Office of the Rapier Marshal

Deputy Earl Marshal - Rapier MarshalMaestra Miriam d'Hawke, OOD
Deputy Earl Marshal - Deputy Rapier MarshalMaster Chlothar Bructers, OOD
Deputy Earl Marshal - Cut and ThrustMaster Vincent, OOD

Notes from the KRM (Oct 1, 2014) The new rule set is approved and going live. Click on the link below to get your very own personal copy.

  • A couple of things to note about these rules
  • Rules have been reformatted for readability. If there isn’t a triskele next to the rule or section header it is from Society
  • Re-write of the two handed sword definition
  • Addition of definition of spear weapons. Spears in Trimaris are currently ONLY experimental.
  • Cut and Thrust armor requirements increased to add minimum padded knees.
  • Current Rapier Champions
  • Defender of the Queens Heart: Don shared-libraries – 04/2/2016
  • Rapier Champion of Trimaris: Lord Caeden Bowen – 05/24/2014
  • Order of the Rose Lyst: Lord Arien Wolf – 04/12/2014
    Previous Rapier Champions
  • Iron Ring