Order of Precedence - Individual Listing

Awards for Dulcia MacPherson
Award DateTokenAward  
1992-10-10AOAAward of Arms
1993-04-05COBCompanion of the Boar's Bane
1995-05-27OTWOrder of the Willow
1995-05-27APFAward of the Purple Fret
1997-01-11OAEOrder of the Argent Estoile
1997-01-25OWSOrder of the Wyvern's Scale
1997-08-14GOAGrant of Arms
1997-08-14OSTTOrder of the Silver Trident, Trimaris
1999-11-13OLOrder of the Laurel
2001-05-27OROrder of the Rose
2002-01-12COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2002-11-09OBLOrder of the Bard's LaureateTroubador
2003-03-01OESOrder of the Emerald Seas
2005-02-12OLHTOrder of the League of the Hidden Treasure
2005-10-08OAGOrder of the Acorn's Glade
2007-05-12OAPOrder of the Argent Palm
2008-02-02OTTOrder of the Triskele Trimaris
2008-03-29COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2009-03-28COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2009-10-24OHSTOrder of the House of the Serpent's Torque
2010-02-27OSGOrder of the Serpent's Gem
2010-09-18OCSOrder of the Cross and Serpent
2012-02-25OSCOrder of the Serpent's Coils
2012-02-25TBARTerritorial BaronageAn Crosaire
2012-02-25OPAROrder of the Plume of the Angel Rouge
2012-05-27OTATOrder of the Trefoil Argent
2012-08-31OESOrder of the Emerald Seas
2013-03-29COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2013-08-31OPOrder of the Pelican
2015-10-03OGGOrder of the Golden Galleon
2016-02-20CBARCourt Baronage
Honorific Awards for Dulcia MacPherson
Award DateAward  
2013-03-14TLTrimarian Lancer

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