Trimaris Regalia FAQ

Trimaris Regalia FAQ

What is Regalia in Trimaris?

  • Regalia is property of the Kingdom of Trimaris reserved for the use of the Crown and certain officers in their ceremonial duties. You may be most familiar with the thrones, crowns and coronets used by our royalty but there is certainly a lot more to Kingdom Regalia. Royal table ware, throne cushions, banners, crown boxes, table cloths, cloaks, scroll folders, and a host of other items are used by our Royalty at events they attend. These items are meant to enhance the experience of the Society by providing the trappings of Royalty to those currently Reigning as King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

Who cares for Regalia in Trimaris?

  • The Royal Chamberlain is responsible for storing and maintaining the Regalia of the Kingdom. Also, a Regalia Committee and the Kingdom Financial Committee work with artisans to make sure that items are created as required to be entered into Regalia.

    Royal Chamberlain
    a) Royal Chamberlain shall have custody and maintenance of the Royal Regalia when it is not in use by the Crown.
    b) Royal Chamberlain shall have an acceptable storage facility located near their place of residence (if necessary) available to maintain the Royal Regalia.
    c) Royal Chamberlain shall maintain a written inventory of the Regalia, and keep records of the distribution and the return of Regalia used by the Crown.
    d) Royal Chamberlain shall report to the Kingdom Exchequer
    Which Arms Should be on Regalia?

  • Regalia should only bear Royal Arms and should not be created with a display of personal arms of the King, Queen, Prince or Princess. Items created bearing the personal arms of sitting Royalty are considered to be gifts to that individual and not items to be used permanently as Regalia in Trimaris.

How does an item get created for Regalia?

  • For an items to be accepted into Regalia an artisan should contact the Regalia Committee to find out what items are being requested as additions to the Regalia. The artisan should then complete the Trimaris Regalia Bid form and submit it for consideration the by Committee. Upon accepting the bid form the Regalia Committee will send the artisan a Regalia Item Instruction Packet that will include specification required for design and construction of the item.
  • The Instruction Packet will provide all sorts of requirements to ensure that the Regalia items will have a certain uniformity of design and color so that the Trimaris Regalia items will appear visually similar and thus identifiable as Regalia. The Instruction Packet will also include specifications for construction to ensure that Regalia items will be tough enough to last for many years.
  • Once the artisan has completed their item they will be asked to submit it along with information about the care, handling, and maintenance required to upkeep that item so that it may remain in Regalia for many years.

How do I contact the Regalia Committee?

  • You can contact the Regalia Committee by emailing

Is anything else considered Regalia in Trimaris?

  • Items reserved to members of various Orders in the Kingdom of Trimaris as Regalia include:

    Other Regalia
    1. Members of the Order of the Pelican may wear caps of maintenance of gules, turned plumetty argent goute de sange.
    2. Members of the Order of the Laurel may wear caps of maintenance of vert, turned argent.
    3. Unadorned chains of gold are reserved for use by the Chivalry, but only if they have sworn their fealty to the Crown. Spurs of gold and simple white belts are reserved for use of the Chivalry.
    4. White scarfs worn about the left shoulder are reserved for use by Dons of the Order of the White Scarf.
    5. Persons holding Grants of Arms may wear a collar of badges.
    6. Simple red belts are reserved for use by the direct associates of members of the Order of Chivalry.