Order of Precedence - Individual Listing

Awards for Anne of Blackthorne
Award DateTokenAward  
1990-09-01AOAAward of Arms
1997-09-20OCSOrder of the Cross and SerpentProtector
1998-09-26OHSTOrder of the House of the Serpent's TorqueProtector
2000-09-23OAPOrder of the Argent Palm
2000-10-28GOAGrant of Arms
2002-02-16OAEOrder of the Argent Estoile
2006-11-11OBLOrder of the Bard's LaureatePoet
2009-04-25OPAROrder of the Plume of the Angel RougeProtector
2011-04-23OSGOrder of the Serpent's GemProtector
2011-09-04OAEOrder of the Argent Estoile
2012-09-02OLOrder of the Laurel
2013-02-23COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2014-03-13OESOrder of the Emerald Seas
2016-02-20TBARTerritorial BaronageAn Crosaire
2016-02-20OSCOrder of the Serpent's CoilsProtector
Honorific Awards for Anne of Blackthorne
Award DateAward  

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