Office of the Seneschal

Title Name
Kingdom Seneschal Sir Theron Andronikos
Thomas Conti
When contacting please include in your message both SCA and mundane name along with a brief synopsis of content.
Kingdom Deputy Seneschal (Drop Dead) Hertigina Bryndis Hrafnhaus
Jill Leggett
Kingdom Deputy Seneschal Master Herman vander Brugghe
Brian Rider
Please do not contact after 9pm at night unless an emergency
Kingdom Deputy Seneschal Master Tomas Mac Odhrain
Kingdom Seneschal Admin Mistress Gwenhwfyr ber Cain, OP
Kingdom Constable Lord Conall Howell
Steve Howell
486 SW Lawler Ave
Port St Lucie FL 34953
(please text first and I will call back when available) You can message me at anytime.
Kingdom Minister of Youth M’Lord Vacant
Kingdom Communications Equipment Deputy Cethyn mac Conmara
Kingdom Disaster Coordinator Deputy Honorable Lady Sythean Lina Chandler
Kingdom Merchant Coordinator Viscount Bryetor Aison of Devon, KSCA
Kingdom Site Coordination Deputy Countess Grainne ingen Aloin meic Cerbaill, OP, OR, OL
Kingdom Waivers Deputy Honorable Lady Birna Isleifsdottir
Gypsey Teague
405-820-4280 – Please no calls after 9pm or before 8 am
Kingdom Incipient Groups Deputy Master Herman vander Brugghe
Brian Rider
Please do not contact after 9pm at night unless an emergency
Kingdom Group Recovery Deputy Master James Highgate
Kingdom Media Relations Officer Honorable Lord Valentin de Valentia
Kingdom Lost and Found Deputy Honorable Lady Stefanina da Lucca

Lesser Officers:



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