Laureates of Trimaris

The subject matter of all Laureate competitions must be either a theme from pre-1600 history or an “SCA ambiance” theme. The composition and performance of documentable pre-17th century historical forms and styles are strongly encouraged. See the Rules of the Laureate Competitions for more information.


Original poetry performed solo by the author, traditionally held twice a year at Crown Lyst.


Original songs (both melody and lyrics) performed solo by the author (with or without instrumentation), traditionally held twice a year at Coronation. Filks are not eligible for entry into Troubadour Laureate.


Solo performance for entrants ages 5-17, traditionally held twice a year at Coronation. Any form of performance art is permitted and may be an original work or not.


Traditionally, Masque Laureate is held twice a year, at the Kingdom Arts & Sciences Faires. Group performances are welcome, as are solo performances. Material need not be original, but the original pieces are permitted by solo artists if accompanied by an instrument. A number of performance options are possible.


The Jongleur Laureate competition is held at Kingdom Art-Sci and Trimaris Royal University. Documentation of the art form and method of performance period to a particular time, place, and culture will be required to determine eligibility of the entrants but will not be used to judge performance and thus the victor of this competition.