Recent Kingdom Notes

July 22, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

First Event?

Are you considering going to your first event? We’re excited to have you join in on the fun!

Here are some quick things to know about going to your first event:

Fighter Practice:

If you are going to a fighter practice, this is where the guys with pointy sticks practice their craft. However Safety is priority! A designated Marshal will be onsite to make sure everyone is following SCA safety guidelines. Bring plenty of water, and dress for the weather: some groups practice rain or shine!

Kingdom Event:

These events are sometimes overnight or just single day, but they are lots of fun!

Bring a chair, drinks to stay hydrated, snacks, cooler, dress for the weather, and maybe have some cash on hand. There are often fund raiser lunches that cost a small donation. But you may also come across some of our Kingdom Merchants and you’ll want to shop!

There are many activities going on, so don’t be hesitant to stand by and observe or jump in and ask questions!


“Do I have to Dress Up?”

You certainly don’t! But there aren’t many other places year round where you can  lounge around in comfy tunic and hang with cool people all day 🙂 But seriously wear what’s comfortable and fun for you! It’s doesn’t have to be perfect, or 100% historic, we are just glad to have you join us. Having fun is our second priority.

A couple of tips for those that want to wear “Garb” (period style clothing):

Hot Weather: Sew with or Wear fabric that breathes ( Cotton, Wool, Linens) Poly blends do not breathe well. In the hottest weather, some of us default to our South Asia, Roman, or Grecian Garb!


“What do all the different Crowns Mean?”

Great question! Many members of our populace where a circlet or a coronet to signify their station in our Kingdom!

By default everyone (even you!) is considered “m’lord” or m’lady.

A simple circlet indicates that a person has been bestowed an Award of Arms or similar award and now has the title Lord or Lady or even more special as recognition,  Honorable Lord or Honorable Lady.

Coronets are bit larger and ornamental! The folks wearing the more elaborate coronets have done great service to the kingdom in the form of running one of our Local Baronies as a Baron or Baroness, or even serving a reign as a previous King or Queen!

The only people wearing what we call crowns are the Trimaris Royalty! This includes:

His Majesty – the King,  Her Majesty – the Queen,

His Highness – the Prince, and Her Highness – the Princess.

The Royals of Trimaris love to meet new members, so don’t be shy to come up and say hi! (They are easy to spot!)


“Do I have to memorize titles? What do I call everyone?”

You can simply call a person by their name! But it can seem confusing with different titles and names.

If someone tells you their “Mundane” name – that is the name they go by outside of the SCA.

Many of us have SCA names we have picked to go with our “persona” or character we like to portray.


Those with certain accomplishments could have titles! You may hear:

Master/Mistress – These are members of the populace that have achieved a mastery of their craft and have been recognized as a peer.

Baron/Baroness or “Your Excellency” – These members of the kingdom have served as a Baron or Baroness of a Kingdom Barony.

Count/Countess or “Your Excellency” – These members of the kingdom have reigned as King or Queen once.

Duke/Duchess or “Your Grace” – These members of the kingdom have reigned as King or Queen 2 or more times.