Trimaris History – 1981


Darkwater’s Twelfth Night
(in a letter to Lord Michael, Lady Eleana Ruelladar, Seneschal of Darkwater recapped Darkwater’s activities from Jan to April ’80. She explained that Theo, who is their historian, could not report. “He has cut way back on all activities on the advice of his doctor. His glaucoma has gotten worse and he won’t be taking an active roll in the shire until it improves)
1/81 Darkwater held a Twelfth Night party which was well attended. Most of Darkwater’s members came and all brought guests, there were at least 15 people there. Also present were Methelredd, his lady and Lady Strider from Starhaven. Two new medieval recipes (one for spiced beef and the other for a traditional “three kings” cake were tried out, the food was a success and there were no leftovers. The party resulted in our gaining 3 new members, Laynor Kastor, Baldain of Rovinghearth, and Leigh-Norah of Woodsmere.

Heraldry Class
1-8-81 The Canton of Mathom Trove put on a Heraldry class at the Shire of Blackthorne

A Meeting of Magi
1-9/11-81, celebration in commemoration of the 3rd annual celebration of the Shire of Southkeype’s Twelfth Night held at the K.O.A. campground in south Miami. Featured was Live Archery Tournament, fighter’s list, a Collegium, and a contest for Magicians, Wizards, Sorcerers and Witches for the title of Arch-Mage. First prize is a staff of power made of redwood and inlaid with silver and copper (all acts must be approved by the autocrats). The autocrats were listed as Dorian and Alexander Mareschal. as seneschal.

Orange Park Mall Demo
1-10-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the Orange Park Mall in Orange Park. They had dancing, singing, a fighting demo, Costume and artwork displays as well as theatrics with ladies fainting as fighting gentlemen bit the dust. This was covered in a full page article and photos in Clay Today, on 1-12-81 and there was also coverage by ABC TV affiliate WTLV, Channel 12, Jacksonville.

Twelfth Night Revel
1-10-81, the Barony of An Crosaire had their Twelfth Night celebration with members of the shire, Mathom Trove and Oldenfeld.

Hero of the Chalice Tourney
The Barony of Wyvernwood once again hosted the Hero of the Chalice Tourney on 1-16/18-81 at Keystone. The listed autocrats were Lord Yushio Kamashita, Baron Wyverwood, Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Agrippina di Conti, Lady Sieglinda von Truso (feastcrat). Attendance was 120 overnight guests and 126 for feast.
His Majesty Sir Beorn, Baron Regent Axemoor, Lord Santos, Baron Wyvernwood, Lord Yushio, Baron and Baroness An Crosaire, Sire Tetsuo and Mistress Kimineko, Lady Antonia, Kingdom Seneschal, and Sir Bruno von der Eiche and his Lady Kathea von Linz graced the head table along with Lord Alberich Peregrinator and his lady, in honor of his victory in the Hero of the Chalice List. Lord Alberich also became Regional Knight’s Marshal this day.
In Court, Alexander Mareschal, Oriana Goldenhair, Robin Everton and Ragnar the Ruthless were given their AOA’s. Oriana also received the Order of the Wyvern’s Claw. The Baron of Wyvernwood was presented with a ring of Chivalry by the ladies of the barony. Entertainment after the list was a demonstration of the trebuchet by Lord John. At the feast Lord Jed Silverstar sang, Morric Haast sang “Lord John” and the guests enjoyed the two belly dancers. Master Tally raised $315.00 for the King’s Travel Fund through an auction. Curia was held by his Majesty on Sunday morning, primary theme was principality status.
The Historian from the Barony of An Crosaire reported that Ropesle fought in the list, Holtmar, Ara, Hollin and Yari entered the games competition with Yari tying for first. Holtmar,Cedrin, Sir Tetsuo and Siobhan put up displays. In all 12 members of An Crosaire attended the event.

1-24-81, The Canton of Mathom Trove held “Uphalladag – Norse Mid-Winter Festival”

Winter Stars
1-23/25-81 The Shire of Starhaven held their anniversary event “Winter Stars II.” They reported that attendance was sparse due to the Barony of Wyvernwoode’s event with His Majesty the week before and a lot of flu. There were two from Darkwater, five from Sea March and 10 from Starhaven. There was only 2 fighters (Hyphen and Methylred) present so no list was held. However, an archery competition was held with Ingram being the winner.

Miami Renaissance Faire Demo
2/81 – the Shire of Southkeep held a demo at the Miami Renaissance Faire

OmniCon Demo
2/81 – The Shire of Southkeep had a demo at OmniCon

Rock Lake Middle School Demo
2/81 – Boyd, Eldred and Lady Eleana of Darkwater did a 2 hour talk on costuming, arms, armor, heraldry, with a fighting demo, for the gifted learners at Rock Lake Middle School.
The Shire of Oldenfeld’s Historian, Linnea Sparrowhawk reported that Katherine Gildenvox resigned her seneschalate and was replaced by Suzanne Renee Barineau. We held Baronial elections for the second time, electing Ld Alberick Pergrinator. She went on to say that on 2-14-81, Umble the Mumbler arranged for the members of Oldenfeld to attend the Florida State University Valentine’s Day Arts and Crafts Fair. A videotape was played and was essentially ignored except for the fighting and the singing/playing by Jed Silverstar.

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Held at Otter Springs on 2-13/16-81. The Shire of Blackthorne Seneschal John McKnight was co- autocrat of this event with Lord Yari Sakura of An Crosaire. McKnight also taught a class on dialects and Elspeth MacNaughton taught a class on costuming. Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo, of Blackthorne served as herald at the court of Sir Sakura Tetsuo, Baron An Crosaire, under the direction of Lady Cher de Bellevue. Blackthorne members attending were Maedhrous Carrelli, Dainaid O’llanrhyddad, Camille Laughton, Margarette Ranvier, Ravenna McNamara, Elspeth MacNaughton, Francis Moore, John McKnight, Morgana merch Morgan, Danielle di Bottecetto, Demian Lucas, Diego Alvares, Capt. Alexander Woodshaw, and Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo.
The Barony of An Crosaire’s historian reported the event was rather laid back, not much was scheduled other than the massacre, which Lord Reikin ap Grugach of Sea March won. Alastair the Wanderer won the best death competition. Elspeth-Jean was given her AOA at Baronial Court. Approximately 22 members from An Crosaire attended. This event was enjoyed by members from Wyvernwood, Blackthorne, Castlemere, Starhaven, Sea March, Sangre del Sol, South Keype, Darkwater, Mathom Trove and Narval Dorado. This event was covered in a full page article with color photos in the 2-22-81 issue of the Florida Times Union, Arts & Leisure section, Jacksonville and was also filmed by Channel 5, Gainesville PBS station.
Historical Note: For years after, members of An Crosaire and others throughout the kingdom talked about this event for several reasons. For instance, it was one of the coldest events anyone had attended – all together now – how cold was it? Legend has it that a squirrel fell out of a tree, either striking or near missing Cher (tales vary). When examined, it was apparent that the squirrel had frozen to death. No one could believe that it was that cold so Cher took the squirrel back and autopsied it in her lab – and yes it had frozen to death. Although the official report of the event did not mention this occurrance, 1982’s advertisement for St. Val’s states “yes! the squirrel was frozen.” This might also explain why this St. Val’s was so laid back, everyone was too cold to do more than huddle around a fire. Otter Springs was a primitive campground!

At the 2-19-81 meeting of the Shire of Blackthorne, Seneschal Jon McKnight appointed Morgana merch Morgan as Chronicler and Historian and Diego Alvarez as Scribe. Maedhrous Carrelli was elected as the new Seneschal and Ravenna McNamara became Deputy Seneschal. At the 2-26-81 meeting the spelling of the shire’s name was officially changed from Blackthorn to Blackthorne.(Historian’s quarterly report)

Wyvernwood’s historian, Lady Robin Everton, reports that Dr. Van Neste approached Lady Oriana about doing a lecture on Medieval Costuming for his class “Medieval Society” at USF. On 2-20-81, Lady Oriana, Lady Kathea von Linz, Lady Robin Everton, Arielle and some male volunteers from the class donned our finest and showed up. Most of the reaction was favorable except for an American History professor or two. We met with warm reception from the class members and Dr. Van Neste. Since Lady Kathea has been a member of the SCA for 8 years, she came equipped with numerous costumes and was designated to “field” the questions. This was a very successful venture in may ways. For us, it was four first time teaching a class of college students, and for them it was a different approach to the subject matter.

Also from Wyvernwood -“The Stomp” wood working classes, archery and fighter practice was held on 2-21-81, organized by Lady Kathea, Lady Oriana, Lord Ragnar, and held at the home of Lord Ragnar, Deputy Wyvernwood Arts Officer. It is called “the stomp” because that is how prints are done, they get inked, placed and stomped! Lady Kathea suggested that the Barony make up a backdrop for feasts, etc. to give the area a more medieval ambience. She and her husband, Sir Bruno von der Eiche set about designing the patterns for the linoleum block prints. Sir Bruno did the actual designs and cut the blocks. Lady Kathea purchased a sheet and blocked it off making it ready for the rest of the work.

On Saturday, most of the Barony showed up for the combination fighter practice, archery practice and the stomp. Since the drop was not completed a second stomp was held on 2-28-81.

World’s End Revel
2-21-81, World’s End Mini-Collegium Revel, held at the Day Community Center, Day FL., autocrated by Mandrigal of Mu at World’s End. Oldenfeld joined in the fighting and taught several classes.

Lord Alexander Mareschal stated in the Sargassum Sentinel, Vol.III, No.3, May AS XVI “Six months ago, Southkeype had one fighter and no armor. We now have a number of fighters (about 3 or 4) all with no armor. We also have one fighter who has a fairly complete set of armor. Com on, all the rest of you, let’s all try to be ready for the Grand Melee at TMT….Membership looks good also…people are coming to us…and our numbers are growing steadily. There will be a party at Ardelin’s, this will be his last meeting with Southkeype.
Listed officers of Southkeype as of May AS XVI:
Seneschal – Alexander Mareschal
Herald – Narwen Malalda
Master of Arts/Science – Dorian
Chirurgeon – Jhanara of Asengarth
Reeve – Merlyn-Thar-Aelintaur
Deputy Reeve – Peter of Corimel
Marshal – Ananda Gaudior
Magister – Totoya Kato

Raa Middle School Demo
3-6-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo at Augusta Raa Middle School’s annual Medieval Field Day, which was a period riot in imitation of a street full of vendors, etc. After Oldenfeld’s fighting demo, they had to stop several of theirs.

Triad Arts and Science
3-6/8-81, sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood and co-autocrated by Nicolai Starytsin. The Shire of Blackthorne’s Historian reported that Danielle di Bottecetto and Elena de Castellanas y Guallardo were 2 of 3 models for the class on hairstyles, hats and makeup – with Danielle being made up as a Byzantine and Elena as an Elizabethan. Elena who is Blackthorne’s herald was selected to herald at King Beorn’s Court on the even of 3-7-81. Elspeth MacNaughton presented King Beorn with a roll of “Beorn-blue” trim and later performed several Scottish dances to tunes played by the King’s piper.
The Barony of An Crosaire reported that 14 members attended. Kawaishi taught Enro making, Kirigirisu taught Japanese garnishes, Mistress Kimi taught Japanese costume and Cher taught Heraldry. Cadwallen received an AOA.

Oldenfeld Anniversary Revel
3-14-81, Oldenfeld had their Anniversary Revel which was autocrated by Sean Ecrivain, the shire’s chronicler.

Castlemere’s Revel
3-28-81, Castlemere had a Renaissance Party/Revel at the Nottingham Apartments club house. Lord Alexander of Castlemere reported “The chief autocrat was Cheryl Lewis, who did a commendable job, though aging visibly. Alicia and Wendy were aided by many new members in making this a showcase event. For a first event it went better than most which I have attended.” There were approximately 75 people present (12 members of Blackthorne, per their historian). Baron Master Taliesynne presided at the court and feast, instructing those present in court protocol. He escorted Blackthorne member Dainaid O’llanrhyddad, who sat at head table. Blackthorne’s herald, Elena, was herald for the protocol session.

Cloverwood Keep Revel
3/81, The “Cloverwood Keep Revel” celebrated the formation of a new household in Narval Dorado. The revel was held at Cloverwood Keep.

Trident Tourney
3-28/29-81, this event was Darkwater’s first real event with 27 people attending from Darkwater, Starhaven, Sea March, Sangre del Sol and South Keype. The event was held at Widham Park in Melbourne. There were six fighters, with Hyphen winning the Hero of the Trident list. Marie from Darkwater won the Bells and Pillow list. The shire created an award for outstanding service called the “Order of the Dolphin Chalice” and Boyd O Flame was given the first membership in this order.
(Lady Eleana went on to say) Leigh-Norah has become one of our most active members and did a lot of work for this event. The shire’s herald, Alanor, was absent since her marriage in February and Leigh- Norah was made deputy herald. Since Alanor failed to send in reports prior to this, Lady Cher made Leigh-Norah Darkwater’s herald.

3/81 West Isles held a revel

Shire of Sirrush Mir founded
3-28-81 The Shire of Sirrush Mir (Daytona Beach) was founded.
Talewinds Vol.2,no.8 August AS XVIII What was to become the Shire of Sirrush Mir began in a conversation between Leijka Isilinde, known as Moonsinger, and a mildly interested mundane who was to become Atalaya la Sandora. Many months passed as Moonsinger contacted various society folk to obtain information on the creation of a shire. On March 28, AS XV, an informative meeting was held at the local library to which Moonsinger brought costumes, pictures, and various society implements. Four similar meetings were held and the group grew in number. With Moonsinger as the founding Seneschal, the meetings were moved to the campus of the Daytona Beach Community College. On November 21, AS XVI the shire rallied to host its first event, Cambermas, which was well attended and a great success for a shire still in its infancy. When the shire seemed to be fairly well established, Moonsinger passed on the key of the office which has subsequently passed to Timgaard and Quaran Culbert (jointly), Timgaard Dulbert, Richard of Waynewood, and is now held by Lady Atalaya.
The Sirrush is an ancient Babylonian dragon. Historically, it was found on the reconstructed gates of Nebuchadnezzar (sometimes called the gates of Ishtar).

Springtime Festival Parade
4-4-81, Oldenfeld marched in the Annual Springtime Tallahassee Festival Parade. Demos during and a revel afterwards was autocratted by Suzanne Renee Barineau.

Jacksonville Highland Games
4/81 -The shire of Castlemere held a demo at Jacksonville Highland Games and put on several fighter demonstrations as well as much P.R. work. Master Tally and Duke Merowald attended as well as members of Blackthorne, Mathom Trove, Oldenfeld, An Crosaire and Wyvernwood. We generated much interest and an invitation to attend Savannah’s Highland Games free on 5-2/3-81.
Lord Alexander went on to say “We now have 35+ members, have founded a Scottish Clan and Renaissance Guild and are preparing issue #7 of our newsletter. As of February I again reverted to assistant seneschal and Lord James Hawkwood (aka Tushiro Musashi-sama) again took control of the shire.”

MiamiCon Demo
4/81 – the Shire of Southkeep held a demo at MiamiCon

Tregue Middle School Demo
4-8-81 – The Shire of Darkwater, Eldred, Vlademer and Lady Eleana held a demo at Tregue Middle School in the morning and then held another demo at Tuskawilla Middle School in the afternoon, giving talks and a fighting demo. They talked to about 600 students.

Howard Bishop School Demo
4-10-81, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at Howard Bishop Middle School with 14 of the members participating. There was dancing, fighting, chainmail making, embroidery, calligraphy, etc. The kids were enthralled and about two weeks later the shire received a packet of letters from them that told us just how much they did enjoy the demo.

St. John’s Community College Demo
4-10-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a fighting demo at St. John’s Community College in Orange Park. Members attending were Diego, WIlhelm, McKnight, Gileath and Cpt. Woodshaw.

On 4-17-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld sang and had a fighting demo on stage of Moore Auditorium before and between showings of “Excalibur”. This demo was organized by Umble the Mumbler

St. Augustine Easter Parade
4-19-81 the Shire of Blackthorne participated in St. Augustine’s Easter Parade. There were 100 units participating in this parade and the shire members were provided with their own float, a large ship, courtesy of Zephyr Craft of St. Augustine. The head of the royal family, Charles Cooley rode with them. There was a reception at the St. Augustine Gardens Center later. A photograph of the float was printed in the Independent Traveler, St. Augustine on 4-22-81

Fumanchada Demo
4-23-81 the Shire of Blackthorne participated at Fumanchada, at the Oldest House in St. Augustine. The shire provided entertainment for the Royal Family and their guests during “A Night in Minorca”, which was staged in the gardens of the Oldest House. The St. Augustine Record’s article for Saturday 4-25-81 stated “Juggling, music and exciting dancing, all performed by entertainers dressed in colorful costumes. Brad Carrol, director of the Orange Park Chapter of the Society for Creative Anachronisms Black Thorn Order, brought costumed lords and ladies as well as entertainers.” A picture of Diego and Maedhrous fighting accompanied the article.

4-24-81, the Shire of Blackthorne – The Royal Family held court to honor and entertain those who helped with the various festivities. Pikemen Maedhrous and Diego led the Royal Procession into the Lightner Museum, St. Augustine, courtyard under an aisle of blades presented by the rest of the Blackthorne members. Elspeth and Ravenna scattered rose petals in the path of the entourage.

Lakeview Middle School Demo
4-24-81, the Shire of Darkwater Eldred, Vlademer, Boyd and Lady Eleana did a demo at Lakeview Middle School for a medieval fair for the 6th graders. They did lectures on costuming, armor and arms, and the men did a fighting demo. This was an all day affair.

Largo Renaissance Faire
4-25/26-81, the Shire of Narval Dorado, Barony of Wyvernwood, the Shire of West Isles and the Shire of Blackthorne participated in the Largo Renaissance Farie

Florida State University Demo
4-27-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld did a dancing demo at Florida State University’s Renaissance Ensemble Concert, which was organized by Lord Jed Silverstar.


The Shire of Blackthorne listed the following officers as of the first of AS XVI:
Seneschal & Knights Marshal -Maedhrous Carrelli- Brad Caroll
Dep. Seneschal -Ravenna Siobhan – Teri Doughfman
Herald -Elena Isabella Catalina Decastellanos y Gallardo – Anita Godin
Mistress Arts – Elspeth MacNaughton – Vicky Kissinger
Master Science -Diego Alvarez de Avilez y Cadiz – Bryan Wise
Hospitaller – Anne Embry – Nancy Ferretti
Exchequer -Jean Phillipe Dearveaux – Darryl Lee
Chronicler/Historian -Morgan merch Morgan -Sheila Mangum
Chirurgeon -Dainaid O’Llanrhyddad – Dianna Cason

May Day Madness
May 1/3-81, May Day Madness was held by the Shire of West Isles

Tallahassee DOC Demo
5-2-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld members held a demo at the Tallahassee Department of Corrections which consisted of fighting, singing and dancing. Afterwards they held their May Day Revel.

May Faire Demo
5-2-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the “May Faire” held annually by Tallahassee Industrial Park. Once again the shire sang and danced. This demo was organized by Lord Jed Silverstar

Lakeside Middle School Demo
5-9-81, The members of the Shire of Blackthorne held two demos – The Lakeside Middle School Exhibit, (8:45 am to 12:30 PM) included fighting and musical demonstrations as well as table displays of weapons, armor, costumes, jewelry, musical instruments, utensils, heraldry information and photographs of shire activities.
The second exhibit at Cecil Field Naval Air Station (1:45 PM – 4:30 PM) included fighting, music and mingling with the populace answering questions about the shire, SCA, and things medieval. An article and photo appeared in Clay Today on 5-11-81)

Clay County Fair
5-15/17-81 the Shire of Blackthorne was one of many area groups given exhibit space at the Clay County Festival, Orange Park. Shire members appeared in costume and set our displays of costumes, jewelry, weapons, utensils, musical instruments, miscellaneous artifacts and photos and information sheets. We were given a one hour slot for entertainment on Saturday evening – a fighting demo and music demo were given. A Photo of the group appeared in Clay Today, 5-19-81. Along with 15 members of the shire, guests from An Crosaire (Duke Merowald, Ropesle & Guthrum) helped with the fighting demo and Cricket gave a calligraphy demo. The newspaper article stated “…the three-day event which drew and estimated 35 to 40 thousand people was termed a tremendous success” A picture of Eilah Campbell (Robin Davis) was printed.

The Sun Sentinel in the Today Section, featured the Shire of Sangre del Sol in an article entitled “Reliving the Middle Ages”

Trimaris Memorial Tourney VI
On 5-23/25-81, the Shires of Sea March and Sangre del Sol co-sponsored the Trimaris Memorial Tourney, which was held at the Everglades Youth Camp. Listed activities were the Warlord Tourney on Saturday and a Grand Melee and fighter’s clinic on Sunday. The Arts and Science fair with competitions in Brewing & Vinting, armory, cookery, jewelry making, leatherwork and Woodwork under sciences and Costume, costume accessories, needlework, weaving, calligraphy & illumination, and fine arts in the arts competition. Sunday evening was a Masked Ball with awards for the Prettiest, Most Grotesque, Most Comic, Primitive, Classical and Allegorical masks. Classes were also offered in Japanese Costume, Heraldry, Sundials, Dancing, Calligraphy, Herbology, and SCA Bookkeeping & Financial reporting. Autocrats for this event were: Lady Damara Narrissa, and Shantri as deputy; feastcrat was Lady Caroline merch Elwyn of the Far Hills; entertainment ‘crat Lady Margid Llywelyn called Talisman; Competition autocrat Nicholai Statsvaya; and Marshals Lord Edward Worthington- Smyth and Sir Bron. The Troubadour Laureate and Poet Laureate competition was to take place during feast.
At court the following Trimarians received Award of Arms:
Elspeth MacNaughton (Blackthorne’s first)
Edward of Effingham
Canel Regenweald (called Mentor)
Nicolai Staritsyn
James the Mad Beggar
Joanna de Bocage
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Boyd O’Flame.
In the competitions: Lord Jed Silverstar became Troubadour Laureate. Cher won 1st place in cooking; Holtmar won 2nd place in woodworking; Siobhan won 1st place in Spinning and Weaving; Sean O’Neal won 1st and 3rd place in leatherwork, Cpt. Woodshaw won 2nd place in jewelry, Anne Embry won 1st place in novice costuming, Ravenna won 2nd place in novice costuming; Cedrin won 1st place in experienced costuming and Elspeth won 3rd place; Elspeth won 3rd place in calligraphy and illumination. Kawaishi received special recognition for his ceramics as there was no contest for it. Elspeth did the calligraphy on the scrolls for the winners of the Sciences and Masks competitions.
In the mask completion Elspeth won 1st, Ravenna 2nd, and Cpt Woodshaw, 3rd, in the prettiest mask contest making a clean sweep for the shire. Ara won 2nd place in Allegorical masks. Elspeth performed Scottish dancing during Saturday evening’s feast. Sir Bron and Lady Agrippina were wed at this event, Elspeth was a bridesmaid, Cpt. Woodshaw and Jean Phillippe acted as Baron Master Taliesynne’s baronial guard during the wedding ceremony.

Old Fashioned Days Demo
On 5-30-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a fighting demo at the Florida State Old Fashioned Days. They also did dancing and singing. This demo was organized by Sean Ecrivain. Linnea Sparrowhawk stated in her report “Boy are we old-fashioned!

6-4-81 the Shire of Blackthorne held a local banquet revel at the El Matador Apartments clubhouse. The event was organized by Ravenna McNamara. Guests from Mathom Trove (Baron Master Taliesynne and Lord Elom) and Castlemere (Bissileous Angelicus and Darius Thorfinn) also attended. Feast was Turkey, potato soup, cabbage, a fruit plate of strawberries, apples, pears, and melons, dessert was pies and cookies. There were 30 members of Blackthorne attending.
Court was held by Baron Master Taliesynne, Elena was herald, Lord Elom, Jean Philippe & Capt. Woodshaw were guards. Master Tally gave gifts to Jean, Cpt. Woodshaw, McKnight, Ravenna, and Morgan as household members, to Lady Elspeth in celebration of her AOA, and to Ravenna for her work as event autocrat. Sean O’Neal received gifts for his contribution to the shire and on his graduation from school. Lady Elspeth took Simon Fitzwalter and Ravenna took Jacob Embry as pages. Anne Embry was named Hospitaller for the Shire. Bissileous and Darius gave Master Tally a “Jed Silverfish” puppet and honorary Byzantine citizenship.

Summer Solstice Tourney
The Shire of Southkeype held The First Annual Summer Solstice Tourney on 6-19/21-81 at the M.E. Thompson Campgrounds. Listed autocrat is Jhanara of Asengarth. This was a tenting event. There was listed a prize list, Collegium (listed classes – calligraphy, heraldry, protocol and procedure and mead making), possible court and/or curia and a sumptuous feast by Jhanara of Asengarth.

Feast of St. George
The “Feast of St. George” was autocrated by Lord Edward of Effingham and Ayesha Kamarr cooked an arabic feast on 6-6-81. Lord Edward Worthington-Smyth of Sea March, won the list.

Midsummer’s Eve Revel
6-19/21-81, the Shire of Narval Dorado’s “Midsummer’s Eve Revel” & the Trimaris Civil War was held at Withlacoochee State Forest, Horse Trails, near Brooksville. The event included a civil war between “Hydra’s Bight” and the rest of Trimaris. The first battle was won by Hydra’s Bight. The next, Wyvernwood vs the rest of Trimaris was won by Wyvernwood. The results of the third was not recorded. During court Lord Michael Kennethson stepped down as Historian for Trimaris and Elinor Morningstar became Trimaris’ Historian.
Blackthorne’s Morgana in a later letter made cryptic references to this event while she was encouraging more talented members of Trimaris using an event as the source of a poem or song or skit. She stated “the idea of only 5 fighters from the rest of Trimaris showing up to go against the Bay area’s mighty fighting machine, the fact that the ovens broke down, the quest was rained out, tents blew down during the storm (mine was one), the song that was written about Ragnar, in the fighting Hungry Jack’s running down of Ragnar and leaving a footprint on him, the food fight in the feast hall started by Yushio with everyone ending up throwing foot at him…the list goes on”

Orange Park Theater Demo
On 6-24-81 the Shire of Blackthorne did a demo/promotional appearance at the Orange Park Theater, Orange Park Mall for the move “Dragonslayer”. This demo was organized by Jean Philippe Dearveax and was attended by 9 other members of the shire.

Anniversary Revel
7-4-81 the Barony of An Crosaire “Trgh-na-Baothaire” Anniversary Revel with the folk of an Crosaire and representatives from the Shires of Blackthorne, Castlemere, Sea March, Oldenfeld and Narval Dorado.

Sirrush Mir
The Shire of Sirrush Mir held a meeting on 7-11-81 at which time officers were chosen and the Seneschal was given the keys of her office by the Chronicler. The device for the shire was voted on. July also saw a group picture of the Shire in the Daytona Beach News Journal with all but two officers present.
The listed officers of Sirrush Mir are as follows:
Seneschal – Leijka Isilinde (Beth Weilenman)
Herald – (Ken Johnson)
Knight Marshal – Timothy de Lambe (Tim Lam)
Chronicler/Historian – Itami Yamabushi (Debra Vorgias)
Mistress of Science Beatrice Montfort (Pat Rogers)

Herald’s Picnic
7-18-81 a Herald’s Picnic was sponsored by the Canton of Mathom Trove

Revel Without a Cause
The Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel entitled “Revel Without a Cause” at Rowan’s house. The entre was duck. The autocrat was Constanza della Subrosa de Firenze.

End of the World at World’s End Tourney
On 7-24/25-81, the End of the World at World’s End, including the “Quest of the Loch Deep Dragon’s Egg”, co-sponsored by the Shires of Oldenfeld and World’s End. Autocrat, Nicolai Starystin, co-autocrat Isabeau the Fool. Sitecrat Madrigal of Mu, Feastcrat Sieglinde von Truso. Essentially this was a treasure hunt featuring Lord Gregor Perdix as the wood nymph, Lord Hratin Haruthi as the Troll of Troll Gate, Lord Nicolai Starytsin as King of the Elves, and Lady Isabeau the Fool, as the tart selling tarts. Mandrigal of Mu, seneschal of World’s End, offered the use of his family’s riverfront property on the Suwanne River and has been industriously clearing surrounding woods for camping spaces, installing showers and sanitary facilities. Lady Siglenda von Truso will serve as feast autocrat and has assured that roast pig will be the main course.

7-26-81 -the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo in a public park. On 7-27-81, the Metropolitan Section of the Sun Sentinel, had an article entitled “Adidas and Armor: for Them Life Begins in 1400’s”

FSU Medieval Faire
On 8-1-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo at the Florida State University Medieval Faire for Children, in which the shire members did what they had been doing all year – fighting, dancing and singing.

On 8-13-81 In the Shire of Blackthorne, Ravena McNamara was elected new Seneschal replacing Maedhrous Carrelli. Hospitaller Anne Embray, who is moving to the Kingdom of Caid for a year, named Dainiad as her successor in that office.

Arabian Knight’s Revel
8-8-81 – the Shire of Darkwater sponsored an “Arabian Knight’s Revel” at the Christ Episcopal Church in Longwood

Marco Polo Caravans
“Marco Polo Caravans” held on 8-21/23-81, by the Shire of Oldenfeld, was autocrated by Lord Nicolai Starytsin at World’s End. This was a tenting event with the sitecrat Madrigal of Mu. Lunch was to be a boxed lunch auction to help pay for the campsite and feast was a Mongolian Barbecue. The flyer announced that the melee will consist of two teams – one team will be the caravan, carrying a caliph’s harem. The second team will be the ambushers and will attempt to waylay the caravan and steal their treasure. Rahim Kahira was the Caliph trying to protect his harem’s caravan from the bandits – The harem, led by Suzanne Renee Barineau, finally assassinated him so everyone could go swimming.

Tallahassee Junior Museum Demo
8-29-81, Fighting, singing, and dancing by the Shire of Oldenfeld members, organized by Sean Ecrivain at the Tallahassee Junior Museum. “This is when people started asking us to come and do demos rather than vice versa,” quoted Linnea Sparrowhawk in her report.

Peasant Revel
8-29-81, the Barony of An Crosaire held a “Peasant Revel” at the University of Florida Women’s Center. Suzanne Renee Barineau, of Oldenfeld, received her AOA. However, she had to leave the revel with a case of food poisoning before it was announced. Sir Tetsuo acted as proxy for HRM Beorn at the revel and Sean Ecrivain acted as proxy for Sir Tetsuo in the hospital.
Award of Arms – Suzanne Reneee Barineau

Harvest Home
9-4/7-81, the Shire of Sea March held an event called “Harvest Home”. The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian reported that Morgan merch Morgan sat at the head table as the guest of Baron Master Taliesynne who announced Morgan’s appointment as one of his Deputy Chroniclers for Trimaris, and would be responsible for the Trimaris Calendar.

J. Wayne Reitz Union Activity Day Demo
On 9-9-81, the Barony of An Crosaire participated in the Reitz Union Activity Day at the University of Florida. The events in which we took part were coordinated by Syr Merowald and included Japanese swords and sword care, embroidery, costuming, heraldry, chain mail and pavilion construction, SCA publications and demonstrations of European (i.e. SCA) and Japanese fighting (bonker tube kendo). The event was covered by both the UF Alligator and the Gainesville Sun. It was followed by a Newcomers Revel at the household of Deja Vu, which was well attended. The pot luck feast was autocrated by Lady Hollin of Kestrelmere. The results of these activities is that overnight the Barony has more than doubled in size.

Meredies Coronation
9-11/13-81, A number of people from Trimaris attended the Meredies Coronation of THR John & Heather at Georgia Veterans Memorial State Park in Cordele, GA. The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian reported that Lady Elspeth took first place in the costume competition. She sat at head table as guest of Duke Syr Merowald de Sylveastan. Baron Master Taliesynne invited Elspeth to become a contributing member of the House of Unicorne’s Keype. Morgana was taken as protégée by Baron Master Taliesynne.
Award of Arms – Eric of Ravenscold
Mandrigal of Mu
Costume competition – 1st place – Elspeth MacNaughton
2nd place – Ishidoro no Tsuji

UF Demo
9-23-81 – the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida, the historian, Cedrin, said it was the usual demo stuff, fighting, dancing, talking, chain mail demonstrations, calligraphy and anything we could think to do. Because of this our barony has increased to about 36 persons. There was a follow up revel , at Tigh na Bothaire, after the demo with everyone in attendance (except me). Cedrin announced that she had to leave the Historians office and has turned it over to Majir the Blatant and Theodosia of Aragon.

The Shire of Blackthorne’s historian, Morgan merch Morgan stated that there had been some problems in the shire and Diego, the Master of Sciences, and Elena, the Herald, had resigned from their offices and left the shire. She stated that replacements would be found as soon as possible.

Arabian Banquet
9-26-81 the Shire of Castlemere held an “Arabian Banquet and Revel” at the Red Lion Apartments Clubhouse.

Baronial Court and Revel
On the afternoon of Saturday 9-26-81 Baron Dykewald of Wyvernwood (formerly Baron Ushio Kamashita) held court at the hall of Morric Haast. After receiving reverences from the populace, the Baron addressed the assembled throng on several topics of general interest. He then formally received his Excellency Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA, newly arrived ambassador to Meridies from the Kingdom of Atlantia. Viscount Sir Bryetor will be residing in Trimaris for the indefinite future. Following the reception of the distinguished visitor to our shores, Baron Dykewald recognized Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Seneschal of Wyvernwood who summoned the baronial officers before the Baron’s high seat. She then distributed among the assembled officialdom packets of newly designed Wyvernwood letterhead stationery to be used for official business. In a subsequent ceremony, Lady Oriana formally extended the protection of her household, the House of the Hare, to the demoiselle Eileen Zalkin.
At approximately 4:00pm, a revel commenced, also on the grounds of the generous Morric Haast, a delightfully wooded tract of three acres extent. During the course of the evening there was much eating, drinking and praise of fair ladies. The repast was provided by the redoubtable Duc de pot luck, and the diverse wines, ales and cordials consumed in such great quantities were from the cellars of the same venerable nobleman. A bardic circle was held around a most cheerful fire, with much singing, tale-telling and good fellowship, together with not a little inebriation. A memorable occurrence was Morric’s rendering of his classic composition “Mamas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Vikings.” It is unfortunate that the doyen of Wyvernwood Vikingdom, Lord Ragnar Hardraada, was called home early in the evening due to an illness of his good lady. The remaining Vikings, however, managed to provide a suitable chorus of groans, hisses and impolite noises.
And now must be told the tale of the “Chaining of the Warlord”. The event came to pas thusly: early in the evening Wyvernwood’s young pursuivant, hight Bruce Zalkin, was moved to demonstrate a pair of manacles to Trimaris’ Warlord, the redoubtable H.J., Once the Warlord was chained, however, it was discovered that the key to the irons, was, alas, not present. The Warlord, in voluminous velvet garments blazoned with the golden star of his house, and wearing the circlet of his station, was driven off into the night to find a minion of the law (i.e. ye coppe) with a key to unshackle the cursed cuffs. Having run one of Tampa’s finest to earth after some difficulty, the Warlord explained the situation and was duly liberated. He returned to the revel and revealed with vigor into the small hours. And doubtless a bemused Tampa lawman had an interesting tale to tell back at headquarters. Respectfully submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf call’d Erich of Ravenscold, Historian.

Moore Auditorium Demo
9-26-81 the Shire of Oldenfeld did a fighting demonstration on stage at Moore Auditorium, before and between showings of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail”. Other planned activities were drowned out by the projectionist playing loud music and a very loud laugh track.

Viking Picnic
The Shire of Southkeype invites one and all to a Viking Picnic to be held on Saturday, 10-3-81 in Miami Fl. Activities will include a demonstration of SCA Fighting, Medieval sciences, arts, and crafts. Bring your own feast, a fire it will be provided.

Michaelmas Moot
10-2/4-81 the Barony of An Crosaire initiated a ndw event, the Michaelmas Fighter Clinic. It was a two day event held at Otter Springs campground. Representatives of the Paladine Confederation and Sea March, Mathom Tove, Oldenfeld and An Crosaire attended, as did a number of newcomers. Talks were given on protocol and precedence by Lady Cher, and the rules of SCA fighting by Lord Reikin and Sir Tetsuo. There was a lot of bashing and some sideline activities, including fletching demonstrations by Lord Elom, music and costuming discussions. It concluded with a feast by Duc de Pot Luc.

St. Francis Episcopal Church Demo
On 10-3-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood held a fighter demonstration at the medieval fair for St. Francis Episcopal Church. All the participating members were in period costume and added an authentic flavor to the church fair.

Suncoast Skirmishers Demo
10-10/11-81 The Barony of Wyvernwood held a series of combat demonstrations in conjunction with the Suncoast Skirmishers Wargaming Convention at the University of South Florida, Tampa. The vent, a major gathering of Florida and out of state wargaming enthusiasts and dealers, was held in the University Center. A contingent of Wyvernwood warriors, ladies, and others of the populace erected pavilions on the green in front of the center and offered periodic combat demonstrations throughout the weekend. Between bouts, Wyvernwood’s representatives displayed and spoke on armor and weapons and little-known factors in medieval combat (i.e., demonstrating to Gamers why it is impossible to sneak up on someone while wearing plate armor). SCA participation in the Convention received coverage in the media, both on a television new broadcast and in the USF student newspaper. Not only did the SCA contingent serve an educational role, but also a great many one-to- one contacts were made between Anachronists and mundanes. Hopefully some of these contact will result in new recruits for the Society. At least the event will have promoted an enhanced understanding of what the SCA is about among a considerable number of mundanes. Wyvernwood’s participation in the event was organized by Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Seneschal of the Barony and by Dykewald, Baron of Wyvernwood. Among the fighters who were bruised for Baron and Barony were Lord Ragnar Hardraada, Lord John Urquhart, Lord Frafnir of Gascony and Baron Dykewald. Respectfully submitted Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, call’d Erich of Ravenscold, historian Wyvernwood.

Moore Auditorium Demo II
10-10-81, once again the members of the Shire of Oldenfeld held a fighting demo on stage at Moore Auditorium before and between showings of “Excalibur” The projectionist played non-stop laugh tracks. When the group complained the manager said he didn’t know we would object.

Norrey College of Armorie
10-10-81, sponsored by the Canton of Mathom Trove and autocrated by Baron Master Taliesynne

Meridies Crown List
10-16/18-81, The Meridies Crown List was held at Camp Tekawitha, near Springville AL.
Award of Arms – Linnea Sparrowhawk
Ian of the Golden Fen
Order of the Velvet Owl. – Lady Asdis Shadowdottir

On 10-18-81 the Shire of Sangre del Sol did a demo at a public school fair. On 10-15-81, in the Neighbors II section of the Miami Herald, Sangre del Sol was featured in an article entitled “Days of Yore Making a Comeback”

Fantasy Fest III
“Oberon, King of the Elves and others who abide in the Dark Forest of Castlemere has ordered a Feast and Revel in honor of his people, to be hosted by the Shire of Castlemere on 10-23/25-81. The site is Camp Wil-le-ma, in Jacksonville, feast by Elvamar of the Asphodel and chief autocrat and marshal, Loraybech. There will be a rattan list, an arts and science competition, wreath games (male and female winners rule at the court) and then the Quest through the Haunted woods (baffle) to be followed by dancing and a bardic circle. The court will be an elvish court and the winners of the games will rule as mock king and queen. Ladies bring a boxed lunch to be auctioned off with the proceeded to go to the Kingdom coffers.” Autocrat, Loraybech.

Celtic New Year
10-24/25-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their “Celtic New Year” event, which was autocrated by Robert Andrew Duncan, called the Rebellious. Feastcrat was Ayesha Kamarr. A mundane juggler the shire members met at the demo at Timberlane, Don Rapp, didn’t bring his own costume but was coaxed into a loaner outfit after he gave a great exhibition of his skill.
Lord Gregor Perdix judged competitions and wrote out scrolls to Ayesha Kamarr “Best Female Costume”, Nicolai Starytsin “Best Male Costume”, the Pict (usually Nobil) “best Persona Manners” (not to be confused with courtesy), Lord Robert the Ruthless and Linnea Sparrowhawk for “Best Table Layout”

Sunshore Academy Demo
10-25-81 the Shire of Narval Dorado held a demo at Sunshore Academy.

Baronial Bash
On All-Hallow’s Eve (10-31-81) past the ninth anniversary of the founding of the ancient Barony of Wyvernwood was celebrated with a resounding revel, the legendary Baronial Bash. The event was held on the grounds of Morric Haast…Activities began at 2:30 PM with a fighter clinic, melees, and other workshops in preparation for Martinmass Moot and the Warlord List scheduled for the following weekend. A baronial court was held immediately before the revel commenced. Baron Dykeuald Cynaric of Wyvernwood formally took into his household the noted crossbow sniper Thorvald Ragnarsson to serve as page and be brought up in the ways of chivalry.
Reveling began as the sun expired in the red west, and continued to all hours and beyond. Due to the need to conserve energy for Martinmass, the feat was provided by the ever generous Duc de Pot Luc. According to count, at least 105 gentles from throughout Trimaris attended the revel. Among the notable guests were Baron Taliesynne, M.P., and his Excellency viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA, Ambassador to Meridies from the Kingdom of Atlantia. Also present was the noble Sir Bronislaus and his fair dame, the Lady Agrippina from far Sea March. The event was thoroughly enjoyable, and remarkably well attended for a celebration of primarily local significance. Lord Eric von Rabenskalt, historian Wyvernwood.

Martinmas Moot/Warlord Tourney
11-6/8-81, autocrat Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Feastcrat Sieglinda von Truso. This year’s Trimarian Martinmass Moot was held at Camp Keystone in upper Hillsborough County. The event was sponsored by the Barony of Wyvernwood. His Gracious Majesty King John the Bear-Killer honored Trimaris with his presence, along with a host of other peers and gentry. Among other notables present were his Grace Duke Merowald of Sylveaston, Viscount Sir Bryetor Aison of Devon, Baron Dykeuald of Wyvernwood, Baron Tetsuo of An Crosaire, and Baron Taliesynne.
The central event of the Moot was the Warlord List to determine by trial of battle the successor to the title of Warlord of Trimaris. After prodigious feats of arms. Lord John Urquhart, called the Shark, emerged victorious, presenting the circlet of the Warlord’s consort to his gentle lady, the fair Michelle. Placing second was the dashing Lord Frafnir of Gascony.
On the evening of the 7th, His Majesty, King John, held a royal court in Celebrin Hall. His Majesty was pleased to make awards of arms to 15 gentles of Trimaris in recognition of their outstanding services to his realm. Among those honored by his Majesty were two citizens of Wyvernwood, Morric Haast the Slightly Delayed, and Verron Surgroth, retiring Warlord of Trimaris. Unfortunately, the Historian Wyvernwood being somewhat the worse for wear (and, be it admitted, potations previously potated), was unfortunately unable to keep track of much that went on during the remainder of the Court and the following revel. He does, of course, recall the events in which he was personally involved. The most noble Sir Bronislaus, Lord Vilnius, KSCA, brought before the Court Erich von Rabenskalt, upon whom he placed the honor and duty of serving him as squire. Baron Dykewald Cynaric presented his page, Thorvald Ragnarsson, to the King formally. The Lady Oriana Goldenhair most gracefully curtseyed to his Majesty and (her gown being most attractively cut and the view spectacular) was requested by the King to do so a second time.
The most memorable event of the evening was the King’s announcement that the Region of Trimaris had been found worth to be elevated to the long-sought status of a Principality. The king was please to state his intention to honor Trimaris with his presence at a tournament to be held at Keystone on January 15-17, 1982, to choose by combat the first reigning Prince of Trimaris. the assembled beauty and chivalry of Trimaris were then honored by His Excellency, the Atlantian Ambassador, Viscount Sir Breytor Aison of Devon, with some sage words of advice on the founding of principalities. His Excellency’s counsel was, in view of his own princely background, most gratefully received.
Following conclusion of the court the feast commenced. The evening was rich with performances of all types, singing, dancing, and some very impressive entertainers indeed were to be seen. A particularly memorable occurrence was the play “Leda and the Swan” performed by Lord Jed Silverstar (as the Wizard), the gallant Lord Frafnir of Gascony (as Leda) and his grace Duke Merowald (in the stellar role of the Swan). Suffice it to say that the performance will not be soon forgotten by those who witnessed it, and that it was fully worthy of the Green Duke’s vaulted Thespianic talents. In conclusion, I may say that the revel and feast were most enjoyable, even to those of us a bit the worse for wear from the day’s activities. Unfortunately, the Historian Wyvernwood did not manage to join those adventurous souls who adjourned to the boathouse for a post-revel revel, however, he had heard reports that a lively time was had. A total of 230 gentlefolk attended the court and feast, with many other persons present for various other segments of the weekend. Most humbly submitted, Erich M.F.W. von Rabenskalt u. von Kampf, Historian Wyvernwood
The flyer for the event tells the story of Martinmas: St. Martin, the son of a Roman Military Tribune, was born in Hungary about 316 A.D. although possessing a mild disposition, he was obliged to enter military service and become a soldier. After several years of duty, he retired into solitude from whence he was withdrawn by being elected the Bishop of Tours. He was known for his great zeal and piety which he displayed in a most exemplary manner. Several legends are associated with St. Martin. The chief legend is about his kindness to a beggar. It is said that, while still a soldier, St. Martin came upon a poor, naked beggar requesting alms, and having no money, he drew his sword and cut his cloak into two pieces; giving half to the beggar so he would not perish. The next night, Christ appeared to St. Martin in the half he had given away. Christ asked if he knew it, and said to the angels that surrounded him. “Martin has given me this garment.” In remembrance of his original profession, he is frequently called the Soldier Saint. (all those wishing to be the Warlord of Trimaris, hope that St. Martin is watching over you!). Three of the traditional foods served at Martinmas are goose, beef and new wine. Goose is served for good luck. At one time, St. Martin found it necessary to hid himself and was discovered because of the honk of a silly goose. Beef is served because this was the time for the final killing of animals before winter. Cows brought to market for this reason are referred to as “Marts”. finally, new wine is served because at this time of year it has just been “put up” and hasn’t had time to ferment.
Besides the War Lord Tourney, Martinmas offered a Collegium with classes on Casting by Lord Ragnar Hardraada; History of Armor by Lord Frafnir; Mead-making by Lord Reiken; History of Lace by Lady Siobhan; and Middle East Dancing by Lady Damara.
The Trimaris Arts and Science Fair offered competition in Costume, Costume Accessories, Needlework, Weaving, Calligraphy & Illumination, and Fine Arts. In the Sciences competitions were in Cooking, Vinting, Aromatics and Perfumes, Armoring, Forged Edged Weapons, Leather Armor and Accessories, Most Eloquent Scientific Discourses, Best Medieval Invention, Best Magician and Illusionist, Best Scientific Display.
The feast was prepared by Lady Sieglinda which featured the foods associated with the celebration of St. Martin’s Day and included roast goose, Beef Burgundy, Roast Pig, and lots of new wine. A Parade of Subtleties was featured as another completion in which the shires, baronies and cantons were invited to prepare a (edible) desert symbolizing their group.
Lord Canel Regenweald, called Mentor, Poet Laureate of Trimaris and Lord Jed Silverstar, Troubadour Laureate of Trimaris conducted the Laureate contests, looking for artisans to carry the honorable chains of Trimaris. At this Martinmas, a new contest was instituted known as the “other” laureate for artisans who perform physical arts such as dancing, juggling, magic, mime, etc. and will be known as Masque Laureate. The winner of this competition and the first Masque Laureate was Lady Elspeth McNaughton
Blackthorne reported that on behalf of the Shire, Ravenna presented His Royal Majesty with an album of photographs taken during his coronation on 9-12-81. Morgana took the pictures, Lady Elspeth did the calligraphy and illumination, James O’Neal designed the covers, and Ravena donated the Parchment.
Award of Arms – Andreana de Montfort, West Isles
Phillipe de Montfort, West Isles
Kara Rowena Hawkwood, Castlemere
Verron Surgoth, Wyvernwood
Morric Haast, Wyvernwood
Narwen Malalda, South Keype
Eldred Ruelladar, Darkwater
Bissileous Angelicus, Castlemere
Constanza dela Subrosa di Firenze, Oldenfeld
Methylred, Starhaven
Dorian of the Helvetii, South Keype
Maedhrous Carrelli, Blackthorne
Jean-Claude Pierrot, Sea March
Masque Laureate – Lady Elspeth MacNaughton, Blackthorne (Performing)
Troubadour Laureate – Davida Estrella de la Cruz, An Crosaire (singing)
Poet Laureate – Lord Elom Eikenskjalde, An Crosaire
Winner of the Warlord Tourney – Lord John Urquehart, called the Shark, Wyvernwood
Warlady – Michelle Mayhugh, Wyvernwood
New Associates – Kirigirisu ryu Korogi “Cricket” apprenticed to Duke Syr Merowald
Guthrum of the Wastelands – squired to Duke Syr Merowald
Lord Mitsuhashi no kami Kawaishi – apprenticed to Mistress Kimineko Sakura
Lord Erich Manfried Friedrich Wilhelm von Rabenskalt un von Kampf – Squire to Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius

State Genealogical Society Demo
On Saturday, 11-14-81, a contingent of gentles from the Barony of Wyvernwood presented at the annual convention of the State Genealogical Society a program on the SCA. The Wyvernwood party consisted of Lady Oriana Goldenhair, Lord John Urqhuart, called the Shark, and Lord Erich von Rabenskalt. Lord John was arrayed most impressively in his far-famed suit of Maximilian plate, while Lord Erich bore his suite of three-quarter cuirasser armor. The gentle Lady Oriana added a touch of elegance to the martial array, being arrayed in the garb of a 14th century gentlewoman. Topics covered in the presentation were general information about the SCA, a narrative history of the development of armor in Europe, and heraldry, both SCA and historical. The presentation was very well received by the convention attendees; numerous requests were made during the socialization following the formal talk for notice of upcoming SCA events. Estimated attendance at the event was between 150 and 200 persons, genealogists from throughout the State of Florida. Lord Erich von Rabenskalt, Historian Wyvernwood.

Military Mission
On 11-15-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood sent a contingent of military advisors to the Shire of Darkwater. Consisting of many of the most fell-handed and battle-crafty of Wyvernwood’s warriors, the Wyvernwood Military Mission spent the day in training budding Darkwater fighters in the techniques and technology of Medieval combat a la SCA. Among the Wyvernwooders present were the redoubtable Lord Verron Surgroth, the gallant Lord Frafnir of Gascony, and Wyvernwood’s Knight-Marshal, Lord John Urquhart, call’d the Shark. At least nine persons comprised the Wyvernwood contingent, though unfortunately, it was not possible to ascertain the names of all who made the journey. We shall also pass over in silence the scandalous goings on that enlivened the otherwise so dull return trip from Darkwater, although I have it on good authority…. Lord Erich von Rabenskalt, OWC Historian

Leon County Fairgrounds Demo
11-21-81 the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in Market Days ’81, held at Leon County Fairgrounds. An estimated 25,000 people attended this event. The sponsors, the Tallahassee Junior Museum Guild selected 155 entertainers out of 300 applicants. Linnea said that the group felt honored to be invited. They held the standard fighting demo, singing and dancing.

11-21-81 the Shire of Sirrush Mir held “Cambermas” at the Washington Oaks State Park in Flagler County. The event flyer states “Please join us, the incipient shire of Sirrush Mir, in our celebration in honor of Camber of Cuidi, we will quest for the lost Shiral, a glowing meditation stone. Competitions include best personal badge (with blazoning) and the best tasty dessert with some regard given to presentation. Classes include astronomy by our Mistress of Science, Beatrice Montfort, and other lessons in arts and sciences taguth by tohse known in Trimaris for their works. One of the highlights of our revel will be Court by Master Taileysynne. Bonkering and melees also are on the schedule, and questors may want to have at least one bonker fighter in the group.” Autocrat, Moonsinger.

On 11-21/22-81, the Barony of Wyvernwood participated in Tampas First International Folk Festival, held a Curtis Hixon Convention Center. The Festival was sponsored by the St. petersburg International Folk Fair Society and its goal was to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The Barony put on a short skit each day, which ended in a fighter demo.

In January 1982, the Trimaris Calendar will change its name to Talewinds. Every other issue will spotlight a particular shire or barony. The Shire of West Isle will be featured in the January issue.

Oldenfeld Yule Revel
On 12-5-81, the Shire of Oldenfeld did their traditional shire farewell to students heading home for Christmas with a Yule Revel

On 12-5-81, several members of the Barony of Wyvernwood were guests at Jerry McManus’ annual Christmas party. This party is given for area writers, painters, sculptors, etc. We participated in costume, talked about the SCA and explained our individual personnas. We circulated among the other guests for an informal question and answer session about the society. At this time we also discussed the construction and use of Ragnarr’s catapult, which was on display all during the party. The catapult was dry fired several times during the day to give the guests an idea of the force behind it.

Sangre del Sol’s newsletter
On 12-6-81 Narwen Malalda issued “Ye collector’s Item – 1st titled edition” the first newsletter for Sangre that had a title, Sargassum Sentinel. For those who do not understand about our illustrious title, the sinister Sargassum is a yet-unseen menace lurking off the coast of Trimaris. It’s presence is why this shire is here, to protect the kingdom from invasion.
On 12-10-81, the shire is to participate in a car wash, at Starship Enterprises to benefit SFFS. Proceeds will be split between the shire and the society.

Mathom Trove’s Anniversary Revel
12-12-81 the Canton of Mathom Trove had a “Hospytalers of Vynecorne’s Keype Annual Revel”

Blackthorne’s Christmas Party
12-13-81 the Shire of Blackthorne had a Christmas Banquet which was autocrated by Dainiad O’Llanrhyddlad and held at her home. Activities included chess, period conversations, discussion of Christmas customs and listening to medieval Christmas music. 10 members of the Shire participated.

Starhaven’s Christmas Revel
12-19-81 the Shire of Starhaven held a Christmas Revel

Sangre del Sol’s Yule Feast and Collegium
On 12-17-81, the shire of Sangre del Sol resumes it annual Yule Feast and Collegium offering delights to the palate and intellect deemed the populace lo these many years and entertainment to rejoice the most jaded of dispositions. To be held at All Saints Episcopal Church. Autocrat Lady Glynis merch Llywelyn and Lady Elizabeth Fitz-Randolph

Wassiling Party
On 12-19-81, members of the Barony of Wyvernwood joined in a Wassailing party held in West Isles to sing at a local nursing home. A good time was had by all.

Mathom Trove’s Yule Revel
12-27-81 the Canton of Mathom Trove had a Yule Revel

At the year’s end. Lord Michael Kennethson, Kingdom of Trimaris Historian listed the historians of each group which had reported to him during the year. They were:
Barony of Wyvernwood – Lady Robin Everton, Lord Erich von Rebenskalt
Barony of An Crosaire – Lady Cedrin Etainnighian and Theodoesia
Shire of Blackthorne – Lady Morgan merch Morgan
Shire of Castlemere – Lord Alexander Shadowstalker, Collin Fitz Tripp
Shire of Darkwater – Thoedoious Icardonis, Lady Eliane Ruelladar
Canton of Mathom Trove – Tonialydd
Shire of Narval Dorado – Lord Michael Kennethson
Shire of Oldenfeld – Lady Linnea Sparrowhawk
Shire of Sangre del Sol – Silvyn MacLeish
Shire of Sirrush Mir – Yorukazekage Kohaku
Shire of South Keype – Lord Alexander Marischal, Eleanore Woodbringer
Shire of Starhaven – Lord Methyl Red
Shire of West Isles – Sheanna de la perla Tetrica