Open Positions/Volunteer Opportunities

Carrack Herald (North, South, East, West) – Regional Carrack Heralds assist the Coracle Herald in bringing classes on all subjects of heraldry to local groups of each region and supporting local heralds through mentor-ship.

Mast Herald – The Silent Herald for the Kingdom of Trimaris
encourages the study and practice of silent heraldry within the Kingdom of Trimaris, and serves as a contact for autocrats wishing to organize the service of a silent herald for court

Kingdom Art-Sci Expos – an initiative administered by the Kingdom Art-Sci Expo Deputy(s) under the auspices of the Kingdom Art-Sci Officer. Its mission is to promote hands-on pre-17th century learning with how-to education applicable to the pursuits of the SCA.
The Art-Sci Expos promote the development of teachers of all levels with a focus on structured teaching boards, open arts display (with or without feedback), and real hands-on teacher/student mentoring. Organizing and promoting the expos takes a team of two coordinators. The Expo Coordinators are also deputies of the Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, and part of the job is training to replace the Chancellor of Trimaris Royal University. This position is a two-year commitment.
To apply, please email your SCA resume and a brief email describing why you would enjoy this position to Madhavi Dasi, OL at by November 1, 2020.

Pennsic Exchequer – Have you ever wondered just how Pennsic happens, the planning, the expense, where your fees go? Do you have the time, energy and commitment to become a Pennsic Officer? If so, apply to be the Pennsic Exchequer. This is a volunteer position involving a very large commitment of time and energy. Only serious applicants should reply.

Hourly commitment expected:
1) During Pennsic, 6-8 hours per day from Opening Day through final Saturday. Ability to arrive a week Prior to the Start of the event a Major Plus.
2) Attend both weekend planning sessions, November and May.
3) 5-15+ hours per week for the remainder of the year.

1) Work with the Pennsic Mayors to create and maintain a budget, with detail down to department expense levels.
2) Report regularly to the Pennsic Financial Committee and the Kingdom Seneschal Group on activities relating to Pennsic finances.
3) Report directly to the Society Exchequer using SCA standard financial reporting forms.
4) Serve as a subject-matter expert in determining allowable expenditures.
5) Travel to two planning meetings (November and May).
6) Be on-site for the entire Pennsic War (Both Weeks) and be available on site during the week preceding the war if possible.
7) Hold regular “office hours” during war and monitor a radio and/or pager for the entire war.
8) Work with the Cooper’s Lake staff to coordinate resources and funds transfers.

Skills and resources required:
1) Moderate to expert knowledge of Microsoft Excel.
2) Moderate to expert knowledge of QuickBooks and QuickBooks Online.
3) Moderate to expert knowledge of SCA reports
4) Experience as an SCA Exchequer preferred, but not required
4) Accounting/bookkeeping experience desired.
5) Reliable phone and email access.
6) Ability and willingness to communicate to several people over long distances.

Successful applicants will be expected to attend Pennsic for the entire war.

Please send applications (modern resume and SCA activity summary) to Application period closes 11:59pm EST, September 1, 2020.

Please direct any questions to the Acting Pennsic Exchequer
It is the hope of the Pennsic Financial Committee to complete the selection process by November 1, 2020.