Kingdom Events

If your group is interested in running a Kingdom Event, please read through the Kingdom Event Guide and then fill out the Kingdom Event Bid Form. The form needs to be send to the Kingdom Seneschal. You can email a scanned copy to or send it through postal mail.

Event Status
Event Bids Due Bid Status
Trimarian Tournament of Champions 2017 - Bid Accepted
Trimaris Memorial Tournament (TMT) 2017 11/10/2016 Accepting Bids
Trimaris Royal University 2017 - Bid Accepted
Fall Coronation 2017 - Bid Accepted
Martinmas Moot 2017 - Bid Accepted
Winter Art Sci 2018 4/1/2016 Accepting Bids
Spring Coronation 2018 4/1/2016 Bid Accepted