Trimaris History – 1986


Twelfth Night
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19861-4-86, Join the Shire of Southkeype as we celebrate Twelfth Night, come make merry with us at our holiday feast in grand style. We offer grand food, grand drink, and grand fun! at the site of beautiful Camp Owaissa Bauer, Homestead. There will be something for everyone, lists, costume contests, dancing, eating, and drinking. The Tudor Challenge, do you think your costumes are good? do you think you have real talent? well prove it! The Honorable Lady Asa Thorfinnsdottir and the talented Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez challenge you to out-Tudor them!! Create a creation from the years 1456 to 1603 in a W. European style (entries must have been completed since Jan. 1, 1985) Grand prizes will be awarded in the following categories: overall appearance on the body, undergarments-off the body, headgear and accessories (gloves, shoes, pouches, etc.) IMPORTANT NOTICE: Countess Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has graciously declined to compete and will be judging.
Also offered is the Tourney of the Southern Star – standard double-elimination list limited to sword and shield
The Grand Feast – an original creation of he meridian Grand Chef Lord Juan Carlos Perez, accompanying the bounteous quantity of food will be non-alcoholic drinks. A wondrous Wassail will be provided by the Southkeype Brewers Guild. Autocrat – H.L. Asa Thorfinnsdottir and Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
A Court Baronage was bestowed upon Lord Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh

Hero of the Chalice
1-11-86, The Barony of Wyvernwood held their annual event, the Hero of the Chalice.
At the Court of HE Alianore, Baroness Wyvernwood
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – Lady Damiana Barineau-Di Firenza
Lady Marguerite Isadore DeRiva
Order of the Wyvern’s Claw – Lady Marina Sabine
Winner of the Hero of the Chalice Lyst: – Solomon Spite, called Spyder
2nd place – Lancesmall
3rd place – Lord Eadric Hrothgaresun

Cooper Memorial Library Demo
On 1-12-86, the Canton of Loch Gryffyn held a demo at the Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont, FL.

Winter Arts & Sciences
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 1986 On 1-18-86, The Shire of Sea March is pleased to invite all to the Arts and Sciences Faire of the Kingdom of Trimaris at the Youth Camp at Corbett Wild Life Area, West Palm Beach. In keeping with the theme of the event, The Beggar’s Ball, we would like to encourage the populace to be creative with their beggarly garb and beggarly behavior. With this in mind the informal entertainment at the feast will be provided by those who wish to practice their beggarly arts on the populace by roaming the feast hall demonstrating their various arts. At some point in the evening the populace will decide form amongst the participants who has been the most convincing or creative in the following areas: groveling, original beggar con game, pick pocketing, most raggety, most elegant, best representative of institutionalized begging i.e. tax collecting, priests, etc? Autocrat Mistress Damara Narrissa, feastcrat Lady Caroline ferch Elwyn of the Far Hills.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Changes in Kingdom Officers:
Sciences – from Master Holtmar to Lord Cedric Steinhauser
Arts – from Viscountess Agrippina to Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Triskele Herald – from Master Taliesynne to Lord Eric Loren Elcara
Winner of the Troubadour Laureate Contest – Lady Sarah Tegan Elizabeth Holden
Shire of Castlemere’s Seneschal report “The shire made an outstanding showing at the Kingdom Arts and Sciences by placing second with 3 members in the top 10.”

Sea Raids III
Talewinds, Vol.5 ,no.1, January 19861-15-86, A war between Their Royal Majesties Baldar and Olaf and the fair Kingdoms of Trimaris and Atlantia. to be held at Camp Chowenwa, Green Cove Springs Fl. presented by the Shires of Crystal Keep and Blackthorne. The autocrats will provide soup and bread on Friday night and a main dish for the pot luck feast on Saturday. Tenting is encouraged as cabin space is sparse. Activities are to commence at 9:00am Saturday. Autocrat – Countess Elspeth MacNaughton.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Chivalry, Knight of the Society – Lord Ropesle de Sylveastan
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Triste Katerine More
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Lord John of Lithia
Award of Arms – Alisandra Francesca Trudetta di Firenza
HRM Sir Baldar Langstriter has taken as a squire Lancesmall of Wyvernwood

Cub Scout Demo
On 1-30-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs held a demo at St. Marks Church in Longwood for a cub scout pack of about 40 – 8 to 10 year old boys and their parents. We set up a display of costumes, weapons, illumination, armor. Lady Fara Steinhauser told them a story on chivalry. The group danced and had the scouts and their parents join in the dancing. They had a fighter demo. People attending were Fara, Cedric, Fugger, Ann, Neal, Lord Theo, Lady Michelle and Lord Eldryd.

Swamp Stomp/Baronial Anniversary
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 1986 2-1-86, the Barony of Darkwater proudly announces it has survived its first year as a barony and invites one and all to celebrate this auspicious time at Swamp Stomp, held at Camp Wewa. Featuring the investiture of Lady anna Alicia von Rheinhardt as Baroness Darkwater and the state SCA marriage of Lady Anna and Lord Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi, Baron Darkwater. As part of the festivities, we introduce the tournament of the Top ‘O The Pile, a competition for both fighters and non-fighters. It features the Demolition Derby, a single-elimination, all-wounds retained lyste. Other tests of skill shall include gaming, heraldry, and court entertaining. Oh, better brush up on your Trimarian History. Autocrat – Lord Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin Pecot
Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi has been raised to the Peerage of the Order of the Pelican
HRM Verron Wolfgang von Groth has taken Raedwulf Hrothgareson as a squire
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Territorial Baronage – H.L. Anna Alicia von Rheinhardt, Baroness Darkwater
Order of the Argent Scales – Adalhaid of Oak Leah (Principal), Sea March
Grant of Arms – Eadric Hrothgareson, Darkwater
Award of Arms – Arnevit bat Gideon
Daffyd Dercanraith, Darkwater
At the Court of TE Barar and Anna, Baron and Baroness Darkwater
Order of the Trident Keype – Ann of Hendon
Daffyd Dercanraith

St. Valentine’s Day Massacre
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19862-15-86, The Barony of An Crosaire – Please to listen, we announce 10th annual Santu Varentainu Day Masukuri hosted as always by Barony An Crosaire. Anniversary celebration will be at Itchetucknee Springs Family Grocery and Campground. Please excuse change of traditional site, we still liking old site but very expensive. As always, Santu Varentainu Bring Your Own Everything. Tenting only event. Schedule for day oh so strict – Traditional list sometime in morning, archery tournament sometime after, Baronial Court sometime evening, feasting, Daimyo-no- potu-ruck and all day assorted revelry and dancing. autocrat Genevieve Erkanberacht Verschiffons.
At the Court of TE Sakura Tetsuo and Sakura Kimineko,
Baron and Baroness An Crosaire
Order of the Cross and Serpent – Siena Severn

Milvel Elementary School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Milvel Elementary School on 2-18-86

Lakemont Elementary School
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Lakemont Elementary School on 2-20-86

Scots Are Revolting (Again)/OGB List
2-22-86, The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites one and all to yet another battle between the Valiant, Free Loving Scots and the Evil, Oppressive English! To be held at Topeekeegee Yugne Park in Hollywood Fl. In addition, there will be he Champion of the Grey Beards list, a Scottish list (scottish weapon styles and armor) and a general list. Prizes will be announced at the event. Volunteers to be or to lead the English, please state this upon arrival at the event. This is a tenting event only. Feast is duc de potluck with the main dish being presented by the shire. Autocrat – Hans Wilhelm, feastcrat Edwina of Wiltshire.

Wekiva Springs Youth Camp
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Wekiva Springs Youth Camp on 2-23-86

School Demos
In the March ’86 Seneschal’s report, Kelson Gryphus stated that the Shire of Glymmerholde put on three major middle school demonstrations during this quarter and have an elementary and high school demo planned for April, as well as a planned church youth group demo. Unfortunately, he did not give any dates or names of the schools for which the demonstrations were performed.

HRS Demo
In March, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the juvenile delinquent rehabilitation program

Florida State Museum Demo
In March The Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum

Trimaris Coronation
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.1, January 19863-1-86, the Shires of Southkeype & Sea March invite you to witness the coronation of TRH Verron and Adriana. This momentous occasion will take place at Camp Keystone. Their Royal Highnesses will be holding a Tudor court and invite all attending to dress accordingly. If you wish to coordinate with their colors, hers are black and silver and his, black and gold. Also featured is the Champion of Trimaris list. The feast will be done by Asa Thorfinnsdottir with breakfast by Juan Carlos Perez. Autocrat Lady Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez.
225 persons attended
At the Last Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Pelican – Glyn ni Owein
Grant of Arms – Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Order of the Silver Trident – Morric Haast
John Urquhart called Shark
Alexander Mereschal

Award of Arms – Leopole of Loch Gryphon
Heinrich Guggenhelm
Warbeck MacMurray
Alejandra Isabel
Wulfwynn et Pinweald
Branwyn of Haven Isle
William d’Averc
Genevive Ercanheracht
Erika Bjornsdottir

Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Marguarite Isadora de Riva
Morric Haast
Order of the Emerald Sea – Marguarite Isadora de Riva
Order of the Golden Galleon – Juan Carlos Perez,(Principal)
Order of the Argent Estoile – Hrothgar Thorsson (Principal)
At the First Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of Chivalry (KSCA) – EAdric Hrothgareson
Order of the Laurel – Gwendolen Mary Douglas
County has been given to Baldar Langstriter and Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg
The Order of the Pelican has taken three proteges
Alasdir MacDhomhuill
Alianor d’Astralis
Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Viscount Baron Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took Lord Gradheil as a squire
Winner of the Mask Laureate – Jason the Fletcher

St. Johns Country Day School Demo
on 3-18-86, the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the St. Johns Country Day School.

Lake Sumter Community College Demo
The Canton of Loch Gryffyn held a demo on 3-21-86 for approximately 50 students at the Lake Sumter Community College.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.3, March AS. XX 3-21/23-86, the Barony of Darkwater invites you to join us for Trident Tourney at Camp Wewa. See if Baldar Langstriter will remain as “Keeper of the Trident”, partake in a Greek Feast, be an olympic champion in our mini-olympics, enter your arts and crafts in the Baronial Art/Sci, bring your music for a Bardic Circle. Autocrat Carron Aster, Feastcrat Johan Gotz Kaussman von Ersuet.
At the court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Award of Arms – Genevra Picino, Darkwater
Tatiana Tamara, Storm
Geoffrey de Brionne, Darkwater
Order of the Silver Trident – Baroness Arianne des Jardins, Darkwater
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Baroness Arianne des Jardins, Darkwater
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo, An Crosaire
Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon, Fiach Ogan
Sir Eadric Hrothgareson and Baroness Arianne des Jardin have been named ambassadors of Trimaris to Drakenwald
Master Barar Aeryck Udvarhelyi has taken Christopher of Hendon as a page.

Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh repudiated the augmentation of Arms given to him by Baldar and Ljudmilla during their reign as King and Queen
Winner of the Lyst – Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon, Fiach Ogan

Jaycees Demo
In April the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the Gainesville Jaycees

Herald’s Staff Meeting
On 4-4-86, the College of Heralds held a staff meeting in Titusville, “All local group and staff heralds are strongly urged to attend. Anyone simply interested in heraldry will be heartily welcome. Limited tenting and crash space, Anonyma’s good cooking.

Trimaris Fighting Collegium
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.3, March AS .XX 4-10/12-86, the Shire of Southkeype presents the Kingdom of Trimaris Fighting Collegium at the Corbett Youth Camp, Palm Beach Gardens, FL. There will be classes for the new fighter, courses in particular weapons forms, the making and breaking of shield walls, combat archery, IKAC archery, construction of combat arrows. For the Chirurgeons classes in field chirurgy including “where the buckles on the armor are”. An in-depth session with the Earl Marshal, a course in heraldic display – something for everyone. Autocrat – Lady Vasilikee of Southkeype

Orlando Arts Festival
On 4-11/13-86 the Barony of Darkwater assisted the City of Orlando in their Arts Festival. On the evening of 4-12-86, the members of the Barony held a revel.

Rock Lake Middle School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Rock Lake Middle School on 4-17-86

Orange Park Mall Demo
On 4-18/20-86, the Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Orange Park Mall movie theater for the opening of Legends. Wulfhilda and Duncan were the coordinators. The group set up a display table on Friday and Saturday nights, 4-18 & 4-19. On 4-20-86, with the Jacksonville Chess Club a series of live chess matches were held. The public was invited to participate in the chess match and those who participated enjoyed the experience.

Viking War Camp
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX On 4-18/20-86, Brineside Moor held The Real Viking War Camp at Camp Honi Honta for real weapons, real targets, real food, real women, real men too!, IKAC archery competition, axe throwing, spear targets, knife throwing. This event is a primitive event, bring your tents – bring your own everything. Autocrats Lady Brigit Olesdottir and Lord Eric of Telemark

Girl Scout Demo
On 4-19-86, the Shire of Brineside Moor reports they held a demo for the girl scouts

Twenty-Year Celebration
4-25-86, begins the SCA’s Twenty year celebration

Palm Beach County Library Demo
On 4-26-86, the Shire of Sea March assisted the Palm Beach County Library with a demo. Twelve members participated.

Sarasota Square Mall Demo
On 4-26-86, the Shire of Brineside Moor held a demo at the Sarasota Square Mall.

Lincoln High School Demo
On 5-6-86, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a demo for the World History Class at Lincoln High School, and on 5-20-86 they held a demo/class for the Drama Class at Lincoln High School.

Talewinds, Vol.5, no.5, May AS. XX Live Steel Demo
On 5-17-86, the Shire of Narval Dorado held a live steel demo at the Sons of Norway Longboat Races held at Phillipe Park in Safety Harbor. Lord Vassillaskas and Mirga Kate, Red William and Mentor participated. The demo came off well and the participants passed out SCA promos and cards. They also received cable TV coverage.

Raven’s Fest Revel
On 5-17-86 the Shire of Fiach Ogan held a one day revel at the home of Lady Ann. There were approximately 37 people in attendance.

Trimaris Crown Tourney
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX 5-23/26-86, the Shire of the Ruins presented the Trimaris Memorial Tourney XI and the Third Trimarian Crown List to be held at Camp Keystone. Feast, three breakfasts, bread and cheese at potluck feast on Sunday. Autocrat Ld. Kragon Darkvale, feastcrat Stromek Comatan.
Announcement that a closed bid auction will be held at TMT to benefit our Kingdom heraldic offices.

Winner of the Third Trimaris Crown List and Heirs to the Throne
Earl Sir Erin Breck Gordon and consort, Countess Brawen bean Erin
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Laurel – Baroness Mistress Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Baroness Atalaya la Sanadora
Grant of Arms – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Order of the Chivalry, Knight of the SCA – Sir Erich von Kampf
Order of the Pelican – Lady Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Order of the Argent Scales – Lady Marina Sabine
Hon. Lady Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Award of Arms – Stephen Donnchaidh Ferris
Katsuhashi no Takashita
Elmer Landshund
Jeannette Seurat d’Avignon
Order of the Rose – Countess Ljudmilla von Koenigsbert
Order of the Golden Galleon – Master Ragnarr Hardraada
Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso
Viscount Syr Bryetor Aison of Devon
Order of the Trefoil Argent – HRM Verron Wolfgang von Groth (Principal)
Kane Redfeather (of Meridies)
Lord Stephen Donnchaidh Ferris
Order of the Fletcher
Lord Jason the Fletcher, Guardian
Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris – Master Ragnarr Hardraada, (Principal)
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora,
Baron Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh
Countess Elspeth MacNaughton
Order of the Healer’s Lamp
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora (Principal)
Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Order of the Heraulde’s Tressure – Baron Master Taliesynne Nychymwrh (Principal)
Lady Morgan ferch Morgan
Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora
Lady Martha Elcara

Mistress Gwendolen Mary Douglas took as apprentices Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora, Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn and Lady Sarah Tegan Elizabeth Frances Holden.
Viscount Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius took as squires Roland Wolfram Floydsson and Jean Phillippe Duvier
Lady Sara Tegan Elizabeth Frances Holden named as deputy chronicler Lady Jeannette Seurat d’Avignon.
Hon Lady Katherine of Lightenheart named as deputy Trimaris Chancellor of the Exchequer and successor Al White took as a deputy Lady Cara Angiola di Bocacio
HRM Verron took as squire Lord Jason the Fletcher and Zigurth Tryggrason
At the Curia Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Trimarian Bard’s Laureate
Lord Alexander Mareschal, Principal Poet
Lady Esclairmonde Shantry, Principal Troubadour
Lady Majir the Blatant, Principal Masque
Tancred Albrecht, Poet
Winner of the Trimarian Sword – Godfried of Fresia
Most Chivalrous Fighter – Roland Wolfram Floydsson
Darien of the Golden Hair
King’s Champion – Solomon Spite called Spyder
Queen’s Champion – Trincullo
At the pleasure of TRM Orlando and Mikheila, Sovereign and Consort of the Kingdom of Meridies at their Coronation April 12, ASXX, did award a Court Barony for Mistress Atalaya from both Meridies and Trimaris.
Banns of Marriage for Lord Aidian Gerhardt de Languedoc and Lady Marina Sabine

At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana, William McGodwin was banished from the Kingdom of Trimaris due to unchivalrous acts detrimental to the good of Society

Midsummers Wedding Festival
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX 6-6/8-86 at Camp Borein in Tampa, the Barony of Wyvernwood sponsored the Union of the Honorable Lord John Urquhart called Shark and the reluctant Esmeraude Estoile. A weekend of Courtly love and Spring’s rebirth. This is the first time this site is being used by Trimarians. It is tenting only with bath houses, feast hall and kitchen. Lessons and contests in courtly love and Midsummer’s Eve customs will be highlighted. Come and be prepared for a time of merrymaking, romance, dreams and wishes come true. For the fighters, there will be a lyst to become the Bride’s Champion and for the honor to crown your Lady “Queen of Love and Beauty”. The lyst prize will be presented by the Groom from his own armory. Autocrats Lady Damiana Di-Firenza and Lady Sara Tegan Elizabeth Holden, Feastcrat – Lady Sara Tegan

Summer Arts & Sciences
Talewinds Vol.5, no.4, April AS XX On 6-13/15-86, the Shire of Fiach Ogan will present the first Summer Arts and Science Fayre at Camp O’leno. Unlike past years, there will be cabins for the first 150 to register. It will be hot, bring a sturdy drinking vessel to drag from class to class. The feast will be of large portions and warm weather recipes.

In addition to the Collegium, swimming is available and the first Summer Arts and Sciences Fayre will see the first Trimarian Trivia contest. There will be fighting if the foolhardy can be found in sufficient numbers. Autocrats – Lady Elina and Lord Morric

Hollywood Branch Library Demo
On 6-21-86, the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo to assist the Hollywood Branch Library start their summer reading program. The group did a fighting demo and enticed the attending patrons to dance with them. Lady Elizabeth entertained with storytelling.

Midsummer’s Revel
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.5, May AS XXI On 6-21-86, the Shire of Narval Dorado held their anniversary event, Midsummer’s Revel at the Suncoast Archery Range in St. Pete. The days fun and games included a quest, various games, archery competition in the woods, live weapons competition, combat archery demo, martial arts demo, music and dance. A feast was held at 4:00pm and a bardic at the seneschal’s home after dark. This event was also the forming of the Queen’s Archers. Autocrat Big John Edwards.

Sibling Rivalry
Talewinds Vol.5, no.6, June AS XXI On 6-28-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs and the Canton of Loch Griffin held a one day event called Sibling Rivalry. The event was held at the Central Florida Zoo in Sanford. A battle between the two cantons was held, with mercenaries hired. Also held was a pre- pensic war practice, a wet tunic contest and a wet loin cloth contest. There were games for the children also. Autocrat Lady Fara Steinhauser.
(Natasha) I remember that this event was very, very hot and everyone eventually got involved in the “Wet Tunic” contest to the point that almost no one was dry. We never really got to the contests as everyone was having too much fun pouring and sprinkling everyone with water.

Heraldry Picnic
On 7-4/6-86 The Chateau du Faux Pas requests the pleasure of your company at the summer Heraldry Picnic at the Chateau du Faux Pas in An Crosaire.

The Complete Bardic Workshop
Talewinds Vol.5, no.6, June AS XXI The Barony of Darkwater presents the Complete Bardic Workshop on Saturday, July 12, 1986. This is a workshop for all those gentles who feel the need to write, sing, play and have never found who, or what to ask. Guest speakers from all over Trimaris will work with you to get you on the path to a successful entry in the next Laureate, or (Eisteddfod coming up in Sept.) or just something special for a loved one. A revel and pot luck feast will be served after class. Organizer – Islay Espeth McDonald.

Pennsic War
8-11-86 at Cooper’s Lake Campground in Pennsylvania. The war will officially open on Saturday the 9th and will begin on the 11th. War points will be fought on the weekend of the 16th.
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Sir Bronislaus of Vilnius
Lady Natasha Varvara Stoianova
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Brenna Catriona Dunn
Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson
Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Order of the Rainbow Argent – Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson
HRH Countess Branwen Bean Erin
Order of the Silver Trident – Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Order of the Mermaids Pearl – Enriqueta Isabella de Reyes y Mones

Talewinds Vol.5, no.7, July AS XXI 8-29/Sept-2-86, the Coronation of Erin and Branwen, held at Camp Keystone, hosted by The Shire of Fiach Ogan, House Basilisk, House Scorpion, Claigh Dubh and House Dun Tir. Lists on Saturday, fund raising and meetings and revels, and Bardic Circle. Plenty of Pomp & Splendor and a Celtic Coronation. Autocrat Vasilikee
At the Court of TRM Verron and Adriana
Order of the Pelican – Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Order of the Silver Trident – Sarah Tegan EF Holden
Elizabeth FitzRandolph
Katherine Angelique of Lightenheart
Award of Arms – Corwin ap Arawin o Carreg Cennen
Timgard Culbert
David of Freestone
Kalin Kolhan
Linnaeus Palojari
Frederic Georg Lenzon
Feywen of Hendon
Johann Gotz Kaufmann von Erfurt
Mirga Kate
Sean Dadraigh ur Neill
Ian Stuart
Ekaterina Salasia
Melistra Adriene d’Ombree
William De Warreme
Kelson Gryphus
Bryce Tachaz
Order of the Emerald Sea – Taliesynne Nychymwrh
Gweneth AtWater
Cathlin Emrys
Bridget Caileen of the Moors
Anna Alicia Rhinehart
Udvarhelyi Barar Aeryck
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude
Gunnar Dentonsson inn Danski
Ruper Ian MacDuff
Alistar the Wanderer
Jason the Fletcher
Leonard Leonharts
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris – Enriqueta Isabel de Reyes y Mora
Order of the Trefoil Argent – Cathlin Emrys
Order of the Heraulde’s Tressure – Erik Loren Elcara
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Islay Elspeth MacDonald
Order of the Mermaid’s Pearl – Gwendolyn Mary Douglas
Order of the Trimerian Rainbow Argent – Elina Thrymsfostra
Order of the Watchful Flame – Nakagawa Ienobu, Principal
Ulrick von Geschwind
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Ducal Title – Verron Wolfgang von Groth
County Title – Adriana von Groth
Order of Chivalry, Knight of the SCA – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Order of the Rose – Adrianna von Groth
Order of the Argent Scales – Fara Steinhauser
Award of Arms – Colin O’Lochlainn
Garvin MacNeillie
Order of the Quiver – Eogahn ap Cymra, Principal
Vasilasskas of the Amber Shores
Trimarian Bard’s Laureate – Jason the Fletcher
Order of the Grey Beards
Colin O’ Lochlainn – Principal
Ragnarr Hardraada
Ian the Bane
Roland de Verona
Warbec Mac Murray
Kim Kyong
Viscount Sir Sakura Tetsuo
Eric Rabenskald
Sir Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh took as squires Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov (his first squire) and Roland de Verona
Sir Baldar Langstrider took as squires Lord Godfried of Frisia and Lady Erika Bjornsdottir

Collegium Chirurgia
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.6, June AS XXI On 9-5/7-86 the Shire of Glymmerholde sponsored the Collegium Chirurgia at Camp Honi Honta. (flyer) “This seminar will be held for the purpose of furthering the aims of those pursuing the much coveted title of chirurgeon. Classes are CPR, Multimedia First Aid, Standard First Aid, Medieval and Modern Herbalism, Children’s First Aid, Infants at Events. Class fees will vary depending on text materials required for each course. Practicing Chirurgeons, this is the ideal occasion to update classes for which renewal is required.” Autocrats, Kelson Gryphus and Ian Stigweard, Feastcrat Siegfried Heydrich. The people who attended were given an unexpected treat of free classes as arranged by Lady Gwenelleth AtWater. The shire unfortunately lost $175.00 on the event.

Darkwater’s Village Faire
Talewinds Vol.5 ,no.7, July AS XXI “Come Ye to the Faire, The Barony of Darkwater is proud to announce it’s first annual Village Faire, on 9-12/14-86, put on by the Village and Costumers guilds of Darkwater. This will be a learning event of an entirely different nature. Many classes are scheduled and there will be workshops. Topics covered are embroidery, weaving, dying, woodworking and armoring. A Hungarian feast by Master Barar is planned along with a bardic circle and dancing. Autocrat Islay Elspeth MacDonald, Feastcrat Master Barar.

Student Organization Day
On 9-17-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the University of Florida’s Student Organization Day. There was a newcomers revel following the demo on 9-20-86 with approximately 30 to 40 persons attending.

Meeting of the College of Heralds
On 9-20-86, at a members home Jacksonville. Full weekend with all meals $6.50. There will be courses in heraldry, a meeting of the College of Heralds, and an opportunity to talk leisurely with Triskele and Lymphad and friends.

Wenches and Lechers Faire
Talewinds Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 9-20-86, The Shire of Sea March is celebrating our 7th anniversary. It may be September, but May is in the air, so get out your petticoats and gather some cloves and come to the Wenches and Lechers Faire, to be held at the PBA Clubhouse in Lake Worth Fl. There will be “taken lists” where the winner ransoms captured tokens off the fallen opponents. There will be other contests to befit the theme — you can just imagine what they might be!!! Autocrat, Ld. Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov, Feastcrat Lady Serina Vigdis Wulfsdotter.

Eisteddfod II
Talewinds Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI 9-27-86, Once again the Canton of Loch Gryffyn is hosting a bardic competition for all who like to sing, recite, compose or act. Here is your chance to show your works, hone your skills and have a good time doing it! The Bardic gathering will have three areas of competition: Poetry, Music and Acting. Non original works and acting groups are welcome. Judging will be by those knowledgeable in the Bardic Arts who do not have entries in that division. The prize in each category will be a cast Silver Medallion. This is a tenting only event on the banks of the scenic St. Johns River on the edge of the Ocala National Forest. A short list for those with a martial frame of mind will be fought with pick up melees afterward, until just before the bardic competition in the mid-afternoon. The winner of the Eisteddfod list will also receive a silver medallion. Autocrat Lord Alfred MacArt; Feastcrat, Johann Gotz Kaufmann von Erfurt.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Lancemall von Weisenkreig
Victor von Hildebrandt
Order of the Argent Palm – Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov (Principal)

Shire Feast II
The Seneschal’s report for September states that the Shire of Brineside Moor held Shire Feast II at Lord Elemer Landshund’s home with 25 people in attendance, including newcomers and visiting dignitaries. The event consisted of fighter’s practice, live weapons practice (knife and axe throwing), a German feast, and discussions on brewing, costuming, swashbuckling (fencing), and Elemer Landshund’s story corner. There was no date given for this event.

Falling Stars
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 10-3/5-86, The Shire of Starhaven presents the Falling Stars Tourney at Xmas RV Park. Prizes – for the list, a shield for the winner; a chess book, for the winner of the chess match; a calligraphy pen for the winner of the calligraphy contest; a heraldry book for the winner of the heraldry contest; a pillow for the winner of the mullet toss; and a set of matched goblets for the overall winner. Autocrat Anonyma, Feastcrat, Ekatarina Salasia.

Broward County Main Library Demo
On 10-11-86, the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo for the Broward County Main Library.

Dragon Days List and Picnic
On Saturday 10-11-86, the Shire of Gleann Dhubh presented Dragon Days List and Picnic at Riverfront Park in South Daytona, from 10 am to 11 pm. The list consisted of both a single elimination list and a melee. The prize was a free sustaining SCA membership. Arrow making class was taught by the Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora. Feast was pot luck with a main dish provided by the Cook’s Guild. Autocrat Lord Kalin Kolhann, feastcrat Lady Linnaeus Pavajari and the Cook’s Guild.

Autumn Allthing
Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI Presented by The Shire of Southkeype on 10-17/19-86, at Corbet Youth Camp. “Good day Lords and Ladies of Trimaris. I wish to invite all gentles of our mighty Kingdom to Southkeype’s Autumn Allthing. There will be plenty of enjoyment for all with a one-on- one melee to determine the best and most chivalrous Viking attending. A great quest to test the wit and stamina of all, and prizes for all. In addition, there was a brewing and vinting competition sponsored by Southkeypes Brewers Guild. Autocrat Lord Sigurth Tryggvason.

A Wedding Feud
on 10-17/19-86, the Shire of Castlemere invited everyone to a Wedding Feud at Seminole Springs – the Gypsies of the House of Shining Scales vs. the Scots of Clan Duncan. There was a Champion of the Bride lyst, a chess match, a Gypsy feast, pun contest, leching contest, the wedding proceeded by the war, and revelry after. Autocrat Lord uriah Lightfood.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Devlin Macleod
Broshira Katerina
Arthur Broderick
Order of the Rainbow Argent – Lady Aspasia Moonwind
Grant of Arms – Lord Ian of Beinn Dhubh

Pinellas Park Girls Club Demo
On 10-18-86, the Pinellas Park Girls Club together with the Bay Area Rennies hosted a one day mini- Medieval Faire as a fund raising event for the Girls Club. The Shire Storm hosted a prize list for any and all SCA fighters as part of the days festivities. All craftsmen and merchants were also invited to attend. The SCA coordinator was Corwin ap Arawn.

Cypress Lake High School
The Shire of Glymmerholde held a demo at Cypress Lake High School on 10-23-86

Baronial Bash
10-25-86, the Barony of Wyvernwood held Baronial Bash 14 at Camp Keystone. Activities included the Unusual Bridge List, single combat; Green and Gold Masque Ball, Green and Gold Feast by Lady Sigliende and Chelsea; and the Renaissance Wedding of Lord Aidian and Lady Marina Sabine.
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Carron Astre
Darrius the Elder
James Standish
Cassandra Colehan
Kennicus of Wyvernwood
Stromeck Gometon
Order of the Argent Palm – Kragon Darkvale
Order of the Morning Star – Lord Tancred Albrecht
Court Barony – Mistress Murieann Deora-De of Rivercroft
At the Baronial Court of Baroness Alianore
Order of the Wyvern’s Scale – James Standish

Cape Coral High School
The Shire of Glymmerholde held a demo at Cape Coral High School world history class on 10-30-86.

Announcement Talewinds, Vol.6, No.2, November AS XXI A Court of Chivalry will be held at the Hero of the Ruins Lyst on the 15th of December AS XXI, to hear and pass judgement on the charges that have been made against William MacGodwin. A Court of Chivalry is a serious matter held for the express purpose of investigation of matters within the medieval framework of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc., and pertain only to conduct and subjects within the structure and definitions of the Society. All Courts of Chivalry are, by Kingdom Law, open to the Populace. Those attending should bear in mind the seriousness of the affair. The Court is held by the authority of the Crown and the Earl Marshal.

Casselberry Library Demo
On 11-1-86, the Canton of Peregrine Springs held a demo at the Casselberry library in the Seminole Plaza, Casselberry. Planned was fighting on the hour, dancing on the half-hour, a real magician, singing, and talking to the public. Dinner provided after the demo at Cedric and Fara’s home. Coordinator Cedric & Fara Steinhauser. Event Report: There were 10 members attending and the event went very well. They had large displays, dancing and fighting. The library donated $25.00 to the group.

Martinmas Moot, Crown List
On 11-7/9-86 at Camp Keystone, will be chosen the fourth Crown of Trimaris. There will be other fighting for the non-regally minded and numerous other activities. The Champion of Trimaris Lyst will be held at Martinmas Moot. Autocrats Lord Morric and Lady Elina
At the Royal Court of THM Erin and Branwen
Crown Prince: Jarl Sir Baldar Langstriter and Crown Princess: Countess Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg
Champion of Trimaris – Lord Godfried of Frisia
Kings Champion for the Reign of TRH Baldar and Ljudmilla – Viscount Sir Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Queen’s Champion and Shield of Chivalry – Raoul Luc Benet
Award of Arms – Trionwy Ap Lorrelan
Corwyn Morgenstern
Adiva the Berber
Order of the Healer’s Lamp – Lady Anne of Hendon
Order of the Herald’s Tressure – Lord Ardalan O’Brollachain
Order of the Golden Galleon – Lady Vassilikee
Hon. Lady Sieglinde von Truso
Order of the Tradewinds Trimaris – Lady Aspasia Moonwind
Lady Serina Vigdis Ulfsdottir
Order of the Argent Palm – Mistress Cher de Bellevue
Order of the Trimarian Bard’s Laureate – Lady Morgan Morcheartaith
New Kingdom Officers
Chancellor of the TRU – Lady Fara Steinhauser
Sheriff – William McLewis
Hospitaller – Mistress Warjna Kaztjmjr
Poet Laureate – Lord Lance Nystrom
Sir Eric von Kampf took as his first squire – Lord Arwyn Atwater
At the Court of Baron & Baroness Sakura
Order of the Serpents Torque – Ld Geoffrey de Torqueville

FSU Homecoming
On 11-9-86, the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the FSU Homecoming.

Hero of the Ruins, List
on 11-15-86, the Shire of the Ruins held their event

UF Campus Demo
On 11-17-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the UF Campus. Seneschal Lady Carmenette stated there was a very good turnout and a lot of interest in the SCA was generated.

Talewinds, Vol.5, no.9, September AS XXI On 11-21/23-86 The Shire of Storm presented Caravanserai, a place where weary travelers can gather to rest, trade, relax and share good company. All gentles (and lot-so-gentles) of pre-1000 A.D. persona persuasion are invited to give this event a “Dark Age Migrations” flavor, so all you Norse, Angles, Saxons, Romans, Celts, Visigoths, Byzantines, Vandals, Jutes, Franks, Mongols, etc can feel free to dust off the bunny-furs and gaudy finery after the long “hot” summer. Activities to include chariot races, gaming, carousing, reveling. There will be a simple feast prepared by Mistress Hollyn and the Hon. Lady Orianna on Saturday night. Autocrates L. Tachianna Tamarr.
At the Court of THM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Alfred Postigson
Order of the Fletcher – Mihkail Eridson
HRM Erin took as King’s Champion – Lord Godfried of Frisia
Lord Brewster took as deputies – Lady Elina Thrymstrstra & Lord Godfried of Frisia

Royal Proclamation
Unto the folk of Trimaris do We, Erin and Branwen on this 22nd day of November, A.S. XXI, being 1986 of the Common Era, proclaim the following:
On the 15th of November, A.S. XXI, a Royal Court of Inquiry was held regarding charges against William MacGodwin, also known as William of Loch Bannoch. Having sought the advice of the Peers of the Realm, and the Earl Marshal, who conducted the proceedings, the following judgement has been made by the Crown:
It is hereby decreed that:
1. William MacGodwin be banished from the Realm for the duration of Our Reign and that a Request for Revocation and/or Refusal of Renewal of Membership be made of the Board of Directors by the Crown Trimaris.
2. Lady Kara Rowena Hawkwood be reprimanded for unchivalrous acts, unladylike behavior and actions contrary to the ideals of the Society.
3. Lord Corinius Kilwitch be declared Personna non Grata in Our Courts for the duration of our Reign for disruptive and discourteous behavior in Our Court, and that he further be declared Persona non Grata in Our Presence for discourtesy to the Crown.
by our hand and seal,
Erin Breck Gordon, Rex Trimaris and Branwen Bean Erin, Regina, Trimaris

Lake Howell High School Demo
The Barony of Darkwater held a demo for the Lake Howell High School British Literature class on 11-25-86.

Florida State Museum Demo
11-29-86, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo at the Florida State Museum in the afternoon from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm. There was an estimated 2,000+ persons visiting the museum that day and there was interest in the SCA and the Barony by a goodly number. After the demo the members of the Barony held a Thanksgiving Revel at a members home.

On 11-28/30-86, the Shire of Fiach Ogan presented Ravensquest. There will be a tournament, archery, games, bardic circle and the quest of the Rising Raven. Autocrats Lord Morric and Lady Elina
At the Royal Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Order of the Morningstar – Lord James Standish

Middle East Dance Show
The Barony of An Crosaire assisted Elitha of the Entwining Stars and attended the Middle East Dance show held at the Thomas Center on 11-30-86. Approximately 100 person attended the show.

Annual Event
12-1-86, Brineside Moor

Five Points Merchants Association Demo
On 12-13-86, the Shire of Castlemere held a demo at the Five Points Merchants Association.

Trimarian War College
On 12-12/14-86 the Trimarian War College will be held at Camp Keystone sponsored by the Shire of Fiach Ogan. The event will include classes on the history of warfare, on waging Society warfare and all the fighting that you can stand. This will be the only chance to practice for Sea Raids in the spring. It is essential to the war effort that all of our Infantry, Archers, and Scouts (and those interested in becoming same) show up and take part. If you are interested in Medieval warfare, Society warfare, combat archery, or scouting – Trimaris needs you. Autocrat Lady Ann of Fiach Ogan, Feastcrat Lord Ealadhach the Harlot.

Wassailing Revel
12-20-86, The Barony of Darkwater

Domesday Report – Barony of Darkwater
We had, in the first half of the year a bumper season of demos for the Orange and Seminole County school system. From January to June we held 12 demos for the school system. Along with the school demos we held a very large demo for the Orlando Artsfest ’86. This is the second time we have attended this function and our part has gotten even bigger. For 1987 we are hoping to have a place set up for us on our own, and we intend to really show the city what we are about. We held five events in ’86; Swamp Stomp, Trident Tourney, The Village Faire, a Fighters Collegium, and the annual Wassailing Revel. All of these events were well attended.
To be honest however, life here is not all a bed of roses. Our fighters have for some unknown reason have faded into the woodwork. We boasted a company of 20 fighters at the war in February of ’86, and now at the end of the year we have a hard time finding more than 6. We still haven’t figured it out.
Darkwater has always had a strong core group who have remained active in the arts and sciences. Well, at the end of this year it seems that this group has gotten much busier in their mundane lives, and thus the time that they have had to devote to the society and projects therein, has been reduced. Unfortunately this can not be helped. However (I love that word) we seem to have a large number, which is growing rapidly, of people that do not really worry to much about reporting their activities. This group has been quite active in their endeavors, it is just that they refuse to commit this information to paper. This can not be helped either, but at least we know, although it can not be proven on paper, that the Barony is not as dead as our arts and science reports seem to show.
We have grown incredibly in one are that before I always found this barony quite distressingly deficient in. Through the efforts of some people who before ’86 had been quite apathetic (in appearance) and generally inactive, we now have a waiting list for people who want the chance to autocrat their own events. We are giving them their chances as fast as we are able, however this is not a fast process. But, we have gotten a number of them quite interested in doing kingdom level events and we are presently working up some bids for ’87.
Through the past year we have done quite well in our coffers, having a couple of profitable events, and only one real loss to speak of. In light of this (a standing balance of over $1,000.00) we are planning a couple of purchases/projects to make life a little easier in our barony. We are building a trailer in which to haul our baronial regalia (no more asking “Who’s got some extra room?”) and as a group project we are trying to put together an enclosure (rope and post fence with frame arch entranceways) for when we camp as a group at events. This is a project that I am hoping will get the group together at one time with essentially the same purpose in mind. This may help towards ending some of the factioning that we have had such a problem with as of late.
We have had a large amount of growth in the guilds this past year. The costumers have reorganized themselves and are trying to change the generally expected image of themselves. The music guild has been getting stronger in their capabilities. We added not a guild but a semi-organized group this past year with a goal of promoting the performing arts. They have had a little trouble getting organized, and even more really getting started, the ideas are spectacular and the effort is greatly appreciated. We started another new guild this year and unlike most new guilds (which seem to have a hard time getting off the drawing board) this one has taken off like a rocket. The village guild, which is based in the domestic sciences but includes every science which does not yet have a functioning guild within the barony, has proven to be an outstanding idea. Through the village guild, and the classes that they have given (more than 20 over the slow time in the summer) we have gotten many people interested in the things that otherwise are hardly ever demonstrated, seen, or taught outside of art/sci’s. This has help our people’s personal growth, and many people’s view of the society immensely. At the end of 1986, the Barony has 43 paid members, 37 sustaining, 5 family and 1 associate. This ends my domesday report for the Barony of Darkwater for the year 1986. Alasdair Francis MacDhomhnuill, Seneschal.

Domesday Report – Shire of the Ruins
Once again, I’m please to report that the shire is alive and reasonably well. Our current membership is approximately 12 sustaining members. Several of our people have lapsed, but swear that they will renew as soon as they can afford to. Also, we have several new prospects, so I’m hoping for an increase soon.
We have held only one school demo this year; however, we participated in several Wyvernwood and Shadowsea demos. We held one revel in March. Our best demo ever occurred on 12-22 when we appeared for about an hour on a talk show on V-32, the Lakeland music video station.
This year we hosted two events, TMT and the Ruins Revel. TMT had the largest turnout in Trimarian history, and also had the first banishment in Trimaris. The Ruins Revel and Hero of the Ruins List was the largest ever, had the first ever Trimiarian Court of Inquiry, and had the highest percent of people attending without paying that I have ever seen. My treasurer still hasn’t told me the total amount lost, but it doesn’t look good.
For next year, we are doing another Ruins Revel, and perhaps one or two larger events, possibly in conjunction with another group. We also plan to do more school demos and hopefully another TV demo with V-32. Lord Kragon Darkvale, Seneschal