Welcome to the Kingdom of Trimaris!

Photos by HL Tristrum de Kerjean and Ld Valgardr Gunnarsson

Hail and Greetings from Trimaris! If you are new to the Society for Creative Anachronism, please look at the article called "New to the SCA" it will give you some great insight on what we do and who to contact within our Kingdom to welcome you. If you are already familar with the SCA and are looking for a group, please look over the Listing of All Local Groups page, it will list each group by the county that it resides in. If you are still having trouble finding a group, please contact the Kingdom Hospitaller at hospitaller@trimaris.org

Crown Lyst

Unto the Populace of Trimaris do we, Takamatsu Sadamitsu no kami Tadyoshi and Cecilia d'Este proclaim:

The Format of the Crown Tournament shall be as follows:

Crown Tournament will be conducted by heavy weapons combat.

The tournament will be double elimination, best 2 out of 3 for the finals.

Claimants must be authorized in all 4 weapon styles.

Claimant at their discretion will use all 4 styles throughout the lyst and a style may not be repeated until all 4 have been used. In the finals, any weapons may be used.

Period style shield size will be limited to claimants width from shoulder to shoulder, and length from chin to crotch.

The requirements to enter the Crown Tournament are:

Each Claimant to the throne shall provide a Letter of Intent to their Majesties 15 days prior to Crown Tournament.

    (1) The Modern and Society names of both the claimant and consorts
    (2) The membership numbers of both the claimant and consort.

Both the Claimant to the throne and consort must possess and AOA level award or higher and must have attended 6 events in the past year. (Gulf Wars or Pennsic count as 2.)

Both the Claimant to the throne and their consort must have held a shire level or greater office.

The Claimant to the throne and their Consort must both be acceptable to the Crown.

Any Kingdom Officer wishing to enter Crown Tournament must designate in writing to the Crown the person who will replace him or her should that officer win the tournament 15 (business) days prior to Crown Lyst. The replacement must be acceptable to the present Crown. The letter designating the replacement must also be signed by the prospective replacement.

The crown will accepted electronic submissions.