Order of Precedence – Kingdom Awards

Awards for OutKingdom
Ermine and Gauntlet - EG
Flame of Pharos - FP
Golden Reflection of Loch Salann - GR
Golden Scarf - GOS
Gratia et Comitas - GC
Gryphon's Heart of Artemesia - GH
Gryphon's Talon - GT
Key Cross - KC
Order of the Argent Plume of Sentinels Keep - APSK
Order of the Golden Feather of Artemisia - GF
Order of the Golden Maple Leaf - GML
Order of the Golden Pillar - GPA
Order of the Heart of the Keep - HKSK
Order of the Jewel of the Keep - JKSK
Order of the White Scarf Artemesia - OWSAR
Queen's Confidence of Artemisia - QCA
Quodlibet - Q
White Duck - WD