always, it will be hot. The feast will be put out by none other than the first crown prince of Trimaris, Viscount Baldar. This is Trimaris, we would not think to subject our people to nothing but classes for an entire weekend. In addition to the Collegium, swimming is available, the passing on of both the Troubadour and Masque Laureates, and there will be a caucus of those who have held the positions of either Poet or Troubadour Laureate in the past. There will be fighting if the foolhardy can be found in sufficient numbers and dance for those who manage to maintain their fluid balance. Autocrat Lady Elena, Feastcrat Viscount Baldar.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds Vol.4, no.8. August AS XX
At the Court of TRM Erin & Branwen
Award of Arms – Gillian Tayce Sym, Peregrine Springs
Order of the Meridian Cross – Lady Fara Steinhauser, Peregrine Springs
HRM Erin Breck Gordon has taken Hon. Lord Morric Haast of Wyvernwood as squire
At the Court of TH Seosaidh & Elitha
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – H.L. Glyn ni Owein, Fiach Ogan
Order of the Silver Trident – Countess Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
H.L. Jean-Philippe Duvier, Blackthorne
H.L. Gwendolyn Mary Douglas, Wyvernwood
Award of Arms – Lance Nystom, Storm
Geoffrey Maynard of York, Starhaven
Brian MacNaughton, Oldenfeld
Order of the Emerald Sea – Vasilikee, Southkeype
Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah, Sea March
Viscountess Mistress Sakura Kimineko, Baroness An Crosaire has taken Lady Eglantine de Wolfe of An Crosaire as an apprentice.
Mistress Damara Narrissa has taken Gideon of Galloway as an apprentice
Master Ragnar Hardraada has taken Adian the Nimble of Wyvernwood as an apprentice
Baron Master Taliesynne Nycheymwrh named as Deputy Triskele Herald the H.L. Erik Loren Elcara of Darkwater

Lady Majir the Blatant won the Masque Laureate competition
Lady Esclairmonde Shantry won the Troubadour Laureate competition

St. George Heraldic Faire
On 7-12/14-85, the Canton of Mathom Trove sponsored the heraldic symposium.

Summer Viking Raids
7-19/21, this was an unofficial event but all seneschals were sent flyers. Approximately 25 people attended and the Vikings won the war. Meat pies were available and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

First Sword of the Paladine List
8-3-85, The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites one and all to attend the Collegium and First Sword of the Paladine to be held at T-Y Park in Hollywood, FL. come and develop your fighting skills and enter the list in the attempt to capture the title of the First Sword of the Paladine. This event will include a Fighter Collegium and the First Sword List. There will be a small revel at a shire members home immediately after the closing of the park. Autocrat: Lord Roland.
Winner of the List: Count Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth
Runner-up: Lord AEdric Hrothgaresun
Count Sir Verron has taken as a squire Egil Svenson of Darkwater

Pennsic XIV
8-16/18-85 the war was held on this weekend. on 8-17-85, AS XX, By HRM Erin Breck Gordon, King of Meridies the Order of the chivalry, Knight of the Society for Creative Anachronisms was awarded to HRM Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood.

Not Going to Pennsic Revel
Flyer, Talewinds, vol.4, no 8, August AS XX Barony of Darkwater, 8-17-85. “Are you dismayed, upset, aggravated because you’re not going to Pennsic. You won’t be there for the camaraderie, reveling, drinking, fighting the Honorable Foe, the plague, famine, high taxes and natural disaster. Those of us in the same position in the Barony of Darkwater do bid our fellow stay-at-homes to the Darn! I Couldn’t Go to Pennsic’s Revel. We will lift our spirits (and take long draughts) and offer a day of light humor, 2 hours of Roller Skating in garb (featuring jousting and dancing – come “armored” appropriately) and an evening of reveling” Autocrat Raedwulf Hrothgareson.

Channel 5, Public TV Fund Drive
On 8-23-85, the Barony of An Crosaire participated in TV-5’s fund drive. We answered phones from 5:30 pm to 11:00 pm in costume and were introduced as the SCA during the showing of Camelot.

First Trimaris Coronation
8-30/9-2-85, Flyer, Talewinds vol 8, August AS XX Know ye all that upon the day of Aug 31 AS XX, shall be established the Kingdom of Trimaris. The baronies three, Wyvernwood, An Crosaire & Darkwater with great pleasure do bid subject of barony, shire and canton alike unto the coronation of Baldar and Ljudmilla as first Sovereign and Consort of Trimaris at Camp Wei Lani, Tarpon Springs, FL.
Upon the day of Sunday, the first day of September, ye hale and hearty warriors of ye Kingdom shall gather to determine, by might of arms, who shall next be to bear the Helm of the First Sword of Trimaris. Event Coordinator, Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn, Feastcrat Coordinator Viscount Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon.
This event has gone down in Trimarian history as Coronothing. On 8-30-85, Friday night, as a multitude of Trimarians settled in at Wei Lani and many more were on their way to the First Trimarian Coronation, Hurricane Elena was also on its way. Wei Lani is directly on the Gulf of Mexico and the park ranger, afraid of severe flooding, closed the camp ground and ordered everyone to abandon the area. Trimarians were forced to scatter everywhere, some with only the garb they were wearing – many having the roads closed behind them immediately after passing. A good number of Trimarians were forced to find refuge in the mundane hurricane shelters. Story after story was related of Trimarians finding the shelters in dire need of assistance immediately pitched in and cooked or entertained or generally made themselves useful to the shelter staff during this emergency.
Talewinds Vol.4, no.10, October AS XX Unto the good people of the Kingdom of Trimaris, greetings from the Hon. Lady Glyn ni Owein, Seneschal of Trimaris, on this third day of September, AS XX. On Sunday, September 1, at 4:53 pm, Trimaris became a Kingdom through the Coronation of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla, King and Queen of Trimaris. To the many people frustrated in their pilgrimage to this most auspicious event by Hurricane Elena’s wrath, know and understand that the short, simple Coronation was held to finalize our most ambitious hopes: the advancement of the Kingdom of Trimaris. Inasmuch as it was felt that our past labors to this goal and our mutual anticipation should not be thwarted by acts of God or governor, it was decided to continue with the planned event to the best of our severely limited abilities.
To the very many disappointed in their nonattendance and to those very few questioning the lack of widespread invitation, pray let me convey to you some thoughts on the matter. After evacuation time Saturday morning, nearly 100 people were relocated to the safety of Wyvernwood; hence, for minimal travel distance for the majority of those who had to be there, Master Ragnar’s house was chosen as the site. For all not warned of the imminence of Coronation, safety was the factor. For those within ten minutes of the site nor forewarned, size of the accommodations was an additional factor. Surely, even in our overwhelming desires to be a part of the occasion, none of us wished to become a statistic. Even less would we have wished to burden our noble King and Queen’s hearts with the belief that a life or their sake. As it happened, as of this writing, not one person of all the faithful Trimarians and gracious guests was injured, a fact that permits us all to breathe a heartfelt sigh.
As to the question of funds, my deepest apologies; but, the hurricane must be considered an act of God. The camp was already paid for, the food purchased and printing and mailing finished. To refund monies is quite impossible. The perishable food was donated to several mundane shelters as well as distributed to SCA shelter homes with very little waste. All was not lost, however, in that the meat was kept, and will be sold to Wyvernwood at a reduced rate with the result that all those who had advance feast reservations for Coronation will receive a $2 rate reduction at Wyvernwood’s Baronial Bash, Oct 25-27, at Camp Keystone. It is at that event that a formal affirmation ceremony with all due panoply will take place, restating the just and rightful claim by Baldar Longstrider to the Crown of Trimaris with Ljudmilla von Konigsberg his chosen consort. Oaths of fealty will be made at this time as will the reading of the Laws, along with the bestowing of the awards that were to take place at all three courts this past weekend.
Those unable to attend Bash but were in attendance Sunday evening were able to swear fealty as the King and Queen sat in state, at which time the Laws were signed. The earliest publication date of the Laws is the October Talewinds, although all seneschals received a copy with this missive. God save the King. God save the Queen. God save the people of Trimaris.
Talewinds Vol.4, no.11, November AS XX Unto the Good populace of the Kingdom of Trimaris from Master Ragnar Hardraada and family. This report is being issued in an effort to keep the populace of Trimaris informed on a serious matter that has come before our Kingdom and to ask for your help and understanding.
On Friday, Aug. 30, 1985, Lady Brenna and I each took the day off from work (losing a day of professional pay) in an effort to acquire food, at a wholesale price for Trimaris first Coronation. Between the hours of 5:30-5:50 am, while in the Farmers Market on Hillsborough Ave. in Tampa, my truck was burglarized. Entry was gained to my vehicle by breaking a window. The contents of the cab were rifled, Lady Brenna’s wallet, with credit cards and $70.00 in cash were stolen. The burglar discovered a cash box under my front seat counting $1,513.00 of Kingdom money. I had received the money from the Kingdom Exchequer to cover food and other cash expenses for this event. Not wishing to carry the total amount on my person I divided the money approximately in half. I carried some on my person, the other portion I believed to be safely locked in my truck. (the attached police report will state all the detailed information). My insurance company covered only $200 of the stolen cash (policy limit) and $33 in personal property stolen. I have turned over the total amount $233.00 to the Kingdom, leaving a balance of $1280 in missing funds.
To be as fair as possible to all those who registered and paid for coronation, I believe the Kingdom will refund whatever money can be recuperated from this event. The frozen meat and other non-perishable food items will be sold, at full value, to those autocrating Martinmas. This money will be part of your refund. The Girl Scout council will refund all of the site fee, with the exception of the cost for one damaged and one missing mattress. This amount will also be incorporated in your refund along with the on hand cash left over at the end of the event. The perishable food items will be written off as a loss. Some of the food items were distributed as best as possible under the hurricane conditions to those housing members of the populace evacuated from the site. The remaining perishable food items were given to mundane shelters and churches to help feed the general public. If this was not done the food would have spoiled and have been of use to no one.
On, very touchy matter remains, the unrecovered $1280 (after insurance claims) of cash stolen from my truck. I understand that each of you are entitled to as much of a refund as possible. If you paid $17.00 for the event, your share of the $1280.00 would be $3.99, $6.00 day trip – $1.41, $12.00 day trip – $2.82. This amount is not an extremely large one but multiplied by 350 people it equals $1280.00.
Considering the service my family and I have freely offered to Trimaris for the past five years I am asking for your help in this matter. If you can put yourself in my place, knowing that this could have happened to anyone of us, being beyond my control, and are financially able, I ask that you forgive my family and I this debt. If anyone feels that this would work a hardship on them, I will totally understand and will gladly refund to your entitled amount. This request will in no way effect our individual relationship, for I realize that any money is a lot when you don’t have it to spare. Thank you for your time, consideration, and understanding in this matter. Ragnar Hardraada and Family.

Collegium Chirurgia III of the Kingdom of Trimaris
Flyer, Talewinds vol 9, September AS XX The Shire of Glymmerholde once again proudly presents the Collegium Chirurgia to be held on 9-13/15-85 for the purpose of furthering the aims of those pursuing the much coveted title of Chirurgeon. Classes in CPR, Multi-Media First Aid, blood pressure and vital signs, heat stroke, heat exhaustion, standard first aid and others. The Collegium will be held at Camp Honi Honta in Bradenton. Autocrat Aaron Kelson Gryphus, Feastcrat Ld. Arvon AtWater.

Flyer, Talewinds vol 8, August AS XX On 9-21-85, Bards or all ye who would be known as such, make ready. The infant Canton of Loch Griffin is holding a bardic fest. There will be competitions in the area of poetry, music, performing arts. Prizes will be given. There will be a list Saturday afternoon for all ye violent types. The site is Wekiva Springs and is tenting only.
At the Court of HE Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Baron Darkwater
Order of the Trident Keype – Laird Alasdair Francis MacDonald
Lady Islay Elspeth MacDonald
Winner of the List – Sir Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys

UF Demo
On 9-26-85, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo on the lawn of the Ritz Union at the University of Florida. 17 members of the Barony participated from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm. There was an non- official revel prepared for 9-27-85 for all our new members and those who showed interest at the school demo. We attracted approximately 6-10 potential new members.

Autumn Allthing
Flyer, Talewinds, vol.4, no 8, August AS XX Southkeype presents Autumn Allthing on 9-27/29-85, at South Florida Youth Conservation Camp at Corbett Fl. Fighting – lysts for lance units, water boffer battles (rubber rafts welcome but life vests required); Archery practice, range available. Competition – Best banner on site; best couple at the dance; Paladine Lance Drill competition. Brewers Guild consortium – bring your brew for sampling and your recipes for publication. Classes – falconry and dancing; Bardic circle on the island. Authentic Viking fare begins Saturday morning. The ‘crats request garb at all times on site. Come Viking if you can at the request of TRH Baldar and Ljudmilla. Autocrat Vasilikee, Feastcrat Ana Isabella.

Seneschals report There were approximately 59 people attending. At the Champion of Trimaris list there were 18 entrants. Winners of the list were:
1st – Cedric Steinhauser
2nd – Wihtgar Silfrhar
3rd – Juan Carlos Perez
There were 3 lances (9 men) entered in the Lance List. Winners were:
1st – Wyvernwood
2nd – House Gold Star
3rd – Southkeype
Brewer and Vintners’ contest winners
Best overall – Necene of Antioch
Best wine – Alexander Mareschal
Best mead – Necene of Antioch
Best Liqueur – Colin O’Lochlain
Crown’s Award for Chivalry – Wihtgar Silfrhar
Award to the most attentive lady to her lord – Erik Bjornsdottir
Award of Chivalry from Southkeype – Count Sir Verron von Groth
Best couple at dance – Sigurth Tryggvason & Ingebord Thorfinnsdottir
At the Court of Their Royal Majesties Baldar and Ljudmilla
Award of Arms – Sigurth Tryggvason
Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez
Order of the Silver Trident – H.L. Asa Thorfinnsdottir

Lammas Tide
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 8, August AS XX Come and join us in Darkwater as we celebrate Lammas Tide on 10-4/6-85 at Camp Wewa in Apopka. Come fight in the Champion of the Harvest list. The fun of the Glaive Pumpkin Carving. Then relax and enjoy the Harvest Feast. Autocrat Ld. Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Feastcrat. Lady Serina Vigdis Wulfsdottir.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Court Barony – H.L. Arianne des Jardin, Founding Baroness Darkwater
Award of Arms – Raedwulf Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Sine Gillian MacDonald Darkwater

City of Gainesville Demo
On 10-7-85, the Barony of An Crosaire was invited by the City of Gainesville to attend a day of festivities promoting the city. The Barony agreed to do a demo on the lawn of the Alachua County Courthouse on Main Street from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. 25-30 members showed up to help out and many people enjoyed watching as our fighters displayed their talents.

Academie of Armourie
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 9, September AS XX Does this blazon make any sense to you? It means that Starhaven is hosting the October sitting of the Academie of Armourie at KARS Park on the west shore of the Banana River, in conjunction with their Mullets Rampant Event. Please bring your tents, your tabards, your device submissions, and your feast gear and spend the weekend with Lady Strider and the fabulous cooks of Starhaven.

Mullets Rampant
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 9, September AS XX On 10-12-85, There’s Something Fishy Going On! Well, good gentles you’ve heard about he Festival of Falling Mullets, now hear this! In cooperation with the Trimaris Heralds, Starhaven presents it’s annual Falling Stars (mullets) in conjunction with the Heralds Academie of Armourie. The following activities are planned: A lyst, Mechanically assisted Mullet Toss, practice in Lyst Heraldry, wet tunic contest, Court heraldry practice, loincloth contest, and more. Autocrat Francois le Renard, Feastcrat Ekaterina of Starhaven.

Scarborough Faire
10-18/20-85, Sangre del Sol was listed in Talewinds calendar as having an event – no other information is available.

Pioneer Days Demo
10-19-85 & 10-20-95 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo at McArthur High School in Pembroke Pines in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Pembroke Pines, called Pioneer Days. The Shire of Sangre Del Sol participated with aid from the Shires of Southkeype and Sea March and the Barony of Darkwater. A court was held by permission of TRM on the 19th. No awards were given. A single elimination list was held on the same day, won by Court Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth. A melee was held and was won by House Goldstar. A round robin lyst was held on the following day and won by Crispin of Darkwood.

Baronial Bash
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 9, September AS XX 10-25/27-85, The Barony of Wyvernwood presents Baronial Bash “13”. This years Baronial Bash will be held at Camp Keystone. We are looking forward to a weekend full of merriment as the Barony of Wyvernwood celebrates it Thirteenth year and the Kingdom of Trimaris celebrates it’s birth. Come and enjoy the festivities with us! Some of the pleasant distractions planned are: a prize list, filk song contest (the number 13 will be the theme), masked ball (come dressed as your favorite villain), a fabulous feast, bottle jousting. Autocrat Aidian Gerhart de Languedoc
Courts delayed from Coronation 8-31-85
At the Court of TM Erin and Branwyn
Grant of Arms – Rhys ap Emryss
Award of Arms – Wolfram Brandt
Order of the Argent Lily – Sakura Tetsuo
Elspeth Trelawney McNaughton of Lochawe
Order of the Meridian Cross – Sarah Teagen E.F. Holden
Elena Willemfostra
Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Order of the Sovereign’s Pleasure – Cedric Steinhauser
Order of Meridian Majesty – Fara Steinhauser
Order of the Guiding Hand – Eleabhach

Order of the Broken Brank – Lady Gwenelleth AtWater
Lady Cara Angiola di Boccacio
Lady Natalija Varvara Stoianova (Natasha)
At the Court of TH Seosaidh and Elitha
Order of the Silver Trident – Atalaya la Sanasora
Sakura Kimineko
Warjina zem Lyscil
Award of Arms – Damiana Barineau di Firenze
Martha Elcara
Raschid ibn Iacoob
Raedwulf Hrothgareson
Carmenette Rosa Diaz y Rodriguez
Alanna Gilmore
Ian the Bane O’Dowd
Morgan Morcheartaigh
Katherine Amalthea
Order of Trimarian Gratitude – Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Order of the Emerald Sea – Alys de la Mer
Atalaya la Sanadora
Martha Elcara
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Viscounty – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh & Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Order of the Pelican – Muireann Deora-De of Rivercroft
Cher de Bonvin de Bellevue
Order of the Laurel – Hollyn of Kestrelmere
Grant of Arms – Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart
Award of Arms – Catherine Elizabeth
Aidian the Nimble
Augmentation of Arms – Taliesynne Nycheymwrh yr Anghyfannedd

At the Court of TE Dikeuald and Alianore
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – Ute Gisela von Rheinfels
Aidian the Nimble

Martinmas Moot/Crown Tourney
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 9, September AS XX 11-8/10-85 Crown list will be held at Camp Wewa near Apopka. Herein will be the first Crown Lists overseen by a King of Trimaris, feasting, dancing, games and the competition for the title of Poet Laureate of Trimaris. Lady Vasilikee, Autocrat, Lord Juan Carlos Perez, Feastcrat.

Event report – 140 overnight, 61 day trip attended. Ld. Rurik Petrovitch Stoianova and Lady Serina not only did a major amount of clean-up but also stayed to usher the late-sleepers off site so that we of Southkeype could start our long drive home a little earlier. The members of House Blacksword, particularly Viscount Seosaidh, Erica Bjornsdottir (who washed most of the pots), Lord Roland Cataldo, Lord Rurik, Lady Serina, Lady Natasha (who volunteered as chirurgeon) and Tearloch spent most of Sunday morning cleaning the site. Many of them also volunteered for gate guard duty. Lord Eleabhack, called the Harlot served as gate guard, served dinner, cleaned dishes, swept halls and generally made himself invaluable as usual. A member of the populace became intoxicated and passed out in TRM’s room. Queen Ljudmilla was kind enough to provide this gentle with a pillow and blanket and left him there for the night rather than have him dragged out.
Winner of Crown Lyst – Count Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth
Consort – Viscountess Wulfa Ericsdottir
Kings Champion – Ld. AEdric Hrothgarrson
Queen’s Champion – Earl Sir Aaron Breck Gordon
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Laurel – Lord Jean Philippe Duvier
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon
Order of the Silver Trident – Lord Stephan Magnus
Lady Kara Rowena Hawkwood
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Lord Ropesle de Sylveastan
Award of Arms – Ian of Ben Dubh
Thorkel Tryggvason
Gwynedd ferch Lyn o Gwynedd
Diarmid Alfred MacArt
Master Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun has taken as apprentices Lord Stephan Magnus of Darkwater and Mistress Muirean Deora-De called Strider of Starhaven
Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has taken as an apprentice Lady Ann Isabel de Barrios y Perez of Southkeype.
Mistress Warjina Waleska Kaztimir has taken as an apprentice Susan Vanham Langwiel of Narval Dorado
HRH Sir Verron Wolfgang von Groth has taken as a squire Lord Tancred Albrect of Wyvernwood.
Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo has taken as a squire Sean of Carric Fergus
Lord Dikeuald Cyn Arek, Baron of Wyvernwood resigned his coronet and retired as Baron of Wyvernwood.

Ruins Revel
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 9, September AS XX The Shire of the Ruins presents Ruins Revel and the Hero of the Ruins List to be held 11-15/17-85 at Highlands Hammock State Park near Sebring. Is there any in all of Trimaris who is skilled enough and strong enough to take Lord Ulrich’s title and become the second Hero of the Ruins? other activities shall include a dessert subtleties contest, a seneschal hunt, and a multi-media Phoenix art contest. Be forewarned that the site is tenting only and rather primitive. Autocrat Lord Kragon Darkvale.

Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 11, November AS XX 11-22/24-85, The Shire of Storm presents Caravanserai – a place where travelers can gather to rest, trade, relax and share good company. Shire Storm’s Caravanserai will be setting up at Citrus Horse Trails in the Withlacootchee State Forest. All gentles of a pre-1000 AD persona persuasion are invited to give this event a “Dark Ages Migrations” flavor, so all you Norse, Angles, Saxons, Romans, Celts, Visigoth, Vandals, Mongol, etc. can feel free to dust off the bunny furs and gaudy finery after the long hot summer. Activities – chariot races, an archery duel, backgammon and chess tournaments, most period campsite contest, melees, a 1 km footrace. This is a back to basics event. autocrat Ld Ropesle de Sylveastan. Domesday report states 18 people attended the event.

Ravensquest III
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 11, November AS XX On 11-29/12-1-85, The Shire of Fiach Ogan presents Ravensquest III, featuring the triple bane of Taxes, Plague, Natural Disasters. The all-new edition of Ravensquest this year will bring you – The Tavern, Woolly the Trimarian, IKAC Archery, and the ever popular Quest. Feastcrat Lady Anne of Fiach Ogan.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
A Court Baronage was bestowed upon Lord Erich von Kampf, Wyvernwood

Pirates Fest
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 11, November AS XX The Shire of Castlemere, Free Port in the North of Trimaris does open its sea gates to all who fare this way on the 12-7-85, come for a weekend of revelry, rapine, and plunder! plans for the weekend include: splendid feast and drink, gorgeous tavern wenches, traditional Pirate List: Sword and Dagger, boffer weapons only, open to all. Gambling and baming, stupendous quest for a pirate’s treasure. Beware! the Thieves Guild will be active! cutpurses and pickpockets abound! please bring red tagged items to help raise money for the kingdom. Pirate’s fest will be held at Camp Chowenwaw in Green Cove Springs. Feastcrat Lady Takara. Autocrat Rashid ibn Iacobb.

Byrgangeld II
12-7-85, The Shire of Ac Scrin held an event, Byrgangeld II

Yule Revel
Flyer, Talewinds vol.4, no 11, November AS XX Spend the Holiday at the Moor. The Shire of Brineside Moor cordially invites the populace of Trimaris to join the festivities 12-13/15-85 at Camp Honi Honta in Bradenton, FL. Come all ye combatants! there will be a Fighter’s List, Come all ye Scholars! there will be a pente list, Come all ye spectators! there will be a weekend of merriment. Autocrat Laura Kyburg Fealach, Feastcrat Andrew William Montgomery.

The Incipient Shire of Vaca del Mar formed
On 12-9-85, the petition for Incipient Shire status was forwarded to the Crown. The boundaries are West – St. Johns River & Lake George; North – Putnam County and Flagler County; East – Rt 11 to Rt. 92 to rt 415; South – Brevard County & Seminole County. zip codes 32002, 32720, 32724, 32721, 32723, 32005, 32706, 32012, 32713, 32028, 32725, 32738, 32725, 32722, 32744, 32763, 32080, 32090. The name Vaca del Mar is Spanish for Sea Cow and is in honor of the manatees who winter in the warm waterways near Deland. The slate of officers is:
Seneschal – Thomas Esteban de Guemes
Herald – Gunhilda Bjornsdotter
Mistress of Arts – Margaret Gee
Master of Sciences – Thomas Gee
Exchequer – Thomas of Redloch
Historian – Timothy McIlrath

Cross County Mall Demo
12-14-85, the Shire of Sea March held a demo at the Cross County Mall. Most of the shire attended the entire demo, from noon to 6:00 pm. We even had a visit from the Crown Prince and Princess, and the Prince Royal. We put on 3 “shows” which consisted of short readings about medieval Christmases, small lists, and much dancing. The demo was a great success. Seneschal’s report, Branwyn of Haven Isle

Wassailing Revel
12-21-85, The Barony of Darkwater celebrated the holiday season with a Wassailing Revel

Domesday Report – Ac’Scrin
Our year, 1985, has been fairly good for the group as it stands. We have 14 members in our Shire. Our most serious problem is the relative newness of many of our members and their inexperience in the SCA at large. During this past year, three members of our shire were awarded AOA’s, Lord Dirk Karlson, Lady Annalise AtWater and Lady Cherie Elaine Viau. Two events and three fighters were warranted. We held In Search of Byrgangeld at Camp Honi Honta and an invitational fighter practice held locally in Golden Gate and instructed by Lord Juan Carlos of Southkeype. Three members of our group became fighters recently and a livelier interest in both fighting and the Arts and Science has been observed. Through the next year we hope to encourage self education in all areas that relate to the SCA. We also hope to continue the interest in combat and armoring.
List of Officers for December 1985
Seneschal – Lord Dirk Karlson
Deputy – Darius the Elder
Herald – Damion Bloodstone
Deputy – Pierre Duvalier
Knights Marshal – Damion Bloodstone
Deputy – Morgana
Science – Darius the Elder
Deputy – Zeigfield
Arts – Lady Cherie Elaine Viau
Deputy – Kirsten Bergitta Hienriksdottir
Historian – Pierre Duvalier
Deputy – Kirsten Bergitta Hienriksdottir
Exchequer – Pierre Duvalier
Deputy – Lord Dirk Karlson

Domesday Report – Shire of Sea March
Sea March is a quiet little shire with perhaps, not the most ambition in the Kingdom. Still we maintain a fairly solid membership and manage to hold an event or two. The most serious problem with the shire is that mundane life takes priority over the SCA for nearly all of us. The majority of the members work on a daily basis and many also have families that require their time and attention. On the flip side, we do not have the back-biting and splintering so common in other shires. We genuinely like each other for the most part, and nobody pitches in like Sea Marchers when there is a call for aid. We hope to re-start classes in recorder, mask-making, boot, shoe and costuming as well as brewing and herbal medicines. We have one patron member (Lady Caroline merch Elwyn) and 32 sustaining members. Officers are:
Seneschal – Branwyn of Haven Isle
Deputy – William D’Averc
Arts – Mistress Damara
Deputy – Lady Adalhaid
Sciences – Lady Natasha Varvara Stoianova
Chirurgeon – Lady Cara Angiola
Deputy – Lady Natasha
Exchequer – Lady Cara Angiola
Deputy – Oriel
Marshall – William D’Averc
Deputy – Lord Wihtgar Silfrhar

Domesday report from Hon. Lady Glyn ni Owein to Mistress Hilary of Serendip.
Herein is the Domesday report for the Kingdom of Trimaris, being comprised of a total of three baronies, fifteen shires, one of which is yet incipient, and three cantons. As per your request I shall outline each of the groups and whenever possible include a noteworthy activity performed by the branch which has helped to solve problems, highlight Society, or enliven the Kingdom.

This is a small shire which boasts activities in the Arts and Sciences, with three of their twelve members receiving awards of arms this past year. This branch is to be noted for its creative problem solving techniques. When the tensions involving the change to Kingdom status and Kingdom Law stated to become noticeable, this group as a whole came to me to ask what was going on and why and what could be done to dispel the rumors. This is the only group that acted on a group level in a positive manner. They discussed the rumors that they had heard, presented their viewpoints, then listened to my reply and finished by consulting the Crown informally. As a result, tensions were quickly and easily dispelled. The next example of creative problem solving for this group was the ability of the various officers to realize that mundane tensions were seriously affecting their seneschal, but a wholesale housecleaning could be avoided through constructive reformation. The group chose a sound deputy, presented him to the seneschal, who was also presented with the reasons behind their action and now the group continues to run smoothly, the seneschal is still at the head but with the support he so desperately needed, and a painful situation avoided. As Lord Dirk Karlson was founding seneschal and has shone in the past, I was most reluctant to remove him, and as very glad that move was not forced upon me. The final instance of their level-headed manner in dealing with problems presented itself at their first event when a newcomer from a different group decided to leave the site for a farm adjoining it to sample a mushroom which proved to be toxic. The seneschal and autocrat were able to keep the problem to those immediately concerned, and when medical help as refused by the individual involved, they were able to placate the medical authorities called to the scene by the site chirurgeon. The seneschal and autocrat were also able to keep the problem within Society rather than involve mundane authorities, which the park ranger had suggested might be necessary. As a further note, the unchivalrous individual left the site and the SCA shortly thereafter. Communication level is high in this particular branch, a trait I sorely wish were to be found on a wider scale.

A barony boasting of 59 members, this is the home of Master Sir Sakura Tetsuo and Mistress Sakura Kimineko, Baron and Baroness An Crosaire. Their most noteworthy aspect is their close-knit functioning as a branch. Regardless of their numbers, this group is seen at events as an entity, works on projects as an entity, and promotes maturation as a reflection of the whole, rather than expecting education to be grasped at an individual, catch as catch can level so often seen in larger groups. They are currently working on an autocrat’s guide to painless events based on the experience of several of their members, some of which has been negative, but lessons well learned. One offshoot of the autocrating drive is the development of a group known as the Dome-crats, whose collective responsibility is the scheduling, development of lecture and activity information, and subsequent presentation of school demos. In order to be prepared to offer the Society and Medieval Life in a coherent style, these Demo-crats work together in choosing material, emphasis, and presentation. Another method of autocrat indoctrination is their revel committee made up of all those would be autocrats who must learn by doing through small local gatherings first. While this group has had the greatest difficulty in accepting our Kingdom status, it is hoped that time will heal all wounds, and the once supportive and active numbers in this branch will return to form.

This is another of our smaller shires as far as numbers are concerned, but whose presence is strongly felt in the area of arts and sciences. This group boasts two companions of the Laurel, a Countess, and several holders of grants of arms received through excellence in the arts and sciences. This group is not especially known for holding events, although it is a primary source of instructors for our semi- annual seating of the Regents College. Due to its location, this group works very closely with historical groups in St. Augustine, the country’s oldest existing town. While individual work abounds, the group as a whole pays a great deal of attention to its costuming, especially with an eye to authenticity. Members are used throughout Trimaris as sources for period costuming, fabric and trim appropriateness, and general how to’s in construction of garb, accessories and accouterments. It is also the branch that most loudly champions chivalrous behavior at all times, in Society and out. Blackthorn has never been one to avoid a challenge and recently sported the only female fighter to enter Crown List. I suspect that having mastered the arts and sciences, they now intend to reap glory on the field, and are hosting their first event in two years shortly – Sea Raids III, our annual convocation of the Trimarian-Atlantian War. A final “how we do it here” comment on this particular branch is that whenever a problem is encountered, their seneschal, who is a very strong leader, has ever stressed that the solution must be period, practical, but above all else, courteous. Her attitude has gone far towards producing a group molded around Society ideals.

This is a very small group that is struggling to keep its numbers steady while maturing within the group. Fortunately, the core group is stable. The branch is highlighted by its emphasis on travel. Since they are small, few events are held, but very many are attended and those doing the traveling are well known through their willingness to serve. The attitude is that feast is an important part of Trimarian events and it is a very good place to meet people, enjoy company and learn the necessary skills to eventually autocrat their own feasts. They cook, serve and best of all, have a very positive attitude towards washing the dishes. The people are constantly commended for their gallantry in staying up to clean a dirty kitchen long after the Feastcrat has been sent to bed. Another aspect of travel is this group’s work in the past with the Sarasota Medieval Faire, where the shire’s fighters have been known to participate in the Human Chess Match. I hope to see increased activity from this group in the future, as demos are planned and their new seneschal is starting to feel more sure of herself in the office.

Our youngest barony, this group is the seat of the Hon Lord Barar Aerik Udvarhelyi, Baron Darkwater and kingdom chronicler. While most of the individuals in this group are new to the SCA, this is our largest branch with 67 paid members and several non-paid active participants. This group is best known as Trimaris’ fighting machine. They have several authorized fighters and were the first to form a company in prince Seosaidh’s Royal Army. While the army has disbanded, the company has not, and all in the branch are constantly urged to do battle, including the women. A highlight from this group that is fun to pass on is that while several Trimarians make the annual pilgrimage to Pennsic War, no all of us can get there. As a result this group hosted “Darn, I Couldn’t Go To Pennsic Revel”, an in-garb roller-skating party and fool’s court. As King of the Fools, one Raedwulf Hrothgareson was dubbed Wallbane due to his antics on the skating rink floor. Not enjoying the name Raedwulf the Wallbane, the young gentle, now marshal of the group, was promised that should he win the Baron’s Champion Lists, he would be permitted to drop the new name. The incentive did push him to glory as the second place holder in the Lists, losing only to Sir Quentin. A Knight, after all, is a formidable challenge, even with such a prize.

Another very small, but significant shire, this group of eight people boasts a Knight, an Earl, a Countess, a Deputy Kingdom Marshal in charge of archery, the Provost and Martial Arts Dean of the Regents College, Kingdom Seneschal, Troubadour Laureate of both Trimaris and Meridies for the months of April through September, and due to a recent relocation, most importantly, Their Majesties King Baldar and Queen Ljudmilla. As for highlights, this group does well in just finding time to meet. Most of the group are authorized fighters, so a fighting quest was held in which teams had the right to war upon each other throughout the quest. We found this worked very well, although next year each team’s Marshall will be more circumspect in maintaining chivalry on the field. It was discovered that far more people than were anticipated decided to collect on any one team with the results being a three-way war. The quest booty was good at the tavern which was set up in full operation for the first time. Since donations were accepted rather than specific prices charged, we were able to get around the alcohol laws in Florida. Should any other Kingdoms choose to use a tavern as a fund- raiser, advise them to contact or create a brewer’s guild—the rices are better.

This incipient shire was created on Kingdom Day, the first group I had the privilege of recognizing, although the fact that the group and I have the same first name (the branch’s being Scot and mine being Welsh) was purely coincidental. The branch is busily working to take the Kingdom by storm. They are extremely active in historical studies, arts, sciences, and marshal arts. They have an extremely strong leader who knows very well how to adapt situations to people without alienating anyone. Inasmuch as this group rose from the defunct Sirrush Mir, a close watch has been kept for any of the old frictions, but to date, all problems have proved solvable with little tension. I have enclosed a short anecdote from their seneschal under separate cover to give you a good idea as to how this group operates. They have yet to do any demos or events, but are planning to do both in the near future. One of the most outstanding characteristics of this shire, and the key to how they do things, is the tight-knit companionship they promote within the shire, almost to the extent of clannishness except that no one in the shire is excluded. Their meetings are very organized, then followed by a social gathering to which all those in attendance at the meeting flock. As a social entity, this group has a high degree of loyalty, a strong sense of honor, and the ability to play the game right. My only regret is that because of the group’s youth, other older groups in the Kingdom are unwilling to follow their example.

Here is my demo group. If any one group has the fine art of public relations done to a science, this is it. Every month features at least one demo, but far ore often two and three are attended. While the demos have not increased their size as much as one would hope, the people do have an active community base which can then be used as an educational base for other groups wishing to learn more about public demonstrations. Most of the shire is mundanely interrelated, but the friction one would expect from occasional family squabbles is kept to a minimum, even though the seneschal and his wife, Kingdom Chirurgeon, are in the middle of divorce proceedings. (there is something in the water down here, I think– Gleann Dubh’s seneschal is in the same situation). They are firmly committed to personal growth while having fun, a goal to be commended, especially in that they have exhibited an ability to achieve it.

This is one of the older shires in Trimaris. They are currently attempting to expand both territory and numbers through greater interaction with the small colleges in the St. Petersburg area. Although most of the year the group was extremely quiet and relatively inactive, a recent seneschal change has produced a budding interest in war archery and improved relations with the rest of Trimaris. One of their recent activities, most helpful in our push for War, was the designing of an archery woods walk. In the course of the walk were stationed several fighters hidden, otherwise disguised, waiting to attack the enemy archers. The archers, using our new touch-kill system, permitted because of the full fighter armor requirements, engaged the fighters throughout the walk in an attempt to develop their speed and accuracy in detecting targets for their markland arrows. As a fighter archer, I found this exercise to be most helpful, especially since the site was heavily wooded and uneven. Adapting from clear field shooting to woods shooting was exasperating at times but most helpful, the results of which will be better seen at our war in two weeks. due to the expertise and enthusiasm of the group for archery, a shore that was rapidly losing all its fighters is making a strong comeback in the martial arts.

This group had a particularly rocky year. They held no events or demos, were almost invisible and progressed little except for two members who are squired to Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon. In November, their seneschal was involved in a very serious motorcycle accident, which as proved to be a blessing in disguise. The group rallied around the temporary seneschal s strongly that a group whose very existence was being seriously questioned is now growing and starting to be seen around Trimaris and Meridies. The former seneschal is now out of the hospital and has since given up all claims to the office for the betterment of the group, and will be able to fight in the War. Because of this close call, all local seneschals are required to have deputies, and other officers are strongly advised to do so. Contrary to tradition, these deputies must be approved by general consensus of the local group and then approved by the Kingdom counterpart so that no problems will arise with Kingdom Law should a sudden change be necessitated.

This is the Trimarian party shire. They have fun having fun. A primarily male group, there are a number of fighters, and this is their primary non-party emphasis. They enjoy hosting large events, bidding on at least two each year and winning at least one of those bids. Although they are a small group. because they need to import most of their ladies, the work force available is much larger. The seneschal’s attitude is very low-key but his report and those of his officers are almost always the first to arrive, rarely arriving even so late as the due date. Should an officer fail to report on time, he is immediately asked to retire, which thus far has been done with no repercussions or hard feelings. Because of his able blending of relaxed atmosphere with responsibility, this seneschal has held the office for over four years with no complaints from his fellow shire members. They have an excellent track record concerning demos, and hold an annual fighter’s Collegium as a park demo for the many Christmas season tourists our Kingdom gets. That more time is spent in the revel after the eight-hour demos is only natural, and does much to improve relations between the various groups represented when the fighter rivalry becomes a little intense.

As the home of Viscount Seosaidh mac Seosaidh, this group experienced a bit of limelight and subsequent growth of numbers in the early part of the year, followed by a great deal of personal development in the latter half of the year. A contender for the next barony of Trimaris, the people of this group are concerned with their image throughout the Kingdom. To this end, their activities have centered around visible functions, especially fighting. Both demos and events feature melees rather than simple lists in an effort to engage as many individuals as possible. Although the seneschalate changed hands recently, emphasis continues in the same general direction. I am greatly encouraged in their efforts to armor as man of their members as possible, as the interest in sciences is being richly developed. On fun activity that has become an annual event is their “Scots are Revolting” and Order of the Grey Beard Lists. By offering the melee between the Scots and the dread English, the group is able to entice much of Trimaris to make the long trek to that area just a short time before a major kingdom event, then the event has a true list involving only those fighters who are active and over the age of 35 years. This particular lists is often more grueling than one involving the younger crowd, and is always emotionally charged–who knows whether this is to be a last shot for any one of the aging fighters…There was a recent push by a very small minority to close the Order of the Grey Beard, but as one of the two beardless fighters who will soon become eligible for the Order, we ladies countered the effort and await next year’s battle. I’m sure the group will not dispense with one of the more unusual annual offerings.

When this group changed seneschal two years ago, it adopted a quiet perspective and has worked over the course of the year to improve its identity. Ever a hard working shire, it was important to the people to plug away at personal relationships and aid the nearby Prince Seosaidh. they had a brief respite from Royal pressures but now boast the present Crown Prince and Princess of Trimaris. Their recently retired seneschal is an extremely practical lady, very calm and level-headed, whose aims were to keep everything running smoothly regardless of pressure. As a result, whatever the political undercurrents were throughout the past year, this group has been content to strengthen rather than bicker and gossip. It is maturing nicely, and with its new emphasis on events, the trend set in its first few years of existence may continue of being known as a hard-working, close-knit group of mature adults. This is a good problem solving group as well in that any difficulties are spotted very early and put to rest, rather than waiting for someone else to come to the rescue, so to speak, when everything gets out of control. Again, mature adults who know how to play the game.

This is a very quiet, very small group, whose location between the larger groups to the north of the Barony of Darkwater and Gleann Dubh, and to the south of Sea March, Sangre Del Sol, and South Keype makes life a bit obscure at times. They do host one event annually, which is a standard lists, and they are seen aiding other groups on an individual level. One of their members was recently recognized as a companion of the Order of the Pelican, so it is apparent that although less visible than other groups, the people do have the same attachment to society, and a fervor can be seen in their heraldic arts and sciences. Due to their proximity to other, larger groups, this branch does have an advantage over others similar to it in that they are able to call upon, and receive help in the martial arts.

Much work has been expended in armoring up for the war and in maintaining a respectable fighter force, in spite of the small number of members. Their willingness to cooperate with other groups has been a great boon to me, as any isolationist tendencies would have been very negatively viewed by their neighbors, who are ever offering to aid them, whether the aid is desired or not.

This group was formed this year and was granted full status on Kingdom Day, In an area known for the advanced age of the majority of its residents, the group has fought hard to attract quality members. its primary activity for this year, and one that is expected to continue, is the involvement with the PBS station’s pledge drive that occurs on a semi-annual basis. The public’s response was good and the group was able to show off in a very positive light while being view for the four hours of the pledge session by the entire Bay Area. The other emphasis of the group is in classes and the work is very favorably displayed at competitions. Their primary stress of personal growth over numerical growth has kept their size small but manageable, while boasting the presence of Mistress Hollyn of Kestrelmere and the Kingdom marshal and exchequer.

This is another baronial contender, but with reservations. This group functions well together, but primarily because of the enthusiasm of a very small core group. It is the home of the Brewers’ Guild, and as such, has done much to aid Fiach Ogan in its efforts to maintain a Tavern at Kingdom events. This type of cooperation between groups almost 300 miles apart has been most beneficial to all concerned. When an autocrating group was need for Crown Tourney, this group volunteered to take it on only two months’ lead time. When food for our disastrous Elena-coronation was made available, the group purchased it at full price from the Kingdom, even though a higher price was required as opposed to the prices for meat in their area. They understand the problems of distance in traveling to their area, and so are willing to inconvenience themselves by hosting events in geographical areas more accessible to the general populace. In short, this group tries harder to make society life fun for all of us. One of the things they do make it all work, is to publicize above and beyond the norm. Flyers are a special effort they make to ensure event success. All events, save the hastily prepared Crown Lists, are planned well in advance, with appropriate information being circulated repeatedly, rather then the usual one-time flyer to the various seneschal and the newsletter. By going the extra distance in planning and carry-through, the group has made a very good impression, and needs only to learn to involve more of its people at the basic level, rather than having so much of the work fall on a few heads every time.

The first created by alphabetically last of our three baronies, life has been hard for this group. Many lessons have been learned, including just when things appear to be as bad as they can get, they will get worse. Also, it’s never over ’till it’s over, and always expect the unexpected. The first half of the year was relatively calm, although the Crown Lists in May started a trend that was to prove to be a true stumbling block to many of the key people involved in the barony. The lack of respect and medieval feeling on both sides of the dispute grew to be mirrored by the entire Kingdom, but the trouble started here. Since May, the group has been forced to reevaluate itself, one of the results of which being the resignation of its Baron in November. They are trying hard to rediscover how to play the game and enjoy the fruits of their labors. The one gratifying point throughout the ordeal is that this was the second-fastest growing group in the Kingdom, with a 100% retention rate of their newcomers in spite of the political undertones. On a positive highlight, it is to be noted that this is the group that kept their activity rate going throughout the summer. It is very hard to keep people off the beaches and in garb during the sultry summer in Trimaris, but Wyvernwood did succeed, even to the point of maintaining fighter practices in a Kingdom not especially suited to armoring up after May 1st.

This group experienced a seneschal change in May due to absence of reports. Having only the June- September reports, I shall attempt to outline some of this group’s activities. Their biggest problem seems to be rumors of event cancellations, the sources of which are varied and often attributed to the wrong person. Their only highlight is a determination to continue to exist, although they have little to claim in any of the arts and sciences. I have been in contact with their seneschal and they expect a full scale reworking of their shire with may assistance in January and to continue as long as necessary, until they have reestablished themselves as a working shire. Other activities do include an attempt to travel to as many other events as possible, and they try to send an instructor to Regents College events.

This group is affiliated with An Crosaire, and inasmuch as its seneschal has been in chemo-therapy for cancer, all information pertinent to it has been included in the Barony’s report. One side note, however, is that the group continues to host heraldic college sittings and is extremely active in the teaching of heraldry, customs, and courtesies throughout the Kingdom.

This group works very closely with its parent group, Darkwater, and is mainly concerned with continued existence. The major impetus is fighting, and the group is well represented at weekly fighter/armoring clinics and revels. Very little is done by this group on its own, with Darkwater’s advise and nurturing being sought at every opportunity. There is no desire for independence, but rather, all activities are approached with an eye for continued interaction.

This group is another of Darkwater’s children, but of a far different mien. Its strong desire for independence has been a source of aggravation to Darkwater since the start. It is known as a fighting canton, and boasts the Dean of Sciences and Registrar of the Regents College. Most of its people have been in Society longer than those of its sister canton, which may account for some of the lack of interaction, which is perceived by this group as being unnecessary. Their best highlight was Thanksgiving Dinner, attended by over four times the total group membership, In true Trimarian style, the dinner ended in a food fight, with the host and hostess’s parents joining in with the others. The idea behind the dinner was to give all those with no family or no place to go a warm SCA gathering in the true spirit of the medieval era. The chivalry of this group is its outstanding highlight, because this attitude of providing for others is a regular feature, not just something that happens once a year.

I am very grateful to be able to end this Domesday Report on such a favorable note. It is hoped that all will continue to improve, and that those with differences will continue to address their problems as private citizens, rather than kingdom. Thank you very much for your patience with me, I have learned a great deal in these past six months, and look forward to the rest of our time in service to Society. Yours as always, Honorable Lady Glyn ni Owein.

Trimaris History – 1984


Hero of the Chalice
Talewinds, Vol.3, no.1, January AS XVIII “The Barony of Wyvernwood will once again be host to the Hero of the Chalice Tourney to decide what brave gentle shall be known as “Defender of Wyvernwood” for this year. The winner of the double elimination list shall be given the prize of a hand forged/hand crafted sword made by the Warlord of Trimaris, Lord John Urquert, called Shark. This event shall also be the site of the first official Wyvernwood Pun-off! The contest shall be open to anyone who dares to enter.” The event was held at Camp Keystone 1-6/8-84 with the listed autocrat as Lady Rosalind Knightluster
From the Court of Their Highness Aaron & Linnea
Award of Arms – Sabine Astrae, Wyvernwood
Adalhaid of Oak Leah, Sea March
From the Court of Their Excellencies Dikeuald & Alianore, Baron & Baroness Wyvernwood
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – Wilhelm aus Schwarzwald
Hero of the Chalice Lyst winner – Rhys Brant, An Crosaire
2nd – Lord Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood

Event Report The Barony of Wyvernwood once more hosted its Hero of the Chalice Tourney this year. The Tourney was held at Camp Keystone in northern Hillsborough County on the weekend of January 6-8. It was attended by 107 gentles, including King Olaf and Queen Aislinn of Atlantia, Count Verron von Groth, Viscountess Wulfa Erichsdotter, Prince Aaron Breck Gordon of Trimaris, Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius and his lady wife Agrippina di Conti (heirs to the Coronet of Trimaris), Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, and numerous other folk of good renown.
The Chalice List was held to decide which doughty warrior would drink from the ancient Wyvernwood Chalice of Heros to win the title “Defender of Wyvernwood”, and to win the special prize of a noble sword offered to the victor by Lord John Urquhart, called the Shark, Warlord of Trimaris. This handsome weapon, hand-forged and finished by Lord John, was responsible for an unusually heavy and distinguished turn-out of combatants for this Chalice List. After titanic struggles of epic proportions, the list was won by the noble Reese from An Crosaire in a sudden-death match with Wyvernwood’s own Baldar Longstrider. Wyvernwood’s Lord, Baron Dykeuald Cyn Arik, placed third in the list. The list was followed by a series of general melees, hacking and slashing.
At court in the evening, Reese drank the ceremonial draught from the Chalice (note: the Chalice ceremony was introduced at the very first Wyvernwood tourney, thus forming one of the Barony’s oldest traditions), and received the sword from Lord John. Additionally, he was presented with a pair of handsome goblets by the Baron and Baroness in token of his victory.
Also during court, Sabine Astrea (Catherine Smith) of Wyvernwood was given an Award of Arms, and Wilhelm aus Schwarzwald (William Music), the Barony’s Deputy Science Officer, was awarded the Order of the Wyvern’s Scale. The Lady Cathlin Emryss was summoned before the Baronial Court and presented with a handsome ceramic unicorn of droll aspect in gratitude for her service to the Barony in that she did paint myriads of children’s faces at the Baronial encampment at the University of South Florida’s Children’s Festival in November (1983).
Court was followed by an excellent feast, featuring matzo ball soup, ham, peas and mushrooms, and other toothsome items. The feast was followed by general revelry and much jollity until all hours. The feast was marked by the first official Wyvernwood Pun-off; atrocious puns flew fast and far. When the verbiage cleared, Joseph mac Joseph stood victorious with Wihtgar judged as second most punful.
‘Twas indeed a memorable event. Not only was there good fighting, good eating, and good entertainment, but the Barony found itself $75.00 to the good exchequer-wise when accounts were rendered up. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Collier County Fair Demo
The Shire of Elderhaven reported that they had a display in the education tent of the Collier County Fair which ran from 1-12/22-84. The display consisted of costumes, illuminated letters, a model Viking tent, a poster showing how the English language has changed and basic SCA info. Attendance at the fair was approximately 70,000 people. While I know that not all fair visitors visited the educational tent, I think I can conservatively say that at least 10% (or 7,000) visitors saw our display. We had shire members at the display for 3 nights and gave away more than 150 two page handouts on the SCA to people who were interested. We are very proud of ourselves. Amy Lawson, Seneschal Elderhaven, Seneschals’s Report for January ’84

Twelfth Night/O.G.B. List
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII 1-13/15-84 (AS XVIII) Freeze no more, come south for the winter for Twelfth Night Revel in Sunny South Keype, Period dessert competition, and the Order of the Grey Beard Tourney on Saturday. This year’s theme is Life in a Medieval Castle, so bring your projects to work on, be prepared to sit and discuss, learn, teach, dance, sing, be entertained, this is a festive event so bring your banners.” listed autocrat Marguarite Alfredsdottir and Lord Alexander Mareschal.

Twelfth Night/Scottish Games
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII 1-14-84 Shire Darkwater’s “Twelfth Night” Celebration was held in conjunction with the annual Orlando Scottish Highland Games at Central Florida Fairgrounds. “Many Darkwater Shire members will be attending the games, then will journey to the home of newcomers Gil and Connie Knapp for an evening Twelfth Night Revel. Feast will begin sometime between 7-8 pm with the cutting of the 12th night cake. The fortunate lord and lady who chance to fine the magic pieces of cake will preside over the evening’s festivities as Lord and Lady of Misrule.” Listed autocrat Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi
Event report – The event, hosted by Shire Darkwater at the home of Fara, Cedric and Otto. It was a goodwill get-together with Shire Sirrush Mir, as well as a birthday party for Laird Gradhiel and Barar. Otto von Boetchitter secured the bean in the Twelfth Night cake and became Lord of Misrule. He selected Sine Gillian NicFarlane as his Lady of Misrule, and they held court. Laird Gradhiel was sentenced to drink milk (yuck!) before the crazed populace. Court was closed with the dethroning of the King and the ritual dunking into the fridged pool. Nearly 50 people attended from the Shires Darkwater, Shirrush Mir and the Barony of Wyvernwood.

St. Benet’s Feast
On 1-13-84 An Crosaire held their Twelfth Night “St. Benet’s Feast” Alanna Gilmore was Feastcrat for this event. Assisting with feast preparation were Lady Elitha, Del Marie, and Lord Elom and Lady Ara, who also did decorations for the hall. Among some of the many courses at this dinner were beef burgundy, beef stroganoff, walnut stuffed apples, a yule log subtleties and unicorn cake subtleties. In attendance were Debra Mack, Chuck Jones, Lady Ara, Lord Elom, Duke Syr Merowald, Mistress Siobhan, Master Jed, Del Marie, Rankin de Shea, Lord Knikolos Major of Salem by the Sea, Sienna, Tomas, Sir Tetsuo, Mistress Kimi, Lady Eglantine, Lord Andros and Lady Elitha.

Brownie Demo
On the evening of January 16, 1984 four ladies of the Barony of Wyvernwood Presented a medieval program for two troops of Brownies at Keystone Presbyterian Church in Keystone, Fl. The event began at 6 pm and concluded around 8 pm. The ladies appeared in period costume, taught songs, gave a heraldry lesson, talked to the Brownies about the Middle Ages, and treated the girls to the ever- popular activity of trying on the hats and costumes. The Lady Cathlin Emryss spent the evening primarily in painting hands and faces of the assembled Brownies with unicorns and other designs. Refreshments were served by the Brownies, In honor of the evening, the Brownies had (as a medieval costume project) made T-tunics for Barbie Dolls. It is, after all, the thought that counts, ja? Participating from the Barony were Baroness Alianore, Lady Cathlin, Lady Orianna Goldenhair and Lady Sabine Astraea. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Trimaris Arts & Science Faire
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII The Shire of Blackthorne is proud to be hosting the Trimaris Arts & Sciences Faire on 1-20/22-84 at Camp Chowenwaw, south of Orange Park. All major Arts & Sciences competitions in Trimaris have been shifted to this event. There are new categories “SCA Cartoon” and “Historic Presentation” (a two minute or less presentation of persona, must be in persona, accuracy is stressed) Questions about the Arts & Sciences should be directed to the H.L. Cedrin Etainnighean and H.L. Ragnar Hardraada. The Regents College will offer a full schedule of classes for all to enjoy while the competition judging is going on. The Thorn & Feather Inn will offer a lunch of stew, bread & cheese. Lady Alys de la Mer, of the Trimaris Goslings Guild, invites members and parents to breakfast on Sunday morning to discuss future plans for the Guild.” listed autocrat Magdalene Luscena Aisa Velasco, Feastcrat Takara-sama
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII A Letter was published from Cedrin Etainnighean, Mistress of Arts, Trimaris. “Here are the results of the Arts competitions from Arts & Sciences faire held 1-21/22-84 AS XVIII. A new judging system was used this time; two or three judges commented on the various criteria (technique, research, etc) and then decided upon an award. The award ranking were Extraordinary Merit, Special Merit, Honorable Mention and thank you for entering. The score breakdowns are as follows:
Extraordinary Merit 13
Special Merit 15
Honorable Mention 17
Thanks for Entering 13
total number 58
The Paramount of the Arts (an arbitrary number is assigned to each ranking and then the points are totaled the person with the most points is Paramount) this year was Eadwyn of South Downs and she was presented with a white pennant displaying a triskele and a harp. I would like to thank the following gentlefolk who helped with the judging: Mistress Kimineko, Mistress Queta, Lady Oriana, Lady Agrippina, Fionna, Mistress Elspeth, Lord Knikolos, Lady Anne, Millicent, Lady Merry-Felix, Lady Siobhan, Master Taly, Kawaishi-sama and Lady Ara.”
Event Report submitted by Shire of Blackthorne, Magdalene Luscena Aisa Velasco De Almeria: The entire shire helped with the event. We all did what we were suppose to do and pitched in where we could help to make this an event to be proud of. There was no real autocrat, the whole shire was the autocrat. Master Tally and Lord Knikolos ran the Herald’s help table, Lord Knikolos was site herald. Master Tally was Captain of the Servers. About 121 SCA folk attended and about 10 mundanes came to observe on Saturday. We were on Channel 4 news for around 15 seconds at 11:00 pm Saturday night. We were in the Jacksonville Journal Friday 1-20 and in the Florida Times-Unio n on Monday 1-23. The only poor note was that out of about 121 SCA folk, no one signed up for chirurgeoning and only a handful of people signed up for security and heralding. This was mentioned and needs to be worked on for future events. About the feast, the food was all good and we got many praise on the feast. Our Feastcrat bought all the necessary items and we had very little left over. I think that is a good job of budgeting.
The autocrat was Magdalene Luscena Aisa Velasco de Almeria; Feastcrat – Akira Noriuji-no Takara Sama, with assistants Raschid ibn Yacgoob and Fither Gormlaith Murrough; Reservationcrat – Lady Anne Embry; Securitycrat – Lord Noriuji; Hall Steward – Lord Knikolos; Firecrats – Robert Richard Bidwell of Oakham and Jacob Embry.
Awards given to shire members were:
Eleanor Powe – Ex. Merit – mens costuming 1300-1450; Hon. Mention – women’s costuming 1300- 1450 and Hon. Mention – woman’s headdress 1300-1450
Nakagawa Mashi Noriugi no Ienobu no Kami Toranaga – Ex. Merit – Historical Presentation
Margrethe Alfredsdottir – Special Merit – Embroidery
Geoffrey Marcus de Alton – Special Merit – Armoure
Event report from An Crosaire: Awards given to Barony members
Lady Ara – Ex. Merit for bread making; Lord Elom Ex. Merit for Norse cooking tripod and Sp. Merit for pennanular broach and a merit for his iron needle. Eglantine de Wolfe won H.M. for her sourdough bread; Warrick of Standen won Ex. Merit for his helm and for his suit of plate; Yonaton Moshe Bereb Avram Yitzhak won two Ex. Merit and one H.M. for his silver jewelry and he also took Paramount in the Sciences and the Trimaris Science Pennant. Aislinn Columbo of Carlisle took an Ex Merit and Special Merit for embroidery and Lady Elitha took a Ex. Merit in performing arts.

1-20-84 Blackthorne was featured in an article on the Arts and Science Fair in the Jacksonville Journal

1-21-84 Blackthorne was featured in a news report on the SCA and the Arts and Science Faire on Channel 4 TV News in Jacksonville

1-23-84 Blackthorne was featured in an article on the SCA in the Florida Times Union

Winter Stars
On 1-27/29-84 Starhaven held their anniversary event “Winter Stars” There were 18 people in attendance, due to very poor publicity. All participants were from Starhaven. Since the only active fighter there was also Starhaven’s marshal, they did not have a list. There was a chess competition and a scavenger hunt.

Tourney del Sangre Primo
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII “The Tourney of the First Blood will be held on 1-29-84 in Sangre del Sol. This tourney will allow new fighters to qualify and to fight in a list where they will not have to face the battle hardened veterans of Trimaris. Any fighter who has not entered more then two previous lists is eligible to enter. There will be small prizes for the victors. All “grizzled veterans” are welcome to come and fight challenge and melees after the list. Duc de Pot Luc will present a feast for your enjoyment and a revel will be held at a shire members home”. This event was held at Manor Pines Convalescent Center in Wilton Manors Fl. Listed autocrat Joseph mac Joseph.
Event Report “To the delight of 192 residents of the Manor Pines Convalescent Center, the days of the Middle Ages were brought to a colorful and realistic life Sunday in one of the free performances given by the Society for Creative Anachronisms” reported the Sun Sentinel. Many of the residents of the Manor Pines made costumes to wear for the event. Approximately 25 members participated in this event. There were 6 fighters present with 3 newly qualified. The winner of the list was Derek Stoian (later known as Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov) who received a pewter cup. The residents were also entertained by madrigal singing and skits performed by the SCA members. The patrons of the Convalescent Center appeared to enjoy the festivities and asked numerous questions about the SCA and the fighting. The feast was Duc du Potluck. At head table were Derek Stoian and his lady Elynnwey, and Sir Koppel and his lady Kara. Although the event lost money it was a fun and satisfying event.

1-30-84 Sangre del Sol featured in an article in the Sun Sentinel called “Duel Life”

Seneschal Report from Sangre del Sol for January ’84 reports changes in officers, new seneschal – Joseph mac Joseph, new marshal – Roland Cataldo, new treasurer/historian – Silvyn MacLeish, New minister of science – Lorenz Vonder Schwartzwald, new chronicler – Kathryn. Joseph reported that the group held 1 heralds meeting, 2 shire meetings, 4 fighter practices/armoring sessions, 2 costume workshops and 2 madrigal singing workshop this month. At Art/Sci the following members received awards – Joseph mac Joseph, Hon. Mention for a painted surcoat; Talisman, Award of Merit for bread; Elizabeth FitzRandolph, Award of Merit for potpourris.

Magna Carta
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII “The Tyrant is defeated!, King John is come to Runnymede to submit. He will sign the Magna Carta. One of the several copies of the Magna Carta sealed by John of England that June day in 1215 only a few copies remain. One of those original documents, the Lincoln Exemplary, is coming to Orlando for a two-week display 2-1/15-84 at the Orange County Historical Museum. Shire Darkwater has been asked to be a part of bringing this historical parchment back to Trimaris. We are building a war camp outside the museum 2-4/5-84 to lend an air of atmosphere to the first weekend of the exhibit. If your personal is of the early 1200’s, if you can make chainmail or arrows, if you can juggle or tumble or beg from passing soldiers, if you can offer brief talks about the life and times of King John, if you have a new period pavilion or forge or catapult that you want to show off – then come join us. Fighters are what brought about the Magna Carta, and Shire Darkwater is pleased to announce the first (and only) Runnymede List. This will be a two day list with Saturday’s winner meeting Sunday’s winner for the title of Champion of Runnymede. There also will be a prize to go with the title. Come join us for this historical happening.” Coordinator, Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, listcrat, Lord Gradheil Maccintsacarit.
List Winner both days: Picot Pierre Casier, Wyvernwood
Event Report On the weekend of February 4-5, 1984, the Barony of Wyvernwood assisted the Shire of Darkwater in staging a circa 1215 medieval war camp at the Orange County Historical Museum in Orlando in conjunction with the Museum’s display of the original Lincoln copy of the Magna Carta. The encampment consisted of two period tents and three canopies, richly garnished with banners, period camp furniture and other medieval paraphernalia. The Barony’s contingent consisted of an estimated 10-15 persons, not all of whom were present on both days. overall SCA attendance was probably 50 or more. During the two days, large numbers of mundanes visiting the Museum paused to observe the SCA encampment and learn about the 13th century and the SCA.
The event was highlighted by a two-day list, the winners of each day to meet with each other in final conflict for the prize of a handsome throwing axe made by Wyvernwood’s Lord Ragnar Hardraada. As it happened, the winner of both day’s lists was Picot Pierre Cassier of Wyvernwood. In addition to the list, numerous melees were held. The SCA participants in the event provided medieval “color”, both in the encampment and in wandering about the Museum in period garb.
On Saturday evening, a sumptuous repast was served by the Shire at an evening revel, featuring two roast turkeys, dressing and toothsome dishes beyond counting. Particularly welcome after a day in heavy mail and hot gowns were the hot tub and swimming pool at the home where the revel was held.
Present at the event was Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius, heir to the Coronet of Trimaris. Also present were Baron Dykeuald Cyn Aric and Baroness Alianore of Wyvernwood. His Grace Duke Merowald de Sylveastan honored the event with a visit on the second day of the event.
On Saturday, February 4, a television crew from Orlando’s Channel 2 visited the encampment, conducted several interviews and filmed various combat and other scenes. The resulting film was shown on the 5 pm and 11 pm news. The 11 pm showing was watched by the assembled multitude at the Darkwater revel with a video tape being made. It was a sequence about 3-5 minutes in length of outstanding quality. The interviews were excellent, and the overall appearance of the encampment and SCA participants did great credit to the image of the SCA. It was, I may say, the best television SCA sequence I have ever seen (allowing, of course, for the fact that I was one of the persons appearing in it). Baron Sir Bronislaus came off particularly well, as did a fierce combat sequence between Picot and Baron Dykeuald (complete with slow motion instant replay of the killing blow). The program was broadcast throughout the Orlando metropolitan area.
To sum up, the event was one that the Shire of Darkwater can be very proud of, as is the Barony of Wyvernwood for its part in making the weekend a success. Not only was the event enjoyable to the participants, but an immense amount of favorable publicity for the SCA was generated. And, as an important fringe benefit, the participants were able to take advantage of the rare opportunity of seeing the Lincoln copy of the Magna Carta, one of the four surviving original copies of this key document in medieval political history. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood
Event Report – In November, the Shire was approached about the possibility of participating in some way in the exhibition of the Magna Carta, which was scheduled to be in Orlando sometime early 1984. Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Arianne des Jardin and AEdric sunu Hrothgar attended a meeting of the Magna Carta Steering Committee in November, and it was tentatively agreed the shire would participate in the exhibit – perhaps in some type of color or demo capacity. The shire agreed, and it was decided our participation would be in the form of a two-day war encampment set upon the field of Rynnymede in June, 1215. A two-day list would help provide more fighters. The prize: a Ragnarrian throwing axe. At my best count, 105 gentles from throughout the Principality spent either one or both days with us, and far more that 750 mundanes spent time watching the list, roaming the camp and talking to members of the SCA about the SCA and medieval times. The winner of the list the first day was Picot Pierre Cassier of Wyvernwood, winner of the list the second day was Duke Syr Merowald de Sylveastan. Participants were from An Crosaire, Blackthorne, Castlemere, Darkwater, Glymmerholde, The Ruins, Sea March, Starhaven, and Wyvernwood.
Saturday night, a feast and revel was held at the home of Fara, Cedric and Otto. Fara was Feastcrat and spent several days in advance readying a sumptuous feast – that was added to by contributions from members of Shire Darkwater and guests. The revel was highlighted by a film report by WESH- TV in Orlando of the Magna Carta demo that day. The station devoted at least 3 minutes of air time at the end of the 11 pm news to the feature report. The shire is attempting to secure a videotape copy of the filmed report. Other publicity included a notice in the Orlando Sentinel, cover photo for the Winter Park Chamber of Commerce magazine, cover and article in February issue of Talewinds and two ads in the Orlando Sentinel (with artwork drawn by Elizabeth Nan Carey from a photo staged by Shire Darkwater and taken by Barar) submitted by Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, historian Darkwater.

2-5-84 Sangre del Sol featured in an article “The Knight Shift” in the local newspaper section Sunshine

Jacksonville Country Day School Demo
On 2-8-84 The Shire of Blackthorne held a demonstration at the Jacksonville Country Day School – Mrs. Virginia Meadows 9th grade class, 5 members attended

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII Once again, the Barony of An Crosaire celebrates St. Valentine’s Day, that day of love, romance, and beauty with a lusty massacre! Yea, verily folks, it’s our anniversary event, and in keeping with tradition, the event is strictly tent camping on 2-10/12-84, at Otter Springs Campground. Besides the ever-popular St. Val’s list and beat ’em-up, HRM King Syr Phelan, along with some of Meridies’ finest knights will be teaching classes in the Martial Arts in the afternoon.” Listed autocrat Prince Aaron Breck Gordon.
At the Court of Their Highnesses Aaron & Linnea
Award of Arms Katarina Maria Barineau Da Firenze, Wyvernwood
(formerly known as Fionna Mairi MacNaughton)
Winner of the Lyst: Lord Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
Event Report – This was the annual celebration of the founding of the Barony, celebrated by the usual friendly list. The infamous Poobah made a surprise visit (and hasty retreat) at this event.
Countess Mistress Elspeth marshaled the list, and Blackthorne’s Geoffrey Marcus de Alton was the first fighter in Blackthorne to be fielded.

On 2-16-84, two members of the Shire of Blackthorne posed for photography for the students at the Art Department of the University of North Florida.

Gainesville Civic Center Demo
On 2-17-84 An Crosaire held a demo with a theme of “A Night in Verona” at the Gainesville Civic Center. The Barony was asked to “lend color” to a fund raiser for the Gainesville Civic Ballet’s production of Romeo and Juliet. While Lord Andros and Warrick of Standen fought it out for the masses, Lady Ara, Lady Cher, Lady Elitha, Caitlin Steorra Morgan, Allessandra del Bochetto, Rankin de Shea, Lord Elom and Lord Ejvan Hvinurengispretta entertained, informed and answered questions and danced. The group also supplied medieval munchies for people to sample.

The Scots are Revolting (Again)
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 1, January AS XVIII On 2-17/19-84 at C.B. Smith Park, Sangre del Sol sponsored The Scots are Revolting (again). This is a war event and will be good practice for the upcoming Walt War. This event recreates the battle of Stirling Bridge, originally fought between the Scots and the English in 1297. In the interest of authenticity it is requested that everyone try to wear costumes somewhat consistent with this time and place. There will be a Bridge Battle, followed by pick up melees and Scottish Games followed by a full feast featuring period Scottish and English dishes. On Sunday a Novice List will be held. There are contests and prizes.” Listed autocrat Laird Joseph mac Joseph, Feastcrat Lady Talisman and Derek Stoian.
Event Report – “The Scots Are Revolting” was quiet for Sangre del Sol this time. We were expecting 80 people, and we had half that number. The English were obviously too cowardly to show up. Not only that, but there were rumors of another haggis making an appearance, I think that even scared off some Scots. Because there were so few people, we did not have out contests that we had last year, like “Best non-profane curse against your enemy.” Amazingly enough, it did not rain! But then, that was reason for shifting the event to February. On Saturday the Scots and the English fought a bridge battle, for a victory celebration, the Scots hanged the English commander – Terrell Dunstan Arminger.
Duncan of Darkwater won the novice tourney, Bryce of South Keype won the Stone Toss, Gregor O’Kennet won the Caber Toss, and Joseph mac Joseph won the wrestling tournament. There was no court and after feast a bardic circle was held. This event actually made a profit. The only disappointment was as usual, the lack of attendance from outside the southern three shires.
submitted by Silvyn MacLeish, Historian, Sangre del Sol.

Academie of Armourie
On 2-18-84 The Canton of Mathom Trove sponsored the Academie of Armourie

Mensa Demo
On 2-18-84 The Shire of Darkwater held a demonstration for the Mensa Group at the Howard Johnson Convention Center, Winter Park. The demo was arranged by Millicent Ros, who presented a slide show of “At An Event…” Barar emceed the demo. Giving persona sketches were Lord Theodocious, Elizabeth Nan Cary. Leopold Hringhorninson presented some Unicorn trivia, Lard Gradheil and Jean Claude armored and presented a fighting demonstration. Haran Kazar demonstrated his juggling. Nan and Constancia led SCA’ERS and MENSA members who joined in Port Siad. Numerous items of SCA crafts were put on display by members in attendance and those who could not attend. Also attending were Kristin and Tomas de Wolfe who also offered persona sketch. More than 100 shire brochures were given out to the nearly 130 MENSA members attending. Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, historian Darkwater

Bair Middle School Demo
On 2-24-84 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo at Bair Middle School in Sunrise, FL for approximately 150+ 6th graders. Five members of the Shire participated in this one hour demo.

Wyvernwood Armoring Workshop
On the weekend of 2-25/26-84 the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada held an armoring workshop at his home for the members of the Shire of Darkwater. The workshop was attended by half a dozen or so gentles from Darkwater, who during the course of the week end produced an amazing amount of plate body armor (enough, I was informed, to equip virtually every fighter in the shire). The Honorable Lord Ragnar not only made available the facilities of his well equipped workshop and provided skilled guidance and advice, but also opened his home to the visitors from Darkwater for bivouacking. At the conclusion of the week end, the Darkwater visitors attended a revel at Lord Ragnar’s sponsored by the Barony, and celebrated a week end well spent. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Wyvernwood Baronial Council
On Sunday, 2-26-84, Baron Dykeuald Cyn Arik and Baroness Alianore d’Astralis held council with the populace of Wyvernwood at the home of the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada. The council began at 2 pm. The topic of discussion was Wyvernwood’s preparations for the forthcoming investiture of Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius and Lady Agrippina di Conti as Prince and Princess of Trimaris at Camp Keystone on March 3, 1984. As the Barony was the prime sponsoring group for the event, the topic was one of great moment. Also discussed was the Barony’s crowning gift for the Prince and Princess. Following these discussions, the various officers of the Barony presented reports, requests and topics relating to their respective offices to the assembled populace. The council was followed by a bit of fighter practice. The evening was spent in revelry and good fellowship, “and a good time was had by all.” Lord Ragnar merits the Barony’s thanks for his great kindness in once more opening his home to a large, boisterous, and very enthusiastic rout of Anachronists. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Santa Luces High School Demo
On 2-27-84 The Shire of Sea March held a demo at Santa Luces High School by permission of Sangre del Sol, as the school is just over the border of our shires and attended by Sea March members. participants in the demo were Llewellyn ap Cadwallader, William D’Averc, Terrell Dunstad Arminger and Serina Vigdis Wolfsdatter. Eleven people from Santa Luces attended Spring Investiture the following weekend.

Washington Shores Elementary School Demo
On 3-1-84 The Shire of Darkwater held a demo at the Washington Shores Elementary School at which Lady Arianne and Fara discussed basic history of the medieval times and of the SCA.

Fifth Trimaris Principality Investiture
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 2, February AS XVIII Trimaris Investiture to be held at Camp Keystone on 3-2/4-84, Come all ye gentle folk to the Investiture of Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius and the Honorable Lady Agrippina di Conti. Co-Autocrats and feastcrats for this event will be Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon and the Hon. Lord Ragnar Hardraada (assisted by the Barony of Wyvernwood & the Shire of Sea March). There will be a Grand Procession and formal first court. There is also scheduled a Kissing Auction to benefit the Cooks Guild.
At the last court of Their Highnesses Aaron and Linnea
Grants of Arms – Lady Atalaya la Sandora, Trimaris Chirurgeon, Sirrush Mir
Lord Michael Kennethson, Trimaris Historian, Narval Dorado
Order of the Meridien Cross – Lady Kara Rowenna Hawkwood, Sirrush Mir
(Kingdom award for promise in the arts & sciences)
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Lord Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
(formerly Order of the Golden Sword, Principality armigerous award for fighters)
Awards of Arms Hiertha Aureliana, Narval Dorado
Ejvan Vsevolodovich (Cricket), An Crosaire
Wilhelm aus Schwarzwald, Wyvernwood
Arianne des Jardin, Darkwater
Aldrich AtWater, Glymmerholde
Gwenelleth AtWater, Glymmerholde
Picot Pierre Cassier, Wyvernwood
Order of the Emerald Sea – The Hon. Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
At the First Court of Their Highnesses Bron and Agrippina
Vicounties to Lord Aaron Breck Gordon and Lady Linnea Lorraine
Awards of Arms Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Darkwater
Anna Alicia vonn Rheinhardt, Darkwater
Anastasia von Anspach, Narval Dorado

Principality Officers changes as of 3-3-84
Trimaris Seneschal – Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
H.L. Atalaya la Sandora & Lady Morgan ferch Morgan will be deputies
Trimaris Chronicler – Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Darkwater
Event Report On the weekend of March 2-4, 1984, Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius and his consort, the Honorable Lady Agrippina di Conti, were invested with the coronets of Prince and Princess of Trimaris at the Camp of Keystone near Wyvernwood. The event was co-sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood and the Shire of Sea March. Co-autocrats and feastcrats for the event were Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon and the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada. Reservationcrat was Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglass, wife to Lord Ragnar. Servers for the buffet-style feast were organized by Lady Cathlin Emryss of Ivernia, and Lord Erich von Kampf was in charge of the gate guard.
A truly glittering assembly of peers and notables from throughout the land ornamented the affair. Among those present were Count Verron Wolfgang von Groth and his lady wife, Viscountess Wulfa Ericsdatter, Countess Elspeth McNaughton of Loch Awe, Viscount Sir Tetsuo and Viscountess Kimineko, Baron and Baroness of An Crosaire, Baron Dykeuald Cyn-Arik and Baroness Alianore of Wyvernwood, Baron Taliesynne (founding Baron Wyvernwood), Mistress Enriqueta de Reyes, and, of course, Their Serene Highnesses Prince Aaron Breck Gordon and Princess Linnea Lorraine of Trimaris.
Throughout the late afternoon and evening, the beauty and chivalry of Trimaris arrived at Keystone. The joyous morn of investiture dawned bright and clear, and activities began with a healthy breakfast provided by the devoted kitchen crew. By 10 of the clock, the Great Hall was garnished and ready for the day’s festivities, rich with the blazoning of many a banner. At approximately 10 am Their Serene Highnesses Prince Aaron and Princess Linnea began the last court of their illustrious reign. During the court, a number of well-deserved awards and presentations were made by Their Highnesses. At elevenish, Their Highnesses concluded their last court and withdrew in majesty, surrounded by the bowed heads of their devoted subjects.
After a brief delay, the ceremonies of the investiture of Bronislaus and Agrippina began. Sir Bronislaus was escorted into the hall to claim his state by an honor guard of a dozen or so fair and beauteous ladies, each bearing a formidable crossbow an clad in tabards of Sir Bronislaus colors of gules and azure. Lady Agrippina was escorted by a similar guard of gentlemen armed with halberds and tabared in her colors of gules and or. The entry into the hall was proceeded by three noble trumpet flourishes provided by Lord Joseph Mac Joseph, Prince’s Champion. The investiture was a most impressive and colorful occasion, rich with pageantry, bright banners, and serried ranks of guardsmen/women.
After a brief intermission, the royal party and assembled populace returned to the hall for the first course of a feast that was to last from approximately 1 pm to well int the evening. During the course of the extended six-course feast, many presentations to the new Prince and Princess from the admiring peers and populace took place, including sumptuous gifts of both goods and treasure. Overcome with the wondrousness of it all, I failed to note much of the festivities due to an extended absence from the hall (overcome, more to the point, by lack of sleep the previous night, I collapsed in a cabin and knew no more until night had fallen).
Between the last court of Prince Aaron and the first of Prince Bronislaus, honors and noteworthy events abounded. Among those which I noted were the following: Aaron Breck Gordon and Linnea Lorraine were named Viscount and Viscountess by Good Prince Bron and Princes Agrippina; Awards of Arms were given to Wilhelm of Wyvernwood, Picot de Cassier, Kathy de Bourbon, and Alicia von Rheinhardt. A grant of Arms was awarded to our worthy principality historian, Lord Michael Kennethson. Lady Morgana ferch Morgan was awarded an augmentation of a triskele to her arms in recognition of her sterling service as editress of Talewinds. Lady Morgana announced her retirement from the editorship, and presented Lord Barar as her successor for confirmation. Sir Raccoon ap Gruagach announced his resignation as Seneschal of Trimaris, and presented for confirmation his successor in the office, Mistress Baroness Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora.
Baroness Enriqueta arose (to the accompaniment of serpentine hissing from the populace) and announced that she was presenting her hated title of “the Evil Baroness” to lady Atalaya la Sandora, who accepted it with loathing, and retired to her seat accompanied by even louder hisses from the populace. On a more joyous noted, the Honorable Lord Michael Kennethson, Historian of Trimaris, announced his forthcoming marriage to the fair Anastasia von Anspach. In good sooth, a great many memorable and wondrous things occurred during this most historic event; too many, in fact, for an easily-distracted historian such as I to note. Hopefully the other historians in attendance will have noted those things which escaped me. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

McCoy Elementary School and Explorer Post Demo
On 3-8-84 The Shire of Darkwater held two demos for the McCoy Elementary School and the Explorer Post. In the first demo Fara read a medieval story of a day of revelry at the baron’s estates to about 50 6th graders and 30 4th graders. She and Lady Arianne conducted question and answer period. In the afternoon, they were joined by Lady Anna, and each gave personal sketches and assisted the students with developing their own personas. The morning session was videotaped and the shire has a copy.

Pompano Arts Festival Demo
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII On 3-10/11-84 Sangre del Sol participated in the Pompano Beach annual Art Festival. From the flyer, “This festival draws large crowds from across the Unknown World. They are a wretched lot: the poor, the ignorant, the uneducated..Ah Ha! That is the answer! Come to Sangre del Sol and help us enlighten these poor denizens of the Unknown World and introduce them to the delights of the Age of Chivalry. Come and frolic in the warm sun of Sangre. You may show (but not sell) your art, sciences, heraldic, and historical displays for the education of the masses. There shall be single combat, melees and a tourney. You may sing, dance or otherwise entertain yourself and the mundanes if you are not thrilled by the music of rattan on shield. After the shows the local populace will make room in their homes for those travelers who help us initiate the mundanes in the medieval.” Listed coordinator Joseph mac Joseph Event Report this event was strictly a demo for the public, and a tourney, there were no awards given for the victors, nor was there a feast. A double elimination list was held on Saturday and Sunday, Roland the Ruthless was the winner on Saturday and Joseph mac Joseph was the Sunday winner. 5 fighters participated. SCA attendance was approx. 20, mundane attendance was a few thousand. No money was collected. We may have attracted a few new members (one has already joined). The event received coverage in the Miami Herald, March 12. Further coverage was on channel 19’s program “Horizons” on March 19th, and the Broward Tribune on March 21st. submitted by Silvyn MacLeish, Historian, Sangre del Sol.

Florida Junior College Demo
On 3-14-84 Blackthorne held a demo in which they modeled period costumes at the Art Department of the Florida Junior College. Participants were Eleanor Powe, Richard Powe, Lord Jean Phillippe Duvier.

Crestview Elementary School Demo
Several of the members of the Shire of Sea March and the Shire of Sangre del Sol presented a demo at the Crestview Elementary School

Woodlands Elementary School Demo
On 3-15-84 Lady Arianne, Lady Anna and Fara from the Shire of Darkwater spent several house with 17 5th graders to help them prepare for a school Medieval Day at the school; they were taught simple costuming, how to plan a feast and how to act in a medieval manner. Members of the shire have been invited to attend and participate in the school’s Medieval Day.

Riverside Revel (Formerly Walt Wars)
On 3-16/18-84 White Buck Forest sponsored the war at Maggie’s Lake GA.
An Crosaire reported that Lord Andros, Duke Syr Merowald, Rhyes Brant, Arron Breck Gordon were among the fighters from the Barony. Lady Siobhan, Lord Elom, Lady Ara and Lady Eglantine were archers and Mistress Kimi was a slinger. Alexander Gallowglass was chirurgeon while Lady Cher was a resurrection point. Lady Elitha danced for our side.
Blackthorne reported that Lady Morgana was site herald. All of the shires fighters were gallant in battle and Countess Elspeth was initiated as a fighter by the King of Atlantia. Geoffrey brought in the Atlantian Banner after the woods battle.
Darkwater reported “what a pleasure it was to go to war and see the Trimarian/Meridian fighters win the day. Those attending had a wonderful time. Lady Jermaine acted as the Captain of the Archers, but all of the archers received much praise which raised expectations of a Trimarian Corps of Archers to be formed soon.

Eastlake Mall Demo
On Saturday and Sunday, March 17-18, 1984, nine members of the Wyvernwood Chorale, the Barony’s singing group, performed at a program held at Eastlake Mall in Tampa, On Fridays performance, and estimated 40 mundanes were entertained, with additional passersby noting the singing. On Saturday, an estimated 300 persons were entertained throughout the day. The costumed members of the singing group performed a selection of period songs and distributed leaflets with information about the SCA. The event was organized by Stephanie Schulman, directress of the Wyvernwood Choral. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Woodlands Elementary School Demo
On 3-22-84, Lady Arianne, Lady Anna and Fara returned to Woodlands Elementary School. This time it was to assist the same class of 5th graders in becoming more specific in their plans for their medieval feast. A slide show was given and more questions were fielded. Also attending was Dale Sengleman.

3-24-84 An Crosaire entertained at Hidden Mountain Baronial Investiture

Medieval Dinner Benefit
On the evening of Saturday, 3-24-84, nine gentles of the Barony provided staffing and technical assistance to the Child Abuse Council of Hillsborough County in staging a formal medieval dinner for the benefit of the Council’s program. The dinner was held in the home of Mrs. Fay Culp of Tampa. Attendance was an estimated 30-40 doctors and other professional people and their spouses.
Wyvernwood provided both costumed serving staff and entertainers for the event, period recipes and cooking assistance, decorations for the hall, and loan costumes for the guests. Lord Ragnar Hardraada, in addition to providing banners, armor and other decorations, erected his authentic Viking traveling tent in front of Mrs. Culp’s residence to serve as a signpost for guests (there could thus be no possible doubt that this was the place!). Entertainment was provided for the evening by Lady Tiegan (Stephanie Schulman) and other ladies of the Wyvernwood Chorale, and by Lady Cedrin (the Principality’s honored Mistress of Arts) whose skillfully executed medley of eastern dances was particularly appreciated. The multi-course meal (well lubricated by white and red wines) was delicious and enthusiastically received by the guests. The hostess introduced each SCA person for recognition by SCA name and title. Much information about the SCA was conveyed to the guests throughout the evening, and was received with great interest and cordiality by those attending the feast.
All in all, the evening was a staggering success (only part of which can be attributed to the wine). The Barony contributed by its participation to a most worthy cause, and simultaneously made a most favorable impression on a group of influential persons, most of whom had not before heard of the SCA and its activities. This most worth-while activity was organized by Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn, wit the assistance of Lord Ragnar Hardraada, his lady wife Gwendoly, and with the backing of those other Wyvernwood gentles who participated. And the servers spilled not a drop on any present! Hallelujah and St. George for Wyvernwood! Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII On 3-24-84, at the Unitarian Church. Dancing, Singing, Games, in the Medieval manner. bring candles. Listed autocrat Marcail Steuart, Feastcrat Lady Constanza da Firenze

Magna Carta Demonstration, Tampa
On the weekend of 3-24/25-84, the Barony staged a series of demonstrations of SCA combat and medieval song and dance at the Tampa Museum in downtown Tampa. The occasion was the final weekend of the Museum’s display of the Lincoln copy of the Magna Carta. Nearly 30 SCA personnel participated during the two day event. In addition to Wyvernwood gentles, folk from the shires of Darkwater, the Ruins and Glymmerholde also participated. Two canopies were erected in the rather constricted site between the two staircases leading up to the museum. Periodic combats were held, with a bit of dancing and a lot of interaction with visitors on the topics of the 13th century and the SCA. Flyers with information about the SCA were distributed.
In honor of the Magna Carta, circa 1215 garb was worn and equipment was kept as close to that period as possible. During the course of the weekend some thousands of mundanes visited the Museum and were exposed to the SCA presentations. In addition to the downstairs activities, period songs were sung frequently by SCA personnel in the main lobby of the Museum just outside the exhibit area where the Magna Carta was displayed. The SCA participation in this major community event was a significant one, resulting in much favorable publicity and exposure. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Chasco Fiasco Demo
On 3-24/25-84 Fiach Ogan held a demo Chasco Fiasco

3-27-84 Sea March was featured in an article in the Rudder, a newspaper for Palm Beach Atlantic College

Lecture to St. Petersburg Historical Group
On the evening of 3-27-84, I presented a program to a meeting of the St. Petersburg Historical Preservation, Inc. held at the St. Petersburg Historical Museum in St. Petersburg, Fl. The topic of the presentation was “The Age of the Conquistadors in Florida, 1513-1600.” The talk consisted of a narrative history of the 16th century Spanish exploration and settlement of Florida, with emphasis on events in the Tampa Bay area, followed by a discussion of the armor and weaponry used by the early Spanish expeditions to Florida. The presentation was illustrated with rare books and maps from the University of South Florida Library (where I am an Associate Librarian in the Special Collections Department) and reproductions of contemporary equipment from my own and Lord Ragnar Hardraada’s collections. The items displayed included a mail shirt, a suit of plate half-armor, a halberd, an original 16th century pike-head, a match-lock arquebus and a wheel-lock pistol. The presentation began at 7:30 pm and lasted approximately 1 ½ hours. Attendance was between 15 and 20 persons (several arrived or left during the period). The group seemed quite interested, particularly during the question and answer period and the show and tell period following the formal presentation when they were allowed to handle the armor and weapons. Following the talk, I gave a bit of information about the SCA and its activities. The audience ranged in age from the 30’s to the 70’s. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Trident Tourney
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII Clan Maccintsacarit proudly hosts Trident Tourney 3-30/4-1-84 at Camp Wewa. Our object will be to find, by list, a new Defender of the Trident and to raise funds for fighters via a Slave Auction. Highest bidder purchase the slave and their dish for the duration of Saturday’s feast. As we had to turn slaves away last year anyone wishing to be a slave should make this known at the time of registration. On Sunday a Weird Weapons Tourney, use you imagination.” Listed autocrat Gradheil Maccintsacant, Feastcrat is Islay Elspeth.

From the Jan-March Quarterly report from the Shire of Darkwater.
1-5-84, AEdric sunu Hrothgar announced his betrothal to Arianne des Jardins, seneschal of the Shire of Darkwater. The vows planned for Springfest, 4-27/29-84.
1-19-84, by vote of the populace, Shire Darkwater agreed to sponsor an Explorer Post specializing in medieval studies.
1-19-84, Darkwater secures new permanent meeting location at Boone High School Chorus room every Thursday at 7:00 pm
2-2-84 Erik Loren Elcara, in cooperation with Lord Theodocious, announced the formation of a musicians guild in Shire Darkwater, Erik is an accomplished violinist, who competed at Trimaris Art/Sci, and who provided much music at the Magna Carta demo.
3-8-84, meeting was an in-garb welcome to new members of the shire’s Explorer Post #647. Darkwater is apparently the second group in the Known World to sponsor an Explorer Post – which will be set up as a household within the shire.
3-15-84, the populace of the shire began an in-depth discussion regarding the possibility of the shire petitioning for baronial status. The discussion continued the following week, at the meeting of 3-22-84. The consensus is to go and perhaps submit our petition prior to the end of the current Gregorian year. It was noted emphasized and agreed upon by most members of the shire that this endeavor shall require the commitment of not only the officers, but of the entire populace.
Officer listing:
Seneschal – Arianne des Jardin
Marshall – Laird Gradheil
Herald – Otto vonn Sprie Boetticher
Minister of Science – Cedric Steinhauser
Chronicler – Fara Marleene Steinhauser
Historian – Sharronna des Jardin
Exchequer – Constancia Issabella Torrez Morcheartaigh
Chirurgeon – Millicent Ros Maccintsacarit
Hospitaller – Ann of Hendon
Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi named Trimaris Chronicler at Trimaris Principality Investiture.

Florida State Museum Demo
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII 4-1-84, Sunday, The Barony of An Crosaire is hosting a large SCA demo (lots of mundanes and media expected) and would enjoy having participation from other Trimaris groups. We’d like gentles in attractive garb, fighters, craftspeople and heraldic trappings. Coordinator Mistress Siobhan event report As one of their annual Culture Exhibitions, the museum asked the Barony to put on an exhibit of Medieval life. A Medieval fashion show was put on with an explanation of the period and place of the different pieces of garb. The art of mail making, spinning and weaving, jewelry construction, and cord twining was also displayed. A small list was put on in the courtyard and was well received by the spectators. A dancing demonstration was also given and many of the onlookers joined in.
Camelot Music Demo

Altamonte Mall Demo
On 4-7-84, the Shire of Darkwater held a demo at the Camelot Music in the Altamonte Mall. Many members of the shire were present, approx 25. The demo consisted of dancing, singing, fighting, and talking to peopel. The demo lasted two hours and we were visited by about 50 people. After the demo there was a revel at Nan Carey’s home.

Girl Scout Demo
On the weekend of 4-7/8-84, the Barony of Wyvernwood staged a demonstration of SCA combat, medieval singing and dancing, and other activities relating to the SCA and current Middle Ages for an area assembly of Girl Scouts. The event was held at the State Fair Grounds in Tampa. As your correspondent did not attend this event, details are lacking. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Doomsday List
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII The Bay Area Renaissance Festival of Largo presents the Doomsday List, weekends March 10th through April 15th. On 4-14/15-84 the SCA is invited to participate in the Doomsday list, which is a two day list, the winner of Saturday will meet the winner on Sunday for a prize. There will be a revel on Saturday night. Listed coordinator is Corwin o Carreg Cennen and Lady Oriana Goldenhair.
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XVIII A letter from Lady Oriana Goldenhair – As listmistress and liaison for the Bay Area Renaissance Festival of Largo’s Doomsday List I would like to announce the winner of that list and offer my undying gratitude to those gentles who helped me out. The list was to have been a two-day list, wherein the winner of Saturday’s list would meet the victor of Sunday’s list in an exciting final bout. Because of the nasty weather that prevailed on Sunday, the victor of Saturday’s list was declared the overall winner. That good gentle was none other than Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon. As winner, he was the recipient of a $100.00 prize put up by the festival. I would like to thank the festival, Corwin o Carreg Cennen, Lady Katherine Bareanu di Ferenza, the Hon. Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere, Squire Lord Ropesle de Syveastan, Lord Mentor, the good folk of Narval Dorado, the marshals, heralds and the brave fighters who made the list possible.

St. Georges Faire
4-20/22-84 Mathom Trove held St. Georges Faire

Costuming Collegium
Darkwater Reports On 4-21-84 we shall have in our presence Mrs. Donna Baily, the chief costumer for the Kingdom of the Mouse, for a Collegium of costuming. classes shall include the making of patterns, fitting of garments, crafting garments upon a costumer’s form without patterns and where to seek the hard-to-find materials. The Collegium will take most of the day beginning at 10 am. Ms. Baily will also critique all garments you may wish to bring and give aid on ideas. A pot luck feast is planned with the evenings revel. listed autocrat Leopold Hringhornison & Lady Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt.

Talewinds, Vol.3, no 3, March AS XVIII 4-27/29-84 Darkwater sponsored Springfest at Camp Wewa. Listed autocrat Anna Alicia vonn Rheinhardt, Feastcrat Islay Elspeth. “Come celebrate Spring, the exuberance of life and our Society’s nineteenth birthday. The festivities begin with a lip list – that’s right, a kissing contest. Ye may be a judge by winning the chivalry trivia quiz Friday night. Then swing along to the bells and pillow list while your entries are being judged in an arts and science competition by the point system. This is an unofficial competition, all awards will be presented during feast. After feast, celebrate love with us as we witness the legal vows of AEdric sunu Hrothgar and Arianne des Jardin by candlelight.” The event was attended by about 90 people and earned $200.00. There were 17 entries in the competition with 14 awards given, six science and eight arts. The award of merit was created to thank entrants.
At the Court of Their Highnesses Bron and Agrippina
Award of Arms Erik Loren Elcara, Darkwater
Ljudmilla of Oldenfeld, Oldenfeld

Tourney del Sol
Talewinds, Vol.3 ,no 4, April AS XVIII All ye Lords and Ladies who are friends and members of Shire of Sangre del Sol come and celebrate the 8th anniversary of the shire on 4-27/29-84 at C.B. Smith Park. Come and enjoy the fun and pleasure of a Medieval Spanish feast, including Moorish and Islamic dishes, Challenges and Melees, Merchant’s Alley, singing, dancing, and the Bardic Circle. Listed autocrat Derek Stoian
Tournament list winner – Laird Joseph mac Joseph

Broward County Public Library Demo
4-29-84 Sangre del Sol held a demo at the Broward County Public Library opening. Talewinds vol.3, no.1, January AS XVIII The Broward County Library System will e dedicating its’ new $30 million building on 4-29-84. The theme is RENAISSANCE, and the Shire of Sangre del Sol has been asked to participate in the dedication festivities. The Shire will hold its anniversary revel on 4-28-84 and the dedication ceremonies will be Sunday the 29th. So all you dancers, singers, jugglers, entertainers, fighters (yes, they’s like a tourney), folks who can demonstrate a craft, etc…. We’d love to have you all. Please participate in person, or by sending crafts or other display materials. Negotiations are underway for a period armor display, but nothing is firm at this time. Contact persons – Lady Joanna de Bocage and Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph

Edison College Demo
On 4-30-84 Glymmerholde held a fighting/costuming/armoring demo at Edison Community College. The coordinator of this demo was Roland Floydsson. The media coverage of this demo resulted in a request for another demo to be held in May.

AS XIX (1984-1985)

The Shire of Darkwater held a series of demonstrations several area schools
Teague Middle School on 5-2-84, Lady Anna talked to approximately 425 students by giving a brief history of the SCA, explanation of costumes, questions and answers, teaching two dances and a description of the display items. The demo lasted two hours with 150 children the first hour and 275 children the second hour.

Eastbrook Elementary School on 5-3-84, Lord Barar, Lady Anna, Rachael and Jean Claude talked to 53 students. It consisted of a brief history of the SCA, persona sketches, explanation of costumes and armor, teaching a dance, and letting the children have a swing with a sword at an armored fighter (Jean-Claude). The demo lasted one and a half hours.

Woodlands Elementary School on 5-11-84, where 700 students were introduced to the activities of the society. AEdric, Cedric, Jean Claude, Lady Anne and Lord Barar were the participants. It consisted of persona sketches, a history of the SCA, explanation of costumes and armor, several fighting demos, a slide show and a hands-on description of the display items. The demo lasted two hours with 300 children the first hour and 400 the second. Afterwards three teachers invited us into their classrooms for more information. We spend an additional two hours with the classes.

Academie of Armourie – Roodmas
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 4, April AS XVIII May 12 marks the annual Roodmas sitting of the Norrey Academie of Armourie to be hosted by the Shire of Blackthorne at the Portside Mobile Home Community Clubhouse, Jacksonville. Classes will begin at 10:00 am and run through the day. Listed classes are “Animals in Blazon and Emblazon”; “Beyond Lions, Dragons & Unicorns” – out of the ordinary bestiary; “The Grammar of Heraldry” – blazonry basics; “The Herald in Court and Field”;” SCA Device Submissions”; “An Introduction to Vexillography”
Group heralds and/or individuals may bring device submissions to be checked. Master Taliesynne will also hold a Baronial Court to provide a workshop on Court customs and etiquette. Evening festivities will include feasting, dancing, and gaming. Feast will be Duc de Potlucke. Co-autocrats Eleanor Powe and Lady Morgana ferch Morgan.
Event Report attendance at the symposium was approximately 18 persons with 24 persons at feast. Baronial court conducted by Baroness Ailianor of Wyvernwood for Protocol and Precedence practice, advised by Master Talyiesienne.

Fiach Ogan Anniversary Revel
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XIX Having survived our first year the Shire of Fiach Ogan invites you to celebrate Beltane and our first anniversary at a revel to be held on Saturday, May 12, 1984. The site is a modest 10 acre wooded area in Hudson, FL. We will be having a pre-TMT fighter’s clinic, archery, arrow construction, axe-throwing, and outdoor gaming in the daylight hours. The evening will have a Duc d’potluck feast with shire provided roast fowl and roast pork. There will also be a keg to ale to toast the new year. Listed autocrat, Lady Andreana de Montfort
Darkwater reported that this event was a great step for the archery in Trimaris. Lord Wilhelm of Wyvernwood taught a class on making Markland arrows and held archery lessons.

Lake Eola Explorers Demo
5-12-84 Darkwater held a demo for Lake Eola Explorers. There were 14 members participating. The demo was part of the Boy Scout Heritage Hike program. We were visited by 275 scouts and gave them a brief history of the SCA, a fighting demo and let them swing at an armored fighter. Costumes and display items were also discussed.

Feast of St. Dympha
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XIX The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites all to a Collegium to honor St. Dympha (patron saint of the insane) on 5-19-84 at Casa Serena Rental Apts, Pavilion, Margate FL. We will hold classes in dancing, costuming, armoring, SCA war arrows, and a fighter clinic including practices and challenges. Feast will be Duc de Pot luck. Autocrats Derek Stoian and Catherine.

Jacksonville Library Demo
On 5-19-84 The Shire of Castlemere and An Crosaire held a demo at the Jacksonville Library. This was a month long demo done on each weekend of the month and sponsored by the Jacksonville Museum of Arts and Sciences. The Shire of Castlemere, who were asked by the museum to do this demo, invited other SCA groups to help out. Lord Andros participated in the fighting demonstration and Mistress Siobhan demonstrated lacework. Sir Tetsuo and Mistress Kimineko set up a display of Japanese clothing, armor and accouterments.

Florida Institute of Technology Mead Society Demo
On 5-19-84 Starhaven held a demo “Spring Faire” at the Florida Institute of Technology Mead Society

Trimaris Memorial Tourney/Sixth Coronet List
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XIX The Shire of the Ruins presents the Trimaris Memorial Tourney to be held on 5-25/28-84 at Camp Keystone. There will be a Carolingian Period wedding on Sunday between H.L. Michael Kennethson and Lady Anastasia von Anspach, as well as the Principality Auction. Autocrat Lord Kragon Darkvale, Feastcrat Lady Jirel ni Cahil
Tanist – Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
Tanista – Ljudmilla of Koeigsburg, Wyvernwood
Princes Champion – Lord Joseph mac Joseph, Sangre del Sol
Princess’ Champion – H.L. Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
At the Court of Their Highnesses Bronislaus and Agrippina
Award of Arms Caoimhin mac Riagan, Wyvernwood
Serina Vigdis Wolfsdotter, Sea March
Millicent Ros Maccintsacarit, Darkwater
Order of the Gray Beard – Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo, Baron An Crosaire
Master Jed Silverstar has taken Lady Constanza di Firenzi of Oldenfeld as an apprentice
Principality Officer change Lady Oriana Goldenhair is new Minister of Arts
Given by Their Excellencies Dikeuald Cyn Arik and Alianore d’Astralis
Order of the Wyvern’s Claw – County Verron von Groth
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – Sara Teagen Elizabeth Frances Holden
At Feast: Poet Laureate – Shantry, South Keype
Troubadour Laureate: Sara Teagen Elizabeth Frances Holden, Wyvernwood
TMT Auction results – Thanks to our auctioneer, Lord Kragon Darkvale, as well as to Lady Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart and Lord Alexander Mareschal, their efforts and the populace’s generosity in donations and bids brought in over $300.00 for the Principality coffers.

Award of the Darby Mac Donald Scholarship
In June of 1984, the Barony of Wyvernwood made the first award of its Darby MacDonald Memorial Scholarship. The MacDonald scholarship is a $100.00 prize awarded by the Barony to a University of South Florida history student in memory of Darby MacDonald, whose tragic death by drowning made him the first citizen of the Barony to die while an active member. Under the terms of the scholarship, students wishing to apply submit prize essays on some aspect of medieval history. The essays submitted are judged by professors from the University’s department of history, and the Barony makes the award on their recommendation.
The 1984 winner of the MacDonald Scholarship was Mrs. Alice Correa, who submitted an excellent 16 page paper entitled “Irish Majuscule and its Place in Medieval Script”. Mrs. Correa plans to apply her $100.00 prize towards her studies at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland, where she will be enrolled for the fall semester of 1984/1985 in medieval studies. This is, as far as I am aware, the first academic scholarship awarded by the SCA, and so an event of considerable importance to our organization. It is, we believe, a significant contribution to the SCA’s role as an educational as opposed to a recreational organization. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Not Really a Revel
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XVIII On 6-8/10-84 “Oyez Oyez, announcing Glymmerholde Not Really a Revel, of course its not a revel. Revels feature the backyard. we offer the Gulf of Mexico and white sand beaches. Revels feature tents and living room floors, we offer resort cottages. Revels offer hamburgers and pizza treat, we offer a casual but fully cooked feast. Revels feature Saturday night, we offer Friday Night, all day Saturday and Sunday morning. We will tempt you with the now traditional Pixie Dig, we’ll throw in a Pixie Palace competition with a gift to all participants. Why not also toss in Clench a Wench, Chess, Water Jousting, backgammon, Fox in the hole, London Bridge and any other creative means to exhaustion we can think of. Autocrat Alynor of Alnwick, Feastcrat Sebastian call the Mad. Site the Pink Shell Resort on Ft. Myers Beach

Broward County Library Demo
On 6-9-84 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demonstration of fighting techniques, armor and other favorite SCA activities for the opening of the summer series at the Riverland Branch Library. Pictures of the demo were published in the Sunday Ft. Lauderdale News/Sun Sentinel. Seneschal Joseph mac Joseph stated that several new members were acquired from this demo and resulting publicity.

Sand Dragon Social
Talewinds, Vol.3, no 5, May AS XVIII On June 9, 1984, the Dragon has pulled herself from the sand. After hibernating for several years the Sirrush has returned, and to celebrate the people of Shirrush Mir are hosting a Social in her honor. At this event we make our Champion Official on the list field. Refreshments will be served all day. After sundown we will retire to our feastcrats manor for a pot luck feast. Location Sanchez Park, Autocrat William of Loch Bannock, Feastcrat, Kassandra Kolhann.

Winner of the list and Champion of Sirrush Mir – Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin Pecot, 2nd – Timgaard, Sirrush Mir

Palatka Library Demo
6-9-84 Mathom Trove/An Crosaire held a demo at the Palatka Library as part of the Library’s Summer Reading Program. The program was called “Search for the Dragon’s Treasure”. The Shire of Mathom Trove, who arranged this demo, invited other SCA groups to participate. There were about 11 members from An Crosaire present. Lord Barar, from Darkwater, attended this demo and qualified as a fighter.

Scarborough Fair
On 6-16/17-84 Sangre del Sol held Scarborough Fair and Collegium at C.B.Smith Park in Pembrooke Pines. Approximately 20 people attended (heavy rain). There was no fighting but lots of armor was built and six tunics were made. Seneschals report for June 1984, Joseph mac Joseph reporting

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
On 6-24/26-84 the Shire of Narval Dorado invites you to join us at the 7th Midsummer’s Eve Revel. We are at this time celebrating the 6th Anniversary of the founding of our shire. We will hold for your enjoyment a round table list and melee and a feast fit for Arthur Pendragon himself. Let it be know that none shall sit for feast until there shall be observed a Miracle. Site autocrat Lord Michael Kennethson, Feastcrat Saranna Lyndh Tudin. The event will be held at Citrus Horse Trails.
event report – Midsummer’s Eve Revel was its normal success. The attractions of the vent included a list and a “Juliet contest”. The attendees got their normal large (very large) amount of food. The list was entered by Lord John of Ilithia and Lord Andros, and won by the latter. He received a bottle of wine and the Honor Seat as his prize. The “Juliet” contest was the reading of a soliloquy from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet play. “Juliet” was played by the shire’s own seneschal (Lord Michael). The winner of this contest was Eladiach. There was also quite a bit of rain as is normal for Midsummer (the miracle was not mentioned in the event report)

Green Cove Springs Library and St. Augustine Library
On 6-26-84, The Shire of Blackthorne, working with the County Library District, participated in their Summer Reading Programs “Book Quest”, visiting several libraries and putting on demo’s.

Plitt Theater
6-30-84 The Barony was requested by the manager of the Plitt Theater to add “local color” for the opening of Conan the Destroyer. With the assistance of folk from other shires, as well as people from the Barony, a fighting demonstration and arts/sciences demonstration was put on. Among the arts & sciences was mail making, helmet and jewelry construction, tatting and lace making.

The Shire of Ac Scrin (Naples) was founded and The Shire of Elderhaven disbanded the members joined Ac Scrin
In April AS XVIII a letter was sent to Baroness Susan of Stoke Hill, Seneschal of Meridies by Dirk Karlson requesting the establishment of a new Shire in the Naples FL area, to be called Fontengard, the new group numbered 9 sustaining members. A second letter was mailed to Baroness Mistress Enriqueta de Reyes y Mora, Seneschal of Trimaris informing her of the request for a new group. However, there was an already existing group in the Naples area, Elderhaven. In a subsequent letter, undated but listed as received on 7-12-84, Dirk Karlson relates “I write this to inform the Office of Principality Seneschal that our problems have been successfully resolved. The two Naples groups (Fontengard and Elderhaven) have united under a new identity. Henceforth, it is the choice of this new group to function within the SCA and the Principality of Trimaris as the Shire of Ac’Scrin. As attachments exist to both of the previous names, those whom I represent have further decided to retain both Elderhaven and Fontengard as household names. We trust this meets with the Crown’s Approval. Allow me to extend the thanks of our local members unto Lady Morgana merch Morgan for her aid and advice in handling our merger. On the 2nd of June 1984, we met formally at my residence to formalize the union of our two groups. At that time officers were chosen by consent of the local populace, our name was chosen and ratified by majority membership in attendance and future meeting days and times were set.”
In a letter to Countess Gilrean Derrilyn, Seneschal for Meridies from Baroness Enriqueta which accompanied the application for a new branch of the Society she relates, “Here’s the situation: The Incipient Shire of Elderhaven, located mundanely in the area of Naples, FL wishes to dissolve and reorganize under the new name of the (Incipient) Shire of Ac Scrin. You will find in your files a letter dated 4-25-84, from Dirk Karlson, in which he was applying for a new shire under the name of Fontengard. His request to found a new group was predicated on some problems within the Shire of Elderhaven. I was pleased to learn this week of the very peaceable resolution of all differences between the various residents of the Naples Fl. area, so peaceable, in fact, that all have declared their enthusiasm to create a new shire out of old Elderhaven. Needless to say, I am exceeding well pleased to hear of a group’s efforts to solve problems amongst themselves, without outside decision making, and without personal entanglements.”

Trimaris Triad IV
Talewinds, Vol 3, no 7, July AS XIX Welcome Gentle Folk, the Shire of Fiach Ogan cordially invites all academic students (new and continuing) who tire of plain fare, revelry, debauchery and desire … more? on July 6-8, 1984 at the Happy Traveler Campground in Thonotosassa, FL Enlightenment is upon you, again! This is a tenting only event. Dean of Arts, H.L. Cher de Bellevue; Dean of Sciences, H.L. Ragnar Hardraada; Provost, Lady Andreana de Montfort. Listed autocrat Lord Rhys de Montfort, Feastcrat Lady Andreana de Montfort.

Orange Park Library
7-10-84 Blackthorne held a demo at the Orange Park Library as part of the Library District’s “Book Quest”. Lady Takara helped children, ages 4-10, to make banners. Also present at the demo were Lady Anne Embry, Geoffrey Marcus de Alton and Raschid ibn Yacgoob.

South Regional Library
July Sangre del Sol held a demo at the South Regional Library

Heralds Picnic and the Academie of Armourie
7-14-84 Mathom Trove held a Heralds picnic and the Academie of Armourie.

USF Theater Camelot Production Support
From 7-5-84 to 8-5-84, the Barony provided equipment and personnel for the University of South Florida Theater Department’s production of Camelot. The Barony provided armor, weapons, some costuming, and other equipment for the production. Additionally, two Wyvernwood fighters were made available for each performance, appearing in both a knighting scene, and in a combat sequence.
Performances, with Barony participation, took place on the evenings of 7-5, 7, 12, 14, 15, 20, and 22, and 8-2, 4, and 5. The Camelot production was one of three plays presented concurrently by the USF Theater Department as its summer program for 1984. The play was very well attended, and, as the Barony was credited in the printed program and elsewhere for its contribution, Wyvernwood’s participation resulted in much publicity for the SCA. Through its support in both equipment and performers, the Barony contributed significantly to the success of the production. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Camelot Faire
On 7-15-84, at the request of the University of South Florida Theater Department, the Barony staged a small medieval fair on the quadrangle in front of the campus theater. Due to her experience in professional work at renaissance fairs, Lady Cathlin Emryss was induced to arrange entertainment and such. Members of the Barony operated booths selling handicrafts, ran games, and otherwise participated. Approximately 20 gentles of the Barony were present for the event. Unfortunately, mundane turn-out was small due to inclement weather, which necessitated the removal of the fair booths to the lobby of the theater. The fair was held to emphasize the USF Theater’s production of Camelot, which took place throughout the month of July. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Ambush in Sherwood Forest
Talewinds, Vol 3, no 7, July AS XIX The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites all aspiring Merry Men and Women to take part in an Ambush in Sherwood Forest on 7-21-84. This is a one day event at Sherwood Forest Park in Coral Springs. Events of the day include a fighter practice, The Silver Arrow Archery Tournament (Archers will be shooting with SCA legal combat bows and arrows) The best archer of the day will receive the Silver Arrow, and of course The Ambush. Merry Men and Women shall be armed with SCA legal bows and combat arrow and armored as per the 10 ft kill convention. The Sheriff’s party will be in full combat armor with melee weapons. This will be a woods battle. Afterwards, there will be a revel at a members home. This event is in honor of the Robin Hood legend therefore we ask all archers to attend. Autocrat Jason of Winchester and Katerina.
Event Report – 36 people attended, there were 7 combat archers and 7 armored fighters for the ambush – poor Robin Hood was slaughtered. Katerina won the Silver Arrow in the archery tournament.

Baronial Council & Arts/Science Fair
On 7-21-84, the Barony held its first Arts & Sciences Fair at the palatial Tampa riverfront home of Marge Maniglia. The event featured a contest in the most creative application of miniature shields (produced by Lord Ragnar), which was won by Baldar Longstrider and Ljudmilla of Konigsberg, with their heraldic “do not disturb” sign. Lady Cathlin Emryss’ design for a heraldic shield bikini was runner up. There were also contests in making honey cakes and in period underwear and period shoes. Indeed, it was a spectacle of skill and originality that spoke well for the Barony. The winners of the various events were awarded handsomely embroidered ribbons by the Barony’s ministers of Arts and Sciences, Lady Sabine Astraea and Lord Wilhelm aus Schwarzwald, organizers of the event. Preceding the judging of the Arts & Sciences Faire, Baron Dykeuald and Baroness Alianore held a Baronial Council. The day also saw much revelry and feasting, garnished with swimming in Marge’s large screened pool. And a good time was had by all. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Keystone Library
On 7-24-84 the Barony of An Crosaire was requested by the Keystone Library to put on a demo in connection with the summer reading program. At the demo the Barony folk demonstrated dancing, explained their outfits and personas, did a war archery demonstration, and displayed some medieval crafts.

Sanford Library
7-25-84 Darkwater held a demo at the Sanford Library in which 13 members of the shire participated. The demo went well and the fighters made the front page of the Sanford paper.

War Collegium/Pre Pennsic Revel
Talewinds, Vol 3, no 7, July AS XIX The Barony of Wyvernwood sets forth the call to all parties interested in the bloody, yet sublime, arts of warfare and mayhem – on 7-27/29-84 Wyvernwood will host a War Collegium and Pre-Pennsic Revel at the Citrus Horse Trails in Brooksville. Collegium will include workshops in group warfare tactics, combat archery, preparing for Pennsic and more. Classes will be taught by some of the most famous and infamous fighters in Trimaris. In additions, for those who seek the thrill of victory and the agony of victory, melees and other forms of contact sports will be scheduled during the day. War archery will be included at the fighting, so archers are asked to bring the tools of their trade. Autocrat Count Verron von Groth
Darkwater reports that on Saturday 7-21-84, members of the shire interested in helping with the feast met and worked. They were assisted by Lisa from Narval Dorado and John and Nancy from Fiach Ogan. They cut 10 lbs of mushrooms, ½ case of onions, case of peppers, 10 lbs of carrots, 61 stocks of celery and two sides of lamb were chunked then browned. after this they made 150 shishkabobs. At the event, the weather was good and the site was beautiful. It was a small event but a lot of fun. Fara was Feastcrat and everything ran smoothly. Fara also qualified as a fighter at this event.

Orange Park Public Library
7-28-84 Blackthorne held a demo “Medieval Raire” at the Orange Park Library

Casselberry Library
7-31-84 Darkwater held a demo at the Casselberry Library, with 23 members of the shire participating. The demo went great. There was a variety of song, dance and fighting. There was good audience participation.

First Sword of the Paladine Alliance Tourney
Talewinds, Vol 3, no 7, July AS XIX Shire Sangre del Sol invites one and all to attend the Collegium and First Sword of the Paladine on 8-4-84. Come and develop you fighting skills or chose to perfect the gentile ways of the Court. There will be the First Sword of the Paladine List followed by the signing ceremonies of the Treaty of Paladine. Prince Bronislaus of Vilnius will preside over the execution. In the afternoon Device Design and Submission will be presented by Lord Kim Kyong and Lady Joanna De Bocage; Persona Selection by Sir Koppel Fun Bauriex; Chivalry in the SCA and Court and non-combat Skills. This event was held at T.Y. Park in Hollywood FL. and the listed autocrat was Roland the Ruthless.
Event Report – Aedric sunv Hrothgar was victorious in the double elimination list. He was awarded a medallion. The Paladine Treaty of Confederation was signed by the representatives of Sangre del Sol, Sea March, South Keype, and Darkwater.

Pre-Pennsic Fighter Collegium
On 8-4/5-84 the Barony of Wyvernwood held a Pre-Pennsic Fighter Collegium at the Citrus Horse Trails. This event was intended to hone the combat skills in preparation for the 13th Pennsic War. Sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood, the event was organized and staffed by Viscount Verron Wolfgang von Groth and House Gold Star. It was attended by approximately 30 persons. As you humble correspondent was not fortunate enough as to be one of the 30, details regarding the event are lacking. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Wyvernwood Expeditionary Force to Pennsic
This year, the Barony sent an expeditionary force of 25 gentles to the 13th Pennsic War at Cooper’s Lake Camp Ground, Pennsylvania 8-19/27-84. To transport the bulk of the force, two vans were chartered, one of which served as a personnel transport, the other as a bulk equipment vehicle. Those not wishing to ride the baronial van traveled in private vehicles. The bulk of the Wyvernwood contingent encamped in a unified encampment, though Lord Ragnar and his entourage arrived earlier and formed a separate enclave on a choice site overlooking the old battlefield hillside.
In loyal support of our noble Prince Bronislaus, the Wyvernwood force (with exception of two or three individuals personally bound to the East Kingdom) served with distinction as mercenaries in behalf of the Midrealm. After two days of titanic struggle by the assembled hosts of East and Middle, in which Wyvernwood played a prominent part, honors were evenly divided between the two kingdoms, resulting in a tie. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Wenches and Lechers Faire
Talewinds vol.3, no.8, August AS XIX 8-25-84 The Shire of Sea March an event at the Lake Worth PBA Clubhouse. Come all ye Lords and Ladies to an event you’ll never forget. The Shire of Sea March is celebrating our 5th anniversary. It may be August but May is in the air, so get out your petticoats and gather some cloves and come to the Wenches and Lechers Faire. Feast is Duc de Potluck. There will be a “token List” where the winner ransoms captured tokens of fallen opponents. There will be four contests.
event report: The event was very active, relaxed affair with a great feast – Duc de Pot Luc, with almost too much food available. There were 33 people in attendance, 7 fighters in the lyst. There was one case of heat exhaustion (Wihtgar Silfrhar) which was taken care of – fortunately the clubhouse had air conditioning. There were a number of games played – the winner of the Lip List (male) was Derek Stoian, (female) Lady Merry Felix the Fool; the Best Lovelorn Suicide Speech was won by Wihtgar Silfrhar; the Prettiest Garter was won by Cara; the best approach with a cloven fruit was Colin O’Lauchlin; The best legs of the Paladine was won by Roland the Ruthless. No court was held. listed autocrat was Serina Vigdis Wolfsdatter.

Oldenfeld Demo
On 8-25-84 a demo was held in a park in downtown Tallahassee. There were approx 6 fighters and 4 singers there.

The Sixth Trimaris Principality Investiture
Talewinds, Vol 3, no 7, July AS XIX The Shire of Sirrush Mir is proud to present Trimaris Principality Investiture on 8-31/9-3-84
“The Order of the Trimarian Sword presents the Champion of Trimaris List at Trimaris Principality Investiture. This is an opportunity for the new fighters of Trimaris to prove their mettle. For the Knights, Dukes, Counts and Viscounts to find out who is truly the best; and for us poor Squires to be reminded of our place. There are no great responsibilities attached to this list, and so no reason for any fighter to sit and watch. The only prizes are the glory won by your blade and the honor won by your chivalry. You are encouraged to wear a surcoat, or dress as our personal, to bring a banner, to fight with honor, with skill and with chivalric flare. Let us make this the first Trimarian list with Fifty fighters, after all there were 57 at Walt Wars.” signed Joseph mac Joseph
At the Court of His Majesty John II
KSCA to Viscount Aaron Breck Gordon
Order of the Bough, Meridies – Lady Morgan ferch Morgan
The Shire of Darkwater presented a petition seeking status as Barony
At the Court of TH Bron and Agrippina
Award of Arms – Anne of Tall Trees, Starhaven
Order of the Silver Trident – Lady Caroline merch Elwyn
Order of the Emerald Seas – Lord Knikolos Major of Salem by the Sea
Lady Oriana Goldenhair
Order of Trimarian Gratitude – Lady Constanza di Firenzi
Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau

Principality Officer changes – Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah is the new Trimaris Historian, Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn is the new Trimaris Chirurgeon

At the First Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla
Viscounties to Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius & H.L. Agrippina di Conti
Award of Arms – Ute of Wyvernwood
Master Jed Silverstar has taken Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau of Oldenfeld as an apprentice.
Baroness Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora, Seneschal for the Principality, recognized Lord Kragon Darkvale of the Ruins and Laird Joseph mac Joseph of Sangre del Sol for their work as seneschal.
At Feast, TH Baldar and Ljudmilla recognized the winner of the list as the Protector of the Gosling Guild. winner Viscount Sir Aaron Breck Gordon
Runner up – Count Verron von Groth
The Principality Raffle contributed a record amount of $145.00 to the Principality coffers and Serina Vigdis Wolfsdatter, of Sea March, was the winner of the six months free admission to events.
Event report The investiture of Baldar Longstrider and Ljudmilla of Konigsberg as Prince and Princess of Trimaris took place at Camp Wai-Lani in Pinellas County on Labor Day weekend, August 31- September 3, 1984. The event was originally sponsored by the Shire of Sirrush Mir, with the unfortunate demise of Sirrush Mir, however, the Barony of Wyvernwood undertook the event, with Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn serving as main autocrat. On Saturday, September 1, was held the last court of their highness’ Prince Bronislaus and Princess Agrippina, followed by the investiture of Baldar and Ljudmilla, and the first court of the new royal pair. The day was honored by the presence of His Royal Majesty, John, called the Mad Celt, King of Meridies. Among the honors distributed was an Award of Arms to Wyvernwood’s Ute, lady to Lord Wilhelm aus Schwarzwald. Baldar and Ljudmilla named Bron and Agrippina viscount and viscountess, and King John knighted Viscount Aaron Breck Gordon, giving Trimaris another KSCA.
These courtly formalities were followed by a tourney. Due to technical difficulties, the Trimarian Order of the Sword withdrew its aegis from the tourney, which had been intended to choose a Champion of the Order, who would bear a ceremonial bascinet blazoned with the Order’s badge. However, it was an interesting, well-attended and hard-fought list in any case. After titanic struggles, the winner was Sir Aaron Breck Gordon, KSCA. The facilities at Camp Wai-Lani were indeed sumptuous, with comfortable cabins, electricity, adequate bathing facilities, and a handsome (though not air-conditioned) hall. All in all, the event was a most enjoyable one. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Celebration of the Arts Demo
On the evening of Saturday, 9-8-84, a contingent of a dozen Wyvernwood ladies and gentlemen participated int eh Gulf Coast Epilepsy Foundation’s Celebration of the Arts. A fund raising event for the benefit of the Foundation’s programs, the event was held from 8 p.m. to 1 p.m. at the Centro Espanol in Tampa’s historic Ybor City Latin community. A potpourri of performing arts, the event included short performances by a variety of groups, including the Florida Orchestra, Bits N Pieces Puppet Theater, the Tampa Oratorio Society, the Franzini Family, the Firethorn Modern Dance Company, and numerous others. Wyvernwood’s contribution was a performance consisting of period songs and dances. Also, the Barony maintained an information table in the performance hall throughout the evening, with displays of helmets, SCA photographs, and other materials giving information about the current Middle Ages. Hand-outs were distributed from the table to interested persons. In addition to contacting a large number of mundanes with information about the SCA, the Barony was through its participation enabled to contribute to a most worth-while cause. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Defeat of the Hun
9-23-84 from flyer “Atilla the Hun was finally defeated by a Roman Army. However, history does not have to repeat itself (especially since the local Roman unit has stated it is not prepared for battle). So now is the time for all you Huns and Barbarians to come forth and pillage and burn (did I forget something?) Due to difficulty in obtaining a site, this event has been shortened to a one day event and feast. There will be a field battle followed by challenges, et al… and a fine Roman Feast prepared by Lady Elizabeth and the Sangre Cooks.” The site is Kester Park in Pompano Beach and at Black Sword Manor.
Event report 39 persons attended and an actual profit was seen. There were 12 fighters participating. In the field battle the Huns were victorious and in the bridge battle the Roman auxiliaries were victorious. A period, researched, Roman feast was served and many made Greco-Roman togas and tunics for this event. It was a very enthusiastic, joyful event. submitted by Silvyn MacLeish, Historian, Sangre del Sol.

9-25-84 The Shire of Sirrush Mir disbanded due to in-shire problems
Talewinds, vol.3, no.9, September AS XIX Announcements: Notice of Abeyance
BE IT KNOWN, that on July 5, 1984, AS XIX, the Shire of Sirrush Mir, in the Principality of Trimaris, was officially put into abeyance for the period of one (1) year. This regrettable action was necessitated by the increasingly discourteous and unchivalrous actions of some of the members of the shire, which, at least in one case, resulted in the contacting of the mundane authorities. The terms of the abeyance are as follows:
1) that no official meetings, events, demonstrations or fighter practices may be held in the name of Sirrush Mir,
2) that no existing group may annex the physical location or ZIP codes held by Sirrush Mir,
3) no new group may form in this area; and
4) that all shire monies are to be held by the Principality Exchequer’s office until the petition for dissolution is approved or disapproved by the Board of Directors.
I greatly regret the necessity of this action.
In Service – Countess Gilraen Derrilyn, Kingdom Seneschal of Meridies

Letters stating just cause why a petition for the dissolution of the Shire of Sirrush Mir should not be presented before the Board of Directors are to be sent to Countess Gilraen Derrilyn by Sept. 25 at the latest. Reasons must be stated in writing and letters must be signed.

Unto the populace of Trimaris from Baroness Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora, Seneschal for the Principality of Trimaris do come these greetings.
In response to the several inquiries received and heard recently concerning the matter of the dissolution of the Shire of Sirrush Mir, I submit the following statement which embodies those official and personal feelings.
It was with great regret that the Kingdom and Principality made the decision to dissolve the shire and to place the area under a 1-year abeyance, after which time a new, fresh group may be founded.
Following literally hundreds of dollars of farspeaker conversations, plus many hours of in- person meetings, the problems still were unsolved and the results unsatisfactory to the Coronet and this Office. It was our opinion, in concert with the Crown and Kingdom Seneschal, that the problems had interfered with any productive activity of the shire, and that the damage to the shire as a whole was too great to be repaired. The whole affair had become bizarre.
Personally, I regret the loss of a once-valuable Trimarian shire, I regret too, that there are a few folk who are not involved in this fracas, but who must also suffer the loss of their home shire along with those who were the principals in the problem-causing. I’m sorry to observe several lengthy friendships broken as folks “chose up sides” in the shire. Sad, also, to think of those years of work, dedication and shire-pride now gone with the name Sirrush Mir. Alas…and a loss.
This incident of the death of Sirrush Mir will have to stand as a dread reminder of what can happen when folks allow pimple-sized problems to become infected boils.
Many of you may still which to ask for additional information on the dissolution of Sirrush Mir; you are welcome to inquire. I shall, however, reserve the prerogative of answering in any detail.
In Your Service – ‘Queta

University of Florida Demo
9-26-84 An Crosaire held a bi-annual demo at the University of Florida as part of the club organization day. Demonstration in fighting were Sir Tetsuo, Roland Wolfram Floydsson, Thorkel Triggsvasson and Arnevet Bat-Gideon. This event is one of An Crosaire’s membership drive demos and all manner of arts and sciences were displayed, which attracted a bit of attention and 23 names of interested persons.

Newberry Demo
9-28-84 An Crosaire held a demo at Newberry High School in connection with the public library’s program “In Search of The Dragon’s Treasure”. This program is done with the idea of encouraging children to read books during the summer. SCA crafts and dancing were displayed and demonstrated during the demo. Attending were Delila, Carmenette, Ejvan, Elom and Ardelian.

Newcomer’s Revel
9-29-84 An Crosaire held a Newcomer’s Revel for those folk who expressed an interest in the society at the 9-26-84 demo at the library. A pot luck feast was held with dancing and a bardic circle after the feast.

Chirurgeon’s Collegium
Talewinds vol.3 ,no.9, September AS XIX 9-29/30-84 Glymmerholde/Ac Scrin held a Chirurgeons Collegium II at Camp Wewa. There join together a gathering of those who would counsel and also those who would know the mysteries of the Chirurgiate. Not just another class event. C.C.II will feature (in addition to the full complement of Chirurgeon courses) a Saturday afternoon buffet style feast featuring various sandwiches and such. Guaranteed to be unheated. As if that were not enough for a two day weekend, games are planned for Saturday evening which should serve well to victimize one and all. Standard First Aid will be offered. Those needing CPR as a refresher, there will be a hurricane CRP Race For Live course.
There were 43 people in attendance. Sea March Seneschal reported that 10 members from Sea March went to the Collegium and the 7 who took the Multi-Media classes passed with flying colors. This was a working event, not a social event, however those who attended had a blast.

Invasion of the Umber Corsairs
On 10-5/7-84 Castlemere held “Invasion of the Umber Corsairs” The most notorious pirates of Middle Earth have been raiding the northeast portion of Trimaris and Castlemere in particular. We have been unable to stop these fiends and ask for help from the rest of Trimaris and southern Meridies. A turncoat has been bribed to reveal that the pirates will be at Camp Chowenwaw just south of Orange Park. Scheduled events, a treasure hunt designed to overtax your wits. A treasure chest filled with silver is the prize. A rattan list for those who must have their weekly ration of pain. A sea battle in canoes and/or innertube rafts and using bonker swords, A feast, A bardic circle – bring your ghost stories, a quest through the Haunted Forest after dark using bonker swords. We cordially invite anyone who wishes to hold a class on medieval mythology, folklore, or piracy to do so. Since pirates are notorious for their larcenous ways, we ask that everyone bring some item to be red- tagged. If your red-tagged item is stolen and turned into the autocrat, you must ransom it back for the princely sum of $1.00. All proceeds will be donated to Trimaris. Listed autocrat, Loraybech
Darkwater reports: This was an exciting fun filled event. Cedric placed second in the list and Fara, Countess Elspeth, Lady Kara and Lady Kat made up a quest team that placed first, far ahead of everyone. Cedric and Fara received their Award of Arms.

Trimaris Principality Marshallate Report
Talewinds Vol.3, no.12, December AS XIX
Principality Marshal- Viscount Sir Aaron Breck Gordon
Deputy Marshal – Lord Edward of Effingham
Deputy Marshal, Archery – Branwen ni Heilide
number of fighters – 104 number of archers – unreported
number of fighter practices per week – 50-54
number of archery practices per week – unreported
number of fighters at FP per week – 49-51
injuries in second quarter – none
number of tourneys in second quarter – 3
General comments on Trimarian Marshallate Status
Overall, the fighting is clean and fair, the marshaling is also going on rather smoothly, but work needs to be done in the areas of familiarization of the rules of the list. To this end, we have begun a program of warranting the locals and certain qualified fighters as marshals-at-large. No one not on the approved list will be allowed to marshal at a list. This is one way of maintaining a sort of quality control. The list is not closed, as we continue to qualify others. We just want to keep control of the situation. Signed Lord Edward of Effingham, 10-6-84

Suncoast Skirmishers Demo
On the weekend of 10-6/7-84, five gentlefolk of the Barony staged a combat demonstration for the Suncoast Skirmishers Wargames Convention in St. Petersburg. The demonstration consisted of SCA fighting, showing of SCA armor, and dissemination of general information relative to the SCA and the middle ages. The event was attended by several hundred persons through the course of the weekend. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Paradise Lakes Demonstration
On 10-10-84, at the Paradise Lakes Resort, several of the Barony of Wyvernwood gentles (in costume) demonstrated singing, dancing, combat and medieval arts and crafts at an upper level nudist resort in Pasco County.

Barony of Wyvernwood’s Third Quarter Report:
In addition to the above events, the Barony has held regular meetings of the populace each Tuesday evening at 8 p.m. in the Arts and Letters Building on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa. Regular fighter practices have taken place during this quarter on Wednesday evenings in a flood-lit area near the U.S.F. physical education complex. Additionally, during the course of the quarter there have been periodic singing practices for the Wyvernwood chorale. A recent development is the introduction of special sessions for beginners. covering such topics as “what to take to events,” these beginner’s mini-seminars take place one-half hour before the regular Tuesday meetings. They provide beginners an opportunity to obtain valuable SCA information without the distractions of older members and, almost as importantly, to get to know other beginning SCA members before embarking into the sometimes overwhelming culture of the Current Middle Ages. During the past quarter, Wyvernwood has contributed significantly to the well-being of the Principality. Currently, four of the Principality’s great officers of state are provided by Wyvernwood. They are:
Minister of Arts = Lady Oriana Goldenhair
Minister of Sciences = Lord Ragnar Hardraada
Exchequer = Lady Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Chirurgeon = Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Additionally, the currently reigning Prince and Princess, Baldar Longstrider and Ljudmilla of Konigsberg are of Wyvernwood origin. The current Troubadour Laureate, Lady Tiegan Sara Elizabeth Frances Holden, is also a native of Wyvernwood (as, indeed have been the previous two Laureates, Erich von Kampf and Morric Haast). Although the count of the Baronial populace has not been made recently, six new members have been added during the past quarter, which would bring the estimated populace (both subscribing and non-subscribing) to over 70 persons. To summarize, the Barony has had an active and rewarding quarter, particularly in the area of educating the public through demonstrations. The U.S.F. theater production assistance and Celebration of the Arts participation are particularly relevant to the SCA’s education and public service functions. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Meridies Crown List
King – Viscount Sir Erin Breck Gordon
Queen – (Branwen ni Heilide) Branwen bean Erin
Meridies Crown List was held on 10-12/14-84 at Camp Tekewitha in Springville AL.

Pre-Baronial Court in Loch Griffin
On 10-13-84, Darkwater reports there was quite a good turn out. Fighter practice lasted a long, long time and went well. At court Islay was presented a shell on a chain as a token of appreciation for all she has done for the group. Duncan was given the office of Sheriff and received a set of thumb screws. Stephen was made one of the Baronial Guards. Islay was made a member of the House of Stone and was given a black dragon goblet. The food was delicious and there was almost plenty of swamp frog. Thanks to the members of Loch Griffin for hosting such a lovely revel.

Tourney of the Harvest Moon
10-13-84 Southkeep held an unofficial local revel “Tourney of the Harvest Moon” at Alice B. Waynwright Park in Miami. the flyer states “The Shire of Southkeep does invite all good gentles to come celebrate the rising of the Harvest moon with us. The festivities will start with a standard double elimination prize list to determine the Hero of the Harvest Moon, followed by melee’s and challenges. Those who wish to may bring a lunch to eat after the list. In the afternoon all adventurous lords and ladies are invited to participate in a scavenger quest so be prepared to try your wits and intelligence against the Phantom Riddler. In the evening, there will be a feast to ready our brave adventurers for the night of revelry ahead. This is not an overnight site. listed autocrat: Sigurth Tryggvason, Feastcrat Lord Juan Carlos Perez.
event report: The day was windy and bright, more Indian Summer. The tourney went well and was well fought. It was Sean Carranthas first fight, but Lord Juan Carlos Perez was the tourney winner. The quest drew much attention and Asa Thorfinnsdottir’s team were the winners. The quest was greatly enjoyed by the mundane spectators who took lots of pictures. We traveled to la Casa de Juan Carlos for a wondrous feast. All were mightily entertained.

Academie of Armourie
The Academie of Armourie will hold a sitting on 10-20-84 at the Carousel Club Apartments clubhouse in Orlando Fl, sponsored by the Shire of Darkwater. All members of the populace are cordially invited to attend the session and choose from the wide selection of courses offered. Many of the courses touch the interests of all SCA members, such as courses on protocol and precedence.
Following the session, all are bid to join Lord Knikolos Major of Salem by the Sea and Lady Christianna McGrain for a celebration of his birthday at Shakespeare’s Tavern in Orlando. Listed autocrat Otto Botticher vonn Spreebrucke.
There were 34 members in attendance. A pot luck revel was held at the Keep of Two Counties afterward. This was one of the largest turn outs for such an event.

Our Town Festival Demo
10-26/27-84 from flyer “The City of Coral Springs is holding it’s Our Town Festival at Mullins park in Coral Springs. Our shire has been asked to demonstrate the martial arts, costumes, customs and culture of the Middle Ages at the Festival. We will hold a tourney and dance demonstration on Friday night and again on Saturday night. The administrators of the Festival have estimated attendance at these two demos at between two and ten thousand people. We are the lead-in for a different band each night. We will also do small demos throughout the day on Saturday and Sunday. We will have two pavilions set up with displays of armor, weapons, heraldic canners, costumes and arts and crafts of the Middle Ages. Last years Festival drew 120,000 people. Listed coordinator Joseph mac Joseph.

Baronial Bash
10-26/28-84 Wyvernwood held “Baronial Bash”
Flyer in Talewinds, Vol 3, No 10, October A.S. XIX And lo, it did so come to pass that upon the year Anno Societatus VII there was so brought forth a small but hardy shire known as Wyvernwood. Lonely was this Wyvernwood for naught else existed in what was later to be Trimaris nor was there aught else but two other groups of kindred spirits in all of Meridies. The years passed slowly. Upon the noble month of October (the 26th, 27th and 28th to be exact) the Barony of Wyvernwood invites one and all of Trimaris and the Knowne World to join us in the celebration of our Twelfth anniversary. This year, Baronial Bash hopes to produce a mixture of merriment, masquerade, flair and fighting skill, so -come ye all to Wyvernwood. Baronial Prize List – the winner of this double elimination tourney will receive a hand-forged sword crafted by Lord John Urquert, Warlord of Trimaris. Wyvernwood Filk song Competition if you’ve a taste for the odd, the awesome, the serious or the categorically insignificant, try your wit (and our patience) at writing a Filk song. Masque Ball be festive and frivolous, obvious or sublime, Prizes will be awarded for the most “creative” masque, best overall costume, plus more, the theme is “Trimaris – animal, vegetable, and/or mineral”. Marriage of Lord Knikolos and Lady Christianna celebrate the wedding and wish the bride and groom well during Knikolos’ Friday Bachelor Party and Christianna’s Hennin Party. The event will be held at Camp Keystone, with the autocrat Sara Tiegan Holden presiding.
At the Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla (with the permission of TRM Lawrence and Ana)
Order of the Silver Trident: Hon. Lord Ragnar Hardraada
Lord Artorious penes Draconom
Award of Arms: Arianwyn Megan Commyn o Mynydd Emryss, Wyvernwood
Elizabeth Nan Carey, Darkwater
Sarah Tiegan Elizabeth Frances Holden, Wyvernwood

Baron Master Taliesynne Nycheymwrh yr Anghyfannedd has taken Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi as a protégée
Darkwater was recognized by the Coronet as an approved barony and the designated baronial nobles, Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi and Lady Arianne des Jardin were presented to the Court.
At the Baronial Court of Their Excellencies Dikeuald Cyn Arek and Alianore d’Astralis:
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale: Lady Cathlin Emryss
Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Lady Arianwyn Megan Commyn o Mynydd Emryss
Ring of Chivalry: Lord Erich of Ravenscold
Lady Cathlin Emryss

10-27-84 The Shire of Darkwater was approved as a Barony and designated Baronial nobles
Baron – Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi
Baroness – Lady Arianne des Jardin
(Baronial Investiture to be held February 1-3, 1985 AS XIX)

Melrose Renaissance Faire Demo
10-27/28-84 Blackthorne held a demo at the Melrose Renaissance Faire sponsored by the Melrose Business Association. The Shire demonstrated fighting techniques, sold items, and ran an Archery booth. We also provided general color at the faire. Lady Takara announced at their live chess match.

Hialeah Jr. High School Demo
On 10-31-84, the Shire of Southkeype held a Roman Senate Debate, Republic vs Empire for and with the 8th grade history class, of which Asa Thorfinnsdottir (Judy Byrum) is the teacher. Everyone dressed in togas.

USF Children’s Festival
11-3-84 – Again this year, the Barony of Wyvernwood participated in the annual Children’s Festival sponsored by the University of South Florida’s College of Education. The festival was held on Saturday, November 3, 1984 on the campus of the University in Tampa. Six lords and ladies of the Barony, led by Baroness Alianore, displayed medieval and SCA artifacts and manners under Lord Ragnar Hardraada’s canopy. Lord Ragnar and others of the Barony provided an array of helmets, armor and weapons which were examined by hordes of attending children. Particularly successful was the ever popular “try on the helmet and lift the mailshirt” event. Also staggeringly popular was the pastime “whack the Viking”, in which an armored Lord Ragnar allowed himself to be pegged in the ribs by bloodthirsty kidlets (repeatedly) to demonstrate the effectiveness of a coat-of-plate. This time, Lord Ragnar introduced a variant, whacking helmeted urchins over the head with a rattan sword to demonstrate the effectiveness of a helmet. They loved it. Wyvernwood’s Lady Cathlin Emryss did free face-painting for nearly 200 children (and some adults), painting handsome unicorns throughout the day at great peril to her sanity. The assembled lords and ladies also sang a selection of medieval song periodically during he course of the event. Several thousand children and adults attended the all-day event, which ran from 10 am until 4 pm, almost all of whom spent some time at the Wyvernwood booth. The event received local press coverage, which included mention of the SCA’s participation. The Barony’s contribution to this significant community event was very well received, both by the organizers and participants. Much good publicity for the Barony and the SCA resulted. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Halloween Masque
11-3-84 Oldenfeld held “Halloween Masque” at Woodswell Farm Flyer in Talewinds, Vol 3, No 10, October A.S. XIX announced a Jack o’ Lantern Contest, Masque Contest, Most & Least Medieval contest. This is a primitive camping site. Fighter practice with Trimaris Marshal, feast and keg.

Wyvernwood’s Newcomer’s Revel
A revel to welcome newcomers to the SCA was held on the evening of Sunday, 11-4-84, at the residence of Lord Ragnar Hardraada. Designed to provide a suitable welcome and introduction to SCA life for new members of the Barony, it featured socialization and a number of workshops aimed at the needs of new members, notable sessions on costuming, armoring and archery. it was attended by 30 old members and 10 newcomers. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Museum of Fine Arts Demo
11-84 Narval Dorado held a demo at the Museum of Fine Arts

Incipient Shire of the Storm (Clearwater/Pinellas County) founded.
The date on the application is 11-5-84 and lists the proposed officers as:
Seneschal – Hollyn of Kestrelmere
Herald – Corwin ap Arianwyn o Carreg Cennen
Marshal – Ropesle de Sylveastan
Master of Sciences – Ciaomhin Macreagan
(From a letter to Countess Gilrean Derrilyn, Seneschal of Meridies, from Baroness Mistress Enriqueta)
Located mundanely in the Clearwater, Fl area, the new group will encompass that geographical region formerly held by the long-defunct group called the Shire of West Isles. the new group will lie between already existing shires of Fiach Ogan (to the North) and Narval Dorado (to the south), and is due west of the Barony of Wyvernwood. In my opinion the distances between these three groups is sufficient so that all can maintain activity and individuality without stepping on each others toes. All three groups are quite compatible.
The new shire, to be known as the Shire of the Storm, is being founded by several old-time SCA members who have a wealth of experience. Their Seneschal designate, the Hon. Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere, has served in the past as Seneschal of the Barony of An Crosaire, and is presently working Deputy to the Principality’s Minister of Arts. Each of the other officers listed in the application is well experienced in their office, i.e. Lady Catherine Angelique (shire exchequer) is currently the Principality’s Exchequer.
The group originally approached me over six months ago with their desire to found a new group…at that time I advised them to organize and work toward smooth operation and building membership…they did indeed hold regular meetings and fighter practices and got all their ducks in a neat row.

Martinmas Moot/Seventh Coronet List
Tanist – Lord Joseph mac Joseph (Seosaidh mac Seosaidh)
Tanista – Lady Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Princes Champion – Daenn Fjalornsson
The Paladine Confederation presents Martinmas Moot and the Coronet List to be held on 11-9/11-84 at Camp Wewa. The Champion of Trimaris list will immediately follow the Coronet List. There will be a Principality Auction conducted by Lord Kragon Darkvale. Also the Troubadour Laureate competition will be held. Listed autocrat Lord Joseph mac Joseph, Feastcrat Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph. There were 245 paid participants for this event. 43 fighters participated in the lysts (17 in the second lyst). The shires in the Paladine cooperated in making banners for the main hall.
At the Court of TRM Lawrence and Ana
Order of the Velvet Owl (with Grant of Arms)
Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon
Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Wyvernwood
Lord Yonaton Moshe Bereb Avram Yitzhak, An Crosaire
Order of the Sovereign’s Pleasure:
Lady Elena Ragnarsfostra, Wyvernwood
Countess Mistress Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe, Blackthorne
Order of Meriden Majesty:
Countess Mistress Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe, Blackthorne
Order of the Meridian Cross:
Tsuji no kami Ban’nin, An Crosaire
Lady Anne Embry, Blackthorne
Lady Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Darkwater
Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah, Sea March
Lord Jean-Philippe Duvier, Blackthorne
At the Court of TH Baldar and Ljudmilla (with the permission of TRM Lawrence and Ana)
Order of the Burning Trumpet (Kingdom heraldic services)
Lady Joanna de Bocage, Sangre del Sol
Award of Arms:
Eleanor Powe, Blackthorne
Otto Botticher vonn Spreebrucke, Darkwater
Order of the Trimarian Sword List
Winner: Hon Lord Dikeuald Cyn Arek
Runner up: Lord Picot Pierre Cassier
New Poet Laureate of Trimaris:
Lady Muireann Deora-De of Rivercroft, called Strider
HRH Sir Erin Breck Gordon has taken as squire:
Daenn Fjalornsson, Oldenfeld
Raoul de Skytower, Oldenfeld
Since Lord Joseph mac Joseph is Tanist, Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph will step in as Seneschal of Sangre del Sol.

Buholz High School Demo
11-11-84 An Crosaire held a class at Buholz High School on the Comparison of Norse and Russian life styles in 1100’s – taught by Elom Eikinskjaldi and Ejvan Vaseolojovich
11-13-84 An Crosaire held a demo at Buholz High School in connection with the teaching of the Middle Ages at the school. Dancing, fighting and medieval arts and sciences were demonstrated. Fighting at this demo were Thorkel, Ejvan, Elom, Roland and Swein Ironhelm. Several other members of the group were also present.

Pre-Baronial Court
On 11-15-84 Darkwater held a Pre-Baronial court at their meeting. The Seneschal’s key was turned over to Lord Erik. Jean Claude was inducted into the Baronial Guard. Christopher of Hendon was taken by Lord Barar as a page. There was a presentation of Free Thyme by the House of Hendon. Lord Barar presented a shell to Lady Jermaine for her service and she made her farewells to the shire.

Autumn Festival
On 11-17-84 An Crosaire held a small local revel for those who wouldn’t be going home for the holidays called “Autumn Festival”. There was a pot luck mid day meal, some games were played, there was dancing and a small list. This event had 21 members participating.

King’s Day Regatta
11-17-84 Blackthorne held a demo at the Banquet for the Daughters of the British Empire at the Club Continental in Orange Park. The banquet was held for the King’s Day Regatta. The British Ambassador to the United States, Sir Oliver Wright and his wife attended. Lady Takara announced the arrival of the guests. Eleven members of the shire participated in a skit showing “courtly love”. Countess Elspeth is also a member of the Daughters of the British Empire and arranged for the shire members to appear at the banquet.

Revenge of the Vikings
11-17-84 from flyer “Revenge of the Vikings, The Vikings against the Saxons, at Peters Road Duck Pond, Ft. Lauderdale Fl. a local event by Sangre del Sol. We are planning three types of general melees, a high ground melee, siege-secure on a real hill, a cloisters siege at a mid-shift cloister, and a bridge battle on a real bridge, maybe. This is a small park with covered pavilion, tables, close restrooms, duck pond and shade trees. There will be a Social and Duc de Potluck feast at Warbeck and Alejandra’s manor. listed autocrat Lon Warbeck Mac Murray and Alejandra Isabele Iglesias Domenech de Mac Murray.

Hialeah Junior High School Demo
11-21-84, the Shire of Southkeype assisted in a play at the Hialeah Jr. High School entitled “Vikings in Northumberland”. Asa Thorfinnsdottir is the teacher for the 8th grade history class. The Hon. Lady Asa dressed as the head of a typical Viking household and narrated various aspects of her society with the assistance of some members of the shire.

Ravensquest II
On 11-24/26-84 Fiach Ogan held “Ravensquest II”, announced in flyer “Of days of old, when knights were bold we emulate the best, send out the call to gentles all to come join in a quest. Thy skills and prowess, thy courtly grace will be put to the test. A lovely wooded site beside a clear lake with a large feast hall and cabins (Camp Keystone). There will be the Quest, best period ashtray, Archery shoot. Listed autocrat Diedre Faohagan, Feastcrat Triste More

The True Medievalist
11-30/12-2-84 Darkwater held “The True Medievalist” or the Rescue of Arianne which was held at a primitive camp site near Apopka. For several months different flyers were published in Talewinds building up to this event in which “Brigands captured Arianne” and the purpose of the event was her rescue. Autocrats were Lady Jermaine and Lord Barar, Feastcrat was Lord Gradheil.

12/84 Principality of Trimaris Published Intent to Present a Petition for Kingdom Status

Westminster Oaks
12-3-84 Oldenfeld went caroling at the Westminster Oaks

Almost a Revel and Kitty Bash
On 12-7/9-84 Glymmerholde held “Almost a Revel and Kitty Bash”, announced in flyer – To all who sleep or have lately been abroad but know of our local sport, hear and be of cheer, the time is night. Glymmerholde will anon hold its annual Almost a Revel celebration at the usual place (the beach). Bring the usual plus armor. To all who have slept these three years or have been forever abroad and do not know of our local sport the Shire of Glymmerholde annually hosts a two day revel at the Pink Shell Resort in beach cottages, overlooking the white sand of the Gulf of Mexico. There will be the Pixie Dig, the Baptism of the Pixiecrat!, and the kitty bash, a double elimination list of the usual sort in which one dollar is paid by each entrant and the winner takes all. There will be first aid and CPR training for all aspiring Chirurgeons. listed autocrat Sharra Atwater

Festival of the Falling Mullets
On 12-7/9-84 Starhaven held “Festival of the Falling Mullets”, announced in the flyer “Attention good gentles! the time is nigh for the Shire of Starhaven to celebrate the Festival of Falling Mullets. we invite those who wish to partake in the merriment to join us. The site is Kars Park. There will be an archery list, a list, a mullet toss, and a mechanically assisted mullet toss. This is a tenting event. Autocrat Lance Nystrom.

Yule Revel
12-8-84 Sea March held “Yule Revel”

Revel at Ragnar’s
As a number of members of the Barony’s birthdays fall in December, a joint Baronial birthday party was held at the home of Lord Ragnar Hardraada on the evening of Tuesday, December 11, 1984. The event began around 8 pm with a business meeting of the Barony, followed by a pot-luc feast and much socialization. During the meeting, Ragnar’s worthy spouse, the gentle Lady Gwendolyn, distributed copies of her new Beginner’s Costume Guide. Also distributed was the December issue of the Baronial journal Popular Wyvernry. Attendance for the evening was 29, and a most enjoyable time was had by all, as they say. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Party at Shakespeare’s
On December 18, a party of approximately a dozen gentles of Wyvernwood attended a party held at Shakespeare’s, a restaurant in Orlando with a medieval/renaissance theme. The occasion was the combined birthdays of Lord Ragnar and several other gentles born around that time. the party attended in full costume, and was given a discount by the management of Shakespeare’s in return for providing “color.” As the restaurant was well filled with mundanes, opportunity was taken to spread information relative to the SCA and the barony. The evening was memorable in that Zandor the Mad, a Darkwater citizen employed as the Black Knight in the restaurant’s combat entertainment sequence, inadvertently parried a rather heavy broadsword with his left hand, to the great detriment thereof. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Yule Revel
12-84 Narval Dorado held a “Yule Revel”

Unitarian Church Demo
12-84 Sea March participated in a Medieval Feast with the Unitarian Church

Keith Elementary School Demo
12-11-84 Darkwater held a demo at Keith Elementary School in which 6 members of the shire participated for approximately 750 (K-5) students.

Christmas Caroling
12-13-84 Oldenfeld went caroling for the Central Telephone Children’s Party

Christmas Caroling/Wassail Revel
Twenty members of the Barony of Wyvernwood, including the members of the Wyvernwood Choral, presented programs of period Christmas carols at two Tampa area hospitals on Saturday, December 15. The singers, led by Sara Tiegan Frances Elizabeth Holden, director of the Wyvernwood Chorale, performed in full period garb. At St. Joseph’s Hospital, the singers covered 7 ½ floors of the hospital, and an additional 3 floors in the cancer wards. At Women’s Hospital, 1 ½ floors were covered, including the nursery. A special performance was given for two mothers who had just given birth immediately after their return from the delivery room. Altogether, the singers performed for a total of 2,000 patients and staff at the two hospitals. On the evening of the same day, a Wassailing Revel was held at the home of Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn. Featuring vast quantities of Christmas foods, drinks and egg nog, the revel was attended by 30 people. The following day (Sunday, the 16th), two of the Barony’s fairest ladies, Lady Cathlin Emryss and her Highness Princess Ljudmilla, traveled across Tampa Bay to Fiach Ogan to assist with that shire’s Christmas caroling program. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Wassailing Revel
12-15-84 Darkwater held “Wassailing Revel”

Olde English Yule
On 12-15-84 Sangre del Sol held “Olde English Yule” at the All Saints Episcopal Church in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. A pot-luc feast was planned along with classes on costuming, heraldry, boot making, and cooking. Promised was dancing, madrigal and chorus singing. Edwina of Wiltshire was the listed autocrat.

Christmas Revel and Tourney
12-15-84 Blackthorne/Castlemere held “Christmas Revel and Tourney” at Willowbranch Park in Jacksonville. Fighters from each shire put on a tournament for a prize. The tournament was organized by Lady Takara and Raschid. The winner was Geoffery Marcus de Alton. The Revel was held that night at Portside Mobile Home Park. About 21 members of Blackthorne attended. At the revel the King of Misrule was chosen. Everyone brought a dessert and there was much merriment and comradery.

During the calendar year 1984, the Barony of Wyvernwood sponsored a total of 28 events. These included tournaments, revels, public demonstrations, and various public service activities. In addition to numerous local events, the Barony sponsored no less than two Principality investitures – that of Baron Sir Bronislaus and his consort, Lady Agrippina di Conti in March, and that of Baldar Longstrider and his consort Ljudmilla of Konigsberg in August. Over and above the twenty eight events mentioned above, the Barony held regular weekly meetings of the populace, weekly fighter practices, and various other meetings and workshops throughout the year.
During the course of 1983, Wyvernwood provided the Principality with four of its great officers of state – Minister of Sciences, Hon. Lord Ragnar Hardraada; Minister of Arts – Lady Orianna Goldenhair; Chancellor of the Exchequer – Lady Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart; and Chirurgeon – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn. The barony also provided Trimaris with a Prince and Princess, in the persons of His Highness Baldar Longstrider and Her Highness Princess Ljudmilla. Wyvernwood also provided the Principality with its Troubadour Laureate (in fact, the last three Troubadour Laureates have been from Wyvernwood). The Barony has continued to provide a significant contribution to the welfare of Trimaris through service, activities in the arts and sciences, and worthy warriors for the field of honor.
This year saw the first full year’s publication of the Barony’s journal, Popular Wyvernry, which began publication in November, 1983. “Pop Wyv” has proven a very useful means of communication and education, and a valuable addition to the Barony.
This year also saw the first award of the Darby MacDonald Memorial Scholarship in Medieval studies. The MacDonald award is a $100.00 prize offered through the University of South Florida Foundation annually, administered through the USF Department of History. Commemorating the late Darby MacDonald, a member of the Barony killed in a tragic drowning, the MacDonald scholarship is the only award for academic achievement sponsored by a branch of the SCA of which I am aware. Awarding of this first prize is a testimonial to the SCA’s commitment to serious study of the Middle Ages and an earnest of the Society’s role as a bona fide educational organization.
As of December, 1984, the Barony of Wyvernwood has 55 paid members. This figure includes 40 sustaining members, 10 family memberships and 5 associate memberships. An additional 5 individuals regularly attend Baronial functions, with a number of other persons maintaining a loose affiliation with the group.
To conclude, the past year has, like the one previous, been a fruitful one with many solid accomplishments. The Barony remains a dynamic, viable unit of the SCA.
Officers as of 12/31/84
Seneschal – Lady Sabine Astraea
Marshal – Lord John Urquhart, called the Shark
Minister of Sciences – Lord Wilhelm Steinhauser
Minister of Arts – Lady Sara Tiegan Frances Elizabeth Holden
Chirurgeon – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Herald – Lady Arianwyn merch Comyn
Historian – Lord Erich Manfred Friedrich Wilhelm von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, called Erich of Ravenscold
Editor of Popular Wyvernry – Lady Sarah Tiegan Holden
Exchequer – Lady Rosalind Knighluster
Chronicler – Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglas
Baron and Baroness
Baron Dykeuald Cyn Arik and Baroness Alianore d’Astralis
Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

From the Barony of An Crosaire
The Barony has taken on several new projects throughout this past year and it is my hope that they will continue. First of all, we began working on a Baronial Autocrats Handbook. It will be printed, hopefully, by January 1. The idea for this came up during the problems we had with Spring Coronation. We hope that, with this booklet, it will be easier to autocrat an event if you’ve never before been an autocrat or co-autocrat. It will not take the place of everyone’s help, but it will definitely answer a lot of questions right-off-the-bat. Secondly, we have formed a revel committee (open to anyone) this helps people who are interested in autocrating to get a feel for creating a revel and finding a place for it (small and local). Thirdly, we have a group of people who are making up what we call our Demo-crats (anyone can be involved). This is for those who feel very strongly about organized school demos. They will make sure that people attend prepared for answering questions and to know how to teach the kids something.
From our Fighter Marshal, there are 20 qualified fighters, 5 unqualified fighters, 6 archers. The fighters meet weekly with 5-7 participants on the average. We also have 3 active armorers in the Barony.
It is hard to say what the highlights of the year were but if I have to pinpoint one, I’d have to say that TMT was one of our greatest accomplishments this year. Another highlight is that we have introduced many new faces to the SCA and many have stayed with us; this we’re most proud of.
The Barony presently has 59 members listed in our books, 39 are sustaining members and 20 are newcomers and students.
Barony of An Crosaire Officers
Baron & Baroness – Sakura Tetsuo and Sakura Kiminiko
Seneschal – Siena Severn
Deputy – Carmenette Rodriquez
Gold Key – Thorkel Tryggsuasson
Master of Science – Elom Eikinskjaldi
Deputy – Thorstein Asvaldsson
Mistress of Arts – Genevive Erkanberacht
Deputy – Noriuji
Herald – Donnchagh Ui Grada
Reeve – Carmenette Rodriquez
Historian – Ara Arisdottir
Deputy – Allessandra Francesca
Chronicler – Geoffrey de Tocqueville
Librarian – Noriuji
Fighter Marshal – Sakura Tetsuo
Deputy – Thorkel Tryggsuasson
Sean of Carrkfergus
Archery Marshal – Talfric

Domesday Report from the Shire of South Keype
The Shire of South Keype has seen many drastic changes this last year both with official offices and with relocations. South Keype covers a large area that hinders involvement by local youth because of transportation difficulties. it is hoped that eventually we will have enough involvement and interest to form groups to take up these areas. There has been a slight increase overall in membership +3 (for a current total of 17). We have lost many to new locations, but they seem to have remained active in the SCA. The Shire has been, I think, more active and supportive at other Trimarian events than in the recent past. We have had members represented at TMT, Martinmas Moot, Arts and Science affairs, Sangre del Sol and Sea March various socials and events, Oldenfeld events, and many more. The major honors our group received in 1984 stemmed from consecutive awarding of Poet Laureate to Alexander Mareschal and Shantry. Our fighters fared well and look to be promising fodder for 1985. There was a concerted effort to do more community events, which the Vikings 1000 AD, was an example of. The last few months of 1984 saw the Shire working closely with the Historical Museum of Southern Florida and try and evolve an annual demo at the Center for the Fine Arts. Plans were originally laid for February 8th, but had to be canceled. We are now in the process of rescheduling. This is being handled through Ilse aus dem Rhein, Historian.

Doomsday report from Narval Dorado
The year was a varied and active one for the shire of Narval Dorado. There was a very active event calendar, as well as the first major population gain since the last change in seneschal. The events were as varied as they come in the SCA. There was the small but fattening Midsummer’s Eve Revel. There was the activity helping the Shire of the Ruins with TMT. and at the end of the year, there was both the planning for Winter Arts and Sciences in January and a Christmas Revel.
The assisting of the Shire of the Ruins with the autocrating of TMT was an education in itself. The Ruins had little experience in the running of a major event. There were some problems with things not getting done when they should have been. The feasts done by Narval Dorado went over well and in general, the event went well. The Shire of Narval Dorado got a lot of needed experience in the autocrating of events and with helping other groups autocrat. The time after Midsummers was one of growth for the shire. There was a sudden upturn in the shire’s growth curve. The shire grew from a shire of about 8 people to a shire of 20 or so. This is the first big growth that the troubles of the last seneschal change. The shire has gotten some health growth at last, growth that has been needed for a long time. submitted by Hon,. Lord Michael Kennethson, Historian, Narval Dorado.

Trimaris History – 1983


Twelfth Night Revel
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) The Shire of South Keype invites all good gentles to join for a Twelfth Night Celebration, 1-7/9-83 at Owaissa Bauer Camp Grounds. Daytime activities to include armoring workshops, costume & dance workshops, fighter’s clinic, merchants alley and a visit to the nearby Coral Castle. Saturday Evening Tudor-style feast to include a subtle roast pig, Trimarian peacock (chicken) and wassail by Mareschal. Entertainment by minstrels and dramatic presentations through-out the rest and revel. Autocrats listed were Sean Leam O’Dowd & Danielle de la Reynard. Feastcrat Ferrell O’Dowd and the South Keype Cook’s Guild.
(event report) The attending fighters did engage in a fighter practice in the presence of Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula. An archery practice was planned by the Archer’s Guild but was canceled for lack of targets. During court Ian the Bane was admitted into the House of the Raven and a message was read from his Royal Highness expressing his regret at being unable to attend.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.2,no.2 February AS XVII
At the court of TH Guthrum and Ursula
Order of the Grey Beard – Ian the Bane O’Dowd, South Keype

Twelfth Night Revel
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) House Didean na’Dorcacta is honored to host Shire Darkwater’s Twelfth Night Revel on 1-8/9-83 at Camp Wewa. Autocrat is Marie Genevieve de Cihldara, Feastcrat is Alexander Dimitrio Manovitch. The them of this event is a 12th Night of later 14th century Ireland. The feast is a “Duke de Pot-luck” with the two main courses, Irish Stew and Glazed Ham and the bread provided by the Shire. Activities include a Ladies Hobby Horse Joust (bring your own mount) and a Lord’s Christmas List (bonker tubes). The winners of both lists will be crowned Lord and Lady of Misrule to reign over the evenings festivities. Chess and Backgammon (and other medieval games) will be available, as well as darts and archery, weather permitting a bardic circle is planned for late evening.

Hero of the Chalice Tourney
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) Once again it is time to renew the enchanted spell that protects the wood that surrounds our Lady Celebrin in her humble lair. A fighter of great heart nd true gallantry is being sought for. One who is able to take on the Dark Hordes that threaten our noble lands – so come, Gentles all, to test your sword in our two great lists. – to be held on 1-14/16-83 at Silver Lake Campground, Brooksville Fl. This is a tenting event, bring your own everything. There will be the Hero of the Chalice list to which the winner will be known as the Hero of the Chalice and his/her inspiration as the Consort of the Chalice. A prize list, to which all entrants must wear period looking armor and/or properly camouflaged as not to offend the dignity of the list. The prize will consist of a silver goblet to which a hearty draught can be drawn, and a fighting surcoat, to enhance any fighter’s style. There will be melees, challenge fights and clinics to follow.

(from Awards & Announcements, Talewinds, vol.2,no2, February AS XVII)
Their Trimarian Highnesses Guthrum & Ursula awarded Alexander Gallowglass of An Crosaire the first “Order of Unordered Orders”
List Winners: Hero of the Chalice Tourney
1st – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, squire, An Crosaire
2nd – Lord John Urquehart, squire, Wyvernwood
Prize List
1st – Lord John Urquehart, squire, Wyvernwood
2nd – Lord Dikeuald Cyn Arek, Baron Wyvernwood, squire

(event report) The mystical grail known as the Wyvernwood Chalice embodies within its ensorcelled substance the well-being of lands and people of Wyvernwood. The gift of a powerful Archmage to our gentle patron-Wyverness, Celebrin silver-Web, the Chalice must periodically have its powers renewed through combat mortal in a tourney of heros. He who wins the tourney is by right the Defender of the Chalice, and drinks of the Wyvernwood Chalice of Heros. Thus, from the earliest days of Wyvernwood has it been.
On 1-15-83, AS XVII, a doughty band of warriors met at the encampment of Silver Lake near the Road of Heroes (I-75) to the north of Wyvernwood to choose in combat with mortal rattan who among them should become Defender of the Chalice. After great striving, the fell-handed Aaron Breck Gordon, Warlord of Trimaris, bested his worthy opponents to stand forth triumphant as the true Defender and Hero of the Chalice. He and his most fair and gentle lady Linnea Lorainne (in whose name and by whose inspiration he had indeed performed his mighty deeds) drank from the original Wyvernwood Chalice, of which only victorious heros and the ladies that have shared their victories have drunk. Thus, until the powers of the enchanted grail again wane and call out for renewal, the valorous Aaron shall stand forth as Defender of the Chalice of Heros.
In the second list of the day, warriors competed for the honor of their ladies and the rich prize of a silver goblet. Fierce indeed was the combat; rattan did thwack and helms did ring, the dust did dowse combatants and spectators alike as it rose from the trampled battle-sward. At last Wyvernwood’s valorous Lord John Urquhart, called Shark, staggered forth from the battle-murk to claim the glistening prize for his dark-haired lady the fair Teena.
Attendance at the tourney was 45 persons, with perhaps a few more who escaped counting. ‘Twas in good sooth a mortal cold week-end for these southern climes, and this did in truth repel many who would else have attended. Your humble chronicler speaks from experience, as I myself came only at the last in time to behold the gallant Lord John stagger on and off the field to victory in his magnificent (and heavy) Maximilian plate armor. Among the nobles in attendance were his grace Duke Merowald, Lord Sylveaston, who did us the honor of fighting in the second list. Further, Wyvernwood was most deeply honored by the presence of their Highnesses, Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula of Trimaris, who braved the cold to be with their devoted subjects. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u .von Kampf, CWC, Historian Wyvernwood

Belvedere Elementary School (Demo)
1-19-83, Sea March held a demo at Belvedere Elementary School

Trimaris Principality Triad/Arts & Sciences Faire
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) Will be held 1-21/23-83, AS XVII, at Camp Keystone, Odessa Fl. This is an educational and competitive event, held in conjunction with Regents’ College of Trimaris, formerly known as Collegium Celebrin. The theme and food for the feast is Russian. enjoy the unusual opportunity afforded by the cooler weather of this weekend to sport your favorite furs. The feast is being prepared by Lord Nickolai Staritsin. Courses of study are Sundials; Customs and Courtesies; How to Prepare a Feast; Embroidery; Vocal Techniques; Armor Forge Techniques; SCA Public Relations; Illumination; Dancing; Italian Renaissance Costuming. There will be a Masque Laureate competition. Also sponsored will be an all-purpose Art/Sci scroll contest.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.2,no.2 February AS XVII
At the Court of Her Highness Princess Ursula
Award of Arms – Aenor de Winchester, Narval Dorado
Felix the Fool, Sea March
Order of the Silver Trident – Lord Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire
Mistress Enriqueta, Narval Dorado
New Principality Officers
Triskele Herald – Lady Mureann Deora-De, called Strider, Starhaven
Marshal – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
Minister of Arts – Lady Cedrin Etainnighean, Wyvernwood
Masque Laureate Winner – Lord Canel Regenweald, called Mentor, Narval Dorado
Regents College of Trimaris graduates its first class:
Mistress Enriqueta, Narval Dorado
The Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Lady Cher de Bellevue, An Crosaire
Lady Cedrin Etainnighean, Wyvernwood
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.2,no.3 March AS XVII
Extraordinary Merit-Potpourri Lady Damara Narrissa, Sea March
Eglantine de Wolfe, An Crosaire
Extraordinary Merit – portable feasts – Eglantine de Wolfe, An Crosaire
Extraordinary Merit – soapmaking – Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Extraordinary Merit – Jewelry making – Lord Yonaton, An Crosaire
Extraordinary Merit – Brewing & Vinting, Beer – Sir Riekin ap Gruagach, Sea March
Extraordinary Merit – Brewing & Vinting, Liqueur – Sir Riekin, Sea March
Merit – Brewing & vinting, Lord Yonaton, An Crosaire
Merit – Mapmaking – Lord Monford of Bath, Darkwater
Merit – Embroidery (Japanese mon) – Tsuji Toryu no kami, An Crosaire
Special Merit – Embroidery (sampler) – Alexa du Foretoir, Castlemere
Special Merit – Embroidery (Japanese zusa) – Lady Mary Felix the Fool, Sea March
Special Merit – Banners – Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Merit – Banners – Noriuji Hashi no Ienobu
Merit – Calligraphy – Noriuji Hashi no Ienobu
Merit – Calligraphy – Vassillaskas, Narval Dorado
Merit – Calligraphy – Lothar Allheisen, Darkwater
Extraordinary Merit – Painting – Bede Angle
Extraordinary Merit – Weaving – Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheach, An Crosaire
Special Merit – Illumination – Lothar Allheisen, Darkwater
Novice – Special Merit – Celeste de Beaulieu, Blackthorne – Houppelande
Merit – Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Darkwater – German Renaissance
Merit – Cara Valentina Nic Fhionghuin of Skye, Wyvernwood
one each for Cotehardie, Men’s Cavalier, & Ital. Renaissance
Advanced – Special Merit – Lady Agrippina di Conti, Sea March, Ital. Renaissance
Special Merit – Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire, Womens Saxon
Merit – Anne Embry, Blackthorne, Tudor
Historical – Extraordinary Merit – The Hon. Lady Siobhan, An Crosaire
Extraordinary Merit – Tsuji Toryu no kami, An Crosaire
Merit – Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglas, Wyvernwood
Accessories – Merit – Layd Elizabeth FitzRandolph, Sangre del Sol
Merit – Lady Cara Hawkwood, Castlemere

Winter Stars IV
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) List and Anniversary Revel 1-29/30-83 held at Kars Park. Once more Starhaven presents one of the more relaxed tournaments in Trimaris. Feast by Duc de Potluck, tent camping, games, list, feast hall. Nice view of comet if launch delayed. Autocrats Lady Strider & Lord Methylred.

Academie of Armourie
2-5-83 The Canton of Mathom Trove held the Academie of Armourie

Tallahassee Junior Museum (Demo)
On 2-6-83, The Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo at Tallahassee Junior Museum. Member attendance was very good, including Brian Fynead Fear Levy Sios who heralded the event.

St. Valentines Day Massacre
(from flyer, Talewinds, vol.2,no1, January AS XVII) The Barony of An Crosaire invites the folk of Trimaris, Meridies and elsewhere to attend St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, held at Otter Springs Campground on 2-11/13-83. This is a tenting event. This year’s theme is a Scandinavian mid-winter festival and gathering. The autocrats request that folk try to attend dressed in the clothing styles of Northern Europe (this will also help maintain warmth, by Ymir!). By Odin, there will be the traditional list and subsequent massacre in the truest Trimaris traditions on Saturday. After the Massacre, the field will be open to Norse challenge matches and Holmgangs. Bring your axes and well-wrought round shields. For those folk not in the list and those warriors who survive, there will be classes and games available. Archer by Talfric Bluntsword, games of the traditional and SCA favorites – Varpa (danish horseshoes); medieval football; Clench-a-wench; and the ever popular “Boppe-ye-hegepygge” and others. Listed autocrats Lady Ara Arisdottir and Drottin Elom Eikinskjaldi.
Awards & Announcements, Talewinds vol.2,no.3 March AS XVII
List Winners: 1st – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
2nd – Wihtgar Silfrhar, An Crosaire
At the Court of Their Highnesses Guthrum & Ursula
Order of the Silver Trident – Lord Yonaton Moshe Bereb Avram Yitzhak, An Crosaire
Award of Arms – Princess Ursula Katze, An Crosarie
Prince Guthrum Raegan of the Wasteland, An Crosaire
At the Court of Their Excellencies Sakura Tetsuo and Sakura Kimineko, Baron and Baroness An Crosaire and Heirs to the Principality of Trimaris: The Hon. Lady Matsuyama no-Ryu Suzume (aka Siobhan ni Filidheacht) accepted the position of Regent of the Barony of An Crosaire during the Sakura’s Trimaris reign.

Wyvernwood Baronial Council
A baronial council and fighter practice was held in a small public park adjacent to the home of Lady Elina Ragnarsfostra on Saturday, February 19, 1983. The council was attended by approximately 30 gentles, and was distinguished by the number of royal personages in attendance. HRH Prince Verron von Groth, heir to the throne of Meridies, honored the day with his presence, as did Their Royal Highnesses Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula of Trimaris. The major event of the day was the SCA wedding of Wyvernwood’s fair lady Arielle Thiase Evard to the noble Lord Stephan Danefalk. This happy occasion was shadowed only by the knowledge that the gentle Lady Arielle would be leaving Wyvernwood to accompany her new lord to his home in the fair lands of Westerness, specifically to Utah. The council was followed by a rousing fighter practice in which several swords were broken and numerous bruises and thumps administered. The assembly broke up shortly after sundown, it being too dark to continue further.Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt un .von Kampf, CWC, Historian Wyvernwood

Third Trimaris Principality Investiture
(from flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.2 February AS XVII Narval Dorado wishes your attendance at the Investiture of Their Excellencies Sir Sakura Tetsuo and Mistress Sakura Kimineko on the weekend of the 26th of February at Camp Keystone, Odessa. There will be Laureate contests and symposium classes. Autocrat Lady Jirel ni Cahil; Feastcrat Marcus Vitruvilus Brittanicus; Entertainmentcrat Saranna Lyndh Todin
At the Last Court of their Highnesses Guthrum and Ursula
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Wihtgar Silfrhaar, An Crosaire
The Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire, resigned as Trimaris Seneschal, naming Sir Riekin ap Gruagach, Sea March as her successor
At the First Court of their Highnesses Tetsuo and Kimineko
Viscounty – Lord Guthrum Raegan of the Wastelands, An Crosaire
Lady Ursula Katze, squire, An Crosaire
Award of Arms – Alexander Gallowglass, An Crosaire
Noriuji Hashi no Ienobu, House Noriuji
Ulrich Geschwind von Augsburg, Ruins
Talfric Bluntsword, An Crosaire
Alexander Gallowglass has been appointed Royal Overseer of the Imperial Apple Orchard
Lady Oriana Goldenhair has become the Ward of Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Lord Artorius Raed-Wulf Julianus, Narval Dorado, has been squired to Duke Syr Merowald
Phreedimere Akmet Hassan, Darkwater has been squired to Sir Riekin ap Gruagach, Sea March
Authentic Drinking Vessels Competition:
1st place – Lord Knikolos Major of Salem-by-the-Sea, Mathom Trove
2nd place – Lord Yonaton M. Bereb Avram Yitzhak, An Crosaire
3rd place – Graeghafoc, Oldenfeld

3-5-83 Lord Ragnar of Wyvernwood and John known as the Shark held an armor making class for the Shire of Sirrush Mir

Florida State Museum (demo)
An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum on 3-8-83. Demonstrations included singing, dancing, spinning & weaving and a fighter demo. Lady Cher de Bellevue provided fine cakes. This event was organized by Lady Jeanne d’Ile cu Cygne Noir with 23 people attending

Tourney of the Unicorn’s Horn
(from flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.2 February AS XVII The Tourney of the Unicorn’s Horn held at the Church of the Holy Spirit in West Palm Beach on 3-12-83. “In days of old when knights were bold the unicorn’s horn was believed to hold great powers. To return to these times and the ideals of Chivalry and Courtesy the Shire of Sea March is pleased to present the Tourney of the Unicorn’s Horn. Marvel at the mystery of the great wizard as he gives clues to the whereabouts of the fabled Unicorn’s horn. A prize will be awarded to the lucky gentle who unravels the clues and fulfils the quest. There will be a unique and unusual tourney where lords battle to defend their ladies’ honor and the ladies themselves have a (non- fighting) role to play. The feast will be prepared by the infamous Sea March Cooks’ Guild. Autocrat Lady Agrippina di Conti
Winner of the List – Sir Riekin ap Gruagach, Sea March

Anniversary Revel
On 3-17-83 The Shire of Oldenfeld held their Anniversary Revel

Suncoast Neighborhood Medieval Week
On March 18, 1983 the above event was arranged by the Tampa Bay Girl Scouts of America as a “living history” learning experience. The Barony of Wyvernwood provided the program and medieval skills for the weekend, a total of 31 gentles from the Barony participating. Throughout the weekend, Wyvernwood gentles taught classes in singing of period songs, period dancing, and period arts and sciences to a total in excess of 350 Brownie and Girl Scouts. SCA combat demonstrations were held periodically throughout the Saturday sessions. In the evening, the Barony staged a typical SCA court, with HRH Verron Surgroth, Crown Prince of Meridies presiding. The court featured a simulated knighting ceremony. Following court, a medieval feast was served to the Girl Scouts and SCA personnel. The feast, a splendid repast, was provided by His Excellency Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA. After the young ladies retired, the Wyvernwood gentles and Girl Scout staff members reveled to an early hour. Attendance at the main sessions during the day on Saturday was 310 girls. Evening attendance was 164. Additionally, 77 adult Girl Scout staff members participated in the activities. The girls attending the event exhibited great enthusiasm and, hopefully, learned much of the Middle ages, both original and current. In addition to performing a valuable public service, those Wyvernwood gentles who participated in the event also had a bloody good time and got an excellent dinner in the bargain. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u.von Kampf, CWC, Historian Wyvernwood

Trident III Tourney
(from flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.2 February AS XVII Darkwater presents Trident III, our third annual Trident Tourney will be held March 26-27 at Camp Wewa, Plymouth Fl The winner of the list will receive Neptune’s Trident, thereby becoming the Protector of all water dwelling creatures for the next year. The Trident holder will be our guest at all events hosted by Shire Darkwater until Trident IV. This is a camping event. The feast will be provided by Duc de Pot Luc (middle eastern dishes are requested) and will be served by slaves to those who purchase them at the slave auction. Autocrats Elizabeth Nan Carey and Brock of Darkwater.
List Winners: Joseph mac Joseph, Sangre del Sol
Linnea Lorraine, An Crosaire (2nd)
Lady Cathlin Emryss, West Isles and Lord Eric of Ravenscold, Wyvernwood have announced their engagement. They plan to wed at Baronial Bash.

Ruins Revel
3-26-83 The Shire of the Ruins held a revel

Howard Bishop Middle School (demo)
On 3-28-83, An Crosaire taught classes before a demo in time slots offered by the school, European Armor by Andros Leonthalasios, Japanese Armor by Linnea Lorraine, Trencher Ware by Lord Elom Eikinskjaldi, Norse Clothing and Culture by Lord Elom Eikinskjaldi and Jon Guntrsson, Spinning by Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, Heraldry and Cooking by Lady Cher de Bellevue, Japanese Clothing & Etiquette by HH Sakura Kimineko and Ishidoro no Tsuji Bannin. The demo following included singing and dancing, a fighter demo and various arts and crafts (spinning by Lady Siobhan and Blackwork by Lady Jeanne, etc). 18 members of An Crosaire participated.

On 4-5-83 The Shire of Sirrush Mir was featured in an article in the Daytona Beach News Journal

Meridies Spring Coronation for King Verron and Queen Elspeth
Talewinds vol.2,no.3 March AS XVII Castlemere invites one and all to the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses Verron Surgroth and Elspeth MacNaughton at Camp Chowenwaw south of Orange Park Fl. on April 8-10, 1983. The Royal Feast will be prepared by Lord Monford of Bath. The populace will be treated by the best chefs in Castlemere. Her Royal Highness Elspeth requests that jewel colors be worn at the Coronation Ceremony. Autocrat Lord Bissileous.
At the Last Court of TRM Roderick and Morgan
Order of the Velvet Owl: Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere, Blackthorn
Order of the Garter Snake: Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
At the First Court of TRM Verron and Elspeth
Order of the Velvet Owl Lady Agrippina di Conti, Sea March
Lady Asa Byrum Thorfinnsdottir, South Keype
Official announcement at Coronation Feast
Order of the Gray Beard: Lord Eric of Ravenscold, Wyvernwood

Meridies/Atlantia Border War
flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.3 March AS XVII This year’s Salt War (or Boar War, as some call it — dealing as it does with hunting rights) between Atlantia & Meridies will be held 4-15/17-83 at King’s Mountain State Park, located just below the North Carolina/South Carolina border. The host group for this event is the Canton of the Guardians of the Sacred Stone (Charlotte NC) and the primary autocrat is Lord Karl Moennich von Nord Mark. There will be a field battle with combat archery, a woods battle with combat archery, pick-up battles through the afternoon and the inter-kingdom arts competition.
Atlantia won the fighting but Meridies cleaned up in Arts & Science
Trimarians who placed in the competitions:
Merit – Lady Marie Genevieve de Cilhdara, Darkwater, recorder playing
Merit – Lady Atalaya la Sandora, Sirrush Mir, horned Hennin headgear
Special Merit – Lady Atalaya la Sandora, early Elizabethan headgear

St. Georges Fair
flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.4 April AS XVII 4-23/24-83, The Canton of Mathom Trove hereby declares a Faire in celebration of the fourth anniversary of the Canton of Mathom Trove and is to be a recreation of a medieval Faire in 1352. All Garb, food, weaponry and attitude should be planned accordingly. The Faire will take place just south of Palatka at Johnson Field. Check with your Seneschal for a multi- paged information flyer concerning the history and garb of 14th century England. Autocrat Lord Knikolos Major.

Tourney of the Sun
flyer, Talewinds vol.2,no.4 April AS XVII 4-29/5-1-83, The Shire of Sangre del Sol held their Tourney of the Sun event at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines Fl. Where the Sun Vanquishes Winter – featuring Fiesta del Mayo, Saturday night feast of May featuring dishes from Medieval Spain. There will be the Guardian of the Sun list, with the winner crowing the Queen of May. Contests on the most medieval campsite, classes on stain glass. Autocrat Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph, Feastcrat Lady Glynis merch Llywelyn (Talisman)
List Winner: Sir Riekin ap Gruagach, Sea March
Runner-up: Joseph mac Joseph, Sangre del Sol
Campsite Award: Llewelyn ap Cadwalader, Sea March

Easter Parade
On 4-30-83 The Shire of Blackthorne participated in St. Augustine’s traditional Easter Parade

Shire of Brineside Moor (Sarasota/Bradenton) founded

AS XVIII (1983-1984)

Memorial Gardens Demo
5-4-83 Shirrush Mir held a demo at Memorial Gardens, Ormond Beach and another demo at Ridgecrest Manor Nursing Home

Meridies Spring Crown List
Talewinds vol.2,no.5 May AS XVII5-6/8-83 Wyvernwood sponsored the Meridies Crown List at Camp Wewa “Once again, the call goes forth to take up arms and do battle for the crown! The list will consist of standard rules and elimination on a “two-ring circus” list field. Time is available for meetings on Saturday afternoon and Sunday, Curia will be held on Sunday. Autocrat Lord Morric Haast, co-Autocrat Lady Elina Ragnarsfostra, Feastcrat, Baldar Longstrider.
Crown List Winner/Crown Prince of Meridies: Syr Phelan Cathaoir-mor, Axemoor
Consort/Crown Princess: Lady Gilraen Derrilyn, Axemoor
King’s Champion: Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
Queen’s Champion: Sir Estban Thomas de Santin, Axemoor
At the Court of Their Highnesses Tetsuo & Kimineko
Award of Arms – Akira Noriuji-no Takara, Blackthorne
New Associates
HRM Queen Elspeth has taken two apprentices
Jean Philippe Duvier, Blackthorne
Lady Agrippina di Conti, Sea March

Renaissance Faire Demo
On 5-7-83 the Shire of Fiach Ogan held a demo at the Renaissance Faire

Carleton Palmer Elementary School Demo
On 5-13-83 the Shire of the Ruins held a demo at Carleton Palmer Elementary School

Really a Revel
Talewinds vol.2,no.5 May AS XVII “An actual event will occur on May 14. Be it therefor known that the Shire of Glymmerholde is sponsoring the Really a Revel – a real contest, the second seasonal Pixie Dig, held on(in) the beach overlooking the adorable Gulf of Mexico, with a prize. Another contest – the very first Pixie Palace Competition, with prizes for all involved. The other Salt War, with bonker tubes, this melee will be held in waist deep water in the Gulf. A most inscrutable Zen Feast featuring Air Souffle- lighter than air transparent treat, Zen Salad – tossed days before and never found, Wish Cake – if wishes were horses…, Ethereal Ale – a drink so light it’s unbelievable, and for those with real appetites Bread, cheese and water are available. The Really A Revel will be held at the Pink Shell Resort on Ft. Myers Beach.

On 5-17-83 the Shire of Sirrush Mir was featured in an article in the Gleenwood Daily Journal
and on 5-20-83 the Shire of Sirrush Mir was featured in an article in the Daytona News Journal

Chuck E. Cheeses Demo
5-22-83 the Shire of Sea March did a demo at Chuck E. Cheeses children’s restaurant. The demo attracted a lot of attention from the children who excitedly cheered on the fighters, as the demo was primarily a fighting demo. After the list was over, the attending members of Sea March circulated through the restaurant answering questions, then enjoyed a repast of pizza. Chuck E. Cheeses management awarded the Sea March participants with a large handful of game tokens each, and the remainder of the evening was spend happily playing the games.

Trimaris Memorial Tourney/Fourth Coronet List
Talewinds vol.2,no.5 May AS XVII5-27/30-83 The Shire of Darkwater will host Trimaris Memorial Tourney VIII at the Woodlands Campground, Winter Haven. This is a tenting event. Autocrat Lord Monford of Bath and the feastcrat is Darkwater’s Cooks’ Guild. A Principality auction will be held on Sunday afternoon.
Tanist – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, Squire to Sir Tetsou
Tanista – Layd Linnea Lorraine, Squire to Duke Syr Merowald
Princes Champion – Lord Naukeso Oniway
Princess Champion – Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon
At the Court of TRM Verron & Elspeth
Order of the Bough, Meridies: Lady Cher de Bellevue, An Crosaire
Order of the Velvet Owl: Mitsuhashi Kawaishi, An Crosaire
Drottin Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire
Lady Cedrin Etainnighean, Wyvernwood
Award of Arms: Andros Leonthalasios, An Crosaire
Order of the Broken Brank: Ishidoro no Tsuji no kami Banin, An Crosaire
Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius, Sea March
At The Court of TH Tetsuo & Kimineko
Award of Arms: Linnea Lorraine, An Crosaire
Margareithe di San Gemignano, Sangre del Sol
Graeghafoc, Oldenfeld
Naukuso Oneawa, Oldenfeld
Jean Philippe Duvier, Blackthorne
Anne Embry, Blackthorne
Order of the Silver Trident – H.L. Cedrin Etainnighean, Wyvernwood
H.L. Holyn of Kestrelmere, Blackthorne
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale (new, non-armigerous Baronial order for the arts & sciences)
Rupert Ian MacDuff
Rosalind Francesca Knightluster
Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart
The new Poet Laureate of Trimaris is Mistress Warjina Waleska Kaztimir zem Lyscil am Bai.
Winner of the Novice List: Wihtgar Silfrhaar, Sea March
2nd: Picot Pierre Cassier, Wyvernwood
Shea Tanner, formerly page to Sir Bronislaus, is now Squire to Sir Bronislaus

Shire of Fiach Ogan founded
On 5-27-83, the Shire of Fiach Ogan (Hudson/Pasco County) was founded

On 6-1-83 Lord Knickolos held a class on Precedence and Protocol in Sirrush Mir

Congratulations to HRM Verron and Her Excellency Viscountess Wulfa on the birth of their son and heir, June 3, 1983, called James Adrian.

Baronial Council
On 6-4-83 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a Baronial Council

on 6-5-83 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo on combat and arts

Meridies Arts and Science Faire
Talewinds vol.2,no.5 May AS XVII At FDR State Park, Pine Mountain GA, on 6-10/12-83, “Once again it is time to dazzle each other with our brilliance and skill. To this end, the Barony of An Crosaire and Meridies’ illustrious ministers of Arts and Sciences, Mistress Berta of the Southern Isles and Lord Gordon Blackwolf, respectively, will host the Meridies Arts & Science Faire. There will be no formal entertainment, but strolling minstrels will regale us during feast. chief Autocrat, Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, Feastcrat, Lady Cher de Bellevue, Entertainment, Lady Cedrin Etainnghean.
AT the Court of HRM Elspeth
Award of Arms: Michaela nic-Torcull NicFhionghuin, Sirrush Mir

Trimaris Honors in the Arts & Sciences competition
(EM = Extraordinary merit; SM= Special Merit; HM = Honorable Mention)
The Sciences
Architecture: EM – Drottin Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire
EM – Lady Ara Arisdottir, An Crosaire
Armor made of metal (excluding helms)
EM – Lord Ragnaar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
HM – Lord Michael Kennethson, Narval Dorado
HM – Lord Artorius Julianus, Narval Dorado
HM – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
HM – Lord Edward of Effingham, Oldenfeld
Brewing: EM for each of three entries – Michaela d’Etang de la Grue, Starhaven
Herbals & Medicinals: EM for each of 3 entries – Eglantine de Wolfe, An Crosaire
Medieval Science: EM – Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Darkwater
Metalworking (Including jewelry)
EM for each of 3 pieces & SM for another 3 pieces-Ld. Yonaton, An Crosaire
Soap making: EM – Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Weapons (real hand weapons) EM – Lord Yonaton, An Crosaire
The Arts
Calligraphy & Illumination: EM (beastiary) SM (Bron Scroll) – Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere, Accessories: HM – Lady Kara Rowena Hawkwood, Darkwater
HM – Delilia Maria Sperati Sontonia Deomingua, Blackthorne (2 pieces)
HM – Ishidoro no Tsuji no kami Banin, An Crosaire
Embroidery & Needlework: EM – Lady Caroline merch Elwyn, Sea March
SM – Lady Andreana de Montfort, Fiach Ogan
Decorative Woodworking: HM – Lord Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun, Starhaven
Costuming: EM – Ishidoro no Tsuji no kami Banin, An Crosaire
EM – Rupert Ian MacDuff, Wyvernwood
SM – Fionna Mairi MacNaughton, Wyvernwood (2 pieces)
SM – Lady Kara Rowena Hawkwood, Darkwater
HM – Lady Atalaya la Sanadora, Sirrush Mir
HM – Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
HM – Ann Alicia vonn Rheinhardt, Darkwater (2 pieces)
Performing Arts:
EM – Lady Damara Narrissa, Sea March, (Mid-Eastern Dance)
EM – Master Jed Silverstar (original vocal solo)
EM – Lord Nikolai Staritsyn & Lord Isabeau the Fool, Oldenfeld,
(Dramatic performance)
SM – Ines de Marcy, An Crosaire (vocal solo, non-original)
SM – Lady Marie de Cilhdara, Darkwater (instrumental/ensemble)
EM – Lady Marie de Cilhdara, Darkwater (recorder solo)
HM – Lady Marie de Cilhdara, Darkwater (sopranio & Dual Instrument)
HM – Drottin Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire (poetry)

Fighter Clinic
On 6-18-83 The Shire of Sea March held a fighter clinic

Museum of Science Demo
6-23-83 The Shire of Southkeep held a demo at the Museum of Science and as a result of participating in the demo, the Shire of Southkeep was featured in an article in the Miami Herald

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
Talewinds vol.2,no.6 June AS XVII “We, The Shire of Narval Dorado, invite you to join us at the 7th Midsummer’s Eve Revel. We are at this time celebrating the 6th anniversary of the founding of our Shire. We will hold for your entertainment a Round Table List and Melee and a feast fit for Arthur Pendragon himself. Let it be known that non shall sit for feast until there shall be observed a Miracle.” The event was held at Highlands Hammock State Park 6-24/26-83 and was at a primitive camp site. Autocrat Lord Michael Kennethson, Feastcrat Saranna Lyndh Tudin

Summer Solstice
On 6-25-83 The Shire of Southkeep held their anniversary event, Summer Solstice revel

Trimaris Triad III
Talewinds vol.2,no.6 June AS XVII On 7-1/4-83 The Regents College and the Principality of Trimaris’ Arts & Science Offices will offer the third in an annual series of on-hands arts and science classes and seminars. These classes include, but are not limited to, lace making, customs & courtesies, basic heraldry, embroidery, a fighter clinic, costume finishing, brewing, field hearaldry, voice projection, portable potables. The site for this event is Withlacootchee State Forest Citrus Horse Trails, Tillis Recreational Area. This is a tend camping area. The semi-annual laureate contests will be held at this time. Autocrats: Lady Andreana de Montfort, Hon Lord Ragnarr Hardraada, Lady Cher de Bellevue, Lady Cedrin Etainnighean.
Talewinds vol.2,no.8 August AS XVII At the Court of TRM Verron and Elspeth:
Order of the Laurel: Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
At the Court of TH Tetsuo and Kimineko
Order of the Cross and Serpent: Elom Eikinskjaldi, An Crosaire
Award of Arms: Eglantine de Wolfe, An Crosaire

Border Raids
7-8/10-83 at Cedar Hill Campground in Park City Kentucky. “Raiding parties from the Kingdoms of Meridies and Middle are crossing our borders with impunity; this must stop. The populace of Bowling Glenn wishes to have a weekend of melee and revel to put aside the petty problems plaguing our disputed borders. To solve this situation we will have: Field battles, woods battles, individual challenges, a May Pole (in July?), games pavilion, cool swimming pool, and feast.

Darkwater Demo
On 7-16-83 the Shire of Darkwater held a demo

Herald’s Picnic & Academie of Armourie
Talewinds vol.2,no.6 June AS XVII July 16 marks the 5th annual Heraulde’s Picknicke and the Swithinmas Sitting of the Academie, to be held at the Plantation Hall, Mathom Trove. This sitting will provide certificate examinations for those who wish to gauge their progress & knowledge. This will be in addition to regular Academic classes.

Palm Beach County Science Museum demo
On 7-23-83 the Shire of Sea March held a demo at the Science Museum “Medieval Camp for Children” Sir Riekin ap Gruagach and Terrell put on a rousing fighting demo, Serina and Alyice de la Mar put on a puppet show, there was also singing and dancing with the children joining in.

Dade County Museum of Science Demo
Talewinds vol.2,no.7 July AS XVII On 7-23-83 and on 7-30-83, the Museum of Science sponsors the Shire of Southkeype in a demonstration. There will be two one day events which include a fighter demo, poetry, games, archery and dancing. Coordinator Ian the Bane

Darkwater Anniversary Revel & Pre Pennsic Fighter Practice
Talewinds vol.2,no.7 July AS XVII “The friends and populace of Trimaris are hereby invited to the beautiful Kelly Park, also known as Rock Springs on the 29, 30 & 31st of July, 1983 for this primitive tenting event. The event will include a $50.00 cash prize novice list & sessions in strategy, tactics and weaponry under the direction of the Marshelate. There will also be a judging of the most medieval campsite and an auction of indenture ship for those of us who like to have someone under us to take orders to do our bidding.” Autocrat Brock of Darkwater.
Novice list winner: 1st-Gunnar InnDanski called the Wolly, Wyvernwood
2nd-Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood

Talewinds vol.2,no.7 July AS XVII Since Lord Aaron is now Heir to the Principality, Lord Edward of Effingham will be serving as the Interim Knight Marshal until Lord Aaron’s Investiture. When Prince Tetsuo leaves the Throne, he will assume the Marshal’s office. Until that time, all paperwork should be sent to Lord Edward.

Orange Park Library Demo
On 8-1-83, the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo and put a month long display at Orange Park Library

Tourney of the Hunt
On 8-6-83 the Shire of Sea March held and event called “Tourney of the Hunt”

8-7-83 the Shire of the Ruins was featured in an article in the Lakeland Ledger

On 8-9-83 Lady Atalaya la Sanadora held a class on basic costuming for Sirrush Mir

Pennsic Wars XII
8-19/21-83 The 12th annual East vs Midrealm war

Christina Park Demo
On 8-21-83 The Shire of the Ruins held a demo at Christina Park

The Fourth Trimaris Principality Investature
Talewinds vol.2,no.8 August AS XVII The Shire of Narval Dorado invites one and all to join us for the Investitures of Their Excellencies Lord Aaron Breck Gordon and Linnea Lorraine 9-2/5-83. Come as we present the flair and flavors of the Crusades through feasting, merriment, Children’s Crusade, frolicking, Principality Raffle, and the Orlando Cup List. On Saturday will be the final Court of their Highnesses Sakura Tetsuo & Sakura Kimineko and the First Court of their Excellencies. On Sunday the Orlando Cup List with a prize of a Banner for the Winner and Consort painted by Lady Hollyn of Kestrelmere. The event will be held at Camp Dorothy Thomas in Riverview Fl. Feast Saturday a meal to make the Crusader wish he were staying home prepared by Saranna Lyndh Todinsdottir. Feast Sunday, food the Crusader may have encountered and never left behind prepared by Lady Jirel ni Cahil. Autocrat Lady Aenor de Winchester
At the Last Court of their Highnesses Tetsuo and Kimineko
Award of Arms – Kim Kyong-il, Sangre del Sol
Kember, West Isles
Hamlin O’Finn, West Isles
Kragon Darkvale, Ruins
Rupert Iain McDuff, Wyvernwood
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – H.L. Cher de Bellevue, An Crosaire
Tsuji no kami Ban’nin, An Crosaire
Order of the Emerald Seas – Nakagawa Hashi Noriuji no Ienobu no Kami Toranaga
Lord Edward of Effingham, Oldenfeld
Lady Muireann Deora-De of Rivercroft, Starhaven
At the first Court of Their Highnesses Aaron and Linnea
Viscounty – Sir Sakura Tetsuo and Mistress Sakura Kimineko
Award of Arms – Ali Alcazar Mutasim, Darkwater
Theodocious, Darkwater
Order of the Grey Beard – Kim Kwong-il, Sangre del Sol

Orlando Cup List Winner – Duc Sir Orlando Cavalcanti
New Associates – Lady Gwendolyn Mary Douglas, Wyvernwood is now apprenticed to Countess Mistress Elispeth MacNaughton, CL, Blachthorne
Lord Ulrich der Geschwinde von Augsburg, Ruins, is now squired to Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo, An Crosaire

Meredies Coronation
9-9/11-83 The Barony of Axemoor is pleased to announce the Coronation of Their Royal Highnesses, Phelan and Gilraen. The populace and nobility of the Kingdom are invited to witness the Royal Event at Camp Wilkes in Biloxi, Mississippi.
At the First Court of THM Phelan and Gilraen
County – Veron Wolfgang von Groth, Wyvernwood
Elspeth MacNauthton, Blackthorne
Order of the Rose – Elispeth MacNauthton

Mall Demo
On 9-10-83 The Shire of Starhaven held a demo and exhibit at the Mall

The First Collegium Chirurgia of the Principality of Trimaris
Talewinds vol.2,no.8 August AS XVII Be hereby enlightened. This seminar will be held on 9-16/18-83 for the purpose of furthering the aims of those pursuing the much coveted title of Chirurgeon. Classes currently scheduled are: CRP, race for life; Multi-media First Aid; Medical Terminology, In depth discussion of the Chirurgeon’s Handbook. All classes will carry SCA college credit. The Collegium will be held at the Pink Shell Resort, Ft. Myers Beach. Autocrat: Gwenelleth AtWater

Michaelmas Fighter Clinic and Trimaris Warlord List
Talewinds vol.2,no.8 August AS XVII “Tired of eating rattan? Here’s food for thought: Michaelmas Fighter Clinic! On 9-23/25-83 the Barony An Crosaire once again hosts this informal but informative Collegium of Clout. The site is Otter Springs, situated in the rolling backwoods of beautiful downtown Wilcox…so bring everything you need. This is a tenting event.” listed autocrat: Jed Silverstar
At the Court of TH Aaron and Linnea
Award of Arms – Joseph mac Joseph, Sangre del Sol
Baldar Longstrider, Wyvernwood
Gradheil Maccintsacarit, Darkwater
Trimaris Warlord List Winner
H.L. John Urquehart, called the Shark, Wyvernwood
Consort – Esmeraude Estoile, Wyvernwood
2nd – Gunnar InnDanski, called the Woolly, CTG Wyvernwood

Orlando Medieval Faire Demo
On 10-1/2-83 the Shire of Darkwater/The Barony of Wyvernwood/The Shire of Blackthorne & the Shire of Sea March participated in the Orlando Medieval Faire at Turkey Lake Park. Trimaris participation in the faire has been coordinated thru Lord Monford of Bath in the Shire of Darkwater.

Suncoast Skirmishers Demo
10-1-83 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at the Suncoast Skirmishers

Academie of Armourie
10-15-83 The Canton of Mathom Trove held their “Academie of Armourie”

10-18-83 Lord Alexander Gallowglass held a class on Mead Making for Sirrush Mir

Lantana Community Night School Demo
10-18-83 The Shire of Sea March held a demo at the Lantana Community Night School

Palm Beach Atlantic College Demo
10-21-83 The Shire of Sea March held a demo at the Palm Beach Atlantic College

Fantasy Fest
Talewinds, vol.2,no.10 October AS XVIII 10-21/23-83 The Shire of Castlemere held “Fantasy Fest” at Camp Wi-le-ma in Jacksonville. Once again the evil forces of Winter have settled themselves in the once merry woods of Castlemere. And so we ask all who are of an adventurous nature to join us in our battle against these dreaded and dark foes…Come! Join our quest, if ye be bold enough! There will be arts/sci competition in (edible) Fantasy dish and fantasy costume, and a Quest Thru the Haunted Forest (baffle/boffer weapons only).

The Scots are Revolting
Talewinds vol.2,no.7 July AS XVII First notice: “All good Scots arise!! Vile King Edward brings 18,000 English dogs to our fair hills, falsly claiming the Bruce’s Throne. Bring your good steel cap, your pike, and your axe or claymore to the Shire of Sangre del Sol on 10-21/23-83 and help throw the dogs back into the burns.” Second notice: “King Edward commands all loyal Englishmen to raise the levy and march for Scotland. We must teach the revolting Scots a lesson and put a final end to that usurper Robert Bruce. March for Sangre del Sol The thrashing shall take place October 21-23. (although any Englishman is worth any two Scots – mercenaries will be welcome)
Talewinds vol.2,no.9 September AS XVII This event is a war event, recreating the battle of Bannock Burn, originally fought in 1314 between the Scots and the English. In the interest of authenticity it is requested that everyone try to wear costumes consistent with this time and place (Bagpipes are welcome… in fact.. Pipers that play do not pay, they are guests of the shire). On Saturday will be a field battle, a bridge battle and a small Scottish Games. On Sunday will be a Novice List, prize an armor kit of winners choice. Contests and prizes Best Period armor – surcoat painted with your device; Best Period Costume – ten yards of trim; Most creative curse (non-profane) – your curse illuminated. The event will be held at C.B. Smith Park in Pembroke Pines. Autocrat Joseph mac Joseph, Feastcrat Lady Talisman & Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph.
(Event report) The ample rainfall made it an official Trimaris event, although no tents were actually seen to float. 63 members, including Prince Aaron and Countess Elspeth MacNaughton, attended. Joseph mac Joseph’s aim was to recreate the Battle of Bannock Burn so Saturday was devoted to a field battle, bridge battle, and Scottish Games. Sunday was the Novice List. In keeping with the theme, our feast was limited to field fair, a chichen port stew and white bread for the English, a mock venison stew and oatmeal cakes for the Scots, augmeted by lentils, roast chicken and chicken soup. The Sangre Singers performed at the feast.
On Friday, 10-21, Joseph mad Joseph challenged Chuck Dowdle, newscaster on Channel 10 to combat. Chuck Dowdle has previously indicated he would accept any “reasonable challenge.” He was amazed at the weight of his armor and at the safety precautions taken. Two weeks later, “Chuck’s Challenge” was aired and its tone was favorable tot he SCA. Also on Friday a reporter appeared from the Hollywood Sun-Tattleer. She was impressed enought to return on Saturday with a photographer, and the resulting article appeared on 10-25-83.

Baronial Bash
Talewinds vol.2,no.9 September AS XVII “Noble Lords and Ladies, Hear Ye these words! The time is neigh for the annual fighting, feasting, and revelry, (with courtly decorum as a certainty of the ever popular and always tastefully (?) done) Baronial Bash. Yes Good Gentles, there is something for everyone on this gala occasion – Baronial Prize List, 1st prize a two handed Ragnarrian Axe and a gallon of wine, 2nd prize a Viking throwing axe and a ½ gallon wine, 3rd prize a quart of wine, 4th a very handy pint of the potable liquid; Informal Seminars in recorder, singing & Chinese foot binding; Box Lunch Auction; Filk Song Competition, and the Marriage of Lady Caitlin Eymress and Lord Erik of Ravenscold, a most joyous cavalier wedding for all to share.” the event to be held at Camp Wewa on 10-28/30-83. Maincrat Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart.

At the Court of Their Highnesses Aaron & Linnea
Award of Arms: – Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart, Wyvernwood
Rosalind Francesca Knightluster, Wyvernwood
Gunnar Dentonsson Inn Danski (The Wooly), Wyvernwood
At the Court of their Excellencies Dikeuald & Alianore, Baron & Baroness Wyvernwood
Order of the Tudor Nose (all in fun) Lady Atalaya la Sanadora, Sirrush Mir
Order of thw Wyvern’s Scale: Sabine Astrae
Lady GHwendolyn Mary Douglas
Baronial Prize List:
1st – Duc Sir Orlando Cavalcanti, South Downs
2nd – Count Verron Wolfgang von Groth, Wyvernwood
3rd – Lord Andros Leonthalasios, An Crosaire
4th – Lord Rupert Iain McDuff, Wyvernwood
The box lunch auction raised $150.00 for Talewinds.

11-5-83 the Shire of Blackthorne held an Evening Revel at the Portside Mobile Home Community Clubhouse in Jacksonville. Duc de Potlucke feast, sitecrat Catherine Powe

Museum of Florida History demo
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII On November 5, 1983 the Shire of Oldenfeld has been asked to arrange a demo at the Museum of Florida History in Tallahassee in conjunction with the display of the Lincoln Exemplary of the Magna Carta. This authentic copy will be on display from October 25 through November 18, 1983, and will not be displayed elsewhere in Florida. Oldenfeld will also host the Harvest Masque Revel at Woodswell Farm on the evening of the 5th. Contact Lord Nikolai Staritsyn.

Melrose Renaissance Faire
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII 11-5/6-83 The Barony of An Crosaire was invited to participate in a Renaissance Faire held in Melrose. coordinator Tsuji Ban’nin

Gold Coast Arts Festival
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII 11-5/6-83 The Shire of Sangre del Sol arranged a demo at the Gold Coast Arts Festival at Broward Community College North. coordinator Joseph mac Joseph. Between the two days, we had almost 90% shire participation, plus members from Sea March and South Keype. We held three tourneys on Saturday and two on Sunday. Period wares were offered for sale. We attracted a lot of attention and all members spent time talking to the audience. The Sangre Singers performed three selections early Saturday evening.

University of South Florida Demo
11-5-83 the Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at the University of South Florida Children’s Festival

Martinmas Moot/Fifth Trimaris Coronet List
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII The Principality of Trimaris will hold Martinmas Moot-Coronet List at Weeki Wachi Christian Camp, Springhill FL on November 11-13, 1983 sponsored by Fiach Ogan Autocrat Lord Rupert Iain MacDuff, Feastcrat H.L. Sieglinde von Truso & Rosalinde Knighluster. Special attractions will include the wedding of Meghan Morcheartaigh & Ian Collin McGivers; the traditional auction for the principality coffers and the Poet Laureate and Troubadour Laureate contests.
Tanist – Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Tanista – Lady Agrippina di Conti
Princes Champion – Lord Joseph Mac Joseph
Princess’s Champion – Timgaard, Sirrush Mir
At the Court of Their Highnesses Aaron & Linnea
Order of the Golden Trident: Lord Joseph mac Joseph, Sangre del Sol, principal
(this is a new, armigerous principality order recognizing excellence in fighting related skills)
Award of Arms: – Elitha of the Entwining Stars, An Crosaire
Brenna Catriona Dunne, Wyvernwood
Poet Laureate – Lord Alexander Mareschal, South Keype
Troubadour Laureate – Lord Erik von Kampf, Wyvernwood

11-15-83 Lady Kara Hawkwood and Lady Atalaya held a class on Tudor and Elizabethan Costuming for Sirrush Mir

Daughters of the British Empire Demo
11-19-83 The Shire of Blackthorne held a demo and Fashion show for the Daughters of the British Empire

November The Shire of West Isles disbanded due to lack of membership
Talewinds vol.2,no.12 December AS XVII At Martinmas Moot, Lady Kember and Sir Riekin confirmed that the Shire of West Isles has disbanded, so the group has been removed from the Trimaris listing.

Ravensquest I
11-26-83 the Shire of Fiach Ogan held their first shire revel “Ravensquest I”

Tampa Garden Club Demo
11-26-83 the Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at the Tampa Garden Club

Almost a Revel and Southern Social Club
Talewinds vol.2,no.12 December AS XVII 12-2/4-83 Introducing the Shire of Glymmerholde “Almost a Revel and Southern Social Club” Last year’s Almost a Revel proved quite worth repeating so her it is again… and with extras. We will be meeting again to prove that England is NOT the only island worth hailing from. Come join us for a day of the Gulf and the beach, for the fun of the Pixie Dig, for the revelry or for all the things that have made Glymmerholde Retreat Revels unique. Or, if none of this impresses your doltish and well beaten brain (fighter-types take not) come for the Southern Club Social.

Fah to those who declare Club Socials non-period, the club is as old as the cave man. Such clubs were in frequent use when South still meant Ethiopia. Glymmerholde boasts not less than a half dozen eater, inexperienced, and substantially unbeaten young dandies who are dying to whet their skills, so.. For those wishing to teach hard lessons of valor to our young fighters, there will be practice and open melee from 10 am to 5 PM Saturday. For those wishing the best for their hopefuls, we present the Party Favor – Favor Bee as well. For those who consider combat club-fests neither good participation nor spectator sport there will also be chess and the beach..and don’t forget the Pixie Dig. Autocrat Arven AtWater.

Yule Drule
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII “Yes indeedy Folks – the irrepressible, irreverent, effervescent Tomship of Macheski, under the auspices of the Barony of An Crosaire will be hostin’ a Yule Revel so excitin’, we’se callin’ it Yule Drule. It’s gonna be real simple, y’all, on Saturday December 3rd, AS 18, (bein’ 1983 to anyone who cares) at the Women’s Center of the University of Florida. Dinner will be Duke de Potyuc – finger food is encouraged. So dress up, dress down – just so’s yer wearin’ sompin’ ‘sides that ol’ woad stuff – and y’all come join the fun what starts at 4pm” Atuocrat Relatively Hon. Lady Cher de Bellevue

On 12-3-83 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo with the Sangre del Sol Madrigals performing at TropiCon

St. Augustine Demo
12-5-83 the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo on English Illumination in St. Augustine

Casselberry Library Demo
On 12-6-83 the Shire of Darkwater held a demo at the Casselberry Library

House Gold Star Fighter Collegium
Talewinds vol.2,no.12 December AS XVII12-9/11-83 Tired of heat prostration? Tired of the lonely feeling caused by your old gambeson driving away all gentles inside fifty feet? Tired of fighting events with schedules so full there’s no time to melee? cure your drudgery at the first annual (we hope) House Gold Star Fighter Collegium. To be held at Camp Keystone, in the middle of the best Trimarian fighting weather. This shall, as the name suggests, be a fighter Collegium with classes planned for both novice and advanced fighters in sword and shield techniques. Also to be offered are classes in fighting for ladies, chivalry at the field, surcote and favor construction and more. Instructors at this point are His Highness Aaron Brek Gordon, Baron Sir Bronislaus, Count Verron Wolfgang von Groth, Countess Mistress Elspeth, and the squires of the Trimaris Fighters Guild. Autocrat – Verron, Feastcrat – Baldar Langstriter

Lion in Winter II “The Lionheart is Dead”
Talewinds vol.2,no.11 November AS XVII 12-10-83; It is the year 1193, and word has reached England that King Richard is rumored dying or dead in an enemy prison. Prince John plots to liquidate King Richard’s chancellor in a bid for the throne, but so does the outcast Earl of Huntington and the supporters of the five-year old Arthur of Brittany. Join the Shire of Oldenfeld for another exciting evening of diabolical intrigue, extortion, back-stabbing, family squabbling, thievery, treason and fun as “Lion in Winter II” heralds in the Yuletide season.
Lord Nikolai Staritsyn and Meen Domina of Kilmain have created again for your pleasure an exciting sequel to last year’s game which will serve the dual function of providing much merriment and raise money for the Kingdom and Principality. Attire yourself in your finest 12th century costume, but be careful of the blood stains, there will also be prizes for the winners of the game – unusual treasures brought back from Nottingham by Lord Nikolai and Lord Isabeau. In truest Oldenfeld tradition a feast par excellence will be offered to tempt the palates of our eager tongues by Lady Constanza Della Subrosa de Firenze.

Fighter Clinic and Revel
12-10-83 the Shire of Sirrush Mir had a fighter clinic and revel

Yule Revel
on 12-16-83 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a Yule Revel

Yule Revel
December the Shire of Sea March held a Yule Revel

Party at Shakespear’s
On 12-18-83 the Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo party at Shakespear’s

12-17-83 the Shire of Darkwater went caroling at two nursing homes

on 12-17-83 the Shire of Castlemere held “Saturnalia”

Christmas Chorale Demo
on 12-19-83 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a Christmas Chorale demo

Fighter Collegium
on 12-23-83 the Barony of Wyvernwood held a fighter collegium

Domesday Report for An Crosaire
Seneschal – Ishidoro no Tsuji Bannin (Tomas Macheski)
Arts – Eglantine de Wolfe (Pat Delano)
Science – Elom Eikinskjaldi (Scott Marvin)
Marshall – Tetsuo Sakura (Stephen Bloom)
Reeve – Margot Petite called Majir (Marji Klugeman)
Chirurgeon – Ishidoro no Tsuji Bannin (Thomas Macheski)
Cronicler – Ardelin ap Morgan O’Brollachain (John Bradley)
Herald – Jed Silverstar (Jed O’Connor)
Historian – Ara Arisdottir (Elizabeth Beaton)
17 sustaining members, 11, not documented, 3 sustaining Mathom Trove; 14-20 classes taught to members at local meetings, 25 classes taught at demos, Collegium, and events

Trimaris History – 1982


The Shire of West Isle
Talewinds, Vol 1, no 1, January AS XVI In the northwest corner of the territory known as Hydra’s Bight, there exists a small but loyal, enthusiastic band. The Shire of West Isles, named after the many small islands found within view of its shores, originated in January of AS XIII. Mundanely, the shire is comprised of Seminole and Pinellas Park northward through Largo, Clearwater, and Palm Harbor to New Port Richey. Although our population is as diverse as any other, interest in medieval arts runs high. We have an active costumers guild and a performing arts guild, and a penned arts household. In addition to the many events we attend in the Society, we are also seen at the Bay Area Renaissance Fair of Largo, an annual six-week mundanely owned endurance contest. Another tradition of a year is a Wassailing Party in conjunction with a branch of Kiwanis International in which we visit area hospitals and nursing homes to share the spirit of the Christmas season with those so confined – after which in true SCA form we return to share some of the more potent spirits of the season. Should your firedragon find itself on our pathways some Sunday, feel free to join us as we meet every week, events permitting, in costume at the home of Felix the Fool.
Greet now the people of West Isles.
Gaiseric of Seville is our transient Goth. He has been active for eight months, although since moving to Wyvernwood, his loyalties are divided. He first learned of the SCA though posters at St. Pete Junior College advertising the P.M. Magazine special last winter – p.r. works, folks! The SCA appeals to him through its emphasis on history, crafts, and, what else, REVELING! When he first became a Goth, Gaiseric said all his friends wanted to know if he intended to sack Rome (the old ancestral urge, you know). Greg Scaff is a student and lives in both Tampa and Clearwater.
Phillipe de Montfort is pursuivant. He has been active for two years, although he first met with the SCA four years ago in the Middle Kingdom. He enjoys the SCA for its emphasis on learning and history, as well as the social interaction of the revels. He likes trading stories of famous SCA personages and escapades. He has five costumes and leans toward Elizabethan and Tudor looks when not sporting his usual persona of a fourteenth century Norman. Tim Taschner is a parts clerk for a local Ford dealer and father of two.
Mary Felix, called the Fool is the shire’s official clown, although harmless. The first SCA member she met was Francisco in Wyvernwood, who showed her crazy people in costumes dancing around their tents. Sheanna brought her to one meeting, and she was addicted. She enjoys the SCA for its study/recreation of the visual and performing arts of the Middle Ages. The revels as a social event also appeal to her. She is readily spotted in her traditional particolored fool’s garb. Susan Harra is a professional silk-screen artist and lives in Clearwater.
Alfred ap Hafod is Master of Sciences. He is a very good calligrapher, pen-and-ink artist, and researcher. He enjoys medieval arts and sciences, but is especially drawn by the desire for historical authenticity. Steve Whitaker is a student of television and theater arts, specializing in film-making.
Andreana de Montfort is Seneschal and Chirurgeon. She has been active for two years although she first heard of the SCA thirteen years ago on “To Tell The Truth.” The first member she met was Duke Sir Merowald – they worked together in Michigan. She enjoys the SCA for its craft work, handiwork, and creativity as well as administration. She has made twenty-four costumes. Adreana is lady and wife to Phillipe, and has two children who accompany them to most events as Jeanne-Marie and Alain. She has many stories to tell, but one of her most embarrassing moments happened as she was walking to Sir Bron and Lady Agrippina’s wedding at TMT VI: her petticoat caught on the underbrush and ten yards of netting popped out from beneath her Tudor gown. Debi Trashner is a preschool teacher and resides in New Port Richey.
Sheanna de la Perla Tetrica is Historian. She has been active almost two years. She is drawn by her interest in medieval fine art forms. Although her schedule does not permit her to attend many events, she is active in costuming and research. Charlene Premru works at a bank in Clearwater when not in class at USF.
Cathlin Emryss of Invernia is Reeve. She has been active for six months. Cathlin first saw the SCA at the Largo Renaissance Festival and fell in love with it. She enjoys the art of the Middle Ages and is quite an artist in her own right. Her first event was TMT VI and the hospitality she found within the hosting shires and others in attendance has drawn her in. She very enthusiastically gathers information and enjoys making friends. Her current speciality is original etched glasses. Watch for her soon in the competitions. Cat Bass is a librarian and resides in Largo.
Robert FitzRobert, called the Grim, is Pursuivant Extraordinaire. He first came into contact with the SCA at the Largo Renaissance Festival of 1980 when Lord John Urquhart, Esquire, called for a page. Robert has been running ever since. Although only sixteen, Robert is working hard on being a fighter and armorer. He also enjoys cartooning. The medieval fantasy of the SCA is what appeals to him as well as the true culture of the era. Robert Westerfield is a student at Tarpon Springs High School and works at Winn-Dixie.
Alicia Rhinehardt, also known within the Society as Susan of the Cloves, has been active for one year. Since June she has resided in West Isles but was previously from Wyvernwood. She loves to dance and hopes to be entertaining for our enjoyment soon. She is an excellent costumer – you may agree when you see her belly dancing outfit. Her favorite area of research is German. Susan Schmidt is a journalist with the Clearwater Sun and resides in that town.

Twelfth Night Celebration
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.1, January AS XVI On 1-9-82 The Shire of Southkeep held their Twelfth Nigh Revel, the flyer advertised Fighting in the afternoon, feasting and reveling in the evening. event report stated; The Shire of Southkeep did deem it time for its annual Twelfth Night Feast. The populace of the shire gathered at the hall of Lord Alexander Mareschal, Seneschal of the Shire. To the sorrow of the populace none from outside the shire appeared, the messages to the rest of the kingdom having been delayed. Several of the shire’s fighters did gather in the open field before Lord Mareschal’s hall to engage in a friendly exchange of arms. After this the populace did remove to Lord Mareschal’s hall for the Feast and Revel. Two cakes were served — one for the ladies and the other for the gentlemen- – in an attempt to choose a king and queen of fools. This method proving unavailing, the populace was forced to draw straws. In this manner Kator Totoya and Eleanore of Williamsford-on Trent (formerly called Eleanore Woodbringer) were selected as king and queen. His majesty immediately made two proclamations, to wit: no one was to walk behind their majesty’s table and all officers, their majesties excepted, were to say “nay” after each word; this last to the dismay of said officers.
The feast consisted of chicken with dressing, wassail, boiled maze — a delicacy from far away lands–a sauce made from apples, cheese, bread, fresh greens, oranges and apples. Ian the Bane, a Scotsman of hearty disposition, was created court master-of-arms, with which dignity her majesty later added Queen’s Champion. Ian entered into his duties with a will and was heard to loudly toast all and sundry. Her majesty amazed the populace by entering into the festivities with a right good will.
Jhanara of Asengarth suggested the populace show homage to their majesties by the forfeiture of a kiss and as the first to demonstrate her loyalty. There was some reluctance on the part of the ladies to show homage to his majesty, a few having to be encouraged by the court master-at-arms. The gentlemen, however, showed much eagerness to express their loyalty to her majesty and she graciously responded in kind.
Lord Mareschal was named Court Fool by his majesty, an honor he declined to accept. His majesty declared a groveling context which Cole of Cornwall easily won. Lord Mareschal reminded the populace of the traditional poetry contest, but it appeared he was the only entry.
A cloven apple was then passed. I must need mention here that Cole of Cornwall and his lady wife Raissa of Gascony had brought with them their little dog China. When the cloven apple reached Cole he passed it to China, and then China, with the help of her master, asked his majesty if he would like a clove. His majesty looked very ill, but accepted China’s offer, much to the amusement of the populace. China, be it known to her honor, conducted herself like a lady.
Toward the end of the festivities, his majesty, by dint of much persuasion in the form of several assassination attempts, and a rising of the populace, was compelled to change his second proclamation to: All officer to say “nay” after each sentence. submitted by Eleanor of Williamsford, Historian South Keype

Twelfth Night Celebration
Trimaris Calendar, December AS XVI, On Saturday 1-9-82 The Shire of Darkwater presents their Twelfth Night revel to be held at the abode of XandorArtallanon. The Feast will consist of Glazed Ham, Sauced Goose, Candied Yams, Green Beans Almondine, Pumpkin Pies and Mead ala Ecund – and some surprises. This will be a day of peace and joy…A time for the giving of gifts to those dear to you. Autocrat Lord Ecnude Kundulum and feastcrat, his lady wife, Elizabeth Bean Kundulum. There were 44 people in attendance.

Feast of St. Benet’s
On Saturday, 1-9-82, the Barony of An Crosaire held their traditional Twelfth Night celebration called St. Benet’s. Kirigirisu Ryu Koroge was autocrat and cooked and created a number of period dishes; Lady Cher baked manchets and served a number of wines. Lord Elom assembled the subtletly. Eglantine de Wolfe made several cubical patchwork beanbags as gifts for the festivity.

The First Coronet List of Trimaris
1-15/17-82 at Camp Keystone. “Know, Gentles all, that in this sixteenth year of our own peculiar era a wondrous thing has come to pass. A joyous word has swept the fenny marches of Trimaris…word of the coming of a true Trimarian Prince to rule the long despairing land. For John, our Dread and Sovereign Lord, King over all Meridies, has spoken…it is his royal will that on January 16th of the new year, the warriors of Trimaris shall gather at the encampment called Keystone, there to choose by ordeal of battle with mortal rattan he who shall found the line of Trimarian Princes. An Unto the lords and ladies of our sister baronies, shires and cantons of the Great Meridian Kingdom we of Trimaris say…come, share our joy and ornament with your persons the court of our own true Prince, first of all his line. And all cry, “God save Good King John and Gentle Queen Heather, who have given us this great joy.”

These were the words that went out in the flyer for our first Coronet List, held at Camp Keystone and sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood. The autocrat for this event was Lady Oriana Goldenhair.
Tanist – Verron Surgroth
Tanista – Wulfa Eriksdotter
Crown Champion – Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Awards & Honors:
Order of the Velvet Owl (with Grant of Arms)
Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
Mistress Enriqueta de Reyes y Mora, Narval Dorado
Lady Damara Narrissa, Sea March
Lady Asdis Shadowdahtir, Oldenfeld
Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Lord Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun, Starhaven
Order of the Sovereigns Pleasure
Lord Dykeuald, Baron Wyvernwood
Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Wyvernwood
Terron Mooncrow, Grey Niche
Alistair the Wanderer, Sea March, has been taken as a squire by Viscount Bryetor Aison of Devon of West Isles.
Dannielle received a proposal of marriage from Kirigirisu Ryu Korogi (Cricket).

Old English Faire and Peasant Revel
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.1, January AS XVI, On Saturday, 1-23-82 the Shire of Sea March held an “Old English Faire and Peasant Revel at Dreher Park South. Autocrat Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills. Scheduled activities were contests: Bread baking, wreath making, archery, peasants melee, tug of war, sack races, king toss, blind mans bluff. Entertainment: storytelling, juggling, puppet shows, singing and dancing. The bread baking contest results Lady Damara Narrissa, Exceptional Merit; Jean-Claud, Merit; Aislyn, Special Merit.

Norrey College of Armourie
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.1, AS XVI On 1-23-82, the Canton of Mathom Trove held the “Norrey College of Armourie” at Taer Glyndwr. Credits for this session are transferable to the Royal University of Meridies if desired. Classes offered to suit those attending. Master Taliesynne and Lord Knikolos instructing along with guest instructors.

Winter Stars Tourney
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.1, On 1-29/31-82, the Shire of Starhaven held their 4th Anniversary event, “Winter Stars Tourney” at KARS Park on Merritt Island. KARS Park is a tent campground with a modest feasthall but no kitchen, real lavatories and showers. Activities include a chess tourney and backgammon tourney, a mini-caber toss, feast and general revelry. Remember, this is a traditionally cold event! Feast is Duc de Potluck. Autocrat, Lady Muireann Deora-De (Strider). Besides the list there were games of chess, backgammon and caber toss.

Knight’s of Sant’ Yago
On 1-30-82 A contingent of gentlefolk from the Barony of Wyvernwood and the Shire of West Isles was invited by the Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago to participate in the annual Tampa Gasparilla Celebration, which was their tenth annual Royal Coronation and Grand Ball at Egypt Temple Shire in Tampa, FL. A brief but lively battle staged by the warriors present highlighted a narration of the role of the historical medieval order of Santiago in ending Moslem rule in Spain. The SCA warriors, one team in plate, the other in mail, entered the large hall under cover of darkness to the sound of kettle drums and formed into two lines. With a trumpet fanfare, the hall’s spotlights burst forth on the martial scene. Clashing weapons on shields, the warriors advanced towards one another. Breaking into a charge, they joined combat furiously and engaged in six minutes of intensive combat to the sound of drums and brass from the orchestra. The plate-clad combatants eventually slew their mail clad opponents (by previous arrangement) and raised their weapons in triumph, shouting the battle cry of the Order of Santiago. At this the spots cut off and the warriors, slain and victor alike, vanished in the brief ensuing gloom. After disarming, the fighters joined their ladies in court costume and mingled for the remainder of the evening with the Krewe members. The SCA contingent received complimentary food and drink at a midnight breakfast and, moreover, the Krewe was moved to make a most generous donation to the Barony of Wyvernwood’s treasury. Since the event was one of the major happenings in Tampa’s social calendar, the SCA’s prominent participation resulted in much good PR to the greater glory of the Society. All in all, it was a most enjoyable and rewarding evening for all concerned. It should also be noted that the very ornate crowns used by the Krewe in the coronation ceremonial were the work of Wyvernwood’s own Lord Ragnar Hardraada. The skillful Lord Ragnar produced the crowns under contract to the Krewe. Submitted – Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian, Wyvernwood.

Floridacon Demo
On 1-30-82, members of the Barony of An Crosaire held a fighter demo at Floridacon. Syr Merowald spoke on SCA fighting; Jeanne d’Ile de la Cygne Noir talked about costuming; Lady Cher held a general question and answer session. In the Costuming contests, Syr Merowald won Best Overall and Lord Elom was the Best Historical.

Arts and Sciences Festival
Talewinds, Vol.1, no 1. AS XVI Attention good gentles, artisans, mages and seekers of knowledge, on 2-6- 82, the Shire of Blackthorne will host an “Arts and Science Festival” at Doctor’s Inlet Civic Center, Doctor’s Inlet, FL. There will be a feast in the evening by Duc de Potluck, and a tax on the populace of one dollar. Bring yourself, something for lunch, and an inquisitive mind. Alas, we have no spare lodgings available. This will be a day event only. Classes offered: Cartography, cavalier costuming, period footgear, 14th cent leg armor, ruff making, beginning embroidery, chain mail, crocheting lace, stained glass, beginning and advanced costuming and dance. Autocrat, Lady Elspeth MacNaughton. (event report) Members of Blackthorne were joined by guests from An Crosaire, Castlemere, Oldenfeld, and Wyvernwood, including Her Excellency Wulfa Eriksdottir. The listed autocrat of the event was the Honorable Lady Elspeth, and feastcrat was Margarette Ravier. Lady Elspeth taught beginning costuming and advanced hairstyles and headdresses. Ravena taught men’s cavalier costuming, Lady Cher taught heraldry and Courtesies and Customs, Lady Cedrin taught Middle East Dancing and Country Dancing, Lord Maedhrous taught period footgear and Medieval games.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Talewinds, Vol.1, no 1, AS XVI, 2-12/14-82, The Barony of An Crosaire presents their anniversary event St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. ‘Tis time to relax at Otter Spring once again. Be Warned – it may be verry cold. (yes, the squirrel was really frozen). We will gather together to eat Saturday even’ with a hot possett provided. Each brings their food. The Traditional list will be at 10 of the clock on Saturday, with the Victor receiving suitable acclaim. Folke are encouraged to bring their handiwork for the Arts & Sciences Exposition. Those who wish may enter one item to be juried by experts in the presence of the entrants following the guidelines (point system for judging) as published in the December Trimaris Calendar. The theme for the juried items is “Accessories.” Anything one can attach to, hang on, or wear with a garment, any garment – court, camp or field, excepting only the garment itself. This is not a competition – it is an exposition. The juried portion is a workshop in how A&S competitions are judged. The juries will be lead by Lady Damara and Lord Holtmar. Autocrating group being Hospitaller’s of Vynecorne’s Hospice.
Blackthorne’s historian reported that Morgana handled the event registrations, Ravenna and Morgan brought items for the juried exposition, Lady Elspeth helped judge the exposition entrants and Lady Elspeth and Fither sang at Bardic Circle.

Belvedere Elementary School Demo
2-17-82, The Shire of Sea March held a demo at Belvedere Elementary School. Members participating were Lady Damara Narrissa, Lord Kjartan “Wolf” Ormson, Zuben from Sangre del Sol, and Serina Vigdis Wolfsdatter.

Barry College Demo
On 2-20-82, the Shire of South Keype attended a fair at Barry College where the populace gave a fighting demonstration and answered questions about the SCA and Medieval history. (South Keype’s Doomsday report)

Baronial Council and Tourney
On 2-20-82, the Barony of Wyvernwood held a mini-tourney, Baronial Council, and revel on the grounds of Lord Ragnar Hardraada home in Tampa Fl. The tourney, intended as an opportunity for local fighters to gain experience in list combat, began around 10 am. The tournament was won by Lord John Urquhart, called Shark, with Lord Frafnir of Gascony placing second, and Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood placing third. In the afternoon a workshop on court etiquette and protocol was conducted by the Bay area’s doyen of heraldic lore, Corinius Kilwitch. The content of the workshop was oriented towards preparing the populace for proper behavior at the forthcoming Coronation of Lord Verron and Lady Wulfa as prince and princess of Trimaris.
The workshop was followed by a Baronial Council (giving the populace a chance to practice their newfound courtly skills) presided over by Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood. At the council, Lady Oriana Goldenhair received the Lord Baron’s gracious leave to lay down her office as Seneschal of the Barony. The heavy burden of office was then taken up by her successor, the redoubtable Lord Ragnar Hardraada with his formal assumption of the Key of Office.
The conclusion of the Council was followed by an evening of general revelry and questionable pursuits, including a riotous game of clench-a-wench, in which the gentle Lady Oriana distinguished herself. Much beer and other liquid potables greatly enlivened the evening, particularly for your humble correspondent. Although no count of the gentles in attendance was kept, the day’s events were well attended by the populace of Wyvernwood and a number of visitors from elsewhere in the Bay area. In all, an estimate of between 20 and 30 persons would not be excessive. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

St. Petersburg International Folk Faire Demo
On the weekend of 2-27/28-82, ten gentles from the Barony of Wyvernwood, the household of St. Alfred’s Hall, and the Shire of Narval Dorado presented demonstrations relating to the SCA at the St. Petersburg International Folk Faire, a major festival celebrating ethnic themes, which is held in St. Petersburg annually. The major portion of the SCA demonstration was a short playlet simulating a Saxon Royal Court, with a judicial duel fought between Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood and Lord Ragnar Hardraada. As the attendance at the Fair ran into thousands, a great deal of good public exposure for the SCA and the Bay area groups was generated. The Saxon Court, by the by, was repeated on the second day of the Fair. Following the closing of the session on the 27th, the Noble Artorius held a revel for the participants at his home. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Combined Shire Social
On 2-27-82, the Shire of Sirrush Mir and the Shire of Darkwater held a combined shire social. The highlight of the social was a talk, demonstration and assistance on heraldry and submissions done by Leigh-Norah Morcheartaigh, of Darkwater.

On 3-2-82, in a substitution for our regular Tuesday night meeting, the Barony attended a medieval concert in costume, at the University of South Florida. Approximately 30 people from the society came. The society was introduced and at intermission mingled among the people answering questions about the society and the time periods the music covered. In attendance from our Barony were Ld. Verron Surgroth, the Baron, Ragnar, Ld Cornieous, Elina, Sieglinda, Frafnir, Alianore, Anastasisia, Arielle, DesLa, Gunnar, Kars, Katherine, Morgan, Rosalind, Rupert, Sylvan Graygrove and Susan Voss. Reported by Elina Ragnarsfostray Barony MOA

First Trimaris Principality Investiture
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.3, March AS XVI 3-5/7-82, The First Trimaris Principality Investiture was held at Keystone, sponsored by An Crosaire, Sea March and Sangre del Sol.
Awards and Honors:
At HRM King John’s Court
Award of Arms – Ingram Talbot Hildebrand Griswald, Starhaven
At the Court of TH Verron & Wulfa
Award of Arms – Wulfa Eriksdottir, Wyvernwood
Triskele Trimaris – Lady Antonia Martin de Castilla
Cross & Serpent – Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere, An Crosaire
The Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood, was squired to Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, West Isles.
Blackthorne reported that the shire members presented Their Highness with a state gift of a chest covered in purple velvet. The contents of the chest consisted of an assortment of materials, trims, and jewelry. Lady Elspeth presented a gift of a box of jewelry, as well as a gift from her Laurel, Mistress Rosemunde. Shire members involved in serving the feast were Lord Maedhrous, Dainiad, Morgana, Fither, Alex, Ravenna, and James. Lady Elspeth performed a Scottish sword dance at feast. At Curia, 3-7-82, Morgana merch Morgan was named Principality Chronicler, succeeding Baron Master Taliesynne.

River Hills Elementary School Demo
On 3-6-82, a fund raising event for the benefit of River Hills Elementary School in Temple Terrace, FL. was held. At the school’s request, the Barony of Wyvernwood sent a contingent of gentles to demonstrate SCA combat and generally add a decorative and educational touch of the Middle Ages to the event. A small encampment consisting of Lord Ragnar’s Viking tent and his attractive canopy, with banners and suitable accessories, was set up. Throughout the day, at intervals, Lord Ragnar, Lord Erich of Ravenscold, Lord John Urquhart and sundry other gentlemen of the Barony engaged in combat, allowed mundane visitors to examine arms and armor, and generally demonstrated the joys of leaping about in full plate on a hot Florida day. Observers were suitably amused. Visitors to the event were further entertained by periodic firings of Lord Ragnar’s most impressive magonel, which threw concrete filled tennis ball projectiles with great abandon, to the wonder and enjoyment of all who beheld it, especially small boys (with which the field abounded). A decorative and genteel touch to the martial activities was added by the presence of a half-dozen or so of Wyvernwood’s elegantly gowned ladies, who by their words and appearance added greatly to the day. The gentles participating in the event were given complimentary food and drink in the later afternoon, and the River Hills School made a welcome contribution to the Barony’s exchequer in gratitude for Wyvernwood’s contribution to the day’s success. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Fun Fair Demo
On 3-13-82 the Shire of Sea March had a Fun Fair demo at Dryer Park

Howard Bishop Middle School Demo
On 3-19-82, the Barony of An Crosaire held three demos – SCA fighting, Japanese sword etiquette and technique, and dancing. Displays of heraldry, costuming, armoring, eating utensils, weapons, calligraphy and illumination and embroidery. Mistress Kimineko calligraphed award scrolls for the school’s best castle and D&D contest winners and Jeanne d’Ile de la Cygne Noir illuminated and gilded them. As Baroness, Ms. Kimineko presented the scrolls to the winners at her court. The Gainesville Sun was present, but Channel 20 canceled out at the lat minute. Several kids asked “Hey Lady, where’s the dude that cuts wood? So we explained that he had moved to Starhaven. Once again, the school cafeteria produced a Medieval meal based on recipes provided by the Barony.

River Hills Elementary Medieval Festival
On 3-20-82, members of the Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo on SCA fighting at a Medieval Fair held for the Riverhills Elementary School. This was to raise money for the schools softwear computer programs. To enhance the atmosphere Ragnar donated the use of his catapult, tent and canopy. Those attending and answered questions presented by the students were Ragnar, Morgana, Thorvald, Gunnarr, Rupert, Sieglinda, Kathleen, Morgan, Sylvan, Rosalinda, Eric of Ravenscold, Arelle, Shark, Martimus and Alianore. Reported by Elina Ragnarsfostray Barony MOA

Oldenfeld’s Anniversary Revel
On 3-20-82, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their Anniversary Revel

Shire of Elderhaven founded
In March 1982 the Shire of Elderhaven (Naples) was founded

Darby MacDonald Scholarship Foundation
On March 26, 1982, the University of South Florida officially accepted the Barony of Wyvernwood’s proposal to establish an annual scholarship in History, in memory of the late Darby MacDonald. Darby was a former USF student and an active member of the SCA. Wyvernwood was his home barony, and his death was a great shock to his friends and fellow Anachronists here. The MacDonald Scholarship will serve as a perpetual monument to the memory of a unique and highly memorable gentleman whose passing left us all somewhat poorer than we had been.
The MacDonald Scholarship will consist of a $100.00 prize to be awarded to a regularly enrolled University of South Florida student each fall semester annually. The competition will be open to any USF undergraduate student with a declared major in history. Applicants will be judged on their academic merit and financial need, and will submit an essay on a topic relating to Medieval or Renaissance history as part of their application. Dr. Roy J. Van Neste of the USF Department of History faculty has agreed to serve as judge in evaluating the papers submitted. Tentative plans are to establish a similar scholarship at the University of Tampa, to be awarded in the winter semester of each academic year.
The Darby MacDonald Memorial Scholarship is, I believe, the first academic scholarship to be established by a branch of the SCA. In addition to serving as a fitting memorial for our brother Darby, it will demonstrate in a tangible manner, the SCA’s commitment to serious Medieval scholarship, and will served to counteract the “fun and games” image the SCA often projects. Great honor is due to Lord Ragnar Hardraada who conceived the idea of establishing a Baronial Scholarship Fund and saw the idea through to realization. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Trident Tourney
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.3, March AS XVI On 3-26/28-82, The Shire of Darkwater invites one and all to their second annual Trident Tourney at Camp Wewa. “Fighters from far and wide are called to assemble at Camp Wewa and do battle until the Hero of the Trident is found. For the ladies, there will be a bells and pillows list to follow the tourney and an archery competition will be held for those interested. The feast will be done by the notable chef, Duc de Potluck, with a main meal course and soup provided by the Shire. Lady Eleana Ruelladar as feast coordinator urges all gentles to bring food aplenty to supplant her main course. In addition there will be a subtleties contest with a Maritime (seas) theme.” Autocrated Philippe de Escargot.
At the Court of Their Highness Verron & Wulfa
Award of Arms – Ecnud Kundulum, Darkwater
Morgan merch Morgan, Blackthorne
Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius, Sea March, took Shea Tanner, Darkwater as page
Picot Pierre Cassier, Wyvernwood, was recognized by Their Highness as the “Most Courteous” gentle of the event.

This event was attended by approximately 79 people, representing 14 shires and Baronies.
Winner of the List was Guthrum Regan of the Wastelands, of An Crosaire, winner of the archery list was Gradheil Maccinskairtt, and winner of the Bells & Pillows list were Lady Sieglinde von Truso and Lady Nan Caramore. The winner of the subtitly contest was Atalaya LaSenaria and Estrella of Sirrush Mir.
Winner of Archery was Cerdic ap Malcium
Winner of the Bells & Pillows List was Lady Sieglinde & Lady Nan Caramore
Winner of Darts was Fredricae Lai Farrent
Winner of Subtleties contest – Atalaya la Sanaria & Estrella of Sirrush Mir
From Domesday report prepared by Lord Monford of Bath, Seneschal Darkwater

Circle K Demo
On Saturday March 27, 1982 a group of six gentles from the Barony of Wyvernwood, accompanied by His Excellency the Atlantian ambassador, Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA, conducted a program on the SCA for the statewide meeting of Circle K, held in Tampa. The program featured a combat demonstration between Lord John Urquhart, called Shark, and the most noble Sir Bryetor. Also included was a discussion of their personas by the gentles present, and discussions of costumes, armor, and the SCA at large. Following the conclusion of the program, the SCA party adjourned to Brewmasters’ for dinner and recuperation, aided by liquid potables. Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart and Sir Bryetor further represented the Barony during the following evening at a dance held by Circle K, during which they circulated among the assembled mundanes socially and answered questions about the SCA. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Shire of the Ruins founded
3-29-82 Shire of the Ruins (Plant City/Polk County) founded
Founding members, Seneschal -Kragon Darkvale (Brent Wynn); Marshal, MOS – Ulrich Geschwind von Augsburg (Richard Young); Herald – Corwyn Morgenstern (John Walker); MOA, Historian – Galland Fox (Douglas Partington); Exchequer -Edward O’Donovan (Pat Peters). Other members include Chirurgeon -Katrina Afton (Lettie Applebaum); Eiena Vanessa Bran Sheridan (Pam Brosamer); Darran Town, Argone Gallowglass (Ray Hatchett); Oren Thornald (David Mitchell); Sabrina Afton (Jo Winesburg); Rozella (Kay Alexander); Derrick MacTaggart (Paul Hilton); Karen Grob; Richard Rowand.

St. Augustine’s Easter Week Festival (Demo)
The Shire of Blackthorne’s members took part in the following Easter Week Festivities as part of the entourage of St. Augustine’s Royal Family. On March 28, 1982 they provided entertainment for the Spanish Royal Family at the Spanish Royal Court, at Lightner Museum, St. Augustine. This was written up in the St. Augustine Record. On April 4, 1982, members participated in the Blessing of the Palm High Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral and on April 11, 1982, they rode in a large ship float with members of the Royal Family in the parade. Members of the Shire who were present were Lady Elspeth, Lord Maedhrous, Dainiad, Ravenna, Alexander, James, Wilhelm, Fither, and Lord Knikolos Major of Salem-by-the-Sea (Mathom Trove). Historian’s Quarterly Report April-June, 1982, Lady Morgana merch Morgan

Ring Fort Revel
On 4-10-82, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel entitled “The Ring Fort Revel”. (from flyer)
“Come prepared for a sunny afternoon on the grass. Bring games, songs, something to drink and your favorite soup bowl. Archery and other period projectiles are welcome. The Ring Fort is on Woodwell Farm, Proctor Road. Come enjoy the last day of Lent.” listed autocrat is Lady Linnea Sparrowhawk, hosts are Biserko Braznik and Anne of Woodwell.

Madiera Beach Arts and Crafts Festival (Demo)
On Saturday, April 10, 1982, a contingent of gentles from the Barony of Wyvernwood participated in the Madeira Beach Arts & Crafts Festival. Demonstrations of SCA combat were staged by Lord John Urquhart, Knight Marshal of Wyvernwood and Warlord of Trimaris, Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood, and Lord Ragnar Hardraada. Lord John displayed examples of his far-famed armor and spoke to interested persons about the armorer’s craft. The gentlefolk of Wyvernwood mingled with persons attending the festival, spreading the word of the SCA and medieval art and culture in general. Much interest in the society and its works was displayed by the mundane folk in attendance, and many SCA brochures were distributed. Although the gentles participating in the demonstrations were of Wyvernwood, mention must be made of the distinguished presence of Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, who also attended and added his usual touch of elegance to the affair. All in all, it was a most successful day from which hopefully shall spring a harvest of good will and recruits to the greater glory of the SCA. Additionally, the sponsors of the Festival presented a rich financial contribution to the Baronial exchequer. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Atlantic Center for the Arts
On Saturday, April 10, 1982, the Atlantic Center for the Arts had their Grand Opening and received a taste of the SCA. Her Highness Wulfa attended with several members of the Barony of Wyvernwood along with numerous members from the Shire of Darkwater participated in this event. The theme for the Art Center is “Art is timeless; from the past to the present”

Trimaris Civil War
On 4-16/18-82, the Shire of Narval Dorado sponsored the “Trimaris Civil War”event which was fought between the forces of “The Confederation of Ancient Societies” and the rest of Trimaris. The War served as a training exercise for Trimaris. Lord Michael Kennethson, Historian, Narval Dorado Domesday report 1982

Medieval Fashion Show (Demo)
On 4-20-82, the Shire of Blackthorne presented a medieval fashion show which was video taped to show to The Orange Park High School history and literature classes. This event was instituted by the Honorable Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, who also served as narrator. Also participating were Lord Maedhrous, Lady Morgana, Ravenna, Dainiad, Desiree, Celeste, Fither, Alex, Wilhelm, Juan, and Simon Historian’s Quarterly Report April-June 1982, Lady Morgana merch Morgan

Mathom Trove Anniversary Revel
4-23/25-82 The Canton of Mathom Trove held their Anniversary Revel
Blackthorne reported that Dainiad O’Llanrhyddlad received her AOA at this event.

Girl Scout Demo
On Saturday, 4-24-82, a contingent from the Barony of Wyvernwood participated in the anniversary celebration of the Girl Scouts of America held at the Sun Dome on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa. The event began at 10 am and ended at 5 pm. Throughout the day, the Barony operated a booth with displays of armor, crafts, and other materials illustrative of the activities of the SCA. The booth was manned by gentles from the Barony who provided information to visitors about the SCA and its activities. Two combat demonstrations were staged during the course of the event – one at 11:45 am and one at 2:45 pm. The combatants being Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Lord John Urquhart, Lord Erich von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, and Rupert (whose surname is not known by your humble correspondent). A number of Wyvernwood gentle ladies lent the decorativeness and gentility of their persons to the occasion, showing that the arts of peace are by no means neglected by the SCA. Visitors to the event reacted very favorably to the SCA, and many informational leaflets were distributed to the greater glory of the imperium. The total of person visiting the hall during the course of the event ran well into the thousands. Lord Ragnar provided the hit of the show by allowing scores of mundanes to wack him with a rattan sword to illustrate the effectiveness of the armor. If a fee had been charged, “Wack the Viking” could have made the Barony wealthy beyond avarice. As it is, much harmless pleasure was provided for any mundane children and not a few adults as well. It might be added that much of the visual effectiveness of the Barony’s participation was added by the very impressive armor worn by the warrior participants. Lord John Urquhart’s highly professional and authentic armor work was in evidence not only on his own person, but in the fine circa 1380 suit work by Lord Erich as well. Lord Ragnar’s armor, of his own manufacture, was equally impressive. All told, the event was one of considerable value in publicizing the current Middle Ages, and should reap a harvest of souls saved from the snares of mundanity. Glory to the Imperium! respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Norrey College
4-24-82 the Canton of Mathom Trove sponsored the Norrey College

Atlantic Center for the Arts (Demo)
On 4-24-82, the Shire of Darkwater held a demo at the Atlantic Center for the Arts grand opening. The theme for this event was “Art is Timeless – Medieval to Modern”. The autocrat was Lord Monford of Bath and he reports in his Domesday report “We received publicity in all central Florida newspapers, TV stations and radio stations. Members of the Shire demonstrated calligraphy, heraldry, costuming, cooking and gaming. There was music and dancing to entertain. Darkwater was assisted by members from the Barony of Wyvernwood, Sirrush Mir, Castlemere, West Isles, and Narval Dorado. Their Royal Highness Prince Verron Surgroth and Princess Wulfa Eriksdotter, and Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood were present. Domesday report, Leopold Hringhornison of Felkshire, Darkwater Historian

The First Tourney of the Lion
(from flyer) The Shire of Oldenfeld wishes to announce the first Tournament of the Lion to be held on 4-30/5-2-82. Nay, this is not to be a contest of the sword, but an exhibition of skill and wit. The competitions will include Greco-Roman wrestling, archery, arrow flinging (darts), axe throwing, knife throwing, and kaber toss. For those of more pensive inclinations there will be draughts, chess, backgammon, go dominos, nine man morris, riddling, gurneying (face making) and a smoke ring contest (bring your own pipes). There will also be singing, dancing, kite flying and a bardic circle. The site is FSU Seminole Reservation and it is a tenting event.
At the Court of Their Highness Verron & Wulfa
Award of Arms – Robert Andrew Duncan, Oldenfeld
Ayesha Kamar, Oldenfeld

AS XVII (1982-1983)

Winner of Meridies’ Crown List, 5-8-82, AS XVII, HRH Roderick Level-Lance of Rampart, Consort, HRH Morgan Siobhan Dunnivan, Kings Champion Dykeuald Cynaric, Baron Wyvernwood, Queens Champion, Sir Robert Hightower.

An Crosaire Revel
On 5-8-82, The Barony of An Crosaire will be holding a Welcome Home Revel for Jean and Shamus. As part of the revel there will be an Arts & Sciences competition. The Sciences are ceramics, wood- working, metal working other than armoring, leather working and Brewing in honor of Shamus. All items must be small enough to be easily transported. This revel will be held at Norman Hall Gym and will have a Duc du Pot Luc feast.

May Day Revel
5-82 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held a Mayday Revel

Trimaris Memorial Tourney/Second Coronet List
was held on 5-28/31-82 with the autocrating groups being the Shire of Darkwater and the Shire of Starhaven. The event was held at the Woodlands, near Clermont with an almost unheard of attendance record of 289 people attending.
Tanist – Guthrum Raegan of the Wastelands
Tanista – Ursula Katze
Princes Champion – Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius

Awards presented by Their Highness Prince Verron and Princess Wulfa:
Award of Arms: Sean Ecrivain, Oldenfeld
Christian Templarus, Oldenfeld
Andre Reynard Cartier, Oldenfeld
Elina Ragnarsfostra, Wyvernwood
Alianore d’Estralis, Wyvernwood
Janelle Lytlefield, An Crosaire
Alys de la Mer, Sea March
Aislinn Ard-en-Teine, Sea March
Order of the Silver Trident
Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht (Principal), An Crosaire
Sakura Tetsuo sama, Baron An Crosaire
Hon. Lord Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun, Starhaven
Order of the Emerald Sea
Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius (Principal), Sea March
Lady Elina Ragnarsfostra, Wyvernwood
Court Baronacy to Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Her Excellency Ursula Katze was taken as squire by Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Sean Emrys O’Lochlain became page to Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon
Winner of the Poet Laureate – Alianore d’Astralis
Winner of the Troubadour Laureate – Alys de la Mer

The Arts and Sciences Competition results
Hats – Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire, Merit
Shoes – Lord Elom Eikenskjalde, An Crosaire, Merit
Fine Arts – Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere, An Crosaire, ex. merit in both painting and drawing
Misc. Arts – Lord Elom Eikenskjaldi, An Crosaire, ex.merit for a decorated chest & merit for a Norse peace blade
Armoring – Lord Ingram Talbot Hildebrand Grisold, Starhaven, merit
Leatherwork – Lord Elom Eikenskjalde, An Crosaire, ex. merit
Cooking – Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire, ex. merit
Ceramics – Mitsuhashi no kami Kawaishi, An Crosaire, ex. merit
(Talewinds, Vol.1, no.7, AS XVII)
Blackthorne reported Lady Elspeth was named successor to Lady Damara Narrissa as Principality Mistress of Arts. Lady Morgana helped the Trimaris Exchequer, Lady Jirel, run the benefit auction which raised over $486.00 for the Principality treasury.

Meridies Arts & Sciences Faire
Awards and Honors bestowed upon Trimarian Citizens
6-5-82, AS XVII, at Hard Labor Creek State Park.
Order of the Velvet Owl – Lord Nicholai Staritsyn, Oldenfeld
Order of the Mother Hen – Lord Madrigal of Mu, West Isles
The Hon. Lady Sieglinde aus Truso, Wyvernwood
The Hon. Lady Asdis Shadowdahtir, Oldenfeld
The Arts:
Costuming (pre 1200): 1st – Lady Cedrin Etainnighean, An Crosaire
Honorable mention – H.L. Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
Costuming (Oriental):1st – Ishidoro no Tsuji, An Crosaire
2nd – Jeanne d;Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
3rd – Mistress Sakura Kimineko, Baroness An Crosaire
Costuming (1450-1600):3rd – Lady Cedrin Etainnighean, An Crosaire
Costuming (post 1600):1st – Hon. Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
Needlework: -tie for 1st – Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheach, An Crosaire
Honorable mention – Isidoro no Tsuji, An Crosaire
Music (Original Vocal): tie for 1st – Hon. Lord Jed Silverstar, An Crosaire
Dance: – Honorable mention – Lord Isabeau the Fool, Oldenfeld
Illumination: 2nd – Hon. Lord Nicholai Staritsyn, Oldenfeld
Drawing: 2nd – Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere, An Crosaire
Painting: 1st – Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere, An Crosarie
The Sciences:
Cooking (portable feast): 1st – Jeanne d’Ile Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Honorable mention – H.L. Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Cooking (breadmaking): 2nd – Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
3rd- Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Ceramics: 1st – Mitsuhashi no kami Kawaishi, An Crosaire
Toolmaking: 1st – Hon Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Stained Glass: 2nd – Hon. Lord Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun, Starhaven
Medieval Sciences: 1st – Lord Yonaton Moshe Bereb Avram Yitzhak, An Crosaire
Honorable mention – H.L. Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Herbs & Medicine: Honorable mention -Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosarie
Jewelry: 1st – Lord Yonaton Moshe Bereb Avram Yitzhak, An Crosaire
Woodworking: 3rd – Hon. Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Honorable mention – Ropesle de Sylveastan, An Crosaire
Special Scroll Contest, the scroll submitted by the Hon. Lord Nicholai Staritsyn, Oldenfeld, was chosen as the Promissory Scroll for the Order of the Laurel
There were over 50 contests with more than 400 entries. A point system was used in figuring both individual and group totals (1st = 10 pts; 2nd = 5 pts; 3rd = 3 pts; honorable mention = 2 pts; each entry = 1 pt.)
Group totals: 1st – the Barony of An Crosaire with 128 points
2nd – The Barony of Bryn Madoc with 96 points
3rd – The Barony of South Downs with 82 points
As the first place winner, the Barony of An Crosaire will have the privilege of hosting next years Kingdom Arts & Sciences Fair. The Honorable Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire, accumulated 39 points, placing 2nd in the individual totals.
The Barony of An Crosaire also presented Duke Sir John the Bearkiller with a suit of Japanese armor on behalf of the Principality (Talewinds, Vol.1, no.7, July AS XVII)

Maddy’s Sandwich Shop Demo
On Saturday, June 12, 1982, the Barony of Wyvernwood staged a combat demonstration as part of the grand opening festivities of Maddy’s Sandwich Shop in St. Petersburg. From 18 to 20 gentles were present in full regalia to bring the current Middle Ages before the hordes of mundanes frequenting the event. The event began at 10 am and continued until late in the afternoon. Periodic combat demonstrations were given, the fighters being Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Seneschal of Wyvernwood, His Highness Prince Verron Surgroth, Rupert Ian MacDuff, Gunnar Dentensson inn Danski, Zandor the Mad from Darkwater shire, and Andros Leonthalasios, whom I understand is our resident An Crosairean ambassador. A touch of grace and beauty was added to the rough combat by the participation of the gentle (but heavy handed) Elina Ragnarsfostra as a combatant. Much useful missionary work was accomplished among the untutored heathen mundanes throughout the day, to the greater glory of the Imperium. Also, the management of Maddy’s was moved to donate a substantial sum ($75.00) to the Baronial exchequer in gratitude for Wyvernwood’s contribution to the day’s success. On a more personal basis, Maddy’s also provided complimentary food and drink to the gentlefolk present. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Medieval Film Festival Revel
In the spirit of creativity in anachronism (verily, transforming mundane technology into the hand- maiden of archaism), the Barony of Wyvernwood held a festival of medieval films on video tape on the evenings of Monday and Tuesday, June 14 & 15, 1982. For the occasion, Wyvernwood’s noble Seneschal, Lord Ragnar Hardraada, opened his home and video cassette recorder to the eager archaic film lovers of the Barony. Between Ragnar’s holdings and those of Erich von Kampf, your humble correspondent, a total of in excess of 72 hours of medieval film classics were on hand. The video fare included such greats as Errol Flynn’s Adventures of Robin Hood and Sea Hawk, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Excaliber. Monday evening’s activities opened with a back-yard cook-out with Lord Ragnar providing the grill and such, and everybody bringing food and drink as desired. As the sun sank slowly in the west, the VCR began to weave its arcane spell. During the course of the evening more than 35 persons showed up. A delightful evening it was too …. watching medieval film fare, wandering out to the patio for a talk and a break, even popping into Ragnar’s pool for an invigorating dip. A very free-form evening one might say. As the evening wound to its close, Lord Ragnar provided collapse space for those Anachronists to O.D.’d on video derring-do to navigate themselves homeward. Tuesday, the whole thing began again, though with different films and a smaller audience (about 19 gentles). All in all, this two night event was a most pleasant one for those who attended. There were more medieval classics of the screen than even the swashest of bucklers could digest. It was most pleasant to eat, drink, talk and swim to the accompaniment of heroic and humorous movie medievalism, although hardly a traditional SCA event (the festival was, by the way, in costume – you know, shirts, shorts, jeans and that sort of thing rather than sensible houpelandes, doublets and other such clothing as civilized people usually wear). The two evenings were certainly a creative approach to anachronism. And, after all, when a barony is afflicted with two of the Known World’s leading video junkies, to whit Ragnar and myself, one simply has to do something to make their proclivities useful to the Cause -ja? Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.6, June AS XVII In Honor of the Wedding of Theseus, Duke of Athens, to Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, The Shire of Narval Dorado dedicate our seventh anniversary event with grand celebration and midsummer mirth. Date 6-18/20-82, at Withacoochee Citrus Horse Trails, Feast by Aenor de Winchester, assisted by Cloverwood Keepe. Theseus will win Hippolyta’s hand in marriage during the melee on Saturday. Following the fighting and resting, there will be court and feast. There is also the possibility of a Collegium consisting of beginner’s classes. Autocrat Saranna Lyndh Todin, feastcrat Aenor de Winchester, assisted by Cloverwood Keepe.
(event report, Lord Michael Kennethson, Historian Narval Dorado) The event’s activities centered around the events contained in Shakespear’s “A Midsummer’s Nights Dream.” During the day there was a list, won by Lord Aaron Breck Gordon and Linnea Sparrowhawk. To help with the feel of the play, there were visitations by “Puck”. This citizen wandered about the encampment leaving small humorous gifts and “hiding” people’s property. This hiding was done by marking items with paper tags denoting that they had been “hid”. The nature of the gifts were such that they showed a knowledge of the person’s interest (purple pasties with whistles for one soon to enter the constabulary, and Roman Smurf figures for a group with Roman armor). During the feast, a play from the final act of Midsummer’s Nights Dream was presented to the populace. During the feast, the winners of the list were honored with gifts. During the play, the true identity of “Puck” was discovered to be Lady Jirel ni Cahil.

Summer Solstice
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.6, June AS XVII Summer Solstice, South Keype, 6-18/20-82 at Larry Penny Thompson Memorial Park, Miami. There will be a Fallen Crest Tournament, a crest of your own design from 11″ to 13″ in height made of paper-mache will be taped to your helm. Luck of the draw who you fight. Single elimination, Prize given for best design.
Workshops – dancing and stained glass; cock throw for seating positions. Slave auction, auction of lunch baskets, merchants’ alley, fencing demonstration, archery competition, sling and tennis ball melee, summer solstice repast, and bardic circle. Listed autocrats Lady Osa Byrum and Ian the Bane.
The attending fighters did compete at archery (both bulls eye and combat) with Lord Ragnar and Ian the Bane who tied for the archery tourney. Lord Ragnar won the Fallen Crest Tourney. A slave auction was held on the field during which Lady Asa bought 3 1/3 slaves, the last after an appeal by the chattel’s father, who did not wish to see his son “sold to a man in skirts” (Ian the Bane).
During the feast Lord Alexander Mareschal did step down from the office of Seneschal, surrendering the office to Lady Asa. The feast was served by pages (granted by the courtesy of a local boy scout troop).
HISTORIANS NOTE There was a slight mention in Eleanore of Williamsford-on-Trent historians report of an incident which is now legend in Trimarian history. She states “His Highness, Prince Verron Surgroth did visit a green grocer where he was attacked by a band of ruffians. Prince Verron drew his great sword and did pursue the villains. Then realizing he was about to stain his good sword with unworthy blood, he did cease his headlong rush to give his sword to his page. The rogues were routed and His Highness was acclaimed by the local watch when they arrived.”
While this makes a very good story, unfortunately it is far from accurate. Several versions of this tale have been told, but the following version was told by Verron himself to your correspondent ( Natasha). Verron stated that he had left the event to pick up some items at the Grand Union Grocery Store and was indeed in garb. This particular Grand Union had been plagued with a group of delinquents who would enter the store and generally vandalize what they could and harass the patrons. That evening they entered the store while Verron was shopping and proceeded to “do their thing.” Being of sound mind, Verron did not at any time consider using a sword, and since in mundane life he was a semi-professional baseball player, he did what comes naturally. Picking up convenient cans, he pitched them at the delinquents, striking each one with every throw. The delinquents swiftly left the establishment and never returned, to the gratitude of the shop keeper. It is true that the local watch approved of the course of events. Thus our Prince became the “Protector of the Grand Union.”

Castlemere Revel
On 6-19-82, the members of Castlemere held a local revel at the Red Lion Clubhouse, hosted by Ryan the Scot. We had a potluck meal, swimming, and classes. Ryan taught basic heraldry, and then we taught basic protocol, precedence, and courtesies. We all pitched in, and had a situation class, where you were presented with a situation and you hsow everyone how you would react to it. Atalaya and Richard from Sirrush Mir also visited for it. Reported by Lady Kara Hawkwood, MOA for Castlemere

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Demo
On Saturday, June 26, 1982, the Barony of Wyvernwood sponsored a combat and general SCA demonstration at the medieval fair held at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Plant City. Approximately 20 gentles attended from the Shires of Darkwater and the Ruins, as well as from Wyvernwood. Combat demonstrations were staged by Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Dykeuald Sin Alic, Baron Wyvernwood, Rupert Ian MacDuff, Ectros, and Andros Leonthalasios, the Bay area’s resident An Crosairan ambassador. Reports reaching Wyvernwood’s Historian’s lair are a bit scanty on this one, but it appears that the fighters made their usual smashing impression and that much good was done in enhancing the image and glory of the SCA among those who dwell in mundane darkness (Hallelujah! Praise the BOD!) – one does get carried away, doesn’t one? respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Trimaris Triad Collegium
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.6, June AS XVII All good gentles of the Principality of Trimaris and the Kingdom of Meridies, Be it known that the second annual Trimaris Arts & Sciences Triad/Collegium Celebrin shall be held 7-2/5-82, AS XVII. This extended weekend event is for the various eager students and learned teachers among the good folk of Trimaris and outer regions in Meridies to come together to the vast benefit of all. The two full days of classes will especially be devoted to basic and intermediate skills necessary to Society growth.
The theme for the Saturday evening banquet is to be mythological and imaginary beasts. If you have always wanted to be Bottom (see Shakespeare, Midsummer Night’s Dream) here is your chance. Contest around this theme include best storyteller, best costume, and best portrayal. The location of this event is to be Withalacoochee State Forest, Citrus Horse Trails, Tillis Recreation Area. Autocrat Lady Elspeth MacNaughton and Lady Andreana de Montfort.
Awards Given:
Order of the Laurel – Hon. Lord Jed Silverstar, An Crosaire
Order of the Silver Trident – Hon. Lady Damara Narrissa, Sea March
Mitshuhashi Kawaishi n Kami, An Crosaire
Masque Laureate winner – Ishidoro no Tsuji Bannin, story telling
Best Mythological and Imaginary Beast costume:
1st place – Roxann of An Crosaire
2nd place – Hon. Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
3rd place – Lady Jannara of Airea, Narval Dorado
Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon took Naukuso Oneawa, called Rahim as a squire.
Attending the class on Customs & Courtesy taught by Lady Cher: from Darkwater, Gradheil Maccintsacairt (Greg Hill); Kathleen Moracheartaigh (Debbie Gillians); & Franczesik Raven (Francis Miksa)

Darkwater Classes
On 7-15-82, Morgan Leigh-Norah Morcheartaigh reported that classes were given on Basic Heraldry with 8 persons attending: Thaarvan Darkseeker (Ron Charlotte); Ilia Elspeth (Betsy Batson); Geordie Anglorum (Ken Russell); Angus Concairdyne (Brian Ward); three without SCA names, Tony Quirk, Cindy Furgeson & Jeff Pettit, and one guest who never signed his name.

Herald’s Pic-nic: The Meridies’ Heralds’ Collegium
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.6, June AS XVII The Canton of Mathom Trove sponsored the Meridies Heralds’ Pin-nic and Collegium. “Greetings all heralds and all other goode gentles of Meridies…You are welcome to the Meridies Heralds’ Pic-nic & Collegium, autocrated by the Trimaris College of Heralds and the Norrey College of Armourie. To be held on Saturday, 7-17-82 at the Hunting Lodge of Ravine State Gardens in Mathom Trove (Palatka, Fl). On Friday, for those arriving early, there will be an informal revel at Major Manor. Classes will be selected from the Norry College Catalogue on the morning of the session. Some of the classes to choose from are: The History and Philosophy of Heraldry, Beasts in Blazon and Emblazon, Precedence and Protocol for Heralds, The Full Achievement As It Relates to the SCA. Listed autocrat is Lord Knikolos Major.

Revel at Ragnar’s
On the evening of Saturday, July 17, 1982, a revel was held at the hall of the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Seneschal of the Barony of Wyvernwood. The revel was held in honor of several momentous events, two betrothals and two birthdays. Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart and Kevin McCragen comprised on happy couple; and Anna Alicia Rheinhardt, better known as Susan of the Cloves, and her fiancé Rick (who will become Barar*) were the other. The day was further significant as being Katherine’s birthday. Another cause for celebration was the forthcoming natal day of Lady Sieglinde von Truso. All in all, it was an event with much to rejoice over, and the persons attending did so with great relish. All gave thanks to the generous Lord Ragnar and his lady for opening their home for the evenings revelry. submitted by Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood. *Editors note

Byzantine-Viking War
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.6, June AS XVII 7-30/8-1-82, “A war has been declared between the Byzantines, Japanese and Vikings. Not just a war, but a Naval Battle! The leaky Viking Dragon canoes will do battle with the termite infested Byzantine trimarans. Fighting will be done with bonker swords and spears. All participants must wear flotation vests and head protection.” The site is Woodlands, in Clermont, FL, this is a tenting event. Sponsoring group is the Barony of Wyvernwood, autocrat Katherine Angelique of Lightenhart, Feastcrats H.L. Sieglinde von Truso and Bissileous Angelicus. The leader of the Vikings is H.L. Ragnar Hardraada, the leader of the Byzantine-Japanese is Ld. Bissileous Angelicus.
Also listed for this event “The Household of Libre Espirit,” composed of single women in Trimaris, will be holding their tournament to choose the Most Chivalrous fighter as their protector. There will be single elimination fighting done very early in the morning to avoid overheating our gallant fighters as much as possible.” event report Held at Woodlands Campground, this event was attended by between 140 and 150 gentles from throughout Trimaris and beyond. Every group in Trimaris was well represented, with gentles from Thor’s Mountain and White Buck Forest present as well. On Saturday 7-31-82, in the morning, 15 warriors participated in combat in the list to choose the Protector of the Household of the Free Spirit, Trimaris’ sisterhood of unmarried damsels. After grievous combat and prodigies of valor, Lord John Urquhart, called Shark, emerged victorious.
After sustenance had been devoured, all moved to the lake for the central event of the day, a naval battle between the dread Vikings, led by Lord Ragnar Hardraada and the Byzantine/Japanese contingent was led by the noble Bissileous Angelicus. As the Byzantine army consisted of only 14 fighters and had no vessels, the Viking fleet sailed in and attacked the Byzantine host on the slope above the lake verge. With much calling on Odin and a great thwacking of bonker swords, the Vikings emerged victorious. Several more engagements were staged, the Vikings winning all.
Following the final Viking triumph, the combatants and observers alike adjourned to the camp pool to refresh their heated persons, the day being passing warm. so many goodly gentles disporting their half-clad forms in the cool water led to a truly epic game of Clench-a-Wench. 36 gentlemen and 20 ladies participated in the uproarious sport.
As the sun fled westward, Prince Verron held court under an open pavilion near the camp feast hall. The Honorable Lord John Urquhart was awarded a plate, goblet and favor in honor of his victory, and was hailed as the Protector of the Household of the Free Spirit. Then the generous Lord Bissileous presented the triumphant Viking leader, Lord Ragnar, with a rich selection of boody. There was great rejoicing in the Viking camp that night, the fierce sea-rovers being most content with their Byzantine loot.
Upon conclusion of court, a bounteous feast al fresco began. The feast was prepared by the H.L. Sieglinde von Truso and Lord Bissileous. Entertainment was provided by the Compatriots in Song, as well as a performance by the incomparable Master Jed Silverstar. The autocrat was loud in her praise for those who had assisted her so well in making the event a memorable occasion. Among those gentles whose contributions were outstanding were Gradhiel – the Naval Battle Autocrat, Kevin McCragen, Petruvius and Lord Artorius Julianus. submitted by Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Darkwater’s Anniversary Revel
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.8, August AS XVII On 8-7-82, AS XVII, the Shire of Darkwater wishes one and all to attend our Anniversary Revel, to be held at Village Square Condominiums, Orlando. The Feastcrat is Thomas von Wolfe and the feast – we do it all for you, just bring feastgear and a barbarian’s appetite. The Feastcrat mumbled something about lunch and a stone, so for safety sake bring vegetables. The list will be a “Meanest Mother Melee” with bonker tubes, the last participant alive wins, to be crown King Triton. Special events include Bardic Challenge – poetry, riddles, storytelling, singing, and music in the medieval manner. There will be a ladies Lip-list for the most medieval kiss, judges to be picked by bid. Autocrats are Gradhiel Maccintsacairt and Cailbas of the Marsh.
Winner of the list (Meanest Mother Melee) was Shea Tanner
At the court of the Honorable Lord Dykeuald Cin Aric, Baron Wyvernwood (at the request of Their Royal Highness Prince Verron and Princess Wulfa), Monford Allheisen was named the Seneschal of Darkwater. The Dolphin Chalice (Shire service award) was given to Lady Eleana Ruellandar for all her hard work as Seneschal. The award was accepted by Theodocious in her absence. The original shire banner was awarded to Lord Ecknude Knudulum the Pole, founding seneschal of the shire, and was accepted by Gradhiel in his absence. There were approximately 33 members in attendance. Autocrat Gradhiel Maccintsacarit.

Feast of Foolery
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1 ,no.8, August AS XVII On Saturday, 8-14-82, the Barony of An Crosaire announced a Duc d’pot luc feast featuring nothing but subtleties. “Remember in the middle ages, all kinds of foods were used to make dishes that appeared to be something other than what they were, including meat, fruit, vegetables, cheese and pastry – so don’t all bring cake. In the immortal words of Mistress Kimineko, Baroness An Crosaire, “he who brings bread, eats bread.” At the same time there will be an arts and sciences competition along the same theme. Arts will include masks, the most beautiful subtlety, the most unique design, the best tasting subtlety, the most period subtlety, and camping subtleties (disguising mundane camping gear to look medieval).” The event was held at the University of Florida Women’s Center. Autocrat, Lord Elom Eikenskjalde and Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir.

Shire of Glymmerholde (Ft. Myers) founded
On 8-27-82, an application was presented by Dirk Karlson to form the shire of Glymmerholde. “To the south and east, in the swamps, is a doorway into Fairie. All who have settled to the south of us are those who have become lost while in search for that fabled entrance. The existence of Fairies in this area is evidenced by the fact that often in the evening, one can look out to the Gulf and see the green glymmers.”
The officers of this new shire were:
Seneschal – Dirk Karlson (Chuck Nehus)
Herald – Alaine Picot de Boisfeuillet (Keating Floyd)
Mistress of Arts/Historian – Gwenelleth AtWater (Teresa Starks)
Master of Science – Arvin AtWater (Chuck Starks)
Exchequer – Valerice AtWater (Valerie Starks)

Second Trimaris Principality Investiture
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.8, August AS XVII 9-3/6-82 The Coronation of their Excellencies Guthrum Raegan of the Wastelands and Ursula Katze; the SCA wedding of Felix the Fool and Alistair the Wanderer; the Best Man List; and the All Stick-Jock Revue – and more to be held 9-3/6-82 at Camp Keystone. Autocrats are Lady Janelle Lytelfield and Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere, with Ropesle de Sylveastan and Lord Sakura Yari as listcrats. Their Excellencies, in keeping with their early persona, wish to suggest pre-900 costuming for the theme of the event “On the Steppes of Central Asia.” The winner of the “Best Man List” will be named best man (or woman) of the wedding of Alistair and Felix. The Gosling Guild will again be active and available to all young members of the Society.
from “Awards & Honors” Talewinds vol.1, no.10, October AS XVII
At the last court of their Highnesses Prince Verron and Princess Wulfa
Award of Arms – Atalaya la Sanaria (Sirrush Mir)
Aaron Breck Gordon (An Crosaire)
Ara Arisdottir (An Crosaire)
Ropesle de Sylveastan (An Crosaire)
Ravenna MacNamara (Blackthorne)
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude
Baron Sire Bronislaus of Vilnius (Sea March) Principal
H.L. Ragnar Hardraada (Wyvernwood)
Gunnar Indanski Dentenson (Wyvernwood)
Order of the Emerald Sea
H.L. Siobhan ni Filidheacht (An Crosaire)
Lady Cher de Bellevue (An Crosaire)
Lord Dykeuald Cyn Aric, Baron Wyvernwood
At the first court of their Highness Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula
Viscounty to Verron Surgroth and Wulfa Eriksdottir, Wyvernwood

Lord Aaron Breck Gordon and Lord Elom Eikenskjaldi will serve Prince Guthrum as men-at-arms and Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere and Lady Ara Arisdottir will serve Princess Ursula as ladies-in- waiting. Andros Leonthalasios will serve as personal herald to Their Highness.
The Winner of the Best-Man List was Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire, with Viscount Verron Surgroth, Wyvernwood second.

Sun Dome Demo
On 9-15-82, the Barony of Wyvernwood held an exhibition in the Sun Dome. This was an effort of the University to inform its students of the clubs on campus. A small fighting demo was held and a dancing demo as well. Our booth displayed our Baronial backdrop and banner as well as many of our arts and sciences. In attendance were Lady Alianore and Lady Elina, who made the arrangements and preparations, Lady Sieglinda, Lord Ragnar, Lord Morric, Rupert, Pecot, Viscount Verron and several members from West Isles. Reported by Elina Ragnarsfostray Barony MOA

Red Tower Tourney, South Downs
9-18-82, the Baron’s Prize List winner was Duke Syr Merowald de Sylveastan, An Crosaire. Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire came in 4th place.

Suncoast Skirmishers Demo
On Saturday and Sunday, 9-18/19-82, the Barony of Wyvernwood and the shire of Narval Dorado staged a combat demonstration at the wargaming convention held by the Suncoast Skirmishers, at the Holiday Inn in downtown Tampa. Led by Wyvernwood’s Seneschal, the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada, a strong contingent of Wyvernwood fighters staged a series of combat demonstrations. Between times, the warriors and non-combatants mingled with the convention attendees and disseminated information about the SCA and SCA combat. The event was well attended and received considerable press coverage in the Tamp Tribune with a picture of one of the Wyvernwood fighters appearing with the article. Much good PR was generated for the Barony and the SCA. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Michaelmas Fighter’s Clinic
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.8, August AS XVII The Barony of An Crosaire cordially invites all Warriors of Trimaris to attend the Michaelmas Fighter Clinic and Training Session to be held on 9-25/26-82 at Otter Springs Camp Grounds. This year’s event will be the time of choosing the next Warlord of Trimaris. There will be a lace making class taught by Lady Siobhan ni Filidheacht and a Procedures and Protocol class by Master Jed Silverstar. This is a tenting site. Autocrat Aaron Breck Gordon.
from “Awards & Honors” Talewinds vol.1, no.10, October AS XVII
At the Court of their Highnesses Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula:
Award of Arms: Alistair the Wanderer, Sea March
Monford Allheisen, Darkwater
Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir, An Crosaire
Isidoro no Tsuji Bannin, An Crosaire
Timothy George Cutter of An Crosaire will serve as a Page to their Highnesses
Linnaea Lorraine, An Crosaire, was taken as a squire by Duke Syr Merowald, An Crosaire

Winner of the list and the new Warlord of Trimaris
Warlord – Lord Aaron Breck Gordon, An Crosaire
Warlady – Linnaea Lorraine, An Crosaire
2nd place – Hrothgar of Phalcatia, An Crosaire

Sunshine Mall Demo
On 9-29-82 West Isles held a demo at the Sunshine Mall

Harvest Moon Tourney and Masque Ball
On 10-2-82, the Shire of West Isles sponsored the Harvest Moon Tourney and Masque Ball

Kite Festival
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.9, September AS XVII The Shire of Sea March most numbly begs the good folk of Trimaris and beyond to honor us with the privilege of entertaining you with a weekend of Oriental Pleasures, 10-1/3-82. There will be a feast of the exotic delicacies of the Far East and following the feast a moon viewing party with a bardic circle and competition in oriental poetry. There will be games for your amusement, including Mah Jong, Go, Shegi, Backgammon, and Chess. There will be contests in fan painting, kite constructions and decoration, and Kite Flying (home made or commercially obtained). We invite you to bring a favorite tea and participate in a tea tasting party on Saturday. On Sunday there will be a kite combat and lunch. Site is the Girl Scout Camp in Lake Worth, autocrat Ywan Ywe Yu.

Vision Enterprises Convention
The Shire of Darkwater participated in the Quality Inn Owner’s Convention, on 10-3-82, at the Medieval Market Place (Trade Show for Hotel Suppliers). The organizer for this demo was Lady Marie Genevieve de Cihidara. Darkwater was assisted by the Barony of Wyvernwood, the Shire of West Isles, and the Shire of the Ruins. SCA’ers demonstrated needlepoint, mime, magic and fighting. The Baron and the Seneschal of Wyvernwood were present. $225.00 was donated to the group for participating in the demo, $100.00 went to Darkwater, $100.00 to Wyvernwood and $25.00 to the Ruins. Domesday report, Leopold Hringhornison of Felkshire, Darkwater Historian
On Saturday, 10-3-82, a strong contingent of Wyvernwood warriors and other gentles traveled to the Shire of Darkwater to participate in a demonstration for a meeting of Quality Inn franchises. The event, sponsored by the Shire of Darkwater, took place at the Hyatt Hotel in Orlando. The Wyvernwood contingent was led by it’s Seneschal, the Honorable Lord Ragnar Hardraada. Accompanying the expedition was his Excellency Viscount Verron Surgroth. The Wyvernwood combat team consisted of five or six warriors. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Lace Making Class
From Sand Scrips, Sea March Newsletter, Vol.1, no 1 On 10-9-82, the Honorable Lady Siobhan ni Filidhearcht visited the Shire of Sea March to give the southern shires lessons in lace making.

In August 1982, the Shire of Sea March started it’s own newsletter “Sand Scrips” in which the beginning history was related and the founding members were listed. The history of Lord Reikin ap Gruagach was also related. Lady Damara wrote an article called “Ramblings of a Wanderer” about what she saw when they went to Triad. “We wandered through the mist shrouded oak forest in the wee hours of the morn. The moss hung low from the branches adding an air of mystery as we searched for the dirt rails that would lead us to the second Triad to be held in our fair Trimaris. The trails were hard to follow and it seemed that hours has past when suddenly the path began to climb upwards, out of the lowlands. Camp fires spotted the woods before us. Four of us did make this journey. Though long and hard, it was well worth the time spent. In these few days devoted to the study of arts and sciences we did encounter curious events that did set our minds to wondering. The woods did ring with strange chants –“If they had zippers, they would have used them!” to which would echo –“But, they had buttons!” What could be more puzzling than that? Yet, we saw stranger still, for when Mistress ‘Queta did go walking a number of people did thrown up their hands and cry — “A Vision!!!” and others did make the “Sign of the Holy Zipper”. Aye, but what is this tomfoolery? The strange events did not end there, however, for soon a new cry did arise –“Massa Jed, Massa Jed, yo’ laundry’s ready, sir!” What could this mean? we queried. Ah but then, as we sat quietly over an excellent supper we were suddenly set upon by a strange array of creatures and beasts. There were dragons, sirens, satyrs, dryads, mermaids, and the like. But what they wanted of use we can not know. T’was this that did convince us to leave those misty woods and strike a trail homeward.

Meridies Crown List at Iron Ox
On October 15-17. 1982, at Roosevelt State Park, Markan Mississippi, Meridies held their Crown List to choose the next King and Queen of Meridies. With great joy, the winner and consort will be the first Meridies King from Trimaris.
Winner – Viscount Verron Surgroth of Wyvernwood
Consort – Lady Elspeth Mac Naught on of Blackthorne
Duke Merowald remembers The Trimarian contingent used my pavilion during the list and the list field was outlined in a purple ribbon. Towards the end of the list there was no one left in the pavilion except Verron. A gust of wind lifted the purple ribbon and started it swirling. The wind carried the ribbon up and over my pavilion and dropped it so that the ribbon encircled the pavilion containing Verron. Verron went on to win the list.

Fantasy Fest
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.9, September AS XVII The Shire of Castlemere proudly announces Fantasy Fest IV, to be held 10-23/24-82, at Camp Wi-le-ma in Jacksonville. “Come one, come all and join in our fun. There will be a rattan list, games for all, a fabulous feast followed by a Bardic Circle (please bring your ghost stories) and for those who dare, a trek through a haunted forest at night, pitting baffle/bonker swords and bravery against all manner of fantastic beasts and minions of evil. Autocrat Loraybech. The winner of the list was Lord Aaron Breck Gordon

Wyvernwood’s 10th Anniversary and Baronial Bash
Flyer, Talewinds vol.1, no.9, September AS XVII The Barony of Wyvernwood presents Baronial Bash, 10- 29/31-82 at Camp Keystone “Harken Good Gentles, be it known that once upon a time, in a swampland far, far away, a mighty she-wyvern did seek shelter in a friendly woods (rent was cheap in those days). Word soon spread of this marvelous woodland and lo, many good folk came to settle (wretched refuse from some teeming shore, no doubt). Thus was hatched some ten years ago, Wyvernwood. It is to honor this quasi-wondrous event that the Barony of Wyvernwood does hereby announce its plans for one knockdown, armor rusting, kick off the roof, yet always tasteful, Baronial Bash. Autocrat Rosalind Knightluster.
At the Court of Their Highness Guthrum and Ursula
Award of Arms – Gwendolyn Mary Douglas, Wyvernwood
Order of the Wyvern’s Claw – Lady Alianore d’Astralis, Baroness Wyvernwood
H.L. Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
Order of the Grey Beard – Colin O’Lochlain, Sea March (Principal)
H.L. Ragnar Hardraada, Wyvernwood
Lady Alianore d’Astralis was invested as the new Baroness Wyvernwood

(Event Report) Anno Societatus XVII marks the tenth anniversary of the founding of the ancient and illustrious Barony of Wyvernwood, first outpost of the SCA, established in what is now Trimaris. The annual Wyvernwood Baronial Bash, held each year on the weekend nearest to All-Hallow’s Eve, was held on October 27, AS VII. In honor of it’s tenth birthday, the Barony made this year’s Bash a special occasion.
The site for the Wyvernwood Decennial Celebration was Camp Keystone, the Barony’s favorite event site. To mark the occasion, members of the original Wyvernwood group were enticed to the event, including several persons no longer active in the SCA. Additionally, Wyvernwood alumni from groups throughout Trimaris and beyond gathered at Keystone for the festivities. A total of six Wyvernwood Seneschals, including the first (myself) and the current (Lord Ragnar Hardraada) were present. One of Wyvernwood’s three Barons, Master Taliesynne Nycheymwrh, Founding Baron Wyvernwood, and our current Baron Dykeuald Cyn-arek, both honored the event.
A list of distinguished visitors to the Barony’s tenth was led by their Royal Highness Guthrum and Ursula, Prince and Princess of Trimaris, whose royal presences were deeply appreciated by a grateful Barony and populace. Duke Merowald de Sylveastan, KSCA, whose association with Wyvernwood goes back to within a few months of it’s beginning, also put the distinctive mark of his presence on the occasion. Lady Rebecca of Twyn and Sir Gilrae traveled from far Southdowns to grace our festivities. Both of these gentle peers had long ties with Wyvernwood, having been so kind as to visit it during it’s first year of existence. As to other peers and notables who were so kind as to honor Wyvernwood’s anniversary, their number forbids individual listing here due to space limitations. In all 210 gentles were in attendance.
The event began with registration at 4:30 pm on Friday, October 29th. A light supper was served to early arrivals at 7:30 pm, the remainder of the evening being devoted to heavy drinking and other rewarding pastimes. On Saturday morning the major activities began at an ungodly hours. Throughout the day there were contests in chess, backgammon, nine-man Morris, fox & geese, and archery. With the coming of evening a massive multiple court was held in the Great Hall. Courts were held by Prince Guthrum and Princess Ursula, Founding Baron Taliesynne and Barony Dykeuald. The major happenings was the creation of Lady Alianore d’Astralis as Baroness Wyvernwood, to rule by the side of our noble Dykeuald, and Baroness Alianore’s induction into the Order of the Wyvern’s Claw.
The evening also saw that most happy of occasion, an SCA wedding – Wyvernwood’s Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart gave her hand to Caoimhin macRiagan, one of our favorite Irish Mead makers from across the Bay of the Holy Spirit (Tampa Bay). The happy couple were wed by the right reverend Montfort, the Munching Monk. court was followed by a hearty feast, enlivened by a filk song contest, a sublitey contest and much jollity. Feasting was succeeded by much drinking, singing, weaving, falling down and pursuit of the eternal wench. Sunday morn came all to early to the foregone revelers who folded their tents, gathered their empties, and wended away into the distance. Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt und von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood

Martinmas Moot/Third Coronet List
11-12/14-82 House Noriuji and House Humungous, of An Crosaire sponsored Martinmas Moot/Third Coronet List at Camp Keystone. Arts & Sciences competitions will be Poet Laureate and Troubadour Laureate, plus a special category “The Unicorn” … any form of artwork (graphics, pen & ink, oils, tempera, embroidery, applique, etc.) To render a unicorn for the enjoyment of the populace. A light breakfast will be provided Saturday and Sunday mornings, bread, fruit, tea, and coffee will be served buffet style. Feast will be served Saturday night. Feast Tokens will be required for everyone in the feast hall.
The Goslings’ Guild will be offered for the children over four years of age. Main autocrat, Noriuji-no Tomoko, Feastcrat Akira Noriuji-no Takara.
Tanist – Sir Tetsuo Sakura
Tanista – Mistress Kimineko Sakura
Princes Champion – Sir Reikin ap Gruagach
Contest winners – Troubadour Laureate – Lord Morric Haast, Wyvernwood
Poet Laureate – Hiertha Aureliana, called Hieryth, Narval Dorado
Unicorn artwork (tie) – Lady Saelida Ericsdohtor, House of Alfred’s Hall for oil painting
John the Timekeeper, House of Alfred’s Hall for pewter sundial
At the Court of Their Majesties Roderick and Morgan:
Order of the Laurel: HRH Princess Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne
K.S.C.A. Lord Reikin ap Gruagach, Sea March
Award of Arms – Kathleen of Darkwater

Order of the Broken Brank – Lady Atalaya la Sanadora, Sirrush Mir
Kathleen of Darkwater
At the Court of Their Highness Guthrum and Ursula
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – H.L. Siobhan ni Filidheacht, An Crosaire
Lady Morgana merch Morgan, Blackthorne
Award of Arms – Darius Thorfinn, Castlemere
Ardelin ap Morgan O’Brollachain, An Crosaire
Marie Genevieve de Cilhdara, Darkwater
New Associates:
The Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso, Wyvernwood, has become apprenticed to Mistress Godelinde of Windemere, Baroness Thor’s Mountain. Her former Laurel, Mistress Kathea von Linse, has moved to the Kingdom of Atlantia.
Lady Atalaya la Sanadora, Sirrush Mir, has become a protégée of Mistress Ammalynne Starchild Haraldsdottir, South Downs
Andros Leonthalasios was squired to Sir Tetsuo Sakura, Baron An Crosarie and Heir to the Principality of Trimaris.
Joseph MacJoseph, Sangre del Sol, was squired to Sir Koppel fun Baurieus, Sangre del Sol.
Martinmas Moot Statistics: The autocrat reported that 192 gentles attended, with 167 staying for two nights, 6 remaining for one night, and 19 day tripping.

Pasadens Arts & Crafts Show Demo
11-6-82 The Shire of Narval Dorado held a demo at the Pasadena Arts & Crafts show

Costume Seminar
11-20-82, the Shire of Sea March held a costume seminar at the Galleria Mall Community Room. Teachers included Mistress Kimineko, Mistress Enriqueta, Lady Asa Byrum, The Hon. Lady Damara Narrissa, Lady Agrippina di Conti, and Lady Jeanne d’Ile du Cygne Noir. Classes included selection of fabric for SCA use, pattern development, finishing and fitting, specific time/place interest groups i.e: Italian Renaissance, Tudor, Elizabethan, Japanese, Mid-Eastern, etc. Autocrat Lady Damara Narrissa.

Saint Andrews Society
On 11-27-82, The Shire of Darkwater marched in the Saint Andrews Day Parade. Members demonstrated mime, magic, dance and song. This demo was organized by Gradheil Maccintsacarit. Darkwater was assisted greatly by the Honorable Lady Sieglinda von Truso, of the Barony of Wyvernwood. Domesday report, Leopold Hringhornison of Felkshire, Darkwater Historian

Almost A Revel
On 12-7-82 The Shire of Glymmerholde held “Almost a Revel”

Wassailing Revel & Caroling
Talewinds, vol.1, no.12, December AS XVII ‘ Tis the Season to spread warmth and cheer…Pray, good gentles, join with us in song and merriment as the Shire of Darkwater hosts a Wassailing Revel and Carolling on Saturday 12-11-82. The members of the Shire of Darkwater held their holiday celebration with 21 members participating. The members gathered at Brock’s home for the Revel and caroling. Autocrat Lord Monford of Bath and Elizabeth Nan Carey.

3rd Annual Wassailing Revel
Talewinds, vol.1, no.12, December AS XVII On 12-11-82, the Shire of West Isles held their revel – Join with us in the spirit of the holiday season by giving of your time and voice as we celebrate with those who much less fortunate than ourselves. This year we will be singing in our best court garb and sound at two nursing homes. After sharing of the vocal SCA spirit, we will return to the home of Barar Aeric and Anna Alicia vonn Rheinhardt for some of the more potent spirits of the season. There is no cost for this event, although those wishing to do so may feel free to bring their favorite period desert. Anyone wishing to bring Blacemange will definitely not be turned away! Copies of the better known carols will be available this year so some and experience one of the more heart-warming SCA public relations activities of the year. Autocrat – Anna Alicia vonn Rheinhardt and Barar Aeric.

Masque Ball and Weird Weapons Tourney
Talewinds, vol.1, no.12, December AS XVII On 12-17/19-82 The Shire of West Isles hosts the first Trimaris “Masque Ball and Weird Weapons Tourney” at Camp Keystone. The theme for this event is real and imaginary air creatures. A prize will be awarded for the most creative. Special activities include a riddling competition in the Dragon Hoard Hunt, be the first to solve the clues and capture the very real treasure, a Ragnarrian Dagger. Win the gaming contests and you, too, can own a backgammon board of the quality gifted at Baronial Bash. If you are of the more physical bent, enjoy the dancing in the early afternoon to warm up for the evening’s frolic. Or for those truly aggressive as well as inventive, try your skills in the Weird Weapons Tourney. Lastly, revel in one of the most popular of medieval entertainments, the Masque Ball. Feast will be in period – lighting will be provided by candles only. Autocrat Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon and Lady Andreana de Montfort
At the court of TH Guthrum and Ursula
Award of Arms – Caitlin Emryss, West Isles
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Lord Alistair the Wanderer, Sea March
Winner of the Weird Weapons List – Princess Ursula, squire, with her famous “war dog”

Plant City High School Demo
In December ’82 the Shire of the Ruins held a demo at Plant City High School

Yule Revel
Talewinds, vol.1, no.12, December AS XVII On 12-18-82 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held a Yule Revel – The Shire of Sangre del Sol resumes its annual Yule Feast and Collegium offering delights to the palate and intellect deemed the populace lo these many years and entertainment to rejoice the most jaded of dispositions, at All Saints Episcopal Church. Autocrat Lady Glynis merch Llywelyn and Lady Elizabeth FitzRandolph

Lion In Winter
Talewinds, vol.1, no.12, December AS XVII On 12-18-82 the Shire of Oldenfeld Yule Celebration was held at Ruge Hall, University Episcopal Church in Tallahassee – It is Christmas in the year 1183, Henry II, first Plantagenent monarch of England has called Queen Eleanor and his sons John, Richard and Geoffrey to his castle at Chinon France. Join Henry II for Christmas. Come to the Court of Henry II in your most elaborate court dress. Revel in the political intrigue of an elaborately orchestrated game – the Crown of England, the fair Princess Alais, and the Aquitaine, the prizes. Enjoy a mouth watering feast prepared through the culinary artistry of Lord Isabeau the Fool and Lord Mandrigal of Mu. Competitions for the most authentic 12th century costumes – the most courtly and chivalrous manner – best entertainment – Lord and Lady of Misrule and special prizes for the winners of the “game”. Lord Nikolai Aleksandrovitch Staritsya

New Year’s Eve Revel
On 12-31-82 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a New Years Eve Revel

Domesday Report for the Sciences, 1982, from the Minister of Sciences, Lord Holtmar of Wyrhtenatun
Barony of An Crosaire: Members of the barony have done extremely well in the science competitions, especially at Kingdom Arts & Sciences where they collected more points jointly than any other group, thus winning the right to host next years fair. The tradition of biweekly classes is being maintained, with courses in subjects ranging from amber, period trencherware, medieval cooking and subtleties. Several members also contributed to the Trimaris Arts & Sciences publication Triskele, as well as the baronial issue of Talewinds. They have held several demos at schools and museums and will be aiding a campus group at UF to produce a Renaissance Faire. Except for summers, the Barony is extremely busy in the sciences and the new MOS is planning to hold several “mini” sciences competitions to help members perfect their skills.
Shire of Blackthorne: Members do little in the sciences, but what they do is concerned mainly with armoring, leather working, and jewelrymaking. As I have not received reports for about 6 months, I do not know what is happening in the sciences currently for this shire.
Shire of Castlemere: Emphasis is more on research than on production. Earlier this year, classes were held in the sciences. The main categories worked on in the sciences during the past year were armoring, metalworking and cooking.
Shire of Darkwater: The first half of this year was filled mainly with classes and little else in the science. The second half of the year saw improvement in what was reported. Projects included armoring, cooking, leather working and games. After an influx of new members, the shire is beginning to increase in its science activities.
Shire of Elderhaven: This shire has not yet gained enough members to do anything large in the sciences for now. However, I do know that the present members are beekeepers and perhaps in the future we will see production of honey and mead.
Shire of Glymmerholde: Is heavily into armoring, leather working, metalworking, and woodworking. Although they have been in existence for only a short time, they are outproducing some shires that have been around longer.
Shire of Bradenton/Sarasota (formerly Kirinmere) has just recently formed, but the members are active in armoring and metalworking.
Shire of Narval Dorado: During the past year, the shire has engaged in many sciences; however, the main emphasis seems to be on armoring, woodworking, metalworking and household sciences. In armoring, the shire has 10 men all fitted out in Roman style armor who have been trained to fight as a unit. Lord Artorius Julianus did the crowns for the Trimarian Prince & Princess.
Shire of Oldenfeld: Is strong in armoring, leather working, cooking, brewing and metalworking. The MOS sounds like someone who will encourage the sciences and has offered to head up our library.
Shire of the Ruins: has been in existence for roughly 6 months. Major activities in the sciences have been in the area of armoring, but some leather working and woodworking have also been attempted.
Shire of Sangre del Sol: The past year saw this shire cooking for coronation (along with Sea March), writing articles for their issue of Talewinds, beginning armoring and the start of classes in Oriental gaming. The most dominate science is brewing (with a guild between themselves and Sea March).
Shire of Sea March: This shire started the new year off by cooking the feast at Coronation, along with Sangre del Sol, and then continued the rest of the year by holding several events and demos. They are active in most of the sciences, especially armoring, brewing, cooking, metalworking, agriculture and woodworking.
Shire of Sirrush Mir: The sciences are almost non-existent with only one member active in the science.
Shire of Southkeype: has had an on and off year for armoring with most of the work being new armor or upgrading of old equipment. Brewing of meads and beers has been quite sufficient to satisfy the group’s needs. Members are active in jewelry making, pavilion making, woodworking and metalworking.
Shire of Starhaven: has been active in a number of sciences, mostly armoring, cooking, metalworking, woodworking, stained glass, and research. Workshops were held on the forging of metals and several members have discussed the feasibility of building a small Norse rowing boat.
Barony of Wyvernwood: has followed its normal course i.e.: heavy science production during the winter and spring with a slump in the summer followed by heavy production again in the fall. Activities are varied, but members are working in the areas of armoring, leather working, cooking, metalworking, woodworking and brewing. During this latter quarter, numerous articles have been written for the barony’s issue of Talewinds and heavy research has been conducted. Demos and classes have been held throughout the year, but the heaviest time was again this last quarter.

Darkwater Domesday Report
The shire has 53 sustaining members, 1 associate member and 3 family memberships. The group is very active throughout the kingdom and members have attended meetings, socials and/or fighter practices with Sea March, Southkeype, Ruins, Sirrush Mir, Wyvernwood, An Crosaire, West Isles, Narval Dorado, Mathom Trove and Castlemere. Members have participated or instructed classes in a wide variety of medieval subjects ranging from Cathedral Construction to Making Your Mundane Tent Look Medieval. Through the efforts of Gradheil Maccintsacarit, the shire has established an account with the Central Florida Blood Bank. With this account, units of blood can and will be made available to any member of the Society that needs it. We have established a History Scholarship, following the lead of the Barony of Wyvernwood, at the University of Central Florida, and are considering one in music.
Domesday report, Leopold Hringhornison of Felkshire, Darkwater Historian

Trimaris History – 1981


Darkwater’s Twelfth Night
(in a letter to Lord Michael, Lady Eleana Ruelladar, Seneschal of Darkwater recapped Darkwater’s activities from Jan to April ’80. She explained that Theo, who is their historian, could not report. “He has cut way back on all activities on the advice of his doctor. His glaucoma has gotten worse and he won’t be taking an active roll in the shire until it improves)
1/81 Darkwater held a Twelfth Night party which was well attended. Most of Darkwater’s members came and all brought guests, there were at least 15 people there. Also present were Methelredd, his lady and Lady Strider from Starhaven. Two new medieval recipes (one for spiced beef and the other for a traditional “three kings” cake were tried out, the food was a success and there were no leftovers. The party resulted in our gaining 3 new members, Laynor Kastor, Baldain of Rovinghearth, and Leigh-Norah of Woodsmere.

Heraldry Class
1-8-81 The Canton of Mathom Trove put on a Heraldry class at the Shire of Blackthorne

A Meeting of Magi
1-9/11-81, celebration in commemoration of the 3rd annual celebration of the Shire of Southkeype’s Twelfth Night held at the K.O.A. campground in south Miami. Featured was Live Archery Tournament, fighter’s list, a Collegium, and a contest for Magicians, Wizards, Sorcerers and Witches for the title of Arch-Mage. First prize is a staff of power made of redwood and inlaid with silver and copper (all acts must be approved by the autocrats). The autocrats were listed as Dorian and Alexander Mareschal. as seneschal.

Orange Park Mall Demo
1-10-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the Orange Park Mall in Orange Park. They had dancing, singing, a fighting demo, Costume and artwork displays as well as theatrics with ladies fainting as fighting gentlemen bit the dust. This was covered in a full page article and photos in Clay Today, on 1-12-81 and there was also coverage by ABC TV affiliate WTLV, Channel 12, Jacksonville.

Twelfth Night Revel
1-10-81, the Barony of An Crosaire had their Twelfth Night celebration with members of the shire, Mathom Trove and Oldenfeld.

Hero of the Chalice Tourney
The Barony of Wyvernwood once again hosted the Hero of the Chalice Tourney on 1-16/18-81 at Keystone. The listed autocrats were Lord Yushio Kamashita, Baron Wyverwood, Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Agrippina di Conti, Lady Sieglinda von Truso (feastcrat). Attendance was 120 overnight guests and 126 for feast.
His Majesty Sir Beorn, Baron Regent Axemoor, Lord Santos, Baron Wyvernwood, Lord Yushio, Baron and Baroness An Crosaire, Sire Tetsuo and Mistress Kimineko, Lady Antonia, Kingdom Seneschal, and Sir Bruno von der Eiche and his Lady Kathea von Linz graced the head table along with Lord Alberich Peregrinator and his lady, in honor of his victory in the Hero of the Chalice List. Lord Alberich also became Regional Knight’s Marshal this day.
In Court, Alexander Mareschal, Oriana Goldenhair, Robin Everton and Ragnar the Ruthless were given their AOA’s. Oriana also received the Order of the Wyvern’s Claw. The Baron of Wyvernwood was presented with a ring of Chivalry by the ladies of the barony. Entertainment after the list was a demonstration of the trebuchet by Lord John. At the feast Lord Jed Silverstar sang, Morric Haast sang “Lord John” and the guests enjoyed the two belly dancers. Master Tally raised $315.00 for the King’s Travel Fund through an auction. Curia was held by his Majesty on Sunday morning, primary theme was principality status.
The Historian from the Barony of An Crosaire reported that Ropesle fought in the list, Holtmar, Ara, Hollin and Yari entered the games competition with Yari tying for first. Holtmar,Cedrin, Sir Tetsuo and Siobhan put up displays. In all 12 members of An Crosaire attended the event.

1-24-81, The Canton of Mathom Trove held “Uphalladag – Norse Mid-Winter Festival”

Winter Stars
1-23/25-81 The Shire of Starhaven held their anniversary event “Winter Stars II.” They reported that attendance was sparse due to the Barony of Wyvernwoode’s event with His Majesty the week before and a lot of flu. There were two from Darkwater, five from Sea March and 10 from Starhaven. There was only 2 fighters (Hyphen and Methylred) present so no list was held. However, an archery competition was held with Ingram being the winner.

Miami Renaissance Faire Demo
2/81 – the Shire of Southkeep held a demo at the Miami Renaissance Faire

OmniCon Demo
2/81 – The Shire of Southkeep had a demo at OmniCon

Rock Lake Middle School Demo
2/81 – Boyd, Eldred and Lady Eleana of Darkwater did a 2 hour talk on costuming, arms, armor, heraldry, with a fighting demo, for the gifted learners at Rock Lake Middle School.
The Shire of Oldenfeld’s Historian, Linnea Sparrowhawk reported that Katherine Gildenvox resigned her seneschalate and was replaced by Suzanne Renee Barineau. We held Baronial elections for the second time, electing Ld Alberick Pergrinator. She went on to say that on 2-14-81, Umble the Mumbler arranged for the members of Oldenfeld to attend the Florida State University Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts Fair. A videotape was played and was essentially ignored except for the fighting and the singing/playing by Jed Silverstar.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Held at Otter Springs on 2-13/16-81. The Shire of Blackthorne Seneschal John McKnight was co- autocrat of this event with Lord Yari Sakura of An Crosaire. McKnight also taught a class on dialects and Elspeth MacNaughton taught a class on costuming. Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo, of Blackthorne served as herald at the court of Sir Sakura Tetsuo, Baron An Crosaire, under the direction of Lady Cher de Bellevue. Blackthorne members attending were Maedhrous Carrelli, Dainaid O’llanrhyddad, Camille Laughton, Margarette Ranvier, Ravenna McNamara, Elspeth MacNaughton, Francis Moore, John McKnight, Morgana merch Morgan, Danielle di Bottecetto, Demian Lucas, Diego Alvares, Capt. Alexander Woodshaw, and Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo.
The Barony of An Crosaire’s historian reported the event was rather laid back, not much was scheduled other than the massacre, which Lord Reikin ap Grugach of Sea March won. Alastair the Wanderer won the best death competition. Elspeth-Jean was given her AOA at Baronial Court. Approximately 22 members from An Crosaire attended. This event was enjoyed by members from Wyvernwood, Blackthorne, Castlemere, Starhaven, Sea March, Sangre del Sol, South Keype, Darkwater, Mathom Trove and Narval Dorado. This event was covered in a full page article with color photos in the 2-22-81 issue of the Florida Times Union, Arts & Leisure section, Jacksonville and was also filmed by Channel 5, Gainesville PBS station.
Historical Note: For years after, members of An Crosaire and others throughout the kingdom talked about this event for several reasons. For instance, it was one of the coldest events anyone had attended – all together now – how cold was it? Legend has it that a squirrel fell out of a tree, either striking or near missing Cher (tales vary). When examined, it was apparent that the squirrel had frozen to death. No one could believe that it was that cold so Cher took the squirrel back and autopsied it in her lab – and yes it had frozen to death. Although the official report of the event did not mention this occurrance, 1982’s advertisement for St. Val’s states “yes! the squirrel was frozen.” This might also explain why this St. Val’s was so laid back, everyone was too cold to do more than huddle around a fire. Otter Springs was a primitive campground!

At the 2-19-81 meeting of the Shire of Blackthorne, Seneschal Jon McKnight appointed Morgana merch Morgan as Chronicler and Historian and Diego Alvarez as Scribe. Maedhrous Carrelli was elected as the new Seneschal and Ravenna McNamara became Deputy Seneschal. At the 2-26-81 meeting the spelling of the shire’s name was officially changed from Blackthorn to Blackthorne.(Historian’s quarterly report)

Wyvernwood’s historian, Lady Robin Everton, reports that Dr. Van Neste approached Lady Oriana about doing a lecture on Medieval Costuming for his class “Medieval Society” at USF. On 2-20-81, Lady Oriana, Lady Kathea von Linz, Lady Robin Everton, Arielle and some male volunteers from the class donned our finest and showed up. Most of the reaction was favorable except for an American History professor or two. We met with warm reception from the class members and Dr. Van Neste. Since Lady Kathea has been a member of the SCA for 8 years, she came equipped with numerous costumes and was designated to “field” the questions. This was a very successful venture in may ways. For us, it was four first time teaching a class of college students, and for them it was a different approach to the subject matter.

Also from Wyvernwood -“The Stomp” wood working classes, archery and fighter practice was held on 2-21-81, organized by Lady Kathea, Lady Oriana, Lord Ragnar, and held at the home of Lord Ragnar, Deputy Wyvernwood Arts Officer. It is called “the stomp” because that is how prints are done, they get inked, placed and stomped! Lady Kathea suggested that the Barony make up a backdrop for feasts, etc. to give the area a more medieval ambience. She and her husband, Sir Bruno von der Eiche set about designing the patterns for the linoleum block prints. Sir Bruno did the actual designs and cut the blocks. Lady Kathea purchased a sheet and blocked it off making it ready for the rest of the work.

On Saturday, most of the Barony showed up for the combination fighter practice, archery practice and the stomp. Since the drop was not completed a second stomp was held on 2-28-81.

World’s End Revel
2-21-81, World’s End Mini-Collegium Revel, held at the Day Community Center, Day FL., autocrated by Mandrigal of Mu at World’s End. Oldenfeld joined in the fighting and taught several classes.

Lord Alexander Mareschal stated in the Sargassum Sentinel, Vol.III, No.3, May AS XVI “Six months ago, Southkeype had one fighter and no armor. We now have a number of fighters (about 3 or 4) all with no armor. We also have one fighter who has a fairly complete set of armor. Com on, all the rest of you, let’s all try to be ready for the Grand Melee at TMT….Membership looks good also…people are coming to us…and our numbers are growing steadily. There will be a party at Ardelin’s, this will be his last meeting with Southkeype.
Listed officers of Southkeype as of May AS XVI:
Seneschal – Alexander Mareschal
Herald – Narwen Malalda
Master of Arts/Science – Dorian
Chirurgeon – Jhanara of Asengarth
Reeve – Merlyn-Thar-Aelintaur
Deputy Reeve – Peter of Corimel
Marshal – Ananda Gaudior
Magister – Totoya Kato

Raa Middle School Demo
3-6-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo at Augusta Raa Middle School’s annual Medieval Field Day, which was a period riot in imitation of a street full of vendors, etc. After Oldenfeld’s fighting demo, they had to stop several of theirs.

Triad Arts and Science
3-6/8-81, sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood and co-autocrated by Nicolai Starytsin. The Shire of Blackthorne’s Historian reported that Danielle di Bottecetto and Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo were 2 of 3 models for the class on hairstyles, hats and makeup – with Danielle being made up as a Byzantine and Elena as an Elizabethan. Elena who is Blackthorne’s herald was selected to herald at King Beorn’s Court on the even of 3-7-81. Elspeth MacNaughton presented King Beorn with a roll of “Beorn-blue” trim and later performed several Scottish dances to tunes played by the King’s piper.
The Barony of An Crosaire reported that 14 members attended. Kawaishi taught Enro making, Kirigirisu taught Japanese garnishes, Mistress Kimi taught Japanese costume and Cher taught Heraldry. Cadwallen received an AOA.

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
3-14-81, Oldenfeld had their Anniversary Revel which was autocrated by Sean Ecrivain, the shire’s chronicler.

Castlemere’s Revel
3-28-81, Castlemere had a Renaissance Party/Revel at the Nottingham Apartments club house. Lord Alexander of Castlemere reported “The chief autocrat was Cheryl Lewis, who did a commendable job, though aging visibly. Alicia and Wendy were aided by many new members in making this a showcase event. For a first event it went better than most which I have attended.” There were approximately 75 people present (12 members of Blackthorne, per their historian). Baron Master Taliesynne presided at the court and feast, instructing those present in court protocol. He escorted Blackthorne member Dainaid O’llanrhyddad, who sat at head table. Blackthorne’s herald, Elena, was herald for the protocol session.

Cloverwood Keep Revel
3/81, The “Cloverwood Keep Revel” celebrated the formation of a new household in Narval Dorado. The revel was held at Cloverwood Keep.

Trident Tourney
3-28/29-81, this event was Darkwater’s first real event with 27 people attending from Darkwater, Starhaven, Sea March, Sangre del Sol and South Keype. The event was held at Widham Park in Melbourne. There were six fighters, with Hyphen winning the Hero of the Trident list. Marie from Darkwater won the Bells and Pillow list. The shire created an award for outstanding service called the “Order of the Dolphin Chalice” and Boyd O Flame was given the first membership in this order.
(Lady Eleana went on to say) Leigh-Norah has become one of our most active members and did a lot of work for this event. The shire’s herald, Alanor, was absent since her marriage in February and Leigh- Norah was made deputy herald. Since Alanor failed to send in reports prior to this, Lady Cher made Leigh-Norah Darkwater’s herald.

3/81 West Isles held a revel

Shire of Sirrush Mir founded
3-28-81 The Shire of Sirrush Mir (Daytona Beach) was founded.
Talewinds Vol.2,no.8 August AS XVIII What was to become the Shire of Sirrush Mir began in a conversation between Leijka Isilinde, known as Moonsinger, and a mildly interested mundane who was to become Atalaya la Sandora. Many months passed as Moonsinger contacted various society folk to obtain information on the creation of a shire. On March 28, AS XV, an informative meeting was held at the local library to which Moonsinger brought costumes, pictures, and various society implements. Four similar meetings were held and the group grew in number. With Moonsinger as the founding Seneschal, the meetings were moved to the campus of the Daytona Beach Community College. On November 21, AS XVI the shire rallied to host its first event, Cambermas, which was well attended and a great success for a shire still in its infancy. When the shire seemed to be fairly well established, Moonsinger passed on the key of the office which has subsequently passed to Timgaard and Quaran Culbert (jointly), Timgaard Dulbert, Richard of Waynewood, and is now held by Lady Atalaya.
The Sirrush is an ancient Babylonian dragon. Historically, it was found on the reconstructed gates of Nebuchadnezzar (sometimes called the gates of Ishtar).

Springtime Festival Parade
4-4-81, Oldenfeld marched in the Annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival Parade. Demos during and a revel afterwards was autocratted by Suzanne Renee Barineau.

Jacksonville Highland Games
4/81 -The shire of Castlemere held a demo at Jacksonville Highland Games and put on several fighter demonstrations as well as much P.R. work. Master Tally and Duke Merowald attended as well as members of Blackthorne, Mathom Trove, Oldenfeld, An Crosaire and Wyvernwood. We generated much interest and an invitation to attend Savannah’s Highland Games free on 5-2/3-81.
Lord Alexander went on to say “We now have 35+ members, have founded a Scottish Clan and Renaissance Guild and are preparing issue #7 of our newsletter. As of February I again reverted to assistant seneschal and Lord James Hawkwood (aka Tushiro Musashi-sama) again took control of the shire.”

MiamiCon Demo
4/81 – the Shire of Southkeep held a demo at MiamiCon

Tregue Middle School Demo
4-8-81 – The Shire of Darkwater, Eldred, Vlademer and Lady Eleana held a demo at Tregue Middle School in the morning and then held another demo at Tuskawilla Middle School in the afternoon, giving talks and a fighting demo. They talked to about 600 students.

Howard Bishop School Demo
4-10-81, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at Howard Bishop Middle School with 14 of the members participating. There was dancing, fighting, chainmail making, embroidery, calligraphy, etc. The kids were enthralled and about two weeks later the shire received a packet of letters from them that told us just how much they did enjoy the demo.

St. John’s Community College Demo
4-10-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a fighting demo at St. John’s Community College in Orange Park. Members attending were Diego, WIlhelm, McKnight, Gileath and Cpt. Woodshaw.

On 4-17-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld sang and had a fighting demo on stage of Moore Auditorium before and between showings of “Excalibur”. This demo was organized by Umble the Mumbler

St. Augustine Easter Parade
4-19-81 the Shire of Blackthorne participated in St. Augustine’s Easter Parade. There were 100 units participating in this parade and the shire members were provided with their own float, a large ship, courtesy of Zephyr Craft of St. Augustine. The head of the royal family, Charles Cooley rode with them. There was a reception at the St. Augustine Gardens Center later. A photograph of the float was printed in the Independent Traveler, St. Augustine on 4-22-81

Fumanchada Demo
4-23-81 the Shire of Blackthorne participated at Fumanchada, at the Oldest House in St. Augustine. The shire provided entertainment for the Royal Family and their guests during “A Night in Minorca”, which was staged in the gardens of the Oldest House. The St. Augustine Record’s article for Saturday 4-25-81 stated “Juggling, music and exciting dancing, all performed by entertainers dressed in colorful costumes. Brad Carrol, director of the Orange Park Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronisms Black Thorn Order, brought costumed lords and ladies as well as entertainers.” A picture of Diego and Maedhrous fighting accompanied the article.

4-24-81, the Shire of Blackthorne – The Royal Family held court to honor and entertain those who helped with the various festivities. Pikemen Maedhrous and Diego led the Royal Procession into the Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, courtyard under an aisle of blades presented by the rest of the Blackthorne members. Elspeth and Ravenna scattered rose petals in the path of the entourage.

Lakeview Middle School Demo
4-24-81, the Shire of Darkwater Eldred, Vlademer, Boyd and Lady Eleana did a demo at Lakeview Middle School for a medieval fair for the 6th graders. They did lectures on costuming, armor and arms, and the men did a fighting demo. This was an all day affair.

Largo Renaissance Faire
4-25/26-81, the Shire of Narval Dorado, Barony of Wyvernwood, the Shire of West Isles and the Shire of Blackthorne participated in the Largo Renaissance Farie

Florida State University Demo
4-27-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld did a dancing demo at Florida State University’s Renaissance Ensemble Concert, which was organized by Lord Jed Silverstar.


The Shire of Blackthorne listed the following officers as of the first of AS XVI:
Seneschal & Knights Marshal -Maedhrous Carrelli- Brad Caroll
Dep. Seneschal -Ravenna Siobhan – Teri Doughfman
Herald -Elena Isabella Catalina Decastellanos y Gallardo – Anita Godin
Mistress Arts – Elspeth MacNaughton – Vicky Kissinger
Master Science -Diego Alvarez de Avilez y Cadiz – Bryan Wise
Hospitaller – Anne Embry – Nancy Ferretti
Exchequer -Jean Phillipe Dearveaux – Darryl Lee
Chronicler/Historian -Morgan merch Morgan -Sheila Mangum
Chirurgeon -Dainaid O’Llanrhyddad – Dianna Cason

May Day Madness
May 1/3-81, May Day Madness was held by the Shire of West Isles

Tallahassee DOC Demo
5-2-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld members held a demo at the Tallahassee Department of Corrections which consisted of fighting, singing and dancing. Afterwards they held their May Day Revel.

May Faire Demo
5-2-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the “May Faire” held annually by Tallahassee Industrial Park. Once again the shire sang and danced. This demo was organized by Lord Jed Silverstar

Lakeside Middle School Demo
5-9-81, The members of the Shire of Blackthorne held two demos – The Lakeside Middle School Exhibit, (8:45 am to 12:30 PM) included fighting and musical demonstrations as well as table displays of weapons, armor, costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, utensils, heraldry information and photographs of shire activities.
The second exhibit at Cecil Field Naval Air Station (1:45 PM – 4:30 PM) included fighting, music and mingling with the populace answering questions about the shire, SCA, and things medieval. An article and photo appeared in Clay Today on 5-11-81)

Clay County Fair
5-15/17-81 the Shire of Blackthorne was one of many area groups given exhibit space at the Clay County Festival, Orange Park. Shire members appeared in costume and set our displays of costumes, jewelry, weapons, utensils, musical instruments, miscellaneous artifacts and photos and information sheets. We were given a one hour slot for entertainment on Saturday evening – a fighting demo and music demo were given. A Photo of the group appeared in Clay Today, 5-19-81. Along with 15 members of the shire, guests from An Crosaire (Duke Merowald, Ropesle & Guthrum) helped with the fighting demo and Cricket gave a calligraphy demo. The newspaper article stated “…the three-day event which drew and estimated 35 to 40 thousand people was termed a tremendous success” A picture of Eilah Campbell (Robin Davis) was printed.

The Sun Sentinel in the Today Section, featured the Shire of Sangre del Sol in an article entitled “Reliving the Middle Ages”

Trimaris Memorial Tourney VI
On 5-23/25-81, the Shires of Sea March and Sangre del Sol co-sponsored the Trimaris Memorial Tourney, which was held at the Everglades Youth Camp. Listed activities were the Warlord Tourney on Saturday and a Grand Melee and fighter’s clinic on Sunday. The Arts and Science fair with competitions in Brewing & Vinting, armory, cookery, jewelry making, leatherwork and Woodwork under sciences and Costume, costume accessories, needlework, weaving, calligraphy & illumination, and fine arts in the arts competition. Sunday evening was a Masked Ball with awards for the Prettiest, Most Grotesque, Most Comic, Primitive, Classical and Allegorical masks. Classes were also offered in Japanese Costume, Heraldry, Sundials, Dancing, Calligraphy, Herbology, and SCA Bookkeeping & Financial reporting. Autocrats for this event were: Lady Damara Narrissa, and Shantri as deputy; feastcrat was Lady Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills; entertainment ‘crat Lady Margid Llywelyn called Talisman; Competition autocrat Nicholai Statsvaya; and Marshals Lord Edward Worthington- Smyth and Sir Bron. The Troubadour Laureate and Poet Laureate competition was to take place during feast.
At court the following Trimarians received Award of Arms:
Elspeth MacNaughton (Blackthorne’s first)
Edward of Effingham
Canel Regenweald (called Mentor)
Nicolai Staritsyn
James the Mad Beggar
Joanna de Bocage
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Boyd O’Flame.
In the competitions: Lord Jed Silverstar became Troubadour Laureate. Cher won 1st place in cooking; Holtmar won 2nd place in woodworking; Siobhan won 1st place in Spinning and Weaving; Sean O’Neal won 1st and 3rd place in leatherwork, Cpt. Woodshaw won 2nd place in jewelry, Anne Embry won 1st place in novice costuming, Ravenna won 2nd place in novice costuming; Cedrin won 1st place in experienced costuming and Elspeth won 3rd place; Elspeth won 3rd place in calligraphy and illumination. Kawaishi received special recognition for his ceramics as there was no contest for it. Elspeth did the calligraphy on the scrolls for the winners of the Sciences and Masks competitions.
In the mask completion Elspeth won 1st, Ravenna 2nd, and Cpt Woodshaw, 3rd, in the prettiest mask contest making a clean sweep for the shire. Ara won 2nd place in Allegorical masks. Elspeth performed Scottish dancing during Saturday evening’s feast. Sir Bron and Lady Agrippina were wed at this event, Elspeth was a bridesmaid, Cpt. Woodshaw and Jean Phillippe acted as Baron Master Taliesynne’s baronial guard during the wedding ceremony.

Old Fashioned Days Demo
On 5-30-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a fighting demo at the Florida State Old Fashioned Days. They also did dancing and singing. This demo was organized by Sean Ecrivain. Linnea Sparrowhawk stated in her report “Boy are we old-fashioned!

6-4-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a local banquet revel at the El Matador Apartments clubhouse. The event was organized by Ravenna McNamara. Guests from Mathom Trove (Baron Master Taliesynne and Lord Elom) and Castlemere (Bissileous Angelicus and Darius Thorfinn) also attended. Feast was Turkey, potato soup, cabbage, a fruit plate of strawberries, apples, pears, and melons, dessert was pies and cookies. There were 30 members of Blackthorne attending.
Court was held by Baron Master Taliesynne, Elena was herald, Lord Elom, Jean Philippe & Capt. Woodshaw were guards. Master Tally gave gifts to Jean, Cpt. Woodshaw, McKnight, Ravenna, and Morgan as household members, to Lady Elspeth in celebration of her AOA, and to Ravenna for her work as event autocrat. Sean O’Neal received gifts for his contribution to the shire and on his graduation from school. Lady Elspeth took Simon Fitzwalter and Ravenna took Jacob Embry as pages. Anne Embry was named Hospitaller for the Shire. Bissileous and Darius gave Master Tally a “Jed Silverfish” puppet and honorary Byzantine citizenship.

Summer Solstice Tourney
The Shire of Southkeype held The First Annual Summer Solstice Tourney on 6-19/21-81 at the M.E. Thompson Campgrounds. Listed autocrat is Jhanara of Asengarth. This was a tenting event. There was listed a prize list, Collegium (listed classes – calligraphy, heraldry, protocol and procedure and mead making), possible court and/or curia and a sumptuous feast by Jhanara of Asengarth.

Feast of St. George
The “Feast of St. George” was autocrated by Lord Edward of Effingham and Ayesha Kamarr cooked an arabic feast on 6-6-81. Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth of Sea March, won the list.

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
6-19/21-81, the Shire of Narval Dorado’s “Midsummer’s Eve Revel” & the Trimaris Civil War was held at Withlacoochee State Forest, Horse Trails, near Brooksville. The event included a civil war between “Hydra’s Bight” and the rest of Trimaris. The first battle was won by Hydra’s Bight. The next, Wyvernwood vs the rest of Trimaris was won by Wyvernwood. The results of the third was not recorded. During court Lord Michael Kennethson stepped down as Historian for Trimaris and Elinor Morningstar became Trimaris’ Historian.
Blackthorne’s Morgana in a later letter made cryptic references to this event while she was encouraging more talented members of Trimaris using an event as the source of a poem or song or skit. She stated “the idea of only 5 fighters from the rest of Trimaris showing up to go against the Bay area’s mighty fighting machine, the fact that the ovens broke down, the quest was rained out, tents blew down during the storm (mine was one), the song that was written about Ragnar, in the fighting Hungry Jack’s running down of Ragnar and leaving a footprint on him, the food fight in the feast hall started by Yushio with everyone ending up throwing foot at him…the list goes on”

Orange Park Theater Demo
On 6-24-81 the Shire of Blackthorne did a demo/promotional appearance at the Orange Park Theater, Orange Park Mall for the move “Dragonslayer”. This demo was organized by Jean Philippe Dearveax and was attended by 9 other members of the shire.

Anniversary Revel
7-4-81 the Barony of An Crosaire “Trgh-na-Baothaire” Anniversary Revel with the folk of an Crosaire and representatives from the Shires of Blackthorne, Castlemere, Sea March, Oldenfeld and Narval Dorado.

Sirrush Mir
The Shire of Sirrush Mir held a meeting on 7-11-81 at which time officers were chosen and the Seneschal was given the keys of her office by the Chronicler. The device for the shire was voted on. July also saw a group picture of the Shire in the Daytona Beach News Journal with all but two officers present.
The listed officers of Sirrush Mir are as follows:
Seneschal – Leijka Isilinde (Beth Weilenman)
Herald – (Ken Johnson)
Knight Marshal – Timothy de Lambe (Tim Lam)
Chronicler/Historian – Itami Yamabushi (Debra Vorgias)
Mistress of Science Beatrice Montfort (Pat Rogers)

Herald’s Picnic
7-18-81 a Herald’s Picnic was sponsored by the Canton of Mathom Trove

Revel Without a Cause
The Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel entitled “Revel Without a Cause” at Rowan’s house. The entre was duck. The autocrat was Constanza della Subrosa de Firenze.

End of the World at World’s End Tourney
On 7-24/25-81, the End of the World at World’s End, including the “Quest of the Loch Deep Dragon’s Egg”, co-sponsored by the Shires of Oldenfeld and World’s End. Autocrat, Nicolai Starystin, co-autocrat Isabeau the Fool. Sitecrat Madrigal of Mu, Feastcrat Sieglinde von Truso. Essentially this was a treasure hunt featuring Lord Gregor Perdix as the wood nymph, Lord Hratin Haruthi as the Troll of Troll Gate, Lord Nicolai Starytsin as King of the Elves, and Lady Isabeau the Fool, as the tart selling tarts. Mandrigal of Mu, seneschal of World’s End, offered the use of his family’s riverfront property on the Suwanne River and has been industriously clearing surrounding woods for camping spaces, installing showers and sanitary facilities. Lady Siglenda von Truso will serve as feast autocrat and has assured that roast pig will be the main course.

7-26-81 -the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo in a public park. On 7-27-81, the Metropolitan Section of the Sun Sentinel, had an article entitled “Adidas and Armor: for Them Life Begins in 1400’s”

FSU Medieval Faire
On 8-1-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo at the Florida State University Medieval Faire for Children, in which the shire members did what they had been doing all year – fighting, dancing and singing.

On 8-13-81 In the Shire of Blackthorne, Ravena McNamara was elected new Seneschal replacing Maedhrous Carrelli. Hospitaller Anne Embray, who is moving to the Kingdom of Caid for a year, named Dainiad as her successor in that office.

Arabian Knight’s Revel
8-8-81 – the Shire of Darkwater sponsored an “Arabian Knight’s Revel” at the Christ Episcopal Church in Longwood

Marco Polo Caravans
“Marco Polo Caravans” held on 8-21/23-81, by the Shire of Oldenfeld, was autocrated by Lord Nicolai Starytsin at World’s End. This was a tenting event with the sitecrat Madrigal of Mu. Lunch was to be a boxed lunch auction to help pay for the campsite and feast was a Mongolian Barbecue. The flyer announced that the melee will consist of two teams – one team will be the caravan, carrying a caliph’s harem. The second team will be the ambushers and will attempt to waylay the caravan and steal their treasure. Rahim Kahira was the Caliph trying to protect his harem’s caravan from the bandits – The harem, led by Suzanne Renee Barineau, finally assassinated him so everyone could go swimming.

Tallahassee Junior Museum Demo
8-29-81, Fighting, singing, and dancing by the Shire of Oldenfeld members, organized by Sean Ecrivain at the Tallahassee Junior Museum. “This is when people started asking us to come and do demos rather than vice versa,” quoted Linnea Sparrowhawk in her report.

Peasant Revel
8-29-81, the Barony of An Crosaire held a “Peasant Revel” at the University of Florida Women’s Center. Suzanne Renee Barineau, of Oldenfeld, received her AOA. However, she had to leave the revel with a case of food poisoning before it was announced. Sir Tetsuo acted as proxy for HRM Beorn at the revel and Sean Ecrivain acted as proxy for Sir Tetsuo in the hospital.
Award of Arms – Suzanne Reneee Barineau

Harvest Home
9-4/7-81, the Shire of Sea March held an event called “Harvest Home”. The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian reported that Morgan merch Morgan sat at the head table as the guest of Baron Master Taliesynne who announced Morgan’s appointment as one of his Deputy Chroniclers for Trimaris, and would be responsible for the Trimaris Calendar.

J. Wayne Reitz Union Activity Day Demo
On 9-9-81, the Barony of An Crosaire participated in the Reitz Union Activity Day at the University of Florida. The events in which we took part were coordinated by Syr Merowald and included Japanese swords and sword care, embroidery, costuming, heraldry, chain mail and pavilion construction, SCA publications and demonstrations of European (i.e. SCA) and Japanese fighting (bonker tube kendo). The event was covered by both the UF Alligator and the Gainesville Sun. It was followed by a Newcomers Revel at the household of Deja Vu, which was well attended. The pot luck feast was autocrated by Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere. The results of these activities is that overnight the Barony has more than doubled in size.

Meredies Coronation
9-11/13-81, A number of people from Trimaris attended the Meredies Coronation of THR John & Heather at Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park in Cordele, GA. The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian reported that Lady Elspeth took first place in the costume competition. She sat at head table as guest of Duke Syr Merowald de Sylveastan. Baron Master Taliesynne invited Elspeth to become a contributing member of the House of Unicorne’s Keype. Morgana was taken as protégée by Baron Master Taliesynne.
Award of Arms – Eric of Ravenscold
Mandrigal of Mu
Costume competition – 1st place – Elspeth MacNaughton
2nd place – Ishidoro no Tsuji

UF Demo
9-23-81 – the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida, the historian, Cedrin, said it was the usual demo stuff, fighting, dancing, talking, chain mail demonstrations, calligraphy and anything we could think to do. Because of this our barony has increased to about 36 persons. There was a follow up revel , at Tigh na Bothaire, after the demo with everyone in attendance (except me). Cedrin announced that she had to leave the Historians office and has turned it over to Majir the Blatant and Theodosia of Aragon.

The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian, Morgan merch Morgan stated that there had been some problems in the shire and Diego, the Master of Sciences, and Elena, the Herald, had resigned from their offices and left the shire. She stated that replacements would be found as soon as possible.

Arabian Banquet
9-26-81 the Shire of Castlemere held an “Arabian Banquet and Revel” at the Red Lion Apartments Clubhouse.

Baronial Court and Revel
On the afternoon of Saturday 9-26-81 Baron Dykewald of Wyvernwood (formerly Baron Ushio Kamashita) held court at the hall of Morric Haast. After receiving reverences from the populace, the Baron addressed the assembled throng on several topics of general interest. He then formally received his Excellency Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA, newly arrived ambassador to Meridies from the Kingdom of Atlantia. Viscount Sir Bryetor will be residing in Trimaris for the indefinite future. Following the reception of the distinguished visitor to our shores, Baron Dykewald recognized Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Seneschal of Wyvernwood who summoned the baronial officers before the Baron’s high seat. She then distributed among the assembled officialdom packets of newly designed Wyvernwood letterhead stationery to be used for official business. In a subsequent ceremony, Lady Oriana formally extended the protection of her household, the House of the Hare, to the demoiselle Eileen Zalkin.
At approximately 4:00pm, a revel commenced, also on the grounds of the generous Morric Haast, a delightfully wooded tract of three acres extent. During the course of the evening there was much eating, drinking and praise of fair ladies. The repast was provided by the redoubtable Duc de pot luck, and the diverse wines, ales and cordials consumed in such great quantities were from the cellars of the same venerable nobleman. A bardic circle was held around a most cheerful fire, with much singing, tale-telling and good fellowship, together with not a little inebriation. A memorable occurrence was Morric’s rendering of his classic composition “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Vikings.” It is unfortunate that the doyen of Wyvernwood Vikingdom, Lord Ragnar Hardraada, was called home early in the evening due to an illness of his good lady. The remaining Vikings, however, managed to provide a suitable chorus of groans, hisses and impolite noises.
And now must be told the tale of the “Chaining of the Warlord”. The event came to pas thusly: early in the evening Wyvernwood’s young pursuivant, hight Bruce Zalkin, was moved to demonstrate a pair of manacles to Trimaris’ Warlord, the redoubtable H.J., Once the Warlord was chained, however, it was discovered that the key to the irons, was, alas, not present. The Warlord, in voluminous velvet garments blazoned with the golden star of his house, and wearing the circlet of his station, was driven off into the night to find a minion of the law (i.e. ye coppe) with a key to unshackle the cursed cuffs. Having run one of Tampa’s finest to earth after some difficulty, the Warlord explained the situation and was duly liberated. He returned to the revel and revealed with vigor into the small hours. And doubtless a bemused Tampa lawman had an interesting tale to tell back at headquarters. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf call’d Erich of Ravenscold, Historian.

Moore Auditorium Demo
9-26-81 the Shire of Oldenfeld did a fighting demonstration on stage at Moore Auditorium, before and between showings of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Other planned activities were drowned out by the projectionist playing loud music and a very loud laugh track.

Viking Picnic
The Shire of Southkeype invites one and all to a Viking Picnic to be held on Saturday, 10-3-81 in Miami Fl. Activities will include a demonstration of SCA Fighting, Medieval sciences, arts, and crafts. Bring your own feast, a fire it will be provided.

Michaelmas Moot
10-2/4-81 the Barony of An Crosaire initiated a ndw event, the Michaelmas Fighter Clinic. It was a two day event held at Otter Springs campground. Representatives of the Paladine Confederation and Sea March, Mathom Tove, Oldenfeld and An Crosaire attended, as did a number of newcomers. Talks were given on protocol and precedence by Lady Cher, and the rules of SCA fighting by Lord Reikin and Sir Tetsuo. There was a lot of bashing and some sideline activities, including fletching demonstrations by Lord Elom, music and costuming discussions. It concluded with a feast by Duc de Pot Luc.

St. Francis Episcopal Church Demo
On 10-3-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood held a fighter demonstration at the medieval fair for St. Francis Episcopal Church. All the participating members were in period costume and added an authentic flavor to the church fair.

Suncoast Skirmishers Demo
10-10/11-81 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a series of combat demonstrations in conjunction with the Suncoast Skirmishers Wargaming Convention at the University of South Florida, Tampa. The vent, a major gathering of Florida and out of state wargaming enthusiasts and dealers, was held in the University Center. A contingent of Wyvernwood warriors, ladies, and others of the populace erected pavilions on the green in front of the center and offered periodic combat demonstrations throughout the weekend. Between bouts, Wyvernwood’s representatives displayed and spoke on armor and weapons and little-known factors in medieval combat (i.e., demonstrating to Gamers why it is impossible to sneak up on someone while wearing plate armor). SCA participation in the Convention received coverage in the media, both on a television new broadcast and in the USF student newspaper. Not only did the SCA contingent serve an educational role, but also a great many one-to- one contacts were made between Anachronists and mundanes. Hopefully some of these contact will result in new recruits for the Society. At least the event will have promoted an enhanced understanding of what the SCA is about among a considerable number of mundanes. Wyvernwood’s participation in the event was organized by Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Seneschal of the Barony and by Dykewald, Baron of Wyvernwood. Among the fighters who were bruised for Baron and Barony were Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Lord John Urquhart, Lord Frafnir of Gascony and Baron Dykewald. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, call’d Erich of Ravenscold, historian Wyvernwood.

Moore Auditorium Demo II
10-10-81, once again the members of the Shire of Oldenfeld held a fighting demo on stage at Moore Auditorium before and between showings of “Excalibur” The projectionist played non-stop laugh tracks. When the group complained the manager said he didn’t know we would object.

Norrey College of Armorie
10-10-81, sponsored by the Canton of Mathom Trove and autocrated by Baron Master Taliesynne

Meridies Crown List
10-16/18-81, The Meridies Crown List was held at Camp Tekawitha, near Springville AL.
Award of Arms – Linnea Sparrowhawk
Ian of the Golden Fen
Order of the Velvet Owl. – Lady Asdis Shadowdottir

On 10-18-81 the Shire of Sangre del Sol did a demo at a public school fair. On 10-15-81, in the Neighbors II section of the Miami Herald, Sangre del Sol was featured in an article entitled “Days of Yore Making a Comeback”

Fantasy Fest III
“Oberon, King of the Elves and others who abide in the Dark Forest of Castlemere has ordered a Feast and Revel in honor of his people, to be hosted by the Shire of Castlemere on 10-23/25-81. The site is Camp Wil-le-ma, in Jacksonville, feast by Elvamar of the Asphodel and chief autocrat and marshal, Loraybech. There will be a rattan list, an arts and science competition, wreath games (male and female winners rule at the court) and then the Quest through the Haunted woods (baffle) to be followed by dancing and a bardic circle. The court will be an elvish court and the winners of the games will rule as mock king and queen. Ladies bring a boxed lunch to be auctioned off with the proceeded to go to the Kingdom coffers.” Autocrat, Loraybech.

Celtic New Year
10-24/25-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their “Celtic New Year” event, which was autocrated by Robert Andrew Duncan, called the Rebellious. Feastcrat was Ayesha Kamarr. A mundane juggler the shire members met at the demo at Timberlane, Don Rapp, didn’t bring his own costume but was coaxed into a loaner outfit after he gave a great exhibition of his skill.
Lord Gregor Perdix judged competitions and wrote out scrolls to Ayesha Kamarr “Best Female Costume”, Nicolai Starytsin “Best Male Costume”, the Pict (usually Nobil) “best Persona Manners” (not to be confused with courtesy), Lord Robert the Ruthless and Linnea Sparrowhawk for “Best Table Layout”

Sunshore Academy Demo
10-25-81 the Shire of Narval Dorado held a demo at Sunshore Academy.

Baronial Bash
On All-Hallow’s Eve (10-31-81) past the ninth anniversary of the founding of the ancient Barony of Wyvernwood was celebrated with a resounding revel, the legendary Baronial Bash. The event was held on the grounds of Morric Haast…Activities began at 2:30 PM with a fighter clinic, melees, and other workshops in preparation for Martinmass Moot and the Warlord List scheduled for the following weekend. A baronial court was held immediately before the revel commenced. Baron Dykeuald Cynaric of Wyvernwood formally took into his household the noted crossbow sniper Thorvald Ragnarsson to serve as page and be brought up in the ways of chivalry.
Reveling began as the sun expired in the red west, and continued to all hours and beyond. Due to the need to conserve energy for Martinmass, the feat was provided by the ever generous Duc de Pot Luc. According to count, at least 105 gentles from throughout Trimaris attended the revel. Among the notable guests were Baron Taliesynne, M.P., and his Excellency viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA, Ambassador to Meridies from the Kingdom of Atlantia. Also present was the noble Sir Bronislaus and his fair dame, the Lady Agrippina from far Sea March. The event was thoroughly enjoyable, and remarkably well attended for a celebration of primarily local significance. Lord Eric von Rabenskalt, historian Wyvernwood.

Martinmas Moot/Warlord Tourney
11-6/8-81, autocrat Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Feastcrat Sieglinda von Truso. This year’s Trimarian Martinmass Moot was held at Camp Keystone in upper Hillsborough County. The event was sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood. His Gracious Majesty King John the Bear-Killer honored Trimaris with his presence, along with a host of other peers and gentry. Among other notables present were his Grace Duke Merowald of Sylveaston, Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood, Baron Tetsuo of An Crosaire, and Baron Taliesynne.
The central event of the Moot was the Warlord List to determine by trial of battle the successor to the title of Warlord of Trimaris. After prodigious feats of arms. Lord John Urquhart, called the Shark, emerged victorious, presenting the circlet of the Warlord’s consort to his gentle lady, the fair Michelle. Placing second was the dashing Lord Frafnir of Gascony.
On the evening of the 7th, His Majesty, King John, held a royal court in Celebrin Hall. His Majesty was pleased to make awards of arms to 15 gentles of Trimaris in recognition of their outstanding services to his realm. Among those honored by his Majesty were two citizens of Wyvernwood, Morric Haast the Slightly Delayed, and Verron Surgroth, retiring Warlord of Trimaris. Unfortunately, the Historian Wyvernwood being somewhat the worse for wear (and, be it admitted, potations previously potated), was unfortunately unable to keep track of much that went on during the remainder of the Court and the following revel. He does, of course, recall the events in which he was personally involved. The most noble Sir Bronislaus, Lord Vilnius, KSCA, brought before the Court Erich von Rabenskalt, upon whom he placed the honor and duty of serving him as squire. Baron Dykewald Cynaric presented his page, Thorvald Ragnarsson, to the King formally. The Lady Oriana Goldenhair most gracefully curtseyed to his Majesty and (her gown being most attractively cut and the view spectacular) was requested by the King to do so a second time.
The most memorable event of the evening was the King’s announcement that the Region of Trimaris had been found worth to be elevated to the long-sought status of a Principality. The king was please to state his intention to honor Trimaris with his presence at a tournament to be held at Keystone on January 15-17, 1982, to choose by combat the first reigning Prince of Trimaris. the assembled beauty and chivalry of Trimaris were then honored by His Excellency, the Atlantian Ambassador, Viscount Sir Breytor Aison of Devon, with some sage words of advice on the founding of principalities. His Excellency’s counsel was, in view of his own princely background, most gratefully received.
Following conclusion of the court the feast commenced. The evening was rich with performances of all types, singing, dancing, and some very impressive entertainers indeed were to be seen. A particularly memorable occurrence was the play “Leda and the Swan” performed by Lord Jed Silverstar (as the Wizard), the gallant Lord Frafnir of Gascony (as Leda) and his grace Duke Merowald (in the stellar role of the Swan). Suffice it to say that the performance will not be soon forgotten by those who witnessed it, and that it was fully worthy of the Green Duke’s vaulted Thespianic talents. In conclusion, I may say that the revel and feast were most enjoyable, even to those of us a bit the worse for wear from the day’s activities. Unfortunately, the Historian Wyvernwood did not manage to join those adventurous souls who adjourned to the boathouse for a post-revel revel, however, he had heard reports that a lively time was had. A total of 230 gentlefolk attended the court and feast, with many other persons present for various other segments of the weekend. Most humbly submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood
The flyer for the event tells the story of Martinmas: St. Martin, the son of a Roman Military Tribune, was born in Hungary about 316 A.D. although possessing a mild disposition, he was obliged to enter military service and become a soldier. After several years of duty, he retired into solitude from whence he was withdrawn by being elected the Bishop of Tours. He was known for his great zeal and piety which he displayed in a most exemplary manner. Several legends are associated with St. Martin. The chief legend is about his kindness to a beggar. It is said that, while still a soldier, St. Martin came upon a poor, naked beggar requesting alms, and having no money, he drew his sword and cut his cloak into two pieces; giving half to the beggar so he would not perish. The next night, Christ appeared to St. Martin in the half he had given away. Christ asked if he knew it, and said to the angels that surrounded him. “Martin has given me this garment.” In remembrance of his original profession, he is frequently called the Soldier Saint. (all those wishing to be the Warlord of Trimaris, hope that St. Martin is watching over you!). Three of the traditional foods served at Martinmas are goose, beef and new wine. Goose is served for good luck. At one time, St. Martin found it necessary to hid himself and was discovered because of the honk of a silly goose. Beef is served because this was the time for the final killing of animals before winter. Cows brought to market for this reason are referred to as “Marts”. finally, new wine is served because at this time of year it has just been “put up” and hasn’t had time to ferment.
Besides the War Lord Tourney, Martinmas offered a Collegium with classes on Casting by Lord Ragnar Hardraada; History of Armor by Lord Frafnir; Mead-making by Lord Reiken; History of Lace by Lady Siobhan; and Middle East Dancing by Lady Damara.
The Trimaris Arts and Science Fair offered competition in Costume, Costume Accessories, Needlework, Weaving, Calligraphy & Illumination, and Fine Arts. In the Sciences competitions were in Cooking, Vinting, Aromatics and Perfumes, Armoring, Forged Edged Weapons, Leather Armor and Accessories, Most Eloquent Scientific Discourses, Best Medieval Invention, Best Magician and Illusionist, Best Scientific Display.
The feast was prepared by Lady Sieglinda which featured the foods associated with the celebration of St. Martin’s Day and included roast goose, Beef Burgundy, Roast Pig, and lots of new wine. A Parade of Subtleties was featured as another completion in which the shires, baronies and cantons were invited to prepare a (edible) desert symbolizing their group.
Lord Canel Regenweald, called Mentor, Poet Laureate of Trimaris and Lord Jed Silverstar, Troubadour Laureate of Trimaris conducted the Laureate contests, looking for artisans to carry the honorable chains of Trimaris. At this Martinmas, a new contest was instituted known as the “other” laureate for artisans who perform physical arts such as dancing, juggling, magic, mime, etc. and will be known as Masque Laureate. The winner of this competition and the first Masque Laureate was Lady Elspeth McNaughton
Blackthorne reported that on behalf of the Shire, Ravenna presented His Royal Majesty with an album of photographs taken during his coronation on 9-12-81. Morgana took the pictures, Lady Elspeth did the calligraphy and illumination, James O’Neal designed the covers, and Ravena donated the Parchment.
Award of Arms – Andreana de Montfort, West Isles
Phillipe de Montfort, West Isles
Kara Rowena Hawkwood, Castlemere
Verron Surgoth, Wyvernwood
Morric Haast, Wyvernwood
Narwen Malalda, South Keype
Eldred Ruelladar, Darkwater
Bissileous Angelicus, Castlemere
Constanza dela Subrosa di Firenze, Oldenfeld
Methylred, Starhaven
Dorian of the Helvetii, South Keype
Maedhrous Carrelli, Blackthorne
Jean-Claude Pierrot, Sea March
Masque Laureate – Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne (Performing)
Troubadour Laureate – Davida Estrella de la Cruz, An Crosaire (singing)
Poet Laureate – Lord Elom Eikenskjalde, An Crosaire
Winner of the Warlord Tourney – Lord John Urquehart, called the Shark, Wyvernwood
Warlady – Michelle Mayhugh, Wyvernwood
New Associates – Kirigirisu ryu Korogi “Cricket” apprenticed to Duke Syr Merowald
Guthrum of the Wastelands – squired to Duke Syr Merowald
Lord Mitsuhashi no kami Kawaishi – apprenticed to Mistress Kimineko Sakura
Lord Erich Manfried Friedrich Wilhelm von Rabenskalt un von Kampf – Squire to Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius

State Genealogical Society Demo
On Saturday, 11-14-81, a contingent of gentles from the Barony of Wyvernwood presented at the annual convention of the State Genealogical Society a program on the SCA. The Wyvernwood party consisted of Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Lord John Urqhuart, called the Shark, and Lord Erich von Rabenskalt. Lord John was arrayed most impressively in his far-famed suit of Maximilian plate, while Lord Erich bore his suite of three-quarter cuirasser armor. The gentle Lady Oriana added a touch of elegance to the martial array, being arrayed in the garb of a 14th century gentlewoman. Topics covered in the presentation were general information about the SCA, a narrative history of the development of armor in Europe, and heraldry, both SCA and historical. The presentation was very well received by the convention attendees; numerous requests were made during the socialization following the formal talk for notice of upcoming SCA events. Estimated attendance at the event was between 150 and 200 persons, genealogists from throughout the State of Florida. Lord Erich von Rabenskalt, Historian Wyvernwood.

Military Mission
On 11-15-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood sent a contingent of military advisors to the Shire of Darkwater. Consisting of many of the most fell-handed and battle-crafty of Wyvernwood’s warriors, the Wyvernwood Military Mission spent the day in training budding Darkwater fighters in the techniques and technology of Medieval combat a la SCA. Among the Wyvernwooders present were the redoubtable Lord Verron Surgroth, the gallant Lord Frafnir of Gascony, and Wyvernwood’s Knight-Marshal, Lord John Urquhart, call’d the Shark. At least nine persons comprised the Wyvernwood contingent, though unfortunately, it was not possible to ascertain the names of all who made the journey. We shall also pass over in silence the scandalous goings on that enlivened the otherwise so dull return trip from Darkwater, although I have it on good authority…. Lord Erich von Rabenskalt, OWC Historian

Leon County Fairgrounds Demo
11-21-81 the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in Market Days ’81, held at Leon County Fairgrounds. An estimated 25,000 people attended this event. The sponsors, the Tallahassee Junior Museum Guild selected 155 entertainers out of 300 applicants. Linnea said that the group felt honored to be invited. They held the standard fighting demo, singing and dancing.

11-21-81 the Shire of Sirrush Mir held “Cambermas” at the Washington Oaks State Park in Flagler County. The event flyer states “Please join us, the incipient shire of Sirrush Mir, in our celebration in honor of Camber of Cuidi, we will quest for the lost Shiral, a glowing meditation stone. Competitions include best personal badge (with blazoning) and the best tasty dessert with some regard given to presentation. Classes include astronomy by our Mistress of Science, Beatrice Montfort, and other lessons in arts and sciences taguth by tohse known in Trimaris for their works. One of the highlights of our revel will be Court by Master Taileysynne. Bonkering and melees also are on the schedule, and questors may want to have at least one bonker fighter in the group.” Autocrat, Moonsinger.

On 11-21/22-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood participated in Tampas First International Folk Festival, held a Curtis Hixon Convention Center. The Festival was sponsored by the St. petersburg International Folk Fair Society and its goal was to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The Barony put on a short skit each day, which ended in a fighter demo.

In January 1982, the Trimaris Calendar will change its name to Talewinds. Every other issue will spotlight a particular shire or barony. The Shire of West Isle will be featured in the January issue.

Oldenfeld Yule Revel
On 12-5-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld did their traditional shire farewell to students heading home for Christmas with a Yule Revel

On 12-5-81, several members of the Barony of Wyvernwood were guests at Jerry McManus’ annual Christmas party. This party is given for area writers, painters, sculptors, etc. We participated in costume, talked about the SCA and explained our individual personnas. We circulated among the other guests for an informal question and answer session about the society. At this time we also discussed the construction and use of Ragnarr’s catapult, which was on display all during the party. The catapult was dry fired several times during the day to give the guests an idea of the force behind it.

Sangre del Sol’s newsletter
On 12-6-81 Narwen Malalda issued “Ye collector’s Item – 1st titled edition” the first newsletter for Sangre that had a title, Sargassum Sentinel. For those who do not understand about our illustrious title, the sinister Sargassum is a yet-unseen menace lurking off the coast of Trimaris. It’s presence is why this shire is here, to protect the kingdom from invasion.
On 12-10-81, the shire is to participate in a car wash, at Starship Enterprises to benefit SFFS. Proceeds will be split between the shire and the society.

Mathom Trove’s Anniversary Revel
12-12-81 the Canton of Mathom Trove had a “Hospytalers of Vynecorne’s Keype Annual Revel”

Blackthorne’s Christmas Party
12-13-81 the Shire of Blackthorne had a Christmas Banquet which was autocrated by Dainiad O’Llanrhyddlad and held at her home. Activities included chess, period conversations, discussion of Christmas customs and listening to medieval Christmas music. 10 members of the Shire participated.

Starhaven’s Christmas Revel
12-19-81 the Shire of Starhaven held a Christmas Revel

Sangre del Sol’s Yule Feast and Collegium
On 12-17-81, the shire of Sangre del Sol resumes it annual Yule Feast and Collegium offering delights to the palate and intellect deemed the populace lo these many years and entertainment to rejoice the most jaded of dispositions. To be held at All Saints Episcopal Church. Autocrat Lady Glynis merch Llywelyn and Lady Elizabeth Fitz-Randolph

Wassiling Party
On 12-19-81, members of the Barony of Wyvernwood joined in a Wassailing party held in West Isles to sing at a local nursing home. A good time was had by all.

Mathom Trove’s Yule Revel
12-27-81 the Canton of Mathom Trove had a Yule Revel

At the year’s end. Lord Michael Kennethson, Kingdom of Trimaris Historian listed the historians of each group which had reported to him during the year. They were:
Barony of Wyvernwood – Lady Robin Everton, Lord Erich von Rebenskalt
Barony of An Crosaire – Lady Cedrin Etainnighian and Theodoesia
Shire of Blackthorne – Lady Morgan merch Morgan
Shire of Castlemere – Lord Alexander Shadowstalker, Collin Fitz Tripp
Shire of Darkwater – Thoedoious Icardonis, Lady Eliane Ruelladar
Canton of Mathom Trove – Tonialydd
Shire of Narval Dorado – Lord Michael Kennethson
Shire of Oldenfeld – Lady Linnea Sparrowhawk
Shire of Sangre del Sol – Silvyn MacLeish
Shire of Sirrush Mir – Yorukazekage Kohaku
Shire of South Keype – Lord Alexander Marischal, Eleanore Woodbringer
Shire of Starhaven – Lord Methyl Red
Shire of West Isles – Sheanna de la perla Tetrica

Trimaris History – 1980


Shire of Blackthorn was founded
Talewinds, Vol.1, no.7, July AS XVII (1982) (Blackthorne Issue) In January ‘80, The Shire of Blackthorn (Orange Park/Clay County) was founded with the founding Seneschal being Alexander Woodshaw. Interest in the SCA had been stimulated during the summer of 1979 through wargaming with members of the Shire of Castlemere. Because of geographic distance and sufficient local interest in a separate shire the Shire of Blackthorn was formed in Clay County in early 1980. Weekly meetings started in February. Many of our founding members are no longer with us, but those who are still involved are Lord Maedhrous Carrelli, Alexander Woodshaw (founding Seneschal), Ravenna McNamara, and the Hon. Lady Elspeth MacNaughton.
Blackthorne’s primary interest has always been medieval arts. Our most obvious skill is in costuming. While the Hon. Lady Elspeth MacNaughton is our most well known costumer, several other members have also won awards in this area. Other arts of particular interest include music, poetry, and drawing. Cooking is probably our most popular science.
Our involvement with medieval arts has resulted in a number of public appearances on behalf of the SCA. We’ve had demonstrations at Orange Park Mall, St. John’s Community College, Cecil Field Naval Air Station, the Lakeside Middle School, the Clay County Festival, and a promotional appearance for the movie “Dragonslayer.” For the past two years one of the highlights of our local activities has been an invitation from the St. Augustine Historical Society to join the entourage of their Royal Family during that cities Easter Week Festivities. St. Augustine’s Spanish Royal Family consists of those residents who can trace their ancestry back over 400 years to the original settlers of the late 1500’s. The events associated with this program include the Blessing of the Palm Ceremony and High Mass at St. Augustine Cathedral, the annual Easter Parade where we were provided with a large ship to entertain the Royal Family, city officials and their guests. Recently we’ve been involved in a slight- the videotaping of a medieval fashion show to be shown to history and literature classes at Orange Park High School. Eventually, we hope to tape shows on other aspects of medieval life.
The events we’ve sponsored have included a Pirates’ Port o Call and a Christmas Revel in the late fall of 1980 and “Baronial Banquet” with Baron Master Taliesynne in the summer of 1981, and an Arts & Sciences Festival this past February. We celebrate our anniversary on St. Val’s (February 14) along with the Barony of An Crosaire. We are currently exploring potential sites and fund-raising projects in the hope of sponsoring a major event in the not too distant future. Lady Morgana merch Morgan, Historian

St. Benet’s Feast
1-12-80, The Shire of An Crosaire held St. Benet’s Feast, which was nicknamed the “Night of Wine and Swine” According to the Historian “It was wonderful, there was an eight course feast with accompanying wines, roast suckling pig, a grande dessert of a cake, decorated with marzipan, in the shape of a Dragon’s Tail. The feast was accompanied by period music. Everyone from An Crosaire attended along with members of Mathom Trove, Narval Dorado and the University of Florida Renaissance Ensemble.

Tournament of the Winter Stars
Trimaris Calendar, Jan XIV 1980, 1-4/6-80 The Shire of Starhaven is two years old. To celebrate our anniversary (as well as Twelfth Night and Kingdom Day) we are hold the “Winter Stars Tournament” at Wickham Park. A fighting list will be held for a prize to be determined, and we hope to have a chess tourney as well. The site has an archery range open during the day, so bring your bows for a bit of live-weapons fun. There will be a Bardic circle Saturday night, and maybe even a Merchant’s Alley since we have a small pavilion that is nicely suited for such purposes. With luck, we may have some dancing, if someone brings some appropriate music. The site is a primitive, tent camping site. It is in an isolated part of the park that is wooded, but has wide, open spaces which are nicely suited for our purposes. Autocrat, Lady Clarissa of the Northern Winds.
Sea March reported that several members attended this event. Sir Bronislaus won the list and Bryce won the Chess competition.

Twelfth Night
1-80 The Shire of Southkeep held a “Twelfth Night” revel

Renaissance Guild Demo
1/80 The Shire of Southkeep assisted the Renaissance Guild of Miami with a Renaissance Faire

Anniversary Revel
1-19-80, Genteel Folke of Trimaris, the winds of West Isles beckon thee to an Anniversary feast and revel to be held at Fair Isle Hall, Dunedin Fl. A seven course feast will be served: a vegetable beef broth, beef pie, smoked fish, rice florentine, peas w/ onions, & sweet potatoes. Court will be held immediately after feast, after which there will be games, and bardic circle. Autocrat, Kevin macRiagan.

Meridies Crown List
2-1/3-80, The Shire of Oldenfeld proudly announces the occurrence of a major Society event The Meridies Winter Crown List, to be held at O’Leno State Park. The event will consist of the standard SCA list. “The Lands Be Cold”, But be warned gentle folk of Meridies, that the Dark Lord Demon of Winter possesses the enchanted wood of O’Leno in his icy grasp. Tales have been told of a mysterious sword of Truth and Virtue sheathed in a rock of ice forever. If the Chosen Crown Prince be pure of heart and noble in deeds, he will be charged with seeking out this magical sword and confront the Dark Lord Demon of Winter in combat.
Competitions being held at the Winter Crown List will include: The Best Lady’s Favor, to be judged by His Majesty, the King; The Most Courtly Compliment, made by a gentleman to a lady, to be judged by Her Majesty, the Queen; a General Entertainment Competition, so rehearse those stories, songs and dances; and a Sciences Competition to determine the most authentic list legal weapon.
During the Saturday evening feast, gentles will be afforded the opportunity to partake of a chance, a raffle if you will. The prize will be on display and all proceeds from “Ve Chance” will be forwarded to the Kingdom. Autocrats Robert the Ruthless & Lennea Sparrowhawk.
An Crosaire reported that 15 members attended this event. Sea March – Reported that 13 members attended this event. Edward Worthington-Smyth received his Award of Arms and also won the Most Courtly Compliment contest. Lady Damara and Lord Worthington-Smyth entered the entertainment contest with a selection of medieval dances. Lady Damara entertained at feast with a tray dance. Caroline merch Elwyn entered the favor contest. Lord Worthington-Smyth taught dancing that evening.

GenCon South Demo
2/80, The Shire of Castlemere held a demo at GenCon South with a mini-tourney

Horizon School Demo
The Barony of Wyvernwood’s Historian, Robin Everton, reported that the Barony participated with the Horizon School, a private elementary school in North Tampa to augment their section on the study of Medieval History. This demo was throughout the month of February and was organized by Raura Goldring, who in the mundane world was a teacher at the Horizon School.

Sein’ta Barentain Dei Masakura
2-23/24-80, The Shire of An Crosaire held “Sein’ta Barentain Dei Masakura” which was St. Valentine’s Massacre in Japanese. This event was held at Otter Springs Campground and was tent camping only. Since this years theme is 17th century Japanese culture, we request that you come Japanese or as a European visitor (it is the time that the Portuguese, Dutch and English began to arrive in Japan).Classes include: Japanese Etiquette, Lacquering, Japanese Costuming, Sushi cooking, and How to pronounce Japanese names. The list was to be with Katana, Naginata and Sword & Shield.
Autocrats were Holtmar of Stonedown & Cher de Bellevue
Everything was very Nippon including the court and the campsite. People from An Crosaire attended along with representative folk from Sea March, Wyvernwood, West Isles, Narval Dorado, Oldenfeld, Starhaven, and Mathom Trove attended this event.
Classes were taught in Japanese Etiquette (Seamus and Cedrin) Japanese Costuming (Mistress Kimi), Sushi Cooking (Sir Tetsuo), Japanese Names (Cedrin) Japanese Lacquering (Bamchut) and Kite Flying (Knikolos).

On 2-23-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo and mini-tourney as part of a membership drive. 13 members participated.

Sangre del Sol
March Art/Sci report Our Yule Feast was a qualified success. We came out even – or at least not very in the hole. Talisman was our chief cook, with myself and Johanna assisting. Considering the size of the kitchen (2 x 2) and a most intrusive body we did well. We served 35, including 5 members of Sangre del Sol (at that time 5/6 of our membership). Two weeks ago Talisman, Sir Koppel and I went to a school to introduce the Society. The students expected to attend the Renaissance Fair at Vizcaya next weekend. The student were very interested in fighting and costume. The students were all six graders. Elizabeth FitzRandolph reporting
Membership of Sangre del Sol:
Sir Koppel
Margaret Gemignani
Elizabeth the Ballad Singer
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Kohanna de Bocage
3-7-80 The Shire of Blackthorn held their first revel at the Hall of Roses

Renaissance Faire
3-8/9-80, the Florida Renaissance Guild, in association with historical Vizcaya, a Dade County Art Museum and the City of Miami welcomes you to the 2nd Annual Ye Olde Renaissance Faire.

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
3-15-80, The Shire of Oldenfeld held their Anniversary Revel

Springtime Demo
3/80 – The Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo “Springtime” in Tallahassee

Raa High School Demo
3/80 – The Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo “Medieval Days” at Raa High School

Renaissance Faire and Feast
3/80 – The Shire of Castlemere held a Renaissance Faire and Feast in St. Augustine. There was a demonstration of crafts, arts and arms for three area schools.

Ybor Square Demo
3-22-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at Ybor Square to publicize the Largo Ren. Faire

Largo Renaissance Faire
3-23 to 4-27-80, Wyvernwood and other Trimarian groups assisted in the Largo Renaissance Faire. This project was well attended by the populous. Wyvernwood ran a booth and sold a variety of wares. Lord John Urquart, Darby MacDonald, and the Baron combined talent to construct a trebuchet (medieval siege weapon) to the delight of the barony, the populace, the fair people and the visitors.

3-27-80, The Shire of An Crosaire held “Revel for a Wayward Herald” to honor the herald Dafydd Dragonstar.

Belvedere Elementary School Demo
On 4-1-79 Lady Damara and Caroline merch Elwyn, of The Shire of Sea March, did a program for the sixth grade class at Belvedere Elementary School. A small item on this appeared in the Palm Beach School Board’s weekly newsletter which stated “Middle Ages Demonstration. Medieval family life, customs, crafts and amusements were demonstrated for Belvedere sixth grade students in conjunction with their Social Studies unit on the Middle Ages recently. Carolyn Meyers (Lady Carolyn) and Diane Field (Lady Damara) came dressed in court costumes, gave a talk and demonstrated the use of sword, shield, needlepoint and musical instruments of the 15th century. Instructional Aide Roberta Linares, costumed as a Squire, danced with Lady Damara to authentic medieval music, followed by a question and answer session.

Lightner Museum Demo
4-9-80, The Shire of Blackthorn held a demo at Lightner Museum in St. Augustine. This event was written up in the St. Augustine Record, 4-16-80, p. 4 & 5 (B)

Sea March Dinner
The men of Sea March entertained the Ladies with a dinner at Alistair the Wanderer’s home on 4-14- 79. The men did all the cooking, serving and clean up while the ladies relaxed and enjoyed the evening.

On 4-19-80, The Shire of An Crosaire held a demo at the Gainesville Chapter of MS Society. A fashion show was held interspersed with a Show-and-tell of the crafts of the group. Seamus, Elspeth Jean, Sir Tetsuo, Mistress Kimi, Cher, Siobhan, Holtmar, Ara, Hollin, Shelli, Yari and Meredith attended.

Mead Rally and Revel
4-19-80, Sangre del Sol held “Mead Rally and Revel” at Talisman’s house in Boca Raton.

Highland Games
4-12-80, Castlemere co-sponsored “Highland Games”, held at Jacksonville University with the Mensa Club. Blackthorn members attended.

Holy Relic of An Crosaire Revel
4-26-80, as in the flyer “Clan Alexander and the Barony of Wyvernwood are proud to announce a pilgrimage to Alexander Keype in the Honor of the Holy Relic of An Crosaire. The relic is a little known and powerful relic, cures melancholia and impotence.” Pilgrimage badges will be awarded to all who complete the pilgrimage. Autocrat for this event was Lady Sieglinde von Truso

4-28-80, WJCT (PBS) Channel 7 showed a news program featuring the SCA Shires of Castlemere and Blackthorn. For Blackthorn, Diego was interviewed and Diego and Maedhrous fought a duel over Elspeth and Francesca.

AS XV (1980-1981)

The Shire of South Keype listed their roster of officers:
Seneschal _ Alexander Mareschal (Marc Shapiro)
Herald – Narwen Malalda (Lisa M Winters)
Master of Arts/Science – Dorian (Rocco R. Doria)
Historian/Chronicler – Lyonna Marie of Wildwind (D.M. Tripp)
Chirurgeon – Jahnara of Asengarth (Barbara Clipper)
Reeve – Merlyn-Thar-Aelintaur (Margaret Anlage)
Deputy Reeve – Peter of Corimel (Joe Kimbro)
Marshal – Ananda Gaudior (Belinda Morris)

5-2-80 a large article with several photos on the front page of Clay Today, the article featured the history of the SCA and general information on the Shire of Blackthorne.

Museum of Arts & Sciences Demo
5-2/4-80 The Shires of Castlemere and Blackthorn participated in the Medieval Faire at Jacksonville Museum of Arts and Sciences. There was fighting, arts and crafts display. Channel 7 filmed a portion. Diego won “most authentic costume” completion and Elspeth won “best costume in show”

May Day Feast and Revel
The Shire of Sea March held their “First Collegium and May Day Feast and Revel” on 5-3-80 which was held at the Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in West Palm Beach. A number of classes were listed which included Medieval Beekeeping with Henry Ford, Mead making with Lord Reikin, Papermaking with the Beast of Sea March, Brass Rubbing and Monumental Brasses of Europe with Natasha Lawrence, Medieval dancing with Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth, Basic card weaving with Bryce, Blackwork Embroidery with Caroline merch Elwyn, pattern making with Lady Damara, and Protocol and Precedence with Baron Master Taliesynne. Autocrats for this event were Alistair the Wanderer, Feastcrat – Caroline merch Elwyn, Entertainment – Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth, Collegium – Lord Reikin ap Wald.
The head table was escorted to their seats by the two squires to the accompaniment of bag pipes. bowls of water were brought for the guests to wash their hands and the feast began. The main dish of each course was followed by an illusion dish. Entertainment interspersed the food. The enjoyment of those in attendance did not seem to be hurt by the continuous begging of James the Mad Beggar (who said later that he could have done with less bread and more meat and wine). Lord “Hyphen” and Alistair the Wanderer had a disagreement which they declared would not be settled without combat, so they had their steeds brought into the hall and battle was enjoined. Alistair did a masterly job of dying and the noble steeds were lead from the hall. The noble steeds were children’s tricycles. There were 72 persons in attendance.

Ludi Florales
5-3-80, held by the Gens Comitum Penes Draconem, hosted by the Shire of Narval Dorado. The event was held to promote the Roman Ideal in the SCA. The event included a chariot race sponsored by Lord Artorius and an Olympic Pentathlon sponsored by Lord Michael Kennethson.

May Fair Demo
5/80 – The Shire of Oldenfeld held a “May Fair” at Tallahassee Industrial Park

Mensa Club Demo
On 5-10-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood’s Singers held a demo “Singing for Our Supper” for the Mensa Club, as their entertainment at their luncheon. Oriana Goldenhair organized the demo which was the second time the singers were invited to perform.

Trimaris Memorial Tourney V
5-24/26-80, The Shire of Castlemere sponsored the Trimaris Memorial Tourney “V”, at Goldhead State Park. 8 members of Blackthorne attended the event.
Sea March reported – 10 members attended TMT; Alys de Mer won the Poet Laureate contest, Lord Reikin won first and second in brewing and was runner up in the War Lord Tourney. Jennifer won a special poetry contest on the subject of the Children’s Crusade. An Crosaire reported – 19 members attended, the first event for new member Tsuji. Seamus won the list and became the next War Lord of Trimaris, Cedrin received her Award of Arms. Seamus and Elspeth Jean were married. Cher and Siobhan received their colored-in arms.

Midsummers Eve Revel and Barbarian Bash
On 6-18/20-80, The Shire of Narval Dorado held their 3rd Anniversary event, “Midsummer’s Eve Revel and Barbarian Bash.” This was the first time it was for the entire weekend. The event was a period one, the period being the “Migration Era” of northern Europe. The period was indicated by the feast and list. Other list was based loosely on the Viking ‘Holmganga”. The original Holmagagna was a style of personal dueling. The changes made to make it safe for the SCA list included no shield beards, a single shield, in the use of double elimination. Sir Bronislaus Lord Vilnius and Lord John Shark helped marshal the list. The list was won by Duke Sir Merowald. The feast was autocrated by Madragle of Mu.

Roman Revel
6-27-80, The Shire of Castlemere held a “Lady Boadiccea’s Roman Revel”. Elspeth won “best costume” for her priestess of Isis outfit.

Second Annual Sargassum Defense
6/80 – The Shire of Southkeep held the “Second Annual Sargassum Defense”

7-4-80, The Canton of Mathom Trove held a demo, program of medieval songs in Palatka

4th of July Parade
7-4-80, The Shires of Castlemere and Blackthorne participated in Jacksonville’s 4th of July parade

Tigh-na-Baothaire Anniversary Revel
On 7-5-80 the household of Tigh-na-Baothaire, in The Shire of An Crosaire, held their Anniversary Revel. Elom and Ara were initiated into the household. The primary activities at the revel were dancing, singing, eating and talking. 19 members attended.

Peasants Revel
7/80 – The Shire of Oldenfeld held a “Peasant Revel”

Building of the Bastille Revel
was held 7-12-80 by the Barony of Wyvernwood. The revel was autocrated by Lord Frafnir and was attended by 23 Wyvernwooders.

Public Library Demo
On 7-14-80 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at the Public Library which was organized by Baron Yushio

Herald’s Picnic
The Canton of Mathom Trove sponsored a Herald’s Picnic on 7-19-80 with business meetings alternating with dance classes.

Sea March reports that there have been some changes in officers since the founding of the shire. The slate of officers as of this date are:
Seneschal – Lord Reikin ap Wald
Knights’ Marshal – Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth
Arts Officer – Alys de Mer
(Lady Damara was to become regional arts officer in August 1980)
Science Officer – Bryce
Herald – Walter
Historian – Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills
Exchequer- Lady Damara and Caroline merch Elwyn
Hospitaller – Aislinn Ard-an Teine
Caroline also reported the names of the shire members at that time: Elaine Ashby, Tom Felt, Lady Damara Narrissa, Lord Riekin ap Wald, Maremus, Alys de la Mer, Aislinn Ard-an Teine, Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills, Trudy Seavey, Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth, Iona, Alistair the Wanderer, Bryce, Sir Bronislaus Lord Vilnius, Jennifer, Walter, James the Mad Beggar, Mike Johnson, Greg Sawb, Geslain, Meridith of Nidum, Wedon Reikinson, and two small children belonging to Walter and Jennifer
Caroline also mentioned that the Shire of Sea March has established a library for its members which contains about 125 books at present. A list of rules for library use has been drawn up and members will be able to start borrowing in a few weeks.

Summer Stars
8/80, Starhaven held their event “Summer Stars”

Hell Tourney
On 8-16/17-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood held a tourney, autocrated by Lord Corineas Kilwitch,(no other information was available)

Tourney of Eastern Delights
8-29/9-1-80 The Shire of Sea March held “Tourney of Eastern Delights”, the combat consisted of a two man team, double elimination, held within a 30 ft circle. The prize was a matched set of daggers, which was won by Lord Seamus of An Crosaire. Feast was advertised as “delight in the foods and entertainment of the East, where Crusaders met Saracens” and was prepared by Lady Damara Narissa and Aslinn Ard-in-Tien. There were prizes for the best Crusader attire, won by Christian of Sea March and the best Saracen attire, won by Eldredge of Darkwater, Cedrin of An Crosaire won the Women’s Saracen Costume contest. The prizes were a bolt of material each. Saturday’s events were held at the Church of the Holy Spirit and on Sunday there was to be fighter training, Collegium classes and a trip to the Morikami Museum. Members of Sangre del Sol, Sea March, An Crosaire, Darkwater and Starhaven attended. James the Mad Beggar asked Baron Tetsuo for the hand of Geslaine in marriage.

Arts and Science Fair
9-5/7-80 The Shire of An Crosaire reported that Cedrin won 1st place in Oriental Costuming and pre-1100 costuming; Hollin won 1st place in Drawing and 2nd place in Illumination; Kawaishi won 1st place in Woodworking and 2nd place in Accessories; and Siobhan won 2nd place in general needlework.

Pirates Feast
9/80 The Shire of Castlemere held an in-shire party with outside invitations at Ft. George, Little Talbot Island.

Anniversary Revel
9-17-80, The Canton of Mathom Trove held an Anniversary Revel

10-8-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood held a demo at the University of South Florida, organized by Oriana Goldenhair

Fantasy Feast
Castlemere held “Fantasy Feast” at Alexander Springs in October ’80. They listed a moderate turnout. Castlemere historian also reported that just before this event Baron Tally came out and spoke with them about the shire and SCA protocol. He also gave advice on sundry problems.

Masked Ball and Revel
The Shire of Oldenfeld held this event on 10-25-80, at Ruge Hall in Tallahassee. Approximately 30 people attended and guests were approx. 6 mundane wargamers. Jerry Kimbro, who was one of the gamers, won the game of Plague, and he wasn’t playing. No autocrat was listed and feast was Duc d’ potluck.

Pirates Port o’ Call
10-25-80 “Pirates Port o’ Call” was the major event hosted by The Shire of Blackthorne this year. The event was autocrated by Diego Alvares and was attended by groups of An Crosaire, Mathom Trove, Wyvernwood, Castlemere and Sea March

Artists Alliance Demo
10-31-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood had a demo for the Artists Alliance, singing organized by Oriana Goldenhair with 9 singers attending.

Baronial Bash
11-1-80, The Barony of Wyvernwood held their annual Anniversary Baronial Bash at the home of Ragnar the Ruthless and was attended by 52 society members attended from all over the region. The event was autocrated by Mary Buckley and Feastcrat ed by Lady Sieglinde von Truso. Feast featured Ham and cherries and a blanc mange painted in Corinea Kilwitch’s colors. Corineas won the archery contest. Morric Haast sang “Lord John”, Aliar the Delectable belly danced, Oriana Goldenhair, Lady Kathea and Morric Haast performed “A Drinking Song”. At Baronial Court the Wyvern’s Claw was given to John Urquirt and tokens of appreciation were given to Oriana Goldenhair, Sieglinde von Truso and Mary Buckley.

Martinmas Moot
11-8/10-80, Martinmas Moot was held at Otter Springs Campground. Sir Merowald won the War Lord title and Hollin became Warlady. The Shire of An Crosaire’s historian Cedrin reported that many things occurred at this event, the atmosphere was good, the feast was good, the list was interesting, and the King and Queen graced us with their presence, the UF Renaissance Ensemble played period music and there was joyous revelry. The Shire of Blackthorne won the Field of Cloth of Gold Award for its excellence in tent/site decoration. Elspeth MacNaughton tied for Paramount of Trimaris for costuming, Holtmar won first and second place for woodworking, Gunther won first place in calligraphy and Jannelle won 2nd place in weaving.
At court Holtmar and Hollin were given their AOA’s. Hollin became apprenticed to Sir Merowald, and Holtmar became apprenticed to Mistress Kimi. Siobhan and Cher were given the Order of the Cross and Serpent; Master Tally, Cedrin, Elspeth-Jean, Seamus, Cher, Siobhan, Holtmar and Hollin were inducted into the An Crosaire baronial service award of the Serpent’s Torque. Hollin became Seneschal of An Crosaire, as Siobhan gave it up to become Seneschal of Trimaris. Besides 25 members of An Crosaire reported attending, 10 members of Blackthorne were also listed as attending.
Poet Laureate – Elaine of Valoria
Troubadour Laureate – Warjna

Florida Junior College Demo
11-22-80, The Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Florida Junior College which consisted of combat, arts and crafts earlier in the month. The college requested that the group participate in their Fall Festival, which the group did. They had quite an enthusiastic turn out and received many inquiries about joining the group from the students. After the demo, on 11-29-80 a New Members party was held at Uriah & Cyn Lightfoot’s home with many in attendance.

11-22-80, A non-SCA demo was held at the Florida State Museum by members of An Crosaire. Siobhan lectured on different types of Kimono through history, dying techniques and patchwork style kimono making. Assisted in part by Cher, Cedrin, Jane and Elspeth-Jean with exhibits donated by Mistress Kimin, Cedrin and Seamus. The tea ceremony was explained and performed by Seamus, Siobhan acting as guest.

Fiesta del Sol Brillante
12-13-80, The Shire of Sangre del Sol held their annual Yule Feast Collegium with a Spanish renaissance flair. The event was autocrated by Sir Koppel fun Baurieux, Talisman and Elizabeth FitzRandolph. Feast was all Spanish dishes. The List was “Guardian of the Sun” double elimination list with Edward Worthington-Smythe victor and was awarded with a banner.

Oldenfeld Yule Revel
On 12-13-80 The Shire of Oldenfeld’s held their Yule Revel at Ruge Hall. The feature of the event was a Cook’s Guild Master’s Feast prepared by Nicolai Staritysin. The feast was 16th century Russian Cuisine. Listed autocrat Katherine Gildenvox de Firenze. She and Guy Darkestarre were wed at the event. Participants came from outside the shire as well for a total attendance of around 40 persons.

Oak Mood Revel
12-20-80, The Canton of Mathom Trove held “Oak Mood Revel”

Wyvernwood Yuletide Revel
On 12-27-80, the Yuletide Revel was autocrated by Oriana Goldenhair and Keating Floyd. 40 people from all over the region attended. Special events included crowning of the King and Queen of Misrule who were Sir Bronislaus and Stephanie of Wyvernwood and the Tournament of Fools to select the loyal subject of the King and Queen. Feast was Duc de potluck with the Barony providing the meat, and Kevin MacCreagan made wassail.

12/80 – The Shire of Southkeep held a demo at the Ancient Spanish Monastery of Miami
Domesday Reports
From Lay Siobhan ni Filidheacht, Seneschal Trimaris to Lady Antonia de Castilla, 12-8-80
Exchequer: Lady Katherine Morgan Dudley has resigned due to mundane considerations and was replaced by Lady Jirel ni Cahil, who has accounting experience.
Marshallate: Trimaris can field 30 fully equipped, experienced fighters and has 39 more new fighters in training. Trimaris has 5 Knights and 5 squires at last count, in addition to those 20 other experienced fighters.
Chirurgeonate: Al-Malik Al-Adin is the Chirurgeon. There has never been a medical problem at a Trimarian event that has not been covered by a competent medical person, certified chirurgeon or not.
Herald: The approved devices per capita in Trimaris is within one percentage point of the devices approved per capita in the rest of Meridies.
Arts: Lady Damara Narissa has been MoA in two different groups, Axemoor and Sea March, with a combined service time of approximately two years. She has more than proven her ability to be an effective arts officer.

Domesday Report for Narval Dorado, Lord Michael Kennethson stated “The year of Grace 1980, has been one of change and growth. People have been gained and lost and the offices have been dynamic. Mistress Enriqueta, the first Seneschal of the shire stepped down from her office. Lady Jiril ni Cahil has taken the post. Mentor now serves as Herald, Mary is now the Sergeant-at-Arms and Elinor Morningstar is now Assistant Historian. The last event of the year was the Christmas Revel. This year it was held in a local hall and the food was provided by the members of the group. There was much merriment.

Domesday Report for Sangre del Sol, Silvyn MacLeish stated that only two of the founding members of Sangre were still with the group, Sir Koppel fun Baurieux and Margareithe del San Gimignano. This is the list of members: Keann McNessa, Margareithe del San Gimignano, Sir Koppel fun Baurieux, Joanna de Bocage, Elizabeth Fitzrandolph, Margid Llywelyn called Talisman, Naratarinya, Silvyn MacLeish, Von Roland the Ruthless, Lorenz von der Schwartzenwald, Ariel, and Kim Il-han.

Trimaris History – 1979


Tourney of the Chalice
The Barony of Wyvernwood
reported by Morric Haast, MoS Wyvernwood in his report to Nicolai Staritsvaya, Dep. MoS Meridies for Trimaris.
The group’s main thrust for early January was aimed towards our Tourney of the Chalice, our first major weekend event since Baronial Bash in AS XIII. As those who attended can testify, it was a complete success. Of scientific interest, the Tourney’s feast was an excellent example of cooking in the society, particularly when dealing with such numbers to be served. Also, our refurbished trebuchet made further evidence of our group’s activities. Individual work was also much in sight, the first fruits of our renaissance visible to the rest of the populace – most prominent of these projects were those of Ld. Ragnar Hadrada (his crossbow, live weapons, ca 1200 folding chair, and awning) Sir Bruno von der Eiche, and his wife Lady Katea von Linse (their tent, personal accessories, and sundry products of 10 years expertise in the SCA) Lastly, and through publicity is rarely of a scientific nature (alas), it serves to note that P.M. Magazine’s video documentary put a great deal of emphasis upon both the arts & sciences in the society, pointing out the trebuchet and Ld. Ragnar’s chain mail as examples. A subsequent newspaper article on Ld. Ragnar focusing almost entirely upon his handcrafting and philosophy of “scrounging” materials whenever possible.

Shire of West Isles (Clearwater/Largo) founded
1-6-79 Shire of West Isles (Clearwater/Largo) founded The members of Narval Dorado in the Clearwater and Dunidin area broke away and formed their own shire.

An Crosaire’s Twelfth Night Revel
On 1-6-79 the Twelfth Night Revel was sponsored by the members of Tigh na Baothaire and held at their abode. The shire attended enforce with Sir Bronislous Lord Vilnius, Augustine and Augustine’s lady from Wyvernwoode attending. The feast was duc de pot luck with all contributing and entertainment was provided by two unlikely belly dancers (Kriemhilde von Habichtslager and Cedrin Etainnighean) and a rather sodden Bardic Circle. Gifts were exchanged. The whole group then departed to the hospital in full garb to entertain a shire member who was there for a bone graft operation. The shire unanimously voted to petition for baronial status and unanimously chose to nominate Sir Tetsuo and mistress Kimineko as Baron and Baroness.

Southkeep’s Twelfth Night Revel
In January, 1979 Southkeep held a 12th Night Revel

Twelfth Nigh Revel
1-6-79 the Twelfth Night Revel was autocrated by Hunter’s Glade and featured guests were the Adventurers Club. The Historian of Narval Dorado wrote “Although there was quite a bit of mundanity, it was a success, the Adventurers Club enjoyed themselves.” Lady Warji na was awarded her Laurel at this event.

Starhaven Anniversary Revel
1-10-79 The gentlefolke of Trimaris are invited to join in the celebration of the rekindling fire of Starhaven’s comet. A pot-luck feast will be held at the Melbourne Recreation Department’s Adult Building. We hope to have a roast goose, but other meats as well as side dishes and desserts are welcome. Kitchen facilities are available. Spiced cider will be available in quantity, along with such other mild beverages as ye may contrive. There will be a Bardic Circle. Autocrats Elizabeth andAlan DuGoff
The Canton of Mathom Trove (Palatka) was founded

In February, 1979, the Canton Of Mathom Trove (Palatka) was founded
Talewinds vol.2, no.6, June AS XVIII The history of Mathom Trove actually goes back many years, even before the Current Middle Ages. The lands known to us today as Vynicorn’s Keype and Hospyce were settled and established by Taliesynne Nycheymwrh more than twenty years ago. For a long time the lands lay uninhabited while Taliesynne traveled the Knowne World finding notoriety and acclaim.
Meanwhile, Knikolos Major, a native of the St. Johns River Valley, was studying Heraldry with Lord Dafydd Seren yr Draig in An Crosaire. Knikolos introduced his friends Elom Eikinskjalde and Ara Arisdottir to the good folke of An Crosaire and the ways of the C.M.A. In August of AS XIII, Knikolos returned from his travels to Major Manor. Along with Elom and Ara the incipient canton was founded with Knikolos as the first Seneschal. The canton consisted of all the lands of the St. John’s River Basin – north to Blackthorne, south to Sirrush Mir, west to An Crosaire, and east to the sea.
At Yuletide of the same year, Taliesynne, now a Master of the Pelican and Founding Baron Wyvernwood, returned to the Keype to re-establish his holdings and informed the novice canton that they were living nearly on the very lands of Vynicorne’s Keype. He then guided the canton in its formation in the role of its first Herald. The name Mathom Trove was chosen, meaning “Place of Earthly Treasures.” The Arms, Badge and Flag were submitted and passed.
By this time An Crosaire had become large and a Barony was to be formed. Sir Tetsuo and Mistress Kimineko were crowned Baron and Baroness An Crosaire at Mathom Trove’s first event in April AS XIII, held at the Keype. Also at that event, Knikolos received an Award of Arms and became Protégée to Master Tally. After a time Tonialydd joined Mathom Trove and became its second Seneschal. Knikolos left to travel the Known World. Mathom Trove had attained some reputation as a place of learning and good revelry. In the years XV and XVI this reputation was bolstered greatly by Master Tally’s founding of the Norrey Academie of Armorie for the study of Heraldry and by many events and revels. During this time the population was increased by Diego Francisco Alvarez and Robin Foxxe of Cantshire, both students of Theatrical Arts, and Moira Branwyn, an Irish lass adept in the study of metaphysics phenomena.
At Yuletide of XVI, the Seneschalit had passed to Diego, Lord Knikolos had returned and a revel was planned to celebrate the prosperity of the canton. The feast was autocrated by Moira and decorations of the season were provided by Gafyn Meridudd, a gentle well learned in flora and horticulture. Original plans called for 25-30 guests. In fact, 87 good gentles were welcomed that night.
Spring of XVI brought with it an Award of Arms for Diego, the Seneschalit to Moira, and Dorcas Leslie, the Widow, from the West back to her native home. The Anniversary of Mathom Trove was transformed into the St. George Faire. This event is meant as a re-creation of earlier times. We find it fun to dress in the garb of the 1350’s and live as those of Ancient Days. Perhaps someday there will be interest among the people to re-create many earlier times. Maybe there will be a Society to Create these Anachronisms!

Feast of the Imbolic
On 2-3-79 the Household of Isle Moonborn presented the Feast of the Imbolic at the Sanford Chamber of Commerce in Sanford, FL. This was the first event given by the Household and was in celebration of the Celtic Goddess Brigit. “If fair weather prevails, folke will gather Saturday Feb. 3, commencing at noon in the park near the feast hall. Feast is indoors and begins at 7 pm. Competitions held for Most Tasty Dessert, Lord or Lady of Misrule (before the feast) and an entertainment contest for tale telling and reciting and musical talents. Elvish music discs of appropriate music welcomed, as are candles and banners. Autocrat Lady Amarath Jean.
(Historian’s report, by Michael Kennethson) There were 21 people at the event, 14 guests, 7 autocrats. There was varied entertainments. There was a lord of misrule contest, won by one from Darkwater. There were two games of Plaque and two cloven apples. The entertainment and Most Tasty Dessert contests were not known to have been held. It shall be noted that the Plastic Turkey and Bucolic Buzzard were not in evidence.

2-4-79 the St. Petersburg Times featured An Crosaire in an article entitled “They create New Versions of an Old World” and interviewed Lord Seamus McCryu McHoo (Elmar Schmeisser).

Gasparilla Festival
2-9/10-79 Wyvernwood participated in the Gasparilla Festival sponsored by the Tampa Downtown Development Authority. On 2-9-79 Franklin Street Mall sponsored the first Gasparilla Street festival and Masquerade Ball. The ball featured a live dance band, a costume competition and the coronation of a Street King and Queen. On Saturday, the Gasparilla parade was held ending that evening in a street dance.

St. Valentines Massacre
On 2-9/11-79 the massacre once again took place. Listed in attendance were Yushio, Frafnir, Najib, Keana, Janna, Lady Caroline, Corineous, Dlot, Agustine, Katherine, and Sir Bronislaus from Wyvernwood; Master Taliesynne, Steven, Elam and Ara and Knikolos from Mathom Trove; John of Lithia from Hunter’s Glade; Bisselieaus, Jarl and Boadicae from Castlemere; Aelfryth from West Isles; Dhimetria, Dolanar and Strider from Starhaven; Mistress Varina, Jannara and Bamchut from Narval Dorado; Iaroslav from White Buck Forest; Duncan, Sir Francios and Elham from Draconia; Mirokyu and Glynnys from Darkwater; Lady Armide and Brent of House Chimera; Holtmar, Catherine, Sir Tetsuo, Lady Kimineko, Lord Seamus, Kriemhilde, Cedrin, Siobhan and Cher from An Crosaire.
Caroline was presented with an Award of Arms, Lady Kimi was presented with the Order of the Laurel; Jed was presented with an Award of Arms; and Seamus was invited to join Mistress Varina’s household. Sir Francois won the list and Lady Caroline was crowned the new Baroness of Wyvernwood.

West Isle Anniversary Revel
2-16-79 West Isles held their First Anniversary Revel

2-17-79 Castlemere held a demo at GenCon South Wargamers Convention, they put on a fighting and costuming exhibit.

Ring Tourney
2-24-79 The Shire of Oldenfeld’s flyer for the Ring Tourney states “From 1823, and for well over sixty years (interrupted only by the War Between the States) the Ring Tourney was an annual event in Tallahassee, held on George Washington’s Birthday. In honor of our spiritual forebears, the Shire of Oldenfeld is now renewing the tradition of the tourney.”
listed autocrats were Lord Hrafen Haruthi and Aethelthryth of Acleah and took place on the Florida State University campus, the list on Landis Green and the revel at Ruge Hall Episcopal Student Canter. The Collegium listed classes in Musical composition, medieval military history, and SCA Latin.

Ringling Medieval Faire
3-3/4-79. Narval Dorado participated in the Ringling Museum Medieval Faire. The fair has been a yearly event put on by New College campus of the University of South Florida and the Ringling Fair. This year there has been major cooperation between the Fair and the SCA. Lady Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora was the person in charge of the SCA involvement. This year the SCA was listed as performers on the program. The SCA did perform and demonstrate. Wyvernwood brought their trebuchet, Southkeype presented a play, Narval Dorado brought a display. SCA fighters put on a fighting demonstration and provided color for a fight scene from Shakespear. Everyone took part in the processions. Lord Artorius provided two new pavilions which he built which proved most useful during the rains. According to Lady Enriqueta Ringling sent a check for $100 which was divided between Trimaris, Wyvernwood, Southkeype and Narval Dorado.

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
3-17-79, The Shire of Oldenfeld held their Anniversary Revel

In April. 1979 The Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Gun and Arm Show

Egg Hunt
On 4-15-79, An Crosaire held an egg hunt at Tigh-na-Baothaire. Cedrin stated that it is hard hiding eggs in tress if you are only 5’2 and they are 6’2, but we managed and we hunted and ate, drake and talked. Then it was decided that we need to learn how to dance. An impromptu dance class was held in the driveway to which we formed a tentative idea of teaching dancing at events.

Mead Rally and Revel
The First Annual Sangre del Sol Mead Rally and Revel was held at Talisman’s house in Boca Raton on 4-19-79.

Ren Fair Demo
In April, 1979 The Shire of Southkeep performed a medieval play “Adam and Eve” at the Sarasota Renaissance Faire

4-19-79, West Isles/Wyvernwood/Narval Dorado held a demo at SPJC, Clearwater Campus

Sleep Wars
4-21/22-79 Sleep Wars were held in Hot Springs GA with South Downs & Iron Mountains – (An Crosaire’s Historian, Cedrin, writes) “the spectators and most of the fighters fell asleep before anything happened. However, there was fighting and a mundane television crew which took video tapes of the event. Seamus fought King John in challenge matches and beat him twice – he had to be tied down to keep from floating away with elation.

An Crosaire became a Barony

An Crosaire’s Baronial Investiture
On 4-28/29 The Barony of An Crosaire and its canton Mathom Trove invite one and all to the elevation of Sir Tetsuo, Lord Sakura and Mistress Kimineko, Lady Sakura as Baron and Baroness. This event is to be held in Mathom Trove at the Fen of Unicorn’s Keype. The site is primitive so some prepared. There will be many enjoyments other than the elevation and court of the Baron and Baroness, including games, dancing and, of course, Bardic Circle. A Merchant’s Alley will be set up for any trades folke that wish. There will be no organized list, but for any who wish to exercise their prowess, a melee field is close at hand. Autocrat was Knikolos Major. The court was Japanese.
The first awarding of the Order of the Cross and Serpent. – Lord Seamus McCryu McCo
Lord Dafydd Dragonstar
Award of Arms – Knikolos Major of Salem
Cher de Bellevue became Regional Herald for Trimaris

AS XIV (1979-1980)

Sangre del Sol Revel
5-5-79 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a revel

West Isle Revel
5-12-79 West Isles held a Celebration Revel. The food featured at the feast was baked chicken and strawberries in pudding. The event was attended by many of Narval Dorado and Wyvernwood.

Trimaris Memorial Tourney IV
On 5-26/28-79 The Trimaris Consillium sponsored the Trimaris Memorial Tourney IV at the Forest of Marianna. Activities listed were on Saturday a fighters clinic, then a memorial lyst, on Sunday open melees and games. Both Saturday and Sunday listed classes were: Embroidery, SCA fencing, Arabic Etiquette, Pen Cutting and Calligraphy, Precedence and Protocol, costuming, fingerweaving, Japanese Etiquette, copper etching and dancing. All during the weekend non- competitive displays were encouraged. Autocrat Sir Tetsuo Lord Sakura; Feastcrat Cher de Belvue; Collegium Autocrat, Lord Jed Silverstar. This event was attended by over 100 people. A significant occurrence at this event was the Town Meeting on Sunday was to discuss the plans to petition for Principality. The event was attended by Crown Princess Alix and several other people from South Downs. Lord Seamus McCryu McHoo, Mistress Kimineiko, Lady Sakura dn Sir Tetsuo, Lord Sakura, Baron and Baroness An Crosaire all received the Order of the Ordered Order.
Award of Arms – Canel Regenweald, called Mentor
Edward of Effingham
James the Mad Beggar
Elspeth MacNaughton
Joanna de Bocage
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Boyd O’Flame
Nicholai Staritsyn
(An Crosaire’s Historian Report by Cedrin) General Mayhem mainly. The Crown Princes Alix graced us with her presence, as did various important folk from South Downs. Besides classes, a fighters clinic and list were held. The feast was autocrated by Cher and went over well (we still have pickled eggs left though). The Scum Guild absconded the Mystery Burgundian and unfortunately gave him back.

Narval Dorado Town Meeting
6-10-79 a Town Meeting for the Shire of Narval Dorado was held at the residence of Lady Enriqueta. These town meetings were a regularly scheduled events, however, in this one it was decided that a new office was needed, that of Hospitaller, for the express purpose to help newcomers to the SCA integrate into the society. The meeting started with a short jewelry sale by Lady Enriqueta to bring in money for the Narval Dorado Exchequer. The jewelry was donated by Sin and Jadwiga.
The first topic of discussion was upcoming events. At Midsummer’s Eve Revel, Narval Dorado will host the elevation of the new Baron Wyvernwood, Yashio Kamashita. It was decided that Narval Dorado will give his excellency a wall hanging bearing a wyvern. Also at Midsummer’s Eve Revel there is to be a wishing well to be build by Saelida Ericsdohtor.
A new officer for Narval was discussed, the Hospitaller but after much discussion the matter was tabled for later. Anne of Liesse was appointed Exchequer. Lord Timur van Schlockmeyer stepped down as Master of Arts and the new MoA is Laure Rocheriel. Michael Kennethson remained as Historian.
A short class and discussion was held on various awards and the criteria for such awards to help people with recommendations for awards .

Fantasy Feast
On 6-16/17-79 Castlemere held a “Fantasy Feast” at Goldenhead State Park with Alexander Shadowstalker, the Bard listed as autocrat. Listed events were a William Tell competition, Bardic and Arts contest with a fantasy theme, a riddle contest, a ladies joust, and bells and pillows competition. There was a Baron Munchausen contest, a kite contest, and an Orcish bludgeon duel. Tushiro, Boadiccea and Alexander were awarded their AOA’s.
(An Crosaire’s Historian Report by Cedrin) First the site was moved and then it was hot. There was an archery contest which Cher won and various and assorted Fantasy games which were too hot to do. The feast went over well and I’m sure if they had pickled eggs at their feast, they’s still have some left over.

Second Anniversary and Midsummer’s Eve Revel
On 6-23-79. Narval Dorado held “Midsummer’s Eve Revel” to celebrate Narval Dorado’s 2nd anniversary, at the home of Anne of Liesse who was also autocrat of this event. This event saw three courts.
The first court was held by the Seneschal of Narval Dorado, Lady Enriqueta. During the court pewter bracelets were awarded to Anne of Liesse, Jirel ni Cahil, Bamchut Mitsuhashi and Christiant Penesdracus Aurdona. A new badge was given out, an embroidered band bearing the livery colors of Narval Dorado with a thin gold border and the letters “N” & “D” at each end of the band also in gold. The first of the bands, which ultimately are to be given to each citizen of Narval Dorado, was given to Laure Richeriel, as she was the youngest one there.
The next court was that of the Baron and Baroness An Crosaire. Gifts and awards were given. Then came the court of Lady Caroline Sylvan, Baroness Wyvernwood and Master Taliesynne, Founding Baron Wyvernwood. During their court Yushio Kamashita was elevated to Baron Wyvernwood. There were approximately 80 people attending this event.
Award of Arms – Siobhan ni Filidheacht and Cher de Bellevue
Order of the Velvet Owl – Lord Jed Silverstar

First Annual Sargassum Defense
In June, 1979 The Shire of Southkeep held the “First Annual Sargassum Defense”

Herald’s Picnic
on 7-21-79. Mathom Trove held a “Herald’s Picnic” There were several heraldic classes and then a Mathom hunt in the ravines. Unfortunately, many of the clues to the hunt were absconded by mundanes, so there was much frustration – all turned out well eventually. A bibliographic lecture on heraldic references, with the actual references to hand, was presented. Much interest was generated with the device conundrums, with prizes for correct blazons going to Lady Cher, Lord Jed and Holdmar.
Talewinds, vol.2, no.6, June AS XVIII The Norrey Academie of Armorie was founded at the Herald’s Picnic on St. Swithinmas. AS XIV (July 1979) to serve the needs of Heralds in Trimaris and provide consistent education in the science of Armorie. Sittings in the Academie are held four times a year, usually the first Saturdays in February (Joricmas), May (Roodmas), and October (Ethelburgmas), and the Saturday nearest July 15 (Swithimas), the Herald’s Picnic. Examination sittings are held annually at the Herald’s Picnic for those who wish to test their knowledge and progress, and proficiency certificates are issued for levels of successful performance.

Summer Stars
7-28-79 Starhaven held “Summer Stars”

From June 29th Seneschal’s letter from Lady Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora, Regional Seneschal for Trimaris to all Seneschals of Trimaris.
“Please welcome the new Shire of Arenal, in the Pensacola area. Arenal is Spanish, meaning “sandpit or quicksand” and is pronounced Ah ray nal (accent on the last syllable). No, this is not Sirenia reborn, though I think a few of the Sirenians are still in the area and will be joining Arenal actively. The new Seneschal is Vyord Troshaven (John Webster) and I am told that Ld Volsung Redbeard will be Arenal’s Herald.

Peasant’s Revel
8-11-79 The Peasant’s Revel was held on 8-11-79 with participants from An Crosaire, Oldenfeld, Narval Dorado, Hunter’s Glade and Castlemere. Most of the activity consisted of eating, drinking and talking – a proverb war was waged as the first round of the Bardic Circle.
Award of Arms – Suzanne Renee Barineau

Sand Castle Revel
8-12-79 Narval Dorado proclaims for Arts & Sciences. Be ye on Notyce: All ye builders, masons, carpenters, hod carriers 7 apprentyces. Know that ye all are bidden to come to the Island of Calades, whereon will be a great contest in the building of castles, (Sand, that is). On Sunday, August 12, Caravelle leaves the Dunedin City Marina. Bring meat and drink, bathing suit, towel, hat. No long kirtles, trailing foppery, or heavy velvets. A 1st & 2nd award of value and a “messy Mason’s Award” for him who finishes last.
Special note: Perseid meteor shower on the 11th & 12th.

Wyvernwood Hell Tourney and Harvest Festival
8-17/19-78 held at Withlacoochee State Forest. This will be a Medieval Fantasy Weekend. There is arts competition and a treasure expedition. The Arts competition is draw your own fantasy creature (elves, faries, goblins, trolls, centaurs, etc.) Can be rendered in color, ink, sketch, or sculpture. There will be first, second and third place winners.
The treasure expedition is based on a Dungeon & Dragon Wilderness Expedition, with one exception, no magic users. The fighting is for Ladies and Lords. The weapons are bonker tubes. The fighting is covered under SCA rules for heavy bonker tube combat. Construction helms, leather ear flaps and goggles are used. Camping is in tents. Autocrats Lord Yushio Kamashita

Shire of Sea March (Palm Beach/Martin County) founded
On 9-1-79 Shire of Sea March (Palm Beach/Martin County) was founded
Founding members of Sea March:
Lord Reikin ap Wald
Lady Damara Narrissa
Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth (Hyphen)
Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills
Meredith of Nidum (Reikin & Damara’s daughter)
Weldon Reikinson (Reikin & Damara’s son)
During the spring and summer of XIV (1979) Lord Reikin ap Wald, his lady Damara Narrissa and Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills discussed forming a shire in West Palm Beach. Lord Reikin and Damara had tried affiliating with the Shire of Sangre del Sol, but most of the active members of that shire were in Ft. Lauderdale and adding their meetings did not prove practical. Later in the summer they had contact with Edward Worthington-Smyth (Hyphen), who had been in the SCA in the Mid-Kingdom and had moved to West Palm Beach to work for Pratt & Whitney. In August these members made the decision to try to form a new shire and methods of recruitment were discussed between Lord Reikin, Damara and Edward Worthington-Smyth. On Labor Day weekend, Lord Reikin, Damara and Edward Worthington-Smyth traveled to Narval Dorado for Ludi Romani. At this event the new shire was officially recognized on September 1st.

Ludi Romani
This event was held on 9-1/3-79, and named after the public games of the city of Rome and was structured to give the effect of a pre-600 era and was autocrated by Artorius Raed-wulf Julianus Penedracus, of Narval Dorado. The event flyer stated “Salve: Hail!!, when in Rome: do as the Romans” and was held at the Holiday Campgrounds in Seminole Fl. Featured was a Gladiatorial list on Sunday and Olympic Pentathlon (5 events) on Saturday. They also had live weapons (Javelin, Axe & Bow) competitions. The feast was named the “Grand Bacchanal”, and was planned to be similar to the Late Imperial Roman Legion feast. The Narval Dorado historian stated the only problem with the event was rain, which was present due to a pair of hurricanes. There were between 60-70 people in attendance.
Award of Arms were given to: Christiant Penesdracus Audorna and Bamchut Mitsuhashi

The new shire of Sea March made a good showing at this event since Damara won the costume contest and the entertainment competition, and Lord Reikin won the herald’s competition thus becoming the herald for the event.

Mathom Trove Anniversary Revel
On 9-8-79, Light the Candles! Mathom Trove is a year old! Come one and all to the Trove and take away a treasure (treasure of knowledge that is). Short show and tell demonstration classes will be taught by members of the Canton on such subjects as: Jewelry of your period, Local herbs and antidotes; Illumination and miniature. If you have a talent or information to share, bring it along. Reveling and bardic to follow. Feast courtesies of Duc de Potluck. Autocrat Lord Knikolos Major.

Sea March Historian’s Report
The first official meeting of Sea March was held on 9-12-79, at the home of Lord Reikin and Damara. Present were Lord Reikin, Damara, “Hyphen”, and Alistair the Wanderer. Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills was unable to attend because of a broken ankle.
The original slate of officers were:
Seneschal – Lord Reikin ap Wald
Knights Marshal – Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth
Arts Officer – Lady Damara Narrissa
Science Officer – Sir Bronislaus Lord Vilnius
Herald – Alistair the Wanderer
Historian – Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills
Exchequer – Lady Damara Narrissa & Caroline merch Elwyn
Meetings were held weekly and new members were added almost weekly. Fighter practice was initiated on Sundays and soon grew to include costuming, dancing and arts and crafts. These Sunday meetings became the shire’s primary method of introducing and training new members to the SCA. “Social Sundays” became a custom which still holds today.

Renaissance Fair Demo
In October, 1979 the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo “Renaissance Faire” at Governor’s Square Mall

Greek Party
In October, 1979 the Shire of Castlemere held a “Greek Party”

In October ’79, The Shire of Darkwater held a demo at Lake Howell Humanities class and assisted them with their “Medieval Pilgrimage”

Sea March Revel
On 10-27-79, Sea March held their first official revel at the home of Caroline merch Elwyn. Since most of the members were new to the SCA and had not attended an SCA event this was to familiarize them with SCA customs and prepare them for Martinmas Moot. The food was cooked by the women of the shire which consisted of roast beef, lentil soup, homemade bread, salad, cheeses and fresh fruit. Afterward a bardic circle was held with most members participating.

Baronial Bash
10-27/28-79 The Barony of Wyvernwood held “Baronial Bash”

All Hallows Eve Revel
On 10-31-79 The Canton of Mathom Trove held “All Hallows Eve Revel”

Martinmas Moot/First Warlord Tourney
On 11-10/12-79 Narval Dorado sponsored Martinmas Moot/First Warlord Tourney. There were 120 attendees at this event. The War Lord list was double elimination with 14 fighters entered. Sir Tetsuo became War Lord of Trimaris. Lord Jed was given the Order of the Triskel Trimaris and Mistress Kimi took Elom as her apprentice. Damara Narrissa, Joda of Maynard, Saelidia Ericsdohtor and Michael Kennethson received Award of Arms; Lord Reikin was made Sir Bronislaus’s squire. During this event Lord Seamus asked Kriemhilde (Elspeth-Jane) to be his lady wife and she said yes. The wedding tentatively set for TMT V. Attendance was estimated at 120 people.
Sea March reported they won the best medieval campsite award. Hyphen taught medieval dancing. Lady Damara and Iona entertained at feast with a candle dance. Brice and Walter made second class axe throwing. Sunday’s Town meeting was chaired by Cole of Cornwall and the majority of discussion was the arts/science competition which was not held at this event due to lack of entries. It was decided to try again at TMT V.
Historian report for Narval Dorado, Lord Michael Kennethson
The focal point of the event was the Warlord Tourney. Her the cream of the Trimarian Warriors endured trial by combat to decide whom would be the First Warlord of Trimaris. The list used double elimination with 14 entrants ultimately narrowed down to one – Sir Tetsuo Lord Sakura KSCA Baron An Crosaire. The evening was held Court and feast. The court was a simple but dignified affair, with awards being given during it. After court was held the feast. The feast was first presented to the Warlord. First to be presented was a sample of the artwork of Narval Dorado, a Wyvern centerpiece scalped by Mistress Warji Walesa Costumer Zea Lyscil, OL from wire and paper mache. Then was presented the flesh, fish and the fowl of the feast represented by sculpture. First came the big boar’s head made by Mandrigal out of wire and paper mache, then came the fish and fowl which was a peacock and a fish made of wire and paper mache decorated with trim and jewels done by Lady Saelinda Ericsdohtor. After the presentation, the food was served. For the desert, a cake cunningly made in the form of a castle.
The Trimaris Town Meeting was held Sunday afternoon, and was chaired by Cole of Cornwall. The prime topic of discussion being the Arts and Sciences competition that had been scheduled for the Martinmas Moot. The competition that had been planned was canceled due to the lack of entrants for the various contests. It was decided to have the contest at the Trimaris Memorial Tourney V. It was also decided to send special thanks to the new member that had done the award scrolls. Another topic for discussion was the concept of group entrants for Poet Laureate contests. It was decided that entrants should be single people not groups.
The only case that came before the bench during court involved a young man who tried to enter a tent during the night. The accusers were the startled two young ladies and Lord John Shark. The final disposition of the court is not recorded.
That Sunday afternoon and evening the rains came. An ever common sight at an event, the rain and storm brought a most chilling end to the day. By Monday morning the rains had stopped and everyone packed to go home.

Japanese Feast
In November, 1979 The Shire of Southkeep held a Japanese Feast

Sangre del Sol Picnic
On 11-19-79, the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a picnic at John Easterlin Park in Ft. Lauderdale. The Shire of South Keep was invited. Planned is SCA fighting and fencing. Sangre’s newsletter said that the picnic was a great success. There was much food, games and merriment. We smashed (bad pun) Southkeep in the raw egg toss. We were also victorious in the tug-of-war. In a decided upset, the ladies won a tug-of-war contest over the lords.

The Shires of South Keep and Sangre del Sol were featured in an article in the Miami Herald’s “Flair” section entitled “Forsooth! ’tis a Gathering Merry Men Would’st Deign to Attend – and Verily”

Christmas List and Art/Sci Fest
On 12-8/10-79 a regional Christmas List and Art/Sci fest was held at O’Leno State Park. There was an open competition which included calligraphy, illumination, drawing, needlework, costuming, entertainment, armoring, brewing & vinting, casting & metalwork, carving & woodwork and domestic science.

Girl Scout Demo
Sea March put on a demo for the cub scouts on 12-19-79. The scout master had requested that Sea March do something on courtly behavior so they did a skit illustrating courtly behavior between lord and lady, and chivalry on the field of battle (fight over a lady). Ld Reikin, Alistair the Wanderer and Iona did the skit. Hyphen did a talk on courtly manners. Lord Reikin ap Wald did a talk on Pages. Hyphen, Lady Damara, Iona, Alistair & Ld. Reikin and the scouts also participated in dancing. Afterward ate cake and drank spiced cider.

Yule Revel
On 12-22-79, the Canton of Mathom Trove held a Yule Revel

Yule Revel
In December 1979 The Shire of Narval Dorado held a Yule Revel

Sangre del Sol’s Yule Feast
Talisman autocrated the Yule Feast, which was held 12-29-79 in Ft. Lauderdale. Guests were from Sea March, South Keype, Starhaven and the Miami Renaissance Guild. Seating was by Shires and there was no head table. Sea March reported that – a good delegation from the Shire of Sea March attended the Yule Feast. It was reported that “Hyphen” established the practice of traveling to other shires to help with dancing, armoring and fighting. This has inspired the other members of the group to come with him. Several trips were made to South Keype, one to Starhaven and one to Darkwater at this time.

Trimaris Officers:
Seneschal – Lady Siobhan ni Filidheach
Herald – Lady Cher de Bellevue
Marshal – Lord Artorius Julianus Fenesdracus
Minister of Arts – Lady Damara Narissa
Minister of Sciences – Lord Nicholai Staritsyn
Chirurgeon Lord Al-Malik Al-Adin
Chronicler – Baron Master Taliesynne Nychymwyrh
Exchequer – Lady Jirel ni Cahil
Historian – Lord Michael Kennethson

Trimaris Seneschals
Barony of An Crosaire – Hollin of Kestrelmere
Shire of Blackthorne – Ravenna McNamara
Shire of Castlemere – James Hawkwood
Shire of Darkwater – Eleana Ruelladar
Canton of Mathom Trove – Tonialydd
Shire of Narval Dorado – Jirel ni Cahil
Shire of Oldenfeld – Suzanne Renee Barineau
Shire of Sange del Sol – Margid Llywlyn
Shire of Sea March – Reikin ap Gruagach
Incipient Shire of Sirrush Mir – Moonsinger
Shire of South Keype – Alexander Mareschal
Shire of Starhaven – Methylred
Shire of West Isle – Andreana de Montfort
Incipient Shire of World’s End – Madrigal of Mu
Barony of Wyvernwood – Oriana Golden Hair

Trimaris History – 1978


Shire of Starhaven founded
In January, 1978 the Shire of Starhaven (Brevard County) was founded

Twelfth Night Revel
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, January 1978, AS XII) Oldenfeld’s Twelfth Night Revel was held January 7 at the Chateau De Ville apartments. The feast was pot-luck with a Twelfth Night cake provided by the Cook’s Guild. Tamsin got the first bean and reigned with Robert the Ruthless as Lady and Lord of Misrule. Scott the Younger got the second bean and was the official fool for the evening. All revelers enjoyed participating in several games, including a game of Plague with Aethelthryth as Death. Festivities ended with a bardic circle and good wishes for the mundane New Year.

Coronation, Kingdom of Meridies
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, January 1978, AS XII) January 13-15. Well, we are a Kingdom (Meridies, that is) and we have a King and Queen. For those who could not make it, Coronation of HRM Viscount Sir John Lord Bearkiller and his lovely Queen HRM Viscountess Kassandra nik Kraken, was splendidiferous, if a wee bit on the nippy side, event. In addition to the other activities several of the folk of Trimaris were recognized for their accomplishment. Among them – Lady Enriqueta and Lord Timor of the Canton of Narval Dorado, along with our Lion’s Tale editor Lady Selena were given Award of Arms. Seamus McCryu McHoo was selected by TRM as Poet Laureate of the Kingdom of Meridies for his epic poem. Isabeau the Fool was appointed as the Royal Jester for Meridies for doing what she does best. Finally, in addition to winning the metalwork competition for his lost wax casting, Lord Tetsuo Sakura was inducted into the Chivalry. So, Trimaris has its first new Knight in many moons. And Finally, Warjna zem Lyscil was called before TRM (after she had performed several of her compositions) and was presented with an Award of Arms.

An Crosaire’s Historian’s report
An Crosaire’s historian, Knikolos Major, reported in his historian’s report for January and February 1978 that activities have been numerous and well carried off. We greet an average of three new people at each shire meeting,(which seems to be twice a month). The shire meetings are normally held at the J.W. Rietz Union of the University of Florida and workshops at Riku-no-Ha (home of Lord Tetsuo and Lady Kimineko).

St. Valentine’s Massacre
On 2-10/12-78, An Crosaire held “St. Valentine’s Massacre” at Otter Springs, Wilcox Fl. The populace of An Crosaire decided that this was to be an annual event.

Birthday Tourney
2/78, Castlemere held a Birthday Tourney – no information was available concerning this event.

USF Demo
On 2-17-78, the Canton of Narval Dorado participated in a medieval dance symposium in which the Canton Seneschal, Enriqueta and other canton members participated in dance, classes and practice presented by Sarasota, New Collegium of the University of South Flowers (USF)

Science Report by Morric Haast
Another Wyvernwood group project was done in February and will be seen at the Arts &Sciences Triad. Based on a similar project done in Sir Bruno & Lady Kata’s former principality of Drakenwald (Germany), it is a wall diaper made from a sheet of cotton fabric with a repeating design done with linoleum blocks. The overall design consists of square lozenges set within a lattice framework, the four lozenge designs being the baronial wyvern, the triskele of Trimaris, the tri-corporate lion of the fighting force of Wyvernwood, Narval Dorado & West Isles, and the laurel wreath of the SCA. Its construction took place at two work parties which also included fighter practices, cook-outs, a contract meeting (for the up-coming Largo Renaissance Festival) and classes in protocol and construction of period folding chairs (a la Ld. Ragnar)

Wyvernwood Revel
3-4-78 The Barony of Wyvernwood held medieval dance classes and a Revel at the University Chapel Fellowship, at the University of South Florida. Dinner was Duc de Pot Luc. The notice was signed by Lord Bronislous of Vilnius, Seneschal of Wyvernwood. Sir Tetsuo Sakura, Lady Kimineko Sakura and Siobhan ni Filieacht attended from An Crosaire.

Folk Fair
On 3-17/18-78 the Canton of Narval Dorado presented medieval English costume and manners for the patrons of the Folk Fair at the request of the English Society.

Shire of Darkwater founded
On 3-24-78 The Shire of Darkwater (Orlando) was founded by Lord Ecmude Kandulam the Pole and his lady. The shire was officially recognized at Wyvernwood’s Baronial Bash, 8-8-78

Starhaven Event
In 3/78 Starhaven held their first official event/revel at Lady Strider’s home

Feast of Fools
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, January 1978, AS XII) On 3-31/4-2-78 Oldenfeld held a “Feast of Fools” at St. Andrew’s State Park in Panama City. This is a primitive site, facilities are available as well as running water. (Cost is $.52 per person, per night). Saturday will be filled with real melee and Baffle melee. Saturday night is a Feast of Fools with many succulent goodies planned to eat. For a menial sum, a mere pittance of $4.00 you will be served delicacies of Old and New World. A contest for a Fools Punch is on. The winning recipe will be made up and served at feast and the winner will receive a prize. Also, there will be a contest for the Lord of Misrule. Autocrat Isabeau the Fool.

Largo Renaissance Festival
per Morric Haast in his science report.
“Despite the dearth of large events now, productive spirits have been sustained by the Renaissance Festival opening in late March. The bay area, under the supervision of Lady Orianna Goldenhair (Wyvernwood’s seneschal) has contracted to perform six times a day for the six weekends of the festival; the performances will range from armoring demonstrations to singing to list combat. This commitment, plus the festival’s insistence upon 1450-1600 costumes and armor, have kept our hands well occupied. Vikings and samurai are grudgingly acquiring doublets and late-period accessories, and armor is being built and/or altered to make the fighting as authentic as is possible. Last years festival was the most beneficial activity to the Barony. In addition to the festival’s impetus to finish and perfect projects on weekly deadlines, some of our most promising members came from last year’s fair, and this is our greatest return.

Medieval Fair
On 4-9-78, the Barony of Wyvernwood and the Canton of Narval Dorado added heightened presence to the Sarasota Medieval Fair and presented medieval combat upon the field of honor, both set matches and melee. Also, allowing spectators to obtain the feeling of medieval social interaction and society combat.

Meridies Crown List
4-22/23-78 Many people from Trimaris attended Meridies Crown List which was held in Lafayette LA. At that event Lady Kimineko was awarded the Order of the Velvet Owl and Sir Tetsuo became Queen’s Champion by being in 3rd place. (per An Crosaire’s Historian, Knikolos Major)

AS XIII (1978-1979)

May Day Celebration and New Years Revel
4-28/5-2-78 An Crosaire held a “Celebration of May Day and the Greeting of the New Year” event combined with a mini-renaissance faire held on the campus of the University of Florida. On Friday, there was an exhibition list, displays of medieval arts and crafts, and singing by the Renaissance Ensemble. Then the event was moved to Otter Springs for two days and nights of fun and reveling. The event was autocrated by Seamus McCryu McHoo and Knikolos Major. Trimarians from Wyvernwoode, Narval Dorado, Starhaven, Hunter’s Glade, An Crosaire and Castlemere attended.

Starhaven’s Mini-Revel
On 5-6/7-78 Starhaven held their first Mini-Revel. Seamus presented Strider a gift of “cow poetry” written by the shire and an “other udder”. He was presented with the plastic buzzard for being caught as mundane.

Trimaris Memorial Tourney III
On 5-27/29-78 the Shire of An Crosaire hosts the Trimarian Memorial Tourney III, at O’Leno State Park. Games and contests – the usual – plus kite flying and kite fights. The Wyvern’s Roost, bring your flea market trinkets and treasures to sell. Contests will be handled the “immemorial” way, that is Trimaris groups are asked to send the autocrat their 3 choices of contests/games. Sponsor will need to furnish judge(s), prizes and rules/instructions and will conduct the game/contest. Cedrin and Lady Kimi sponsored embroidery. Seamus sponsored Sumo Wrestling and the Poet Laureate of Trimaris, and Knikolos sponsored open sewing. Knikolas gave a class on costuming and Siobhan gave a tatting class & Cher gave an embroidery class.
The Trimaris Council will meet, andy questions and/or agenda input should be addressed to Lord Eric of Skaan. The Guilded Ladle will be awarded for the best course at the feast. The Plastic Turkey will be flapping about – so leave your mundanities at home. The Baron’s Award for most medieval presence will be awarded by Master Taly and the Trimaris Seneschals.
(Arts report) In the competitions, Sir Tetsuo won Vinting and Seamus won the Most Medieval Presence. Saelind Ericdohtor won the fine arts contest with her triptich showing 3 medieval persons, done in oil painted gesso applied to rustic wood panels in sculpted relief. ‘Queta won the Costume Contest with her completely hand stitched velvet and hand beaded brocade Tudor styled gown. A note in the Arts Report stated that Seamus made a Hobbye Cockroach for the Dame’s Joust; Siobhan made a brown Arabian Hobbye horse; and Knikolus made a Hobbye Griffin. The creator of the Hobbye Horse pattern was Lady “Queta who also made 4 horses, a Hobbye Llama (which won the Best Beastie contest) pattern, and a Hobbye Skunk pattern. Feastcrat was Sir Tetsuo
Seamus won Troubadour of Trimaris with his “The Daemon Blade”
Jannara of Ariea won Poet Laureate

Midsummer Revel
6-17-78 in celebration of the First Anniversary of the Canton of Narval Dorado a Midsummer’s Eve Revel and birthday celebration for Aerinder (mascot). The event flyer stated “Aerinder, beloved mascot and symbol of Narval Dorado doth beg your attendance at a revel to be held at House Dudley, June 17, XXII, A.S., to celebrate Aerinder’s Birthday, Midsummer’s Eve and the First S.C.A. anniversary of House Dudley. Pray you attend us at this gala affair, Gentles. There will be a bardic circle and feast and other manner of fun and games. This event was autocrated by Kat Dudley.

Listed officers for Narval Dorado were:
Lady Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora (Harriet Stetser) – Seneschal
Lord Timur von Schlockmeyer (Garry Stetser) – Minister of the Arts
Lord Artorius Raed-wulf (Art Jungwirth) – Herald
Jullianus – Marshal
Lady Catherine “Kat” Dudley (Dian Dudley) – Exchequer & Historian
Fergus MacKincora (Mike Essser) – Minister of Science
Muhammed Ibn Abu Bekr (George Ellis) – Chirurgeon

Other listed members of Narval Dorado were Owen Dudley; Jadwiga, Sin, Bamchut, Jirel ni Cahil, Jannara of Ariea, Christiant Aurdona, Michael Kennethson, Saelinda Ericsdottor, Adloph, Anne of Liesse, Dunchadh of Icomkill, Meagan Colleen Desmond, Urien MacTalan, Cooimhin MacRiagan and Ceann MacRiagan.
In the arts report for July, Ld Timur von Schlockmeyer stated that Lady Enrequeta designed the Wyvern’s Claw pendant for Master Taliesynne, Baron Wyvernwood for the baronial award. She made the sculpted wax original to be used to make the mold from which Sir Tetsuo will cast the metal pendant.

Sir Orlando’s Coronation
7-15/15-78 Trimarians traveled to Meridies for the Coronation of Sir Orlando. An Crosarians, Seamus McCryu McHoo and Dafydd Dragonstar received their Award of Arms and Lady Kimi was made a member of the Queen’s Ladies-in-waiting. Seamus’ Companiate of Bards was discussed and he surrendered the Poet Laureatship to Shoshanna.

Court of Love Revel
7-22-78 the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel at Ruge Hall. Feast was a covered dish and each dish was to contain at least one aphrodisiac ingredient.

Castlemere’s First Event
7-28/30-78 The Shire of Castlemere held it’s first event over the weekend at Ft. Clinch State Park at Fernindina Beach. This was a camping event with feast on Saturday night. Schedule of events are 9 am weapon event, 10 am weapon display, 1 pm baffle melee and bonkers, 4 pm tourney, 8 pm feast. A later science report indicated that approximately 50 persons attended.

Master’s Feast
On 8-12-78 the Shire of Oldenfeld held a feast at Lady Asdis Shadowdottir’s home. The feast was Middle Eastern dishes.

Feast of the Harvest Moon
8-19-78 The “Feast of the Harvest Moon” was held by the Barony of Wyvernwoode. Promised was good company, scholarly pursuits and mad revelry. The autocrats for this event were Corineous Kilwitch and Keana of the Star Eyes and was held at the Holiday Trailer Park in Tampa, just past the “Land of the People of the False Teeth”. At this event Dafydd Dragonstar officially resigned the office of Regional Herald and Cher de Bellevue was installed in his stead.

Peasant’s Revel and Tourney
(From Oldenfeld’s newsletter The Lion’s Tale, July 1978, AS XII) On 9-2-78 the Shire of Oldenfeld’s Peasant Revel has become a tourney. However, all must remember that the emphasis is on peasant, not tourney. Hence, armor will consist mainly of ample padding with perhaps a plain cloth over tunic, although no tunic would probably be better. No plate armor, surcoats, brigandines, etc. will be allowed. Weapons include cudgels, axes, short swords and well padded quarter-staffs. There will also be melees in which all can participate, especially a “stone” throwing free-for-all (the stones will consist of wads of duct tape). There will be competitions for the most original peasant weapon and the best looking peasant rock. Everyone is requested to bring a dish for feast. There will be another groveling contest this year – so come prepared.

In September, 1978 the Canton of
Narval Dorado was elevated to Shire status

Revel and Mini-Tourney
Wyvernwood held a mini-tourney and revel on Saturday, 9-30-78 for the express purpose of recruitment purposes in our area and an opportunity for the fighters in other groups to get some bashing in with people they are unfamiliar with. The tourney was at SUF near the chapel Fellowship Hall. A revel was held later with Wyvernwood supplying the main dishes and guests bringing fruits and side dishes. The announcement was signed by Ushio Kamashita, Seneschal

A mention in the “Friends & Neighbors” section of the Miami Herald on 10-1-78 reads “WARNING- If you see a bunch of lords and fair ladies engaged in dubious battle with the Greynolds Park Mound today there is no cause for alarms. It might just be the Society for Creative Anachronisms, Inc. pursuing their favorite pastime – stirring up the mists of yore. Seneschal Bruce Cole, of the Shire of South Keep (Miami) of the Kingdom of Meridies (Florida to Tennessee) said the club members would show up in full medieval garb, have a procession, dance a medieval dance and perform their version of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales.”

UF Demo
On 10-6-78, An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida. A table was set with examples of SCA type arts and crafts. A scenario between Lord Seamus and Sir Tetsuo was acted out with one insulting the other, a challenge made, a fight ensued (complete with a chivalrous act), the offender defeated, a formal apology made, and the two men made fast friends over the cups. Seamus played his pipes and several ladies danced. Siobhan and Cedrin gave a recorder demonstration, and twilzie whopping ended the day.

The Poobah Event
The flyer for the 10-6/8-78 event put on by An Crosaire started out with “Ever wanted to know what a Poobah did on his day off? They went on to say “the Great Poobah is a fine, upstanding person of spotless moral character, he does have one flaw when it comes to being silly; he is obsessed with all that is tacky.” The event, held at Otter Springs Campground, contained such happenings as:
Weird Weapons Tourney- since there will be fighting, bring out all those broken, old, and weird weapons, however, they must be able to damage the user more than the opponent.
Challenge fighting – the ever popular three peasants against a noble as a highlight, however challenges are encouraged to all who would like to see a grudge carried out. The winner of the most ingenious challenge to be accepted will be given a favor by the Poobah.
Tacky jewelry contest – This is the time to unbury all those ugly relics you thought, if you ignored them they’d go away. You are only allowed to enter one tacky item per category: rings/bracelets, pins, earrings – and the winner will receive the plaudits of the Poobah and a prize.
Collsium Cerebrium with classes offered – Simple games for the simple minded, teeth picking, music theory of mud and shovels, middle Mongolian belching, how to find thy mouth, silly dances, basket unweaving, identification of the nobles, ant skinning, and how to recognize trees from a long way off, Insult and flattery contest – You think the wench next door is pretty but her husband is a bum – what would you say? This is the opportunity to tell people what you really think of them.
Aquatic mayhem – for those of you who cant swim, basic survival is being taught so that you may at least be able to recognize the difference between breathing air and breathing water (hint: water is wet)
Groveling and hem-kissing contest – (It is rumored that the King is very good at this). The best groverlier and hem kisser gets a special prize from the Poobah
Face stuffing (or better known as feast) – Strictly bring you own swill. And Clean up after you’re finished – the Poobah may be tacky, but he does like to see a clean camp.
Grand Procession of the Poobah and court where awards were given to the winners of the contests, with the evening to end in Bardic.
This event was autocrated by Cedrin Etainnighean and Seamus McCryu McHoo.
The event report stated that the day begun with bonker shinny and rock throwing (nerf). Later classes were given – Seamus taught mouthfinding, Cedrin and Kriemhilde taught twit games, Yari taught Fractured Heraldry, Siobhan taught Stupid Peasant Dances and Jed taught foot reading. In the evening the court of the Great Poobah was begun with the assasination of the First Poobah by a Ninja and Snerd the Wise was installed. The Haboops were announced, the Ninja was “knighted”, the Haboops danced and grapes were thrown. Prizes were given.

6th Annual Baronial Bash
Wyvernwood held “The 6th Annual Baronial Bash” on 10-27/29-78 at Withlacoochee State Forest. Scheduled were Collegium classes, fighter clinics and melees, a calligraphy contest and the wedding of Michael Dolinar and Muireann Deora-De (called Strider). This event was autocrated by Yushio Kamashita (and all for the sum of $3.50 per person including feast)
(per An Crosaires Domesday report) Yari received the Order of the Wyvern’s Claw. Cedrin, jed, and Knikolos presented scrolls to Dolinar and Strider. Cher presented a cookbook, and Sir Tetsuo and Lady Kimi presented home cast brass menuki. All shire members in attendance went to the marriage of Dolinar and Strider. Seamus aided in the emergency of a burn victim and Cedrin’s Harpers Guild was discussed.

Martinmas Moot II
11-10/12-78 An Crosaire sponsored Martinmas Moot held at Torreya State Park. A fighter clinic sponsored by Sir Tetsuo and Lord Seamus was held with 20 people participating. Classes in basic combat skills, advanced techniques, training in various weapon styles, discussion of SCA combat. Emphasis will be on improvement, communication and cooperation. Instruction in the gentler arts such as court dancing are planned. Listed guests included people from Wyvernwood, Hunter’s Glade, Starhaven, Oldenfeld, Castlemere plus Loraybech from the incipient shire at Macon, Tailefer from Grey Niche, and three person from the Shire of the Osprey.

Sangre del Sol & Southkeep Picnic
11-19-78 Sangre del Sol and Southkeep hosted a picnic held at John Easterlin Park for the southern shires. Fighting and fencing was planned along with other games.

11/78, Castlemere held “Saturnalia” with gladiatorial games, Olympic style events, which was attended by several other groups.

12-6-78 South Keype and Sangre del Sol were featured in an article in the Miami Herald as the members were planning a Yule Feast honoring the 13th year of the Society.

Madrigal Dinners
12-1-78, Members of An Crosaire attended a madrigal dinner, which included Sir Tetsuo, Lady Kimi, Jed, Kriemhilde, Lord Seamus, Lord Yari, Knikolos, Robin, June, Siobhan, Barbara, Cedrin , Dolinar and Strider from Star Haven and His Royal Majesty Sir Orlando from South Downs attending. The King was recognized by the Lord of Misrule and the performers. He also danced with the performers. Various members sang along with the singers during the evening.

Christmas List and Art/Science Faire
On 12-8/10-78, Starhaven/Hunters Glade/An Crosaire sponsored a Christmas List and an Arts & Science Faire at O’Leno State Park. An open competition will include calligraphy, illumination, drawing, needlework, costuming, entertainment, armoring, brewing and vinting, casting and metalwork, carving and woodwork, and domestic sciences. Cher and Kimi judged all the Arts contests and Jed judged all the sciences but calligraphy and drawing. The awards were hand calligraphed and Sir Tetsuo constructed medallions.
From Domesday report from Jed Silverstar, MoS, Trimaris Over 80 gentles were in attendance from every corner of Trimaris and the Kingdom at large. The four autocrats were Lady Gwynnedd ap Gwynnedd for Arts; Jed Silverstar for Science; Lady Siglinde von Truso for Feast; and Lord Ewold Hvelarsom for the Lyst. Sciences were well represented with 4 entries in armoring; 3 entries in carving and woodwork; 3 entries in casting and metalwork, 3 entries in brewing and vinting; 4 entries in domestic science and 6 entries in scientific discourse (articles).

Christmas Revel
On 12-23-78 Narval Dorado had a Christmas Revel “Come one, come all to celebrate the Yuletide season and enjoy the cheer of good company and fine spirits. The fun begins at 8:00 pm. Bring all your best songs and poems for we’ll gather round the fireplace and recite them all in proper Bardic Circle style. Some wassail will be provided, but bring your own mix too, we’re always ready to try something new.” Autocrat Jirel ni Cahil.

Yule Feast
On 12-29-78 Sangre del Sol held a Yule Feast which was autocrated by Talisman. Guests were from Sea March, South Keype, Starhaven and the Miami Renaissance Guild. Seating was by shire and there was no head table.

Trimaris Council of Nobles as of December 1978 AS XIII
Seneschal Lady Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Marshal Cole of Cornwall, Southkeype
Sciences Jed Silverstar, An Crosaire
Arts Lady Gwynneth ap Gwynneth
Herald Lord Yari Sakura
An Crosaire Siobhan ni Filidheacht
Castlemere Toshiro Musashi
Darkwater Kundulum the Pole
Hunter’s Glade Lady Sieglinde von Truso
Mathom Trove Knicolos Major
Narval Dorado Lady Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Oldenfeld Aethelthryth of Acleah
Sangre del Sol Loadomia Diaz de Valencia
Sirenia Xigunder
Southkeype Cole of Cornwall
Starhaven Lady Muireann deora-de
Wyvernwoode Yushio Kamashita

Sir Tetsuo Lord Sakura
Sir Bronislaus Lord Vilinius
Sir Koppel
Master Taliesynne Lord Nycheymwrh