Recent Kingdom Notes

December 6, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Logan Blackwoulfe

Blazon: Quarterly gules and argent, a wolf rampant reguardant sable, crowned Or, between four crescents in saltire counterchanged, a bordure embattled sable.
Award Date Award Name Award Token
1992-05-30 Award of the Talon of the Phoenix ATP
1992-08-12 Award of Arms AOA
1993-04-17 Award of the Drakken Egg ADE
1993-04-17 Order of the Phoenix's Claw CPC
1993-05-27 Award of the Shark's Tooth AST
1994-12-10 Award of the Flame of the Phoenix AFP
1996-02-17 Augmentation of Arms ARMS
1996-02-17 Order of the Sea Stag CSS
1996-08-17 Order of Chivalry KSCA
1997-04-05 County CNTY
1997-08-13 Augmentation of Arms ARMS
1998-03-21 Duchy DCHY
1998-09-12 Order of the Golden Dolphin CGD
1998-09-12 Award of the Undine COU
2001-04-28 Order of the Sacred Stone CoSS
2004-12-18 Order of the Coral Branch CoCB
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