Recent Kingdom Notes

September 30, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Tomas mac Odhrain

Blazon: Per chevron azure and sable, a chevron raguly on the upper edge between two quill pens bendwise sinister and a halberd argent.
Award Date Award Name Award Token
1993-10-23 Award of Arms AOA
1994-10-29 Order of the Wyvern's Scale OWS
2000-10-07 Order of the Wyvern's Claw OWC
2000-10-07 Order of the Watchful Flame OWF
2003-01-04 Grant of Arms GOA
2003-05-24 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2009-03-28 Flower of Chivalry FC
2009-04-25 Order of the Argent Scales OAST
2009-05-23 Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris OWST
2009-10-24 Order of the Argent Morningstar of Trimaris OMS
2010-10-30 Order of the Herald's Tressure, Trimaris OHTT
2011-01-15 Order of the Guard, Trimaris OGT
2011-09-02 Order of the Triskele Trimaris OTT
2012-03-16 Order of Trimarian Gratitude OTG
2013-03-28 Trimarian Lancer TL
2013-07-31 Lion d'Or LD
2014-08-07 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2014-08-07 Trimarian Lancer TL
2014-11-15 Order of the Pelican OP
2015-12-06 Order of the Golden Standard OGS
2016-09-03 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2018-03-15 Trimarian Lancer TL
2021-02-06 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2021-09-04 Court Baronage CBAR
2022-04-01 Trimarian Lancer TL
2022-05-07 Flower of Chivalry FC
2022-08-10 Order of the Dragon's Tooth ODT
2022-08-10 Order of the Gray Beard OGB
2022-08-10 Order of Trimarian Gratitude OTG
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