Order of Precedence - Individual Listing

Awards for Hjorygg Hakonarson
Award DateTokenAward  
1994-06-11AOAAward of Arms
2000-09-30OLHTOrder of the League of the Hidden Treasure
2001-12-01OAGOrder of the Acorn's Glade
2007-03-31OTGOrder of Trimarian Gratitude
2012-09-02OMSOrder of the Argent Morningstar of Trimaris
2014-08-30OTATOrder of the Trefoil Argent
2014-11-15GOAGrant of Arms
2014-11-15OASWOrder of the Argent Sword of Trimaris
2015-07-11OSSTOrder of the Silver Shield, Trimaris
2017-03-16OTATOrder of the Trefoil Argent
2017-09-03OTWTOrder of the Trade Winds, Trimaris
2017-09-30ODDOrder of the Darkwater Defender
Honorific Awards for Hjorygg Hakonarson
Award DateAward  
2013-01-19LDLion d'Or

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