Open Positions/Volunteer Opportunities

Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences, Trimaris

A Pre-emptive Thank You
Should you volunteer, the KMOAS’ job is to prepare you for the next step. You will not be asked more than you can do and will not be burdened beyond your capabilities. If you are interested in testing the waters and seeing if being the future KMOAS is for you, contact today. The KMOAS is eager to speak with you and even if it isn’t this go ’round – maybe it will be the next. Armed with Knowledge, we can accomplish more, better. Volunteers are the lifeblood of the SCA. Just for reading this, you are appreciated!

Ideal Qualifications:

The BEST candidate will be selected from those who apply and ideally meet the following:

– Have entered a Kingdom and/OR Regional Art Sci Competition (ANY level / ANY score)
– Have judged a Kingdom and/OR Regional Art Sci Entry
– Have attended a Kingdom Art Sci Competition event (because you can enter and not attend)
– Have attended an Art Sci Expo
– Have witnessed a Laureate Competition
– Have attended one or more Trimaris Royal Universities
– Are comfortable communicating digitally: Zoom, FB, Gmail, and/or Discord

Note: If all of the above does not apply, THAT IS OK! But the above list is ideal for this KMOAS to feel comfortable recommending you to the Crown and Society as Successor, given our digital age and the practical job perspective helpful in doing right by our ever growing Art Sci community. Any of the above can be accomplished in your training tenure. Exceptions as applicable, per outcome of position consultation with KMOAS. When in doubt – apply. Let’s chat!

Greater Officer Responsibility Summary (See Kingdom Law for in depth breakdown):
Kingdom-Law-August-2019.pdf (,

Must remain in Fealty; attend one Kingdom Coronation, one Crown Tournament, one Arts and Sciences Faire, plus one other Kingdom level event per calendar year after their appointment; are responsible for training, warranting, and reporting of Local and Deputy Officers; are members of the Kingdom Financial committee and are responsible for approving and implementing the Annual Budget; will issue reports to the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal, and their local officers on a quarterly basis; within 15 (business) days after Crown List all Greater Officers will present to the Crown Prince and Princess a written report on the state of their office, including their names, addresses, and phone numbers, and those of the deputies to their Office – see Kingdom Law for exact wording and specifics.

The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Specific Responsibilities (Kingdom Law):

a) The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences is responsible for the fostering of the Arts and Sciences in the Kingdom of Trimaris.

b) The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences will regularly sponsor classes, symposia, and other educational seminars in conjunction with Trimarian Royal University.

c) The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences will coordinate activities at the Kingdom Art-Science Fairs.

d) The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences oversees the Deputy Office of Trimarian Royal University Chancellor.

e) The Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences reports to the Society Minister of Arts and Sciences and to the Kingdom Seneschal.

Successor KMOAS Training Expectations:

The Successor KMOAS is expected to attend the majority of Official MOAS and Kingdom Deputy Art Sci meetings, subject to change and as set forth by the KMOAS, in order to remain informed and act as a resource for said information on the state of Arts and Sciences in the Kingdom.

The Successor KMOAS will partner with the KMOAS in training and Kingdom Arts and Sciences Initiatives in coordination and under the directive of the KMOAS for the purposes of hands-on training and Art Sci Community engagement. This will help in fostering confidence in both the future KMOAS/Art Sci leader and said community.

The Successor KMOAS MUST be acceptable to the Society MOAS and the Crown to be sworn into the role of KMOAS. At any time, the Successor KMOAS may decline the offering of the Greater Officer position. Likewise, should the Successor KMOAS be deemed unacceptable by Society or the Crown Trimaris for any reason at any time, they may be removed as Successor KMOAS (Just as is the case with the KMOAS position – and all Greater Officer Positions).

Have FUN! And Foster Art Sci Fun and Learning in the Kingdom!

Carrack Herald (North, South, East, West) – Regional Carrack Heralds assist the Coracle Herald in bringing classes on all subjects of heraldry to local groups of each region and supporting local heralds through mentor-ship.

Mast Herald – The Silent Herald for the Kingdom of Trimaris
encourages the study and practice of silent heraldry within the Kingdom of Trimaris, and serves as a contact for autocrats wishing to organize the service of a silent herald for court