Recent Kingdom Notes

May 23, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Office of the Seneschal

Title Name
Kingdom Seneschal Starosta Tomas mac Odhrain, OP
Tom Mitchell
813-461-3240 – Seneschal’s office hours are from 6pm to 10pm, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Successor Deputy (Q4 2024)

K. Deputy Seneschal (Successor 2026)

Sir Hjörr Hryggr Hákonarson

βαρόνη (Varoni) Thalassia Hellenis, OP
Jerry Gordon
Kingdom Administrative Deputy to the Seneschal Maestra Ambra Michelli, OL, OP
Samantha Moore
(Feel encouraged to ping me on Facebook or email me)
Kingdom Constable Mistress Sythean Lina “Meridith”
Meridith Cain
Kingdom Deputy for Social Media
(Successor Position Open – Apply Today >>)
Baroness Gudrun Rauðhárr
Kristina Brock
772-285-4759 – Phone Calls from 4:00 to 9:00 PM only
Kingdom Minister of Youth HL Ekaterzyna Silesia
(Deputy – Lady Sarah Bekah the Gentle)
Joan Creasey
Sarah Shaw
Kingdom Communications Equipment Deputy HL Conall Howell moa Steven Howell
Steven Howell
Kingdom Disaster Coordinator Deputy Mistress Sythean Lina “Meridith”, OP
Meridith Chandler
Merchant Coordinator for Kingdom Events Mistress Sythean Lina “Meridith”, OP
Meridith Chandler
Kingdom Site Selection & Regalia Committee Duchess Grainne ingen Aloin meic Cerbaill, OP, OR, OL and Dame Kahlan Stertikona
Grainne O’Carroll & Candace Mclendon
Kingdom Waivers Deputy  Baroness Gudrun Rauðhárr
Kristina Brock
772-285-4759 – Phone Calls from 4:00 to 9:00 PM only
Kingdom Calendar Deputy Baroness Kale Adriane, OP
Successor Deputy: HL Eadgyth of Oldenfeld | MKA Michele Miller
Kingdom Discord Deputy Lord Konrad Einholt
Incipient Group Deputy Dormant

Lesser Officers:


Links of Interest


Attention All On/Off-Boarding for All Officer Deputies/Officers:
(Applies to all Deputies/Officers at Kingdom and Local levels – Not Exclusive to the Seneschal Office)

Transparency of Opportunity Advert Policy
To transition one’s office, all officers must adhere to the Transparency of Opportunity Advert Policy. This is to ensure all who have interest are given the opportunity to apply, and all resources throughout a group or Kingdom are duly considered. To create or replace any deputy, and later successor, and successfully On-Board one’s replacement, the open position must be advertised and adhere to the following:
  • Provide a complete description of the job details must be accessible to all candidates.
  • Be advertised in 3 out of 4 of the following forums: Verbally at a live or Zoom meetings, in the local newsletter, on any of our social media platforms, or posted on the local group website. (If a group does not have the means for 3 of these options, engage the Seneschal to confirm what options are available to you and for approval)
  • Once posted it must stay up for a minimum of 30 days.
  • All applicants must hold a current active SCA blue card membership. It cannot be expired. If at any time it expires in an officers tenure, it voids the warrant and another must be procured.
  • Once applications are collected and reviewed, then as the legal representative of the group, the local Seneschal must approve the officer. (This applies to all officers, not just Seneschals)
    • Courtesy note: Once a deputy/officer has been approved and their confirmation of willingness to serve secured, PRIOR to any announcement, ALL applicants must be advised of their selection status. Volunteers are precious and should hear feedback directly prior to it being advertised that they were or were not selected for an position for which they have applied. 
  • For local officers, the outgoing group officer (or Seneschal if the office is vacant) will forward all applicants, their recommendation, any household affiliation to the previous officer, and any declined applications to their Kingdom Officer, CC’ing the group Seneschal and applicable group officers’ email.
  • All Officers reporting to a Greater Officer must be acceptable to the Greater Kingdom Officer for their Warrant to be signed; and, as applicable, the Crown.

The Seneschal’s Handbook is in revision and this will be included there in. For now, please engage the K. Sen for any exceptions to the above standard (in-acted in 2021)