Recent Kingdom Notes

December 6, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Award

Award: Order of the Golden Calon Swan
Award Description: Given to those who have shown promise and growth in their chosen art(s) and some knowledge of its history, and who have assisted others in the practice of said art(s).
Kingdom of Origin: Calontir
Opened: 05/01/1966
Award Date Companion Name
05/21/1983 Safiya bint Suleiman
05/06/1995 Catherine Browne of Coventry
01/03/1998 Isabella Julietta Diego y Vega
08/22/1998 Jazelle Rae de Leyster
05/13/2000 Gwenllyan verch Morgan
01/11/2003 Juliana Foxcroft
03/12/2016 Christine Chabrier
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