Volunteer Opportunity: Seacat Herald — Secretary Deputy (Kingdom Herald’s Office)

Seacat Herald — Secretary Deputy (Herald’s Office)
The Seacat Herald serves as administrative assistant and secretary to Triskele Principal Herald and the College of
Heralds of Trimaris. The successful applicant will be appointed as Seacat no later than Trimaris Winter Art-Sci

Duties and Responsibilities:
The Seacat Herald is responsible for maintaining the warrant roster of Trimaris’ heralds, facilitating email
notifications to heraldic clients during the submission process, and tracking the quarterly reports for all heralds
in the College. Other tasks may be assigned on an as-needed basis and may depend on Seacat’s interests and

A successful applicant will have a good understanding of the administrative procedures of the College of
Heralds, including OSCAR, and a basic knowledge of heraldry as it pertains to the SCA. Heraldic knowledge
and experience is not required for this position. Reliable internet access for timely communication and strong
organizational skills are required.

To apply for any of the Herald’s Office positions, please send your SCA Resume and/or Letter of Intent outlining
your qualifications, both SCA and mundane, for the job to the Seneschal Administrative Deputy:
Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain, OP
MKA: Jennifer Kanter

Resumes will be collected through 11/11/18