Regional Art Sci Competitions

Come one, come all to the series of Regional Arts and Sciences Faires around the Kingdom!

Bring your works in progress, or your nearly finished projects for review and suggestions. Learn how to enter an arts and sciences faire. Learn how to judge. Get constructive, helpful suggestions to help you ready your projects for Kingdom Art-Sci in January.

Three regional faires

Regional Art-Sci Faires are held three times a year at local Baronial or Shire events.

Every year we designate three faires: a Northern, a Central, and a Southern regional arts & sciences fair. These fairs are not competitions against other entrants. Entrants are gathering information and feedback from judges and other entrants. Projects do not have to be pre-registered, though we do appreciate it!

Northern Regional Faire is held at the Barony of Oldenfeld’s Yule event, usually held in December.

Central Regional Arts & Sciences Faire: Usually hosted by the Barony of Darkwater, at Village Faire in September

Southern Regional Arts & Sciences Faire: Usually hosted by the Shaire of Southkeep, at Ex Opus in October

Please note, these events change every year. Always check the kingdom calendar for updated information.