Website Updates

New Items on website since launch of new website Mid August 2018

New/Modified Items:
– Newcomer Info Link
– Local Groups cleaned up and hopefully easier to find
– Newcomer Portal: Links to the society marketing website
– Link to the SCA’s Membership portal to buy or renew memberships

– Completely restructured event system
· FAR greater accuracy of mapping event sites
· Link Events directly to your Google or Iphone Calendar
· Ability to include far greater information on an event
– Easier link to Epay. (Working on having the link out to Epay on valid events inside the event detail page)

– Cleaned up the display for the Crown, Coronet, and Landed Nobility to better display on mobile devices
– Royal Armorial has photos of the crowns from AS 42 to present. (If anyone has good portrait like photos of prior crowns please send them in)
– Award Recommendation form works on mobile devices much easier now.

Officer Pages
– All officer data is now pulled from a database so we can better handle warranting notices, vacancy notices, and meet privacy requirements on a person by person basis as per the Society Webminister Handbook dated 2011 from a central point with greater accuracy.
– All officer reports have been cleaned up for mobile usage as well as uniformity.
– Order of Precedence has had major changes.
· Individual Person’s OP display now has a button at the top to take you to the Award Recommendation for that person.
· All awards now have a “▼” in the right corner of their name. Clicking that award will show additional details on that specific award, including Kingdom, Crown, and Event award was presented — if we have the data on it –.
· As the team has time, we will be adding in the blazen for devices as well. This is a manual process so may take some time, please be patient.

Peerage Pages
– Each peerage has its own roll of membership ordered by the date of award.
– Each peerage has its own armorial driven from the Order of Precedence.

Tasks still in under development:
■ Adding Blazens for each Individual in the OP
■ Alternate Display of Individual OP by Category of Awards
■ Clean up of Display of the Event Calendar and Event Detail Pages
■ File Repository for Forms, Handbooks, Documents & Images etc al.

08/26/2018 — OP Update
10/06/2018 — OP Update