Volunteer Opportunity: Education and Warranting Deputy (Kingdom Chronicler’s Office)

Education and Warranting Deputy (Chronicler’s Office)
The Education and Warranting Deputy assists the Kingdom Chronicler in the development of educational materials for the Chronicler’s office, and ensures that all Kingdom of Trimaris Chroniclers receive training and are properly warranted.

Duties and Responsibilities:
Ensure local officers and relevant deputies are properly warranted. Oversee the issuing and renewal of warrants for the Chronicler’s office as needed. Assist in the development of warranting classes and other educational materials for the Chronicler’s office, preferably through Google Classroom or other easily accessible electronic media. Track participation in warranting classes and ensure training and education has occurred before warrants are issued. Participate in continuing education by being a resource for local groups with policy questions, the development of FAQs, and teaching classes as needed. Report to the Kingdom Chronicler on the status of warranting and assist with educational projects as assigned.

The Education and Warranting deputy should have excellent organizational and administrative skills as well as experience in the development and delivery of education materials. They should be technologically competent and either have prior experience with electronic classroom media, or be willing to be trained. Prior Chronicler experience is desired, but not required. This position will require access to a computer and reliable internet. This deputy will be expected to interact with local officers and be available and responsive to inquiries.

To apply to either position, please send SCA Resume and/or letter of intent to chronicler@trimaris.org