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October 3, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

The Iron Ring of Trimaris

What is the Iron Ring of Trimaris?

Begun in 2005, the Iron Ring of Trimaris is a symbol of prowess (and only prowess) in rapier fighting.  The only way to acquire it is to successfully challenge the current bearer.  The format of the challenge is fixed.

To declare the challenge, the challenger declares to the current bearer “I request the challenge of the iron ring,” or similar phrase.  The challenge should be issued loudly enough for the immediate populace to hear.  Should then multiple challengers come forward, the challengers must decide amongst themselves who has the right to challenge for the ring.

  • The bearer of the Iron Ring may be challenged at any event or practice where the bearer is fully armored for rapier combat and wearing the ring upon their person.
  • The bearer must accept at least one challenge when properly challenged, and up to 3 challengers at the bearer’s discretion.
  • The Iron Ring may change hands only once per day.
  • The challenge shall be made while both participants are properly armored for the field and there is still opportunity to fight.
  • The challenge must be (reasonably) met before said armor is removed, else the bearer forfeits the ring.
  •  Weapons styles are chosen by the challenger, and may change between points.  Styles may not include Cut and Thrust Rapier and must include a heavy rapier.  Dagger fights are not permitted.
  • It is the duty of the outgoing ring bearer to make sure the incoming bearer is aware of these rules.
  • The Iron Ring of Trimaris is accompanied by a notebook where the bearers of the ring may record their bearing, and add notes on their challengers as desired.
  • The Iron Ring may not leave the borders of Trimaris.  If the bearer moves, it is their responsibility to hand the Iron Ring off to a steward before departing our shores.

Past bearers of the Iron Ring of Trimaris.

Note that many of these gentles have borne the Ring multiple times

  • Arnaz
  • Silvain
  • Matthias von Greifsburg
  • Hrothgar Feilan
  • Reinhardt Zuidam
  • Trapon
  • Aedan
  • Breannan the Misguided
  • Brother Ronan
  • Iain of Seamarch
  • Davius St. Jacques
  • Sibilla Daine
  • Zhao Fong
  • Seamus Mac Dubghaill
  • Philippe Du Pont
  • James Highgate
  • Brian Robertson
  • Lee Isbell
  • Giovanni di Castlemere
  • Agustin de Leon
  • Sergio Gustavo de Leon