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Most recent Talewinds letter:

A.S. LV November V, Barony of Darkwater, Trimaris

From King Kurn of Trimaris, Unto Queen Maisie, greetings.

Our citizens are a joy. We have been able to visit some of Our citizens. Their creativity when it comes to hospitality during these challenging times is without compare. These challenges have only resulted in strengthening the friendships we have.



—– —– [Private Correspondence] —– —– —–


I have only had a few opportunities to visit friends, but when I do, I am always amazed by the meals they prepare. I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but perhaps we need to revisit the 1st Proclamation at Our Coronation:

“Primis. Et cum hoc requiritur allium,

fieri non potest ut allium nimis.”


—– —– [Private Correspondence] —– —– —–

Your Majesty,

The influx of Hibernian auxiliares is going as planned. There is a concern however. The Queen’s popularity is such that some may inquire as to why these troops do not seem to “mingle” with Her Majesty or Her regulars. She has shed blood with these soldiers. They love her…and… Dux Gregory has been visiting your courts for some time now. He holds Hibernain lands for Your Majesties and is well known to these soldiers as well. He may wonder why none have visited. Your coffers are still growing and generosity can buy silence except when some of that dreaded Hibernian Ale is involved. It is not to my taste, but Your Hibernians seem to care little for the finer beverages available while idle. Limiting their access might be a consideration.

As always amacitia,


—– —– [Private Correspondence] —– —– —–


DO NOT TAKE AWAY A HIBERNIAN’S ALE! Big mistake. Explain how their loyalty is appreciated and inform them of a new bonus to be dispersed at the start of Saturnalia.