Recent Kingdom Notes

March 1, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Theron Andronikos

Blazon: Gules, a heron contourny within a bordure rayonny Or.
Award Date Award Name Award Token
2003-11-15 Order of the Silver Osprey CSO
2004-06-12 Award of the Shark's Tooth AST
2004-08-19 Order of the Sea Hawk CoSH
2004-09-18 Award of the Shark's Tooth AST
2004-11-20 Champion of Dun Carraig CDCC
2006-02-25 Order of the Silver Blade CSB
2006-05-28 Augmentation of Arms ARMS
2006-05-28 Company of the Sergeants of Saint Aidan CSA
2006-07-22 Order of the Kraken OOK
2006-09-23 Award of the Shark's Tooth AST
2007-06-23 Carraig Uaine Mark of Excellence CME
2007-08-07 Order of the Sea Stag CSS
2007-08-07 Baroness' Award of Courtesy BAC
2008-02-09 Order of Chivalry KSCA
2009-08-05 Queen's Order of Courtesy CQC
2013-08-31 Baroness' Award of Courtesy BAC
2013-11-02 Order of the Golden Dolphin CGD
2017-08-06 Company of Wayfarers of Dun Carraig CCW
2018-03-15 Crown's Order of Gratitude COG
2019-01-05 Order of the Wyvern's Heart OWH
2019-10-26 Flower of Chivalry FC
2020-09-26 Order of the Gray Beard OGB
2021-09-04 Order of the Argent Palm OAP
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