Recent Kingdom Notes

December 9, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Kaðlín Kahlan Stertikona

Award Date Award Name Award Token
0000-00-00 Order of the Argent Sword of Trimaris OASW
2010-10-23 Award of Arms AOA
2015-04-04 Order of Trimarian Gratitude OTG
2015-04-04 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2018-03-16 Order of the Argent Morningstar of Trimaris OMS
2018-03-31 Grant of Arms GOA
2018-03-31 Order of the Trefoil Argent OTAT
2018-11-10 Order of the Argent Estoile OAE
2020-10-10 Order of the Argent Palm OAP
2022-03-17 Order of the Cross of St. Joan OCSJ
2022-09-03 Order of the Emerald Seas OES
2022-09-04 Order of the Silver Shield, Trimaris OSST
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