Office of the Arts & Sciences


Title Name
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Maestra Ambra Michelli, OL
Samantha Moore
Successor Deputy TBD
Deputy of Arts and Sciences Expositions Valbrandr Strugr Count,
Mistress Alysoun Jeuneterre, & Baron Gavin MacFergus
Nathan Thomas | Vicky Eisenstadt | Ron McCormack
Chancellor of the Laureate Master John Lyttleton
Kenneth Anders
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Successor Deputy
Deputy Chancellor of the Laureate
Duchess Cerric Eldvengandi
Baroness Maebdh ni Siobhan
Cherish Erin Thomas  | Mame Wood
Chancellor, Trimaris Royal University HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
Bethany Rowlings
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Art Sci Honorifics Website Minister Mistress Maol Mide ingen Medra
Kristin Gilpin
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Group Art-Sci Minister & Deputy Resources:

First Quarter — December/January/February — Due March 1
Second Quarter — March/April/May — Due June 1
Third Quarter — June/July/August — Due September 1
Domesday Report — September/October/November — Due December 1
The Domesday report should include a summary of the entire year along with the last quarter report

Groups, Events, Performance, and Display Resources:

Kingdom Art Sci Fair Resources


Research and Citation Aids

Arts & Sciences Competitions Laureates of Trimaris 

Royal Trimaris University Trimaris Art-Sci Expo 

Guilds of Trimaris