Spearman of Trimaris

Although it was not until the Proclamation of King Gaston and Queen Judith the 1st that the Spearman of Trimaris became an “official” Kingdom Tournament, competition with the spear, or ‘pike’, has long been a tradition amongst the men-at-arms of Trimaris.

At this time the only known “early” winner is His Grace, Duke Bytor Fitz Gherald.

The Spear is an ancient and honorable weapon which has become a deadly part of SCA Combat. Various formats have been used to give combatants opportunities to display prowess with the weapon representing the Chivalric Virtues of Truth and Honesty. Spearmen have long been an important part of the Trimarian Army.


Those listed below have held the honor of being known as The Spearman of Trimaris.

1 Sir Kurn O’Farrell
2 Count Gaston de Veuixchamps
3 Count Gaston de Veuixchamps
4 Count Gaston de Veuixchamps
5 H.Ld. Drell McIan Blackwood
6 Duke Gaston de Veuixchamps
7 H.Ld. Killian Bruce
8 H.Ld. Seamus mac Dhughaill
9 Ld. Tymm Gard
10 H.Ld. Arselon von Drake
11 Duke Baldar Longstrider
12 Duke Gaston de Veuixchamps
13 Sir Subadai
14 Sir Kurn O’Farrell
15 Duke Gaston de Veuixchamps
16 Sir Subadai
17 H.Ld. Seamus mac Dhughaill
18 Sir Subadai
19 Earl Lorcan
20 Sir Subadai
21 Sir Killian Bruce
22 Sir Jebe Kerait
23 Sir Takamatsu
24 Duke Kurn O’Farrell
25 Sgt Danial von Hessen
26 Sir Segdae hua Morda
27 Sir Subadai