Volunteer Opportunity: Barque Signet — Scroll Replacement Deputy (Kingdom Herald’s Office)

Barque Signet — Scroll Replacement Deputy (Herald’s Office)
The Barque Signet Herald is a deputy to the Chart Signet of Trimaris. The Barque Herald is responsible for
facilitating the replacement of damaged and missing award writs. The Barque Herald maintains contact between
award recipient and scribes ensuring a replacement writ will be completed and delivered to the award recipient in
a timely manner. The successful applicant will be appointed as Barque Herald no later than Trimaris Winter ArtSci

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Barque Signet Herald is responsible for working with the populace to replace award scrolls that may have
been damaged, gone missing, or never received by the recipient of the award. This does not mean that the Barque
Signet Herald must create the scroll themselves, but instead facilitate between the scribes of the kingdom and the
populace to replace such scrolls.

A successful applicant will have basic knowledge of the standards for award writs in the Kingdom of Trimaris and
connections within the scribal community. Knowledge and experience of calligraphy and illuminations are not
required for this position. Reliable internet access for timely communication and strong organizational skills are

To apply for any of the Herald’s Office positions, please send your SCA Resume and/or Letter of Intent outlining
your qualifications, both SCA and mundane, for the job to the Seneschal Administrative Deputy:
Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain, OP
MKA: Jennifer Kanter

Resumes will be collected through 11/11/18