Recent Kingdom Notes

December 9, 2023

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Current Generals and Champions of Trimaris

War Generals of Trimaris:

  • Armored Combat General: Sir Jean-Paul Ruthendale
  • Rapier Combat General: Duchess Sibilla Dane
  • Art/Sci General: 
  • Captain of the Rangers: Sir Sayf Al-Dawla Bin-Arslan Al-Rumi

Current Champions of Trimaris:

  • Champion of Trimaris: Syr Gryph de Quentin
  • King’s Champion: Earl Lorcan
  • Queen’s Champion: 
  • Rose Champion: 
  • Champion of the Queen’s Heart: HL Zhao Fong
  • Trimaris Rapier Champion: Countess Katherine
  • Champion of the Spear: HL Dawood Al-Tayyin Al-Samari
  • King’s Huntsman: Don Nathaniel Wyatt
  • Thrown Weapons Champion: HL Timucuan of Samhain
  • Youth Combat: 
  • Winter Art/Sci Champions: (2023)
    • Dramatic Theater Performance: Screw Your Courage to the Sticking Place – Performance Entry. Mistress Mellisent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse.
    • Scroll, painting with Tanka -Static Entry. Mistress Finnualla and HL Nishigori, Trimaris.
    • Chalice Veil – Fabric Arts – Static Entry. Mistress Adeline de Britigny. 
    • Band Sampler, Embroidery – Fabric Arts – Static Entry. Lady Isabala Vega, Trimaris.
    • On the Body Dress, 15th Century – Fabric Arts – Static Entry. Ottilde Akkermann, Trimaris
    • Alternates:
      • 8th Century Skirt – Fabric Arts – Static Entry. Gulruh bint Ibrahim, Trimaris
      • 10th Century Turn Shoe – Leather Crafting – Static Entry. hL Kolbrande Haukr, Trimaris.
  • Bard Laureates:
    • Troubadour Laureate: m’lady Viona of Sudrholt
    • Youth Laureate: m’lord Lukas 
    • Jongleur Laureate: Mistress Mistress Melissent Jaquelinne la Chanteresse
    • Masque Laureate: m’lady Viona of Sudrholt
    • Poet Laureate: Baroness Birna Isleifdottir