Quarterly Hospitaller Report

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SCA Name, Mundane Name, Email AND/OR Phone #
What did your office do last quarter? List classes given (including class title, teacher and location), demos participated in, meetings attended, letters or articles printed in the local newsletter, information published on a web site (official or unofficial – with web site address), etc
Have you encountered any problems with your office? Have the issues been resolved? If so, how? If not, would you like assistance with the problem?
Do you have any Good Things to report?
Do you have any suggestions or concerns for the Kingdom Hospitaller?
How many new paid members joined your group in the last quarter? (estimated)
How many new unpaid members have begun participating with your group? (estimated)
How many contacts and prospects contacted you in the last quarter?
How many new contacts and prospects were brought in by other people in your group?
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