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March 3, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Award

Award: Order of the Cairn of Oldenfeld
Award Description: The Order of the Cairn of Oldenfeld may be bestowed for service to the barony of Oldenfeld.
Kingdom of Origin: Trimaris
Opened: 05/02/2008
Award Date Companion Name
05/03/2008 Cedric of Dorchester
05/03/2008 Genevieve de Mullet Trois
05/03/2008 Victor Hildebrand von Koln
05/03/2008 Octavio de Flores
05/03/2008 Grainne Ingen Anloin meic Cerbaill
05/03/2008 Eoin an Eich Ghil mac Cionaodha
05/02/2009 Mairi Ceilidh
05/02/2009 Bridghde nic Ghillelaidir
12/08/2012 Ardien Dochesefford
05/04/2013 Miklos von Baeker
05/04/2013 Simon Maurus of the Argent Quill
05/04/2013 Marie le Mains
05/02/2015 Umbler the Mumbler
05/02/2015 Athelyna de Oldenfeld
12/12/2015 Adsiltia filia Honorii
04/30/2016 Theodora Perplexa
10/01/2016 Seamus mac Dhughaill
02/04/2017 Lisa Dochesefford
04/29/2017 Aurelia Cassia Pelagia
04/29/2017 Charles Ashton
04/28/2018 William Ulf
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