Trimaris History – 1987


St. Benet’s Feast
on 1-9-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held their annual 12th Night holiday feast at the Thomas Center. From Lady Carmenette’s seneschals report. “The feast was great. Every one had a wonderful time. Master Taly brought some new members from Mathom Trove to share in our feast and Their Highnesses Baldar and Ljudmilla were guests. The Barony shared in gift giving and afterwards there was dancing.”

Twelfth Night
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.1, January 1987 On 1-10-87, the Shire of Southkeype presents Twelfth Night to be held at Camp Corbitt, West Palm Beach, FL to celebrate the coming of the Maji and the New Year. This event will have twelve contests in all, covering three areas of interest: fighting, the Arts and questing. Each of these areas will have three contests and an overall winner of the category. All in all, there will be twelve prizes for Twelfth Night. On Saturday morning the fighting events will occur. There will be a three-fold arts contest (costuming, performing arts and visual arts) in the afternoon. In late afternoon there will be a quest. Autocrat Gillermo, Feastcrat Nara

Hero of the Chalice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.1, January 1987 On 1-10-87, the Barony of Wyvernwood held the Hero of the Chalice “Come one, come all, to the Hero of the Chalice Tourney to be held at Camp Keystone. There will be a baronial prize lyst to determine who will be the next Defender of Wyvernwood. Experience a period Celtic feast by Severin Mattazanni, called Mooky the Bogus, and Lord Gunnar Inn Danski, called the Wooly, the Bogus. Also see the Tudor Wedding of Baroness Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora and Tantor of the Tuchux (will this make them the first Tudorchux?) and, in honor of the groom, should the foolhardy be found amiable, the first Trimarian game of Chukball. Autocrat Lord Gareth Abelard.
At the Court of TRM Erin & Branwen
Order of the Pelican – Mistress Atalaya la Sanadora
Court Barony – Tantor Jonathan of Ivory
Order of the Silver Trident – Lord Raoul luc’ Benet

On 1-14-87, the College of Shadowsea held a revel. There were 12 people in attendance, some from the Barony of Wyvernwood.

Winter Art/Sci
Talewinds, vol.6 ,no.1, January AS XXI On 1-16/18-87 The Shire of Castlemere hosted the Winter Arts and Sciences Faire at Camp Chowenwa in Green Cove Springs. “something for everyone, classes by TRU, judging of arts and sciences, pages competition with prizes, grins and giggles competition. Autocrat Lady Aspesia Moonwind, Feastcrat Broshina E’Kterina
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Jason of Winchester, Sangre del Sol
Zaida bint Al-Gassal, Southkeype
Petahari Zubayda bint al Suffa, Castlemere
Argent Estoile – Lady Triste Catelina de la Mor
Grant of Arms – Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars
Lord Cedric Steinhauser, Peregrine Springs
Order of the Watchful Flame – William MacArt

Woodlands Elementary School Demo
On 1-22-87 the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Woodlands Elementary School in Longwood which was well received by the 45-50 5th graders who attended. This demo was a fighting demo with discussion on knighthood and chivalry

Winter Haven High School Demo
On 1-22-87, six members of the Shire of the Ruins held a demo for the Winter Haven High School

Swamp Stomp
1-31-87 The Barony of Darkwater held their anniversary event

On 1-31-87 the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel at a members home. There were 30 members in attendance.

Sea Raids IV – Trimaris/Atlantia War
Talewinds, vol.6, no.2, February AS XXI On 2-7-87 all gentles of Atlantia and Trimaris are invited to come and do battle once more at Sea War IV at Sweetwater Lake Campground near Orangeburg, SC. Since this is a winter event, plan for cold weather. This is a primitive campsite. This being WAR, no feast will be provided.
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Award of Arms – Richard de Camville
Order of the Morning Star Trimaris – Countess Elspeth McNaughton
Order of the Black Widow – Countess Elspeth (principal)
Lady Erika Bjornsdottir
from the Gleann Dubh-ings newsletter, March/April AS XXI Trimaris was victorious in battle against the Kingdom of Atlantia at Sea Raids IV. It was the first time in the history of our annual war that the invading (visiting) army defeated the home hose, breaking the “home field advantage” Over 90 warriors took the filed for Trimaris, outnumbering the Atlantean army by a few. We were aided by a number of Tuchuks from the north, who traveled far to join our host. Trimaris won four of the five battles; the landing battle, field battle, field/flag battle with resurrections and the bridge battle, losing only the Ten Man Champion melee. Their Royal Majesties of Atlantia, Klaus and Cyffaith, rendered unto Trimaris the rights to “South of the Border – Pedro’s Place” as conquered territory, adding to Trimaris’ already large list of “curio shops” (tourist traps). AT the joint cout of TRM of Atlantia and TRM Erin and Branwen, Richard de Camville received an Award of Arms – Congratulation Richard!

On 2-8-87, the College of Shawdowsea held a revel at the Harp and Thistle Irish Pub with 10 members in attendance.

St. Valentines Massacre
Talewinds, vol.6, no.2, February AS XXI 2-13/15-87 An Crosaire held their anniversary event at Itchetucknee Springs Family Grocery and Campground. As is traditional, tenting only – bring you own everything. Activities will include the massacre (of course) a box lunch auction to raise funds for Talewinds, archery, baronial court, mandatory revelry and required silliness. Also featured will be the wedding of Ryuzo no Kami Tsuji and Utai no Kami Mitozake (Carmenette) and the wedding of Sir Bronislous of Vilnius and Lady Marie Genevieve the Piper. Autocrat, Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami.
At the Court of TRM Erin and Branwen
Order of the Argent Estoile – Majir the Blantant
Award of Arms – Llewellen ap Cadwallader
Victoria Swansea
Court Barony – Seamus McRyu Mchoo
At the Baronial Court
Order of the Serpents Torque – Genevieve von Fehrman
Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami
Roland Floydsson
Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Order of the Cross and Serpent – Carmenetta Diez de Rodriguez
Ishidoro no Tsuji
Ara Arisdottir

St. David’s Revel
Dragons Gambit, Vol.1, no.1, Spring AS XXI 2-28-87 St. David’s Eve Revel, join the Canton of Mathom Trove for archery, board games, feast of roast hare and other removes of beast and game. Please provide side removes. A helm will be passed. Held at Norman Wood. Autocrat Maynard de Valognes (seneschals report stated that 10 local members and 36 members from other groups attended).

On 2-28-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held a revel at a members home, there were 35 members in attendance.

Brookside Middle School Demo
Sometime in February ’87, Lord Elemer Landshund, Lord Treve Morningstar and Lord Eric of Telemark of the Shire of Brineside Moor, took part in a medieval demonstration for the Brookside Middle School Demo for their 6th & 7th graders (about 150 in all). There was a fighting demonstration and historical discussions for the student.

Hoggetowne Fair
On 3-1-87, the Barony of An Crosaire assisted the City of Gainesville in the Hoggetowne Fair at the Thomas Center. The Barony added color, put on a small fighting demo and performed singing, dancing and a Court. Approximately 2,000 – 3,000 attended this event. The SCA made top billing. The City Commission was very impressed and wants us to participate next year and wants to have two days of activities.

Lakemont Elementary School Demo
3-4-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Lakemont Elementary School. Participants were Master Barar, Cassandra, Menachem and Lady Anna. The demo was given for one class period to 40 gifted 5th graders. Master Barar discussed warfare and the development of armor, then allowed the children to line up and strike him with his sword while he was in full armor (one little girl smacked him a great shot and killed him!). Cassandra discussed the necessities and techniques of making clothing and all household linens from planting the flax or sheering the sheep right on through spinning, weaving and dyeing. She then took those children interested in learning to weave off to the side and worked with them (2 boys and 3 girls) for the rest of the demo. Menachem discussed various domestic sciences showing the new leather and wood bellows Master Holtmar made as an example and explained the different crafts the bellows could be used to help create. Lady Anna give the welcome and introduction to the SCA nd the members present, then talked about what a child’s life would be like in the Middle Ages (all the different ranks), how a woman ran the household while the men were off warring (sometimes while they were at home too), showing handmade soap, candles, Irish hand wash (liquid pourri) and then Menachem assisted her in showing the display table with its calligraphy supplies, books, costumes and SCA photo album.

PBS Demo
On 3-7-87, the Shire of Storm and the Barony of Wyvernwood assisted Channel 3 WEDU, the PBS station, with their annual fund drive. There were approx. 10 people from Storm working the demo.

Greenwood Lake Elementary School Demo
3-13-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Greenwood Lake Elementary School which was attended by Mastger Barar, Menachem, Brighid, Seamus and Lady Ann. This demo was given for one class period to about 75 (three classes) 6th graders. They were interested in a demo on knighthood, chivalry and armor without any fighting. So Master Barar laid out all his armor pieces and put on each piece as he discussed its function and name. All the other assisted him. Armoring up piece by piece fascinated the children and lasted most of our time. We broke up the armoring with Lady Anna talking about what the women did to run the household, she and Brighid (when not assisting Master Barar) passed around handmade soap, beeswax candles, Irish Hand wash and books showing types of armor and combat (donated and discussed by Seamus). After the demo we were detained by many of the children who wished to ask further questions and to play with the displays and the armor.

Golden Keype
3-14-87, the petition to form the College of Golden Keype was granted. The campus of F.I.T. has a large golden tower which was the inspiration for the name of the group.
Seneschal & Arts Officer – Genevieve LeRousse (Jennifer Foulk)
Herald – Lord Geoffrey Maynard of York (Jeff Whiting)
Treasurer – Camber Mackinnon (Todd Fredrickson)
Science Officer – Ilaysaidh Sibeall Muireal Dughlass (Tracey Hutchinson)
Marshal – Trinculo (Tim Voss)
Historian – Johan Bjoerinson (Alan Boertjens)

Ciudad de las Fuentes
3-14-87, an application for an incipient shire was submitted by Ciudad de las Fuentes, located in St. Augustine Fl. Ciudad de las Fuentes means the City of the Fountains. Zip codes claimed by the incipient shire are 32084,032085, 32086, 32082, 32045, 32033. The founding officers are:
Seneschal – Juan Jose de Maestre y Solana – John Masters Jr.
Herald – Lord Lon Warbeck Mac Murray – Michael J. Murray
Minister of Arts – Cailin Etainnighean – Kathi B. Canepa
Master of Sciences – Miguel Pozos – Michale D. Wells
Marshal – Lord Lon Warbeck Mac Murray
Exchequer – Lady Alejandra Isabel Ingesias Domenech – Mirtha Murray
Historian – Angelica Kira Le Musard – Denise Larimore

Spring Coronation
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI on 3-13/15-87 the Shire of Blackthorne hosted Spring Coronation at Camp Chowenwa in Green Cove Springs. Tenative activities, Saturday morning will be left free for peers’ and officers’ meetings, TRM ERin and Branwen’s last court will be early Sat. Afternoon, followed by the wedding of the Hon. Glyn ni Owein and Lord Brewster Hartswood, both court and wedding are early Celtic; Evening candlelight Coronation ceremony of TRH Baldar and Ljudmilla, followed by their first court. Coronation theme will be 16th century Slavic (German & Italian Renaissance garb would be typical, as Slavic areas were about a century behind in fashion); competitions scheduled include the Trimaris Troubadoru Laureate and the Queen’s Champion Yeoman Archer. A fundraising raffle with the Grand Prize being free entrance to all Trimaris events for 6 months. Autocrat, Lady Eleanor Powe, feastcrat, Countess Elspeth McNauthton and Rosamonde
At the Last Court of King Erin and Queen Branwen
Order of the Chivalry – Raoul luc Benet
Order of the Laurel – Lord Morric Haast, Fiach Ogan
Order of the Argent Scale – Morgan Morcheartaigh
Adriene Crescentia de la Fere
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Mistress Cher de Bellevue, An Crosaire
Order of the Quiver – Darien Goldenhair
Order of the Watchful Flame – William MacLewis
Order of the Trefoil Argent – Lady Erika Bjornsdottir
Order of the Argent Palm – Lady Morgana ferch Morgan
Award of Arms – Genevieve La Russe
Guillian vonder Vald
Lassair of Waterford
Seigfried von Heydrich
Moria Mac Loughlin
Edward O’Donovan
Drake Ruthendale
Johannes Drachenburg
Order of the Emerald Sea – Lady Glyn ni Owen
Lord Erik Loren Elcara
Herald’s Pennant – Nakagawa Ienobu
Associates taken at Court
Master Jean-Phillipe Duvier has taken Lord Roland Wolfram Floydson as Apprentice
Master Barar Udvarhelyi has taken Rachel Kathleen Cundiff as Protege
Sir Erin Breck Gordon has taken Countess Branwen bean Erin as Squire
At the First Court of King Baldar and Queen Ljudmilla
Duchal Titles – Erin Breck Gordon and Branwen bean Erin
Order of the Rose – Duchess Branwen bean Erin
Order of the Laurel – Lady Eleanor Powe
Award of Arms – Magdelena de Valasco de Almeria
Lann of Brittany
Order of the Black Widow – Duchess Branwen bean Erin
Queens Yeoman – Damien Bloodstone
Associates taken in Court
Countess Mistress Elspeth MacNaughton has taken Duchess Branwen bean Erin as apprentice
Viscount Sir Seosaidh has taken Lon Warbec MacMurray as squire
HRM Baldar Langstriter has taken Arlech Anthony as Squire
Master Barar took Lady Rachel as a protege
Petition for status as a shire – Cuidad de las Fuentes – St. Augustine
Petition for status as a guild – Masters of the Blade

The Barony of Darkwater presented a filled Chirurgeon’s kit to the Kingdom Chirurgeon at Coronation. They also reported that the Barony has 37 units of blood in its account with the Central Florida Blood Bank with the main donor being Lard Gradheil.

(Historian’s Note) there was a particularly dangerous sport that
swept Trimaris during the past year called “bottle jousting” in which combatants stood on empty champagne bottles and jousted the other i.e. tried to knock each other off the bottles. It had a brief and exciting life span until this event. Apparently the combatants were using pole arms and one, slightly inebriated, got hit on the head with a steel counterweight, causing a spectacularly bloody (but not too serious) head wound. The Chirurgeonate protested this sport until faded out of existence even though there was a minor try at non-glass bottles and padded rattan poles.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 3-20/22-87, The Barony of Darkwater presents the 7th annual Trident Tourney at Camp Wewa. Fight for the Trident, Table Tourneys, Auction, Chess, Backgammon, Pente, to be held after feast. The First Annual Paupers Auction to benefit the Pages Guild. Autocrat Adiva the Berber, Feastcrat Carron Astie.
Winner of the lyst – Syr Quentin Wrengaard ap Rhys
Order of the Argent Estoille – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Award of Arms – Eliseff Torvaldsdottir
Order of the Trident Keep – Eliseff Torvaldsdottir

on 3-28-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their anniversary revel at a members home. There were 35 members in attendance.

Florida State Museum Demo
3-29-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held a demo for the Florida State Museum. It was a rainy day and attendance was low, but over all it was a good demo.

List of demos for January, February and March given with little or no information concerning the demos.
Shire of Castlemere: 3-4-87 Demo- St. Augustine with Cuidad de Fuentes
3-11-87 demo – Riverwalk, Jacksonville
Shire of Glymmerholde: 3-14-87, demo, story telling in local mall
3-?, demo special education students
3-? demo boy scouts
Shire of Oldenfeld: 3-3-87 demo, Robin & Marion, food sale and demo
3-3/5-87 demo, fighter practice at Union Grove
3-13-87, Largo Ren Faire

College of Golden Keep
On 3-25-87 six members of the College of Golden Keep entered the Melbourne Flamingo Fling Costume Contest at the Arts Festival, and took first prize of a trip for two to a holiday in Vero Beach. Serious recruiting was done during the evening.

On 4-3-87, members of the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the movie Robin and Marian at the Moore Auditorium. On 4-3/5-87, there was a fighter practice and demo held at the Student Union Green attended by Duke Sir Erin and entourage. This event was covered by photographers from both the Tallahassee Democrat and the Florida Flambeau (published 5-7-87 and 7-9-87 respectively).

On 4-4-87 several members of the shire did storytelling (St. George and the Dragon) for the Lee County Reading Council at the Edison Mall.

The Feast of Fools
4-4-87, the Shire of Southkeype

Newcomers Revel
4-4-87, the Barony of An Crosaire held a newcomers revel at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in the social hall. We had a lot of good food and a good turnout of interested visitors.

An Crosaire Officers as of April 1, 1987
Baron – Sakura Tetsuo
Baroness – Sakura Kimineko
Seneschal – Lady Carmenette Diez de Rodriguez (Ruthann Macheski)
Deputy Seneschal – Lord Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami (Deb Lansden)
Reeve – Gwennan ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Deputy Reeve – Donnchagh Ui Grada (Skip Grady)
Herald – Lord Andros Leonthalasias (Richard Katsaros)
Deputy Herald – Lord Jean-Louis Pepin de Namus (Donald Siegel)
Mistress of Arts – Lady Melistra Adrianne d’Ombre (Melanie Ogle)
Master of Science – Master Elom Eikenskjaldi (C.S. Marvin)
Knights Marshal – Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh (Joe Latta)
Archery Marshal – Lord Talfric Bluntswood (Lin Swindle)
Hospitaller – Gwenna ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Librarian – Lord Nakagawa Ienobu no Kami (Deb Lansden)
Scribe – Mistress Cher de Bellevue (Cheryl Feinstein)
Historian – Gwennan ferch Gwydion o Dyved (Melanie Davis)
Chronicler – Lady Delilia Castillo de Luna Rosa (Delmarie Burr)

Leather and Lace War
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 4-3/5-87 The Shire of Brineside Moor presented Leather and Lace Wars at camp Honi Honta “This is the event you have been waiting for all your life -it must be seen to be believed. Fighting…SCA combat list and melees…swashbucking…a list and a clinic…real weapons…including IKAC archery…costumes…best use of leather, best use of lace, best use of leather and lace in an authentic costume…games…pente, chess backgammon, byzantine chess, goose…prizes galore…delicious food, 5 meals provided, served on time! Autocrats Lord Eric and Lady Bridit and House Telemark. There were approximately 50 persons in attendance, Korrum du Mere made and donated prizes for the contests. The Shire cleared $266 over costs and a great time was had by all.
Award of Arms – Laura Kyburg Fealach
Frederich Karl Kyburg
Order of the Argent Estoile – Treve Morningstar
Genevieve Le Rousse

Greenwood Lake Elementary School Demo
4-9-87 The Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Greenwood Lake Elementary School in Lake Mary

On 4-11-87, Lady Victoria Swansea, Lord Siegfried Heydrich, Rafe Ravenswood and Goldrake did a display of medieval art and costuming at Casa Ybel Resort.

Largo Renaissance Festival
Between 4-11/13-87 the Shire of Oldenfeld, along with the Shire of Storm participated in the Largo Renaissance Festival. Parts of the fighter and fencing demo were taped and aired on Public Access Channel 12 in Tampa.

The Spring Fighter Collegium/Norrey College of Arms
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI Sea March and Southkeype proudly present, live in person, Duke Sir Paul of Bellatrix, coming soon to a Fighter Collegium near you, Exclusive Engagement, on 4-10/13 at Camp Corbett. Feast is Duc-de-pot luck but there will be a smorgesborg sandwich lunch on Saturday (due to site problems we are unable to have a feast, for this event the site is primative and water will be brought in – their water station went down about 2-20 and will not be working for the event. Showers will consist of a swim in the lake and port-a-jons will be brought in – kinda like Pennsic. we realize the cost of this event is excessive for a BOYE event, however, this includes airfare for His Grace and we were unable to obtain a site cost reduction). Added Attractions: belly dance symposium, tacky garb competition. Autocrats Lord Rurik and Lady Vasilikee.
There were approximately 103 persons in attendance, with 65 fighters or prospective fighters attending. The Shire took a loss at this event but they expected to from the beginning. The Shire Seneschal, Count Verron stated “we can afford it and we figured it would be good for the kingdom.”

Milwe Middle School Demo
4-17-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at the Milwe Middle School in Longwood, FL.

And Now For Something Completely Different
Talewinds Vol.6, no.3 March AS XXI 4-24/26-87 Starhaven presents And Now For Something Completely Different at Christmas Airstream Park. Are you tired of fighting the same old people in the same old lysts with the same old weapons? We can’t do anything about your friends, but we can change the lysts. Starhaven presents a whole event of non-standard lysts. A non-sword lyst (all heavy weapons except the sword), a swashbuckling list (for light weapons only), an archery contest (real arrows at fake targets), a knife throwing contest, an axe throwing contest, bottle jousting.
The theme of something different seemed to work well. The feast was an Aztec feast and the feastcrats were excited over the fact they had a real kitchen to work in. The previous feasts had been done on camp stoves and open fires. The event went well, although not as many people showed up as we had hoped. Feast was prepared for about 70 and only about 40 showed up. We still broke even, however, because we held feast at 3:00pm and almost all the daytrippers stayed for feast.

Lakeview Middle School Demo
On 4-24-87, the Barony of Darkwater held a demo at Lakeview Middle School in Sanford, FL.

Eckerd College Demo
on 4-28-87, the College of Shadowsea held a demo on the campus of Eckerd College. A number of people stopped by and there were several people intersted in the SCA.

Surprise Event
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.4, April AS XXI, On 5-1/3-87 the Shire of Castlemere is joining the new tradition of Surprise events. These events don’t let you know where they will be until time to go, we will do it a little different. We will tell you where: Camp Seminole Springs. We will tell you when: May 1-3. We will event tell you how much – but we won’t tell you what. (hint..its a new beginning, day one AS XXII) bring armor for the list. Renaissance feast by Edmund Curran, Autocrats, Lady Cynthia Carter and Lord HRothgar Thorsson.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Grant of Arms – Aspasia Joanne Cartier Moonwind
Konrad Loraybeck
Order of the Fletcher – Alexander of the Golden Axe
Order of the Silver Trident – Delilia Castillo de luna Rosa

Brineside’s Mini-event
On 5-2-87, a mini-event and workshop was held with members from Brineside Moor, Narval Dorado and Glymmerholde – approx 22 people in attendance. Workshop subjects were: Fencing (Lord Elemer Landshund); Real Weapons (Lord Eric of Telemark); Armor (Sean of Carrigfergus); Glass Engraving by Hand (Lord Eric of Telemark); Basket weaving (Ariean); Archery (Dennis MacMannis); Silver Casting (Korrum du Mere); Pottery (Lady Sine Gillian Macdhomnuill); and Embroidery (Lady Victoria Swansea). The Ravioli main dish for the pot luc feast was provided by Lord Duncan Angus Machomnuill
this was the first of planned monthly one day mini-events held in conjunction with the surrounding groups. These events will consist of fighter practices, arts and sciences clinics and a feast. The host group will rotate between participating groups so that each group will host the event 3-4 times a year.

Gathering of the Clans
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.4, April AS XXI On 5-8/10-87 The Barony of Darkwater requests “Clansmen, and women, come join your Celtic (and non-Celtic) brothers and sisters in a weekend of Highland style games and revelry at Camp Thunderbird, just north of Apopka. This is only SCA so we aren’t going to have you throw a full cabor, just a small one (He! He!). In addition there will be a lyst for the “Order of the Grey Beards.” Armor inspection at 9 am Saturday. Feast will be a Celt’s delight presented by Seamus of Darkwater. After feast there will be Scottish dance class and reveling and dancing ’till the wee hours. Bardic competition and limerick contest also. Autocrat Eghan O’Naill.
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Silver Trident – Delilia Castilla
Award of Arms – Seamus McEwan
Order of the Grey Beard – Branwen bean Erin
Udvarhelyi Barar Aeryck
Order of the Argent Estoile – Sine Gillian Macdhomnuill

Lion’s Tourney II
On 5-15/17-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held Lion’s Tourney II at the FSU Reservation, autocrated by Lord Drake Ruthendale, Feastcrated by Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau di Firenze and Katerina Isabella di Firenze. Queen Ljudmilla held court at the feast.
Champion of the Lion’s Tourney – Derek of the Bloody Fang.

Ravensfest IV
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI The Shire of Fiach Ogan presents The Revel just for the fun of it! The fourth annual Ravensfest will be held at the home of Lady Elina and Master Morric on 5-16-87. This will be a one day event with a Duc ‘d Potluc. The Shire will provide the main course. There will be archery, fighting, singing and general good time.


Trimaris Memorial Tournament
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 5-22/25-87, the Barony of Wyvernwood and friends present Trimaris Memorial Tourney/Crown Lyste at Camp Keystone. Come ye one and all to witness the deciding of the fifth King of Trimaris by tournament of combat. Festivities to include Middle Eastern feast by the Honorable Lady Seglinde von Truso, another feast by Lord Stromek and the Shire of the Ruins, breakfasts by the College of Shadowsea, Saturday night medieval dancing hosted by Lord Giovanni de Larenza, possible Middle Eastern wedding (stay tuned for details), Champion of Trimaris Lyste, and of court Trimaris Crown Lyste. Autocrat Lord Gareth Abelard, Feastcrat Hon. Lady Seglinde von Truso
The Shire of Glymmerhold gave a luncheon for the King and Queen, Crown Prince and Princess and attendants on Sunday. Glymmerhold also ran the tavern Saturday and Sunday nights.
Crown Prince – Sir Quentin Wrenguard ap Rhys
Crown Princess – Lady Cara Marie of Carlysle
King’s Champion – Lord Brian McNaughton
Queen’s Champion – Lord Trinculo
Winner of the Champion of the Trimarian Sword – Solom Spite, called Spider
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Elspeth Trelawney of Lochwae
Order of the Argent Scales – Brian McNaughton
Shield of Chivalry – Brian McNaughton
Order of the Argent Estoille – Takara McLeod
Award of Arms – Carmella Donati
Llorcan ap ‘Harthur
Katherine Isabella di Firenze
Vilhelm von Zavich
Order of the Trefoil Argent Trimaris – Wolfstan Halfdansson
Order of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Masque – Erik von Kampf
Masque – Corwin ap Arawyn o Carreg Cennon
Masque – Rose O Shaughnessy
Poet – Lance Nystrom

Boy Scout Demo
On 5-26-87 the Shire of Glymmerhold held a fighter demo for the Boy Scout Blue and Gold banquet. Lord Godfried of Frisia and Torren Swansea did the fighting. There was singing by the Seneschal(Vyctorya Swansea) and juggling by the Art’s Officer (Ambrosia Swansea)

Orangewood Elementary School Demo
During the first week in June (no actual date given in report) the Shire of Glymmerhold held a demo at the Orangewood Elementary School – this was a non-fighting demo with music, juggling and lecture on medieval life.

On 6-4-87, a meeting/revel was held at a member’s home. All business was conducted in the swimming pool. The revel was a going away party for member Lyssandra Adriel Methwyn Westmorlan who is moving to the Kingdom of the East.

Arthur’s Quest
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On 6-6-87 the Shire of Glymmerholde held a one day event at a member’s home. Adventure to the land of Glymmers! The Glymmers are luring you to Arthur’s Quest- -the revel that turned into a quest and more! King Arthur has received fatal wounds in battle. As he lay dying, the Lady of the Lake spirited him to the enchanted isle where he lies deep in a sleep from which he may never awake. The only thing in all the world which can save his life is the eye fo the dragon. Come join the quest, alfter all you can’t save the life of a king every day. Fighters – try your skill against the Green Knight. If desired – melee after the quest. Brewers Welcome – there will be a Brewer’s sampling station (any and all Brewer’s invited to attend) try some period refreshment for a donaton. For those who wish to extend their stay–at no additional charge–Godfried “Spielberg” presents–Medieval film fest, all your favorite titles available, three VCR’s, no waiting. Another Godfried spectacular…Of course crash space is available, please bring your sleeping bag.
At the Court of TRM Ljudmilla
Award of Arms – Rafe Ravenswood
Order of the Emerald Sea – name withheld by gentle’s request
There were 40 people in attendance.

Midsummer’s Revel
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 6-13-87, in Celebration of the Founding of the Shire of Narval Dorado, to be held at Citrus Horse Trails. Calling all Pirates and Mercenaries !! The Shire of Narval Dorado invites you to Midsummer’s Eve Revel. We are planning for your enjoyment a list (in the morning so you don’t fry) a Pig’s Bladder (water balloon) battle and of course, A Narval Dorado Feast. Autocrat The Hon. Lord Michael Kennethson, Feastcrat Katie.

Arts and Sciences Faire
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.5, May AS XXI On 6-12/14-87 This year’s Arts and Sciences Faire will be held at Camp O’Leno, north of Gainesville hosted by The Shire of Fiach Ogan. There is ample tenting space and 150 bunks in the cabins. You may feed the deer but not the alligators. There is swimming for the brave and the promis of a bardic circle.
AT the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Silver Trident – Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez
Order of the Emerald Sea – Guillian Van der Wald
Order of the Argent Estoile – Oriana Goldenhair
Award of Arms – Ilaysaidh Sibeall Muireal Dughass
Caterine Mercedes de Menendez
Order of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Masque – Seosaidh Mac Seosaidh
Masque – Erika Bjornsdottir
Named Protectors of the Trimarian Bards Laureate:
Poet – Jannara of Airea
Poet – Jed Silverstar
Poet – Alys de la Mer
Poet – Elaine of Valeria
Troubadour – Warjna Waleska Kaztimir
Poet – Knutkin ap Gryffydd
Troubadour – Jed Silverstar
Poet – Elom Eikenskjaldi
Troubadour – Davida Estrella de la Cruz
Masque – Elspeth Trelawney of Lochawe
Poet – Alinore d’Astralis
Troubadour – Alys de la Mer
Masque – Tsuji no Kami Ryuzo
Poet – Hiertha Aureiana
Poet – Warjna Waleska Kaztimir
Troubadour – Morric Haast (twice)
Poet – Alexander Mareschal
Troubadour – Erik von Kampf
Poet – Shantry
Troubadour – Sara Tegan Elizabeth Francis Holden
Masque – Knutkin ap Gryffydd
Poet – Mireann Deora-De of Ravencroft
Masque – Aidian Gerhardt de Lanwedoc
Arts Results from Summer Art-Sci Faire
Champion of the Arts – Chelsea of the Heights (24) Wyvernwood
Award of Singular Merit – Lady Ana Isabel Barrios de Perez
Top 20 scores in the arts (excluding Champion of the Arts)
1. Lady Aspasia Moonwind (13), Castlemere
2. Lord Loraybech (10) Castlemere
3. Talieson Conganan (9) Darkwater
4. Lady Marguerite Isadora de Riva (9) Wyvernwood
5. Fang Shih Min (8) Storm
6. Sine MacDonald (8) Brineside Moor
7. Lord Devlin MacLeod (8) Castlemere
8. Nebhiros (8) Arinol
9. Carrissa (8) Wyvernwood
10. Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn (8) Oldenfeld
11. Lady Ana Isabel (7) Southkeype
12. Guillermo Da Firenze (6) Storm
13. Sine Nic Immey (6) Southkeype
14. Lord Eric of Telemark (6) Brineside Moor
15. Hodmir (6) Vaca del Mar
16. Lady Katerina Tatinia (6) Castlemere
17. Viscountess Elitha of the Entwining Stars (6) An Crosaire
18. Caterina Mercedes de Menendez y Chavez (5) Blackthorne
19. Amphelicia Ceridwen Llywelyn (5) Narval Dorado
20. Annick-Maryse Zoe Genevieve La Ferrique (5) Oldenfeld
Patron of the Arts and Sciences – Castlemere
Top 16 Groups in the Arts:
1. Castlemere (62)
2. Wyvernwood (5)
3. Oldenfeld (20)
4. Storm (18)
5. Southkeype (17)
6. Brinesdie Moor (14)
7. An Crosaire (10)
8. Darkwater (9)
9. Blackthorne (8)
10. Vaca del Mar (6)
11. Narval Dorado (5)
12. Golden Keep (4)
13. Starhaven (3)
14. Glymmerhold (2)
15. Fiach Ogan (2)
16. Sea March (1)
Socring was as follows: Extraordinary Merit = 3 points
Superior Merit = 2 points
Merit = 1 point
The Oldenfeld Players received the Masque Laureate for performing a play “The King’s Letter” written by Lord Drake Ruthendale.

Archery Shoot
On 6-28-87, the Shire of Brineside Moor’s Archery Team (Lord Eric of Telemark, Lady Brigit Olesdottir, Terrel and Korrum du Mere) have completed the creation of a medieval archery class (straight, partial wood bows and wood arrows with no sights) within the Sarasota County Archers Inc., a branch of the National Field Archery Association. This class was introduced at the last NFAA circuit shoot held in Sarasota. Terrel placed 1st in class with Korrum du Mere second and Lord Eric of Telemark third.

Herald’s Picnic
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII Come one, come all to the Herald’s Picnic on 7-3/5-87, hosted by the Shire of Gleann Dubh at the Christmas Airstream Park. This is tenting only
Activities include: Herald’s prize list, classes on many aspects of SCA heraldry, and hopefully a Royal Court for the benefit of training new Court Heralds. The feast is Duc d’Potluc with Glean Dubh providing the main meat course. Autocrat Lord Kalin Kolhann, Feastcrat, Lady Melbridga of Oak Glen and Lady Moira MacLochlainn.
Winner of the lyst – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Most Chivarous – Houst Heartwing
Award of Arms – Sergorious Falco
Wulfhilda deBond
Warlic (Papa) Duncan
Order of the Argent Estoile – Oliver of the Silver Hammer
Order of the Argent Scales – Eric of Telemark
approx. 56 gentles attended.

Demos for April, May and June
Shire of Oldenfeld: 4-8/10-87 with Arenal at Pensacola City Festival
4-18/19-87 Magna Carta demo, Lincoln Center
Shire of Storm: 4-11-87 Largo Ren Faire
Shire of Brineside Moor: 4-19-87 Demo for Girl Scouts
4-26-87, Demo at Sarasota Square Mall

House Tigh na Baothaire Memorial Revel and Charity Event
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII On 7-4-87, Remember Ye Goode Olde Dayes..when the bright Trimaris summer sun shone down upon the Barony of An Crosaire, and silliness reigned as the peasants, paeons, and general scum gather’d every Fourth of July for House Tigh na Baothaire’s annual revel? Well, we’re sorry to disappoint you, but them days is back!!! (and just when you thought it was safe in Trimaris…) “What’s that,” you say? “House Tig na Baothaire is no more?” Why, details like that can’t stop fools like us. Wear your grubbies, and bring your own drinks plus something for Duc d’potluc (not to mention your own hedgepigge–for playing Boppe ye Hedgepigge. Autocrat, Mistress Cher de Bellevue

Swithinmas Herauldes Faire and Picnic
On Saturday 7-4-87, the Canton of Mathom Trove and the Norrey Academie of Armourie presents Swithinmas Heraulds Faire and Picnic. come join us in demonsrating the accomplishments of our society unto the folke of Palatka as they celebrate their independence. Planned Displays – Mail making, SCA combat, sundials, board games, knotting, tablet weaving and invitational bardic circle. Norrey Academie Courses – known world arms, notable arms of europe and a prize contest in identifying them, beyone Lions, Dragons and Vycornes, an out of the ordinary beastiary, the annual certification sitting for heralds. Coordinator – Baron Taliesynne; Combat – Lord Thorkil; Arts and sciences – Elspeth Estelle and Rolande; Displays – Lord Goffery; Board Games – Guillaume.
Order of the Argent Scales – Lord Eric of Telemark

On 7-6-87 Lord Oliver of the Silver Hammer, Lady Wulfhilda de Bond, Edmund Curran, Goueril Smyth of the Shire of Castlemere put on a demo for a summer school class. (school not listed in report). They did an impressive job and left them wanting more. They did this with only a couple of days warning.

Officers of the Shire of Castlemere as of June 1987
Seneschal – H.L. Loraybech
Herald – Lady Petahari al Saffah
Knight Marshal – Lord Devlin McLeod
Minister of Arts – Lady Katerina Tatiana
Minister of Sciences – Lord Arthur Broderick
Exchequer – H.L. Aspasia Moonwind
Chronicler – Lord Gregorius Falco
Historian – Lord Johannus von Drackenberg
Sheriff – Eldis Howe
Hospitallers – Loreli Mummer and Duncan
Librarian – Lady Cynthia Catherine Cartier

Search For Byrgangeld, The Vampire’s Revenge
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On 7-11-87, the Shire of Ac Scrin cordually invites you to join us once again at beautiful Camp Honi Honta. For the hardy spirit there will be a list and for those less strenuous inclined there will be chess, pente and lawn games for your amusement. For the pleasure of your plate there will be a delectable feast served under the stars in true medieval fashion. After the sun has set prepare your minds for the quest that follows will tax both thy skill and courtly grace – there will be a prize of gold. Autocrat
At the Court of TRM Baldar and Ljudmilla
Order of the Argent Estoile – Natalija Varvara Stoianova (Natasha)
Award of Arms – Andrew William Montgomery
Susan van Ham (Sham)

The First Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Event
Talewinds Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII Peregrine Springs presents The first Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Event on 7-11-87 at the Sanford Zoo, with the other animals. Featuring archery competition, weird weapon tourney, wet tunic and wet loincloth contest, nasty subltey competition, and a truly unique feast that you will never forget. Autocrat (Cedric will not admit responsibility) Feastcrat Lady Michelle. Warning, this event may be hazardous to those who are sensitive, squeamish, fainthearted or prudish.

Another Gleann Dubhing
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.6, June AS XXII On Saturday 7-18-87, the Shire of Gleann Dubh requests “Come and relax Glenn Dubh style. Archery, Games, Fighter’s Lyste, Merchant’s Alley, bells & pillows lyste for the ladies, Food, Duc d ‘Pot luc feast, Fun, frolic and more. Held at the Central Florida Zoological Park in Sanford. Post revel-revel site to be announced, limited crash space.” Autocrat Lady Moira MacLochlainn.
Winner of the Lyst – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Bells & Pillow Lyst overall winner – Haran the Mad Dragon Rider
Womens lyst – Fara
approx 34 gentles attended

War Practice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.7, July AS XXII On 7-24/26-87, the Barony of Darkwater invites Noble Warriors, Greetings, the time of the Great War is almost upon us. So sharpen your swords and pick up your shields and come do battle. The site is wet, land is dry and hot, no shade so bring canopies. Site will have showers and lots of room for tenting (only) Autocrat Brendon MacAngus.
Award of Arms – Wulhilde Duncan
Duncan (of Castlemere)
Order of the Argent Scale – Victoria Swansea

Proclamation of Banishment:
Dimitri of Glymmerholde was banished for acts detrimental to Trimaris. He has been convicted (mundanely) of four counts of forgery against checks written from the account of the Shire of Glymmerholde and awaits sentencing on August 10, 1987 by Judge R. Wallace, Lee County Circuit Court.

Coco Public Library Demo
On 7-28-87, seven members of the College of Golden Keep held a demo at the Coco Public Library with the help of twelve members of the Shire of Starhaven. There newspapers attended and ran articles about the local SCA groups. Dispite of being in the middle of the week (Tuesday) we had 12 adults there, and a good mixture of people. We were able to show off caligraphy, stained glass, pottery, spinning and weaving, herbs and a bunch of other stuff. We taught the kids the Maltese Brawl. We had demonstrations of both heavy weapons fighting and swashbuckling. Although the library had planned on only an hour, the demo lasted three hours. The library was very pleased. One amusing note, the library staff wanted to give our heralds a megaphone. They could not believe that someone could speak to a crowd and be heard.

PBS Demo
On 8-1-87, the Shire of Storm assisted WEDU, channel 3, PBS station with their fund drive by answering telephones, there were about 15 people involved.

First Blood and First Sword of the Paladine Alliance
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII On 8-1-87 The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites one and all to attend the lists of “First Blood” and the “First Sword of the Paladine Alliance” at T-Y Park in Hollywood. Bring your own feast and provision or purchase whatever you need at the refreshment stand. There will be a revel at a local members home after the park closes. Challenge to Southkeype – The fighters of the House of the Red Leopard issued this challenge to the fighters of Southkeype and the four eyed fat man – Defend your honor in melee combat and individual challenges or be known as the shire of women and sheep in men’s clothes. Autocrat Lord Roland de Verona.

Hollywood Library Demo
On 8-15-87 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a demo at the Hollywood Library. Pictures of the demo were in the Ft. Lauderdale Sun Sentinel and the Shire received a thank you letter from the library. “You and your organization are to be commended on provideing Hollywood Library with another Society event. We appreciate so much that you came out even in this South Florida summer heat. We thank each fighter and lady who donned costumes and provided so much entertainment for our patrons. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf.” Sincerely Judith Trutwin, Children’s Librarian

Pennsic War XVI
8-15-87 Augmentation of Arms – Duke Sir Aaron Breck Gordon
Acceptance of the charter for the Calligraphers’ Guild

Can’t Go To Pennsic Revel
on 8-15-87, the Shire of Gleann Dubh held a Can’t Go To Pennsic Revel at Hounton Island. 4 people from Gleann Dubh and 4 people from Vaca Del Mar attended.

Peasants’ Revel
Talewinds, Vol.6,no.8,August XXII On 8-15-87 The Allyance of the Bloodless Turnape, in cahoots with the Barony of An Crosaire present the An Crosaire Peasants Revel and Ryppe-offe Event. Join the lusty peasants as they celebrate the FEAST OF ST. AVARICE and the fact that all the nobles are off to Pennsic War). This is a day trip, potte-luc, bring your own everything extravangaza and is being held on August 15, from noonish until 6:oopm. We offer classes (no list), a watermelon-mangle with live steel (no list), a best/worst dressed peasant contest (no list), lunchtime (no list), and NO LIST (no list). Oh, all right, you can armor-up and pound each other if you want to. The site is a picnic area of Morningside Nature Park in loverly Gainesville. The prices, following recent custom (and to make a point) are a ryppe-offe
$50.00 – wknd, with feast (soggy veggies and forbidden pets)
$49.95 – wknd, no feast (a better deal)
$45.00 – day trip, with feast (unadvisable)
$1.00 – Day trip, no feast (what a deal)
NOTE: after Aug. 15, day trip, no feast $100.00
Autocrat Elom “cross my palm with silver” Eikinskjald and Ara “The Greedy Merchant” Arisdottir

Eckerd College Demo
On 8-17-87, the College of Shadowsea held a demo on the Eckerd College campus. There was an estimate of about 200 people who watched the demo.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII 9-4/6-87 The Barony of Darkwater invites you to participate in the passing of the Trimarian Crown from His Royal Majesty Baldar Langstriter to His Royal Highness Quentin ap Rhys. The Royal Occasion shall take place at Camp Keystone. Autocrat Carron Astre, Feastcrat Seamus MacEoghainn The Shire of Oldenfeld presented HRM Quentin a gift of a belly dancer and HRM Cara with an attendant (Walter). The Trimarian Masques Laureate, the Oldenfeld Players presented “The Voyage of the El Pollo Punto”
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Trimarian Sword – Brian McNaughton
Order of the Morningstar Trimaris – Trinculo
Order of the Emerald Seas – Geoffrey Maynard
Order of the Trimarian Gratitude – Springbuck
Award of Arms – Edmund Curran (Castlemere)
General Smyth (Castlemere)
Sean of Carrickfergus (Brineside Moor)
Takamatsu Tadayoshi
Rhianna Dacia Valerius
Order of the Black Widow – Rhianna Dacia Valerius
Troubadour Laureate – Jhanos Al-Carin (Starhaven)

Village Faire
Talewinds Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII on 9-11/13-87 The Barony of Darkwater most cordially invites all its friends from all corners of the Kingdom to gather again for summer’s end and the Village Faire. To be held at Camp Thunderbird. Once again the craftsmen of the barony, joined by their fellows from about Trimaris offer the “how-tos” of their crafts in a series of hands-on workshops. Armoring equipment and armorers will be available all day to help in the beginning, completing or repairing of projects. There is a communal bathing pool to help beat the heat of the day. The following list of some of the classes to be offered at this event. Most are hands-on: Basic costuming, papermaking, liqueur making, basic embroidery, calligraphy, basic hand building with clay, weaving, needlelace, spinning, belly dancing, braiding, pole lath working, Russian punch, armoring. Autocrat Master Barar, Feastcrat, Lady Islay and Constancia
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Palm – Rachel Kathleen Cundif
Award of Arms – Menachen ben Elazar

Norrey College of Arms

Michaelmas Moot
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 9-18/20-87 The Barony of An Crosaire presents Michaelmas Moot. The theme of the event is Chivalry and Style (not just winning). Activities will consist of a Fighter’s Clinic (NOT a war practice), a Challenge Lyst, team melees and classes for non-combatants. Ladies of the Barony will assess the Chivalry and style (fighting and appearance) of all fighters and a cohort of the most chivalric fighters will be honored at Court. After court, bardic activities and revelin will be the order of the day. The site is Itchetucknee Springs Gampground. This is a tenting only event, no cabins. Pretend it is a war. The bare bones of a feast (a meaty stew) will be provided Saturday night. Be prepared to supplement the stew with any side dishes you might like, to provide all other food and drink throughout the event, and to prepare it yourself. Think of the event as St. Val’s in September.
Order of the Pelican – Erik Elcara
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Martha (Anonyma)
Kings Champion – Lord Trinculo

Herald’s Picnic
On 9-19-87, the shire of Castlemere hosted the fall herald’s meeting with 23 people attending. Master Tally taught a class in “Understanding Points of Difference” and a class in “Learning how to Blazon”. Lord Jean-Louis lead a discussion on points of differences, the Heraldic Symopsium and “Orders vs Awards”. 15 people stayed for feast, which cause the shire to lose a total of $57.00; $32.00 on the feast and $25.00 site fee for the use of Lord Devlins electricity, bathroom, and floor – Event report by Lady Petahari Zubayda bint al-saffah

The Feast
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.8, August AS XXII On 9-25/27-87 The Shire of Southkeype will hold the Feast at Corbett Youth Conservation Camp.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 9-25/27-87 the Canton of Loch Gryffyn will hold Eisteddffod at Camp Wewa. Bardic competition with 6 catigories: Song, poetry, acting, original and period. The winner of the list will be “immortalized” in song. Autocrat Lord Fredrich Lenzen

Edison Mall Demo
The Shire of Glymmerhold participated in an arts/crafts exhibit with demonstrations at the Edison Mall from 10-1 to 10-4-87. Coordinator Vyctorya Swansea

On 10-3-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the showing of “Legends” at the Moore Auditorium. The shire members fought on stage and played music. There were approximately 25 in attendance.

Falling Rice
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII Formerly called Falling Mullets and Falling Stars, on 10-2/4-87 The Shire of Starhaven will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Starhaven at Christmas RV Park’s tenting area in Christmas Fl. There will be a “Well Rounded Anachronist Contest” with a goblet for the winner plus a $20.00 gift certificate for the most chivalrous list. There will be pente, throwing rice, heraldry contest and a calligraphy contest. Feast will be Russian. Bardic after feast. Are you uncomfortable at huge events? Are you bored at small ones? come to this one as it is just right. Last year 65 people enjoyed Christmas (Park) in October. Autocrat HL Erik Loren Elcara
AT the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Scale – Michelle du Roc Rouge
Award of Arms – Ivanthol Koriel
Golden Galleon – Ekaterina Salasia
Our anniversary event went well as far as organization went. Attendance was very low, and we lost over $100. We had less than half of the 68 people we had last year at the same time and place. This is probably due to the First Blood and Paludine lists held at a conflicting event less than 100 miles away. All in all, for a 10th anniversary, the turnout was disappointing.

First Sword of the Paludine
On 10-2/4-87 The Shire of Sangre del Sol held the “First Blood” and “First Sword of the Paludine” event at T-Y Park. Autocrat, Roland de Verona. The winner of the First Blood tourney was Hagen of Brunckburst with Gregory of Blackhart as runner up. The winner of the First Sword was Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh with Arlof O’Donovae as runner up.

For the Arts at Brevard Community College
On 10-9/10-87 the Shire of Starhaven participated in a demo at Brevard Community College. Their seneschal, Lance Nystrom, reported “The Brevard Arts Council is having a two-say demo called “Fall for the Arts”. Unlike their previous demos, this will be for all arts, not just medieval arts. Also, they are not taking volunteer groups; this years demo is by invitation only, and the SCA was at the top of their list. They consider us the most professional group in the area and always give us free reign. Last year they changed the date of the Ren-Fair for our convenience. The demo went well. We were, as usual, the main attraction in the middle of the complex. We got a feature article in the Florida Today paper, as well as a short appearance on channel 56 (WAYK) news. There was also a follow up interview in which I (Lance) was featured a a modern day herald working with coats of arms. This should appear in the Melbourne Times the first week in November. Definitely a lot of exposure.” There were 12 adults and 4 children from Starhaven in attendance along with 6 adults from Golden Keype. Also reported from Lance “The Brevard Arts Council has asked me to teach a heraldry class before the demo occurs for the benefit of some of the other groups who use heraldic displays but don’t know how to blazon them.

Battle of Hastings
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 10-9/11-87, at Camp Wewa, The Barony of An Crosaire will commemorate the Lapis Lazuli Anniversary (the 921st) of the Battle of Hastings with a scenario war- games event re-creating the historical situation surrounding the Norman Conquest of England. The year is 1066, YOU are Harold, Saxon King of England. Do you march north to meet the invading Vikings, hoping that William and his Norman knights won’t land? Or do you wait to engage William while Hardraada’s horde ravages Northumbria? It’s your move. Several war scenarios, as well as history classes, will be run on Saturday. Two breakfasts will be provided and there will be a war feast Saturday evening. Autocrat Lady Aislinn Columba of Carlisle
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Order of the Argent Estoile – Darian Goldenhair
Heraulde’s Tressure – Morgan Morcheartaigh
Award of Arms – Cogadhfar Dunnace
Order of the Silver Trident – Seosaidh mac Seosaidh
Juan Carlos Perez
Ljudmilla von Koenigsberg

Autum Al-Thing
Talewinds Vol.6, no.8, August XXII On 10-16/18-87 the Shire of Southkeype presents Autumn Al-Thing at Corbett Youth Camp. Gather your crews and break out your roundshields – it’s Viking Time Again – the longboats sail again, naval combat with 6 person crews, archers included. Dry land boats – no armor in the lake please! bridge battles, combat and live archery, feast, revelling on the island, viking breakfast and more. autocrat Alion de Sake, Feastcrat, Vasilikee

Hey Landsknecht
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.9, September AS XXII On 10-15/17-87 The Shire of Castlemere presented “Hey Landsknecht!”, its war and mercenaries are needed. A Landsknect has kidnaped an English nobleman’s daughter. Come help rescue her. He says he wants to marry her, but does a Landsknect do that? If so, there will also have to be a Bride’s Lyst! There will also be a MOST OUTRAGEOUS CODPIECE CONTEST. The event will be at Semonile Springs. Autocrats are Myfanwy Bronwyn Rhys and Tristan Andrew Duncan. Jason Dubois will prepare a German feast.
At the Court of TRM Quentin and Cara
Award of Arms – Lorelie Mumler
Jason DuBoise

Pinellas Park Girls Club Demo
The Shire of Storm as well as all other Trimarians have been invited to take part in a Mini-Ren Fair for the benefit of the Pinellas Park Girls Club on 10-17/18-87. Storm did a small fighting demo and dancing for the fair

Lakeland Library Demo
announcement in the Ruins Record, the Shire of the Ruins. On 10-22-87, the City of Lakeland Library will be holding a fundraiser on Saturday October 22nd starting at 11:00am and ending at 6:00pm. We have been volunteered to be the sole entertainment. Please plan on attending and prepare yourself to be entertaining. Our contacts with the Library hope for a turnout of approximately 10,000.

Dragon Days
10-24-87 Gleann Dubh

Clan Ryu-nion
10-24-87 An Crosaire

Baronial Bash
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10 October AS XXII On 10-23/25-87 The Barony of Wyvernwood invites you to Baronial Bash 15, at Camp Keystone. Don’t miss the interesting lyst, the Italian feast, and the wedding of Lord John of Lithia and Lady Triste Cateline de la Mor. Autocrat Lord Fredrick Kyburg

On 10-30-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their 3rd Annual Continuing Hallow Mas’Masque Revel held at a member’s home. There were guests from Arenal attending. Featured events were a Ghostly Bardic Circle and a Jack o’Lantern Contest.

General Workshop
On Saturday, 10-31-87, the Shire of Brineside Moor held a Peer’s workshop at the Bradenton Main Library from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. Mistress Enriqueta, Sir Eric von Kompf, Mistress Kathern Angelique, Sir Ropesle, Mistress Hollyn and Master Taliesynne attended as a panel and fielded questions from the floor. Later each peer led a class in his/her field of experience. In the evening all who were in attendance adjourned to the Old Heidelberg Castle where a good time was had by all. Members from several groups were in attendance at the workshop besides the members from Brineside Moor, which included Wyvernwood, Narval Dorado, Glymmerholde, Mathom Trove and Storm. All found the workshop highly beneficial and educational. The Shire of Glymmerholde is planning to use the same format with a different set of peers in a future workshop. Lord Eric and Lady Vyctorya are currently seeking six peers and an appropriate date for such a workshop.

Halloween Celebration
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October ASXXII, 10-31/11-1-87 at Adams’ Estate in Orange City, the Shire of Vaca del Mar presents a Halloween Celebration. Come join us, a lyste for the brave, archery for the skillful, games, quest, duc d’potluc feast (we will provide the main course). Tenting only, showers and pool provided, bardic circle, merchants welcome, dancing, and more. Autocrat, Eoywin.

The Shire of Brineside Moor reported that Lord Treve Morningstar and Korrum du Mere conducted a 16th century lifestyle demo at the annual FWSI Telemetry Halloween Party.

Bradenton Library Display
The Shire of Brineside Moor has set up a 60 day crafts of the Middle Ages display at the Bradenton Main Library which will run during the months of November and December, 1987. The shire is also planning a similar display at the Manatee Community college Library for January and February 1988. Lord Treve, Laird Duncan and Lord Elemer offered armor and weapons. Lady Sine, Lady Bridit offered needlepoint. Lady Sine offered illuminated scrolls and calligraphed signs and labels for the exhibit. Martin of the Moor offered baskets of his own making and Lord Eric offered glass works. Special thanks to Mistress Enriqueta for her offering of an original 1583 manuscript for the display.

Baron’s Champion Lyst
On 11-7-87 the Barony of Darkwater most cordially invites the worthy warriors of the barony to take up weapon and shield in sport to via to become the Third Baron’s Champion. The list shall take place at the hold of Lord Menachem’s mothers home in Longwood. There shall be no cost for this event, although there shall be Duc d’ potte lucke feast. The activities of the day shall begin about 11am with the lists to begin after armor inspection and opening court. Autocrat Rhiannon

Regency Square Mall Demo
11-7-87 the Shire of Castlemere and the Shire of Blackthorne held a demo at the Regency Square Mall

Sons of Norway Demo
on 11-7-87, the Shire of Glymmerhold held a Arts and Science display for the Sons of Norway at Cape Coral. Maati, Ambrosia and Kay participated.

BUC Week Demo
On 11-10-87, the Shire of Glymmerhold participated in BUC Week at Edison Community College. This was for PR only and was coordinated by Ambrosia and Gewneleth.

On 11-12-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld attended the telephone switchboard for WFSU Arts and Antiques Auction, including an on-air performances

Martinmas Moot
Come one, come all to Martinmas Moot 11-13/15-87 at Camp Kitiri sponsored by the Barony of An Crosaire. Share the excitement and pageantry as Trimaris finds it heir. Feast Saturday will feature delicacies from the New World. There will be an art/sci display at the event – show your Kingdom your talents. In the evening there will be a tavern night dancing and revelry as well as a Bardic Circle. Autocrat, Andros Leonthalasios

From Lord Eric of Telemark to TRM Quentin and Cara Marie on 11-17-87 “I have the very pleasant job of reporting the successful operation of the first parent co-op at a Kingdom event. At our mornign meeting Saturday Serina Vigdis Ulfsdottir presented us with some guidelines which were started about one year ago with no success. Along with the guidelines was the proposed name of her former group of parents “House Hobbyhorse”. Everyone present was very enthusiastic about both the name and most of the guidelines. With nine members present at the meeting it was unanimously decided to use, with Serina’s permission, the name House Hobbyhorse for the parent co-op. The autocrats made their own cabin available throughout the day and a schedule was set up for the days activities…There were 5-6 children under the supervision most of the day with 8-9 children at peak times…I am happy to report that there were no incidents of unsupervised children which came to my attention all day.” Lord Eric went on to say that a special thanks should go to four members of the Shire of Narval Dorado who, with no children of their own in the co-op, assisted by freeing up several of the Kingdom staff to go about their duties without fearing for the care of their children. These were Cerydwyn Llywellyn, Baranriel of the Tribe Joyce, Susan Morrison, and Lady Susan van Hamm.

Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII On 11-20/22-87 The Shire of Storm. The caravan has bone amuck!!! who will save the caravan? Who will be their protector? Who can resist the thrill of the double daring chariot drag races? Who was that helmeted man who challenged that dark stranger to a – dare I say it- yes! a death defying combat chess match? Who will consume mass quantities at feast? Who will frolic with singing, dancing and such what-not? Who will inhale bounteous quantities of fresh air at Beautiful Camp Brorien? (tenting only) Who? Who? Who? You – that’s who…Be there. Autocrat and Feastcrat Guillermo Da Firenze and Hon. Lady Oriana Goldenhair

Tournament of the Sea Dragon
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII The Shire of Southkeype and the Barony of Darkwater present The Tournament of the Sea Dragon at Camp Wewa on 11-20/22-87. Tournament of Chivalry all events will be individual or group challenge matches, including an au chevalle style combat and portal battle courtesy of the artisans of Darkwater. Household livery encouraged. Garb between 12th & 14th century if possible. All ladies please bring 5 flowers (real or silk) to award for chivalry. Households and guilds are requested to bring items to award favorite fighters. Event will include a display-only arts and sciences exhibition. Autocrat Vasilikee, Feast, Lord Juan Carlos Perez

Ravensquest V
11-28-87 Fiach Ogan

Toys For Tots
Talewinds, Vol.6, no.10, October AS XXII On 12-4/6-87, The Shire of Brineside Moor announced its Third annual event to be held on at Camp Honi Honta. The event will feature an academy of fencing, a charity “Toys for Tots” lyst, and a traditional yule feast. Autocrat Sean of Carrigfergus, Feastcrat, Lady Brigit Olesdottir
event report- There were approx 43 gentles in attendance. Duke Baldar won the Toys for Tots lyst. Ian Corloc Hmyn won the real weapons contest. Although the Crown was present, no court was held.

On 12-5-87, the members of the Shire of Oldenfeld participated in the WFSU General Auction by answering the telephone in costume and live television appearances.

Yule Revel
On 12-12-87 the Shire of Sangre del Sol held a yule revel at a private home. The event was attended by 16 members of the shire. There were also four guests in attendance. Autocrat and feastcrat Lady Glynis ferch Llwellyn

On 12-12-87, the Shire of Oldenfeld held their annual Yule Revel at the YMCA Camp Indian Springs, Fighter practice was held on Sunday Afternoon with members from Arenal attending. Autocrat, Fiona de Uaine Suile

Winter Wassailing Revel
12-19-87, Darkwater

Domesday Report, Shire of Ac Scrin
As it stands for the year, I think that the Shire overall has prospered in most areas. In the mid’86 our shire lost the majority of its’ members due to mundane matters. When they left most skills and information went with them. We have replaced them with new members and those person have grown well in the society. We still have much to learn but we hope to do well.
During the year we did one event (Byrgengeld II, The Vampires Revenge) at camp Honi Honta, a demo for a local toy shop where we traded our services for toys to be donated to Toys for Tots, and a two day demo for a local high school, both educational and fighter orientated.
We have 7 fighters and a more active interest in armor construction. Archery and bow construction is growing also. Our work in the arts and sciences are improving especially in costuming.
We have tried to learn about and promote all the arts and sciences, and we hope to improve. We also hope to be more active in public and school demos during the upcoming year. All in all, we think that continuing education of ourselves and the well being of the shire are our primary concerns
Current listing of officers:
Seneschal – Lord Darius the Elder
Herald – Sherrock Morganne
Minister of Arts – Valdar
Minister of Science – Darius the Elder
Historian – Kanish of Cleveraxe
Knight Marshal – Damian Bloodstone
Reeve – Angelina De Orleans
Sheriff – Arthur De Forest
Hospitaller – Gala Gan Pafnir

Domesday Report, Shire of Castlemere
Castlemere’s Officers as of 12-31-87
Seneschal – Lord Devlin MacLeod
Knight Marshal – Lady Wulfhilda DeBond
Minister of Arts – Lady Lorelei Mumler Macleod
Minister of Sciences – Stanson Garrett
Exchequer – Jean Paul Demolay
Chronicler – Lady Cassandra
Historian – Lord Johannas von Drakensburg
Sheriff – Eldis Howe
Hospitallers – Wynter Sutton, Lord Angus Duncan
Librarian – H.L. Aspasia Moonwind

Domesday Report for the Shire of Glymmerhold
The year 1987 started out with multiple problems for the shire. There was political unrest within the shire to the point that the seneschal had to be removed by the Kingdom Seneschal, Ian of Bein Dubh. Lord Godfried of Frisia took over but the problems continued to escalate until it was impossible to conduct business. It became necessary for Lord Ian, and TRM Erin and Branwen to physically come to the shire and install Vyctorya as seneschal. The reeve refused to allow Lord Godfried access to the shire funds or to see any of the financial records. After Vyctorya Swansea was installed and with pressure from the Kingdom Seneschal and the King and Queen, she was finally able to obtain the financial records. It was found that a considerable amount of money was missing and unacounted for. This eventually resulted in criminal charges being brought against the reeve Demitri (mka Jeffrey Taylor). In March 1987 Jeffrey Taylor was arrested for forgery and in July was found guilty of 6 counts of forgery. He was banished by King Baldar and Queen Ljudmilla.
A number of officer changes were also necessary due to the current officers not being paid members. This added to the friction causing a number of shire members to leave the group. The remainder of the shire members strived to obtain new members and participated in numerous demos. Eventually toward the end of the year things were settling down and the shire began to work as a until again. At years end the average meeting attendance was 18 members, all reports were on time and correct. The shire was doing about 2 demos per month and the harmony of the group was evident.
Seneschal – Vyctorya Swansea
Herald – Lord Siegfried Heydrich
Sheriff – Klaus von Salzach
Reeve – Rafe Ravenswood
Historian – Robin Maclir
Knights Marshal – Toryn Swansea
Chronicler – Erris Linnet
Minister of Arts – Ambrosia Swansea
Minister of Science – Mynerva Swansea

Domesday Report Shire of Oldenfeld
Greetings from Oldenfeld. The past year has been a big one for this shire. A year rife with positive energy and massive growth. Our membership is constantly increasing, both in simple participants and in fully paid members. I am not sure as I write exactly how many paid members we have, but the range lies in 20 to 30, with a total membership of 50+ and growing on an almost weekly basis. This growth can be attributed to a number of factors, primarily the type and age of members we have. Most are young college students, not skilled in SCA activities as of yet, but blessed with sane minds. As more discover the SCA they bring in their friends and the progression becomes almost geometric. We have a number of older more experienced members who serve as teachers and instruct these neophytes.
Guild night, held at the home of Brian, Buther, Nicole and Robin each Tuesday, is the time when much constructive work takes place – costuming, armoring and related skills are discussed in an informal atmosphere. It is a slow night when 20 people show up. On Sundays, our marshal Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn and Deputy Archery Marshal, Skivval the Wanderer, instruct new folks in combat overseen by Brian. We do a number of unique things in this respect, primarily warmups and drills. Thursdays are Business Meetings alternating with fun meetings. These are held at FSU and almost always continue as members get together afterwards. Another factor influencing our growth is the return of older shire members to a participant status. Master Jed Silverstar and his apprentice Lady Suzanne Renee Barineau di Firenze are a constant help. Recently other older members, dropped out years ago due to bad politics, are expressing interest in returning.
We have a number of interest groups, chief among them are belly dancing, the Oldenfeld Players and multiple heraldry classes taught by Jed and Morgan. Frequent revels and attendance at Kingdom events have kept interest high.
There are only two problems I see at this time, but neither are that bad. The first is that we lack long term stability as a group with such a large percentage of our members being students. But the return of older, established members and new members from the community should give us the anchor to make this growth permanent. I also anticipate problems when the AOA’s start rolling in. A number of members are due in upcoming months and are very deserving. But the have-nots will not be happy. We intend to blunt this problem by promoting a good attitude (i.e. non-snobby) and teaching classes on Customs and Chivalry. All in all, things are looking good. We have two events on the calendar at this time and with the experience they give us, I hope tomake a kingdom bid come fall. In Service to the Society, Lord Drake Ruthendale, Seneschal of Oldenfeld.
Seneschal – Lord Drake Xanthus Ruthendale
Herald & Marshal – Lord Morgan Alyn Alwyn
Treasurer – Umble the Mumbler
Minister of Sciences – Robin of Berkshire
Minister of Arts – Aileve ni Cuhain
Sheriff & Historian – Lord Llorcan ap ‘Harthur
Chronicler – Nicole de Chantar
Chirurgeon & Librarian – Lady Katherina Isabella di Firenze
Hospitaller – Annick-Maryse Zoe Genevieve La Fee

Domesday Report, Shire of the Ruins
It has been a relatively quiet year in the Shire, if you don’t count losing a small war with Wyvernwood and Darkwater. We hosted the war and the Ruins Revel, both of which were one day revels. I have revived our Shire newsletter, the Ruins Record, after several years hiatus. Our membership has slowly grown, and I think that we have somewhere around 20 sustaining members. For 1988, we have several things planned. We have started to have regularly scheduled officer meetings on a monthly basis. On February 20th we will be repairing a small castle at a city park in Bartow. On March 26th, Wulfwynn and I will be married at an event hosted by the Shire and Cote de Vert. We hope to bid on one or two of the fighter or war collegiums this fall or winter. We also plan to prepare to bid for TMT in 1989. I hope to continue the slow, steady growth of 1987 and to use our freshly revived Shire newsletter to maintain communication throughout our rather far-flung group. In Service to Society and Trimaris, Kragon
Seneschal & Chronicler – Lord Kragon Darkvale
Herald – Lord Takamatsu Tadayoshi
Marshal & Exchequer – Lord Aeduard O’Donubhain
Arts Officer – Aoife
Science Officer – Alberron
Historian – Lord Ulrich der Geschwind von Augsburg

Domesday Report from the Shire of Starhaven
In August it was proposed that we revive the archery unit. Our archery unit has not been seen sind Salt Wars. In October, Lord Geoffrey held an armoring workshop at which three of our members made armor for eight archers. In December the shire received 224 arrows and Mistress Atalaya held an arrow making workshop where we cut the tips off the arrows and produced SCA arrows from the purchased ones. A very major event was the formation of the College of Golden Keype. Starting in January, a small group of individuals (five) resigned their offices (three) and informed the shire they were going to petition for the formation of a college. With these resignations, this small clan of people severed their ties with the shire and started a completely independent group. This group was approved by the shire and was officially created in March. Relations between the Shire and College have just begun to improve in December and with the newer members of the College attending both groups and establishing communication lines. The Troubadour Laureate chain held by Triskele passed to Jhanos al-Carin. Both gentles are members of Starhaven. This means the Troubadour chain is spending the whole year within our shire. Lord Trinculo won the title of being King’s Champion for coming in second in Crown List both at TMT and Martinmas. This gentle is proving himself to be one of the best fighters in the Kingdom and we are very proud of him. Master Erik became a Pelican in November. This means that Starhaven has four peers, three of which are totally “home grown”, Master Holtmar, Mistress Strider, and Master Erik all received their award, grant, and patent of arms while living in Starhaven. We are also proud of our contribution towards the Kingdom Officers. During this past year, Master Erik has served as Triskele Herald, Lord Lance Nystrom has served as Sextant Herald, and Mistress Strider has served as Token Herald. All three of us have served as heralds for courts and lists, as well as wake up and announcements during the year. Lady Anonyma has served as the registrar for the Trimarian Royal University and Johan has served as the deputy Librarian of the Trimarian Royal University.

Domesday Report from the Shire of Storm
Mistress Katherine Angelique officially passed the keys of the seneschal’s office to Lord Corwin ap Arawyn o Carreg Cennen on May 1. The Shire traditionally held business meetings on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday with the 1st and 3rd Wednesday devoted to classes. The 5th Wednesdays are for Shire pot luck revels. This system has served us well. The meetings are held at the Clearwater East Public Library. Attendance has been steady and the meetings have been productive. The last year has seen the institution of regular fighter practices through Syr Ropesle de Sylveastan. During the summer months, we generally practice Monday and Tuesday evening. During the winter months we practice Sunday afternoons. Recently we moved our fighter practices to Crest Lake Park. This has resulted in a two page photo spread in the St. Petersburg times (including a color photo). Shire Storm has grown considerably in the martial arts and we now have about ten armored and qualified fighters. Our membership has remained steady, new memberships offsetting those who have left. Now that the Shire has reached a level of stability both in its membership and in the roster of officers, we feel that the time has arrived for more active recruitment. We will be taking advantage of the Bay Area Renaissance Festival at Largo to begin a drive to reach this goal.

Domesday Report from the Shire of Southkeype
The membership of the shire has undergone great changes during the past year, as a number of new members have joined an a number of old ones moved away. Southkeype events continue to set records for variety, some highlights were a Quest for Twelfth night, assisting the rest of the Pauldine at the Fighters Collegium which brought Duke Paul of Bellatrix to Trimaris, and Autumn Althing with Viking boat battles in wooden boat hulls, and the Tournament of the Sea Dragon, an all-challenge single and melee combat event with a variety of prizes. If our population ever shows signs of stabilizing we will put in a baronial petition. We have a membership of approximately 30, with the average attendance at meetings of about 15. We have great plans for 1988 and are going to try to boost the Southern Paludine alliance.
Seneschal – Vasilikee
Exchequer – Zaida bint Al-Gassal
Herald – Rebecca the Goldenhaired
Marshal – Hagen Brunckhorst
Arts – Sine nic Immey
Sciences – Rolfe von Duerer
Sheriff – James the Tavernkeeper
Chronicler – Maynard of Brixen
Hospitaller – Sarre de la Terre de Leon