Entrant Registration Instructions

What you will need for entering the Arts and Sciences Faire

1.) Find your correct entry level:
Novice: For first time entrants or those entering a particular craft for the first time
Journeyman: For intermediate level entries or very well documented first and second attempts at a craft. Your level of craft and documentation should be moderate.
Artificer: For advanced level entries or experienced Arts and Sciences entrants. Your level of craft and documentation should be advanced.
Masterwork: For master level projects and entrants. Your level of craft and documentation should be highly advanced.
Youth: For youth entries at elementary, middle school and high school age
Each artisan chooses their own level of entry. If you need help figuring out what level you should enter, contact your local Arts and Sciences Minister, the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Minister, a Laurel or anyone who is familiar with Arts and Science Faires. They should be able to help you figure out which entry level to select.

Entry levels are listed alphabetically below.

2.) Download any available guides, handbooks and instructions for your level of entry
Instruction Guides
Documentation Guides
3.) Download the forms for the type of entry you are submitting making sure that you choose the correct entry level. You’ll need three copies of your forms.
Static entry: Use this entry for most art and science entries. Food, illumination, embroidery, etc
Written works: Use this form for poems, stories, songs or any other original written work
Research paper: Use this form for research paper entries
Performance: Use this form for entries that will be performed
4.) Review your instructions, documentation guides and handbooks before you fill out your forms.

5.) If you do not pre-register, bring three copies of your filled out form of the correct level and entry type to the Arts and Sciences Faire.

6.) If you have pre-registered your entry, your forms will be already filled out and waiting for you at the Art and Sciences Faire Registration Desk.