Recent Kingdom Notes

February 26, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Miklos von Baeker

Blazon: Quarterly argent and purpure, two kettle drums bendwise sinister argent, a bordure counterchanged.
Award Date Award Name Award Token
0000-00-00 Trimarian Lancer TL
2006-04-29 Award of Arms AOA
2006-04-29 Order of the Beacon of Oldenfeld OBO
2008-05-25 Order of the Watchful Flame OWF
2008-09-27 Order of the Argent Palm OAP
2009-03-19 Lion d'Or LD
2009-03-28 Order of the Lion's Paw of Oldenfeld OLP
2009-12-12 Order of the Argent Morningstar of Trimaris OMS
2010-03-27 Order of the Golden Galleon OGG
2010-08-13 Lion d'Or LD
2011-02-05 Order of the Argent Scales OAST
2011-09-04 Lion d'Or LD
2012-05-27 Order of the Guard, Trimaris OGT
2012-05-27 Grant of Arms GOA
2012-11-10 Trimarian Lancer TL
2013-01-12 Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris OWST
2013-05-04 Territorial Baronage TBAR
2013-05-04 Order of the Cairn of Oldenfeld OTC
2013-05-04 Order of the Silver Acorn of Oldenfeld OSAO
2013-07-31 Trimarian Lancer TL
2014-10-18 Augmentation of Arms ARMS
2015-05-02 Order of the Gray Beard OGB
2016-02-20 Order of the Serpent's Coils OSC
2016-04-09 Lion d'Or LD
2017-04-29 Court Baronage CBAR
2018-10-20 Order of Saint John's Bridge OSJB
2019-04-06 Order of Defense OOD
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