Order of Precedence – Kingdom Awards

Awards for OutKingdom
Defenders of the West - DW
Honor of the Far West Support - FSW
Baronial Service
Order of the Attic Helm - COAH
Baronial Combat Order
Order of the Burdened Bouget - BBB
Baronial Service Order
Order of the Empty Shell - COES
Baronial Participation & Support
Order of the Golden Poppy - GP
Order of the Hibiscus - COH
Baronial Courtest and Grace Award
Order of the Leaf of Merit - OLM
Order of the Leaping Dolphin - OLD
Baronial Coronet Service Order
Order of the Oriental Dragon - COD
Baronial Arts & Sciences Order
Order of the Voyager - OTV
Queen's Champion (West) - QC
Queen's Guard - QG
Wreath of Chivalry - WOC