Order of Precedence - Individual Listing

Awards for Heinrich von Holtzpritzer
Award DateTokenAward  
1992-04-25AOAAward of Arms
1992-08-12OESOrder of the Emerald Seas
1993-01-28OWSOrder of the Wyvern's Scale
1994-01-01OWCOrder of the Wyvern's Claw
1994-08-17COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
1995-09-02GOAGrant of Arms
1996-08-16COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
1999-09-04GOAGrant of Arms
1999-09-04OTTOrder of the Triskele Trimaris
2000-08-17OGGOrder of the Golden Galleon
2000-09-03OAOOrder of the Arc d'Or
2000-10-07CBARCourt Baronage
2002-08-15COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2004-01-03OTWTOrder of the Trade Winds, Trimaris
2005-11-12OSTTOrder of the Silver Trident, Trimaris
2006-08-17OAEOrder of the Argent Estoile
2006-10-28OWHOrder of the Wyvern's Heart
2009-06-13OLOrder of the Laurel
2011-08-11COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2014-08-30COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2015-08-06COGCrown's Order of Gratitude
2017-05-28OPOrder of the Pelican
2017-10-28OWWOrder of the Wyvern's Wings
2017-11-05OLHTOrder of the League of Hidden Treasure
Honorific Awards for Heinrich von Holtzpritzer
Award DateAward  

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