Trimaris Officer’s Day

16th century painting of meeting of doctors at the University of ParisTrimaris Officers Day
Saturday, August 20, 2022
Online via Zoom

A Virtual Event for Current Officers, Future Officers, & Everyone Curious

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Trimaris Officers Day is a free, one-day virtual event hosted by the Kingdom of Trimaris. This event is open to all and hosts:

  • The quarterly public meeting of the Greater Kingdom Officers of Trimaris
  • Meetings of the Greater Officers, their deputies, and local officers
  • Training and warranting classes for current and potential officers
  • Panel discussions or round tables related to leadership and administration in Trimaris


  • Offer meetings and training outside of the busy schedule of the major Kingdom events, so officers can enjoy their time at events doing the fun activities they came for
  • Make meetings and training available to participants who have travel or budget constraints that make major Kingdom events challenging
  • Support the ongoing education of current and future officers so they can excel in local offices and as future kingdom officers


Meeting Scheduling: Meistres Gwenhwfyr Ber Cain (Jennifer Kanter) – 813-815-0507 (v/t)

Technical: Baron Miyamoto Toramasa (T.S. Moody) – 813-727-6732

And YOU? Hosts are needed to assist with these virtual meetings. Let us know if you’d like to help