Recent Kingdom Notes

February 26, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Thorstenn the WrongHand

Blazon: Argent, a bull's head cabossed between three triskeles azure.
Award Date Award Name Award Token
2000-11-04 Order of the League of Hidden Treasure OLHT
2002-05-25 Award of Arms AOA
2003-05-10 Order of the Defenders of Darkwater ODD
2003-05-25 Order of the Argent Morningstar of Trimaris OMS
2004-10-09 Order of the Silver Shield, Trimaris OSST
2005-09-04 Order of Chivalry KSCA
2006-03-17 Order of the Argent Palm OAP
2006-04-01 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2006-10-14 Order of the Trefoil Argent OTAT
2008-03-29 County CNTY
2009-03-28 Duchy DCHY
2014-04-12 Trimarian Lancer TL
2014-11-01 Trimarian Lancer TL
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