Documents Management Deputy

Documents Management Deputy
Level – Kingdom
Deputy to: Kingdom Seneschal

Description of position – This deputy will be responsible for determining what documents are currently being created/updated throughout the Kingdom of Trimaris. This will include the manuals, checklists, and forms needed for the efficient execution of the jobs being done by volunteers. The Deputy will be responsible for organizing, tracking, and distribution of documents in progress within Trimaris at all levels.

Qualifications – This person must have integrity as well as organizational, interpersonal, communication, time management, clerical, and computer skills. Computer skills must include the ability to create and maintain spreadsheets. A working knowledge of Kingdom Law and/or Corpora is helpful but not a necessity. The ability to work with Peers and other writers is a must have skill.

Duties – Initially the Documents Management Deputy will need to work with each of the Greater Kingdom Officers to discovering and recording what documents the individual office is working on writing or needs to be updated and who is currently responsible for doing the writing or if it needs to be assigned. Those lists will be uploaded to a centralized spreadsheet with a page for each of the Greater Kingdom Offices. The spreadsheet should include the name of the document, version of the document, date that the document was started, who is writing it, and a projected date of completion.

Once the lists have been compiled the DMD will set a schedule to periodically check on the progress of each document. Progress reports should be sent to the Greater Kingdom Officer that oversees that document Quarterly unless that Officer has given a more accelerated timetable for that individual document . When a document has been completed it will be distributed to the Kingdom Webminister to be added to the appropriate places on the website. A date for a yearly review of the completed document should be set at the time of distribution. All previous versions of documents will be archived within the DMD files.