Office of the Arts & Sciences


Title Name
Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences Maestra Ambra Michelli, OL
Samantha Moore
Deputy Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences
Deputy of Arts and Sciences Expositions Valbrandr Strugr Count
Mistress Alysoun Jeuneterre
Baron Ron McCormack
Nathan Thomas | Vicky Eisenstadt | Gavin MacFergus
Chancellor of the Laureate Master John Lyttleton
Kenneth Anders
Successor Deputy Chancellor of the Laureate Duchess Cerric Eldvengandi
Cherish Erin Thomas
Chancellor of Trimaris Royal University HL Aibhilin inghean Daibhidh
Bethany Rowlings        Visit | Trimaris Royal University TRU
Art Sci Honorifics Website Minister Mistress Melisande Aubrey d’Anjou
Kristin Gilpin        Visit | Trimaris Arts & Sciences Honorifics Site | Who Won What When And More!


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