Volunteer Opportunity: Jack Herald – Successor Deputy (Kingdom Herald’s Office)

Jack Herald – Successor Deputy (Herald’s Office)
The Triskele Principal Herald is a Greater Kingdom Officer with responsibility for facilitating the smooth
operating of the College of Heralds of Trimaris, direct supervision of and assistance to several deputy officers and
every local branch pursuivant, as well as general guidance of heralds-at-large. The successful applicant will be
appointed Jack Herald (Drop Dead Deputy) and will officially step up as Triskele Principal Herald no later than
Fall Coronation 2019

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Triskele Principal Herald is responsible for reporting to the Laurel office, maintaining records pertaining to
matters heraldic kept by the kingdom, and encouraging and facilitating the use of heraldry within the kingdom.
The Triskele Principal Herald also serves in an advisory role to the Crown and populace on all heraldic matters.

Extensive heraldic experience is not required. However, a successful applicant will have a good understanding
of the administrative procedures of the College of Heralds and a basic knowledge of heraldry as it pertains to
the SCA. Reliable internet access for timely communication, familiarity with Kingdom Law and custom, the
SCA College of Arms Administrative Handbook, and Corpora are needed. Strong organizational skills, and the
ability to communicate comfortably and reliably with the Crown, Society and Officers, Peers and members of the
populace alike, both within and out of Kingdom, are a must.

To apply for any of the Herald’s Office positions, please send your SCA Resume and/or Letter of Intent outlining
your qualifications, both SCA and mundane, for the job to the Seneschal Administrative Deputy:
Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain, OP
MKA: Jennifer Kanter

Resumes will be collected through 11/11/18