Recent Kingdom Notes

September 26, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Award

Award: Order of Saint John's Castle
Award Description: The Order of Saint Johns Castle may be bestowed for exemplary service to the Barony of Castlemere. This award comes with an Award of Arms.
Kingdom of Origin: Trimaris
Opened: 05/01/1966
Award Date Companion Name
01/23/2016 Cullen mcPetir MacGregor
01/23/2016 Aoife inghean Cailein
01/23/2016 Eliza MacGregor
01/23/2016 Gunther von Waldherz
01/23/2016 Xena Satarrah Azati Bint el Waha al Mokdokht
10/20/2018 Kenet of Ravens Clough
10/20/2018 Mayken van der Alst
02/16/2019 Cara Angiola de Boccaccio
03/26/2022 Miyamoto Aki
03/26/2022 Miyamoto Toramasa
11/16/2022 Sythean Lina Chandler
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