Trimaris History – 1996


Talewinds, January A.S. XXX, 1996 From the Journal Ibn Fadlan (translated by Master Gillermo Perez) “All the court was stunned by the stories told of the battle against the Wiendol, and many horns of drink were hoisted in honor of Baldar and his mighty band of heroes. There were a few who mourned the fallen, but Asa stood and chastised them. “Why do you weep for the fallen? They have fallen in battle and will awaken in Valhalla. Weep rather for those too cowardly to face their enemies, for they will spend their days suffering for their cowardice.” With that tears of sorrow became tears of joy for all recognized the wisdom of the of the Queen.
Suddenly, the doors of the hall opened and in strode more of Baldar’s men. They were in possession of two prisoners. I swear by all the prophets that I have never seen two more bestial men. I believe them to be men for they walked upright and spoke, but they were covered in coarse, matted, filth-encrusted hair, and they comported themselves in a most uncivilized, bestial manner. Baldar’s man spoke thus, “Mighty King, we have captured these two things trying to escape. What shall we do with them?
Baldar looked at them and after some time asked them who they were and why they had attacked. The men said nothing. One of the guards struck the prisoners and Baldar asked again. The first prisoner spit out a bloody tooth, smiled and spoke. “We have come to kill you and take your lands.” Baldar continued to question the prisoners but they would say no more.
The Queen suddenly stood and motioned for her guards to take the prisoners outside. Baldar asked “What are you doing?” to which Asa replied, “What masculine force can not accomplish, feminine wiles may.” With a strange smile that froze the marrow of my body, the Queen turned and left the hall, following the path of her guards and the prisoners. All was silent. Then a horrible scream shattered the silence. For the next few minutes, silence and tormented wailing alternately filled the hall. A woman fainted and another began shrieking before someone silenced her. The room again went silent and then the sound of an axe falling twice was heard.
The doors to the hall opened and Queen Asa entered. She was splattered with the blood of the two prisoners and in her hands she bore two strange gourds. Gasps were heard throughout the hall as all realized that she was carrying the heads of the two prisoners. She threw then at the veet of the King and announced that the prisoners had told her that they were soldiers in the army of Ansteorra. They and their footsoldiers, the Wiendol, had been sent to weaken the forces of Trimaris. After the Kingdom was sufficiently weakened, the Ansteorran army would invade and capture Trimaris.
Baldar was quick to act. He ordered runners to be sent to every Shire and Barony in the land, that every person in the land prepare to defend Trimaris. But Asa stopped him. Shnd they are strong? Will we allow them to burn our fields and steal our livestock and gold? No! We must go to their lands and destroy the threat at it’s source!” All in the hall were stirred by the force of the Queen’s words and a mighty roar came forth. Swords were freed from scabbards and raised high, and the blood frenzy took hold of many a heart and mind.
Baldar saw the logic of the Queen’s words and raised his hands for silence. The crowd slowly went silent. Baldar spoke thus, “We do not seek war, but the Queen is right! If Ansteorra wants war, Then we shall give them war.” A roar of triumph and blood filled the hall and many swore that the Fenris Wolf was loosed at that moment. This may be true. I heard with my own ears a sound that was truly alive and frightening and powerful. I do not think the Court of Ansteorra realized what fearsome beast was created and began hunting that night. There are stories told that on that very night the Queen of Ansteorra awoke from her slumber screaming that she had heard a wolf howling in the hall outside her chamber. I do not know if this is true. I do know that Baldar sent our runners that very night to tell every person in Trimaris to prepare for the war that was coming. I pray to Allah that they will be prepared.

Demo in St. Augustine
from Castlelore, Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 On Thursday, January 4, 1996, at the request of the Hon. Lady Magdalena, I traveled south to St. Augustine to entertain at a feast honoring the parents of the noble gentle students of this school. The great hall was festooned with the hearaldic devices represented the various families which were in attendance. The hostess, and her assistants, were bedecked in the most refined of period costumes. Each set of garb had been faithfully recreated from a book which contained colorful paintings of the era which we refer to as the Middle Ages. Upon arrival I changed from my mundane garg to that of a wandering minstrel, thanks to the diligent work of the Hon. Lady Magdalena, and upon finding a quiet corner began to fill the air with recorder mucic, to provide entertainment to the assembled lords and ladies. Whilst I was thus employed, several of those in attendance made inquires regarding the instruments I was playing. Patiently, and with enthusiasm, I explained to each petitioner the history of the recorder. There were many who stood in front of me and with strange little boxes, from which lights flashed upon occasion, stored images of yours truly for future reference. Eventually, the hostess looked upon my humble entertainment with approval and signaled to the kitchen staff to prepare me a plate of the evening repast. With great thanks I ate may meal, and continued to receive many complements on the merriment I had added to the occasion.
As the evening came to a close, a knight-in-training, Igor of Duncan’s Clan, gave a demonstration on various techniques he used in combat. I was given the opportunity to offer a few humble words. During this time I spoke of our society and of the bardic arts, as well as other arts and craft endeavors, which also engaged our members. The evening came to a close following my brief presentation. I changed back into my mundane clothes and returned to the warmth of my humble chamber. submitted by Bill Jackman

Scots Welsh War III
1-5/7-96 (flyer) House Gwaidlydd Blaydd, Clan Claigh Dubh, and the Kingdom of Trimaris proudly present Scots Welsh War III at Wewa. Choose a side in this epic war, as the Scots and Welsh take up arms once again! This rivalry of Great Britain now spills forth onto the shores of the Emerald Isle. Hone your blades, string your bows, and set your sails for Ireland! Battles/Activities: Best of 3 Field Battles, Portal Battle, Bridge Battle, Mountain Pass Battle – all will include combat archery. Art/Sci competition for a war point. Autocrat Lord Kaine Asheburn, Feastcrat Cynan ap Gruffydd.
from “At Sword’s Point” February 1996 Jarl Seosaidh mac Seosaidh held onto the disputed Irish lands in a glorious victory against the Welsh allies, though he later agreed to lease them to his defeated foe, Earl Benen MacTyre. The Scots-Welsh War included fighters from Sangre del Sol, many of whom have pledged loyalty to Seosaidh’s House Blacksword. Lord Lorccan Cinaeth MacDara, our shire marshal, reported that the Welsh won the “No Allies” Field Battle, the Rapier Battle and the heavy weapons Resurrection Battle. The Scots won the Bridge Battle, the portal Battle, the Main Field battle, the Archery competition, the Art/Sci point and, collectively, the War. Sangre had a strong showing in the Art/Sci competition, with entries of Lord Bjorn Siggurdsson called Barak. He submitted a drum and a tunic that his wife, Bantiarna Evayne, made. A couple of the knights brought a huge ramp, Lorccan said, and “we practiced charging up the ramp and diving into the middle of the army. We’ll be using it a Gulf Wars. The small number of archers on either side were most influential in the battle. Just when you least expected it, you’d catch an arrow. Following the battles, Lorccan reported, Seosaidh announced his victory over Benen and the Irish-Welsh allies. He offered to give back the land if Benen could best him in two out of three fights. The first and Third bouts resulted in double kills. In the second bout, Seosaidh won by dropping to his knees, which took him out of Benen’s visual range because of his helmet – and then he clocked him with a greatsword from his knees. Because of the Scot’s prowess on the battlefield and off, Lorccan said, Earl Benen did not regain his lands by force. However, Jarl Seosaidh offered to work out the details whereby Benen could lease his lands from the Scots for a fee to be determined at a later date once the King’s council could be obtained. Benen grudgingly agreed – and there was much rejoicing…

Winter Art/Sci
On 1-12/14-96 the Barony of Darkwater presents Higher Education in Tudor England (Winter Art/Sci) to be held at Camp Wewa. Come enjoy class in a Tudor University atmosphere, Artisans of Trimaris display your crafts. Other activities to include Dragon Ball for the heavy weapons fighters. Children’s activities include assisting in building and decorating a castle with a working drawbridge. Autocrats H.L. Elizabeth Stafford Parr Pembrooke and H.L. Haakon Bjornsson. Feastcrat Maestra Katerina Isabella Sbarbaro di Firenze.
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar & Asa
Order of the Argent Scales – Lorcan ab Arthur
Order of the Argent Palm – Esteban Vincente Manrique de Santiago
Kathryn of Tewkesbury
Order of the Fletcher – Candace
At the Baronial Court of Baron Cailean & Baroness Islay
Award of Arms – Otis the Oak
Order of the Trident Keype – Otis the Oak
Ysar de la Nuit Blane
At Sword’s Point, Feb 1996 Lady Sanchia the Sly reported that she received an extraordinary merit in inkle weaving and a superior merit in poetry (The Thistle and the Rose) and Rhiannon got a high merit in decorative wood carving for one of her carved boxes.
Castlelore, Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 “What I Did During Winter Art-Sci, by Wilhelm Frauenlob
The first evening was set aside for the checking in of the good gentles who would be attending this special event, so no planned activities had been organized. After getting my gear stowed away in the Prince’s cabin; a fluke of scheduling as I am a lowly wandering minstrel and no person of honor or position. I journeyed to the main hall where I set up my recorders and entertained those who assembled for some 45 minutes. After that I mingled with others from various municipalities, and was glad for the occasional smile from a familiar face from one of my fellows from Castlemere. The receiption I received from the good gentles of Trimaris was most pleasing and I stayed up to a very late hour conversing about various topics, both SCA and mundane.
On Saturday morning, I slept late but still managed to get a plateful of the delicious breakfast which had been prepared for the masses. Aft that my very first task was to set up my display for the Art/Sci competition. I entered my humble bardic robe and vest, as an example of Western European Renaissance garb. There was no documentation accompanying the exhibit. I was only able to garner 3 points; which did contribute in a very small way to the recognition of our humble shire as the official “Patron of the Arts.”
Once the setting up was completed, and all the judging forms were filled out correctly; I busied myself by taking TRU classes in various topics. In addition, I took several occasions to walk around the encampment to see what the good gentiles of our Kingdom were doing. Several times I also checked in with our Seneschal, The Hon. Lady Magdalena, to see what the folks of Castlemere in particular were doing. Two highlights of the afternoon was attending an introduction to flute class, at which I was able to help the rather young instructor, Duclcinea, gain some confidence and insight into the recorder. She in turn taught me two very simple, but fun songs. The other highlight was my last minute entry into thetold a story of Henry V and the victory at Agincourt. The judges decided that owning to the lack of competition, none of the entries were deemed worth of Royal recognition, so our Yoshii retained his position.
That evening at feast, I once again related my story. It was the first time I had ever participated as an entertainer at a Royal feast. But not withstanding, I enjoyed myself and it seemed that my efforts did not spoil too many appetites. Of course, my humble story could not compare to the delicious variety of foods which were presented in course after stomach filling course. After the feast, I found several fellow recorder players, with whom I spent considerable time playing various period pieces and building strong fellowship. After proving that I could carry a tune with my bass recorder, I was asked to become part of a fledgling dance band which is being formed to play at Kingdom events. This activity carried well past the bewitching hour of midnight. Having been well fed and having found hearty companionship, I retired to my luxurious bed and was dead to the world the second my head touched the pillow.
The very next morning, I clothed myself in that which is common to the mundane world, packed up my meager belongings and returned to the locale of our shire. After having such a magical time with the good citizens of Trimaris, it was with great sadness that I made this transition. However, I comforted myself with plans for the future Laureate and Bardic competitions.

Sea Dragon
1-19/21-96 Talewinds, January A.S. XXX, 1996 Gregorian. The Shire of Southkeep presents Sea Dragon, the Return of the Drakkars. Held at Greynolds Park. A belated celebration of 12th Night and an early celebration of the returning Spring. Join Their Majesties on their progress to their southernmost continental lands for fighting at Southkeep’s famous tower. Feasting on Branwyn’s famous food, and festivities in fine Nordic fashion. Autocrat Ars Tanarian ferch Owain, Feastcrat Lady Branwyn ferch Madoc
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar & Asa
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris – Sancia the Sly
Order of the Trefoil Argent – Sancia the Sly
Order of the Argent Palm – Branwyn ferch Madoc
Argent Morningstar of Trimaris – Lorccan MacCinaeth Meic Dara
Award of Arms – Otis the Oak
Alastair McQuistion
Esteban Francisco Alvares de Leon
from “At Sword’s Point”, February 1996 Lady Sancia the Sly “King Baldar Longstrider brought few men but many honors to Southkeep when he graced the Sea Dragon Tourney on January 27. The day was mainly spent on trying to conquer the fortress at Greynolds Park. And it was crowned by a court in which His Royal Highness awarded many gentles for their services and talents. Called before the throne were: Alastair McQuistion, who was given an AOA; Lady Branwyn ferch Madoc, who was called in from the kitchen to receive an Argent Palm; Esteban Francisco Alvares de Leon, who was likewise given and AOA; Lord Lorccan Cinaeth MacDara was awarded the Argent Morningstar; Lady Sancia the Sly received the Trefoil Argent and the Tradewinds Trimaris; William de Cordoba, who insisted on kneeling when he received his AOA despite his injured knee. Court was followed immediately by a delicious Viking feast – just the thing to serve to a Viking King. During the feast, Lord Cole of Cornwall, a great entertainer in his own right, introduced a steady stream of singers and poets to add to our pleasure. The evening concluded with a bardic outside the old stone hall. Earlier in the day the action centered around the fortress across the way. Lorccan had the following report: The original idea was that the King would lead a force of Vikings to assault the combined strength of Southkeep, Sangre del Sol and Sea March. But he arrived with only one man, his herald, Lord Guillaume Dammartin Aglovale De Vey, and without disparaging this warrior’s prowess, “Dammartin does not an army make.” So Lorccan made a tactical decision. Casting off his former alliance with our brother shires, he threw the Sangre force to the aid of the king. It was a costly move. When Southkeep first sued for our assistance, our marshal demanded a fee, to be paid in cookies. This fee was gathered (or rather baked) and ready to be delivered with much pomp. When we deserted to the opposing side, the fee was forfeit. Alas! Once the new alliances had been agreed on, the battle began. Both armies took turns attacking and defending the castle, which turned out to be an extremely defensible fortress. It proved impossible to dislodge whichever army held the fort. Adding to the mayhem were archers on both sides. A curiosity on the field was the trebuchet, a type of catapult, that was constructed on the field. Though it was tested with a “boulder”(a duct-tape shrouded clorox bottle), it was never used in the fighting.

Talewinds, February AS XXX, 1996 From the Journal Ibn Fadlan (Translated by Master Guillermo Perez) “Concerned for His future and the future of His kingdom, Baldar consulted the Wise Woman, also called the Angel of Death. He gathered His heroes to Him and visited the ancient crone. The Angel of Death was not surprised at the king’s visit and welcomed him into her hovel. The King asked her to look into the future and to see what would become of Baldar and Trimaris. The Angel looked, and when she spoke her tone was soft. “Though mistletoe is harvested, still the tree grows strong.” At this the King grew pale. He stood silently and, followed by his men, left the Angel of Death’s presence. Back at his longhouse he made each of us swear that we would not even talk of the visit. He turned to Bytor and called him forward. “You are the strongest and bravest of my warriors. If I should fall, you will rule over this our land.” Bytor bowed, thus accepting the King’s command.
Preparations for the coming War proceeded as quickly as possible during the Winter season. Baldar and Asa sent messengers throughout the Kingdom so as to keep informed on the progress of each of their Baronies and shires. Their Majesties paid special attention to the Shire of Oldenfeld. As it is the northernmost shire of the Kingdom and Guardian of the Northern Marches, it would be the first to face an invasion. The Lions of Oldenfeld proved to be a powerful and disciplined company of warriors and the King was much pleased with their preparation and skill at arms.
As everything seemed to be at peace for the Winter season, Baldar and Asa proclaimed a Winter festival to be held near the Barony of Darkwater. Artisans from all over the Kingdom were invited to show their work and compete in a Grand Competition. The streets were gaily decorated and despite the chill in the air, the people of Trimaris came to celebrate. The Arts and Sciences Faire was a magnificent display of skill and craftsmanship and all were pleased by the festive season, allowed any who wished to attend. I saw with my own eyes people from every walk of life attend this Royal Court. High-born and low stood shoulder to shoulder as King Baldar and Queen Asa entered and held their Court. There was a palpable excitement in the air, as many of those in attendance had never attended Court before. At the close of Court, Baldar proclaimed a night of feasting and revelry. The cheers of the populace were deafening.
All seemed right in the world as Baldar and Asa sat at Royal feast that night. But into the hall walked the Angel of Death, and the King rose in shock. “What is your business here,” Baldar asked. The Angel of Death pointed to the arm hanging from the rafters, an arm taken from the Wiendol in combat. “What of it,” Baldar demanded. “I took it in battle from my enemy.” The Angel of Death replied, “The Wiendol do not leave their dead behind. They believe that for the spirits of their dead to be at peace, their bodies must be consumed by the Great Mother of the Wiendol. They will come tonight. They are creatures of darkness and fog and tonight the land will be shrouded in mist. They will come tonight to reclaim the arm you took in battle.” The King replied, “We drove them away the lat time they came and we will do so again.” With that, the King called his men together and the company left the hall.
I report what happened next though I did not see it all. We encountered the Wiendol and rove them off. The fighting was hard and took its toll on many brave warriors. When we returned to the hall, the room was in chaos. The Wiendol had attacked and had stolen the arm. The Queen was covered in blood but after the King went to her we found out that it was the blood of a Wiendol that had attacked her. She had defended herself and wounded the Wiendol. The King was enraged; that the Wiendol had dared to invade His Kingdom and His hall was an insult not to be born, but that they had dared lay hands on His queen required payment in blood. Baldar swore a mighty and terrible oath to the gods above, that He would travel to the land of the Wiendol and kit I shuddered knowing that we would soon be venturing into an evil land that would be seeking our blood.,

Cutlasses and Corsairs
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On 2-2/4-96 The Shire of Castlemere hosted Cutlasses and Corsairs at Immokalee. Featured events included a Light Weapons Lyst, a Heavy Weapons Lyst, Bear Pit, Boarding Party, Raid the Tavern, Mongal Ball and Archery. A Carribean Feast was prepared by the Feastcrat, Alix de Lyon. Autocrat Lord Seymour the Skeptic.
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar and Asa
Award of Arms – Blunt Ulfr Kay Dir
Gunthar Brighthawk of Shining Glen
Eleanor Hardyng de Northampton
Order of the Argent Estoile – Signy Ottarsdottir
Irene Kilpatrick
Castlelore Feb/March AS XXX, 1996 We had a memorial service for Lord Tiernan’s daughter. Many thanks to those who attended the service, you warm gift of your presence was welcome. Her also, I would like to than those who contributed to the auction. Your gift was generous beyond belief. Only 50 people were in attendance at Hero of the Chalice, and they managed to donate $850 to the cause of Tiernan’s daughter’s headstone. $770 was given to him on Saturday night (the crown having been given 10%) and I know that he was moved by everyone’s generosity. Many thanks to the donors of the items to be auctioned and a special thanks to Agami-Ryu for being auctioneer. More people to be proud of in this Shire! Lady Alix de Lyon

Hoggetown Medieval Faire Demo
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On 2-9/11-96 The Barony of An Crosaire participated in the Annual Hoggetown Medieval Faire sponsored by the City of Gainesville. The Barony presented a living history display with artisans demonstrating their crafts, a static museum style display, heavy weapons lyst/melee, musical entertainment and dancing. This was the 10th anniversary of the Hoggetown Medieval Faire and the Barony’s association with the City of Gainesville in this endeavor. Autocrat Baroness Ceridwen o Cahercommaun.

Rapier Symposium
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On 2-10-96 the first quarterly Rapier Symposium was held at San Lando Park in Altamonte Springs. This was a one day event on Saturday, sponsored by Duke Erin Breck Gordon, House Grifon’s Talon, House Black Masque, Don Cullen macPeter MacGregor and Herre Wulfe von der Russ. Scheduled events included Trimarian Royal University classes, light weapons and Art/Sci classes, Lyst, pick-up Bouts, Melee and authorizations. Autocrat Lady Jeanne Francesca Sylvestre Fitzgerald.

Estrella War II
To be held 2-14/19-96 at Estrella Mountain Park just southwest of Metro Phoenix. There will be six glorious days of feasting, fighting, and frolicking. Bardic circles, Arts/Sci, archery, boffer competition, and a Laurel’s Prize Tourney. The fighting scenarios have yet to be decided, yet we have been assured that there will be interesting and diverse battles. There will be more camping area, larger fighting fields and a special fighting and entertainment area on Merchant’s Row. There will be a special children’s area for supervised play and various period activities at no extra cost. Autocrat Baron Elliot Gallowglass.

Castle Storming/Social
2-18-96 the Shires of Sangre del Sol, Southkeep and Sea March will gather to storm the castle, at Greynolds Park Tower, from noon until we grow weary of the sport.. In between bouts, the gentles (including the ones who like to hit each other with sticks) will enjoy a pot-luck feast, sundry games and music, and each other’s company beneath the trees. To add to the excitement, Sangre invites all newly fledged fighters to compete in the “First Blood Lyst” the winner shall receive a rattan stick from which to build his arsenal.

Talewinds, April A.S.XXX, 1996 Lady Vanessa Dreamsinger (mka Vanessa Lawrence) of the Shire of Sea March (formerly of Three Rivers Barony in Calontir) died suddenly on February 21, 1996, as a result of injuries sustained in a fall. She had held the Troubadour Bells for the Kingdom of Trimaris and is most well known for her song “The Vigil” which was written for Syr Demetrius – upon the occasion of his Knighting. She graced our Kingdom with her charm and her singing and we shall all miss her very much

Providence Christian School Demo
Glymmernote, May 1996 On 2-23-96, the Shire of Glymmerholde held a demo at the Providence Christian School in Cape Coral. Lord Robin and Lord Maati did an educational lecture for a school assembly, then Liam, James, Sonja, Alexander, Alexander MadCuffy and Gawain participated in a dual fighting demo-fencing and heavy weapons fighting. School officials were thrilled with our demo and have asked us to come back whenever we would like to. They also presented us with a check for $30.00 as a donation to the shire.

Other Glymmerhold Demo’s
Sometime prior to the Providence Christian School Demo, Glymmernote published a letter from the Seneschal giving event reports on two demo’s that the shire had done, however, there was no mention of dates for either of these demos. “We’ve had a busy couple of months yet again. We have done several demo’s in the past couple of months. There was a fighting demo at the Blue and Gold Dinner for the Ft. Myers Boy Scout Troop 1443. James Godwinson, Sonja the Gelder, Alexander and Liam Mackay, Merling, myself and a guest of James’ were in in attendance. This was a dual fighting demo, rapier and heavy weapons fighting were featured. After the demo, shire members posed for pictures with the Boy Scouts and their parents, and we were treated to a very lovely buffet.

One of our most exciting and more publicly exposed demo’s (and NO this kind of public exposure isn’t illegal) was the Edison Pageant of Light Parade. This is a nationally televised parade and the largest night time parade in the country. The shire has tried in years past to participate in the Edison Pageant of Light Parade and we were finally successful this year, garnering a spot in the parade right in front of the Parade Royalty floats. In all, 21 members marched with the Shire of Glymmerholde (we would have had another 20 people, however 10 people were marching with other groups, several shire members were unable to attend, etc) We were, without a doubt, the most unorganized looking entry in the parade, as we did not march in any kind of a formation. We toyed with the crowds, kissed lots of ladies’ hands, flirted with several parade officials, skipped, danced, sun and made merry along the 4 mile parade route. Several fighters i the shire provided a moving battle in the streets of Ft. Myersem on. Parade officials were so pleased with our performance and attendance that we have been invited back next year, and we are working with parade officials to enter a float. We will also be inviting one and all throughout the kingdom to participate in this event, national television coverage is a great thing for the society and the more people we have in our society entourage the better. I would like to particularly thank Catarina Branchaud (who is also our new Hospitaller) for shuttling us back and forth from my house to the beginning of the parade route and making sure everyone was in good shape before we stepped off (the chicken noodle soup was exquisite).

Oldenfeld Anniversary Event
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On the weekend of 2-23/25-96 the Shire of Oldenfeld presented their Anniversary Celebration at Camp Indian Springs. “There will be poetry and drawing contests, and bring your best story or picture of an Oldenfeld memory. All entries will be included in the new Oldenfeld history, with a prize going to the best entry. We will also have a Lion’s Den (bear pit) contest in the morning and a game of Dog Ball in the afternoon. Breakfast is included in the price of feast and there will be a tavern lunch available for a reasonable cost.” Autocrat Gwenhwyfar of Casa di Rienzi, Feastcrat Kierana di Rienze and Cassondra Gervais.

Trident Tourney
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, On 3-1/3-96 the Barony of Darkwater presented Trident Tourney XIV at Wewa. They indicated there would be a lyst and art/sci exhibits. Art/Sci participants would enjoy a Peer Luncheon. Autocrat Lord Dred cae Laics McHopklin, Feastcrat Lord Johann Goetz Kaufman von Erfurt.
At the Baronial Court of the Baron & Baroness of Darkwater, Cailean & Islay
Order of the League of the Hidden Treasure – Cadwyd Enwir
Elfwyn de Barfleur

Talewinds, February AS XXX, 1996, Lord Darius the Elder announced that he shall join in marriage with Lady Augustinia of Constantinople at the Boyd Hill Nature Park on 3-3-96. This is to be a Tenth Century wedding combining some aspects of modern culture, as his lady pleases. The invitation for all who know Darius or his lady to come join them in this important day.

Jacksonville Ren Faire
Castlelore Feb/March 1996 On 3-9-96 the Shire of Castlemere is to participate in the fifth Annual Renaissance faire in Jacksonville at the Agricultural fairgrounds. .In a letter to the Shire, Lady Alix de Lyon states “we are currently in negotiations to obtain a better food service contract with the fairgrounds, so that the shire may reap some of the benefits that An Crosaire does from Hoggetowne. However, this means work! And so we need people to help with the faire. We still need entertainers (Contact Gwyndolyn) merchants (contact Guillaume Le Clerc) Parking crat (contact Xena) and others that I fail to think of at the moment. Please see me if you are dying to help. I know we are about to move into a very busy demo season for the shire, but this one is of utmost importance – it is seen by more of the public than any other functions and event though SCA is merely a sponsor, it bodes well to see it run successfully. I know previous fairs have taxed us heavily, but this year will hopefully see a good return beginning for Castlemere.” Lady Alix de Lyon

Gulf Wars V
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996 On 3-13/17-96 The Kingdom of Meridies Presents Gulf Wars V hosted by the Shire of Seleone with Shires Wyrmgeist and Dragon’s Weal. Activities include Field Battles; Siege Battle at the Fort; Equestrian Activities; Competitions including Archery, Live Weapons, Bardic, Art/Sci and Belly Dancing. Children’s activities; Bardic Entertainment; Medieval Games; Greyhound Coursing. Awards for period Encampments and much more – including classes of all kinds. Opening Ceremonies with great pomp and circumstance on Friday. Autocrat THL Daphne of Colchester.
At the Royal Court of TRM Baldar and ésa
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Ysabela Celestina Manrique de Palma y Majorca
Order of the Silver Trident – Alfric Northwind
Ekaterina Adrianova Sinilnikova
Argent Sword of Trimaris – Garan Halftrelson
Grant of Arms – Garan Halftrelson
Ekaterina Andrianova Sinilnikova
Order ofthe Silver Shield – Takamatsu Sadamitsu no Kami Tadayoshi
Mittion Wyndryder
Award of Arms – Alex of Sangre del Sol
Order of the Emerald Seas – Rosalynde Aelfricsdottir
Order of the Argent Estoile – Brian MacNaughton
Order of the Argent Palm – Thorran Lai-Han Harrison
Sebastian Halyburton

Demo at Stockton Elementary
Castlelore Feb/March 1996, Castlemere’s Calendar shows that a demo was to be held at the Stockton Elementary School on 3-14-96.

Demo at Timiquana Elementary
Castlelore Feb/March 1996, Castlemere’s Calendar shows that a demo was to be held at Timiquana Elementary School on 3-22-96.

Spring Coronation
Talewinds, February, AS XXX, 1996, on 3-29/31-96 the Shire of Starhaven proudly presented the Spring Time Coronation of H.R.H. Bytor fitz Gherld KSCA and H.R.H. Countess Anastasiya Ostromirovna Zadorova OL. at Wewa. “come join us for an event full of pageantry, archery, bardic, combat, dancing Entertainments, feasting, games and so very much more! a very special evening is planned and all of Trimaris is invited, so gather up your households, put on your best and join us to celebrate the new reign. Autocrat Lord Rolf von Sternstein, Feastcrat Lady Lyra of Chesterfield
At the last Royal Court of Baldar and ésa
Order of the Chivalry (KSCA) – Cadwyd Enwir
Court Baronage – Iefan Colledig ap Dynfwal Abertawe
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Thomas du Lac
Order of the Silver Trident – Nadira Bechara
Vanessa Dreamsinger
Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris – William of Aschem
Rudolph Cain
Grant of Arms – William of Aschem
Rudolph Cain
Vanessa Dreamsinger
Order of the Argent Scales – Corrine Castilla
Award of Arms – Albert Snowden
Sara Denbly Dale
Kierana di Rienzi
Order of the Emerald Seas – Elspeth Trelawney MacNaughton of Lochawe
Order of Trimarian Gratitude – Thurwolf Ragnarrson
Order of the Argent Estoile – Rosalynde Aelfricsdottir
Order of the Argent Palm – Erika Bjornsdottir
Guilaume Dammartin Aglovale de Vey
Argent Morningstar of Trimaris – Damien von Blauwald
Godfrey of Lincolne
Pedar Felic
At the Royal Court of TRM Bytor and Anastasiya
Order of the Bard’s Laureate – Michael Alexander Duffy

Talewinds, May AS XXXI 1996 “From the Crown” Unto Our Most Beloved People Trimaris. Greetings! Thank you to everyone who made Coronation a success in spite of the dreadful weather conditions that threatened all of us! The Queen gives special thanks to all the members of the populace that waited patiently during the delay, while Their Majesties directed the relocation of the Coronation ceremony. We appreciate your kindness and understanding. The King is thankful to those gentles who ferried himself, His Queen, and the King of Atlantia to and from the feasthall in the pouring rain… and we mean pouring! Thank you to the baronies, shires, cantons, households and peers that have already or will be asking for volunteers to help retain for the Crown this reign. The Crown would like everyone to have an opportunity to serve whether they have ever done so before or not…Congratulations to Guiseppe Francesco di Borgia on his pending elevation tot he Laureate at the upcoming Crown Tourney. His needlework is truly exquisite, his appearance is always unquestionable, and his demeanor whether in jest or all seriousness denotes a Peer of the realm in all ways. We will be very glad to elevate him to a position of honor in Trimaris. Giuseppe, did we mention there is a Laurel Tax?…” Bytor, King, Anastasiya, Queen
Glymmernote, May 1996 About 25 members of the shire were in attendance for the coronation of Bytor fitzGherld and Anastaysia Zadorova. No armigerous awards were presented to any shire members, however, our very own Michael Alexander Bain MacDuffy, better known as “Kube” won the Troubador Laureate competition. This is the first time that any member of Glymmerhold has won any of the Laureate competitions. (Ld. Breuse has placed second on two separate occasions in the Poet Laureate competition). We are all tickled pink that you won “Kube”!!!. We did not make our presentations to Their Majesties due to the lousy weather and the fact that half the shire membership decided to scatter to hotels. Thdn’t feel right (or dry, or clean) doing the presentation without those other shire members who had worked so hard on the presentation gifts. We will make our presentation to Their Majesties at Gathering of the Clans or perhaps TMT.

Talewinds, April AS XXX, 1996 Gregorian From the Journal of Ibn Fadlan (Translated by Master Guillermo Perez) “Winter finally released its grip on the land and Spring began to show its dominance. Baldar and Asa began receiving reports of the enemy massing its troops and decided that it was time to move. The Army of Trimaris marshalled in the border stronghold of Oldenfeld and set off to destroy the forces that had gathered in opposition. The weather held for some time and the Army made good time.
Soon King Baldar and His forces entered the Land of the Wiendol, the region that separated Trimaris from Ansteorra. it was a cold, stunted and evil land inhabited by a twisted and gnarled race. Baldar sent out his scouts to watch for any sign of the Wiendol activity. The scouts saw nothing during the day. At night, however, it was a different story.
The first few nights the sentries reported activity: furtive movements, sounds of horses and men in the distance, even a minor attack or two. It wasn’t until the fifth night in the land of the Wiendol that the fog rolled in thick and cloying and the Wiendol attacked as a group. Seing that the fog would be thick that night, Baldar and the Trimarian army were prepared for the attack. The battle was intense bu the Wiendol forces eventually fell back for the night. These attacks continued every night that there was fog. No Wiendol force could hope to destroy the might of the Trimarian Army but King Baldar realized that if the harassment continued, his army would be weakened and tired by the time the Ansteorran army was encountered.
Baldar sent out scouts to find the village or town of the Wiendol. He reasoned that if he could kill the Great Mother of the Wiendol, the Wiendol people would be unable or unwilling to fight him. A few days passed and Baldar finally received tow pieces of news on the same morning. first, the army of Ansteorra was reported to be nearing and would soon join with the Wiendol forces. Second, a scout had found a cave entrance into the Wiendol undergroubattle with Ansteorra. With that done he gathered His Heroes to him and set to kill the Wiendol Mother.
I will not waste your time with the details of our journey through the caverns. most of the time was spent sneaking through dark, dank caverns trying to avoid the Wiendol patrols. This was not too difficult in that the Wiendol are nocturnal and that their patrols are sluggish and poorly disciplined during the daylight hours. Finally, we came upon a large cavern in which we discovered the Wiendol Mother. With my own eyes did I see this horrifying monster.
She was a disgusting creature, covered in filth and grime. She was horribly fat and the rolls of blubber that made up her white, puffy flesh lay exposed for all to see. Indeed, the only things she wore were a few pieces of jewelry, a necklace, a hair pin, a few rings. We saw that she was busy eating the dead body of one of her warriors, no doubt slain in battle the previous night. it gave us perverse pleasure to know that we were responsible for much of her weight gain over the last few days, in that we had killed many of her warriors. The Wiendol believe that their spirits cannot leave their dead bodies unless the Wiendol Mother consumes all their remains.
Baldar could no longer bear the sight of this disgusting spectacle any longer; He drew his sword and fell upon the bloated Wiendol. The Wiendol Mother’s screech was indescribable and sent a ripple of horror through my being. I began to move to help Baldar kill the monster but Bytor stopped me. he said that Baldar would face the creature by himself and that it was our job to make sure that the other Wiendol did not interfere with the combat. The Heroes formed a circle around Baldar and his enemy and prepared for the onslaught of the Wiendol. Word of our attack spread slowly, for we only faced small groups of Wiendol who were easily defeated. During a lull in our fighting I was able to see the end of Baldar’s struggle. Baldar weak from the scratches and bite marks the the Wiendol Mother whose body was pierced in numerous places. Sensing her end nearing, the Wiendol mother pulled the hair pin from her oily, lank hair and stabbed Baldar in the stomach. In his berserk rage, Baldar drew back his sword and struck the Wiendol mother’s head from her body.
Bytor yelled to his King that it was time to leave. Baldar turned and with understanding in His eyes, lead the way out of the nightmare realm of the Wiendol. We encountered Wiendol on the way out but made quick work of them. As we returned to camp, Baldar swore all of us to secrecy as to the nature of the wound He had received. He said that He knew that it would eventually prove to be a septic, fatal wound and He did not want the Army to know this. With the coming battle against Ansteorra, He did not want his troops dispirited.
The next few days went by with bloody speed. We were able to destroy the armies of the enemy. The Wiendol never showed themselves as a unit and I am not sure what happened to their degenerate race. the Ansteorran army fought wit skill and strength but we inflicted so much damage upon them that they finally withdrew. it will be some time before they will be able to raise arms against Trimaris. Baldar led his troops to victory never once giving away his secret. it was not until the army began the return to Trimaris that the King’s health faltered and word got out that the Baldar was dying.

Known World Arts & Sciences Symposium III
The Barony of the Steppes in the Kingdom of Ansteorra has the pleasure to invite all to the Third Knowne World Arts & Sciences Symbosium held on 4-12/14-96. We have secured an antebellum mansion in which to hold classes. We project seven tracks of classes for an approximate total of 50 hours of class time. Class topics will included: costuming, feast craft, period music, period dance, bardic arts, trompe I’oeil, and needlecrafts, to name just a few. Autocrat H.L. Jocea Anne Gallowglass & Mss. Lasair ni Fhionnualann

Oldenfeld Lions’ Demo
Talewinds, February AS XXX, 1996 On Saturday, April 13, 1996 there will be a Spring Demo at Florida State University Union Green in Tallahassee. After the demo reveling, in the great Oldenfeld tradition. Democrats: Baroness Sylvia the Landlady, Lady Theadora the Confused, Yisugen Api Rubah.

Irasshaimase midori shiro event (welcome Green Castle)
Talewinds, April AS XXX, 1996 The Shire of Castlemere will hold this event at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. Even though this is a Japanese event, visitors from all over Europe are welcome. Classes will be held on Japanese dress, lifestyle and there will be games for all ages. Autocrat Ldy Corinne Castilla & Ldy Gwendolyn Kaye MacVeigh, Feastcrat Robert Scott.

Spring Event
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 On 4-20-96 the Shire of Sea March held a Spring Event at the FOP Lodge (Talewinds showed this listing in the Kingdom Calendar but I could not find a flyer or any other information about the event – Natasha)

SCA Board of Directors Meeting
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 4-20-96 The Barony of Darkwater presents the SCA Board of Directors Spring Meeting to be held from 9am to 5pm at the Holiday Inn, Orlando. Any questions regarding activities surrounding the Board Meeting contact Baroness Ysar or Mistress Islay.

Gathering of the Clans
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 The Canton of Swampkeype presents the Barony of Darkwater’s Gathering of the Clans on 4-26/28-96 to be held at Wewa. Everyone get your kilts ready! Highland Games, lysts, archery and more. Autocrats H.L Haakon Bjornsson & Lady Anne Pembrooke, Feastcrat Somhairle O’Caidhigh
At the Royal Court of TRM Bytor & Anastasiya
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Haakon Bjornson
Order of the Argent Scales – Meghan Oriana Lauder
Award of Arms – Somairle o’Laidgh
Order of the Argent Palm – Tara Bibhlin ni Seaghada
Cailen mac Duibhdhiomaigh ui Dubhlaoich
Sven Forlust
Talewinds, May AS XXXI, 1996, From the Journal of Ibn Fadlan (translated by Master Guillermo Perez)
Baldar returned to Trimaris with His army. The Kingdom had repulsed the invader and the Kingdom would once again know peace. But there was no joy in Baldar’s homecoming. The wound that He had received from the Wiendol Mother was festering and Baldar knew that he was not long for this world. He pushed the speed of the army so that He would get back to Trimaris while still alive.
Baldar and Asa met with their advisors and trusted men. After a long night of meetings, word went out that there would be a hastily called Court as soon as representatives from all over the Kingdom could be gathered. The day of Baldar’s Court finally arrived. And it was none too soon as every person in attendance saw. The King came into Court supported by his Queen. His face was gaunt and drained of life and there was a stiffness in his gait that proclaimed His nearness to death.
Baldar and Asa began to dispense with the business of Their Court, Suddenly, the King slumped in the Throne. Asa went to Him to check on Him. As She did a tall blonde figure entered the Court. I saw with my own eyes the figure of a Valkyrie standing before the Thrones of Trimaris. Baldar was ready to go with her but Asa, fire flashing in Her eyes, stood between Her King and the Valkyrie. Asa held her weapon up ready to do battle with the Warrior Maiden. She said to the Valkyrie, “You can not take him. He is MY husband and I will not give up what is mine without a fight!”
The Valkyrie responded, “Then we are not at odds, I have come not for Baldar but for you, Asa Flaxenhair. We Valkyries have seen your Warrior spirit and would invite you to join us.” The Valkyrie went on to inform Baldar that he would die that night in His bed, thus denying Him a place in Valhalla. Baldar drew His sword and challenged the Valkyrie to battle. In this way, He would die in battle and be with Asa in Valhalla. But the Valkyrie demurred, telling Baldar that the Valkyries werea. Baldar decided that the only way for He and Asa to stay together was to defeat the Valkyrie in battle. They fought. The ringing clang of silvered steel filled the air as the two Warriors duled. Baldar fought bravely but had no chance as the wound in his side robbed Him of His strength. Finally Baldar fell, the Valkyrie standing over him prepared to end His life and send Him to the Valhalla. Again, Asa interposed Herself. The Valkyrie drew back her swaord to end both their lives.
From the back of the hall came the voice of a woman. The Valkyrie halted her sword. She turned and saw the woman at the back of the Court and fell to her knees. The newcomer came forward and the Valkyrie named her a Frigga, a goddess of the Norse. Frigga crossed to Baldar and Asa and informed them of another option. Frigga’s Hall, Fenslir, was a place reserved for those couple whose love was so strong that it would last beyond the veil of death. Frigga offered the King and Queen a place in her hall if they wished it. Baldar and Asa looked into each others eyes and. professing their love for each other, accepted Frigga’s offer. Frigga and the Valkyrie left the Court; Baldar and Asa returned to their Thrones hand-in-hand. The herald called for the next item of business. During that business, Baldar and Asa, still hand-in-hand, again saw the face of Frigga.
Thus it was that Mighty Bytor took the Throne of Trimaris. The House of Asgard continued to rule wisely, well, and often over the lands of Trimaris. Under King Bytor’s rule, Trimaris prospered. There was one great adventure that Bytor did have to face during his reign. While on a trip of State to the lands of Atlantia, King Bytor was confronted by…” (Here the Journal ends. As of this date the missing parts of the manuscript have yet to be recovered)

Grand Tourney
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 5-3/5-96 The Kingdom of Trimaris, Marshallate of Trimaris and the Great Noble Houses of the Realm present A Grand Tourney Royal at Wewa. A day festivities to celebrate spring and the Arts Martial in the style of the great tourneys of the 16th century. Activities: Armored Combat Tournaments – Pas de Armes, Bear pit Melee Team and more; Rapier combat tournaments; Queen’s Yeoman Tournaments; Archer Novelty Shoot; May Day Celebration, Royal Ball. Classes on armored combat, armoring, dancing, rapier combat and more. Autocrat Odo Fitzhugh, Feastcrat Duke Baldar & house Asgard.
Talewinds, May AS XXXI, From the Earl Marshal, Duke LLwyelyn ap Cadwallader ap Dafydd ap Hywel’s letter, First. a plug for the Grand Tourney Royale, May 4th at Camp Wewa. The number of tournaments should be exhausting for the participants and the other May day activities and classes should keep everyone engaged. There shall be a Rapier Combat Chess match for the amusement of Her Majesty and the Populace. An armored combat Pas de Armes (challenge tourney) hosted by the Order of Chivalry. Their Majesties have decreed a Royal Ball for the evening, Elizabethan style. Dance classes will be given during the day in preparation. Fighting will begin early. I hope to see everyone there.
At the Royal Court of TRM Bytor & Anastasiya
Order of the Triskele Trimaris – Geoffrey Maynard of York
Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris – Giovanni di Flamma
Grant of Arms – Giovanni di Flamma
Cullen MacPeter MacGregor
from the Earl Marshal, Talewinds May AS XXXI, 1996 “…The number of tournaments should be exhausting for the participants and other May day activities and classes should keep everyone engaged. There shall be a Rapier Combat Chess match for the amusement of Her Majesty and the Populace. An Armored combat Pas de Armes (challenge tourney) hosted by the Order of the Chivalry. Their Majesties have decreed a Royal Ball for the evening, Elizabethan style. Dance classes will be given during the day in preparation. Fighting will be starting early. I hope to see everyone there…” LLwyelyn

Panhandle Skirmishes
Talewinds, March A.S. XXX, 1996 On 5-10/12-96, hosted by the Shire of Oldenfeld at Indian Springs. Come join the Shire of Oldenfeld as we host a friendly little war with no Kingdom affiliations or political brouhaha. Sides will be chosen at the event. There will be a resurrection woods battle, a resurrection field battle, a bridge battle, and a town battle. Combat archery is allowed in all battles except the woods battle. There will also be an Art/Sci competition and an archery competition. All these competitions and battles will count for a war point. Autocrat THL Giovanni Sbarbaro di Rienzi, Battle organizer, Lord Cedric of Dorchester, Head Cooks, THL Bianca di Rienzi, and Kierana di Rienzi.

St. George’s Faire
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996; The Canton of Mathom Trove proudly presented Saint George’s Faire on 5- 10/12-96 at Wewa. Activities include the Crested Helm Prize Tourney. the Baston Course Joust. Bid on your favorite team of “fighter” and “horse” for the right to choose among the sumptuous prizes donated by the talented artisans of Trimaris for the benefit of the Heralds Office. There will be a Challenge Tourney. consorts of the fighters and all other ladies present at the Faire shall form a Ladies Gallery to judge acts of chivalry and gallantry during the day. The Ladies Gallery shall also choose the Finest Crest to receive an especial prize. The Fairemaster shall bestow a prize for the Best Heraldic Display. Autocrat, Duena Ysabela Celestina Manrique de Palma y Majorca. Feastcrat, Don Esteban Vicente Manrique de Santiago
At the Court of TRM Bytor and Anastasiya
Award of Arms – Catherine of Devonshire
Llewellyn ap Gwyn of Anglesey
Branwen ferch Rhodri Gwynedd
Order of the Argent Scales – Mairin O’Ceilleachair
Order of the Argent Palm – Bernard de Barfleur
At Feast
Grant of Arms – Roibeard MacSlughadhain
Order of the White Scarf – Roibeard MacSlughadhain
Order of the Trade Winds Trimaris – Taliesynne Nychymwrh yr Anghyfannedd Llanrhyddlad
At the Baronial Court of Baron and Baroness of An Crosaire, Thaalabi and Gwynnan
Order of the Cross and Serpent – Iefan Colledig ap Dynfwal Abertawe
Order of the House of the Serpent’s Torque – Katherine of Tewkesbury
Gianetta di RemigioWelser
Order of the Plume of the Angel Rouge – Laura de Botelesford

Trimaris Memorial Tourney
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 5-24/27-96 The Barony of An Crosaire presents Trimaris Memorial Tourney at Wewa. Come join us as we hold the event that will see the selection of our future Crown. There wil be the Champion of Trimaris Lysts, Archery competitions, Light Weapons Lysts, Pick-up melees, Newcomer’s classes, feasting, dancing, bardic circle and revelry aplenty. Autocrat Master Rurik Petrovitch Stoianov and Lady Marthe Grau called Kratze, Feastcrat Baroness Ceridwen o Cahercommaun.
Crown Prince Count Solomon Spite
Crown Princess Baroness Alianore de Medici d’Astralis
At Saturday’s Court of TRM Bytor and Anastasiya
Order of the Laurel – Giuseppe Francesco di Borgia
Award of Arms – Gwenhwyfar of Casa di Rienzi
Sennach MacLochlainn
At Sunday’s Court of TRM Bytor and Anastasiya
Order of the Chivalry – Takamatsu Sadamitsu no kami Tadayoshi
Order of the Laurel – Geoffrey Maynard of York
Order of the Triskel Trimaris – Lorcan ab Arthur
Order of the Silver Trident – Katherina Isabella Sbarbaro di Firenzi
Order of the White Scarf of Trimaris – Talia Maria Isabella Rodriguez
Grant of Arms – Talia Maria Isabella Rodriguez
Order of the Silver Shield – Murad Adeen Anise
Award of Arms – Leonore Avelaine de Citeaux
Yoshi Matsumura
Order of the Argent Estoile – Greggory Aherne
Argent Morningstar – Thurwolf Ragnarsson
Talewinds, July AS XXXI, 1996 Upon the 25th day of May in the thirty first year of our Society, being the Nineteen Hundred Ninety Sixth year by the Gregorian calendar, did nineteen honorable combatants vie for the right to claim the heirs coronet in Trimaris. By His Majesties wish, the tournament was double elimination, with the best two of three in the final round. The first round paring was decided by challenge, and thence was the standard lyst tree used to complete the tournament. Those who did compete are listed below:
Combatant’s Name, Consort’s name:
Count Solomon Spite, – Baroness Alianore de Medici d’Astralis
Earl Benen MacTir, – Countess Rosabel de Burgandy
Wulfere Khan, the Lion of Persia, – Lady Honoree Van Der Au
Lord Murad Adeen ibn Anis, – Countess Nadira Kadin
Hon Lord Geoffrey Maynard of York, – Mistress Genevieve LaRousse
Ser Severin Visconti di Milano, – Mona Lisabetta Maria Visconti da Firenze
Sir Jan Paul Ruthindale de Sylveastan, – Lady Catriona Amber Roche de Sylveastan
Sir Gregory Ahern, – Lady Maisie of Dunbatton
Lord Bernard de Barfleur, Mistress Elfwyn de Barfleur
Sir Cadwyd Enwir, – Lady Roxanne O’Mally
Hon Lord Orsen O’Donnal, – Bantiarna Eithne ni Cailean
Hon Lord Andrew William Montgomery, Lady Susan van Ham Langille
Lord William Huroch Mackinlay, – Hon Lady Nekhbet bint Hanan
Don Cullin MacPeter MacGregor, – Lady Elinore Hardyng de Northampton
Laird Sebastian Halyburton, – Lady Corrine Castilla
Lord Ardon Irontower,- Lady Lisa Irontower
Lord Nikandre Tsezarevich Velikov, – Lady Gwyndolyn Kirkaldy of Fawdonside
Lord Cedric of Dorchester, – Lady Genevive
Odo fitzHugh, – Adina

The Glymmernote, August 1996 Glymmerholde made a very exceptional showing at TMT this year. With over 30 shire members in attendance, the shire presented TRM with a $200 check for the Kingdom Travel Fund and about 2,000 gold coins to spread the wealth of Trimaris all over the Known World. That made Glymmerholde’s total donation to the Kingdom Travel Fund $300.00. TRM were impressed with the turnout of members from the shire, as were many others who had no idea that Glymmerholde was once again a vibrant, active organization. We received many positive comments from the populace on our presentation and our generosity. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every member of the shire who contributed ot the Travel Fund donation. I know it wasn’t easy for everyone to “cough up” that extra money week in and week out, but I am sure that our donation to the travel fund will make a big difference in how Trimaris is represented throughout the Known World. Margaret Mac Gregor, Seneschal

Thirty Year Celebration
Talewinds, May AS XXXI An Tir welcomes the Known World to the Society’s Thirty Year Celebration, 6-7/16-96 at the Clark County Fairgrounds north of Portland Oregon. 10 days of tournaments, 10 days of dancing, 10 days of archery, 10 days of bardic circles, 10 days of rapier combat, 10 days of merchants, 10 days of war scenarios, 10 days of classes and 10 days of meeting gentles from every Kingdom in the Knowne World.
(Wyvernwood Historian’s report) Early this summer His royal Majesty Bytor Fitzgerald and five members of Wyvernwood, along with one member of Narval Dorado attended the 30th Year Celebration in An Tir. Besides His Majesty, the Trimarians in attendance were Lord Alistair, Aubrey, Lady Alienore DeLochar, Dominus Henricus, Lord Ian from Narval Dorado, and I, Lord Jens Vetrar. The event went very well, with very friendly people, enjoyable cool, dry weather, and much to marvel at. The Knowne World choir included our own Aubrey, and those in charge of the concert hall, upon hearing that His Majesty of Trimaris would be attending, arranged seating for His Majesty and entourage in the center of the front row. The concert ended with a rousing “catch” song that made His Majesty burst forth laughing so that all could hear and laugh with Him. The merchanting, revelry, and fighting were well planned and left those in attendance in want of nothing. Throughout the week, all the Trimarians were well fed by the Barony of the Wastelands who were camped behind us, and then well fed and entertained by the Barony of Blatha an Oir and their wonderful Baroness Isabeau. The event was well attended, with my own badge numbered in the mid-4000 range and gentles arriving steadily for three more days after me. – reported by Lord Jens Vetar

Summer Thunder II
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 6-7/9-96, Once more Trimaris hears the ghostly echos of ancient war drums, summoning warriors & clans from near and far to the banks of the Great River, all knowing that before the autumn lighting..Summer thunder Returns. Presented by the Barony of Darkwater andthe Shire of Vaca del Mar at River Forest Campground. Activities, Ragin Bull Tourney, Battle of Uji River Bridge; Five Person Resurrection Melee-Team Woods Battle; Tavern Brawls & other Rapier fun; Combat Archery Dunk Tank; games for both young and young at heart. Each melee team is requested to donate a gift to the Crown of Trimaris for use in gift baskets for Royal Dignitaries. Autocrat Lord Arinaga Yoshiakira, Feastcrat Lord Otis the Oak
At the Royal Court of TRM Bytor & Anastasiya
Order of the Argent Estoile – Rolant von Reichenau
Order of the Fletcher – Cedeara
Argent Morningstar of Trimaris – Gunnar Oxnamegin
Morgun Attalus
At the Baronial Court of Baron & Baroness of Darkwater, Cailean & Islay
Order of the Trident Keype – Arinaga Yoshiakira
Order of the League of Hidden Treasure – Morgun Attalus
Eithne ni Chaillin

Southern Tourney
Glymmernote August 1996 We had a very successful non-event in June, The Southern Tourney went smashingly and the shire represented itself well amongst our guests from around the Kingdom. My thanks to the Shire of Sangre del Sol for their enthusiastic attendance. We all made some great new friends and I sincerely hope that we can do this again sometime. The shire took in $50.00 in donations from by ebullient “passing of the hat.” At the business meeting after Southern Tourney, it was decided that the shire would keep half of the funds collected at the grand social and donate the other half to the Make a Wish Foundation in the name of Derek Raeder, the son of David and April Raeder, who passed away in May. David and April are members of the Shire of Sangre del Sol. Margaret MacGregor, Seneschal.
From Lord Breuse Hartswood, Knights Marshal “Congratulations to Sonja and James Godwinson for their authorizations at Southern Tourney. They accounted for 4 of the 9 new authorizations that day. Congratulations also to Baron Roland de Germaine and David of DunTyr for their victories in the different lysts held at Southern Tourney.

Summer Art/Sci
Talewinds, March AS XXX, 1996 6-14/16-96 The Stronghold of the Northern Marches presents 196 Summer Arts and Sciences Competition at North Florida Christian Services Camp. Along with the Arts/Sci Competition, there will be many children’s activities, Masques Laureate Competition, heavy & Light Weapons Lyst, Candle light Feast and the pool will be open. Autocrat Lady Corrine Castilla, Feastcrat Lady Gwendolyn Kaye MacVeigh
Talewinds, September ASXXX, 1996 From the Arts and Sciences: Unto Trimarians All Fair, Greetings from Jed Silverstar. Thanks and congratulations to all the gentles who made this Summer’s Art/Sci Faire one of the bes in memory! There were over twice as many entries as at the previous Faire and enough judges to subdivide the Divisions for faster judging, enabling us to accommodate the Cornet’s request for an earlier court and feast. Only three of four items were unjudged when it came time for the hall to be cleared, and I have taken steps to assure that those entries will be judged before all others at the next Faire. My thanks to those gentles for their good sportsmanship and understanding.
As those who attended know, the judging hall was besieged by lightning for much of the afternoon. The new Chancellor of Ciphers, Lady Signyo, did her best under the circumstances, but was forced to tally the award scores in her home shire. I will therefore post the results next month, both in Talewinds and in a mailing to the A&S Officers and Seneschals throughout the kingdom. This mailing will also include full sets of the current forms and rules, since some shires seemed to be in want of them.
Experts around the kingdom should also be hearing soon from Lord Dwydion and Lady Andrea, the new Co-Chancellors of Trimaris Royal University. Their early efforts will center mainly on identifying our best potential teachers and committing them to share their knowledge at every opportunity, but most especially at Art/Sci Faires.
Once again, to those who helped to crat, judge, tally and calligraphy, I extend the kingdom’s gratitude. To the victorious competitors, congratulations. To those whose scores and hopes did not agree, I encourage you to continue participating, especially as members of the judging teams. Remember that any category you enter you also have the right to judge. If you found that competition is not to your taste (and there’s no shame in that – competition isn’t the best route for everyone) remember that you also have the option of entering any category for Display Only. You can also enter on a learning basis, requesting that the judges offer Kind Advice Only. There are plenty of options for every level of expertise and every manner of presenter. If you want to make the system the best it can be for people like you, your full participation is the only key.
I regret to say that the Masque Laureate has failed two times in succession to draw enough competitors for that honor to trade hands. As with all the Laureates, the Masque Laureate requires materials that is in some way original to the performer. For the Poet Laureate, the text must be original and performed solo by the author. For the Troubadour Laureate, the lyric and tune must both be original and performed solo by the author, For the Masque Laureate, any other manner of performance, solo or group, is permissible as long as at least half to its elements are original to the entrant(s). In the case of dances, for example, the choreography is always original although the music may or may not be so. Purely re-creative performances, solo or group, are better suited to competitive presentations in the Bardic and Performing Arts Division of Art/Sci Faires. I hope this brief explanation assists performers everywhere in channeling their energies where they will encounter the best possible audiences.

Lion’s Tourney Pas D’armes
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On 6-21/23-96 The Shire of Oldenfeld’s fighting unit, the Lions, will be hosting Lion’s tourney. This event will be slightly different in that it will be a full blown, pomp and colors pas d’armes. We encourage everyone to attend, and for those who have period pavilions, banners, pennants or other forms of heraldry, bring them on over to Oldenfeld and display them around the lyst field and add color and atmosphere to the tourney. We would like the fighters to have at least two of the following: a banner, a tabard and/or shield with your herald’s device on them. And fighters MUST have a consort to fight for! There will be archery, fencing and above all, fighting! Honor and Chivalry will be top priorities at this event, so be prepared to look good, fight well and most importantly, have fun with the folks from Oldenfeld! Autocrat Sir Jean Paul Ruthendale & Lord Cedric of Dorchester

1996 Known World Heraldic Symposium
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On 6-21/23-96 The Kingdom of Meridies and the Shire of Thorngill present the Known World Heraldic Symposium in Montgomery Alabama. The 1996 Known World Heraldic Symposium is coming and it’s time for all Heralds or person wanting to learn about Heraldry or persons trying to find out about names or devices to join us in a Society wide event. We will have heralds from all over the Known World coming to teach and learn (one lord is coming all the way from Sweden). Our Laurel King of Arms will be present to answer your questions as well as the next Queen’s of Arms, Mistress Jaelle of Rmida. Laurel and Mistress Sionyn Murigen ni Dhomnall, Pelican. We invite you to join us in a fun filled day of learning and laughter as we share Heraldry. Autocrat THL Celestine de Chatham

Toys for Tots (formerly Sea Raids)
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On 6-27/30-96 The winds of WAR are blowing in Forth Castle, come and join us, there will be fighting, frolicking, combat archery, Arts 7 Sciences, fighting, merchants and more fighting. The fighting will consist of various large group melee scenarios using Pennsic rules. If fighting is not your area of interest there will be classes which we are sure will pique your interest. The main A&S competition category will be for the best period toy. The Crooked Thorn Tavern will be serving food and libations, and providing various bardic entertainments.
This being an event to benefit Toys-for-Tots and the Make-a-Wish Foundation, a new toy valued between $5.00 & $10.00 is encouraged. The Kingdom donating the most toys will win a special prize. A two toy donation per family is sufficient, however multiple donations will be appreciated. We have limited primitive camping spaces for large groups and barrack space for 400 people. Autocrat: Lady Dennet de Poitou.
From the Earl Marshal, Talewinds March XXXI, 1996 “…The “Toys For Tots” event or “Toy Wars” in Savannah, June 29th. is our Kingdom’s opportunity to engage Atlantia on the battle field. Lots of melees and gentler activities are planned. The marshalate conventions shall be Pennics rules, to allow our armies preparation for Pennsic 25. The Pennsic marshalate rules shall be published in the near future. This event is a fund raiser for charity, so the kingdom which donates the most toys (for tots) wins. Start your shopping now and plan to travel to Forth Castle in June to show the Atlantians Trimaris’ ferocity, chivalry, and generosity…” Llywelyn

Scribal Symposium
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On Saturday 7-6-96, the Tricytrus Abbey with the Shires of Stag Ridge and Brineside moor present a Scribal Symposium in the Great Chapter Hall of Tricytrus Abbey, St. peter & St. Paul the Apostles Parish Center. You sang its praises last year. This year we offer even more. We will feature more classes on all the Scribal Arts, emphasizing hands-on instruction. Very special round table discussions will intrigue all present. Artisans of all levels are encouraged- from eager novices, to experienced scribes – as there will be much to learn and to share. Plus a fine feast. Autocrat Master Justin of Kent,. Feastcrats: Lady Murienn ingen Ui Ceilleachair & Messere Guiseppe de Borgia

Summer Revel/Champions Lyst
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On 7-13-96 the Stronghold of the Northern Marches presents Summer Revel and Champion’s Lyst at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. Activities include Stronghold Champion’s Lyst, Revel Champion’s Lyst, Champion of the Heart Selection, classes, dancing, feasting, revelry. Autocrat Llywelyn ap Gwyn of Anglesey, Feastcrats Siobhan Inghean Meadhbha & Ceredwin ferch Thomas Vaughn.

Mid-Summers Knight Dream
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On Saturday, 7-20-96, The Shire of Narval Dorado presents a Midsummer Knights’ Dream at Camp Soule. Come join the Shire of Narval Dorado as we celebrate a day of fighting, feasting and fun. Autocrat H.L. Andrew Montgomery

Pennsic War XXV
The Kingdom of the East is pleased to announce the Twenty-fifth Annual Pennsic War to be held August 2 through August 18, 1996 at Cooper’s Lake Campground, co-sponsored by the Kingdom of the Middle. The Lord High Mayor (autocrat) is Master Ian Mitchell of Clan Mitchell
(Wyvernwood Historian’s Report) At the Great Pennsic War this year, Trimaris sided with the East Kingdom and fought gloriously. The East won a few and lost a few, but Trimaris generally fought quite well. In attendance were a fairly large group of our Wyvernwood citizens, Oldenfelders, House Kyburg, Rolling Thunder, Sir Cedric’s Bear Clan, Asgaardians, An Crosairans and a fair host of independents as well. In the summer months preceding the Pennsic War, our Barony made and painted table runners with the devices of all the Kingdoms of the Knowne World. These were set out in the place of each set of crowned heads at the Trimaris Royal Dinner, and our visitors were duly impressed. Sir Karl Kyburg directed the servers for the Royal Dinner, and many members of Wyvernwood served. The Wyvernwood consort played for the Royalty present, as well as for the Eldormere Coronets in their principality encampment. In the great Court at the end of the War, King Bytor and Queen Anastasia expressly thanked the Barony of Wyvernwood for the endless and timely work that our Barony has performed for them and for the reigns proceeding theirs. In the barony’s efforts to support the Kingdom, one last not would be that our Honorable Lady Margurite Isadora de Riva was again the Trimarian Landcrat for Pennsic.- Lord Jens Vetrar

Bog Bash V
Talewinds, August AS XXXI, 1996 On 8-16/18-96 the Barony of Wyvernwood presents Bog Bash V at Camp Keystone. “So hail to the swamplands, the forests and coasts” All are welcome to join us for a weekend of fun and frivolity in our southern fens. There will be much to do and see with: A reversed living dead lyst, archery, Bog Ball, classes, a Quest, Kill the Herald Relay, Paint a Pict, Family Feud and Waterlympics. The day’s events will be complete with court, feast and last, but certainly not least, revelry. Autocrat, Ld Staffan Thorbert, Feastcrat Tatiana de Thornberg.
(Wyvernwood Historian’s Report) On 8-16/20-96 was the fifth annual Bog Bash, the same weekend as the final battles of Pennsic. This event was autocrated by Lord Staffan Thorbert, and featured such activities as Archery, Bog Ball, Paint a Pict, Family Feud, and the Waterlympics. Awards and prizes were given tot he winner of each event, and included such clever awards as the winners of the Waterlympics receiving gold, silver and bronze sand dollars on cords. A satisfying feast was prepared and served the bhe kitchen crew of Lady Tatiana de Thorberg. Both nights of the event were marked by revelry all night at the boathouse on the dock, including the return of the Lion’s Cub Tavern which appeared at Wyvernwood events up to six years ago, but is now back.

Fall Coronation
Talewinds, August XXXI, 1996 On 8-31/9/1-96, the Shires of Southkeype and Sangre del Sol invite you to the Fall Coronation of Sir Sulymain Spite and Baroness Alianore d’Australis at Camp Wewa. Autocrat Bantiarna Riognach Slaine ni Chonaill, Feastcrat Lady Branwyn ferch Madoc.
(Wyvernwood Historian’s Report) In the latter part of the summer was the magnificent Coronation of Sir Solomen Spite and Baroness Alianore de Medici d’Astralis as the King and Queen of Trimaris. We take pride in claiming yet another set of Royalty as being from Wyvernwood, and as such they are receiving full support of all members of the Barony. At a beautiful final court, fron the hands of Their Majesties Bytor and Anastasia, the Barony of Wyvernwood received an Augmentation of Arms from the Crown for its interminable support of the Crowns of Trimaris through many reigns. This was awarded to us only moments before the accidental death of Queen Anastasia upon the butt-spike of her admirer and servant named Gunnar, and the broken-hearted cries of King Bytor, which were more than He could bear in this life. None present had doubt of His Majesty’s affection toward Anastasia, as that same broken heart was all that was needed to bring Bytor away from this mortal coil which we of lesser station must endure.
From the new Crowns, Solomen and Alianore, came these awards of honor to deserving members of the Barony: Lisabeta Maria da Firenze was elevated to the peerage of Laurel in Italian Culture. Baroness Melisande Aubrey d’Anjou received the Order of the Triskele Trimaris. Countess Nadira Bacharra received the Order of the Trefoil Argent. Lady Maisie of Dun Baron received the Crown’s Order of Gratitude.
The Barony as a whole received a levy from His Majesty Solomen for ten archers and fifty arrows for Gulf Wars VI. A couple of gifts that the new Crowns received from our Baron Aidian Gerhardt de Languedoc and Baroness Marina Sabine Gerhardt were three hundred and forty silver coins ($85.00 U.S.) and especially gifted to Her Majesty was the Wyvernwood Consort, that She may enjoy entertainment upon whichever occasions She may wish. Mistress Lisabeta’s rise to the Laureate was marked by a wonderful party with, of course, Italian theme. The elevation party was very well attended, and continued for many hours. In a candle-lit pavilion was all manner of confections served, champagne and wines, and various gifts to Mistress Lisabeta were displayed along with the scroll depicting her elevation. Outside the pavilion played the Wyvernwood Consort, with an assortment of period music ranging from the courtly and beautiful to the bawdy. Sir Bytor even came over from his adjacent “I’m not the King anymore!” party to listen to the live music and partake in the revelry. Earlier in the summer at the Thirtieth Year Celebration, I had been so impressed with His Majesty’s continued good countenance to us retainers that I did write a poem in His honor, and presented it to Him during an intermission in the music. The poem is attached to this letter for your pleasure.
On Sunday, the Tournament of the Field of Roses was held. It was intended to be three- men melee teams, but since nearly 100 fighters showed and all were ready to show honor to the Order of the Rose, they decided to form teams of six. The teams were bid upon by the populace attending, and our very own Baroness Maria Sabine was highest bidder for a team called “Oldengaard”, for it was comprised of members of the Shire of Oldenfeld and of the House Asgaard. It so turned out that the “Oldengaardians” won the day, allowing Marina to take her pick of the prizes provided by the Ladies of the Order of the Rose. She chose three illuminated letters done by Mistress Rosabel, which she shared with the members of the team.
Talewinds, October AS XXXI, 1996 From the Crown of Trimaris unto all who do read these words. Know that We, Solemon and Alianore, do wish to thank everyone involved in the success of Trimaris’ Fall Coronation. The Crown knows well the work (and aggravation) that goes into organizing an event of this magnitude (over 900 in attendance). To all whose efforts went into this weekend (crats, servers, gateguards, stewards, entertainers, reservations, clean-up crew, toters & fetchers, heralds, marshals, archers, fencers and all others) Our deepest and most sincere gratitude.
To this, We also send Our appreciation for the many wonderful gifts given to Us and to thank those gentles who honored Us by joining in this celebration. To Duchess Anastasiya and Earl Bytor, you have treated Us with the utmost kindness and graciousness. We are so very glad. We also wish to send a very heartfelt thank you to the Companions of the Order of the Rose. The success of this lyst and the sight of over one hundred fighters upon the field was unbelievably inspiring.
Lastly, to Our household and close friends; you clothed, fed, created, followed, transported, nagged and let Us whine (when the need arose). May We so do you honor as you have honored Us.
Trimaris, King Solemon and Queen Alianore do salute you. Vivat Trimaris!
The Glymmernote, Christmas 1996 reported by Lady Margaret MacGregor We had another very large shire turnout for the coronation of Solomon Spite and Alianore deMedici d’Astralis. But before they left the throne, Bytor and Anastaysia called H.L. Breuse Hartswood and the entire shire up in court. You notice I said H.L. Breuse -that’s right, Breuse received his long awaited Grant of Arms! TRM Bytor and Anastaysia called the shire forward to thank them personally for our contributions during their reign to the Kingdom Travel Fund. They were gracious and very warm in their gratitude and the entire shire was very flattered to be recognized in such a manner. AT Solomon and Alianor’s first court, Michael Alexander Bane McDuffy was called forward and presented with a scroll inducting him into the Order of the Bard’s Laureate, having fulfilled his duties and tenure as Trimaris’ Troubadour Laureate. He was also invited to sing at feast Sunday evening and was a bit hit! At feast Saturday evening the shire presented TRM with two large chests of chocolates and two very beautiful framed paintings which were provided by Catarina Dufrene Branchaud. TRM loved the paintings very, very much and enjoyed the chocolates as well.

Peace at Last/Anniversary Event
Talewinds, June AS XXXI, 1996 On 9-7-96 the Shire of Sea March will hold a day long revel to celebrate Peace at Last. Richard the Lionhearted has arranged for the marriage of his sister to the brother of Saladin the Magnificent. Together they will rule all of those lands that are Holy to christian and Moslem alike in a trusting and chivalrous manner. In celebration of this joyful union there will be friendly games of combat for Lords and Ladies. A Blindman’s Tourney (the fighters are blindfolded and their Consorts must direct the blows); M’Lady’s List or Just a Joyful Joust (the lady rides on a wheelbarrow horse holding a lance. Her fighter pushes her and she must impale a ring suspended from a clothspin). Connubial Bliss Tournament (paired fighters tied at the leg, one fighter carries the shield the other the sword)

Viking Foray VI
9-20/22-96 Amurgorod

Ft. Myers Medieval Faire Demo
Talewinds, August XXXI, 1996 On 9-28/29-96 The Shire of Glymmerholde, Kingdom of Trimaris and the Kiwanis Club of Riverdale Present the 1996 Ft. Myers Medieval Fair, held at Lakes Park in Ft. Myers. Heavy weapons and light weapons lysts, including the Champion of Glymmerholde Lyst. Profits of this event are going to help needy children and their families in the Ft. Myers area. However, all proceeds from the site fees for camping (aka Weekend with Feast) will go to the Shire of Glymmerholde.
The Glymmernote Christmas 1996 reported by Lady Margaret MacGregor, WELL! this was some gig! AS just about everyone knows, we hosted the 1st annual Ft. Myers Medieval Fair 9-28/29. The event was sponsored by the Riverdale Kiwanis Club. Before I go any further, I think I can speak for everyone in the shire when I say that the members of the Kiwanis Club are truly family now, having shared our joyous and pains and trials and tribulations regarding the fair, and we would also like to thank them for their incredibly generous donation to the shire. We are all looking forward to next year’s fair-planning sessions. What can I say about the Medieval Fair? It was a huge success. We had over 125 vendors at the fair, and by all accounts everyone merchanting made very good money, were very pleased wit the crowd and their locations in Merchant’s Row. Every vendor I spoke with said they would definitely be back next year. And feast- by Gawd! Rocky and Lynn Turk did a fabulous job, along with help from Baron Seigfried and several other people of serving an incredible feast for 200 people. The food was excellent and we hope that Rocky and Lynn will do feast again next year, as wonder comments on their abilities and the meal itself have poured in from all over the kingdom. Without getting into too much more detail right now, the fair was a great success. Thanks to the Riverdale Kiwanis and all the members of the shire, we managed to raise $2,100.00 for the shire treasury.

Harvest Moon Festival
Talewinds, September XXXI, 1996 On 9-27/29-96 the Shire of Oldenfeld presents the Harvest Moon Festival at Camp Indian Springs. “It is harvest time in England; King Arthur and his knights are spending this time feasting, reveling and enjoying the land’s bounty in this time of peace and plenty. So come and join the fun folks of Oldenfeld in this years festival. Some say that the legend of King Arthur was just that, a legend; and some say that he was a real part of history, In order for us to re-create both the myth and reality of Arthur’s England, we in Oldenfeld have put together a spectacular event. Whereas the knights of the round table would be competing in contests of strength and cunning, so too shall we! there will be a pas-style lyst with all the flair that is associated with the great tournaments of old; a wrestling contest for those with stout minds and bodies; a horse race for those fleet of foot; Arthurian Overland Croquet; a Quest for the greatest of all prizes, the Holy Grail; Oldenfeld’s traditional and yet very popular Drawing and Poetry contests. During the feast fit for King Arthur and Queen Gwenevier themselves, there will be a telling of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. And throughout the rest of the evening dancing, singing and general frivolity will abound, so mark this event on your calendar and don’t miss it for all the swords in the lake! Autocrat Lady Catriona Amber Roche, Feastcrat Casundra Gervais

Village Farie/William Wallace Rebellion
Talewinds, October A.S. XXXI On 10-4/6-96, The Barony of Darkwater and the Order of Chivalry present The William Wallace Rebellion and Darkwater’s Village Faire at Wewa. From the people who brought you Agincourt, come learn the actual events and recreate the battles featured in Braveheart, William Wallace’s 13th century rebellion against Edward, the King of England. Knights, Archers, Squires, and all bring your courage and skill to be tested in these historical scenarios. Scenarios to include Sterling Bridge, Falkirk, and more. Plus The Barony of Darkwater’s Village Faire, a celebration of the arts, sciences and pleasures of a more gentler nature. Classes, contests, and games with a 13th century flair. For feast, a tavern for the hungry and thirsty, pay as you go. Autocrats Baroness Ysar de la Nuit Blane and Duke Llywelyn ap Cadwalladre, Feastcrat Lady Meghan Oriana Lauder, Battlecrat Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh, Classcrat Mistress Katherina Isabell de Firenze

Talewinds, October A.S. XXXI On 10-11/13-96 The Barony of An Crosaire celebrates their 20th Anniversary, held at North Florida Christian Camp. Our challenge to all fencers, archers, and heavy weapons fighters: Wench & Rapier, Baroness’ Blade Champion’s Lyst, Bacton’s Bad Butts, Hobby Horse Baronial Champion’s Lyst, play Steal the Bacon, armored hopscotch, chess, Mongol Ball, Pente, Backgammon, Paint a Pict, Parcheesi, Rat Pucky, Miller in the Middle, Scavenger hunt, Bells & Pillows & more. Featuring Triskele-Trimaris’ own gambling game. Donations of baked goods, coin of the realm & participants needed for the Baronial Birthday Cake Walk for the land fund. The prelude to Royal and Baronial Courts shall be a game of Sweets for the Sweet, a travel fundraiser. Autocrat H.L. Takara, Feastcrat Contessa Carmenetta Rosia Diez y Rodrigues & Lord Schrymagore
(Tasha reports) The event had just enough people attending to make a nice event. Saturday morning there were three fighters for the heavy weapons list, Bernard, ?, ?. Our autocrat decided to make the lyst more interesting by having the fighters play hopscotch, in full armor, to warm them up. Two valiant fighters started at each end of the hopscotch to finally meet in the middle. When the first two got to the middle, they looked at each other, then at the autocrat with a “what do we do now” look, then looked at their weapons and started hitting each other. To our amazement, it worked! The next match was mounted combat. Each fighter was given a hobbyhorse to ride. The Marshal and the Herald were also mounted. Several members of the audience were given pom poms and encouraged to cheer for the fighter of their choice. The resulting fights were hilarious, with Bernard overcoming his opponents, astride his battle cat, yowling his famous battle cry “Merrrow”.
Then it was time to torment the light weapons fighters. They had to fight holding a “partner” in one arm. For safety reasons stuffed dummies were made. There were two luscious wenches, a blond and brunette, and two brawny males, a red haired Scotsman and a dark haired generic male (both anatomically correct). Our lady fighters, Isaboe and Victoria were shameless, flaunting their “male” companions, i.e. holding them upside down, to distract their opponents. In the mean time, a number of bare chested wrestlers cavorted at the far end of the field. Two of our lady visitors decided the men were having too much fun and asked if they could participate. Since they were not allowed to remove their eir lower garments. The shirts were long enough to cover almost to their knees, however they took unfair advantage by wearing lace panties. They thrashed Inigo by ganging up on him.
The Archers also had plenty of things to shoot at. Lord Baectaon and Lord Donnal had a multitude of small game targets beside the standard targets. During the day there were other activities for the less martially inclined. There were board games, chess, pente, etc available in the hall. For the younger members and the young at heart there was a scavenger hunt and, of course, Rat Pucky.
For the Baronial Birthday Party there were many birthday cakes to be won at the Cake Walk Fundraiser. There was a red velvet cake decorated as Hedgehog (which I was fortunate to win), two dragons, many plates of cupcakes, and more designer cakes, which I can not remember at this time. After the cake walk everyone stuffed themselves with cake.
Feast was incredible. There was so much food no one could eat all the removes. There was shrimp cocktail, grilled chicken breast and grilled shrimp, lemon rice, burgundy cherry soup, crab cakes, whole crabs, stuffed rolled pork, seafood piallea, roast beef, and flan . Being at North Florida, all the food had to be brought from the kitchen to the big hall. It was during one of the trips that someone noticed that a camp fire seemed to be a little large. Then we realized that a tent was burning. It seems that a Tiki Torch fell over onto the tent and set it on fire. The servers streamed out of the hall with big pots of water and all the ice we had and put out the fire. Unfortunately, everything in the tent was destroyed but no one was hurt. The owners of the tent and equipment we helped out by the Barony and other guests with finances to see them safely home.

Bardic Celebration
Talewinds, October A.S. XXXI On 10-18/20-96 The Shire of Sangre del Sol invites you to a Bardic Celebration at Camp Greynolds. We will have prize competitions for every kind of bardic art, including but not limited tp Singing, Instrumental Music, Poetry, Story Telling, Group singing, Dancing, Theater, et cetera. If you can perform it, we will find a category and completion for you. And the winners of these competitions will be invited to participate in the Grand Bardic Tournament, a double elimination mixed bardic arts lyst for the Grand Prize. We will have classes (teachers wanted) games, and a questions game tournament too. For the fighter types we have the Champion of Sangre del Sol lyst, a boasting bear pit tourney, open to all comers for a prize of rattan. And for our Fencers, an Elizabethan Insult Lyst, with a beautiful hand-made scabbard by Janos Levente. And if you still want more, the every popular Castle is available for impromptu storming. And of course, a sumptuous grilled feast coked for your pleasure by our own H.L. Elizabeth FitzRandolph. After feast, we will hold a special Pun contest for those so inclined and an evening bardic. Autocrat Lady Rebecca the Goldenhaired, Feastcrat H.L, Elizabeth FitzRandolph

Talewinds, October A.S. XXXI On 10-19-96 The Shire of Castlemere presents it’s annual Scriptorum at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Jacksonville. We will have classes in Scribal Arts, Elizabethan and Scottish culture, Heraldry, Court Etiquette. We will also host the Champion of Castlemere Lyst and present the cornerstones of Castlemere, our local token. Feast will be in the Scottish tradition. Autocrat Lady Alix de Lyon, Feastcrat Tegan MacInnes.

Baronial Bash
Talewinds, September XXXI, 1996 On 10-26/27-96 The Barony of Wyvernwood welcomes one and all to Baronial Bash XXIV, held at Camp Keystone. Event activities to include the Living Dead Lyst, Musketeer’s Tavern Brawl, archery, plus other activities to be announced. A traditional Celtic feast to be presented by Slane MacMorag and Rhiannon Dierde O’Coill, Autocrat Lord Thomas MacCoran

Martinmass/Crown Lyst
Talewinds, September XXXI, 1996 On 11-1/3-96 The Canton of Mathom Trove is proud to sponsor Martinmas Moot at Wewa. There will be an Arts and Sciences display, so all interested artisans please contact the autocrat for more information.
Crown Prince Sir Gregory Ahearn
Crown Princess Lady Maisie of Dunbarton
From the Royal Fundraiser Coordinator
A beautiful handcrafted basket by Mistress Elfwyn de Barfleur will be filled to overflowing with wonderful items donated by the talented artisans of Trimaris and placed on the auction block. Household and group bids will be welcome. The populace will have the unique opportunity to bid on the work of some of the most talented calligraphers and illuminators in Trimaris today at the “Illuminated Manuscript” silent auction.
Autocrats Katheryn of Tewkesbury and Teamhair Gleann de Locha
Talewinds, January AS XXXI, 1997 Upon the 23rd day of November, in the thirty first year of our Society, being the Nineteen Hundred Ninety Sixth year by the Gregorian calendar, did twenty honorable combatants vie for the right to claim the heirs coronet in Trimaris, By his Majesty’s wish, the tournament was double elimination, witht he best two our of three in the final round. The first round paring was determined by random draw, and thence was standard lyst tree used to complete the tournament. Those who did compete are listed below:
Combatants Name, Consorts Name:
Duke Llywellyn ap Cadwalladr ap Dafydd ap Hewyl, – Mistress Adalhaid of Oak Leah
Sir Seosaidh mac Seosaidh, Earl of Blacksword, – Lady Isabeau de Mont St Michel
Count Treve Morningstar, – Dona Talia Maria Isabella Rodriguez
Lord Murad Abeen Adeen ibn Anis, – Countess Nadira Kadin
Count Cedric Steinhauser, – Countess Fara Steinhauser
Sahid Kalim al’lbar, – Baroness Melisande Aubrey d’Anjou
Ser Severin Visconti di Milano, – Mistress Lisabetta Marie Visconti da Firenze
Sir Gregory Ahearn, – Lady Maisie of Dunbarton
Baron Morgan Attalus, – Hon. Ekaterina Adrianova Sinilnikova
Hon Martin Lochneer, – Lady Annisa de Vymont
Raphael Guilbersh, – Lady Alienor de Lochor
Hon Jean Claude Dominique Jeanin, – Lady Caterine Elizabeth Anne Somerton
Hon Orsen O’Donnal, – Batiarna Eithne ni Cailean
Lord Stromeck Bo Cometan, – Lady Elena Maegan McDougall
Lord Alain De Viellechamp. Lady Judith Maryse
Lady Alix de Lyon, – Lord Wilfred of Morgansvale
Lord Wilfred of Morgansvale, – Lady alix de Lyon
Havr Langschwimmer, – Lady Muirenn ingen ui Celilleachair
Lord Roland de Carre, – Lady Quintana Amena Delloys

Sand Dragon Social
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On 11-3-96 the Shire of Gleann Dubh presents the Sand Dragon Social at Lighthouse Point Park in Ponce Inlet Fl. Events include Duc du Pot Luck; Sand Dragon Lyst; Sand Castle Building Competition; Kite Flying; Assorted Beach Activities; fun in the sun, sand and water. Autocrat Melbrigda of Oak Glen

Regional Fighter Practice & Rapier Symposium
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On Saturday 11-9-96, the Shire of Castlemere & The Stronghold of Northern Marches present a Fighter Practice and Rapier Symposium at Hanna Park in Jacksonville. All Fighters welcome. Autocrat Arik Herjolfsson, Marshal in charge Lord Blund- Ulfer Kleykir

Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On 11-23/25-96 Shire of the Storm invites you to Caravanserai at Camp Soule. Come experience the meeting of the caravans. There will be something for everyone. Defender of the Caravan Lyst; archery competitions; The Trimaris Trivia Contest; The Trimaris Triathalon. And all of this is just during the day. AT night there will be a wondrous feast and dancing for all. Autocrat Lord Corwin ap Arawin, Feastcrat Lord Leonidas

Baron’s Champions Lyst
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On 12-6/8-96 The Barony of Darkwater presents the Baron’s Champion at Wewa. Activities to include: Baron’s Champion Lyst, Baroness’ Blade Rapier Lyst, archery hunt, Bells and Pillows lyst, children’s activities. A sumptuous feast provided for the enchantment of your palate and the delight of your eyes by Maestra Katerina Isabella Sbarbaro da Firenze and Isabella Bianca Maria Disparti. There will be a soup tavern open for your culinary pleasure Friday evening. Autocrats Domenico Vitterino Disparti and H.L. Lorcan ab Arthur

The Lion in Winter Yule Event
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On 12-13/15-96 The Shire of Oldenfeld proudly presents the Lion in Winter Yule Event at Camp Indian Springs. Featuring Lion’s Dinner Theater, staring Pluck. A dance contest. A dessert contest. A “Richard on Crusade” drawing contest. A weird words poetry contest. Oldenfeld’s traditional gift exchange. Oldenfeld’s now traditional Pinata. Combat archery, heavy weapons and light weapons ransom tourneys. Autocat Lady Theadora Tracy. Feastcrat Baroness Silvija the Landlady.

Yule Revel
Talewinds, October XXXI, 1996 On 12-14-96 Shire of Sea March holds Yule Revel in the Summerlands at the Meadowbrook Clubhouse in West Palm Beach. The people of the Shire of Sea March would like to invite their friends from the North (and South) to attend a winter revel in the land of eternal Summer. There will be music! Merriment! A sumptuous feast! The Champion of Sea March Lyst, a light weapons lyst, a chess tournament and the ever popular question game and period musical chairs. Autocrat Irena Martita Isabel de Braganca y Borbon y Von Weald and Lady Quintaqna Amerna de Llyons. Feastcrat Honoree Von Der au

Stag (Ridge) Party
The Stagge Ragge Nov/Dec 1996 On 12-20/22-96 the Shire of Stagridge invites you to a Stag (Ridge) Party at the estate f Stagridge (mka McJunkin Ranch) in Lake Placid Fl. Come help us explore the Uncharted Inner Frontier of Trimaris. Join us for a true forest repast “The Hundredweight of Venison Feast”. Champion of the Cowfield non-lyst, archery, classes, and games. Tenting only, limited facilities. Autocrat Marsc Logan MacJenkyne, Feastcrat Maria Adelina Garcia.

Christmas Collegium
Talewinds, November XXXI, 1996 On 12-26-96 to 1-1-97 Shire of Castlemere proudly presents Castlemere Christmas Collegium at Winona. Autocrat Lord Lars Knarrarsmidr. Duke Baldar will feastcrat New Years Eve Feast.

From the Historian of Wyvernwood, Lord Jens
The Barony remains the same, but what does change is noteworthy – First the same:
Meetings are held on Tuesday nights at 8:00 as they have been for time immemorial, Attendance is good though seems to vary after the summer but rises through other parts of the year. The last Tuesday night of each month is our Baronial Revel, which is in garb and normally features a dance class, food, and a short Baronial Court. Attendance is consistently good at Revels, and we seem to have been garnering some new members that show up on those nights. Messer Guiseppe is still teaching dance on every second Tuesday and Wednesday of each month as well as at Revels.
Now the changes:
At Baronial Bash, October 26 AS XXXI, Lady Catherine Abernethy will be handling the office of the Seneschal over to Messer Guiseppe da Borgio. The Herald’s Office has been turned over to Sir Severin Visconti di Milano. The revels will not longer be held at their present location of Carlton Arms. Sir Kar has received full funding and support for the Kingdom for building replicas of three wall sections of the Gulf Wars fort. These are to aid the Kingdom in practicing and preparing for future Gulf Wars battles, as well as designing and becoming proficient with seige weapons and engines that citizens of our fair Kingdom may design and construct. The need for such a replica became apparent when the house of Sir Karl Kyburg built a large wheeled ramp with which to attach the wall at Gulf Wars IV and V, and for GWV when Duke Sir Baldar fielded a very strong ballista. The construction of these wall segments will take place on 10-19-96 at Camp Immokalee, and volunteers will be needed, sheltered and fed for their help with the building of these sections.
Lady Ursula has become the head of the Kingdom Feast Server’s Guild as of Coronation. OUr Baronial Marshal Roland and his deputy Gordic are making a master list of authorization names and numbers, weapon styles, and expiration dates so that when gentles show up to fight they only need to give their authorization number or name and the Marshalate can okay them.
The Wyvernwood Consort is the seven piece period music ensemble that formed last year consisting of Lord Albert Snowden, Sir Braian McNaughton, Sir Severin Visconti di Milano, H.L. Kamala al Sharqui, Lady Dulcia MacPherson. Lord Godfrey de Shipbrook and Lord Jens Vetrar. The ambition of the Consort is to play for most Royal Courts and various feasts and festivities through-out the reign. Most members of the band wish to serve as an alternative to less appropriate, filler-type entertainments that might be offered. The Consort has now played for the Trimarian Royalty at Gulf Wars V, Messer Guiseppe da Borgio’s elevation to the Laureate and feast at Trimaris Memorial Tourney, Sunday night court and feast this past Coronation, and for Mistress Lisabeta Maria da Firenze’s elevation to the Laureate.
The son of our current and previous Seneschals, James Standish Jr., wrote this historian a letter with the news that last year when he was seven years old, he had a IKAC score of three points. That made him the youngest person in the Knowne World to have an IKAC score. He also has a verified claim of being the youngest archer in Trimaris now to have a Royal Round score of nine points. This does complete my account of the Barony of Wyvernwood in these current Middle Ages.