Crown Lyst Requirements

From King Kurn and Queen Maisie, unto the Populace of Trimaris, greetings.

We must have Heirs. Please be reminded of the extension for Letters of Intent. They are due October 13, 2019. Requests to fight in Crown may be sent via email to

Crown Tournament Format:

Double Elimination
Each round prior to the Finals shall be a single fight.
Prior to the Finals, Combatants may select any weapon style they desire


Combatants reaching the Finals shall receive a clean slate
Be prepared to fight in any weapon style in the Finals
There will be no back-up weapons
Finals will be best 3 out of 5.
Rounds shall consist of the following weapon style options listed below in the order the Crown desires:

Matched Bucklers (Provided they are 14.5 inches in diameter)
Queen’s Choice
King’s Choice
Fighter’s Choice
Sword and Shield