Recent Kingdom Notes

December 1, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Order of Precedence – Individual

Awards for Gavin MacFergus

Award Date Award Name Award Token
Order of the Kitty Hawk OKH
Order of the Tempest OTWH
0000-00-00 Order of the Trade Winds, Trimaris OTWT
1991-10-26 Award of Arms AOA
1993-09-11 Order of the Sea Stag CSS
2000-06-17 Award of the Shark's Tooth AST
2000-08-17 Baron's Award of Excellence BAE
2000-10-28 Order of the Golden Dolphin CGD
2015-12-05 Award of the Purple Fret APF
2016-12-03 Order of the Silver Oak OSO
2017-08-07 Court Baronage CBAR
2017-12-06 Order of the Red Company ORC
2021-06-12 Order of the Argent Estoile OAE
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