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April 22, 2024

The Kingdom of Trimaris

The Three Seas of Power

Herald FAQ

I’m a proud Trimarian – how do I show it?
Beyond being an active member of the populace supporting your kingdom and local group through your talents and service, you can show off your Trimarian pride by displaying the populace badge and flying the ensign aka flag for populace use (see Sumptuary Laws in our Kingdom Law). The populace badge for the Kingdom of Trimaris is “(fieldless) A Triskele Azure.” In layman’s terms that is a blue triskele without a background color. You can put that blue triskele on -everything-: your tent, your clothes, your feast gear, your banner, and, and, and.

The ensign or populace flag looks just like the Trimarian coat of arms without the laurel wreath, and per Kingdom Law you can fly this proudly over your camp!
Here are the two files for you to download for your own use.

Populace Badge

Populace Flag

How do I become a herald?
Well, by reading the Trimaris College of Heralds website you are already well on your way. Visit Heralds Point at kingdom events to meet the other heralds and make new friends. Take the warranting classes, even if you have no interest in serving as local herald just yet. Subscribe to FB groups on SCA heraldry like “Heralds of Trimaris,” “SCA Heraldry Chat,” and “Baby Heralds of the SCA.” You will notice that while the learning curve is steep, heralds are an amazingly knowledgeable and helpful bunch of people. Check out the resources listed in the online study courses, and volunteer as court, site, or field herald at events and sponsor/encourage/initiate projects revolving around heraldry.

What happens to my heraldry when I die? Or if I quit the SCA?
If you don’t do anything, your heraldry remains registered to you and you alone until the world ends. Nobody will be able to register the same item or something that differs in fewer than two points of difference since you probably won’t be around to give permission to conflict. If you want your heraldry to be passed down to a family member or a friend or release it so somebody else could register as theirs, you will have to file a “Heraldic Last Will” with the College of Heralds. You can find form letters for a number of options on this website: (Scroll all the way down to the bottom). Fill out and submit, free of charge.

My friend received an award token with their award. How do I get mine?
The Kingdom of Trimaris provides free award medallions with most of our awards. If you haven’t received yours (sometimes the Crown doesn’t carry any extra) please contact the Dhow Herald at Include your SCA name as it appears in the Order of Precedence, the medallion(s) you are missing, and what events you will be attending next. Please note that our current Dhow Herald is not only in charge of distributing award medallions but is also the sole manufacturer so please be aware that some medallions may occasionally be on back order. Once you hold a Grant of Arms you may wear your award medallions as a “Collar of Badges.”

They misspelled my name. Again. What do I do?
I got the same award twice/ the award I received isn’t listed. What gives?

Chances are your Order of Precedence entry contains an error. The Order of Precedence, commonly called the OP, is a record of awards and honors bestowed in the SCA maintained by each kingdom. In Trimaris, it is maintained by the Sextant Herald. It serves two purposes: a record of achievements for everyone, and a tool to determine rank within the SCA hierarchy (important for processions, etc.). After each baronial and royal court, the court herald submits a report with the awards and honors that were bestowed which are then added to the recipients’ records to make sure the records are up-to-date.
You can find the OP for our kingdom here: Order of Precedence . If you have ever received an award or honor in Trimaris, you should be able to find your entry under your SCA name. We recommend you check your own OP entry every once in a while. If you discover mistakes, simply visit the OP Correction form here Order of Precedence Correction , enter the correct data (award type, name spelling, etc.), and hit “Submit!” Trimaris’ Sextant Herald will make the necessary corrections to your OP entry to make sure your record is correct and up to date.